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VOLUME 14 | ISSUE 9 SEPTEMBER | 2020 Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community MAGAZINE Welcome Home! More inside: Help for Homeschooling Living Large in Small Spaces RV Homes and She Sheds Homeward Bound The Flight of the Monarch Mo’s Heroes Founder ShaDonna McPhaul Helping Homeless Vets

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 14 ISSUE 9 Pictured is the greenhouse she shed of WVM editor, Crissy Neville. PUBLISHER Bill Bowman, F & B Publications Home. It’s where your story begins. Some in our community pack up [email protected] and move often, adding new chapters to their saga at a quick pace. Others spin their yarn from the same place ― for years on end. ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER I am proud to call Cumberland County and North Carolina my home. Stephanie Crider Growing up in Linden in the northern part of the county, I attended Pine Forest district schools: College Lakes Elementary, Pine Forest Junior High [email protected] and Pine Forest High School. Peace College, North Carolina State University and East Carolina University list as my alma maters. Though my husband’s EDITOR careers with the Marine Corps and Burlington Industries moved my young Crissy Neville family around for a decade, the five of us settled back here ― first in North [email protected] Fayetteville and then back to Linden ― where I raised three girls, taught school and wrote stories, year after year. While probably not a Pulitzer prize GRAPHIC DESIGNER winner, the tale is still mine to tell. Dylan Hooker Women’s View Magazine September says “Welcome Home” with features on immigration, migration, home cooking, homeschooling and more. [email protected] Check out the articles on home alternatives, too, one on wheels or others out-of-doors. Known as “she sheds,” these backyard hobby houses are all the OPERATIONS DIRECTOR rage, and the Sandhills does not disappoint. The vintage greenhouse above Paulette Naylor is mine ― the place I green up and peace out. Such additions extend our sacred spaces and the important narrative that is home. [email protected] Crissy Neville MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE Linda McAlister Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or Epdiittocr hing a story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more [email protected] 2 | S E P T E M B E Rinf2o0rm2a0tion, email [email protected] Be sure to AlisksiestanutsEdiatonr d leave comments on our Facebook page!Inspiring,educating,empoweringand DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ SALES ADMINISTRATOR celebrating women in our community Laurel Handforth Cumberland & Hoke County [email protected] 2 | S E P T E M B E R [email protected] SEPTEMBER CONTRIBUTORS Diane Helfrich Michal Dellinger Stephanie Crider Crissy Neville Paulette Naylor Lisa Childers Prudence Mainor Terry Nowiski Renate Tibbit Dr. Rebecca Crain, Ph.D. Jen Smith Metro Creative Communication Photography Credit Cover Photo by Chucki Davis Metro Creative Communication UnSplash page 4-Kinga Cichewicz WOMEN'S VIEW MAGAZINE 208 ROWAN ST. FAYETTEVILLE, NC, 28301 PHONE: 910-484-6200 FAX: 910-484-9218 Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2020 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy.

Inside September 5 SPOTLIGHT ON SHADONNA “MO” MCPHAUL Meet the founder of Mo’s Heroes. This Douglas Byrd grad is set on helping others — specifically veterans and military spouses. 6 WHAT’S FOR DINNER? 14 AARON’S HOPE, NC For boys ages 13-17, Aaron’s Hope, NC, has the mission of It’s the dreaded question for home cooks across the country helping teens find hope and healing through academic, — every day. Now there is a way to spice up dinnertime emotional, physical and spiritual development while promoting without spending hours researching and prepping. Find family restoration through parental involvement. Teachers, out more in this article by Paulette Naylor. house parents, counselors and staff use a Bible-based program to work together to correct negative behaviors and heal fractured 8 HOMESCHOOLING HELP family relationships. There was a time when back-to-school meant physically 16 SHE SHED SAVVY going to a school building, backpack stuffed with notebooks, binders and fresh pencils. That’s not the Take a peek and some of the Sandhills’ finest she sheds. case anymore. As more and more families embrace From hobby houses to garden havens, these female-finessed homeschooling, the face of education is changing. multipurpose spaces inspire relaxation and creativity. 10 MANAGING STRESS 22 THE MONARCH MIGRATION Like bees, butterflies are pollinators and are vital to our Even on a good day, life can be stressful. Stress affects us ecosystem and food production. Join the beautiful monarch mentally, physically and emotionally. There are ways to butterflies as they migrate over thousands of miles each fall to manage stress without breaking the bank. Dr. Rebecca overwinter in Mexico. Learn how a creature that weighs less Crain has some insights into effective self-care and how to than a paperclip manages a long-range journey year after year. implement it. 26 MAKING AMERICA MY HOME, 12 VAN LIFE IS THE GOOD LIFE AN IMMIGRATION STORY Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of scenic What is the process for becoming a U.S. citizen? Read about mountain views, idyllic rivers, colorful sunrises and sunsets one woman’s journey to becoming an American, and what the as seen through the open backdoor of a van followed by achievement has meant for her and her family. #vanlife. Often along with other hashtags like #blessed or #nature or #ditchthe9to5, such adventure begs the question, what is van life really like? Find out here. 2020 SEPTEMBER | 3

