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PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Joseph Syro Malabar Parish topics relating to faith, it also included fun activities that Perth helps students understand the topics being taught whilst having fun. FAITH FEST 2021 – SOWING THE SEEDS OF FAITH AMIDST THE DARKNESS IN THE This program also provided an opportunity for the students WORLD to be more social and make new friends who are like- minded which is also an essential part of their faith journey Faith Fest 2021 – ‘Something Beautiful for God’ was rather as in this day and age, it’s important to have friends that an eventful three days of interactive learning and the support faith in Christ. We hope to have many more of celebration of faith as the children of God. This program these programs in the future so that the future generation was an initiative by the Catechism Department of St of Syro-Malabar Christians can grow in faith, knowing the Thomas diocese, Melbourne, and it was also conducted love of Christ, enabling them to “go into all the world and by different Syro-Malabar parishes throughout Australia. proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15). Being exclusively designed for catechism students from years 2 to 12, this program aimed to enable the children to understand their identity as a Syro-Malabar Christian and to enhance their faith in Christ, to enable the upbringing of a future generation whose life is centred solely in Christ. In this world of faithlessness, discrimination and persecution, it is important as a Christian to stand up to our faith and proclaim it with no fear. Hence, our future generation needs to be equipped with the right armour, the armour of faith to fight against anything that is unjust. Our future generation needs to learn to love like Christ and reflect Christ in others. Programs such as these enables the formation of faith that is required for the students to live a life as a witness to Christ in this chaotic world. St Joseph Syro-Malabar Parish, Catechism Department, Perth conducted Faith Fest 2021, the three-day event from the 28th to 30th of January 2021 in Wattle Grove Camping Centre. This event where more than 370 children from years 2 to 12 participated throughout the three days, was conducted with the appropriate guidance from the parish priest Fr. Anish James and the catechism headmaster Prakash Joseph. The immense support of the coordinators, catechism teachers and volunteers throughout this program also deserves a mention as this program would not be made possible without them. As there were students from years 2 to 12, the students were allocated into different teams according to their year levels. There were four teams respectively, years two and three were in ‘Bethlehem Team’, years four to six were in ‘Galilee Team’, years seven to nine were in ‘Judea team’ and years ten to twelve were in ‘Jerusalem Team’. The aim of the group division was to teach the students age appropriate lessons to enhance their faith formation. The program was not merely talks and sessions on various EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 51P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Mary’s Syro Malabar Parish Melbourne West Due to Covid-19 restrictions in Melbourne, we were not able to physically gather for activities, however we took full advantage of the online platforms effectively to conduct most of our activities. Online Holy Mass on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday every week. Our new Church construction campaign was on full swing, we were able to over come all challenges and was able to raise the capital and other necessary approvals to start the construction in November 2020. Faith Fest 2020 was inaugurated on 29thDecember 2020 ACHIEVEMENTS OF 2020 by our parish priest, Fr Sebastian Mandapathil. Around 130 children from Grade 1 to 12 participated in the three-day Our Sunday School students and teachers participated event. We had 20 teachers, parents and youth were there in several competitions conducted by the department of to guide and support them. The final day of the event was