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Unit 1 Giving Directions_reading_writing

Published by Aj. Dr. Phirunkhana (Aj. Faa), 2020-07-17 03:14:12

Description: Unit 1 Giving Directions_reading_writing


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UNIT 1: GIVING DIRECTIONS Reading and Writing Lesson 2: Dinner plans 1. Discuss with your classmates. Where do you usually to for dinner? Who do you go with? What is your favorite place for dinner? 2. Read the passage and answer the questions below. a) How many people are in the chat? b) What are they planning to do? When and where? c) How did Rachel get lost? d) Where is Rachel right now? 3. In the space provided, write your own message to help Rachel. Use WORKSHEET B to give Rachel directions.

UNIT 1: GIVING DIRECTIONS 26/08/2017 12:58 James created the group. James Does anyone want to join me and Monica for dinner this evening? About 7 p.m.? Me Sounds good! I don’t have any plans. Rachel I’ll join you guys. Where are we meeting? James We are thinking about Cheevit Thammada. They make good food there. Me I don’t think they open until very late. They close around 7 p.m., I think. Monica Or maybe we can go to Melt In Your Mouth? They open until 11, and the meals are not too expensive. Rachel Where is Melt In Your Mouth? James 1006002 INTENSIVE ENGLISH ACADEMIC YEAR 2018

UNIT 1: GIVING DIRECTIONS Rachel Thanks, James. See you guys there! 20:05 Monica Rachel, where are you? Everybody is here and starving! Rachel I think I’m lost. The map is in Thai. I can’t find the place that says ‘Melt In Your Mouth’. Can anyone just give me the directions? I am in front of Overbrook Hospital right now. Me 1006002 INTENSIVE ENGLISH ACADEMIC YEAR 2018

UNIT 1: GIVING DIRECTIONS WORKSHEET B Melt In Your BuPark Mouth San Khong Luang Street Train Station Sesame Street Cheevit Temple Cen Thammada Cl Restaura Clock Tower Street Pet Hospital School Main Street King Mengrai 1006002 INTENSIVE ENGLISH Monument

us Station Super Highway Sesame Street Mengrai Street Tesco Lotus ntral Market lock Tower Street Overbrook Super Highway Hospital ant Police Station Main Street ACADEMIC YEAR 2018


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