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PubHTML5 > Q & A > Is it possible to embed HTML5 flip book into my website?

Is it possible to embed HTML5 flip book into my website?


If I go to your website and publish HTML5 flip books to PUB HTML5 Cloud by using the "Quick Upload" method, can I then embed my online flipbook to my own website?


Yes, even after you publish the digital flip book to PUB HTML5 Cloud Host, you can still easily embed it to your web page. You can follow below steps:



1 Login

Open any page of PUB HTML5, click "Sign in" on the navigation bar and in the pop-up window, and sign in with your account. If you don't have an account, you will need to create a new one.

login to embed flipbook to website


2 Upload PDF File

After you login, click "Quick Upload" and in the pop-up window, choose a folder and click "Next".

choose folder to publish flipbook online

And in the next screen, select "Upload" tab, click the "Browse" icon to select and open a PDF file.

upload PDF


3 Customize HTML5 Flipbook

While uploading the PDF file, you can customize settings for the flipbook, click BOOK INFO to set HTML meta (title, description, keywords, etc.); select a template and a theme for the publication and configure advanced settings.


4 Publish Online

After all settings are done, click "Create" to publish the digital flipbook to PUB HTML5 Cloud Host.


5 Embed to Web Page

After you publish the book, you will see below window.

embed online flipbook to website

Click the "Embed this Book" button and you can embed the book to your website using iFrame or Lightbox display mode. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and copy and paste the embed code to your HTML web page.


View Video Tutorial

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