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questions about multimedia content

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I have a PDF shopping catalog to publishing online, and I want it to look more like an e-Commerce catalog, so I wonder how I can add e-Commerce icons to the catalog, e.g., buy now button, price and discount.

I want to embed video with entrance and exit animation into my digital flip publication. However, I don't know how I can do this by using PUB HTML5. Can you help me?

I have embedded sound on my HTML5 page flip book and I want to adjust the start time of the embedded sound. However, I don't know how to do it by using PUB HTML5. Can you give me some advice?

I want to customize animation of the inserted images for my digital flipbook. However, I don't know how I can do it and I'm wondering whether I can manage it with the help of PUB HTML5 page turning software.

Your digital catalog demo really leaves me a deep impression. Then can I create a similar digital catalog especially the hot spot button with PUB HTML5? Is it complicated?

I am going to create an impressive digital story book. Before I make, I wonder if I can add captions on my page flipping magazine. If it can, show me.

I want my viewers to read more information of my flipbook. Can I insert links into my online publication? Is there any software which enables me to do it with ease?

I am interested in animation editor of PUB HTML5. It seems it is great digital publishing software to create gorgeous page flipping publications. Now I added a shape into digital publication and can you tell me where to customize shape format settings?

Rather than plain text with link or static buttons, I would love to add some custom buttons with eye-catching animation. How can I create something like that?

I want to modify the layer of the inserted objects with PUB HTML5 digital publication software. However, I don't know how to do it. May you give me some advice with some clear steps?

I want to align several inserted objects in my digital flipbook. However, I don't know how to do it. Is there any way for me to do it easily in minutes?

After I uploaded my videos to Vimeo, can I get these online videos from Vimeo to play on my page flipping publications?

I have published some videos on YouTube, and now I want to add these online YouTube videos to my eBook. Is there a fast way?

I saw you demo, it is an impressive and wonderful demo. And I love the image slideshow on digital publication. Then my question how to display images slideshow on my interactive digital publication with PUB HTML5?

I downloaded PUB HTML5 desktop version to have a try. It meets my requirements. Now I wonder if I can insert text on my magazine digital edition to explain more information.

I brought PUB HTML5 is for inserting multimedia content into digital publications. And now I want to know is there a simple way for me to highlight some content in my flipbook? Please show me.

I want to embed some movies into my online HTML5 magazine, so I wonder what format of video your software supports. I mean, can I add MP4 videos?

I just finished converting PDF to flipbook. Anyway, the flipbook is not that good-looking. Is there a simple and quick way for me to change the layout of digital publication?