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Restarting Hospitality - COVID19 Essential €

Published by Hugh Jordan & Co Ltd, 2020-05-12 13:40:54

Description: Restarting Hospitality


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Restarting Hospitality At Hugh Jordan we are committed to playing our part in restarting hospitality as the industry emerges from the Covid-19 crisis. We have remained open during the pandemic to serve our customers in healthcare and essential ser- vices. Now that hospitality is planning to return we have developed a range of Covid-19 Essential Products to help you re-open and operate safely to ensure your staff and your customers have the peace of mind they need. We have also included many other products such as takeaway packaging and outdoor furniture to help you maximise the potential of your business in the ‘new normal’. The Hugh Jordan team is available to assist you and can offer advice on how best to prepare for re-open- ing. Our Covid-19 Essential Products will be stocked at our three main locations and available for delivery or collection. As demand for these products is high we highly recommend you pre-order now to ensure you will have them in time for re-opening. In addition to these new products we continue to of- fer 1000’s of products across all our categories to en- sure we meet all your front of house, kitchen, bar, ac- commodation cleaning and hygiene needs. Our full range of products is available on www.hughjordan. com and you can order online on our app.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Products: Page: Social Distancing 4-7 Face Masks 8-9 Sanitisers, Dispensers & Sanitising Stations 10-12 Customer & Staff Protection 13-15 Disinfectant/Fogger Sprayer 16 Outdoor Furniture 18-19 Food Preparation & Equipment 20-23 Takeaway Packaging 24-32 Takeaway Accessories 33-34

SOCIAL DISTANCING Create clear Social Distancing traffic flow and behaviour on your premises with our range of signage. Available in two colourways: standard yellow & black or classic black & grey. Want to add your logo? - Talk to us about Bespoke or Branded options. Direction Arrow Floor Graphic 150x142mm HSCOVID00005 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00006 - Black & Grey €2.95 each ‘Please Respect Social Distancing’ Floor Graphic 1200x297mm HSCOVID00003 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00004 - Black & Grey €25.50 each ‘Please Queue Here’ A3 Floor Graphic HSCOVID00001 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00002 - Black & Grey €8.85 each 4

PVC Wall Plaque ‘Please Use Sanitiser’ 210x150mm HSCOVID00007 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00008 - Black & Grey €7.95 each Wall Sanitiser Label ‘Hands Must Be Sanitised’ 210x150mm HSCOVID00009 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00010 - Black & Grey €3.20 each A4 ‘Please Wait To Be Seated’ Poster HSCOVID00011 - Yellow & Black HSCOVID00012 - Black & Grey €2.75 each A4 ‘Please Wait To Be Seated’ Poster can be used in both our A4 wall snap frame or A4 free standing snap frame. 5

Silver A4 Snap Frame Free Standing A4 Snap Frame HPPOSTR06162 HSSIGNS00018 €7.60 each €103.50 each Chrome Barrier Post Chrome Barrier Post A4 chrome sign to fit with Black with Black onto DBBARRS00101 Extendable Belt Extendable Belt DBBARRS00008 DBBARRS00101 DBBARRB10001 €49.95 each €83.00 each €55.00 each Black Barrier Post with Black& Yellow 50mm Tape Black Extendable Belt HSTAPEB00001 DBBARRS00102 White 50mm Tape €55.00 each HSTAPEW00001 Yellow 50mm Tape HSTAPEY00001 €4.75 each | 33m per roll

Pull Up Social Distancing Screen Our innovative and styl- ish 1.2m wide mobile safety screen creates a safe protective barrier between diners and other customers and can roll up when not in use. HSCOVID01200 €147.50 each Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard Protection Screen with access slot and credit card terminal slot 750 x 750 x 250mm SDSNEEZ00890 €121.00 each We have a wide range of screens available. Contact us today for more information or to get a bespoke screen made for you. 7


