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Published by FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA, 2022-11-11 01:51:30

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ove, following in the footsteps of Christ, in concern and compassion for all, is the highest expression of our faith and hope. Pope Francis Love rejoices in seeing others grow. Hence it suffers when others are anguished, lonely, sick, homeless, despised or in need. Love is a leap of the heart; it brings us out of ourselves and creates bonds of sharing and communion. “‘Social love’ makes it possible to advance towards a civilization of love, to which all of us can feel called. With its impulse to universality, love is capable of building a new world. No mere sentiment, it is the best means of discovering effective paths of development for everyone” (Fratelli Tutti, 183). M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

George Cardinal Alencherry Major Archbishop Syro-Malabar Church Prayerful Wishes SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

EPARCHIAL BULLETIN M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Bishop Bosco Puthur 19 March 2021, Feast of St Joseph, Inaguaration of the Year of the Family. Syro-Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne, Australia and Apostolic Visitation to Dear Friends in Jesus Christ, the Syro-Malabar Faithful in New Zealand. It is with great joy that I introduce to you our Eparchial Bulletin, MARTHOMA VISION, Melbourne Eparchial Bulletin. I hope and pray that our Bulletin bring the good news of the Lord to our people in the Eparchy and elsewhere. Eparchial Bulletin is a great way to communicate most readily news, views and teachings of the Church with the faithful of the Eparchy. It is the best means to extend the beauty of our faith. That is why we have to provide a bulletin that is attractive, informative, communicative, and effective. It keeps all of us up to date with the life and activities of the parishes, organizations, departments and movements of our Eparchy. It serves as a link of unity of the Eparchy. I hope that the readers find value in our bulletin. I would like to express my gratitude to the Department of the Media Communication of our Eparchy for producing the Bulletin. I invite the parishes, organizations, departments and movements of the Eparchy to fully cooperate with the managerial and editorial board of the Bulletin to produce the best and the most effective communication media of the Eparchy. Bear in mind that it is only with the cooperation of all the quality of the Bulletin can be maintained, making every issue of the Bulletin a refreshing and inspiring experience to the readers. Invoking the blessings of our Lord and the heavenly intercession of the Holy Mother of God, the Patroness of our Eparchy, SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS APOSTLE +Bosco Puthur 6 Greenock Court Greenvale, VIC 3059, Australia Tel: 0061-383133678 E: [email protected] 04P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

EDITORIAL Welcome to the Inaugural edition of the Marthoma Vision. Mathoma vision is the official Eparchial bulletin of Syro Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne. We live at a time in history where information is available on our fingertips. To be relevant in our current times, our faith journey also needs catch up to the speed with which the world is travelling. Marthoma Vision brings you recent news, events, and updates of the eparchy to ensure pertinent and prominent information about the eparchy are routinely shared and updated. Eparchy Media Commission reaches out to the Syro Malabar faithful, parishes and our mission communities through media to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purposes of our eparchy. The activities of the Eparchy Media Commission are to actively engage with the Syro Malabar faithful in Australia to accomplish Eparchy’s pastoral goals. We achieve this through, Innovation – presenting in a fresh way, Integration – using all the media means at our disposal together in an effective way , Involvement – supporting our parishes, missions’ ministries to effectively communicate, Inspiration – telling the stories of God at work in people’s lives. There are many other exciting projects are waiting to be launched. Please stay tuned. We gratefully remember our bishop Mar Bosco Puthur and our Vicar General Msgnr Francise Kolancherry for their blessings and ongoing guidance. We express our sincere thanks to the clergy, office bearers of the eparchial departments, parishes, missions, and other pious organisations for their contributions to this inaugural edition of Marthoma Vision. Thank you Editorial Team Eparchy Media Commission M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 05P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E



POST SYNODAL CIRCULAR George Cardinal Alencherry M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Major Archbishop Syro-Malabar Church George Cardinal Alencherry, the Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church, to the Archbishops, Bishops, THE SYRO MALABAR MAJOR ARCHIEPISCOPAL CURIA Priests, Consecrated Men and Women and Lay Faithful Mount St. Thomas, P.B.No. 3110, P.O. Kakkanad, Kochi - 682 030, Kerala, India of the Syro-Malabar Church. May the Grace of the Lord be with you all! Tel: (0484) 2424780, 2424768, 2426235; Fax: (0484) 2422727. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, E-mail: [email protected] The First Session of the XXIX Synod of theSyro-Malabar Church was held on line from January 11 to 16, 2021 because of the Covid -19. Various issues connected with the faith and the Church in the social, spiritual and political 08P areas were discussed during the days of the Synod. The Synod remembered with grateful feelings the deep and A committed work of the faithful during these troubled times G to preserve their faith and love of the Church inspite of the E limitations imposed by the pandemic. The Fathers of the Synod acknowledged with gratitude the heroic leadership rendered by the steady presence of the Holy Father as a pillar of hope and faith. The Encyclical, Fratelli tutti, affirming that all are brothers, was a timely social teaching. It is a matter of great joy that 235 deacons were ordained priests who should be seen as a string of stars lighted by God during these dark days of the Covid. Congratulations and Remembrances The Synod offered their prayerful condolences at the passing away of Mar Paul Chittilapilly and Archbishop Mar Joseph Chennoth who were the zealous shepherds of the Church. Mar Paul Chittilapilly who did a magnificent work for the all round development of the Eparchies of Kalyan and Thamarassery contributed immensely to the renewal of the liturgy and for the codification of the Particular Law of the Church. Archbishop Joseph Chennoth who was the Apostolic Nuncio to Japan was honoured with the highest civilian award by the Government of Japan. May God bless these dear bishops and may their souls rest in peace! The Synod offered its prayers and blessings to Geevarghese Mar Aprem who was appointed the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archeparchy of Kottayam. His appointment can be seen as a great witness to the fraternal relationship between the Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara Churches. Ministry for the Youth The Syro-Malabar Youth Movement (SMYM) is the official organization for the youth of the Church. KCYM is the federation of the youth wings of the three Churches sui iuris. It is through the membership of the SMYM that one becomes a member of the KCYM. The Synod desires that all the youth between the ages of 15 through 30 should become members of the SMYM. The Synod accepted the recommendation of the Youth Commission that all the Eparchies should take up a time bound programme to enlist all the youth in their respective Eparchies to become EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N POST SYNODAL CIRCULAR members of the SMYM. Those who are above the age Discipline in the Church of 35 should become active in the various ministries of the Church by becoming members of the Catholic Discipline in the Church has a very important role Congress. Arrangements for this will be made at the to play to preserve the unity and example of the organizational level of the Catholic Congress. Church. The Synod has noted that recently some lay people, priests and the religious have come Liturgy forward with positions that challenge the unity and the structure of the Church. Those issues that are The Synod held a detailed discussion of the issues to be discussed at the internal forums of the Church connected with liturgical matters. It has now become are being discussed in public by these people, necessary to cremate the dead on account of the causing great harm to the Church. The Synod has Covid. The Synod has given approval for the prayers authorized the bishops to take necessary disciplinary that should be said on occasions when cremations are actions against those who indulge in activities that taking place. These prayers are to be used from now are against the teachings and the authority of the onwards. The Synod requests the faithful to show the Church. same respect to the dead whether they are cremated or buried. The Synod has given approval to a new set Fundamentalism is a threat against the communal of liturgical readings on an experimental basis. During harmony and the unity of the society. The prevalence the next liturgical cycle, this new set of readings will be of certain attitudes that are fundamentalist and used. The Synod has also given its approval to the list divisive in liturgy,charismatic renewal and inter of feasts according to the priority of their importance. religious relations is causing confusion and Discussions were also held with regard to the revision disturbance in the Church, according to the Synod. of the breviary. These fundamentalist activities filled with intolerance and provocations are the causes of many divisions Persecutions against Christians and differences in the Church and the society. The Synod has assessed that such positions, though The Synod expressed its deep shock over the increased outwardly appearing as helpful to the Church, are attacks and acts of violence against Christians all over really causing very far reaching disastrous results the world. It is terrifying to find that around thirteen and hence is urging the faithful to be more vigilant. Christians are murdered daily around the world. The killing of 750 Christians in Ethiopia during the Christmas I wish all the blessings of the Paschal season and 2020 sent shockwaves in the Christian world. Their of the Lent. During this year dedicated specially to heroic deaths should enliven our faith. We shall pray for St. Joseph, I entrust all of you to the loving protection the Christians in those lands of persecution so that they of St. Joseph. may be blessed with infinite patience and endurance. May the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Farmers’ Agitation of our Father in Faith, St. Thomas the Apostle, be with all of you. The Synod has expressed its solidarity with the farmers who are engaged in a long struggle for their rights at Given from the Major Archiepiscopal Curia at Mount St. the Capital of India. The anxiety of the farmers that Thomas, February 2020. their natural rights would be curtailed through the new laws enacted to satisfy the demands of the corporate Cardinal George Alencherry sector has to be alleviated. New markets for agricultural Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church products, grant of support prices, dismantling of controls with regard to the storage of essential products, contract farming etc are the issues that disturb the farmers. The new laws were enacted without any prior consultation with the farmers. It is highly troubling to find the farmers who feed the country are to go on a long struggle to solve their grievances. The farmers in Kerala who are experiencing deep hardship on account of the low price of their products, attacks of wild animals, creation of buffer zones etc need support and help. This circular shall be read in all the parishes and institutions of the Syro-Malabar Church during the Holy Mass on Sunday, March 07, 2021. Copy of this Circular is to be made available through opportune means to those faithful who cannot participate in the celebration of Holy Qurbana in churches. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 09P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

