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questions about custom settings

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After I publish the digital magazine to PUB HTML5 Cloud, how can I change the publication settings such as HTML meta title and description?

My boss wants me to add advertising banner to the digital flipbook. But I am in trouble finding the suitable software to assist in my task? I wonder whether I can rely on PUB HTML5.

My friend told me that your PUB HTML5 can create fascinating digital brochures. My company is going to publish a series of product brochures. But I have a strange ideas that whether I can combine Google adSense with digital flipbook or not.

I know that PUB HTML5 can create wonderful modern digital publications. But because we want to know more about our readers and to improve ourselves, I am specially wish to have a software to create online books and track users’ behavior. Can PUB HTML5 help me?

I want to preview my digital publishing books on mobile devices. However, I don't know how I can do it. Can I manage it by using PUB HTML5?

I have created a digital flipbook by using PUB HTML5. Is there any way which allows me to preview my newly created flipbook before I publish it?

I want to create table of content for my digital flipbook. However, I don't know how to do it and which software I should use. Does PUB HTML5 enable me to do this?

I'm not satisfied with the background image of my digital publication and I want to change it. Can I do this by using PUB HTML5?

I would like to change a more beautiful background image to enrich my digital magazine. And the problem is how to change the background? Can I use my own image as background image? Please help me to figure it out.

I want to make image slideshow button show on toolbar. Can I do it by using PUB HTML5? If yes, how can I do this?

There is a lot of button setting in custom setting list. Is there a simple and quick way for me to get the button I need? If there is, it will save a lot of work for customizing my digital publications.

The online page flip eBook will seem to be much more attractive with video gallery on it. I wonder whether I can add video gallery to my page flip book. Is there any tool which can help me do this?

I want to print my page flip book directly. However, I don't know how to print it. Can I do this by using PUB HTML5?

I want to add bookmarks to my flipbook. However, I don't know how to do it. Is there any tool which enables me to do this easily in minutes?

I am not that used to reading digital publication from left to right. Is it possible for me to change and read from right to left?

While customizing the flipbook, can I change the background color for the link when the mouse cursor moves over it? And how?

I viewed you demo and I like the hard cover feel digital publication. Can you tell me where to apply the hardcover for my html5 flipbook?

Thanks for your wonderful software that I can create impressive digital publications. And I would like to know where to change page shadow and alpha width for my electronic publication.

Can I attach some information about my digital publication and my company? I think if I can show our company information on flipbook will be better. Please show me the solution.

I create a really awesome page turn flipbook with your PUB HTML5 software. And now I would like to create a help file for my readers to get start reading better. Is it possible to import help content file to my digital publication?

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