Your staff are your most valuable asset – give them the protection they deserve with a KN95 respirator mask which can be safely sterilised and re-used for up to one week. KN95 RESPIRATOR MASKS The KN95 mask supplied by Hugh Jordan is manufactured and cer- tified to the European standard for respiratory masks FFP2 under EN149:2001+A1:2009 DPFMASK00005 €115 | CTN/25 Safely Sterilise Masks in the Edlund UV Cabinet KN95 masks can be safely re-used. Ultraviolet Germi- LESCABIN39150 cidal Irradiation (UVGI) is proven to be effective for killing €799 each human respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses, on several types of N95 FFRs. (Source: University of Nebraska 9 Medical Center). The Edlund Sterlising Cabinet Unit can be used for sterilis- ing masks, knives or anything small enough to fit within the unit. It has a high speed UV light to effectively kill any traces of Coronavirus. It is recommended that you mark masks to ensure return- ing the correct mask to the user each time. Recommended sterilization cycle time: 15 minutes KN95 masks should be replaced after 7 days Features: • Includes NSF Certified Component holding rack model UVKR-18 • 15-minute belled timer • Holds up to 12 knives plus steel* or up to 8 masks separated for complete surface coverage+ • Stainless steel construction • LED lights indicate when door is closed, and sterilization is in process • UV filtered plexiglass door with lockable keyed handle • Exclusive non-UV filtering slotted knife or mask holder • 2 Larger slots to accommodate cleavers

PRIMAGEL HAND SANITISER Primagel Plus is a transparent dermatologically tested disinfectant gel with 70% alcohol. Its bactericidal action ensures a safe disinfection against virus’ and bacteria of all kinds. It quickly dries, leaving the hands fresh and soft, with no oily or sticky feeling. Wherever you are and whatever the situation, hands can be safely disinfected in just few seconds. Perfect for Hotel Bedrooms! Primagel 500ml Primagel 500ml Primagel 50ml Pump Bottle Flip Cap Bottle Flip Cap Bottle CMPRIMA12500 CMPRIMA12505 CMPRIMA05050 €62.00 | CTN/12 €62.00 | CTN/12 €54.95 | CTN/50 Purell 100ml Ionic Alcohol Gel Super Professional Hand Sanitiser Sanitiser 5L Sanitiser and Antiviral CMGOJOS09661 CMCHEMS10025 Disinfectant €39.99 | CTN/24 €60.00 | CTN/2 CMSUPER00029 - 750ml €22.71 | CTN/6 Super Professional is ideal for sanitising frequently CMSUPER00018 - 5L touched surfaces. Independently tested February 2020 €24.25 | CTN/2 to European Standard BS EN 14476 against Coronavirus 10

SANITISER DISPENSERS Hand Sanitising Station Automatic Push Button 1L Dispenser with 1L Auto Dispenser 1L Dispenser SDSOAPD84414 - white CMSOAPD41448 - white CMSOAPD44972 - white €240.99 each €69.99 each €19.50 each SDSOAPD84417 - black CMSOAPD41765 - black CMSOAPD41379 - black €255.00 each €79.95 each €20.65 each Our bulk fill sanitising sta- tions are a sleek but sturdy mobile solution for any es- tablishment. Non-contact touchless electronic dispens- ers can be filled with your choice of alcohol based sani- tiser gel to ensure maximum safety for your staff and cus- tomers. Dispensers can also be used with liquid soap for hand wash stations Dispensers also sold sepa- rately for wall mounting. 11

Mobile The IMC Mobile Hand Wash Station is more Handwashing Station than just a sink, with its splashback, soap dis- LEWASH63503 penser and paper towel holder as well as the €695 each optional waste bin ring it is a fully mobile all in one compact solution which can be located anywhere • Provides hand washing facility in locations where mains water and electricity aren’t avail- able. • Ideal for increasing hand washing facilities wherever required - just fill and go. • Large 20 litre water tank, which is double the capacity of most models currently available. • The foot operated pump allows the user to dispense just the required amount of water with no need for hand contact with the tap maximising hygiene. • Dispenses up to 100ml per foot press, deliv- ering 200 dispenses from one full tank. • Internal waste collection - no need for drain- age. 12