kn\\Uv A\\´c kÀ¡peÀ M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N kotdmae_mÀ k`bpsS taPÀ BÀ¨p_n ]Xnbmbnip{iqjsN¿póXn\\nSbnð \\nXy`mKy j¸v IÀZn\\mÄ amÀ tPmÀPv Betôcn Xsâ klip{iqjIcmb sa{Xmt¸meo¯mamÀ¡pw ¯n\\mbn hnfn¡s¸« BÀ¨p_nj]v tPmk^v sa{XmòmÀ¡pw sshZnIÀ¡pw kaÀ¸nXÀ¡pw Xsâ AP]me\\ ip{iqjbv¡v Gev]n¡s¸ tNtóm¯ ]nXmhns\\ B cmPy¯nsâ «ncn¡pó Fñm ssZhP\\¯n\\pw FgpXpó kÀ¡peÀ. DóX _lpaXn \\ðIn P¸m³ Kh¬saâ v BZcn¨Xv \\ap¡v Gsd A`nam\\IcamWv. Cu hµy]nXm¡òmsc ssZhw \\nXyku`mKyw \\ðIn A\\p{Kln¡s«. tIm«bw AXncq]X bpsS ]pXnb klmbsa{Xm\\mbn \\nbanX\\mb KohÀKokv amÀ At{]w ]nXmhn\\v CSbhgnbnð aninlmbnð {]nb ktlmZco ktlmZcòmtc, Fñm\\òIfpw `mhpI§fpw t\\cpóp. kotdm kotdmae_mÀ k`bpsS 29þmw kn\\Unsâ ae_mÀ k`bpw kotdmae¦ck`bpw Hómw kt½f\\w 2021 P\\phcn 11 apXð16 hsc tImhnUnsâ ]Ým¯e¯nð Hm¬sse\\mbn X½nepÅ lrZyamb kmtlmZcy¯nsâ \\Sóp. \\½psS k`sbbpw hnizmks¯bpw kw_Ôn¡pó Bßob kmaqly cm{ãob km£yambn A`nhµy]nXmhnsâ \\nba\\s¯ hnjb§fmWv BdpZnhkw \\oï­ kn\\ Unð NÀ¨sNbvXXv. tImhnUnsâ ]cnanXn \\ap¡p a\\Ênem¡mw. IÄ¡pÅnepw hnizmkhpw k`mkvt\\lhpw kPohambn \\ne\\nÀ¯m³ kaÀ¸W _p²n bphP\\ ip{iqjIÄ tbmsS {]hÀ¯n¡pó k`mwK§sf kn\\U \\µntbmsS A\\pkvacn¡póp. hnizmk¯nepw kotdmae_mÀ k`bpsS HutZymKnI {]Xymibnepw A[njvTnXamb kvt\\l bphP\\ kwLS\\ “kotdmae_mÀ bq¯v kmón[ywhgn temI¯n\\p apgph³ amÀ¤ aqhvsaâ v”(SMYM) BWv. tIcf¯nse aqóv ZÀinbmb ]cnip² ]nXmhv {^m³knkv amÀ hyànk`Ifnsebpw X\\Xp bphP\\ kwLS\\ ]m¸mbpsS [ocamb t\\XrXzs¯ kn\\Uv IfpsS Iq«mbvabmbmWv sI. kn. ssh. Fw. ]nXm¡òmÀ A`nam\\t¯msS A\\pkvacn¨p. {]hÀ¯n¡póXv. AXn\\mðSMYM se AwKXzw Fñmhcpw ktlmZcÀ (Fratellitutti)Fó ]m¸m hgnbmWv \\½psS k`bnse bphP\\§Ä bpsS ]pXnb Nm{InIteJ\\w XnI¨pw sI. kn. ssh. Fw. sâ `mKamIpóXv. kotdma katbmNnXamb kmaqlyt_m[\\amWv. tImhn e_mÀ k`bnse 15 hbÊn\\pw 30 hb Unsâ AÔImc¯n\\nSbnepw ssZhw Ên\\pw CSbnð {]mbapÅ Fñm bphP\\§fpw sXfn¨ \\£{X§Ät]mse kotdmae_mÀ SMYM sâ `mKamIWsaómWv kn\\Uv k`bnð 235 \\hsshZnIÀ ]pXphÀj¯nð B{Kln¡póXv. A`njnàcmbn FóXv A`nam\\IcamWv. CXn\\mhiyamb \\S]Sn{Ia§Ä Hmtcm cq] A\\pkvacWbpw A`n\\µ\\hpw Xbnepw kab_ÔnXambn \\S¸nem¡Wsaó bphP\\I½ojsâ \\nÀt±iw kn\\Uv AwKo Icn¨p. 30 hbÊp ]qÀ¯nbmb bphP\\§Ä It¯en¡m tIm¬{KÊnð AwK§fmbn tNÀóv k`mip{iqjbnð kPohamIWw. CXn \\mhiyamb {IaoIcW§Ä It¯en¡m tIm¬{KÊnsâ kwLS\\mXe¯nð hcp¯p óXmWv. kotdmae_mÀ k`bpsS A`nam\\ambncpó Bcm[\\{Iaw amÀ t]mÄ Nnäne¸nÅn, BÀ¨p_nj¸v tPmk^v tNtóm¯v Fóo ]nXm¡òmcpsS k`bpsS Bcm[\\{Iahpambn _Ôs¸« hnjb BIkvanIamb \\ncymW¯nð kn\\Uv {]mÀ° §fnð kn\\Uv hniZamb NÀ¨IÄ \\S¯n. \\m]qÀÆw A\\ptimN\\w tcJs¸Sp¯n. Xsâ tImhnUnsâ ]Ým¯e¯nð arXtZl§Ä CSb ip{iqjbneqsS Ieym¬, XmactÈcn Zln¸nt¡­ï kmlNcyw BtcmKy]camb cq]XIfpsS kÀÆtXmòpJamb hfÀ¨bv¡p ImcW§fmð Bhiyambn hcpópïv­. t\\XrXzw \\ðInb A`nhµy amÀ t]mÄ hnizmknIfpsS arXtZlw Zln¸n¡pó kµ Nnäne¸nÅn ]nXmhv kotdmae_mÀk`bpsS À`§fnð D]tbmKn¡m\\pÅ {]mÀY\\IÄ¡p Bcm[\\{Ia \\hoIcW¯n\\pw k`bpsS {]tXy kn\\Uv AwKoImcw \\ðInbn«pï­v. arXtZlw I\\nbakwlnX (Particular Law) bpsS cq]o Zln¸n¡pó kµÀ`§fnð C\\ntað Cu IcW¯n\\pw \\ðInb kw`mh\\IÄ Ahnkva {Iaw A\\pjvTnt¡­ïXmWv. ss{IkvXh cWob§fmWv. P¸m\\nse h¯n¡m³ Øm\\ hnizmk¯nð arXtZlt¯mSp ]peÀ¯pó 10P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

kn\\Uv A\\´c kÀ¡peÀ M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N khntijamb BZchv kwkvIcn¡pt¼mgpw km[\\§fpsS kw`cW¯nse \\nb{´W \\ Zln¸n¡pt¼mgpw Hcpt]mse ]cnc£n¡s¸tS­ ntcm[\\w, tIm¬{SmÎv ^manwKv XpS§n XmWv Fó hkvXpX kn\\Uv BhÀ¯n¨v Ht«sd hnjb§Ä ]pXnb ImÀjnI \\nb HmÀ½n¸n¡póp. a¯nð IÀjIsc Bi¦s¸Sp¯pópï­v. IÀjIcpambn thï­ {X IqSnbmtemN\\IÄ \\ \\½psS Bcm[\\{Ia¯nð hn. IpÀºm\\ S¯msXbmWv ]pXnb \\nbaw \\S¸nem¡nbXv Fó Bt£]¯n\\pw ]cnlmcw ImtW­ Ifnð hmbn¡póXn\\v ]c¼cmKXambp­ ïXpï­v. cmPy¯nsâ AóZmXm¡fmb IÀj IÀ X§fpsS \\ne\\nð]n\\mbn sXcphnend ïmbncpó hmb\\m ]ômwK¯ns\\m¸w t§ï­n hóXv At§bäw ZpxJIcamWv. tIcf¯nse IÀjIÀ A\\p`hn¡pó hnfI asämcp hmb\\m ]ômwK¯n\\pIqSn kn\\Uv fpsS hne¯IÀ¨, h\\yarKieyw, _^À tkm¬ ]cnØnXnteme `ojWnIÄ Fónh ]co£WmÀ°w AwKoImcw \\ðInbn«pïv­. bv¡pw imizXamb ]cnlmcw BhiyamWv. ASp¯ Bcm[\\{IahÕc¯nð Cu ]pXp ¡nb hmb\\m]ômwKamWv \\mw D]tbm Kn¡póXv. IqSmsX, k`bnse hnhn[ Xncp\\mfpIsf AhbpsS {]m[m\\y¯n\\\\p kcn¨v {IaoIcn¨ ]«nIbv¡pw kn\\Uv AwKoImcw \\ðIn. kotdmae_mÀ k`bpsS k`bnse A¨S¡w bma{]mÀ°\\IÄ ]cnjvIcn¡póXn\\m It¯men¡m k`bpsS sI«pd¸n\\pw al\\o bpÅ Ahkm\\h«NÀ¨Ifpw kn\\Unð bamb amXrIbv¡pw ImcWambhbnð \\Sóp. k`bnse A¨S¡¯n\\v kp{][m\\amb ss{IkvXh ]oU\\w ]¦mWpÅXv. kao]Ime¯v kotdmae_m BtKmfXe¯nð ss{IkvXhÀs¡Xncmb Àk`bnse Nne sshZnIcpw kaÀ¸n ]oU\\§Ä hÀ²n¨phcpóXnð kn\\Uv Xcpw Aevamb t\\Xm¡òmcpw k`bpsS Bi¦tcJs¸Sp¯n. X§fpsS {InkvXob A¨S¡s¯bpw Iq«mbasbbpw shñphnfn hnizmks¯{]Xn {]XnZn\\w 13 {InkvXym\\n ¡pó \\ne]mSpIfpambn ]ckyambn cwK IÄ càkm£nXzw hcn¡póp Fó ¯phcpóXmbn kn\\Uv hnebncp¯n. IW¡v `oXns¸Sp¯póXmWv. 2020 Unkw k`bpsS B`y´cthZnIfnð NÀ¨ sNbvXp _À amk¯nð 750 ss{IkvXhÀ FtXym ]cnlcnt¡­ï hnjb§Ä s]mXpthZnIfnð ]ymbnð Iq«s¡me sN¿s¸«Xv temIa\\ hnhmZam¡póXneqsS k`mKm{X¯n\\pïm­ Êm£nsb¯só \\Sp¡nb kw`h Ipó apdnhv hepXmWv. k`m{]t_m[\\§Ä¡pw amWv. ]oUm\\p`h§fpsSbpw càkm£n k`mt\\XrXz¯n\\pw FXncmb \\ne]mSp Xz¯nsâbpw hgnIfnð Xfcm¯ hnizmk IÄ kzoIcn¡póhsc Xncp¯m\\pw Bhiy Xo£vWX {]ISam¡nb Cu [occà sa¦nð k`m\\nbaw A\\pimkn¡pó in£W km£nIfpsS amXrI \\½psS hnizmk \\S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¡m\\pw AXmXp cq] PohnXs¯ {]tNmZn¸nt¡­XmWv. Xo{hamb Xm²y£òmsc kn\\Uv NpaXes¸Sp¯n. kl\\¯nsâbpw hyhØbnñm¯ £abp auenIhmZ§Ä kaql¯nsâ `{ZXbv¡pw sSbpw kphntijhgnIfnð [ocambn aptó kapZmbkulmÀ±¯n\\pw lm\\nIcamWv. dm³ ]oUnX k`Ifnse hnizknIÄ¡pthïn­ CXc aX§fpambpÅ _Ôw, Bcm[\\ \\ap¡v Xo£vWambn {]mÀ°n¡mw. {Iaw, k`bnse IcnkvamänIv \\hoIcWw XpS§nb taJeIfnð XnI¨pw auenIhmZ] IÀjI kacw chpw hn`mKobX Dfhm¡póXpamb Nne \\ne ]mSpIÄ kao]Ime¯v apfsbSp¡póXmbn cmPyXeØm\\¯v amk§fmbn kacapJ kn\\Uv hnebncp¯n. C¯cw auenIhmZ ¯mbncn¡pó IÀjItcmSv kotdmae_mÀ k` sFIyZmÀVyw {]Jym]n¡póp. X§ ]chpw AklnjvWpX \\ndªXpw {]tIm]\\ fpsS \\ymbamb AhImi§Ät]mepw tImÀ ¸tdäp apXemfnamÀ¡v ASnbdhbvt¡­ïn Ichpamb {]hÀ¯\\§fpw {]kvXmh\\Ifpw hcpó kmlNcyamWv ]pXnb ImÀjnI _ nñneqsS \\S¸nemIpóXv Fó IÀjI k`bnepw kaql¯nepw Gsd hnhmZ§Ä¡pw cpsS Bi¦ ]cnlcn¡s¸tS­XmWv. IÀjI N´IÄ, Dev]ó§fpsS Xm§phne, Ahiy `nóXIÄ¡pw ImcWamIpópïv­. k`bpsS \\òsb e£yam¡ns¡mï­v {]hÀ¯n¡póp Fóv AhImis¸Spó C¯cw \\ne]mSpIÄ hcp¯pó A]IS§Ä Zqchym]IamIbmð hnizmknIÄ Pm{KX ]ment¡ï­XmsWóv EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 11P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

