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questions about online version

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I successfully uploaded my flipbooks online .But I want to embed it into web page? Can I do it? And how can I do it?

No doubt that there may be many users to upload their flip books at PUB HTML5 self-publishing platform. I’ll be very happy to know that if I can follow some users that I’m interested in. If so, where to manage my following?

I created an account on your website and I filled in some information. And now I want to change the public and private information. Where to modify?

I want to move my digital brochure to another folder on PUB HTML5 online publishing platform. However, I don't know how I can do it. Can you give me some advice of some simple steps?

I want to customize privacy settings on PUB HTML5 online magazine publishing platform. However, I don't know where and how to do it. Would you please give me some suggestions?

I am kind of doing e-business right now and I have tried to upload PDF files of my products to html5 digital magazines and catalogs, which was a wonderful experience. Now I want to re-upload a new PDF file to replace the original one. Could you please tell me how to do that?

After watching the demo,I can’t wait to get my electronic reading materials uploaded on pubhtml5 digital publishing platform. What if I wanna share some of them? Can I allow readers to download my online digital publications?

My project is done. Thanks to PUB HTML5 to help me create a wonderful digital publication. But I don’t need it so far. Then how can I cancel my account?

I wonder if I can share the online flipbook on my Facebook and Twitter pages after I publish it online. And if it's possible, can you show me how to do this?

If I upload a PDF to your website and convert it into HTML5 online magazine, how can I make it display on my website?

After I publish the digital magazine to PUB HTML5 Cloud, how can I change the publication settings such as HTML meta title and description?

I have used PUB HTML5 to create my digital page flip book and I have embedded video, audio, image, etc. into it. Now I'm thinking about customizing banner on PUB HTML5 digital publication platform. Is it possible for me to do this by using PUB HTML5?

How can I get the invoice of my order after I choose a plan and complete the order?

I have forgotten my password of my PUB HTML5 account. Is there any way for me to reset my password to login PUB HTML5 online digital platform?

It is awesome to create online flip book digital version by PUB HTML5 digital publishing platform. I would like to know if I could view the text version of online magazine digital edition also?

I want to upload a new logo for my online digital page flip book. However, I don't know how I can do it. Is there any way which enables me to do it with ease in minutes?

PUB HTML5 is the most powerful and feature-packed HTML5 digital flipbook maker. You are able to create interactive and attractive digital flipbook easily in just a few minutes by using PUB HTML5. Also, you may customize your page flip book by designing the relevant settings in your own style. Here I'm going to introduce some simple steps of following the users. The steps can be listed as below:

There are several folders under my account. And now I have no idea to delete one of them. And please tell me how to modify folder setting of online digital publication.

I created an account on PUB HTML5. And I uploaded several PDF files to online publication either. And now I wonder if I can add about information in my homepage on PUB HTML5 platform?

I love your bookcase to show my digital publication online. It will be better if I can embed the wonderful bookcase to my web page. It is possible to make it work?

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