Non-contact Infra Red Forehead Thermometer Provide reassurance for your customers and safety for your team by easily and quickly checking staff temperatures with our non -contact infra-red forehead thermometer. - 1 second response time - Large backlit digital display - 0.1C Resolution - Auto power off UTTHERM14081 €99.00 each Disinfecting Sandibrush Floor Mat The 14mm high ramped edges provide a reservoir for disinfectant to completely s anitise the footwear passing over it. HSMATT02432 - 60x80cm €41.00 HSMATT02439 - 60x100cm €48.00 each Tork Wiping Cloths are ideal for safe sanitis- ing and cleaning the multipurpose dispos- able Tork Cleaning Cloth is soft and flexible, yet strong. It is ideal for most cleaning tasks, and quickly absorbs both oils and liquids, which makes your cleaning efforts easier. DPWIPER10478 13 €109.40 | CTN/650

Tork Toilet Seat Cover DPTOILE50160 €291.31 | CTN/5000 Tork Toilet Dispenser Cover DPTOILE44088 €42.00 each Safety Glasses (Anti Fog) Blue Disposable Z Fold Handtowels HSGOGGL00073 Aprons DPTOILE07067 €4.35 each DPAPRON00273 €19.20 | CTN/2400 €81.60 | CTN/1000 Dome Acrylic Lid Plate Cover 10” Stackable SDDOMEL00013 SDPCOVR00010 €49.50 each €4.00 each 14

PUREHOLD ANTIBACTERIAL DOOR HANDLES Scientists have confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on door handles for up to NINE DAYS. As a result, there’s never been a better time to install the Purehold range of hygienic door handles at your site, to help reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus between door users. Our Purehold Antibacterial Range of door handle covers use Silver Ion technology which has been tested and proven effective against bacteria and viruses on door handles. Purehold PULL Antibac Purehold LEVER Antibac Purehold LEVER Antibac Door Handle Cover Door Handle Cover Door Handle Cover LEHANDL00104 LEHANDL00105 LEHANDL00106 €32.62 each €32.62 each €32.62 each Purehold Antibacterial Door PUSH plate - Front & Back LEHANDL00107 €50.30 each Purehold Replacement Antibacterial Door PUSH plate LEHANDL00108 €32.62 each 15

DISINFECTANT SPRAY/FOGGER SYSTEM The choice of cleaning professionals the Sanique S3 atomises disinfect- ant solution to either a fine mist or fog which provides complete quick drying coverage without the need to wipe down. Combined with QCide™ SP Concentrate Sanitising Disin- fectant it will kill Coronavirus on all treated surfaces. With a 15m hose large areas can be sanitised quickly and effectively. Click here to watch a video on how to use the Advantages: Sanique S3 Fogger System - Rapid Deployment - Light weight (under 12kg) - 15m hose for maximum flexibility - 2 year warranty LESPRAYR00240 €1,320 The Sanique Qcide SP Concentrate is a concentrated odourless anti-microbial disinfectant suitable for use in hospitality and workplace environments. It is a formulate QAC (quaternary ammonium com- pound) based disinfectant with 5% active biocide, and for disinfectant action against viruses a dilution ratio of up to 1:200 (non-rinse) can be used for spray/ fogging application. CMSANID06000 €47.50 | CTN/2 16

At Hugh Jordan, our main priority is the safety of our customers. We have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to source all the products needed to maintain the highest level of safety for our customers, their staff and their guests. If there are products that you are looking for to help maintain social distancing or to increase cus- tomer and staff protection please contact us to- day, and together will can work in finding the best solution for your business. Contact us today on [email protected], by phoning +353 (0)1 862 7200 or by contacting your local sales representative.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE As social distancing restrictions create a chal- lenge around total seating numbers outdoor dining will become an important way for eateries to maximise revenue potential. Hugh Jordan offer a broad range of contract quality outdoor seating and tables. Talk to us today about your requirements and our team can advise you what will work best for your business. All of our outdoor chairs are stackable for ease. ICE 800 Remind 3735 Tatami 306 DBCHAIR00806 - Blue DBCHAIR00234 DBCHAIR33211 €65 each DBCHAIRRO00800 - Orange €79 each DBCHAIRAR00800 - Red €55 each Outdoor Round Cast Iron Black Outdoor Aluminium Base with Base Four Feet ODBASES04150 ODBASES96919 €78 each €65 each 18