kn\\Uv A\\´c kÀ¡peÀ M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N kn\\Up hnebncp¯n. \\½psS IÀ¯mhotimaninlmbpsS ]oUm kl\\s¯bpw Ipcnip acWs¯bpw A\\p kvacn¡pó t\\m¼pIme¯nsâbpw kamK XamIpó DbnÀ¸pXncp\\mfnsâbpw awKf §Ä kvt\\l]qÀÆw Biwkn¡póp. hn. butk ¸nXmhn\\v khntijamwhn[w kaÀ¸nXamb Cu hÀj¯nð \\n§sfsbñmhscbpw B hÕe]nXmhnsâ kwc£Wbv¡p `ctað¸n¡póp. \\½psS A½bmb ]cnip² I\\yImadnb¯nsâbpw \\½psS ]nXmhmb amÀt¯m½mÇolmbpsSbpw am[yØyw \\nc ´cw \\n§tfmsSm¯pï­ mbncn¡s«. Im¡\\mSv auï­v skâ v tXmaÊnepÅ taPÀ BÀ¨p_nj¸nsâ Imcymeb¯nð \\nóv 2021 Bïv­s^{_phcn amkw 10-mw XnbXn \\ðIs¸«Xv. Cardinal George Alencherry Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church This circular shall be read in all the parishes and institutions of the Syro- Malabar Church during the Holy Mass on Sunday, March 07, 2021. Copy of this Circular is to be made available through opportune means to those faithful who cannot participate in the celebration of Holy Qurbana in churches. 12P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PASTORAL LETTER LENT 2021 Bishop Bosco Puthur “The Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn him to death; then Syro-Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle, they will hand him over to the Gentiles, to be mocked Melbourne, Australia and Apostolic Visitation to the and flogged and crucified; and on the third day he will be Syro-Malabar Faithful in New Zealand. raised” (Mt 20:18-19). Lent is a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey, commemorating and following the one who Prot.No.EPL: 11/21/54 humbled himself and became obedient unto death, the PASTORAL LETTER death on the cross, for us and for our salvation. Dear Reverend Fathers, Dear Brothers and May the feast of the Resurrection give us the grace, Sisters, and young friends in Jesus Christ, through the anointment of the Holy Spirit, to be reborn With the liturgical celebrations of Vibhoothi on Monday, we as new persons, forsaking sin and sinful ways! Let us go are entering into the season of Lent, commemorating the ahead practising fasting, prayer and almsgiving. In this Paschal mysteries of our Lord Jesus Christ, his passion, season for conversion, Pope Francis invites us to intensely death and resurrection. It is the words of Jesus: “Behold, renew the divine virtues: Faith, Hope and Love. we are going to Jerusalem” (Mt 20:18), that Holy Father Pope Francis chose as the light motive for his 2021 Lenten 1. Let us confess our Faith. Christian faith is the confession Message. The subsequent verses that we read from the of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. The one who was Gospel of Mathew, explain the motive and goal of this sent by the Father to this world, anointed by the Holy Spirit, journey. entered into the glory of the resurrection as our Saviour and Lord. Through fasting and controlling our senses, let us follow Jesus who for our sake practised obedience and humiliation. Through selfdenial, walking in the way of grace, we shall practise faith. Keeping ourselves away from evil, let us make our hearts the dwelling place of God. We have to live proactively, controlling ourselves against the overdose of consumerism and excess of information media. In this secular culture let us bear witness to our living faith in Jesus as the only Saviour! We have to grow in communion with the Holy Trinity, deepening our personal faith experience. 2. Inviting us to grow in Hope, Pope Francis presents before us the icon of the Samaritan woman. When that poor woman was thinking of the water that quenches the physical thirst, Jesus offers her the spiritual water gushing forth from the Holy Spirit. The risen Christ is the fulcrum and foundation of our hope; He, who went through poverty, rejection, suffering, even the cruel death on the cross, which, in a human way of thinking, makes anyone hopeless. At this time of Coronavirus, when humanity is going through a multitude of crises, and when an unknown and apparently obscure future confronts us, to us believers the resurrection of Jesus is the light of Hope. We are called to console and heal the troubled minds around us, strengthening them by sharing our Hope. Jesus Christ, who wipes away tears from the eyes of the crying, makes the sad happy, quietens the mourning, consoles the suffering, creates the new heaven and new earth in the place of the old, is our Hope (Rev 21). 3. Let us acknowledge that Love, the fulfilment of faith and hope, is the greatest virtue (1 Cor.13). One who follows the footsteps of Christ has to have care and concern for everyone; has to experience, practise and share Love, which is the fulfilment of faith and hope. Love leaps with joy at the welfare of others. Love suffers at the suffering of others. As we pray in the Holy Qurbana, we have to be before the Lord, in communion with “those who suffer and are in distress, EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 13P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PASTORAL LETTER M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N LENT 2021 the poor and the oppressed, the sick and the afflicted”. t\\Cm¼SbpItemeJw\\2w021 Love is the greatest gift of God that gives meaning to our life. We are commissioned to share love with everyone. aninlmbnð {]nb _lpam\\s¸« sshZnItc, Almsgiving enables us in this pursuit. We, who receive in ktlmZcn ktlmZcòmtc, Ipªpa¡sf, the Qurbana the Bread of Life offered by the Lord, have to be ready to share the bread of our everyday life. \\½psS IÀ¯mhmb CutimaninlmbpsS ]oUm \\p`h¯nsâbpw IpcnipacW¯nsâbpw D°m The season of Lent invites us to grow daily through Faith, \\¯nsâbpw s]klmclky§fnte¡v hn`qXn Hope and Love, into the Risen Jesus, by the practice Xn¦fnse Xncp¡À½§fneqsS \\mw {]thin of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. In this pilgrimage we ¡pIbmWtñm. ]cnip² ]nXmhv {^m³ shall have as our guide the Blessed Mother, who always knkv amÀ¸m¸ Cs¡mñs¯ Xsâ t\\m¼p followed Jesus, stood at the foot of the cross as witness Ime ktµi¯nsâ apJyZÀi\\ambn Xncsª for everything and accompanied the apostles in the upper Sp¯Xv \"CXm \\mw Pdpkteante¡v t]m room at the descent of the Holy Spirit. Ipóp\" (a¯mbn 20:18) Fó CutimbpsS XncphN\\amWv. F´mWv Cu bm{XbpsS Finally, I would like to remind you the two recent Dt±iyhpw e£yhpsaóv a¯mbnbpsS kphn declarations of Pope Francis. They are regarding tij¯nðXpSÀóv \\mw hmbn¡pópïv. “a\\pjy the observation of the Year dedicated to Saint ]p{X³ {][m\\]ptcmlnXòmÀ¡pw \\nbaÚ³ Joseph and the Year for the Sanctification of Family. òmÀ¡pw Gð]n¡s¸Spw. AhÀ Ahs\\ acW In this year let us strive in a special way to commemorate ¯n\\p hn[n¡pIbpw hnPmXobÀ¡v Gð]n¨p Saint Joseph, imitating his example and seeking his sImSp¡pIbpw sN¿pw. AhÀ Ahs\\ ]cnlkn paternal intercession. Keeping the spirit of Lent and ¡pIbpw {]lcn¡pIbpw {Iqin¡pIbpw sN¿pw. observing the local COVID Protocols, on 19 March we Fómð aqómw Zn\\w Ah³ DbnÀ¸n¡s¸Spw.” shall celebrate solemnly the Feast of Saint Joseph, who (a¯mbn 20:18-:19) t\\m¼pImew Hcmßob was ever obedient to God, humble and just. He is the bm{XbmWv. \\ap¡pw \\½psS c£bv¡pw thïn Protector of the Universal Church, Protector of the Holy Xsó¯só Ffnas¸Sp¯pIbpw acW Family, Patron of workers and Patron of the dying. I exhort t¯mfw, IpcnipacWt¯mfw A\\pkcW our Reverend Fathers, and Kaikars to organize in advance apÅh\\mIpIbpw sNbvXhs\\ A\\pkvacn¨pw so that such a celebration with Holy Qurbana takes place ]nsôópw sImïpÅ Bßobbm{X! ]m] in all the communities on the feast day itself. Let this be s¯bpw ]m]amÀ¤§sfbpw Dt]£n¨v , ]cnip a special experience of God’s grace to our country of ²mßmhnsâ A`ntjI¯mð ]p¯³ a\\p migration, to our Eparchy, to our parishes and families. jycmbn P\\n¡m³ Cu DbnÀ¸p XncpómÄ \\½p¡v Ir] \\ðIs«. D]hmk¯nsâbpw {]mÀ I remind you also of the invitation of Pope Francis to °\\bpsSbpw Zm\\[Àa¯nsâbpw A`yk\\ inaugurate on St, Joseph’s feast day the Year for the ¯nð \\ap¡p aptódmw. am\\km´c¯n\\pÅ Sanctification of the Family (19 March 2021 – 26 June Cu ImeL«¯nð hnizmkw, icWw, D]hn 2022). The example and intercession of Saint Joseph shall Fóo ssZhnIkpIrX§fnð Xo£vWambn inspire us to sanctify our families. During the year we shall hfcm³ {^m³knkv ]m¸ \\s½ Blzm\\w make the subject of our study the thoughts and reflections sN¿póp. of the Joy of Love, the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis. The monthly meetings of the Family Units shall take up the 1. \\½psS hnizmkw \\ap¡v Gäp]dbmw. Joy of Love for special discussion and sharing. We shall \\½psS IÀ¯mhpw c£I\\pamb Cutim intensely strive to grow in daily family prayer and warm aninlmsb Gäp]dbpóXmWv ss{IkvXh personal relationship in the family. Thus we shall hnizmkw. ]nXmhn\\mð Cu temI¯nte¡v strengthen the value, unity and love of thefamily. Ab¡s¸«h³ ]cnip²mßm`ntjI¯mð As we pray during Lent in the Holy Qurbana, may the Lord \\½psS c£I\\pw \\mY\\pambn DbnÀ¸nsâ “help us to observe the Lenten season fruitfully through alnabnð {]thin¨p. \\ap¡pthïn A\\p the grace of prayer, love towards our neighbours, and self- kcWw A`ykn¨v, kzbw Ffnas¸Sp¯nb denial”! Cutimsb D]hmk¯neqsSbpw C{µnb With love, +Bosco Puthur 11 February 2021 (Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes). 14P NB: This Pastoral Letter is to be read out in our parishes and communities on Sunday, 14 February 2021. A G EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION E SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N t\\Cm¼SbpItemeJw\\2w021 \\n{KlW¯neqsSbpw \\ap¡p ]nsôñmw. lw kt´mjn¡pw. AXpt]mse aäpÅhcpsS kzbw ]cnXyPn¨v, Ir]bpsS hgntb thZ\\bnð kvt\\lw ZpxJn¡pw. IpÀ_m\\ \\Sóv hnizmkw A`ykn¡mw. Xnòbnð\\n bnð \\mw {]À°n¡póXpt]mse, t¢inXcpw óIóv \\½psS lrZbs¯ ssZh¯nsâ ZpxJnXcpw Zcn{Zcpw ]oUnXcpw tcmKnIfpw hmkØm\\am¡mw. D]t`mKkwkvImct¯mSpw BIpecpamb Fñmhscbpw IÀ¯mhnð hmÀ¯mam[ya§fpsS AXn{]kct¯mSpw tNÀ¯p ]nSn¡m³ \\ap¡mIWw. Bß\\nb{´Wt¯msS `mhmßIambn {]XnI cn¡m³ \\½p¡p km[n¡s«. aX\\nct]£amb kvt\\lw \\½psS PohnX¯n\\v AÀ°w Cós¯ kwkvImc¯nð GIc£I\\mb \\ð Ipó ssZhnIZm\\amWv. Fñmhcpambn CutimbnepÅ \\½psS Pohn¡pó hnizmkw kvt\\lw ]¦phbv¡m³ \\ap¡v ISabpïv. Zm\\ Gäp]dbmw. hnizmkm\\p`h¯nð hyàn] [À½w \\s½ AXn\\p klmbn¡pw. hnip² cambn Bgs¸«v {XntbIssZhnIIq«mbvabnð IpÀ_m\\bnð IÀ¯mhp ]¦phbv¡pó \\ap¡p hfcmw. Pohsâ A¸w kzoIcn¡pó \\½Ä A\\pZn\\ PohnX¯nð A¸w ]¦phbv¡m³ kó² 2. {]Xymibnð hfcm³ Blzm\\w cmIWw. sN¿pt¼mÄ Cutim PohPew hmKvZm\\w sNbvX kacnb¡mcnbpsS Nn{XamWv {^m³knkv ]m¸ A§s\\ D]hmk¯nsâbpw {]mÀ°\\bpsSbpw \\½psS ap³]nð hbv¡póXv. B ]mhw kv{Xo Zm\\[Àa¯nsâbpw A`yk\\¯neqsS hnizmkw, imcocnI ZmlPes¯¸än Nn´n¡pt¼mÄ, icWw, D]hn Fóo ssZhnIkpIrX§fnð Cutim AhÄ¡v hmKvZm\\w sN¿póXv ]cn hfÀóv D°nX\\mb Cutimbnte¡v A\\pZn\\w ip²mßmhnð\\nóp \\nÀKfn¡pó Bßob \\SóSp¡phm³ Cu t\\m¼pImew \\ap¡p] PeamWv. am\\pjnIambn Nn´n¨mð \\ncmi Icn¡s«. tXmómhpó CñmbvabneqsSbpw XnckvIc W¯neqsSbpw kl\\§fneqsSbpw, F´n\\v, \\n Cutimsb Fópw A\\pKan¨, Ipcnin³ jvTpcamb IpcnipacW¯neqsSbpw ISóp Nph«nð Fñmän\\pw km£nbmbn \\nó, t]mb, D°nX\\mb CutimbmWv \\½psS Ahkm\\w DbnÀ¸nsâ alnabnð ]¦p {]XymibpsS BWn¡ñpw ASn¯dbpw. tNÀóv, sklntbm³ imebnð ]cnip temIP\\X Gsd {]XnkÔnIfneqsS ISóp ²mßm`ntjI¯nð ÇolòmÀ¡p Iq«p\\nó t]mIpó Cu sImtdmWIme¯v, AÚmXhpw ]cnip² A½sb hnizmkXoÀ°mS\\¯nð CcpïsXóp tXmón¡póXpamb `mhn \\s½ hgnIm«nbmbn \\ap¡p kzoIcn¡mw. Xpdn¨p t\\m¡pó Ahkc¯nð CutimbpsS DbnÀ¸v hnizmknIfmb \\ap¡v {]XymibpsS {^m³knkv amÀ]m¸ Cu ASp¯bnsS {]ImiamWv. \\ap¡v NpäpapÅ AkzØa\\ Blzm\\w sNbvX cïp Imcy§Ä \\n§fpsS ÊpIsf Bizkn¸n¡m\\pw km´z\\s¸Sp {i²bnð sImïphcm³ Rm³ B{Kln¡póp. ¯m\\pw {]Xymi]¦ph¨v _es¸Sp¯phm\\pw \\ hnip² butk¸nXmhn\\v {]XnjvTnXamb ap¡v ISabpïv. IcbpóhcpsS I®oscm¸pó, hÀjhpw, IpSpw_hÀjhpw BNcn¡m\\pff ZpxJn¡póhsc kt´mjn¸n¡pó, apdhnfn Blzm\\amWXv. Iq«póhsc im´cm¡pó, thZ\\n¡póhsc kamizkn¸n¡pó, ]gbsXñmw XpS¨pamän Cu Ahkc¯nð butk¸nXmhns\\ ]pXnb BImihpw ]pXnb `qanbpw krjvSn¡pó {]tXyIw A\\pkvacn¡m\\pw B hµy]nXmhnsâ IÀ¯mhotimaninlbmWv \\½psS {]Xymi amXrI A\\pIcn¡m\\pw hnip²sâ {]tXyI (shfn]mSv 21). am²yØw tXSm\\pw \\ap¡p ]cn{ian¡mw. ssZhs¯ Fópw A\\pkcn¨, Ffnbh\\mb, 3. hnizmk¯nsâbpw {]XymibpsSbpw \\oXnam\\mb kÀh{XnIk`bpsS kwc£I ]qÀ¯oIcWamb kvt\\lamWv kÀÆ{] \\mb, Xncp¡pSpw_\\mY\\mb, sXmgnemfnIfpsS [m\\w (1 tImdn. 13) Fóv \\ap¡p Xncn¨dnbmw. a[yØ\\mb-, \\òacWa²yØ\\mb butk¸n aninlmbpsS ImeSnIÄ ]nsôñpóh³ Xmhnsâ Xncp\\mÄ Cs¡mñw amÀ¨v 19 \\v t\\m¼p Fñmhsc¸änbpw IcpXepw IcpWbpapÅh\\p Ime ssNX\\yhpw tImhnUv \\n_Ô\\Ifpw ambncn¡Ww. hnizmk¯nsâbpw {]Xymi ]men¨psImïv ]qÀÆm[nIw BtLmjambn bpsSbpw DóXt{iWnbmb kvt\\lw A\\p` BNcn¡m³ Fñmhcpw {ian¡Ww. Ató hn¡póh\\pw A`ykn¡póh\\pw ]¦phbv¡p Zn\\w Xsó \\½psS Fñm kaql§fnepw óh\\pamIWw. aäpÅhcpsS hfÀ¨bnð kvt\\ EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 15P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