catechesis in 2020. We have won prizes in most of the colourful with prize distribution and was blessed by the competitions such as Logos Quiz, Drawing Competition, presence of our Bishop Mar Bosco Puthur. The Melbourne English Lyricist, Malayalam Lyricist and Jingle Bells Musical West faith formation classes started in 2007. Competition. We had participants in the Bible Writing Challenge. Now, we have regular faith formation classes every Sunday at two centers, Ardeer and Laverton. Currently, we HISTORY have 240 children from Prep to Grade 12 and 35 volunteer The Melbourne West faith formation classes started in 2011. catechists altogether from the two centers. We are We now have regular faith formation classes every Sunday following the same text of the Syro-Malabar Catechetical at two centres, Ardeer and Laverton. Currently, we have 240 Commission called “On the Path of Salvation” series from children from Prep to Grade 12 and 35 volunteer catechists Grade 1-12and the “Basic Christian Prayers” text. Even altogether from the two centres. We are following the same in the pandemic restriction time, we continued our Faith text of the Syro-Malabar Catechetical Commission called formation classes online. Even the assessments, usual “On the Path of Salvation” series from Grade 1-12 and the parish competitions and different challenges like dance “Basic Christian Prayers” text. fest, money box challenge were also conducted through Zoom. Our teachers planned each and everything in a high professional way to attain 100% compliance. 52P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Thomas Syro Malabar Parish South - East Melbourne First Holy Communion and Confirmation First holy communion and confirmation held in two batches on 9/1/21 and 17/1/21.and 24 kids received solemn Holy Communion, 27 kids received First Holy Communion and Confirmation and 2 kids received Confirmation only. Bishop Mar Bosco Puthur and Parish priest Fr Freddy Eluvathingal presided over two days which was attended by around 500 parishioners on each day in line with covid safe practices St Mary’s Syro Malabar Parish reading during mass. Students, along with their families Adelaide South actively partake in programs and events hosted by Sunday School. Such as Bible Kalolsavam, Bible quiz activities and St Mary’s Syro Malabar Parish is a growing community, Holyween. spiritually and faithfully under the guidance of Rev Fr Ajith Cheriakkara. We have 3 masses each week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Eucharistic adoration every Saturday and are lead by different church organizations. After the adoration we have the Novena to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help. St Mary’s parish has a well established choir and altar service groups. Our parish has many active organizations like Catholic Congress, Nurses Ministry, St Vincent De Paul, Jesus Youth, Family units and many more. St Mary’s Syro Malabar Parish celebrates all obligatory days, Parish day, annual retreats, and Christmas Carol. Every year we have children that prepare and receive their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. St Mary’s Syro Malabar Sunday School conducts catechism classes every Sunday 5 to 6:10pm. Almost 100 students are enrolled for Catechism ranging from reception to year 12. Catechism staff members include youth, parents and nuns. The first Saturday of the month’s Eucharistic Adoration is lead by Sunday school classes, rotating each month. The second Saturday adoration by catechism teachers/staff members. Our Faith Fest was successfully run on January 18, 19, 20 within Covid restrictions. The children enjoyed themselves, while learning more about the Syro Malabar Church and Christ in a diverse way. We have many students engaging in altar service and bible EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 53P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish CATECHISM Adelaide Due to the global pandemic that dominated the majority St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish is led by Fr. Ajith of 2020, the Catechism school was forced to transport Cheriakkara and based in central Adelaide, South