Outdoor Tabletop Limed Outdoor Tabletop Concrete Oak Design Design 60x60cm DBTABLE00131 - 60cm Round DBTABLE00144 €45 each €60 each DBTABLE70173 - 70cm Round €55 each DBTABLE01130 - 60x60cm €60 each OutdoorTabletop Tarnished Outdoor Tabletop Ponderosa Silver Grey DBTABLE22460 - 60x60cm DBTTOPS00182 - 60x60cm €95 each €60 each DBTABLE22470 - 70x70cm DBTTOPS00183 - 60cm Round €110 each €45 each DBTABLE60224 - 60cm Round DBTTOPS00184 - 70cm Round €80 each €55 each 19

FOOD PREPARATION Vacuum packing machines are designed to help you maximise the lifespan of your food. By sealing ingredients into airtight bags, food can last much longer in comparison to ambient or refrigerated stor- age. This is important in times of uncertain demand Sammic SE‐206 with 280mm sealing bar LEVACUU00204 €1,613 Sammic SU‐310 with 310mm selaing bar LEVACUU00306 €2,287 Sammic SE‐420 with 420mm sealing bar LEVACUU00410 €2,784 External Sealing Vacuum Packing Machine 13l/min. 330mm / 13” sealing bar LEVACUU00033 €440 Professional vacuum packing machine. 21l/min. 430mm sealing bar LEVACUU00044 €860 We have a variety of size vacuum pack bags available. Contact us to find your size or shop online at 20

BLAST CHILLERS This blast chiller/shock freezer is ideal for small to medium-sized catering. The cabinet accepts full-size gas- tronorm GN1/1 and Euronorm (600 x 400mm) containers and shelves. Rapid chilling has become an important part of the safe food chain. At a height of 1015mm, it doubles up as a conven- ient work surface or equipment stand. HECHILL00005 €2,399 This blast chiller/shock freezer ideal for medium to large sized catering. The cabinet accepts full-size gastronorm GN and Euronorm containers and shelves (600 x 400mm), With conven- ient self-closing doors and stainless in- terior, makes the cabinet hygienic and easy for cleaning. Rapid chilling has become an important part of the safe food chain. The high-density thick insulation is excellent for thermal ef- ficiency. It has an exceptionally large interior compared with any other equipment in its class and price range. HECHILL00010 €3,200 21

Our Hot Cabinet Banks banqueting hot food cart for function or buffet, on or off site, this cart holds food for flexible service to custom- ers. - Consistent temperature control - Stainless construction - 11 Shelf levels - Insulated body - Humidity control - Large gastronorm interior 2/1 - Dimensions 800(W) 975(D) 1790(H) - Capacity 500lt - Temperature 30°C to 110°C HEHOTCU00500 €2,042 Black Solid Spoon 14” SDSPOON64130 White Solid Spoon 14” SDSPOON14015 Blue Solid Serving Spoon 14” SDSPOON14030 Red Solid Serving Spoon 14” SDSPOON14040 Yellow Solid Serving Spoon 14” SDSPOON14050 Green Solid Serving Spoon 14” SDSPOON14070 €12.27 each 22

Snappy Sealers are regarded to be one of the best bag sealers in the market. Built to the highest quality this machine stands up to the de- mands of any modern catering facility. Product Spec: • Strong and sturdy • Seal and trims Snappy® bags • Simple single handed operation • Holds the wickets • Wires changed easily and quickly • All spare parts available • 10” and 14” machines • Stainless steel table accessory 10” Machine 14” Machine LESEALR00310 LESEALR00014 €306 each €365 each 150x250 Snappy Heat Seal Bags Perforated 23 DPSNAPB00004 €29.00 | CTN/2000 150x200 Snappy Heat Seal Bags Perforated DPSNAPB00006 €22.90 | CTN/2000 PEAL & SEAL SNAPPY BAGS 150x200 Peel & Seal Snappy Bags 25mm lip DPSNAPB00413 €78.30 | CTN/1000 150x250 Peel & Seal Snappy Bags 25mm lip DPSNAPB00411 €85.50 | CTN/1000 200x250 Peel & Seal Snappy Bags 25mm lip DPSNAPB00412 €101.50 | CTN/1000 150x350 Peel & Seal Snappy Bags 25mm lip DPSNAPB00418 €99.90 | CTN/1000

