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Uni 201 Summer Club

Published by shiervschorney, 2022-01-09 05:23:09

Description: Uni 201 Summer Club

Keywords: family


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Syllabus to the UVic Summer Club 2021 Genealogy Focus I am excited to work with the group on genealogy. This tentative syllabus is subject to change based on the club’s enjoyment of each lesson and/or activity. I hope to provide an in depth look at the basics of genealogy that includes something of interest for everyone. Starting Plan: (No exact dates) 1. Introduction: A little about me and how I became a genealogist, including researching my family. I encourage more summer club followers to give a bit of an introduction about themselves and their family. I will send an assignment via email following this day. The general topic will be “How do you Consider Yourself a Genealogist”. We will discuss everyone’s answers at the next class. 2. Starters we will be watching 2 short videos on a younger fellow who is a teen making fun of growing up and the other video about an elder person who has turned 101 years of age. This same day the topic will be preparing everyone with “Research questions” that involves our own family heritage. Again, no time limit, as more than one day might be extended to hear the testimonies. Through the email following this day I will include a handout that presents “Family Tree Building” and I am looking forward with everyone’s responses. 3. I will respond to “Family Tree Building” and offer more ideas about building your family tree. Ideally, we will jump into the aspect of genealogy and I’ll prepare you with a short video and adjacent PDF that will help better understand the knowledge in researching. I again will send an email following this day which will include a skill-developing lesson. This lesson may contribute into a more other outdoor outings that build off that lesson. Lesson, will be the names of Robert Dunsmuir, Emily Carr, Isabella Ross. 4. An outdoor activity chosen from the following: Haunted walk through downtown, Craigdarroch Castle visit, and finding famous grave sites at Ross Bay Cemetery. The class can choose which activity to do first, second, and third. We will have a discussion of ghost stories and how they relate to history and genealogy. After the events, I will send via email, which will include a 1- page handout of a Coat Of Arms diagram, so we can prepare for the Coat of Arms lesson. 5. The Coat of Arms will be today’s lesson 3 brief videos that have demonstrated how one can build a Coat of Arms. We will go over the ideology behind Coat of Arms and engage in discussions. The next days challenge which will be sent over via email everyone will be given “A Heritage Challenge”. a. Heritage Challenge Example: “Cowichan Sweaters” is a retailer with heritage you will need to gather photographs and written documentations either from an informational interview or online then while you follow up from the community area or a business shop. They need to be a heritage location and story behind them. b. Heritage challenge should include an essay with photo(s) to help tell the story of the heritage site.

6. A study on DNA where you will hear about DNA’s involvement in genealogy and get a visual understanding from seeing someone’s DNA results (MYSELF) and how that looks in the ancestry industry. Discussion of genetics, DNA, and how they affect the family tree. We will discuss the Covid-19 vaccine, which is entirely made from DNA? I’ll do a demonstration to show a Y chromosome. 7. Before the remaining instructions that end this portion of the summer club I want everyone to try and get down to the nearest beach and pick out some rocks because we’re going to make PET ROCKS. Yes, 3 different size rocks and some hot glue and acrylic paint and indeed we will have a souvenir of a part with the family meaning. 8. Finally, a section on history including: geography, timelines, and immigration. This study will take up a large portion of the summer time or even further studies in the club meeting because we can get really in depth. 9. Scavenger Hunt at UVIC campus in small groups. Be ready to answer skill testing questions throughout the hunt. 10. **After #9 has been completed. IF we all are up to it, I hope to do a field trip at the “Escape Room” on 1211 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T9 as there is a limit of 4 people who will have an exciting day trip for 1 hour. This is the schedule for the summer club are you totally excited.... :) Thanks for having me lead our group... Please comment with any suggestions... Thanks, Darcy

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