t\\m¼pImew 2021 CSbteJ\\w hnip²IpÀ_m\\bÀ¸Ww km[yam¡m³ _lp M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N am\\s¸« A¨òmscbpw ssI¡mcòmscbpw Rm³ Blzm\\w sN¿póp. \\mw A[nhkn¡pó cmPy¯n\\pw \\½psS cq]Xbv¡pw CShI kaql§Ä¡pw IpSpw_§Ä¡pw CXv khn tijamb A\\p`hamIs«. 2021 amÀ¨v 19 \\v Bcw`n¨v 2022 Pq¬ 26 hsc \\oïp\\nð¡pó IpSpw_hÀjmNcWw butk ¸nXmhnsâ Xncp\\mfnð DZvLmS\\w sN¿m³ {^m³knkv amÀ]m¸ Blzm\\w sNbvXXv Fñmhscbpw HmÀ½n¸n¡póp. \\½psS IpSpw_ §sf hnip²oIcn¡m³ hnip² butk¸nXm hnsâ amXrIbpw am²yØhpw \\ap¡p {]tNm Z\\amIWw. “kvt\\l¯nsâ kt´mjw” (Joy of Love) Fó{^m³knkv ]m¸bpsS ssÇlnImlzm\\¯nsâ ]cnNn´\\§Ä \\½psS ]T\\¯n\\v Cu ImeL«¯nð hnjbamIWw. IpSpw_ Iq«mbvaIfnð “kvt\\l¯nsâ kt´mjw” ]T\\- NÀ¨m hnjbam¡mw. A\\p Zn\\ IpSpw_{]mÀ°\\bnepw IpSpw_mwK§Ä X½nepff hyIvXn_Ô§fnepw hfcm³ \\ap¡v Xo{hambn ]cn{ian¡mw. IpSpw_¯nsâ aqeyhpw sFIyhpw kvt\\lhpw \\ap¡v Du«nbpd¸n¡mw. t\\m¼pIme¯v hnip²IpÀ_m\\bnð {]mÀ°n ¡póXpt]mse {]mÀ°\\m ssNX\\yhpw ktlmZckvt\\lhpw Bß]cnXymKhpw ]pe À¯ns¡mïv Cu t\\m¼pImew ^eZmbI am¡m³ IÀ¯mhv \\s½ A\\p{Kln¡s«. kvt\\lt¯msS, t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ 2021 s^{_phcn 11 (eqÀ±v amXmhnsâ Xncp\\mÄ) Cu CSbteJ\\w 2021 s^{_phcn 14 RmbdmgvN ]ffnbnð hmbnt¡ïXmWv) 16P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