TAKEAWAY PACKAGING Plastic Lunch Box & Lid Noodle Containers Black 1 Comp FPGMDPC00500 - 500cc FPCONTA10953 - 16oz Microwavable Container €31.20 | CTN/250 €64.00 | CTN/500 DPCONTN20195 - 24oz FPGMDPC00650 - 650cc FPCONTA10954 - 26oz €51.50 | CTN/250 €33.70 | CTN/250 €73.75 | CTN/500 FPCONTN02571 - 32oz €55.90 | CTN/250 FPCONTN02572 - 36oz €77.50 | CTN/250 Foil No.2 Container Foil No.6 Container Clear Lids for FPGMDFT70026 FPGMDFT70016 Microwavable Container €55.70 | CTN/500 €34.99 | CTN/500 FPGMDMD10916 - FPGMDFT70027 - Lid FPGMDFT70017 - Lid 24/32oz €16.99 | CTN/1000 €12.00 | CTN/500 €42.60 | CTN/250 FPCONTL02573 - 36oz €52.90 | CTN/250 Oval Chinet Plate 7x10” Chinet Tray 227x305 Chinet Round Plate 9” DPPLATE09731 DPTRAYS00029 DPPLATE09736 €83.99 | CTN/500 €66.28 | CTN/250 €73.50 | CTN/500 24

TAKEAWAY PACKAGING The Bagasse Range Wide Bagasse Bowl 12oz Bagasse Plate is the latest edition DPBAGAS00010 DPPLATE00011 - 7” to Go-Pak’s sustaina- €26.20 | CTN/500 €23.90 | CTN/500 ble edenware range. DPCONTN10013 - 9” The Bagasse Range is Bagasse Burger Box 6” €40.38 | CTN/500 sustainably manufac- DPBAGAS60011 Bagasse Meal Box 7x5 tured from pressed €62.30 | CTN/500 DPBAGAS06002 sugarcane residue, €57.60 | CTN/500 continuing Go-Pak’s commitment to the environment. This item is 100% eco-friendly and materials are compostable Bagasse Meal Box 9x6” HP2 White Mealbox DPBAGAS06003 FPMEALB12066 €41.45 | CTN/250 €41.95 | CTN/500 25

HP4 1 Compartment HP4 3 Compartment Medium Kraft Box Meal Box Meal Box FPTRAYK00003 FPGMDTB12167 FPGMDTB0001 €30.35 | CTN/150 €26.85 | CTN/200 €25.70 | CTN/200 Kraft No. 1 Food Kraft No.12 Food Kraft No. 5 Food Carton 700ml Carton 1000ml Carton 1050ml DPCONTN00014 DPCONTN95089 DPCONTN01673 €61.55 | CTN/450 €41.95 | CTN/240 €28.40 | CTN/150 Kraft No. 8 Food Kraft No. 2 Food Kraft No. 3 Food Carton 1300ml Carton 1500ml Carton 1800ml DPCONTN01671 DPCONTN01670 DPCONTN01672 €46.75 | CTN/300 €46.70 | CTN/280 €40.50 | CTN/180 26