4 || S E P T E M B E R 22002200

Woman's Spotlight ShaDonna McPhaul By Prudence Mainor ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul lives by her favorite quote: know it’s a powerful way to get a lot of information out “The most precious gift you can give someone is an to the community. Although most homeless veterans opportunity.” The nonprofit organization McPhaul may not be on social media, I knew it was important founded, Mo’s Heroes, provides opportunities for to equip everyone with the right information to help veterans and supports military spouses and families in homeless veterans and to prevent transitioning service Fayetteville and Cumberland County. members from becoming homeless veterans.” Born and raised in a military family in Fayetteville, Social media has become an even more critical McPhaul joined the Air Force after graduating from outlet during COVID-19, with face-to-face meetings Douglas Byrd High School. While on active duty, she problematic. McPhaul copes by conducting telephone specialized in information technology. Her military consults and increasing the amount of social media background became the foundation for Mo’s Heroes. posts to keep information flowing to military families. “When I was on active duty in Honolulu, Hawaii, I saw As with most things in life, running a nonprofit has its a lot of homeless veterans, and I knew I had the skills rewards and frustrations. McPhaul encounters both and resources to help,” said McPhaul. “I come from a regularly. “The most rewarding part of my job,” McPhaul military family, so it was second nature to take action. said, “is helping people connect the dots when they are A part of serving in the military requires a certain having a hard time. The most frustrating part is waiting amount of volunteerism. A lot of our homeless veterans and individuals who don’t respond at all. When our fall on hard times for various reasons. Still, I believe veterans are in crisis mode, they need reassurance that the biggest piece of the puzzle for our veterans is the process is working.” not knowing all the benefits and opportunities they are eligible to receive. My background in information Mo’s Heroes hosts Lunch and Learns at 11:30 a.m. on the technology and knowledge operations in the Air Force second Wednesday of each month, featuring experts planted the seed in me to do more to help disseminate who speak on topics such as employment, finances, information to our communities across the country.” legal issues, family strength, education, behavioral health and reintegration. The meetings are open to McPhaul formed Mo’s Heroes to bring that seed to all community organizations serving veterans, service fruition. “Mo’s Heroes has been able to partner with members and their families, and due to COVID-19, will various community partners to coordinate clothing be held on Zoom until further notice. Daily updates are drives, food drives, sock drives and networking events,” posted to the Community Blueprint Greater Fort Bragg McPhaul said. “We pride ourselves on getting our accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For fall clients the right information to get them help with 2020, Mo’s Heroes is partnering with The Rick Herrema some of the processes they are working through.” Foundation’s Annual Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Challenge. For event information, visit https://rhf now. McPhaul uses social media to get information out to org/ninja/. Look for more in-depth information about military families as well as to the civilian community. veterans’ issues concerning McPhaul and Mo’s Heroes in “I’m a huge social media fanatic,” McPhaul said, “and I the November issue of Women’s View Magazine. Prudence Mainor is a longtime advocate of the environment and sustainable communtities. She lives in, works in, shops in and tirelessly promotes Fayetteville and Cumberland County. 2020 SEPTEMBER | 5

What’s for Dinner? O n e Wo m a n’s J o u r n e y i n t o M o d e r n-D a y M e a l P r e p Photos © Hello Fresh By Paulette Naylor A common question in most every household is \"What's for dinner?\" At times, I become overly annoyed by this query ― even when I am asking myself the question. I do have my pride, however. I am a Southern woman ― f rom a long line of f ine country cooks ― who knows the way around the kitchen. I know how to treat meat and am not af raid to experiment with spices. Plus, I have been known to make a delicious biscuit. So, many years ago, when home meal delivery A plated-up Hello Fresh meal. companies started popping up, I had my opinion about their survivability. I couldn’t see the value in My response was nothing short of \"Wow!\" such services and thought subscribing to one was not going to eliminate having to go to the grocery Every recipe that I have prepared so far has been store. Defending my decision, I told myself I could a hit ― all-star lineups that arrive week after week. f ind new recipes on the internet, anyway. With this kitchen innovation, I now look forward to cooking. Jump forward to January 2020. While scrolling Facebook, I came across an incredibly discounted What I gained f rom this experience was ― to offer for one of these same meal delivery services. rephrase an adage ― you can teach an old cook My time in the kitchen had lost its glamor ― if new tricks, and restaurant-quality meals are nicely ever it existed. I wasn’t by any means trying to enjoyed f rom the comfort of home. beat celebrated American chef Bobby Flay or match wits with The Food Network’s Barefoot Would I recommend? Sure. I see the advantages Contessa, but “What’s for dinner?” had become a of meal planning services for newlyweds or disheartening question. So, I jumped into a Hello anyone else who wants to learn to cook or save Fresh subscription f rom time in the kitchen. Of course, during a pandemic, with zeal. when people want to go out for a nice meal but can’t, home food-prep options come in handy. My f irst box arrived in March. Purchasing the Other pros include being able to try new recipes smallest size box of two meals per week with two without buying a whole container of a new food servings each, I opened the contents of the ingredient, f ront-door delivery and good-sized layered box to f ind lovely color recipe cards on top, portions. Some cons are that the services can be stuffed paper bags in the cold-inside layer and a bit pricy ― including shipping and taxes, about meat pouches between two segments of ice bags. $13 per serving for the basic level meals. Some Everything was still icy cold. selections rise in cost to as much as $28-$30 per serving. Additionally, the delivered meats can be The paper bags were each sealed with recipe- tossed into the f reezer if not used right away, but name labels that matched the enclosed recipe f resh vegetables will not keep more than a few cards and included each of the premeasured days in the ref rigerator. The drawback here is the ingredients necessary for the meal, except olive oil, commitment to cook the purchased meals in a salt and pepper. The majority of the supplies were timely fashion. familiar to me, but there were a few to come that I had only heard of f rom TV cooking channels. Each recipe card includes detailed instructions, photos, nutritional values and a complete ingredient listing, and get this: the recipes never repeat. With a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting from Methodist University, Paulette Naylor is the operations manager at F&B Publications. She lives on her family farm in Stedman where she enjoys reading and being close to nature. 6 | SEPTEMBER 2020

