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Published by ARABELLA ROSHEAN PALACA, 2022-11-11 11:20:54

Description: LAS FELIPINAS


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THE PHILIPPINES IS DIVIDED INTO THREE ISLAND GROUPS OF LUZON, VISAYAS, AND MINDANAO. PHILIPPINES BACKGROUND OF THE COUNTRY LUZON AND MINDANAO ARE BOTH NAMED AFTER THE LARGEST ISLAND IN THEIR RESPECTIVE GROUPS, WHILE THE VISAYAS (ALSO REFERRED TO AS THE VISAYAN ISLANDS) IS AN ARCHIPELAGO. The best way to get to know one place is to understand its history, and the Philippines has its fair share stories as it played many roles in the history of the world. Another must-see is the Rizal shrine, which pays tribute to the Philippines national hero from the Spanish era. Jose Rizal, he is the National Hero in the Philippines. Filipinos are best known for being resilient no matter what calamity may occur. They still see the best in it and their smiles will not fade. Filipinos also has the \"Kapit Bisig\" wherein no one will be left behind. BELIEFS BAYANIHAN, PAGMAMANO, PANLILIGAW, FESTIVALS, PARADE & HARANA THESE ARE ONE OF THE UNIQUE BELIEFS THAT FILIPINOS PORTRAY AND UNTIL THIS DAY IS BEING PRACTICED.

PRE ASSESMENT 1.Do you think the literary pieces will let the readers know about the country? 2.Do you believe in \"pamahiin\" or superstition and other beliefs and tradition? 3.Does the literary piece brings you closer to the country where it came from? 4.Does reading a literary device changes the way you see the author and the country? Jose Maria (Pete) Ang Dapat Paniwalaan F lores Lacaba JOSE F. LACABA Popularly known as Pete Lacaba, is a Filipino film writer, editor, poet, Siya’y pinalaki ng lolang palakuwento, screenwriter, kaya sa pagtulog ay laging kasiping journalist and ang kapre, tikbalang multo at maligno, translator. sanlibo’t isang panggabing pangitain. Born in Cagayan de Oro in 1945 to Jose Monreal Lacaba of Loon, Bohol and Fe Itinuro sa kanya ng butihing lola Flores from Pateros, Rizal,he is one of (kasabay ng katon) ang lahat ng dasal, the leading figures in Philippine antanda sa Latin, senyas at pangontra literature today. sa kapangyarihan ng aswang at kulam. He is well known in various fields, including creative writing, journalism, editing and scriptwriting. Subalit pagpasok sa unibersidad, nang ang kanyang lola’y matagal nang patay, natutuhan din niya kung Lacaba has been especially recognized for ano ang dapat paniwalaang ng his coverage of the First Quarter Storm, an isang edukado: anti-Marcos movement, in 1970. His firsthand na ang dapat niyang katakutan ay tao, account of the events of the First Quarter at sa tao’y hindi dasal ang panlaban. Storm protests, Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage (1982), compiled from articles first published in the Philippine Free Press and the Asia-Philippines Leader magazines, are considered important accounts of that period. DID YOU KNOW? There are Filipino superstitious beliefs that the rest of the world that might find unusual. Saying \"Tabi tabi po\" is one of the expression that most of the Filipinos use when chartering uninhabited territory or abandoned property.

ELEMENTS OF THE LITERATURE FIGURES OF SPEECH VOICE OF THE POEM STYLE OF WRITING Free Verse Anaphora Fearful \"Kaya sa pagtulog ay Alarmed laging kasiping\" Concerned \"Sanlibo't isang pang gabing pangitain\" Oxymoron \"Panggabing pangitain\" Understatement \"hindi dasal ang panlaban\" ANALYSIS A boy grow up learning a lot from her grandmother about superstitious stories, elements, and prayers that will save him from those. When he grew up by himself he learned that the real life isn't just about those superstitious and realizes how he will survive the real life. The lessons her grandmother made stayed a lesson. The boy learned that the prayer isn't not the only solution but also actions. TYPE Epic Combination of Narrative and Descriptive Poetry MESSAGE/ LESSON Believing in such superstition will not harm you, knowing how to be sensitive and to respect one's belief and preference; the reason of Filipinos who believe in superstition is to give honor and respect to their ancestors that is taught by the elders. It also wants us to know that superstitions may be real but it wouldn't be helpful if you did not put any effort and action to do so because in real life it is very different. Thus, this shows how we should be cautious of the things around us and on the things we do on a daily basis. \"Life is a continuous learning experience\" POST ASSESMENT This let the readers learn more about the country \"Philippines\" This tackles about the Philippines and their beliefs. The magazine is all about the Philippines and why Filipinos believe in such \"pamahiin\" or superstition.

References Philippines info Retrieved from: (2010) ( Authors info Retrieved from: Literature Retrieved from: dapat-paniwalaan-phil-lit-tf-0900.html?m=1 and from titions-and-taboos-many-filipinos-still-believe-in/ Photos Retrieved from: davao/20130704/281758446875157 SENDING OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION TO OUR INSTRUCTOR AND TO EVERYONE. ALL OF US CONTRIBUTED TO EVERY DETAIL IN THIS MAGAZINE AND SHARE IDEAS TO COMPLETE AND COME WITH THIS. NOVEMBER 2022 BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY- THE NATIONAL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY

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