Compostable Soup Compostable Soup Salad Bowl 750ml | Container 8oz Container 12oz FPSALAD00752 FPSOUPC10108 FPSOUPC10112 €65.00 | CTN/300 €55.00 | CTN/500 €55.70 | CTN/500 FPSALAD00753 - Lid FPSOUPC00213 - Lid FPSOUPC00213 - Lid €79.00 | CTN/250 €75.00 | CTN/500 €75.00 | CTN/500 Oval Hinged Salad Portion Pot 2oz Black Portion Pot Container DPCUPCO00048 FPPOTBL00150 - 1.5oz DPCONTN08375 - 375cc €64.90 | CTN/2000 €60.99 | CTN/2400 €72.88 | CTN/800 DPCUPCO00049 - Lid FPPOTBL00200 - 2oz DPCONTN08500 - 500cc €67.99 | CTN/2000 €48.00 | CTN/2400 €64.21 | CTN/600 FPRAMEK10944 - 4oz DPCONTN08750 - 750cc €68.99 | CTN/2500 €62.33 | CTN/400 Portion Pot Lids Waxed Ramekins Waxed Ramekins FPLIDCL00200 - 1-2oz FPRANEK50152 - 1oz DPRAMEK50153 - 4oz €41.50 | CTN/2400 €3.20 | CTN/250 €9.85 | CTN/250 FPLIDCL10945 - 4oz FPRAMEK50151- 2oz €54.00 | CTN/2400 €4.40 | CTN/250 27

Fish & Chip Box Plain 9” Pizza Box Corrugated 10” Pizza Box FPFISHB06642 FPPIZZA30896 FPGMDPI89497 25x15x5cm €16.99 | CTN/100 €24.00 | CTN/100 €21.50 | CTN/100 FPFISHB06643 31x15x5cm €23.50 | CTN/100 Brown 12” Pizza Box Brown 12” Pizza Box Medium Pizza Delivery Bag FPGMDPI10012 FPPIZZA02075 SDPIZZA03600 €23.99 | CTN/100 €29.99 | CTN/100 €45.00 each We have a wide range of high quality pizzaequipment also available. Contact us today to buy everything from pizza screens, pizza peels, douh scrapers and more. Thermobox GN/1 (46L) SDGNBOX01146 €93.95 each

Flexy Pint Glass 57cl Wrapped 9oz Tumbler Smoothie Cup DPPLEXI00020 DPTUMBL00010 FPCUPPL20212 - 12oz €44.60 | CTN/1000 €75.00 | CTN/1000 €74.50 | CTN/1000 FPCUPLD00616 - Lid FPCUPPL20214 - 16oz €74.00 | CTN/1403 €74.50 | CTN/1000 Smoothie Cup Lids Flat Lid for 16oz Cold Cup 12oz FPCUPLD20217 Smoothie Cup DPCUPCO00046 €33.00 | CTN/1000 DPSUNDA00020 €128.00 | CTN/1000 €39.00 | CTN/1020 Portion Pot 2oz Clear Cup 12/14oz Raised Lid for 12oz Cup Insert for 12oz Cup DPCUPCD01214 DPCUPCO00096 DPCUPCO00047 €85.00 | CTN/540 €66.00 | CTN/1000 €86.00 | CTN/1000 29

Ripple Wall Aroma Cup Brycon Double Walled Cup FPCUPDW05108 - 8oz DPCUPCO00008 - 8oz €33.50 | CTN/500 €31.50 | CTN/500 FPCUPDW05112 - 12oz DPCUPCO00012 - 12oz €35.50 | CTN/500 €37.60 | CTN/500 FPCUPDW05116 - 16oz €45.70 | CTN/500 Brycon Lid 8oz Brycon Lid 12/16oz Hot Cup Lids FPCUPLD00080 FPCUPLD00090 DPLIDCO00079 - 8oz €19.15 | CTN/1000 €28.50 | CTN/1000 €42.00 | CTN/1000 DPLIDCO00089- 12/16oz €50.00 | CTN/1000 Two Cup Carrier Four Cup Carrier San Jamar Ez-fit FPGMDCC01832 DPCUPCA20061 Single Cup Dispenser €33.50 | CTN/480 €25.99 | CTN/220 SDDISPR02902 30 €350 each