Interested? If so, you can choose f rom many September 26, 2020 home-delivery options on the market. Program 10am-3pm features range f rom particular dietary preferences or restrictions to ready-to-eat options. Meal GRAND OPENING delivery services available in the Cape Fear region The Eleanor & Raymond Manning are just a click or short drive away; here is a partial list to get you started. Children’s Garden! Online Meal Service Options Art and Nature! — offers options to cater to your dietary restrictions plus a 5-minute lunch. Games and f — features fully cooked gluten-and Activities! peanut-f ree options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. — touts tasty value and convenience starting at $5 a serving. — fthis f irst-in-the-f ield service focuses on sustainable farming with 45-minute meal prep options. — sells not only vegetarian meals, but vegan, too. — preps all meals for you — lowering cooking time to 15 minutes — and has special diet menus, also. — lists paleo, Keto, gluten-f ree options and 90% organic foods. — serves up smoothies, soups, oats and bites that all come in cups to eat right out of. — features fully cooked, ready-to-eat microwavable meals. — boasts meals that are “more ambitious” but still “approachable.” — uses 100% plant-based, non-GMO, organic ingredients and heat-and-eat meals. Local Businesses with Meal Prep Services Bowls on A Roll 2 Go Meal Prep Store, 306 Owen Dr., Fayetteville, The Fresh Market, 230 Glensford Dr., Fayetteville, thef Clean Eatz, 229 Westwood Shopping Center, Fayetteville, Harris Teeter, Fayetteville, 2800 Raeford Rd. and 3050 Traemoor Village Dr., Music and Dance! Vendors, Food and MORE! 536 N. Eastern Blvd. Fayetteville, NC 28301 910.486.0221 2020 SEPTEMBER | 7

Homeschool students gather for book studies. A Window into Homeschooling By Diane Helfrich H omeschool law in North Carolina dates back to 1988, and as a relatively new phenomenon, the movement has grown in the state at twice the national average. According to the North Carolina Division of Non- Public Education, for the school year 2019-20, a recorded 94,863 homeschooling households registered 149,173 students ages 6-17. The annual homeschooling statistical summary is available at 20-Home-School-Annual-Report_0.pdf. If you are an outsider to this trend, you might be surprised at some realities versus illusions of homeschooling. Common misperceptions revolve around socialization, lack of teacher certification, achievement and success after graduation. Socialization is the most common concern; many in Secondly, apprehensions arise about homeschool teacher the public view homeschooling as isolating. My family certification, which is not required for parents and legal joined a well-organized cooperative that met weekly for guardians operating a home school, according to North a classroom day and family social outings. My kids were Carolina General Statue 115C-564. Public concern in this involved in sports through the North Carolinians for area suggests the perception that a homeschooled Home Education Athletic Commission, choosing from a education is sub-par, but studies prove otherwise. full menu of extracurriculars, including science, martial arts, yearbook, chess, choir, drama, prom planning, and According to March 2020 research from the National speech and debate. And while most events and activities Home Education Research Institute, \"The home-educated occurred here in Cumberland County, field trips and state typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school and national competitions further expanded my students’ students on standardized academic achievement tests.\" horizons. A graduation ceremony complete with \"Pomp These results are independent of the level of education and Circumstance,\" honor cords and caps and gowns was of parents. The goal of homeschooling lies outside the the culmination of their pre-college education. realm of meeting state standards demonstrated by testing but rather in creating independent students with a love Homeschooling in North Carolina is well organized, of learning. Students grow up knowing how to question, with statewide local support groups and state-level achieve mastery and manage time. It isn't so much about organizations. Students regularly interact with kids of what they learn, as it is that they love learning. students can multiple ages and diverse adults, in varying locations. A question I would pose is, how odd is it that we place children with other same-aged children from ages five to 18, being taught by a relatively small pool of adults primarily in one place? The more fertile environment for social and academic development seems obvious. Diane Helfrich is a 14-year veteran of homeschooling. She now serves as both a regional liaison for seven counties and as development director for NCHE at the state level. 8 | SEPTEMBER 2020