CURIA MEMBERS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Bishop Bosco Puthur Msgr. Francise Kolenchery Fr Sebastian Mandapathil Proto Syncellus Finance Officer EPARCHY CONSULTORS Bishop Bosco Puthur Msgr. Francise Kolenchery Fr Mathew Areeplackal Fr Sebastian Mandapathil Fr Abraham Kazhunadiyil Fr Abraham Nadukunnel 18P Fr. Prince Joseph Fr Anish James VC Fr Francis Pullukattu A EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION G SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE E

CURIA NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Congratulations to incardinated priests of Syro Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle Melbourne. Msgr. Francise Kolenchery Fr Varghese Vavolil (formally from the Archeprchy of Ernakulam -Angamaly ) ( Formally from the Eparchy of Palakkadu ) EVENTS 1. March 19 - Family Year Inaguration 4. April 17 - Holy Communion teachers Training program. 2. March 25 - Eparchy Day 3. April 6 - Presbyterial Meeting 5. May 21, 22, 23 - Vocation Discernment Program for the boys above 18 in Melbourne. TRANSFERS AND APPOINTMENTS 1. Fr George Mankuzhikkary - 4. Fr Antony Vattakunnel CMI - Director, Department of Family Apostolate. St Kuriakose Elias Chavara, Mission, Orange, NSW St Alphonsa Parish, Brisbane North. St Mary’s Mission, Sunshine Coast 5. Fr Shaiju Edathiparampil MST - Our Lady of Sacred Heart Mission, 2. Mr Santhosh Jose - Sunraysia (Mildura), VIC Secretary, Department of Family Apostolate. 6. Fr Varghese Vavolil - 3. Fr Anto Chiriyankandath - St Alphonsa Cathedral Parish, Melbourne North. Ave Maria Mission, Ipswich, Brisbane. St May’s Mission, Gold Coast, QLD. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 19P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


kotdmae_mÀ sað_¬cq]X 21 amÀ¨v 2021 Hcpan¨v HcpatbmsS {InkvXphnte¡v {]mÀ°n¡mw {]hÀ¯n¡mw cq]XbpsS hfÀ¨¡pthïn klmbn¡mw EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION


M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Fr Roy Neervelil Chacko CFIC Fr George Mankuzhikary Fr Antony Vattakunnel CMI Chaplain, St Joseph Vicar, St Alphonsa Parish, Brisbane Chaplain, Syro Malabar Mission, Cairns QLD Chaplain, St Mary’s Mission, St Kuriakose Elias Chavara Mission, Sunshine Coast Orange NSW Fr Abraham Nadukunnel Vicar, St Alphonsa Parish, Canberra. SILVER JUBILEE PRIESTLY ORDINATION EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 23P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

awbKmf{§XmÄ M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Fr Mathew Kochupurackal Former Eparchy Chancellor St Alphonsa Cathedral Melbourne North Fr Saji Valiyaveetil Fr Saju Thekkanath St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish St Joseph Syro Malabar Mission Brisbane North Cairns QLD Thank You for your immeasurable services for the Eparchy and the Syro Malabar faithful in Australia. We wish you all the blessing for all your future ministries. 24P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

2021 THE YEAR OF THE FAMILY PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendour of true love, to you we turn with trust. Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel and small domestic Churches. Holy Family of Nazareth, may families never again experience violence, rejection and division: may all who have been hurt or scandalized find ready comfort and healing. Holy Family of Nazareth, make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability of the family, and its beauty in God’s plan. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, graciously hear our prayer. Amen + Pope Francis CONSDYITRIOON-SMAAPPLLAY B | ASERE FEAPCEABROMCOEKHLPYABGOOEFU|  RVSINTSIETTTHHEOSMITEAFSORT HMOEREADPEOTASITLSL E

2021 THE YEAR OF THE FAMILY തിരു�ുടുംബേ�ാടു� �പാർ�ന (കുടുംബവർഷ�ിൽ കുടുംബ�ളിൽ �പാർ�ി�ാനു�ത)് ഈേശാ, മറിയം, യൗേസേ�, യഥാർ� സ്േനഹ�ിെ� തിള�ം നി�ളിൽ ഞ�ൾ ധ�ാനി�ു�ു. ശരണേ�ാെട നി�ളിേല�് ഞ�ൾ തിരിയു�ു. ന�സ�ിെല തിരു�ുടുംബേമ , ഞ�ള െട കുടുംബ�ൾ കൂ ായ്മയുെടയും �പാർ�നയുെടയും ല�ളാകാനും സുവിേശഷ�ിെ� സവിേശഷ വിദ�ാലയ�ളാകാനും െകാ� ഗാർഹികസഭകളാകാനും അനു�ഗഹിേ�ണേമ. ന�സ�ിേല തിരു�ുടുംബേമ, കുടുംബ�ൾ ഇനിെയാരി�ലും അ�കമവും അവഗണനയും വിഭാഗീയതയും അനുഭവി�ാൻ ഇടയാകാതിരി�െ . �വണിതരും അപമാനിതരുമായ എ�ാവരും ഉടൻ ആശ�ാസവും സൗഖ�വും �പാപി�െ . ന�സ�ിേല തിരു�ുടുംബേമ, കുടുംബ�ിെ� പവി�തതയും അലംഘനീയതയും ൈദവിക പ�തിയിലു� സൗ�ര�വും ഞ�െള വീ ും ഓർമി�ിേ�ണേമ. ഈേശാ, മറിയം, യൗേസേ�, കരുണേയാെട ഞ�ള െട �പാർ�ന േകൾേ�ണേമ. ആേമൻ. + Pope Francis SYRO-MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE CONDITIONS APPLY  | SEE FACEBOMOEK LPABGOEU|  RVINSIET THE SITE FOR MORE DETAILS

CONDOLENCES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N REST IN PEACE Mar Joseph Pastor Neelankavil CMI BISHOP EMERITUS, EPARCHY OF SAGAR, MADHYA PRADESH BORN : 19 MARCH 1930 PRIESTLY ORDINATION : 17 MARY 1960 DIED : 17 FEBRUARY 2021 EPISCOPAL ORDINATION : 22 FEBRUARY 1987 We, Bishop Bosco Puthur and the Syro - Malabar faithful in Australia, offer our deep condolences and prayers. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory. Archbishop Philip Wilson We, Bishop Bosco Puthur and the Syro - Malabar faithful in Australia, offer our deep condolences and prayers. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory. Remembering Archbishop Wilson's whole hearted love towards the Syro-Malabar Church. SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE, MELBOURNE EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 29P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N PASTORAL MASTER PLAN (2021 - 2025) Msgr. Francise Kolencherry TOGETHER TOWARDS CHRIST 5. Safe Church 6. Formation and Training KEY PASTORAL PRIORITIES 7. Social Services The Pastoral Plan of the Eparchy focuses on seven key priority areas synthesized from prayerful reflections, discussions and Pastoral Priority 1 - Sacramental Life and Liturgy consultations with Eparchial Pastoral Council, Departments, Apostolates, Parishes and Missions and subsequent discernment. “All members of the Eastern Rite should know and be convinced We can achieve the vision of our Eparchy by addressing our pastoral that they can and should always preserve their legitimate liturgical priorities, and through this, the mission of Christ entrusted to the rite and their established way of life and that these may not be faithful remains refreshing, enlivening, and prophetic. The Pastoral altered except to obtain for themselves an organic improvement”. Plan upholds the tradition, heritage, liturgy, and the stewardship of (Orientalium Ecclessiarum p.6) the Syro-Malabar Church. Each priority offers an opportunity to grow and share our faith with a stronger missionary intent for years to The pastoral priority aims to establish sacramental and liturgical come: practices according to the Syro-Malabar synodal decisions across 1. Sacramental Life and Liturgy parishes and missions by: 2. Faith Formation 3. Missionary Families • initiating and establishing a standard liturgy celebration 4. Parish Leadership guideline; • promoting the active participation of children, young people, and laity in sacramental life and liturgy; and • providing efficient formation, governance and operational support for parishes’ and missions’ sacrament and sacramental celebrations. “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” (Psalms 150:6) Pastoral Priority 2 - Faith Formation “Catechesis is an ‘education in the faith’ of children, young people and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view of initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, prologue # 5) Faith formation enhances the opportunity for the faithful to encounter Jesus Christ, who is the Way, Truth and Life. In addition to imparting knowledge about God, it also helps the faithful to have a deeper relationship with Triune God. More robust faith formation within the Eparchy will be achieved by: • creating opportunities for faith formation of children, youth, and adults; • integrating strategies to ensure faith and traditions are passed on to the next generation; and • establishing governance structure for Catechesis and empowerment. “My little children, for whom I am again in the pain of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.” (Galatians 4:19) Pastoral Priority 3 - Missionary Families “The Christian family is called upon to take part actively and responsibly in the mission of the Church in a way that is original and specific, by placing itself, in what it is and what it does as an intimate community of life and love at the service of the Church and society” (Familiaris Consortio p.50) Families are the cornerstone of our community and strengthening them to live the Gospel is vital for the pilgrim journey. Missionary culture encompassing Catholic values and ethos to promote the Kingdom of God in Australia and beyond will be embedded within communities by: • developing ministries to foster a sense of belongingness within parishes and missions; EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 31P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PASTORAL MASTER PLAN M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N (2021 - 2025) • encouraging families to deepen in the word of God and family such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” (Matthew prayer, to witness faith, to embrace inclusion and endeavour 19:14) to serve people of all backgrounds and life experiences; and Pastoral Priority 6 - Formation and Training • strengthening family units, promoting life and vocational discernment. “The Church’s work of formation is a continuation in time of Christ’s own work, which the evangelist Mark illustrates in “And pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my these words: “And he went up on the mountain, and called brothers! For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my to him those whom he desired; and they came to him. And brother and sister and mother.” (Matthew 12: 49-50) he appointed twelve, to be with him, and to be sent out to preach and have authority to cast out demons” (Mk. 3:13-15)”. Pastoral Priority 4 - Parish Leadership (Pastores Dabo Vobis, p.2) “That is, the faithful, who by Baptism are incorporated into Christ The Eparchy takes responsibility, under the guidance of the and integrated into the People of God, are made sharers in their Bishop, to develop the spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral particular way in the priestly, prophetic, and kingly office of Christ, formation of clergy, religious and laity. and have their own part to play in the mission of the whole Christian people in the Church and in the World.” (Catechism of the Catholic Ongoing formation and training ensure that clergy, religious Church p.897) and lay leaders are supported spiritually, pastorally, and professionally in their role as servant leaders of the people Eparchy’s vibrance and growth are built upon its leaders’ entrusted to their pastoral care. The Eparchy supports commitment to faith, traditions and values of the Church. The programs, resources, and practices that can foster the ongoing ‘Palliyogam Procedure Rules of the Syro-Malabar Parishes/ formation of clergy, religious and laity by: Missions’ supports governance structure and operational directive for the Parishes and Missions. The Parish Leadership will be • nurturing a culture of stewardship within the Eparchy for empowered by: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, Pastoral and Missionary development; • Implementing ‘Palliyogam Procedure Rules of the Syro- Malabar Parishes/Missions’ and all eparchial policies across • promoting opportunities for vocational discernment and parishes and missions; support formation; and • strengthening human resource management strategies in • developing a pool of resources and personnel to provide Eparchial bodies, parishes, and missions; and leadership for formation and training. • strengthening governance by establishing new departments “The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some and revitalizing the existing departments. prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4: 11-12) one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, Pastoral Priority 7 - Social Services let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14 –16) “The Church’s social doctrine “is itself a valid instrument of evangelisation” and is born of the always new meeting of the Pastoral Priority 5 - Safe Church Gospel message and social life.” (Compendium of The Social Doctrine of The Church p.67) “The protection of minors and vulnerable persons is an integral part of the Gospel message that the Church and all its members Eparchial Social Services embrace the well-being of are called to proclaim throughout the world. Christ himself, in fact, vulnerable, marginalised, and disadvantaged individuals has entrusted us with the care and protection of the weakest and regardless of their age, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, defenceless: “whoever receives one child such as this in my name religion, or ability, inspired by the gospel values and built on receives me” (Mt 18:5)” (Pope Francis on the protection of minors the foundation of human rights and social justice. and vulnerable persons. Rome, 26 March 2019) Social Service principles include equity, access, participation, The Eparchy is committed to take measures to protect the safety, and human rights. The broader aim of Social Service is to human rights and well-being of children and vulnerable people to achieve the best outcomes by: live a life free from abuse, harm, and neglect. • establishing a Social Service framework and governance Safe church initiative reaffirms the commitment to children and structure across Eparchy; vulnerable adults across parishes and missions by upholding Catholic ethos and demonstrating care, compassion, and • promoting a Social Service resource group for unconditional love by: implementation of the framework; and • creating a safe and welcoming church; • engaging in Social Service and community development activities in partnership with appropriate stakeholders • respecting and valuing children and vulnerable persons; and “For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to • undertaking robust human resource management to ensure give his life a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) people working with children are suitable and supported to reflect child safeguarding standards in practice. “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to 32P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


