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Unit 3 International Cuisine

Published by Aj. Dr. Phirunkhana (Aj. Faa), 2020-07-21 19:27:10

Description: Unit 3 International Cuisine


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Unit 3: International Cuisine Topic International Cuisine Enabling Upon completing tasks in the unit, students objectives Objectives will 1. recognize important phrases and vocabulary Terminal used in a cooking show. objective 2. correctly identify count and non-count noun about food. 3. complete a phone conversation with the quantifiers. At the end of the unit, learners will be able to 1. write about their favorite dishes / 2. talk about popular dishes in Thailand. Time 2 hours Key Adjectives that describe feeling Vocabulary Grammar Past progressive Focus Pre-activity Warm-up activity: Ask if any of students know how to cook Listening: Cooking Show at or Main Grammar : Count Noun and Non-Count Noun activities Reading: My Favorite Meal Reading: Food Recipe and Ingredient Post- activity 1. Students write about their favorite dishes / 2. Students talk about popular dishes in Thailand.

Unit 3: International Cuisine LISTENING: Cooking Show Instructions: Watch a video “Chrissy Teigen's Slow Cooker Thai-Inspired Short Ribs” and answer questions 1. Foodie Chrissy Teigen is joined by her MOM, Pepper, in the FABLife Kitchen. They share this easy slow cooker Thai-inspired short ribs with PEANUT sauce and MANGO salsa! 2. SLOW COOKERS = Electric pots that cook on low heat, usually about 200 degrees, for a long time 3. Following are the ingredients in Thai-inspired short ribs EXCEPT (answer can be more than one) a. Sweet chili sauce b. Garlic c. Grinded ginger d. Fish sauce e. Curry paste f. Water g. Coconut milk h. Lime juice i. Hot sauce j. Peanut butter

Unit 3: International Cuisine GRAMMAR : Count Noun and Non-count Noun Activity1 Instructions: Katie and Amy are planning a picnic. Complete their phone conversation with the quantifiers: any, some ,a lot of ,many , few, a little, much. There may be more than one correct answer. Katie: Amy, do you remember we’re having a picnic for Nick’s birthday tomorrow? What are you bringing? We need to make sure that’s there’s (1)…………… food and drink. Amy: Oh no, I forgot to go shopping! Let me think that what I can bring. I’ve got (2)……………. fruit at home so I can make (3)………………… fruit salad. Katie: That’s good. Make sure you make (4)…………………. Of fruit salad, because there will be (5) …………. people there. I’m going to bring (6)………………… chips and (7)……………..drinks. Do you have (8) …………..bread? Amy: I’ve got (9) …………….bread in the freezer, I don’t think it’s enough for everyone. Katie: OK. I’ll be (10)……………..bread, too. We also need (11)……………. meat for the barbeque. Amy: Nicks bringing (12)…………….hot dogs, but we don’t need (13)…………. meat because (14)…………… of the people are vegetarians.

Unit 3: International Cuisine Activity2 Instructions:

Unit 3: International Cuisine Activity3 Instructions: Study the following dialogues and identify the differences between their usage

Unit 3: International Cuisine READING AND WRITING: My Favorite Meal Instructions: Read the following passage and write about you favorite meal My favorite meal, by____________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Unit 3: International Cuisine READING AND SPEAKING: Food Recipe and Ingredient Instructions: Read the passage about food recipe and ingredient in Mexico, write about food recipe and ingredient in Thailand and tell/share it with your classmates Mexico by Zoe Li, CNN • Updated 5th May 2018 If you were only allowed to eat the food of one country the rest of your life, it would be smart to make it Mexico. The cuisine of the Mesoamerican country has a little bit of everything -- you'll never get bored. Amongst the enchiladas and the tacos and the helados and the quesadillas you'll find the zestiness of Greek salads and the richness of an Indian curry; the heat of Thai food and the use-your-hands snackiness of tapas. It is also central station for nutritional superfoods. All that avocado, tomato, lime and garlic with beans and chocolates and chilies to boot, is rich with antioxidants and good healthful things. It doesn't taste healthy though. It tastes like a fiesta in your mouth. Yum Mole -- ancient sauce made of chili peppers, spices, chocolate and magic incantations. Tacos al pastor -- the spit-roast pork taco, a blend of the pre- and post-Colombian. Tamales -- an ancient Mayan food of masa cooked in a leaf wrapping. Dumb Tostadas -- basically the same as a taco or burrito but served in a crispy fried tortilla which breaks into pieces as soon as you bite into it. Impossible to eat. Thailand Yum Dumb

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