Now more than ever, peace of mind matters. Harmony Delivers. Supportive and loving staff Spacious and inviting apartments Safe and easy move-in process Let us show you why you can’t afford to wait. Call today and ask about our Move-In Specials. Learn More or Schedule a Tour A student conducts a science experiment at San-Lee Park in Sanford. ASSISTED LIVING | SECURED ASSISTED LIVING 910.849.2306 Someone asking about my homeschool plant science curriculum queried why soil-covered seeds produced roots FAMILY SERVING FAMILIES that grow down and stems that grow up. I replied that we were too busy with vortex physics to cover that. It's what my son was excited to learn, and we went far and deep. I learned along with him, and he won the North Carolina Look no further.BR9rFoau2odys0dneH:ent9Bhtayaeke1rasovwDyvii0hgudiianelA-fShmlrslpu4yereLgst,RShr,Gaot8.atSiAsIuIeNlsniMbr0lNoIoNUnD.rraCNcuR-metnyrtGuYGltoY1oLitoidGh2Doenm0slLeOwnllo8tLuTgIc1ow,EigsnbVOfi30,EaOvAthpgesOh1nLewKgye4eeAODmoRdIearAyNctseDunloOCRioktDrildGtgoaVEEfiKusuotVslwolDAEao!nIorEFapNwrNvMnnInaOyNeetGiT.nhdnhtRTfrwhUeehgsablUtwewimfivRoioTSuzotkReihpaOHInyytriFaNbOWhnyroiAUntEOGedsofuS,ughGUDIodor,usSwIU,R’D,sevONLSmtrVmPhYeiielmEnOGlNEaoyealKlbRrLaoDeNWgoLoosobEmerOvFNOsaEEnkevTeuuheaEOtsiknOeiUnTyPhaorewnRDMiKoltu!dRwEdEWhtogcaEAIfCnoArsOisioCuNNyAanksLi,sRafteLkLtU.r-iDrGTohnsDuAlnIiuE,eMblEnoNSrVeIgrhFATIn5kuOtgmeDr’,EuGOhrm5,olsItfBoeNaNsOoIG5eeLRwmrftoTacrLcwtTAurNEy!hbSikaarOulaEUntDeohIeeieAhnSncNsnnuReYsageDmatdiBHgGrOnuoytsnenRhiLLogIytUmlaoldPkooid,EfEiauoEfwDSotfiwn.Auaed!trlaloAyfLigorrsMDrfuIyayoseO,Rsnmltpt.I.oLhshuuSIgVfOMGabwviaoNeSAenIarriOuewtrKNwImmUenilvDuGsoaLNotltDRdeiIathGYsuftOeYnNliwGyehlotCIonTacwrkLygoVOAobG.gniavLaGEgOosEtiuShOsnDeedwfhnK,EnuDIU’oevNFsaLRVDmdIacmynrYeNnOyAOGslEoeCoeRlkbiAoLatdotGNgRlDuLEOosEhferiuOvDsrotaElwTDeVeeAKaiuo!OTtrFaVznlUhrEnonMIpIanHOKaEyNolRNvWtnhorid.htINnREheedOfGiohNiATwkeeInsrlasTkeUD,i-iDGUwmOTivhgzniUthnSepaVOHRhigNFIakWgRr’,iEOOWmEedsiEFfOnNoILrRUsOrD,grOUtTAu,!hSSh,ROUnDNSIeaNnRWYsEgiGOnu state science fair for two years. By the time high school It’s what I do. rolled around, my teaching duties were nominal. The GET TO A BETTER STATE™. students — my young adult children — did the learning, CALL ME TODAY. and I held them accountable and assisted as needed. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, In my experience as a homeschool teacher and state and State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, regional liaison, homeschooled students often have a strong sense of who they are and where their giftedness State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL lies. They interact well with adults, manage their time efficiently and involve themselves with many types of 1101201 community service, developing leadership qualities all the while. Many institutions of higher learning recruit 2020 SEPTEMBER | 9 homeschoolers because of their pre-college success rates. As adults, homeschoolers are more likely to be involved in civic activities, have highly internalized value systems and accept people around them. What makes good students also makes excellent employees. With COVID-19, many are schooling at home. Veteran, full-time homeschoolers don't view this uptick as homeschooling but as public education at home. Our schooling, consuming 2-4 hours a day and sometimes 12, is a lifestyle. We use diverse curricula — often unique for each child to accommodate learning differences — or maybe no curriculum at all. In my home school, math and science curricula dominated, and interest drove the rest. Writing papers, researching subjects and reading a wide variety of books, my son and daughter excelled in college and beyond, and they aren't the only successful ones. Many homeschoolers have perfect ACT and SAT scores, win National Merit Scholarships, go to Harvard Law School, become major-university student vice presidents — and that's just from my co-op. Homeschoolers are doing well. For questions about homeschooling and available resources, visit the North Carolinians for Home Schooling at This statewide organization offers regional liaisons to help with homeschooling questions, co-op directives, startup help and ongoing support. We at NCHE would love to help you.

Promoting Resilience During Stressful Times By Rebecca Crain, Ph.D Women have been walloped during the sink and take a nap or go for a drive to clear pandemic ― juggling changing work conditions, homeschooling their children your mind. Take time to chill. and looking out for the safety and well- • Focus on what matters right now — the peace being of themselves and those for whom they care. and people in your life, your health and hope Maintaining the morale necessary to for a better tomorrow — or whatever you place as keep plodding the course can be a top priority. trying, particularly when signs of • Shift your focus to the things that are within your control. When you feel like setbacks keep improvement are not presenting happening, focus on the things that are going well and celebrate the wins. themselves. • Simplify, simplify, simplify. Free your mind and space of clutter. Minimize distractions. The year 2020 has been a tough one. As a licensed and prioritize. Ruthlessly cut out unnecessary psychologist, I invite you to try out the following tips to energy-wasters, or at least push “pause” on promote resilience during this season. them until you have more mental bandwidth. • Set boundaries. Delegate. Communicate. • Permit yourself to throw a pity party. Schedule • Gain perspective; think about those less fortunate. a time to lament what is not going well. Set • Keep your sense of humor. a fixed duration of time to feel being upset entirely (e.g., 10 minutes per day). Get it While I do encourage women to feel their feelings fully, out; don’t let it fester. Too often, women put a individuals need to know their limits, too. If you find that strong face forward when they are silently you can’t shake the funk brought on by current times, suffering. Once that time is up, don’t let consider asking for help from a trained mental health care yourself fixate on the negative until your next provider. In case of a mental health crisis or emergency, scheduled decompression time. visit your local emergency room. If someone you know is or if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National • Have compassion for yourself. Be kind and Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. gentle to the places inside yourself that need nourishment. Leave those dishes in the Rebecca is a licensed psychologist in Fayetteville with 10 years of experience. Before forming a private practice, she worked in a variety of mental health settings, including university, community, corrections, public school and integrated primary and behavioral health. Connect with her at [email protected] or 10 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

Entertain Guests with a DIY Taco Station TACOS WITH GRILLED Tired of eating the same old staples of burgers STEAK AND VEGGIES and hot dogs at barbecues? Try this easy-to-make, do-it-yourself taco station that lets you do some Prep time: 5 minutes simple prep beforehand. Arrange ingredients Cook time: 14 minutes in fun serving bowls and have guests serve Serves: 6 themselves for a delicious f iesta. 2 10.5-oz. packages of Mann’s Directions: Southwest Chipotle Nourish Bowl 1. Prepare the Nourish Bowl according to package 4 beef flat iron steaks instructions. Squeeze lime juice over the vegetables and (about 7 ounces each) season with a bit of salt and pepper. Toss to combine, and then set aside. 1 package whole wheat tortillas 2. Season steaks with salt and pepper. Place on grill and cook 1 avocado, sliced with the lid closed for 10 to 14 minutes over medium heat 2 limes, juiced for medium to medium-rare doneness, turning occasionally. Allow to rest off the grill for five minutes. Carve into slices. Salt and freshly ground black 3. To make the mayonnaise, place all ingredients into a small pepper to taste. mixing bowl and stir well to combine. 4. Grill tortillas until warm and slightly charred. Chipotle Mayonnaise 5. To assemble the tacos, place a couple slices of grilled steak on the bottom. Add vegetables and top with a slice of 1/2 cup mayonnaise avocado. Drizzle the top with chipotle mayonnaise. 1/2 lime, juiced 1-2 teaspoons adobo sauce ― the sauce in which the canned chipotle peppers are packed. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 11