7th EPARCHIAL PASTORAL M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N COUNCIL REPORT Syro-Malabar Eparchy of • The Syro-Malabar Migrants are instrumental in St Thomas the Apostle, the initiation and growth of Syro-Malabar church internationally . As a faith community, it is important Melbourne. to nurture and care the faith to continue the spiritual journey. Each faithful is a missionary and the church Dates: 5th December 2020 grows though this missionary work . The 7th Pastoral Council of the Syro-Malabar Eparchy • Pope Francis compared migrants as beautiful flowers of St. Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne was held as an separated from healthy plants for bouquets .These online meeting on Saturday ,5th December 2020. Bishop migrant flowers lost its roots and nourishments .Syro- Bosco Puthur, twenty-four (24) priests and Thirty five (35) malabar church’s care, compassion and support would laity representatives, from parishes and Missions across facilitate good rooting and spiritual nourishment for Australia attended the meeting. migrants in different countries and communities . The meeting began with opening prayer lead by Rev. • Migrant Syro-malabar population are comparatively Fr Varghese Vithayathil . Joby Philip , Pastoral Council young , so as our Syro-Malabr church in international Secretary welcomed all participants to the meeting and jurisdictions , care and strategic planning is integral to presented the Pastoral Council report for 2019-2020 . its development. Most Rev.Bishop Bosco inaugurated the meeting and • Faith formation is an integral part of our church and reminded that pastoral council is the most important adapting new technologies and technical advancements to annual gathering of Eparchy and it represents a cross the provision of faith formation is essential for maintaining section of the Syro- Malbar Christians in Australia . As it’s appeal and reach to new generation. an Eparchy, we are one body , we are one in church which is the mystical body of Christ .We as St Thomas New Members to the Pastoral Council were introduced in Christians, work together in unity and solidarity to grow the meeting as follows . as a community and church in Australia. Bishop Bosco highlighted the importance of valuing our history and Rev. Fr Binu Joseph Maliakel preserving our heritage and work of our ancestors ,to give Rev. Fr Abhilash Kannampadam a clear directions to our future generations. Rev. Fr Dalish Kocheril Rev Fr Manoj Mathew The keynote address was given by Most Rev. Bishop Gaveen George Raphel Thattil , Bishop of Shamsabad , India. During the Sunil Joseph keynote Bishop Raphel appreciated the presence and Sijo Kurian Vanchipurackal raid expansion of Syro-Malabar church in Australia .The Sophy Shaji salient points from the keynote could be summarised as: Assis Mathew Vellampel 34P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N 7th EPARCHIAL PASTORAL COUNCIL REPORT Together Towards CHRIST - Pastoral Master Plan • Fr Mathew Areeplackal presented on the activities of theme was introduced by Vicar General Msgr.Francis Department of catechesis Kolencherry .The following members from the master plan working team presented the pastoral priorities as follows: • Ms.Joanne Sebastian updated the meeting on the progress of SMYM Pastoral priority 1: Sacramental Life and Liturgy- Praveen Vinny • Mr Gaveen George presented on the future initiatives of Media Commission of the Eparchy. Pastoral priority 2: Faith Formation -Dr John Joseph Mr. Antony Joseph, Eparchial accountant and advisor Pastoral priority 3 :Missionary Families- Sojin Sebastian presented the finance report of the Eparchy for 2019-2020 financial year. A discussion on financial sustainability was Pastoral priority 4: Parish Leadership- Sebastian Mathew conducted and there was a general census that 10% of ordinary revenue of all parishes to be paid to eparchial Pastoral priority 5 :Safe Church -Lissy Tresa curia along with annual financial reports on a yearly basis. Q& A session with Bishop Bosco and departments of the Pastoral priority 6: Formation and Training -Sojin Sebastian eparchy discussed various governance topics. Pastoral priority 7:Social Services – Lisy Tresa Meeting concluded with a thanksgiving prayer and Eucharistic adoration lead by Fr Sabu Adimakkiyil with final The following Departments, , Apostolates & Commissions blessings by Bishop Bosco. of the Eparchy presented on their progress reports from the past year activities and briefed the meeting on the Report by future initiatives : Joby Philip Pastoral Council Secretary EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 35P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


EPARCHY MINISTRIES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Seminary News St. John Paul II Minor Seminary started in Pazhayannioor with six seminarians, Thrissur on 16th June 2016 for the Syro Malabar Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle Melbourne Australia. The official inauguration was on 20th August 2016 with presence of priests and lay people from Melbourne and from Thrissur archdiocese. The inauguration function was delighted with the presence of the bishop Mar Bosco Puthur and the Vicar Generals of Thrissur and Melbourne and other dignitaries. On 30th November 2016 the seminary is shifted to Thriumudikunnu, Koratty in the new rented house of the Sisters of Scared Sciences. Now we have twenty seminarians who were getting formation in different seminary and major seminary. The minor seminarians do + 2 studies in Thirumudikunnu School. St. John Paul II Minor Seminary First year 2 Second year 3 Third Year 1 Degree Study At home 3 St.Ephrem’s Seminary, Pala 7 Philosophy Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth 1 1 St. Joseph’s Seminary, Alwaye 1 Post Degree at Gurukulam, Thrissur Theology Rome 1 EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 37P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

EPARCHY MINISTRIES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N YOUTH APOSTOLATE The VOX – Youth Apostolate We encourage everyone to take part in this journey Newsletter - 25 NOV 2020 where we participate in daily challenges to grow more closer to our Lord through the three pillars of Lent - It was a huge undertaking of Youth Apostolate during Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving. the pandemic to collate and publish the last two years of youth ministry in our Eparchy. The printed copy pdf Please look out for the daily challenges that will be this newsletter is now out in our parishes or available posted on our social media platforms (Facebook, online on our website. Instagram, and WhatsApp) with #yeshuvinoppam! Also don’t forget to share with your friends and family YOUTH APOSTOLATE VOX pdf Newsletter as well! Please click to access the Please click to access Crib for a King (Ongoing) Apostolate website pdf Newsletter A twenty-five-day preparation initiated by SMYM Gap Year Mission 2021 Australia, to commence the season of Advent and the birth of the Messiah. Celebrating Christmas in - 03.FEB.2021 a special way each day of this initiative, challenged young people to participate in various acts of kindness Greetings from Youth Apostolate! and personal reflection. Eparchy youth apostate is proud to announce the GAP Each day we invite you to participate in a daily task. Get YEAR MISSION (One-year full time commitment involved and share your progress and achievements for SMYM Australia) project of Youth Apostolate and on your socials using our official hashtags! introduce the first full time missionary in our Eparchy to you through this email. This is another milestone in our #CribfortheKing2020 Youth Movement. #smymaustralia Ann Katticaran from the St Mary’s Syro-Malabar Parish, Evangelion Melbourne West is taking up this daring step to dedicate - 15 MAY 2021 the whole year to do the ministry with the young people in our Eparchy. She is a very active youth leader/ catechism EVANGELION 2021 - an Online International Bible teacher in her parish, and she is currently serving our Quiz open to ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world! Eparchy as the Assistant National Coordinator of SMYM When: 15 May 2021, 02.00 pm AEST Australia. Topics: Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Please remember her in your everyday prayers and support her to do the ministry. She is available to come to The Revised Standard Version (RSV) and the New your parishes/ missions to support the ministry at grassroot Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the bible will be levels. used as the source material for Evangelion 2021 and the medium of quiz will be in English. Yeshuvinoppam (Ongoing) To find out more and register: As we enter into the Lenten season with Ash Monday, and the start of our 50 Days of Fasting, we prepare ourselves to invite Christ more into our lives as Pope Diploma In Theology (Ongoing) Francis said in his Lenten message for this year, “Lent is a time for believing, for welcoming God into The Youth Apostolate of Syro-Malabar Eparchy of St our lives and allowing him to “make his dwelling” Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne organizes a Diploma among us”. course in Theology of the Pontifical Oriental Institute To assist us with that, SMYM Australia brings back (Paurastya Vidyapitham), Vadavathoor to contribute our yearly Lenten journey “Yeshuvinoppam”. The Youth Apostolate of Syro-Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne organizes a Diploma course in Theology of the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Paurastya Vidyapitham), Vadavathoor to contribute 38P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N EPARCHY MINISTRIES YOUTH APOSTOLATE to the biblical, liturgical, theological and catechetical • For the laws that are made against the basic human formation of young people in the Eparchy. rights and parenting in Victoria The Diploma in Theology introduces students to the • For the quick healing and recovery of those affected key theological disciplines of Biblical, Catechetical & by the Covid 19 pandemic, for a control of the virus Liturgical Studies and Christian Thought and History. and for the departed souls from the virus. This may be extended by further study in those disciplines or by the area of practical ministry studies. Chain Bible Reading 24hr Zoom Chain Rosary -4 MAR 2021 -11 FEB 2021 As we journey through the Lenten season, we search for ways to bring ourselves closer to Christ, Our Nation, Our Eparchy, Our Religious Men and abstaining from certain comforts of life, and spending Women, Our Movement are going through a phase those moments with God. The Youth Apostolate is where we require a lot of prayer and support. organizing a Chain Bible reading this season for the “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in youths and all families in our Eparchy to grow in the all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ scriptures and to spend quality time with God. Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) And never has our prayers and intercessions been unanswered. “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it To intercede for the various intentions and to shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish strengthen each other in our prayer, many youth that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for joined to pray together during a 24 Hour Zoom Chain which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11) Rosary from the 11th to 12th of February from 6pm to 6pm. This chain rosary was followed by Adoration of There is power in His Word, and we have seen time the Blessed Sacrament at the Bishops Chancery. We and again in the scriptures, that there is power when will be praying for the following intentions we speak his Word. So, let’s claim that power with our initiative to read the scriptures out loud and clear to • For the various intentions of the Eparchy the world. • For the religious men and women, from the attacks Join the Youth Apostolate from March 4th at 3pm of the society to March 8th, 2021 as we read the Bible from Genesis through to Revelations. Attached below is the • For the SMYM movement and all its 2021 initiatives YouTube link to the Chain Bible Reading and the link to the Bible reading Roster. Please fill in your details • For Ann Kattikaran who is taking up the Gap Year for all the days you can join. The days are separated Mission into 5 different sheets in the document. Pass this onto your parish teams and parishes. Let’s all join together for this fruitful initiative. Sojin Sebastian ​Director, Youth Apostolate E: [email protected] M: 0413 332 354 Naveen Joseph N​ ational Coordinator, Syro-Malabar Youth Movement E: [email protected] M: 0421 548 421 Youth Apostolate OFFICE: Santhom Chancery, 6 Greenock Ct, Greenvale VIC 3059 EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 39P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