education online. While this was not favorable or Australia. Like many other around the country, the parish conventional, both students and teachers worked hard had to put many of its activities planned for 2020 on hold to adapt to this new medium in order that the students’ due to the drastic rise of the global pandemic. As such, education and was not affected or stunted in any regard. the early half of 2020 consisted mainly of online masses Throughout the course of the year, students continued to conducted via Zoom, including major celebrations such work diligently and prosper in their catechism education, as Good Friday and Easter. However, following the ease completing assigned homework and participating and of restrictions towards the middle of the year, the parish performing well in their mid-year and end-of-the-year was able to continue as per norm with the new addition exams. This was recognized by the community who proudly of implementing social-distancing and other preventive celebrated their work ethic and academic endeavors measures. As such, the community was able to go back through a small graduation ceremony where students were to having daily masses and Friday adorations but Sunday acknowledged and appreciated for their ongoing hard work masses and special occasion masses was separated and growth despite a tough year. into two to three time slots in order to adhere to the state restrictions in place. Furthermore, the end of 2020 also brought forth 12 students, graduating from their final year of Catechism. After several years of continuous hard work and dedication, these individuals have been spiritually armored with everything necessary to embark into the real world and was ready to take that new step into adulthood and youth ministry. The community of St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Church eagerly celebrated this joyous occasion by proudly presenting each individual with a graduation certification by the hands of Bishop. Bosco Puthur himself, to commemorate their ongoing hard work and to symbolize their readiness to move onto the next chapter of their lives. 54P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N YOUTH families despite the quieter nature of Easter celebrations SMYM (Syro Malabar Youth Movement) was officially this year. Therefore, the youth wanted to do something established in the Adelaide Central Parish in 2018. to show love and remind these students that they could Currently, the parish has 8 youth leaders who are put in consider St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish as their charge of organizing and implementing various youth extended families, away from home and consequently, took initiatives as well as assisting the younger youth to grow it upon themselves to see to it that they were able to at and prosper in their faith journey. least provide a hearty home-made meal for these students YLS: The current leadership team was provided with an to enjoy on Easter. Therefore, they sought the help of the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Summit which whole parish, who through the leadership of the St. Vincent is an annual national Leadership retreat held in Melbourne, de Paul ministry was able to assist in the cooking and early February, 2020. During this leadership conference, packaging of the Easter meals, which was then distributed they were able to meet and speak with other leaders by the youth to each International student. around the country, sharing experiences and ideas on how to further the growth of their respective parishes. In this Online monthly gathering: The youth aims to gather once retreat, the leaders were also able to learn and develop a month for prayer and fellowship as well as to maintain various leadership skills as well as spiritually prepare companionship and a sense of community within the group. themselves to wholly commit themselves to the youth However, this was not feasible during lockdown and was ministry and their individual roles. therefore transported to be conducted via online means. As such, the youth gathered twice a month on Zoom on Journey to the Cross: In the weeks of