Michal Scheider arrives in transformations, we cleaned the vehicle, fully Acadia National Park, Maine insulated it and installed the essential pieces that would make up our home on wheels. T he van life was one of the most exhilarating experiences my Inside the van were our bed, a countertop and husband Ben and I have ever been a sink with running water and ample storage for part of. While living in a van may not our necessities. On top of these essentials, we be for everyone, the choice worked had a fully solar-powered electrical system for for us and made our adventure lights, heat and charging ports, as well as a 120- dreams possible. Many people volt electrical outlet for additional power. Our f irst might question the lifestyle or f ind it unattractive night in the van was on Christmas Eve. We woke at f irst, but the ability to travel on a second’s up to presents, coffee and a small Christmas tree. notice is incredibly special. After adding a few aesthetic touches, we hit the road in January. A few years back, even before we were married, we dreamt of living a different, f ree-spirited lifestyle. We drove up the Eastern Seaboard in the suited- Minimalism attracted us; we loved the idea of up van, through big cities and coastal towns, all living with less, starting with a home that kept the while in awe of what we accomplished with costs down and gave us full f reedom of location. limited knowledge and experience. Making our We wanted to travel but not feel compelled to way north, we parked overnight in parking lots and spend thousands of dollars every time the desire sought out campgrounds whenever we could. The to go cross-country hit us. Entertaining every f inal stop was Acadia National Park in Maine. The option f rom tiny homes and Airstream recreational entire area was nearly shut down to tourists due vehicles to just hopping in the car and going, we to snow accumulation and f reezing temperatures, f inally settled on the perfect medium ― a fully but because we had our van, none of that outf itted-to-live Sprinter van. mattered. The incredible vistas of f rozen lakes and snow-covered cliffs made us incredibly grateful for Our van life dream came to f ruition the summer our choice. of 2019. Three factors made the life change feasible for us — the end of our apartment Having a home on wheels is not always lease, self-employment and a slower season for glamorous. Some nights were a bit too cold for our businesses. Next came the high-and-low our limited-capacity heater or too hot for the search for the perfect van, but once we found one, we jumped in feet f irst. After countless hours of YouTube tutorials on van-into-home Michal Schneider is a 22-year-old North Carolina native who loves going on adventures with her husband Ben and their dog Rhett. A professional traveling photographer, she is passionate about people, health and business. 12 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

small living space, but we have learned to roll with Inside view of the The Scheider’s Sprinter van. the punches. travel home. Photo Credit: Michal Scheider Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen pandemic 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 13 circumstances, our ability to live out of the van comfortably became nearly impossible after March 2020. As states closed down RV parks and gyms, we lost the necessity of showers and water. However, we are not done traveling and experiencing all that the van life has to offer, but for now, we will wait and live through this pandemic with the rest of the world. We’re excited for the day when we can jump back into the van and take a trip to wherever our hearts lead. What about you? If you have wondered if the travel-home lifestyle could be worth attempting, do not waste a breath. My advice is to take risks and make memories. Here are some practical tips about some lessons we learned. • Have a budget. Living in a van is less expensive than a home mortgage or rent, but expenses still add up. Be money minded, but try not to skimp. • Create a list of the most essential items you cannot live without. Use this list when packing up and outf itting your space. Think of your new lifestyle as an extended camping trip. • YouTube will save you. Look for the channels about van life and other alternative lifestyle features and shows. • Design your new travel home. Whether a van or RV, decorate within your taste and comfort. • Learn to love home improvement stores. You will visit them a lot. • Get a gym membership with nationwide locations – one you can use whereever you go. Not only essential for exercise, a f itness center also works for hot showers.

Aaron's Hope, NC A Home for Healing Troubled Teens Building hope, healing teens, restoring families By Terry Nowiski The Linden location of Aaron’s Hope, NC. “For I know the plans I have Structured Residential Home After-Care Program for you,” declares the Lord, The Aaron's Hope program aims to provide Once a teen and family have “plans to prosper you and a structured, nurturing, Christ-centered completed the school’s residential not to harm you, plans to family environment where teens can learn to program, they begin a one-year give you hope and a future.” accept responsibility, submit to authority and post-care program focused on get along with peers and adults. helping participants maintain Jeremiah 29:11 the positive changes made. Academic On-Site School T his scripture guides Teens will attend the private on-site school, About the Founders the goals of Aaron's which utilizes the Accelerated Christian Years ago, my husband and I Hope, NC, a nonprofit, Education program known as PACE, and began housing homeless teens, nondenominational achieve according to their individual initiative one individual at a time, while Christian boarding and potential. If academically behind, continuing to work full time. school opening soon in the northern students will have the opportunity to Eventually, we began receiving calls Cumberland County town of Linden. make up or retake courses to improve from the local community asking if For boys ages 13-17, Aaron’s Hope, performance. we could take more teens. Seeing a NC, has the mission of helping teens need, we began looking for a way to find hope and healing through Counseling and academic, emotional, physical Prayer Ministry help more teens. and spiritual development while Many teens promoting family restoration have emotional The troubled, hurting through parental involvement. wounds from teens in our home Current work on a 4,500 sq. ft. past hurts. The were filled with anger, colonial home to house six teen goal at Aaron’s pain, hopelessness and boys is underway, with full-time Hope is to get disappointment for myriad operations expected to begin later to the root of reasons. Demonstrating in the 2020-21 school year. the negative issues with relationships, issues so that authority and academics, On average, residents will stay at each teen will the youth were rebellious Aaron's Hope for 12-18 months. be restored to and often made poor Teachers, house parents, counselors his family .This choices. The exciting news and staff will work together to help is accomplished is we witnessed many each teen to develop his maximum through weekly individual and family powerful changes take potential. The program works using counseling that includes biblically based place as the teens began to grasp a Bible-based program designed to guidance and prayer. Per the program, the life-changing truths of God’s correct negative behaviors and heal parents are required to attend the weekly word and apply those truths. Home Builder's Class where they prepare for fractured relationships. their teens’ homecoming. Knowing that hurting teens are in danger of becoming out-of-control A Fayetteville native, Terry Nowiski served as an educator and principal in private Christian education for 25 years. Also serving as a teen mentor, volunteer adult and junior teen staff coordinator for over 15 years, she and her husband Chuck are the co-founders and owners of Aaron’s Hope, NC. 14 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

