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Unit 10 Traveling

Published by Aj. Dr. Phirunkhana (Aj. Faa), 2020-07-30 18:32:19

Description: Unit 10 Traveling


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Unit 10: Traveling 10.1 Vocabulary Lesson: Traveling, Transporting, and Weather Lesson objective: Learners are able to use vocabulary related to making a plan and reservation in composing sentences and in speaking activity. Instructions: Have students find meaning and fill part of speech of each word and then use at least 5 selected words to compose sentences. Traveling Cancellation (_____) Transporting Dock (_____) Weather EDO vocabulary Destination (_____) Delay (_____) Arrival (_____) Rail (_____) overcast (_____) Immigration form(_____) Flight (_____) Boarding (_____) Departure (_____) Cab (_____) humid (_____) Vacation(_____) Insurance (_____) Landing (_____) commute (_____) limousine (_____) drizzling (_____) Abroad(_____) Baggage (_____) Passenger (_____) Public transportation (_____) Vehicle (_____) downpour (_____) Foreigner(_____) A round-trip (_____) Ferry (_____) drought (_____) Suitcase(_____) Sentence 1:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Sentence 2:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Sentence 3:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Sentence 4:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Sentence 5:_______________________________________________________________________________________

10.2 Listening Lesson: Making a reservation Lesson Objective: Learners are able to identify specific information from the conversation. Instructions: Select students to read aloud the dialog below and then answer the questions ( specific information). Hotel Agent: Thank you for calling Worldwide Hotels in Manhattan. How can I help you? Ms. Lee: I need to book a hotel for a business trip to New York. Hotel Agent: When will you need the accommodations? Ms. Lee: July 8 and 9. Hotel Agent: So, you’ll need a room for three days and two nights. You’ll be departing on July 10, correct? Ms. Lee: Yes, that’s right. Hotel Agent: We do have vacancies. Would you like to make a reservation? Ms. Lee: Yes, I would. Hotel Agent: Do you want a king or a double? Ms. Lee: I’ll be traveling alone,so a room with a king-size bed will be fine. Hotel Agent: Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room? Ms. Lee: Non-smoking, please. Hotel Agent: We do have a non-smoking, king room available for those nights in July. Would you like me to hold that for you? Ms. Lee: Yes, please. Hotel Agent: Your name, please? Ms. Lee: Yu-ping Lee. Hotel Agent: Okay, Ms. Lee, we’ll hold the room until 6:00 pm on July 8, and you’ll be able to check in at 3:00pm. Checkout time is noon on July 10. Ms. Lee: Can I please request a late check-in? My flight doesn’t arrive until 8:00pm. Hotel Agent: Of course. We’ll hold the room until 10:00pm. Ms. Lee: Thank you. Does the hotel have a restaurant? Hotel Agent: Yes, it has two. It also has a room service menu if you prefer to eat in your room. Your hotel room fees include a complimentary continental breakfast served in the lounge by the lobby. Ms. Lee: That’s wonderful. Thank you. What else do I need to do to reserve the room? Hotel Agent: I’ll need a credit card number in order to reserve it,and then you’ll be all set. We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express. Ms. Lee: I’ll use my Visa. The number is 1234 4321 9999 0000. Hotel Agent: The expiration date? Ms. Lee: September 2018. Hotel Agent: Great. The room is reserved. We’ll see you on July 8. Please let us know if you need anything else. Ms. Lee: Thank you.

1. Where is Ms. Lee going? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. When will she be there? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. How long will she need a hotel room? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Are there rooms available? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What kind of bed does Ms. Lee request? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Does she smoke? How do you know? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What time must she check out? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Why does she need a late check-in time? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. How late can the agent hold the room? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. How much does the continental breakfast cost? _________________________________________________________________________________________

10.3 Speaking Lesson/Practice: Role-play booking and checking-in a hotel Lesson Objective: Learners are able to demonstrate booking and checking-in a hotel through role-play activity. Instructions: With a partner or in group, prepare and perform a role-play of booking and checking-in a hotel. Using the given information and your own ideas to create a situation and then perform the role-play. I’d like to book a double room for this coming weekend please. Could I see your passport, please? Also may I ask you to Is breakfast included? Do you have any vacancies? fill out this form, please? Good evening; we got a reservation in the name of Thomas Smith What’s the rate for a double room? At what time is the checkout? How long will you be staying? Does the room have Wi-Fi? With a credit card. 10.4 Reading Lessons: Hotel Advertisement Lesson Objective: Learners are able to comprehend and discuss the presented advertisement. Instructions: Read the hotel advertisement and then complete the tasks.

Laid-back and naturally beautiful, Krabi offers some of Thailand’s most striking scenery, where verdant interiors meet turquoise waters, and where nature trails and limestone islands form natural attractions abound. Nestled within its own bay, with stunning views and an ambience of understated luxury, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi invites you to get away from it all. Accessible by boat only, the resort offers you an abundance of opportunities to relax and explore. Satisfy all your holiday desires with a relaxing itinerary: unwind in blissful spa treatments, savour local delicacies on the beach, and enjoy complimentary water sports. The accommodation offers beautifully spacious living areas and a relaxing ambience for all, and for guests preferring seclusion, our villas provide exclusivity and great views. Krabi International Airport is 40 minutes away from Nopparatthara pier which is approximately 15 minutes from the resort by boat. Reading Exercise: Advertisement Description Instructions: After reading the advertisement, respond to the following questions 1. Underlines the unfamiliar words, include the ones in bold, and look up/discuss the meanings. 2. Where is the hotel? __________________________________________________________ 3. How can you get to the hotel? __________________________________________________ 4. Do you want to stay there for your vacation? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.Which description most grasps your attention in wanting to stay there? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10.5 Grammar Lesson: Present Progressive vs. Future Simple: “Will”, “to be going to” Lesson Objective: Learners are able to differentiate between and apply the use of Future Simple Tense ‘ will’ and ‘ to be going to’ . Both refer to the future and there is a slight difference between the two though in most cases they can be used interchangeably with no difference in meaning. Even if you misuse them, a native speaker is going to understand you without any problems.

Grammar Exercise: Instructions: Fill in the blanks using ‘will’ or ‘to be going to’ 1. When she gets her driver license, she_____________ buy a car. 2. Tomorrow morning, I________________ play golf with him. I've just decided it. 3. Do you think they ______________win the championship? 4. OK, I agree. We ________________ eat at the restaurant, tomorrow evening. 5. If you need that medicine now, I ___________get it for you.

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