Lent leading up to a Saturdays for prayer, Bible study, games and fellowship Easter, SMYM Adelaide Central established a new initiative to further strengthen the bonds of community especially titled ‘The Journey of the Cross’ in which the youth were during such isolating and lonely times as well as to pray for invited to focus on and mediate on various virtues and the world and for all the people, especially those who were elements of the season. Through this initiative, the youth currently suffering and in pain. were able to spiritually prepare themselves for Easter as well as have a deeper understanding of what the season Zeal: Following the lead of the national team, SMYM of Lent truly entails. Adelaide also conducted Zeal which is an online retreat that Easter Drive: The year of 2020 brought forth an influx of was to be conducted via Zoom over the course of two days International students in comparison to past years. Due and led by the National Resource team: The Heavenly Hosts. to the rise of the pandemic during the Easter season, the The main aim of the event was to provide an opportunity youth was quick to recognize that how, unlike International for the youth to participate in a retreat which they were all students, people were still able to celebrate with their unable to due to the unexpected rise of the pandemic and spend some time in reflection in the presence of the Lord. However, due to the ease of restrictions in Adelaide, the team was able to convert this to a physical gathering on the 15th of August, 2020. Starting with mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary, the day consisted of thought-provoking talks, spiritually uplifting music, praise and worship, fellowship and adoration. The one-day retreat enabled the youth to once again be reacquainted with the roots of their faith and come to grow more closer to God. 7 days to Christmas: The week leading up to Christmas marked the start of an ongoing parish-level initiation- ‘7 Days to Christmas’. These seven days consisted of a variety of activities such as Bible study, games night, Ice-skating, adoration and many more, all intended to enable the youth to spiritually prepare, both individually and as a community for the birth of Jesus and reflect on the true meaning of the season. The final day consisted of assisting with the Christmas Midnight Mass preparations, more specifically to decorate the Christmas tree and making the Nativity Scene. The initiative enabled the youth to spiritually prepare for the birth of Jesus as well as eagerly waiting and celebrating the birth of our Messiah with one another. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 55P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N VINCENT DE PAUL Towards the end of 2020, 11 children began preparations to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and Communion. Vincent de Paul Society was newly established within This journey then came to a close on January 23rd, 2021, the St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish and was officially when these young children gathered in front of the altar with inaugurated on the 11th of October 2020. It currently has eager hearts and hopeful smiles to receive their First Holy 25 registered members and is led by Biju Madavana and Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation. During the Jacob Varghese, who working alongside St. Vincent de Holy Mass, celebrated by Bishop Bosco Puthur and Fr. Ajith Paul Thebarton Conference, strives to provide financial Cheriakkara, these young individuals began a new chapter and moral support for individuals and families, as well as in their faith journey as they took a closer step to uniting with house visits and assisting with Christmas donations. Christ. While the Parish was unable to physically gather to celebrate this auspicious day with these young children and CHRISTMAS 2020 their families, everyone continued to keep these children in their prayers. The 2020 Christmas celebrations was unprecedented for the people of St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish, more specifically because it was the first time the parish