Two Brothers Catering An inside foyer view of the historic home-turned boarding school. Join Us young adults who negatively impact their families and our 2020 communities, our hearts filled with hope and a desire to Gallery Events help. My husband and I began to seek ways to reach out to hurting teens and families in our community. We found a October 6th solution in the National House of Hope. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 15 Through our affiliation with NHOH, we started the path to operating a local House of Hope. Obtaining assistance in achieving nonprofit status, program organization and counselor training, we stepped out in faith and left our careers to work full time in this ministry — renaming our affiliate Aaron's Hope, NC. Following many years in personal ministry, we lost our son, Aaron, a 24-year-old military combat veteran, to an accidental drug overdose resulting from addiction to prescription opiates. Despite his own struggles, Aaron was able to help other young people ― social media contacts, friends from when he lived in Wilmington and others ― with substance abuse problems. After his death on Sept. 1, 2011, many contacted us to tell how Aaron had helped them, crediting him for their being drug free, alive and full of hope for the future. We decided some of the insurance money from his death should go into something life-producing seed money for the house that has become the brick-and-mortar of Aaron’s Hope. Each teen that leaves Aaron’s Hope, NC, renewed with hope, identity, purpose and life, will be a victory that keeps Aaron alive in our hearts. In helping others, we find healing. \"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, curing their pains and their sorrows.\" Psalm 147:3 Find out more about Aaron’s Hope, NC at our website The nonprofit does not receive government funding and is dependent upon the generosity of individuals, churches and businesses. All donations go toward opening and operating expenses.

By Crissy Neville M ove over man caves, she sheds are here to stay. Def ined as an area specif ically for a female, she sheds are usually small buildings away f rom the main home. Whether a backyard bistro, potting shed, craft shack or girlf riend getaway, she sheds trend toward giving women a space to call their own in the outdoors. The structures’ origins vary f rom A to Z ― f rom stick-built originals and manufactured kits to repurposed remnants and recycled rooms. Uses run the gamut as well but stay true to the mission of giving gals a place to pursue passions, hobbies, dreams and leisure. Here’s a look a few she sheds around the Sandhills region. Garden Haven My old 12X20 backyard storage building is my she shed ― more aptly called heaven. She only gets better with time. She was recently upgraded with heat and air conditioning, custom windows, a 6-foot section of broken aquarium glass f ramed high on the eastern side of the building to catch the morning sun, French doors and a back-door access the 10 X 12 green house in the rear. This haven holds supplies for Master Gardener™ presentations and FTCC Horticulture Center classes I give and teach. The structure is also a storage chest for materials used in crafting, herb drying, seed saving and party planning. My she shed is a joy for all seasons. Crissy Neville EditorCrissy Neville is the editor of Women’s View Magazine and Kidsville News! national and local editions. Assistant Editor Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community 16 | SEPTEMBER 2 0 2 0Cumberland & Hoke County 910-484-6200 ext. 109 [email protected]

Multipurpose Me Space My shed was built over 10 years ago, before she sheds were a thing. The current shed sits on a space formerly occupied by a hunting dog kennel built by the previous homeowner. When my husband and I moved in, we f irst poured a new concrete slab and added drains, planning for a greenhouse or garden shed. The outbuilding became much more than that. My she shed stores lawn equipment, lawn chemicals and dog agility and grooming equipment ― complete with a grooming table ― and also houses potted ferns, palms and tropical plants in the winter and orchids and Af rican violets through the summer. Complete with electricity, water, sky lights, paneled vinyl siding for easy hosing and a new outdoor shower, the shed is cozied up by a designated corner for sitting & sipping and a small ref rigerator, ensuring chilled wine and beer are readily available. The Quilt House In 2007, when my quilting hobby started to overtake my home, my husband Wayne built my she shed, better known as the quilt house. The 900-square-foot house has pine wood floors, a bathroom, heating and air, a microwave, a ref rigerator and surround sound. It houses sewing machines, a Gammill longarm machine and more yards of fabric than I will ever be able to sew. My daughter, mother and I have made many precious memories making quilts together here. The quilt house has been a wonderful gathering place for me and my quilting friends. When the pressures of life start to get to be too much, this is where I go for “therapy.” At the end of the day, I am blessed to not have to worry about the mess; I just walk out and shut the door. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 17

Bee Happy Apiary My she shed is an old fox box f rom the 1940s or ‘50s, found on our Moore County farm property when we moved in. Foxes were previously kept in such boxes and released for mounted foxhunts. Keeping foxes like that was deemed illegal and ceased long ago. My husband Lincoln moved the shed closer to the main house, refurbished it and added the f ront deck. I use the old fox box as a beekeeping she shed for my apiary activity. Known as Bee Happy Apiary, the shed houses beekeeping supplies, f rom the essential bee suit and jacket to gloves and f rames, and sits in view of my active beehive. Writing Studio Several years ago, I wanted a space of my own in which to write. Behind our house was a small outbuilding formerly used to boil hogs after slaughter, render fat and do laundry. The building had a dirt floor, old nails in the wooden beams and a large cast iron pot that dates back to the early 1940s. I loved the history that the space held and thought it would make a great studio, so we poured concrete floors, put up Sheetrock and painted the walls a gray-blue to remind me of the fog that rolls across the granite peninsulas of my native Maine. The studio is my favorite place to retreat, as it provides not only a physical space, but also a mental and spiritual one for creativity and thought. DIY Bolthole Pictured is my bolthole in the wintertime. It’s my place to escape and hide from outside demands. When the weather is cold and dry and gray outside, the greenhouse is warm, humid and colorful inside. By Feb. 1, the f irst day of spring on the Celtic calendar, my seedlings are up and growing. I always raise more plants than I can use, but somehow, I can't help myself during planting time. This she shed of sorts came in a kit and was a real bear to put together, resulting in a lot of bad language use upon installation, which quickly dissipated into delight. My cats love it, too. It’s their favorite basking place. 18 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