EPARCHY MINISTRIES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N CATECHISM DEPARTMENT Catechism in our Eparchy In Australia, we are blessed that many lay leaders and systematic Catechesis, every community should have priests have taken initiative to set up Catechesis in regular classes and annual and semester exams. It would most of the Syro-Malabar Communities even before the be ideal to have the Catechesis before or after the Sunday establishment of the Eparchy on 25 March 2014. We value Holy Mass which is the heart of Catechesis. our children to be formed properly in our faith and tradition. The Church desires that her children should learn the basic 5. Text book: All communities and parishes must use the faith-lesson from the bosom of their Mother Church. Bishop text book of the Syro-Malabar Catechetical Commission Bosco Puthur, our Eparch, and Fr Francis Kolenchery, the called “On the Path of Salvation” series for classes 1 – 12. Vicar General and the whole Syro-Malabar Eparchy wish The Communities may get the books directly from the Syro- that the faith formation of our children be systematic and Malabar Catechetical Centre, Mount St.Thomas Kakkanad, fruitful. P.B No 3110, Kochi 682 030, Ph. 9447851470, 9544663149 Web. Currently we have 32 Catechetical centres with 3000 children and 290 volunteer Catechists (teachers). It is Alternatively, communities can get them from our promising that these many children go through faith- Catechetical Department in Melbourne if you book in formation classes every week or month. Still we have got advance. many challenges against the faith formation such as peer pressure, media influence, lack of training for teachers and 6. Retreats for Children: Being aware of the challenges working styles of parents. Towards a better faith formation our teens and young ones in this western environment, the in our Syro-Malabar Diocese, the Eparchial Department of Catechetical Department organize Christeen Retreats and Catechesis (EDC) has prioritised the following. other Intensive Programmes for the Children every year. PRIORITIES 7. Children’s Organizations: Catechesis through apprenticeship is a significant area where the Diocesan 1. Working with Children/vulnerable People (WWC/ Department involves. We have begun little and bigger units WWVP): Australian law demands that anyone, volunteer of Cherupushpa Mission League (CML), Holy Childhood or employed must acquire this checking. The cards (Thirubalasakyam), Altar Servers Association (ATA)… in a (depending on the state) must be carried at all times when few centres of our Eparchy. dealing with children; otherwise, he/she can be fined in certain cases. CONTACT 2. Catechists Training Course (CTC): Fr George Danavelil Fr Mathew Areeplackal led the Teachers’ training last year which was attended by 287 teachers from all over Australia. The Diocese will host Director, Eparchial Department of Catechesis, such a programme and follow up in every alternative year. Ph: 0469 083 734 The next one will be in October 2016. Every Catechist must attend this course as mandatory for teaching. Email: [email protected] 3. Theology Courses: In order to equip the teachers in Bible, Mr Martin Thirunilam, Secretary, Liturgy and teaching of the church the EDC organize online and multi-mode theological formation for the Catechists. Ph: 0434 818 004 Email: [email protected] Mr.Anthony Kuriakose, Secretary, Ph: 0469 801 739 Email: [email protected] 40P 4. Sunday Catechesis: In order to achieve a proper and A EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION G SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N EPARCHY MINISTRIES CATECHISM DEPARTMENT Our Key Initiatives Current Activities • Laudato Si Catechism Principals’ Conference • Jingle bells Musical Competition- 12 entries Melbourne - 3 days residential program received. • Interim Guidelines for the Catechism Classes During • Year 12 exams Audio visual project for year 12. COVID-19 Lockdown Period Released - Catechism classes continued through alternate digital mediums Faith Fest - in all the faith formation centre’s across Australia. • Dept of Catechesis commenced online Holy Mass via Dept Facebook page during the lockdown period - Other Initiatives Holy Mass on Friday and Sunday • Catechism for adults - 59 Participants registered • Question Bank - Common Question Bank for Year 12 • Gospel writing Challenge – • Intercession Ministry – Weekly intercession For a) Registration commenced in May 2020 Eparchy, Its Priest, Its Parishes, Missions and for b) 120 people registered various ministries. c) Most of the participants have completed the challenge • Bible Classroom - Gospel of Mark and are in the last stages of binding the manuscript a) Interactive Classroom b) 30 minutes • Lumen Fidei – Catechism Teachers conference c) Recorded Sessions conducted with the Sunday school staff Canberra d) Exams Parish e) Certificate on completion of the course f) Mid Jan- Mid Nov 2021 • Drawing Competition for Catechism Students- a) Categories - Year 4-7 & 8-12 Some Interesting Facts b) 108 entries received c) 1st,2nd, and 3rd winners in each category Some of our posts in FB reached nearly 45,000 people announced And more than 21k views • Gramophone Musical Competition – Catechism Principal’s Conference across Australia was a a) Registration invited in June dream for years. The first Principal’s Conference, Laudato b) 12 teams registered. Si 2020 was opened by an inagural session chaired by the c) Entries received from overseas as well. Eparchial Director Fr. Mathew Areeplackal and inagurated d) 7 teams submitted their work by the VG Msgr. Francis Kolenchery. Departmental e) Winners announced in November and prize Secretaries, Mr. Martin Thirunilathil from Canbera welcomed the partincipants and Mr. Anthony Kuriakose money given. Kunnumpurath from Townsville Coordinated the session. • Logos Quiz International 2020- Jesus as the light of the World, was invoked in to the a) Registrations invited in August 2020 Conference by singing together a prayer and lighting a b) 240 registrations received across Australia in 4 lamp. Director Fr. Mathew, explained the meaning and significance of the name chosen for the Conference. He different categories saide that, The medivan Latin phrase “ Laudato Si” c) 46 participants scored above 80% letterally means “Praise be to you”. Infact, it is the name of the second encyclical letter of Pope • Lyrics Writing Competition- Francis on the care of our common home earth and a) Total 34 entries received its environment in 2015. This encyclical is considered b) 18 in English and 16 in Malayalam as the Church’s most profound and comprehensive c) 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners’ lyrics selected for Jingle statement yet on caring for creation and the poorest. The phrase is in Italian also, infact, the opening words Bells Musical Competition of St. Francis of Assissi’s poem, “Cantle of the Sun”. Laudato Si as the title of this conference suggests • Laudato Si 2.0 Catechism Principals’ Conference via that the work of every catechist offers praise to God in his/ Zoom- Attended by Principals from the 31 Catechism her service and this should be the road map of those who centre’s across Australia. enter into the service of Church as a Catechism teacher. Fratelli Tutti EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION Extended Lecture on Papal Encyclical SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE 21st November 2020 41P A G E