conducted an outdoors Christmas Mass. Since the parish was yet to celebrate a major Church event as one whole community throughout the entirety of the year, it was highly desired by the people and the committee to at least celebrate Christmas together, as per usual. This grand desire was achieved by hiring out a whole park ground in which the celebrations will be conducted on. Post acquiring permission from the council and the grounds, the community strived to overcome the various restrictions put in place due to the pandemic. While this initiative was significantly more logistically demanding, the community immediately came together to assist in any way possible. With preparations starting a month in advance of the actual day, the whole community under the leadership of Fr. Ajith and the Executive Committee worked hard to ensure that the day turned out to be a major success. HOLY COMMUNION 56P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Parish BZyIpÀ_m\\ kzoIcWw \\S¯n Canberra Iym³_dmbnð It¯men¡m tIm¬{KÊv DXvLmS\\w sNbvXp. Hmkvt{Senbmbnse Iym³_d skâv Iym³_d skâv AÂt^m³km CShIbn AÂt^m³km CShIbn XpS¡w Ipdn¨ Ip«nIfpsS BZyIpÀ_m\\ kzoIcWw \\S¯n. It¯men¡m tIm¬{KÊv HutZymKnIambn hnImcn ^mZÀ F{_mlw \\m«pIpt¶ensâ DXvLmS\\w sN¿s¸«p. CShIbnse apJy ImÀ½nIXz¯n \\S¶ kaql BZyIpÀ¼m\\ Znhkamb \\hw_À 22\\v _enbn ^mZÀ A`nemjv, ^mZÀ ss_Pp RmbdmgvN hnip² IpÀ¼m\\¡v tijw F¶nhÀ klImÀ½nIÀ Bbncp¶p. {]knUâv {io s_\\UnIvSv sNdnbmsâ ]Xn¶mev Ip«nIfmWv BZyIpÀ_m\\bpw A²y£Xbn IqSnb tbmK¯n sshkv ssØcyte]\\hpw kzoIcn¨Xv. aq¶v t]À {]knUâv {io tPm_n tPmÀÖv kzmKXhpw, AS§p¶ A²ym]I Sow Ip«nIsf ]cn sk{I«dn {io tPmtPm I®awKew ioen¸n¨p. ssI¡mc·mcmb {io s_¶n \\µnbpw ]dªp. hnImcn ^mZÀ F{_mlw I®]pg, {io tPmtPm I®awKew, {io Pn_n³ \\m«pIpt¶Â Zo]w sImfp¯n DXvLmS\\w tX¡m\\m¯v F¶nhÀ {]hÀ¯\\§Ä¡v sNbvX tbmK¯n t¥m¼Â sshkv {]kn t\\XyXzw \\ÂIn. Uâv {io tPmWn¡p«n tXmakv apJy {]`mjWw \\S¯n. ^mZÀ A`nemjv, ^mZÀ ss_Pp F¶nhÀ ]s¦Sp¯ ]cn]mSnbn {io s_¶n I® ]pg, tXmakv Sn tPm¬, _nPp ]pen¡m«v, tPmkv tXmakv, tdmbn tPmk^v, _nPp tXmakv, tPmÀÖv sI BâWn F¶o FIvknIyq«nhv AwK§Ä ]cn]mSnIÄ¡v t\\XyXzw \\ÂIn. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 57P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH / MISSION NEWS M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N St Joseph Syro Malabar Mission It¯men¡m CShIbnepw kpXyÀlamb tkh\\w Cairns, QLD apS¡w IqSmsX \\S¯m³ kÀÆià\\mb ssZhw X¼pcm³ A\\p{Kln¡s« F¶p {]mÀ°n¡p¶p. 3 hÀjs¯ kpXyÀlamb tkh\\¯n\\ptijw Øew amdn t]mIp¶ sIbn³kv tdma³ It¯men¡m ^m kmPphn\\v kotdm ae_mÀ kaql¯nsâ {]mÀ cq]Xbnse ]mcaä skâv tPmk^v ]Ån hnImcnbpw, °\\m awKf§Ä BiwkIÄ saÂ_¬ skâv tXmakv kotdm ae_mÀ cq] XbpsS sIbn³kv skâv tXmakv kotdm ae_mÀ kotdm ae_mÀ anjsâ ]pXnb Nm¹n\\mbn ^mZÀ anjsâ Nm¹n\\pamb ^m kmPp tX¡m\\¯v CFIC ¡v tdmbv \\oÀthen CFIC \\nbanX\\mbn. bm{XmawKf§Ä. St Alphonsa Syro Malabar Mission Shepparton, VIC ss__nÄ ssIsbgp¯v aÕcw 2020 Pq¬ amk¯n Bcw`n¨ ssIsbgp¯v aÕc¯n sj¸mÀ«³ skâ v AÂt^m³km anj\\n \\n¶pw ]e IpSpw_§Ä ]s¦Sp¯p. Unkw_À F«n\\v Imemh[n Ahkm\\n¡pt¼mÄ Hcp IpSpw_ ¯n\\p am{Xta ssIs¿gp¯p{]Xn IÀ¯mhnsâ Xncpk¶n[nbn kaÀ¸n¡m³ km[n¨pffq F¦nepw, hfscb[nIw ]cn{ian¨p ]n¶oSpff BgvNIfnembn cïv IpSpw_§Ä¡v IqSn X§fpsS {]bXv\\^ew Xncpap¼n kaÀ¸n¨p. ^m kmPphnsâ 3 hÀjs¯ tkh\\Ime¯v Unkw_À aq¶n\\v amÀ t_mkvtIm ]p¯qcnsâ al\\ob ImÀ½oIXz¯n \\S¶ BtLmjamb sIbn³kv skâv tXmakv kotdm ae_mÀ anj\\v ]cnip² IpÀ_m\\bv¡ptijw C¯csamcp ]mc¼cy kotdm ae_mÀ ]ucykvX B²ymßnIXbn al¯mb IÀ½¯n ]s¦Sp¯ IpSpw_§sf h³DWÀhv BWv DImbn«pÅXv BZcn¡pIbpw k½m\\§Ä hnXcWw sN¿pIbpw sNbvXp. ]s¦Sp¯ IpSpw_§sfÃmw cq] Rmbdmgv¨Ifnse kotdm ae_mÀ hnip² IpÀ_m\\ XbpsS C¯c¯nepff {]hÀ¯\\§sf, {]tXy AÀ¸Ww, k¬tU kv¡qÄ, hmÀjnI [ym\\w, In¨pw Bßob D¶Xn e£yam¡nbpffhsb B¬Ips]cp¶mÄ, aäv BtLmj§Ä F¶nh hfscb[nIw {]iwkn¡pIbpw ss__nÄ ]IÀ¯n `àn \\nÀ`cambn kndnb³ ae_mÀ k`m AwK§Ä FgpXp¶XneqsS X§Ä¡p e`n¨ Bßob `uXoI IqSmsX CXc It¯men¡m do¯pIfnse AwK§Ä, \\∙IÄ aäpffhtcmSp ]¦phbv¡pIbpw sN¿p¶p. tIcfobcmb hnhn[ ktlmZck`mwK§Ä F¶nhcpsS XnIª klIcWt¯msS apS¡w AtX thZnbn Xs¶ 2019, -2020  \\S¶ cq]X IqSmsX \\S¯s¸«p. aÕc§fn temtKmkv Nn{XcN\\m aÕc§fn hnPbnIfmbhÀ¡v k½m\\§Ä \\ÂIn BZcn¨p. ^m kmPp tX¡m\\¯v CFIC ]pXnbXmbn Øm\\ CShI hnImcn ^mZÀ hÀKokv hnXb¯n tj¸mÀ«³ ta¡p¶ sIbn³kv cq]XbpsS Our Lady of the anj³ AwK§Ä Bßob Imcy§fn \\ Sacred Heart , Thursday Island , Queensland tdma³ Ip¶ ap³Xq¡s¯ {]iwkn¨v kwkmcn¨p. 58P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N SYRO MALABAR CHURCHES IN AUSTRALIA HcpatbmsS Hcpan¨v IqZmi sNbvX {InkvXphnte¡v hfcpó CShI kaql§Ä CShItZhmeb§Ä St Thomas the Apostle Syro Malabar Parish - Brisbane South IqZmiZn\\w : \\hw_À 18, 2018 108 – 112 Middle Road Hillcrest, Browns Plains EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 59P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