The outside view of Becky King’s writing cottage. Backyard Hobby Shop This is is my hobby shop in my backyard. My she shed is custom-built, with siding, shutters and widows that match the exterior of my home. I love changing the arrangement on the door with different wood crafts I make and paint and landscaping around it with roses, gardenias and other flora favorites. The shed houses all supplies for crafting, gardening and seasonal decorating - my favorite hobbies. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 19

Candle Crafts Tap Creativity C hildren and adults all reason to engage in arts and versatile and can boil, pour enjoy crafting. Yet even the crafts, which also may boost and set up easily. They’ll also be most ardent arts and crafts cognitive health by protecting mostly translucent, which is great enthusiasts might be surprised to certain neurological pathways for replicating the look of various learn that their favorite hobby can in the brain. drinks. Follow the instructions on offer a number of benefits related the packages for usage and invest to their health and well-being. Many ways exist to engage with in coordinating wicks, colorants arts and crafts, including the and appropriate scents. Research shows that regularly popular activities of woodcrafting, engaging in crafts can have painting, mosaic work and metal It’s also necessary to choose a tangible health benefits. arts. One time-honed craft activity style of candle. In a teacup, a The rhythmic and repetitive that is good for beginners or tea-colored wax paired with a movements of certain crafts, as advanced crafters alike is candle lemon scent reminds one of a well as the need to focus one’s making. Today’s craft stores sell hot cup of lemon tea. Use other attention, can produce a calm many different types of waxes glasses or mugs to replicate the that helps anyone, including and products that can produce looks and scents of hot chocolate, those who may experience beautiful scented candles. mimosas, martinis, cappuccino anxiety, according to health and and much more. self-care web-resource Berkeley Candles can be housed in various Wellness. In an online study vessels, but a clever turn is to As comfort in the craft grows, published in the British Journal use teacups or mugs to mimic experiment with incorporating of Occupational Therapy that the look of popular beverages. molded wax embellishments, such surveyed more than 3,500 Such beverage holders can also as lemon slices, ice cubes, berries knitters, researchers found knitting withstand hot wax — a reassuring or even cinnamon sticks, to drive was soothing and restful, having fact for candle makers. Start by home the realism and whimsy. meditative or Zen-like qualities. visiting a craft store and choosing a type of wax. Gel waxes are Treasure these candles for use The sense of accomplishment around the house or gift them to after completing a project is another great others on special occasions. 20 || S E P T E M B E R 22002200

Most dogs explore and learn about their world • Keep safety in mind. Chew toys have their pros and with their noses and mouths. Chewing is cons. For example, a rawhide bone can provide hours a normal part of canine development, and of stimulating chew time, but for dogs who break off the American Society for the Prevention of large pieces, the rawhide may become lodged in the Cruelty to Animals says that dogs will chew trachea or intestines. Bully sticks, which are popular in many stages of life. Young dogs chew to alleviate pain chews made from bull pizzle, tend to be expensive and caused by the eruption of adult teeth. Adult dogs chew to are high in calories, so dogs shouldn’t eat too many in keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean. Chewing also a short period. Rope toys or less durable items may can alleviate boredom or tame mild anxiety or frustration. break apart and cause obstruction hazards. Chewing is a healthy response, but dogs will need to learn which items are appropriate to chew and which ones, such Chew toys provide stimulation, alleviate pain and can as furniture, are off-limits. even entertain dogs. When using chew toys with dogs, monitor the pet during play and replace the toy if it To encourage healthy chewing, pet owners should keep becomes dangerous. plenty of items that are safe to chew around the house. Here are suggestions on picking the best and safest options, courtesy of The Humane Society, Pet Nutrition and other pet advocacy organizations. • Consider age. A young pup with baby teeth will need soft rubber toys or plush stuffed toys for their delicate teeth. But those same toys can be a hazard when bite strength increases, as parts of the toy can be bitten off and swallowed. As puppies age, their chew toys may need to be replaced with more age- appropriate items. • Consider the dog’s size. A Yorkshire terrier will not have the same bite strength and jaw size as a Labrador retriever. Look for toys that list the breed size or chewing strength on the package. • Know your dog’s personality. Some dogs are destructive with chew toys, demolishing them in minutes. A dog that bites off hunks of toys or tears them to shreds will need something durable. • Assess pet preferences. Dogs gravitate to the same types of toys again and again. Some dogs like the feel of rope toys, while others may prefer edible toys and bones that simulate the aromas and flavors of real food. Selecting toys that interest the pet can direct its attention away from furniture and shoes. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 21