EPARCHY MINISTRIES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N CHILD SAFEGUARDING Department of Safeguarding Children In addition to the routine tasks, the Department of Safeguarding facilitates education and training for The Syro-Malabar Eparchy established Department community and volunteers when the need arises. of Safeguarding children in September 2017. The Furthermore, it reflects in the nationally delivered webinar department’s primary role is to raise awareness about our organised in collaboration with e-Safety Commissioner’s collective responsibility to protect the safety, well-being office and Syro-Malabar Eparchy’s Department of and dignity of children, young people and vulnerable Safeguarding on “Online Safety in Safeguarding Children” adults within the parishes and missions of the Eparchy. attended by 500 volunteers from across Australia. The department aims to provide timely and compassionate The Department of Safeguarding’s upcoming major responses to children at risk of being harmed. event is the National Safeguarding Forum scheduled for the 18th February 2021. The forum aims to review the The Department of Safeguarding’s broader aim is to ongoing implementation of National Catholic Safeguarding prevent abuse and harm to children, young people and Standards across parishes and missions. the vulnerable adults within Syo-Malabar communities. The department has developed tailor-made and culturally appropriate safe church training programmes and delivered training across the Syro-Malabar communities. To-date approximately 5000 Syro-Malabar volunteers attended safe church training conducted by the Department of Safeguarding in collaboration with parishes and missions across Australia. The Syro-Malabar Eparchy has clear expectations on safeguarding children and is committed to fostering a culture of safety and care for children and vulnerable adults. The Department of Safeguarding supports community expectations and promotes the safety and protection of children, young people and vulnerable persons by implementing the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards. Recruitment of Parish Safeguarding Officers’ for all the parishes and missions were the key to the site-specific implementation of safeguarding policies and standards. Since 2017, parishes and missions successfully recruited 60 safeguarding officers, competent to undertake these roles. The National Safeguarding team consists of Eparchial Director (Mrs Lissy Thomas) National Safeguarding Officer (Mr Benny Sebastian) National Training Officer (Mr Joby Philip). Youth Safeguarding Officer (Mr Arun Joseph) oversees the department’s youth-specific safeguarding functions. The team’s role is to support parishes and missions to develop the knowledge, skills and capacity to implement appropriate safeguards by providing consultations, training, policy development and advice. Moreover, the team provides mentoring and peer support for Parish Safeguarding Officers as needed. In 2019, the Department of Safeguarding conducted two days Safeguarding National Conference at Melbourne attended by 55 parish safeguarding officers from various Syro-Malabar parishes and missions in Australia. The focus of the conference was to create a platform for networking and to provide orientation on National Catholic Safeguarding Standards. 42P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N EPARCHY MINISTRIES NURSES MINISTRY Australian Nurses Ministry ministry is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and we have 24 hour chain Holy Rosaries on 13th Nurses Ministry is a movement of Catholic Professional of every month. All the 15 groups of Nurses Ministry in Nurses, committed to the ‘caring and healing’ Ministry Australia are actively involved in this 24 hour chain prayer of Jesus. It had its beginning at vicariates of Arabia; St. along with the global Nurses Ministry. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai in the year 2003. It is now expanding its wings to the catholic churches of other All the groups of the Nurses Ministry gather together on the continents empowered and lead by the Holy Spirit. 13th of every month on Zoom for Holy Rosary, praise and worship and sharing of the Word of God by the Spiritual director.Holy Mass is also offered on the 13th of each month by each group. Nurses Ministry has weekly fellowships and regular formation programs to support and grow in spirituality. The aim of Nurses Ministry in Australia is to reach out to all nurses so that they will know, love, share Jesus to become saints and extend the healing touch of the Lord within their family, colleagues and to patients who they care for. Nurses Ministry in Australia began in the year 2018, under the guidance and blessings of Most Rev. Bishop Bosco Puthur, Bishop of Syro Malabar Eparchy in Melbourne. Rev.Fr. Abraham Nadukunnel is appointed as the spiritual director of Nurses Ministry in Australia. Nurses Ministry currently functions under 15 churches within five different states of Australia, which totals to approximately 850 members. Vision of nurses Ministry is - All Nurses around the world shall know, love and share Jesus to become Saints. Mission of Nurses ministry is - A spontaneous and gracious effort to extend the healing touch of the Lord within their family, nurses and the patients whom they care for through Personal prayer, Word of God, Sacraments, Fellowship and Evangelisation. Charism: - Empower the nurses to care and heal the sick to make Jesus Christ present in the world. Nurses Ministry is focusing on self sanctification and sanctification of family through daily prayers, monthly gatherings and various formation programs. Nurses EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 43P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

EPARCHY MINISTRIES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N CATHOLIC CONGRESS Catholic Congress Activity Report 2020 2020 was a challenging year for Catholic Congress in our Diocese. Our plan in 2020 was to form Catholic Congress units in all parishes and missions across our diocese. The COVID-19 pandemic hindered this process and only a few parishes/missions could accomplish this. We are currently in the process of forming Catholic Congress units in the remaining parishes and missions. Catholic congress members actively participated and contributed towards the distribution of food packets and other assistance for international students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Sydney, all parishes joined together and formed a regional committee for NSW. The regional committee did a Christmas charity campaign and helped four charity organisations with donations. The Adelaide units did a campaign and submitted a memorandum by collecting signature from our community against the termination of pregnancy bill in South Australian Parliament. We are committed to get involved and make a positive contribution in the social, economic and political spectrum of Australia with the cooperation and coordination of all Catholic Congress units in our diocese. Fr. Joseph Kunnackattu (Director) Johny kutty Thomas (President) 44P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N EPARCHY MINISTRIES CATHOLIC CONGRESS The inauguration of Catholic Congress unit Sydney Region The inauguration of Catholic Congress unit South Australia The Inaguration of the Catholic Congress South Australia Facebook page by Fr. Francis Pullukattu from St. Euphrasia Parish and Fr. Ajith Cheriakkara from St. Mary’s and St. Alphonsa Parishes Adelaide. The inauguration of Catholic Congress unit Canberra The inauguration of Catholic Congress unit Melbourne South EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 45P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Alphonsa Cathdral Farewell Melbourne North Since 2014, Fr Mathew Kochupurakal was with Christmas Qurbana by Bishop Bosco Puthur us as our valuable Vicar, spiritual leader, families friend, counsellor in difficulties, brilliant adviser, as our motivation, designer for our dream parish dwelling, etc. Fr Mathew is returning to Kerala to his home Eparchy, Kothamangalam. Your tremendous dedication for our parish and love for us parishioners will be missed, on behalf of all parishioners wishing you all the best. Our prayers and thoughts are always with you. Laying of the foundation stone of St Alphonsa Cathedral Melbourne on 3 July 2020. Parish feast 2021 Souvenir to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone was released by Hon. Bronwyn Halfpenny MP, Whip of the Victorian Parliament. Calendar 2021 of the Cathedral was released by Hon. Joseph Haweil, the Mayor of Hume City Council. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 47P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Christ the king Syro Malabar Mission Villawood Holy family Knanaya Catholic Mission Brisbane ∆ 28 June 2020 Mission Inauguration ∆ Faith fest conducted on December 19,20 ∆ Conducting Youth Mass on every first Sunday. ∆ Celebrated the Feast of Holy Family (our patrons) on 27 December 2020. ∆ Conducted Year Ending prayer and New Year Prayer with Adoration and Holy Mass on 31 December 2020. ∆ 31 January 2021, there will be Sunday School Teachers Seminar and ‘Praveshanolsavam’ ( welcome) for the new comers. ∆ Holy Communion will held on 13 February 2021. 48P Fr. Dalish Mathew Kocheriyil Mail: [email protected] A G EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION E SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish Parish activities during 2020 Darwin Holy Mass on all Sundays : 10:00- 11:00 hrs A sneak peek of St Alphonsa Parish Darwin Holy Mass and Novena : through the 2020 COVID19 lens. Wednesday/Friday 19:00-20:200 hrs The Northern Territory is vast, occupying about one-sixth Parish Feast July/August 2020 of Australia’s total landmass, its boundaries encompass a variety of contrasting landscapes and experiences. St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish Darwin (Eparchy of The Top End contains both of the Territory’s cities and St Thomas the Apostle) had the privilege of celebrating one of its major towns, Darwin and Palmerston. Nestled the parish feast day on Sunday, August 02nd with High in the far north of the Northern Territory (NT), Darwin is a Solemn Syromalabar Qurbana, Litany, and Procession tropical paradise: Darwin, though, is a growing city, up until at St Paul’s Catholic Church Nightcliff. 9 days novena to 2020 was one of the least popular tourist’s destinations St Alphonsa, the patroness was held at St Paul’s Church in Australia for a variety of reason not limiting to the in preparation for the Feast. The magnificently decorated remoteness and vast geographic isolation from the rest of pedestal statue of St Alphonsa and St Thomas was carried Australian mainland cities. by the parishioners and Fr. Peter Hendriks MSC, the parish priest St Pauls’s Catholic Church, Nightcliff carried the Holy Darwin has always been unique, not only are the dazzling Relics of St Alphonsa, during the procession. A sumptuous landscapes, they are culturally significant in many ways lunch was served for all who attended the event. and 2020 has proven that it’s one of the safest places on the globe to live and enjoy nature at its best. The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary- September 8 2020 The first wave of Indian-born migrants to the Northern territory began in the 1970s however up until 2006 not many Holy Mass, followed by adoration and the rosary was migrants from Kerala succeed in their journey to Darwin. observed from 1st September-7th September in preparation There was a huge influx of professionals from the southern of the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 8th state of India between 2006-2012. Strong catholic faith September solemn Holy mass and rosary/ litany procession and Syromalabar traditions were followed amongst these lead by the catechism students of St Alphonsa Sunday migrants and a need was identified to unite all the Syro School, Darwin. The day was specially dedicated to all Malabar Christians in Darwin. Initially, an Indian priest was those who are suffered from the global pandemic. appointed to the Darwin diocese to serve the syromalabar community. Tremendous growth to successfully shape October -The Month of Rosary the faith &tradition through the strategic direction of this priest and the St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Mission was Holy Mass, followed by Eucharistic adoration with the established. This has enabled the syromalabar community recitation of the Rosary was conducted for the last10 days in Darwin, unrestricted access to practice their tradition of October. 31 October the entire parish come together and faith. Work has continued mobilizing the resources to as one family to celebrate The Feast of Our Lady of the drive sustainable change to the growth of the community Rosary”. Catechism students of St Alphonsa Sunday and the Syromalabar Mission was elevated to the status of School observed this day as “Holyween ” and dressed like a Parish in 2018.Fr Leonse Moosariparambil is the current the Saint of their name, instead of celebrating Halloween parish priest of St Alphonsa Syromalabr Parish Darwin with Special mass to celebrate all saints day and all souls day in 126 registered Parishioners. November in addition to the regular mass. COVID 19 has placed the majority of the Australian States EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION and Territories to multiple lockdowns through the various SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE stages of the global pandemic, Northern Territory stood at the top, amongst one of the fewer places on the earth to enjoy the normal life. As such the St Alphonsa Parish Darwin had regular unrestricted activities since May 2020 49P A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N December – Christmas Celebration it is vital to encourage activities that allow children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, Students and teachers along with the parish members physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. To put this into participated in the carols on Sunday 20th December at St perspective, the Sunday School celebrated a half-day of Paul’s Church. fun filled activities for all students from transition to Year 11. Catechism Activities St Alphonsa The key aspects of the day were focused on activities that enable children to develop team building and an Sunday School - Darwin understanding of social expectations &rules, opportunities to share thoughts and ideas, listen, and compromise to St Alphonsa Sunday School conducts regular Sunday facilitate an understanding and process their emotions. school lessons for children from transition to Year 11 to The day concluded with a sausage sizzle. The day was support, encourage and nourish their spiritual growth coordinated by the youth and older students of the Sunday based on scripture, to enlighten and empower children in school with the support of the parish priest and teachers catholic values, yet palatable to their need and sustenance and was very well received by both students and parents in modern society. The St Alphonsa Sunday School Darwin alike. commences at the same academic level and period of the School Term for the Northern Territory. Sunday school classes begin at the pre-school level and run through high school. The lessons are taught primarily in English with some components in Malayalam to enhance children’s proficiency and understanding depending on their level of comprehension. Regular lessons were conducted at St Paul’s Primary School from January to December with an exemption in April/May due to national lockdown during the global pandemic. Half-yearly examination/assessments on Sunday, August 15th and final examination on Sunday 6th December: Most of our students not only excel themselves in academics but also on our liturgy and scripture. This was well evidenced by their written exams as well as their behaviour assessments. Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation: Fr Leonse steered 12 weeks of intense training from May –July for students aged 9 and above to prepare themselves to receive their sacrament of reconciliation and First Holy Communion and confirmation. Eight candidates prepared themselves to receive these sacraments and four students received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation in 2020. St Alphonsa Sunday School’s slogan is “Together we have it all”. In addition to the spiritual needs and faith formation, 50P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

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