SYRO MALABAR CHURCHES M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N IN AUSTRALIA IqZmi sNbvX HcpatbmsS Hcpan¨v CShItZhmeb§Ä {InkvXphnte¡v hfcpó CShI kaql§Ä St Euphrasia Syro Malabar Parish - Adelaide North IqZmiZn\\w : HIvtSm_À 20, 2019 5 Wiley St, Elizabeth South SA 5112 60P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


kotdm ae_mÀ k` M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N hfÀ¨bpsS]mXbn St Alphonsa Syro Mlalabar Cathedral Melbourne saÂ_Wn kotdm ae_mÀ hnizmknIÄ¡mbn I¯o{U tZhmebw Dbcp¶p Hmkvt{Senbbnse hnizmkhfÀ¨bpsS t\\À 2018 G{]n aq¶n\\mWv F¸n§n lypw {^o km£yambn saÂ_¬ \\Kc¯n hnip² thbv¡v kao]w GItZiw ctïap¡m G¡tdmfw AÂt^m³km½bpsS \\ma¯n skâv. tXmakv hcp¶ Øew I¯o{U \\nÀ½mW¯n\\mbn CShI kotdmae_mÀ cq]X I¯o{U tZhmeb¯nsâ \\nÀ kz´am¡nbXv. XpSÀ¶v I¯o{U tZhmebhpw ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä ]ptcmKan¡p¶p. Bbncw ]mcnjv lmfpw \\nÀ½n¡p¶Xn\\pÅ hnäÂkn kvIzbÀ aoäÀ hnkv{XnXnbpÅ tZhmeb¯nsâbpw Iu¬knensâ AwKoImcw 2018 \\hw_dn e`n¨p. ]mcnjv lmfnsâbpw \\nÀ½mWw Cu hÀjw Unkw_ dn ]qÀ¯nbmIpw. Adp¶qdv t]À¡v Htc kabw I¯o{U CShIbmb skâv AÂt^m³k Xncp¡À½§fn ]s¦Sp¡m³ km[n¡p¶ saÂ_¬ t\\mÀ¯v CShIbn 500tesd tZhmebt¯msSm¸w \\nÀ½n¡p¶ ]mcnjv lmfn IpSpw_§Ä AwK§fmbpïv. 2015se {Inkvakv 400 t]À¡v Ccn¸nS kuIcyap¬ImIpw. 150 Zn\\¯nemWv cq]Xm²y£³ t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ ImdpIÄ¡v Htckabw ]mÀ¡v sN¿p¶Xn skâv AÂt^m³k saÂ_¬ t\\mÀ¯v kotdm \\pÅ ]mÀ¡nwKv {Kuïntâbpw \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ ae_mÀ kaqls¯ I¯o{U CShIbmbn ¯\\§Ä \\S¡p¶p. {]Jym]n¨Xv. cq]XbpsS {]Ya Nm³keÀ Bb amXyp sIm¨p]pcbv¡Â A¨\\mWv CShI hnImcn. amXyp 2020 Pqsse aq¶mw Xo¿Xn hnip² sIm¨p]pcbv¡Â A¨sâ BXvaob t\\XrXz¯n tXmamÇolmbpsS ZpIvdm\\ Xncp¶mÄ Zn\\¯nemWv CShImkaql¯nsâ iIvXamb {]mÀ°\\bpw cq]Xm A²y£³ _nj¸v t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ kaÀ¸WhpamWv I¯o{U tZhmeb¯nsâ I¯o{U tZhmeb¯nsâ inemØm]\\ \\nÀ½mWw thK¯nem¡m³ CSbmIp¶Xv. IÀ½w \\nÀhln¨Xv. tdman BZvenan\\ kµÀi\\ thfbn ]cnip² ]nXmhv {^m³kokv amÀ ]m¸ kotdm ae_mÀ k`m taPÀ BÀ¨v _nj¸v amÀ Bet©cn ]nXmhnsâbpw kotdm ae_mÀ k`bnse aäv sa{Xm³amcpsSbpw km¶n[y¯n _nj¸v t_mkvtIm ]p¯qcn\\v BioÀhZn¨ ASnØm\\ine \\ÂInbncp¶p. CtXmsSm¸w CShIbnse Hmtcm IpSpw_hpw {]mÀ°\\m]qÀÆw \\ÂInb sNdnb IÃpIfpw ASnØm\\inetbmsSm¸w amÀ t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ sh©ncn¨v \\nt£]n¨p. 62P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N kotdm ae_mÀ k` hfÀ¨bpsS]mXbn St Joseph Syro Mlalabar Church Perth butk¸p ]nXmhnsâ \\ma¯n s]À¯n Hcp tZhmebw. hnip² butk¸p ]nXmhnsâ hÀjambn 2021 ]mcnjv Iu¬knen AwK§fpw NÀ¨v _nÂUn§v s\\ Xncpk` BNcn¡p¶ thfbn s]À¯nse I½nänbpw \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä¡v ta kotdm ae_mÀ hnizmknIÄ¡mbn Hcp tZhmebw t\\m«w hln¡p¶p. ]Ån]Wn kpKaambn \\S¡p¶ Hcp§p¶p. s]À¯nse DbÀ¶ {]tZi§fnsem¶mb Xn\\pw AXn\\pÅ km¼¯nI ØnXn ssIhcn¡p¶Xn Hmd©v t{Kmhnse Btd¡À hcp¶ Øe¯mWv \\pambn CShI kaqlw hnip² butk¸p ]nXmhnsâ \\Kc¯n\\msI A\\p{Klambn butk¸p ]nXmhnsâ am[yØXbn apS§msX {]mÀ°n¡p¶p. Ignª \\ma¯n tZhmebw Dbcp¶Xv. Ignª hÀjw cïv hÀj¯ntesdbmbn FÃm Xn¦fmgv¨Ifnepw sk]väw_dn Bcw`n¨ \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä ZnhyImcpWy Bcm[\\s¡m¸w P]amebpw butk¸p Cu hÀjw sk]väw_tdmsS ]qÀ¯nbmIpsa¶v ]nXmhnsâ am[yدn\\mbpÅ {]tXyI {]mÀ°\\ {]Xo£n¡p¶p. Ifpw \\S¯p¶pïv. tIcfcoXnbnepÅ tZhmeb¯n\\p ]pdsa ]mcnjv lmÄ, sshZoIÀ¡v Xmakn¡m\\pÅ {]Êvaoädn, hnizmk ]cnioe\\¯n\\mbpÅ {_okvth XpS§nb kuIcy§Ä DÄs¸Sp¶XmWv \\nehnse \\nÀ½nXn. {]mcw` ZnibnepÅ \\nch[n IS¼Ifpw knän Iu¬knen \\n¶pÅ XSʧfpw CShI kaql¯nsâ iàamb {]mÀ°\\bpsSbpw Iq«mbvabpsSbpw ^eambn adnIS¡m\\mbXv aqeamWv Gsd {]Xo£ItfmsS Im¯ncn¡p¶ tZhmeb¯nsâ \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä XpS§m³ IgnªXv. kz´ambn Hcp tZhmebw F¶ kz]v\\t¯msS 2015  BWv s]À¯v CShI kaqlw Hmd©v t{Kmhn Øew hm§p¶Xv. 2018 se ZpIvdm\\ BtLmjthfbn saÂ_¬ cq]Xm A²y£³ amÀ t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ tZhmeb¯nsâ inemØm]\\ IÀ½w \\nÀhln¨p. A©v aneyWne[nIw Nnehv hcp¶ \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä¡v CShI kaql¯nsâ iàamb {]mÀ°\\bpw kaÀ¸WhpamWv apJyambn«pÅXv F¶v CShI hnImcn ^mZÀ A\\ojv sPbnwkv hyàam¡p¶p. CShI hnImcn¡pw ssI¡mc³amÀ¡psam¸w. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 63P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