Hot Cup Clutch for Brycon Lid 12/16oz Black 8” Bendy Straw 12/16oz FPSTIRR00327 - 5.5” DPSTRBL70055 FPGMDCL00016 €2.30 | CTN/1000 €0.79 | CTN/250 €23.00 | CTN/1000 FPSTIRR54601 - 7” €2.99 | CTN/1000 Clear PLA Bendy Straw 8B” lack Paper Straw 8” Candy Stripe Paper DPSTRAW70041 DPSTRAW90101 Straw 8” €0.45 | CTN/250 €3.70 | CTN/250 DPSTRAW90091 €2.75 | CTN/250 2 in 1 Cutlery Pack 4 in 1 Cutlery Pack 5 in 1 Cutlery Pack DPMEALP00249 DPMEALP00251 DPMEALP00252 €31.80 | CTN/250 €50.80 | CTN/250 €67.99 | CTN/250 31

Black Plastic Cutlery Fork DPFORKB00192 €31.20 Knife DPKNIFEB00191 €31.20 Spoon DPDSPN00153 €10.00 CTN/1000 White Plastic Cutlery Fork FPPLFRK10250 €9.90 Knife FPPLKNF10200 €9.90 Spoon FPPLDSP10300 €9.90 CTN/1000 Teaspoon FPPLTSP20400 €23.25 CTN/2000 Indiviually Wrapped Teaspoons DPSPOON00101 €29.50 | CTN/500 Small Carrier Bag Foil Lined Bags Kraft Lined Grease- 21x18xGusset 7.5cm 175x230x300mm proof Chip Bag 3lb FPGMDBG08480 FPFOILB20693 DPCHIPB99991 €16.00 | CTN/250 €25.00 | CTN/500 €17.39 | CTN/235 Medium Carrier Bag 24.5x22xGusset 11cm DPBAGBP81310 €19.99 | CTN/250 Large Carrier Bag 30.5x25xGusset 13.5cm Ultra-ply White Napkins DPBAGBP01015 DPNAPWH00033 - 33cm Ultra-Ply White 8 €23.99 | CTN/250 Fold Napkins €20.50 | CTN/2000 DPNAPWH80040 DPNAPWH14040 - 40cm €29.90 | CTN/2000 32 €29.20 | CTN/2000

Brycon White 40cm Foil Cutterbox Cling Film Cutterbox 8 Fold Airlaid Napkins FPFOILB90045 - 45cm FPCLING30030 - 30cm DPBRYCN00040 €7.60 each €4.00 each €32.30 | CTN/500 FPFOILB90030 - 30cm FPCLING30045 - 45cm €6.00 each €5.25 each Greaseproof Greaseproof Paper Red Greaseproof Paper Newspaper Print Gingham Chevron Print DPGREAS14870 DPGREAS01487 DPAJSNEVI1651 €52.50 | CTN/1000 €24.50 | CTN/1000 €33.20 | CTN/1000 Plastic Quill Toothpick Wrapped Wooden Wooden Bamboo DPTPICK00401 Toothpick Skewer 10” €11.30 | CTN/1000 DPTPICK90051 UTSKEWR00010 €3.20 | CTN/1000 €0.98 | CTN/100 33

Bamboo Paddle Buffet Skewer Handy Fresh Wipes Skewer 12cm UTAJSPLAS07 FPHANDY00295 DPPADDL60003 €13.66 | CTN/1000 €17.80 | CTN/1000 €16.70 | CTN/1000 Use by Labels 2x2” HSLABEL10042 - Monday HSLABEL10045 - Tuesday HSLABEL10046 - Wednesday HSLABEL10044 - Thursday HSLABEL10041 - Friday HSLABEL10043 - Saturday HSLABEL10047 - Sunday €6.63 | CTN/500 34

ONLINE ORDERING WITH HUGH JORDAN Make placing your order for catering supplies every week even easier with our website! You can shop online at or on the Hugh Jordan app for all of your weekly items! Benefits of ordering online include: - Bespoke list of your regularly ordered items, all in one place to making ordering easy. - Full history of all orders placed online. - Orders can be placed at your leisure, at a time that suits. - Out of stock messages on all orders. - Full images and descriptions available, making it easier to know ex- actly what you are ordering. - If you have an existing sales representative, they will be notified every time you place and order and will still be your point of contact for all your needs. Contact us today to set up your online account, tailored specifically to your business! E-mail [email protected] or contact your sales representative for more details.

PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH US TODAY E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +353 (0)1 862 7200 Website:

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