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questions about animation editor

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When I enter the Animation Editor, I find there is a time line at the bottom of the interface. I wonder what role the time line plays and how to customize it.

I happen to see your website in Google. I have scanned your introductions of PUB HTML5.But I am still curious about your new actions –advanced event. Could you tell me in details?

It is said that PUB HTML5 enable users to add actions for the inserted objects of digital brochures. Is it true? What kind of actions I can add to my inserted objects?

As you know, the common magazine can not keep pace with the modern digital world. I am going to create digital online magazine with animation text. Can PUB HTML5 help me achieve my aim?

I have a PDF shopping catalog to publishing online, and I want it to look more like an e-Commerce catalog, so I wonder how I can add e-Commerce icons to the catalog, e.g., buy now button, price and discount.

I want to embed video with entrance and exit animation into my digital flip publication. However, I don't know how I can do this by using PUB HTML5. Can you help me?

I have embedded sound on my HTML5 page flip book and I want to adjust the start time of the embedded sound. However, I don't know how to do it by using PUB HTML5. Can you give me some advice?

I want to customize animation of the inserted images for my digital flipbook. However, I don't know how I can do it and I'm wondering whether I can manage it with the help of PUB HTML5 page turning software.

Your digital catalog demo really leaves me a deep impression. Then can I create a similar digital catalog especially the hot spot button with PUB HTML5? Is it complicated?

I am going to create an impressive digital story book. Before I make, I wonder if I can add captions on my page flipping magazine. If it can, show me.

I am interested in animation editor of PUB HTML5. It seems it is great digital publishing software to create gorgeous page flipping publications. Now I added a shape into digital publication and can you tell me where to customize shape format settings?

Rather than plain text with link or static buttons, I would love to add some custom buttons with eye-catching animation. How can I create something like that?

After I uploaded my videos to Vimeo, can I get these online videos from Vimeo to play on my page flipping publications?

I have published some videos on YouTube, and now I want to add these online YouTube videos to my eBook. Is there a fast way?

I want to embed some movies into my online HTML5 magazine, so I wonder what format of video your software supports. I mean, can I add MP4 videos?

I want to modify the shopping product information of my HTML5 digital catalog. However, I don't know where to modify it by using PUB HTML5. Can you show me with a few easy steps?

I want to create a shopping book with PUB HTML5. However, I don't know how to do it. Is there a function in PUB HTML5 which enables me to design a shopping book?