kotdm ae_mÀ k` M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N hfÀ¨bpsS]mXbn St Mary’s Syro Mlalabar t_mkvtIm ]p¯qÀ BZy inemØm]\\ IÀ½w Melbourne West \\nÀhln¨p. CShI hnImcn ^m.sk_mÌy³ a¬I]¯nensâ t\\XrXz¯n hnizmkkaqlw saÂ_¬ shkväv CShIbv¡v skâv tacokv {]mÀ°\\m ssNXy\\t¯msS \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ tZhmebw ¯\\§fn ]¦mfnIfmIp¶p. Cu hÀjw sk]väw _dn ]qÀ¯nbmIp¶ hn[¯nemWv ]WnIÄ ]ptcmKan¡p¶Xv. saÂ_¬ shkväv CShIbv¡v Iogn 250tesd kotdm ae_mÀ IpSpw_§fpïv. ]cnip² amXmhnsâ \\mat[b¯nepÅ CShI ST MARYS SYRO MALABAR PARISH tZhmeb¯nsâ \\nÀ½mW {]hÀ¯\\§Ä MELBOURNE WEST saÂ_¬ skâv tacokv CShIbv¡mbn ]ptcm Kan¡p¶p. C¡gnª Unkw_dnemWv GItZiw Our new church construction has started in \\mev Zie£w tUmfÀ Nnehphcp¶ tZhmeb¯nsâ December 2020. {]mcw`{]hÀ¯\\§Ä hnIvtSmdnb kwØm\\s¯ dmh³ lmfn (Raven Hall) Bcw`n¨Xv. The project will be completed by September C¡gnª Unkw_À 28\\v cq]Xm²y£³ _nj¸v 2021. There are about 250 parish members in St Marys Syro Malabar parish Melbourne West. Currently we have two centres Ardeer and Laverton. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $4,000,000. ADMA Group is the builder. The new church is located at Ravenhall VIC 3023. Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was on 28th November 2020 by Bishop Bosco Puthur Fr Sebastian Mandapathil is our Parish Priest. 64P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N kotdm ae_mÀ k` hfÀ¨bpsS]mXbn St Thomas Syro Mlalabar Church Melbourne South - East saÂ_¬ ku¯v CuÌv CShI tXmamkv ÇolbpsS \\ma¯nepÅ saÂ_¬ ku¯v CuÌv CShIbpw tZhmeb\\nÀ½mW¯nsâ {] mcw` L«§fnte¡v IS¶p. Umât\\m ku¯n CShI tZhmeb¯n\\mbn 2016  hm§nb Øet¯¡pÅ kÀÆokv tdmUnsâ \\nÀ½mW{] hÀ¯\\§Ä CXnt\\mSIw ]qÀ¯nbmbn. CShIbnse 80% IpSpw_§Ä¡pw Ccp]Xv an\\ näv hml\\w HmSn¨m Cu Øet¯¡v F¯m\\ mIpw. Zn t{KäÀ Umât\\m Iu¬knen CXnt\\ mSIw tZhmeb\\nÀ½mW¯nsâ ¹m³ tcJIÄ kaÀ¸n¨p Ignªp. CShI hnImcn ^mZÀ-.s{^Un Cehp¯n¦ensâbpw ssI¡mc³amcpsSbpw t\\Xr Xz¯n ¹m\\n§v kw_²amb tPmenIÄ ]ptcm Kan¡p¶p. EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 65P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E


PARISHES / MISSION PARISH/MISSON NAME LOCATION VICAR/CHAPLAIN CONTACT NO: 0408 267777 St. Alphonsa Cathedral Parish Melbourne North St. Thomas Parish Melbourne South-East Fr. Fredy Eluvathingal 0418 630 088 St. Mary’s Parish Melbourne West Fr. Sebastian Mandapathil 0422 598 918 St. Mary’s Knanaya Parish Melbourne Fr. Prince Thaipurayidathil 0444 574 289 Geelong Fr. Sebastian Mandapathil 0422 598 918 St. Alphonsa Mission Shepparton Fr Varghese Vithayathil MST 0402 216 484 St. Mary’s Mission Ballarat Fr Sajan Ezhunnoottil 0416 194 825 St Mary’s Misson Bendigo Fr Varghese Vithayathil MST 0402 216 484 Wodonga Fr Shibu Joseph Pezhumthottathil ALCP/OSS Christ the King Mission Villawood Fr.Joseph Kunnackattu 0469 326 745 (Priest in-charge) St. Alphonsa Mission Blacktown Fr.Mathew Areeplackal 0469 083 734 St.Thomas Mission Wollongong Fr. Binu Maliekal 0498 077 222 Rouse Fr. Binu Maliekal 0498 077 222 St.Thomas Mission Campbelltown Fr. Binu Maliekal 0498 077 222 Marian Mission Penrith Fr. Binesh Narimattathil 0466 621 238 St.Thomas Mission Hornsby Fr. Binesh Narimattathil 0466 621 238 Holy Family Mission Wyoming Fr. Binesh Narimattathil 0466 621 238 St.Alphonsa Mission Wyong Fr. Binesh Narimattathil 0466 621 238 St Thomas Mission Sunrasia Fr. Sajan Ezhunnoottil 0416 194 825 St. Mary’s Mission New Castle Fr.Sabu Adimakiyil VC 0477 179 477 St Kuriakose Elias Orange Fr. Ephrem Thadathil CMI 0408 261 054 Chavara Mission St.Mary’s Mission Bowral Fr. Binu Maliekal 0498 077 222 Marian Mission Kingswood St.Mary’s Mission Wagga Wagga Fr.Anto Chiriyankandath 0426 019 030 Griffith Fr.Anto Chiriyankandath 0426 019 030 Goulburn Fr.Anto Chiriyankandath 0426 019 030 St.Alphonsa Parish Canberra Fr Abraham Nadukunnel 0469 736 317 67P EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISHES / MISSION PARISH/MISSON NAME LOCATION VICAR/CHAPLAIN CONTACT NO: Sacred Heart Knanaya Mission Canberra Fr. Abilash Kannampadam 0484 239 168 St.Jude Mission Nowra Fr. Binu Maliekal 0498 077 222 Dubbo St.Alphonsa Parish Brisbane North Msgr.Francise Kolencherry 0408 267 777 (Priest in-charge) St.Thomas the Apostle Parish Brisbane South Fr. Abraham Kazhunadiyil 0401 180 633 Holy Family Knanaya Mission Brisbane Fr. Dalish Kocheriyil 0477 872 833 Mary Matha Mission Gold Coast Fr.Varghese Vavolil 0431 748 521 St.Mary’s Mission Sunshine Coast Fr. Saji Valiyaveettil 0407 359 307 Ave Maria Mission Ipswich Fr.Varghese Vavolil 0431 748 521 St.Joseph’s Mission Springfield Fr. Abraham Kazhunadiyil 0401 180 633 St.Joseph’s Mission Cairns Fr.Saju Thekkanath St. Alphonsa Parish Townsville Fr.Manoj Kunnath C.Ss.R. 0469 083 734 Toowoomba Fr.Thomas Areekuzhy 0407 452 859 Rockhampton Bundaberg Fr.Sunny CMI St. Alphonsa Parish Darwin Fr.Leonse Moossariparambil 0404 411 463 St. Mary’s Mission Alice Springs Fr.Leonse Moossariparambil 0404 411 463 Katherine Fr.Leonse Moossariparambil 0404 411 463 Tenant Creek Fr.Leonse Moossariparambil 0404 411 463 St.Joseph Parish Perth Fr. Anish Ponneduthakallel 0405 940 305 Geraldton Fr. Anish Ponneduthakallel 0405 940 305 Broome Fr Roby Kolencherry 0476 294 503 St Euphrasia Parish Adelaide North Fr. Francis Pullukattu 0431 345 117 St. Mary’s Parish Adelaide South Fr. Ajith Cheriakkara 0469 372 316 St. Alphonsa Parish Adelaide Central Fr. Ajith Cheriakkara 0469 372 316 St. Thomas Mission Hobart Fr. Jaison Kuzhiyil EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION 68P SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE A G E

PARISH PRIEST DIRECTORY M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Fr. Fredy Eluvathingal Fr. Sebastian Mandapathil Fr. Prince Thaipurayidathil St. Thomas Parish, Melbourne South-East St. Mary’s Parish, St. Mary’s Knanaya Parish, Melbourne West, Geelong Melbourne Fr Varghese Vithayathil MST Fr Sajan Ezhunnoottil Fr Joseph Kunnachattu Christ The King Mission, Villawood St. Alphonsa & St Mary’s Mission, St. Mary’s & St. Thomas Mission, Shepparton, Bendigo Ballarat, Sunrasia Fr Mathew Areeplackal Fr Binu Maliekal Fr Binesh Narimattathil St. Alphonsa Mission, St.Thomas Mission, Missions - Penrith, Hornsby, BlackTown Wollongong, Rouse, Campbelltown Wyoming, Wyoming, Wyong Fr Sabu Adimakiyil VC Fr Ephrem Thadathil CMI Fr Anto Chiriyankandath St. Mary’s Mission, St. Kuriakose Elias Mission, St. Mary’s Mission, New Castle Orange Wagga Wagga 69P Fr Abraham Nadukunnel Fr Abilash Kannampadam Msgr. Francis Kolencherry A EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION St. Alphonsa Parish, Canberra Sacred Heart Knanaya Mission St Alphonsa Parish G Canberra Brisbane North E SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE

PARISH PRIEST DIRECTORY M E L B O U R N E E PA RCH I A L B U L L E T I N Fr Abraham Kazhunadiyil Fr Dalish Kocheriyil Fr Varghese Vavolil St Thomas The Apostle Parish Holy Family Knanaya Mission Mary Matha Mission Brisbane South, Spring Field Brisbane Gold Coast, Ipswich Fr Manoj Kunnath C.Ss.R Fr Thomas Areekuzhy Fr Leonse Moossariparambil St. Alphonsa Parish, Townsville St. Alphonsa Parish, St. Alphonsa Parish, Darwin, Toowoomba, Rockhampton Alice Springs, Katherine, Tenant Creek Fr Anish Ponneduthakallel Fr Francis Pullukattu Fr Ajith Cheriakkara St. Joseph Parish, Perth, Geraldton St. Euphrasia Parish, Adelaide North St. Alphonsa & St Mary’s Parish, Adelaide Central & South Fr. George Mankuzhikary Fr Antony Vattakunnel CMI Fr Jaison kuzhiyil St. Thomas Mission, Hobart St. Alphonsa Parish, Brisbane St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara Mission St. Mary’s Mission, Sunshine Coast Orange NSW Fr. Roy Neervelil Chacko CFIC 70P St Joseph Mission, Cairns QLD A EPARCHY MEDIA COMMISSION G SYRO MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE MELBOURNE E


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