tThheeMMoingarracthioBnuotfterfly An Original Homeward Bound Story By Jen Smith Photo Credit: Laura Bush The entrance to the El Rosario Reserve in Michoacán, Mexico. F lowering plants are on one superfood ― milkweed ― journey to the Oyamel fir forests of beaming their last drops and then continue their journey Michoacán, Mexico, to find out. of nectar sunward, and north up to Canada, stopping in our prettiest butterflies are the Southeast and the central and Purposes of Migration flitting about on a field day. northern Midwest to mate and Environments are seldom In the count is an easy favorite for spawn. Monarchs cannot survive constant in both time and space. its beauty but also mystique ― the without milkweed, scientifically Seasons vary in food supply and monarch butterfly. known as Asclepias, a native temperature; predators move in, flowering plant with over 73 climates change and with human Flight Patterns species native to the U.S. Monarch involvement, social problems You may already know the story caterpillars eat only milkweed of this insect’s amazing journey plants, and monarch each fall. Most monarchs from butterflies need milkweed to eastern North America, an area lay their eggs. covering some 2 million square miles, overwinter in a location I watch these critters eat and in central Mexico that is smaller fatten up each fall on the five than Manhattan. According to species of milkweed I grow the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in my Fayetteville garden. each spring, these lepidopterans I see them off, wondering migrate from Mexico through the what could be so worth the United States. They journey north risk of such a perilous journey into Texas and lay the first eggs of and dual citizenship. This new generations. The hungry, just- past year, I was filled with hatched caterpillars chow down anticipation because I would Jen Smith is a ranger supervisor at the Clark Park Nature Center for the City of Fayetteville and was formerly the director of education at Cape Fear Botanical Garden. Jen volunteers on the board of directors of Sustainable Sandhills. 22 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

USING NATIVE PLANTS TO ATTRACT BUTTERFLIES A fun photo of Jen Smith's travel companion, Laura Bush, Information from North Carolina at the El Rosario Reserve in Michoacán, Mexico. Cooperative Extension at present. Migration is an according to the U.S. Fish & appropriate response. Monarchs Wildlife Service, mid-August, butterflies-in-your-backyard are thought to have first appeared monarchs are born with lower in the Southeast or northern levels of a hormone, which Native plants generally are defined as Mexico when temperatures were leads them to lose interest in those that occurred in North America cooler, and milkweed didn’t grow reproduction, put on fat and live before European settlement. Nonnative so far north. As glaciers retreated, some eight months. Compare or exotic plants are those that are not both food and butterflies moved this to the one-month life cycle native. Plants native to your area grow into warmer terrain, necessitating and northbound route of their well because they are specially adapted a plan for when the seasons and parents, grandparents and even to the climate, soils, temperature and weather changed. Unlike their great-grandparents, and you precipitation. Native plants are those to nontropical cousins, neither the can’t help but agree with the which regional butterflies have adapted, tiniest egg nor tightly curled-and- name given to these late summer and therefore, are ideal for snuggled-in caterpillar would southern migrators ― the butterfly gardening and larger be able to survive the North monarch super generation. These restoration projects. American winters. Herein enters fourth-generation monarchs are migration as a survival strategy. the largest in their lineage and Why focus on native plants for have the long-front wings of butterfly habitat? Preparations for Migration professional wind-riders. These plants require relatively little How does a creature that weighs maintenance, watering or care because less than a paper clip manage Surviving Migration they are adapted to a particular area. something as epic as long-range Unlike tropic-bound birds, Native plants will attract butterflies migration? First, in preparation, individual monarchs heading native to the region. Caterpillars are very monarchs perform a metabolic south have never been to Mexico. picky eaters and will eat only specific miracle akin to flipping a switch Survival is a race against time and host plants; native plants provide these to change a human life span weather. Migrating animals need particular foods. from 78 to 624 years. As for my two tools in their kit: a built-in journey south, I only hopped a map and an internal compass. Some nonnative plants grow with plane to Mexico City and joined Evidence suggests that the excessive vigor and compete for space a tour group led by researchers insects use the position of the sun with native plants. Because some and a travel agency. In contrast, and an inner sense of time ― or nonnatives could escape from your garden through pollination and threaten nearby wild habitat, they should be specifically avoided. Most ornamental plants are bred for color and bloom size, not for nectar production. While these cultivars may be attractive to us, many provide little benefit to wildlife. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 23

A monarch nectaring for survival. biological clock ― to navigate. Eyes, brain and antennae gloomy gray dispels into flame orange as wings open are involved. The monarchs’ map is not well understood, and spread. A liquid dance commences like a waterfall even though magnetic field guidance has been or a silent piñata. Insects spill off branches, alighting on documented in other species, like turtles. Monarch grass-lined streams to sip and gather the day’s nectar migration still presents itself as one of biology’s greatest from a palate of mountain blooms. If you aren’t careful, mysteries and is one of the most compelling reasons, you can step on scores of them, especially those on the at least to me, to help save this creature from the ground mating. endangered species list. Monarchs are also research subjects in the fields of aging, digestion, metabolism of The architecture of the slow-growing Oyamels, the toxins, cancer therapies, predator resistance and gene climate and nearby streams, underbrush, nectar expression. supply, fog and clouds are all key components of this overwintering habitat. The whole scene from my perch Habitat Homecoming on horseback was one of an ethereal mountain paradise Monarchs do not seek the Oyamel fir forests of Mexico as if inside a snow globe, one I reshake in my mind, for milkweed; they are there to wait out the cold again and again. weather back home and then engage in a giant love- fest that looks like an orange, black and white ticker- Unfortunately, many of the qualities that appeal to tape parade. In the words of research pioneer Lincoln the monarchs are also attractive to humans. A heavy Brower, Michoacán, Mexico’s intact forests and large hammer has been taken to the wintering grounds, but trees provide “blanket, umbrella and hot water bottle” also the sweet summer nectar lands. Milkweed, corn for the monarchs against the elements. and soybeans love the same habitat, and significant amounts of the butterfly baby food are lost annually due Picture this scene. Upon arrival in the Oyamel to the spraying of agricultural herbicides. woodlands, the butterflies cluster wing to wing, covering entire trunks and branches ― boughs sagging Monarch Survival from the accumulation. In the morning mist, the sight The environment is changing ― quickly. Can monarchs is a bit dismal as the clumps look dead, but as rays of adapt fast enough? The number of monarchs has rising sun begin to hit and one or two insects stir, the decreased significantly over the last 20 years, and 24 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

efforts to address this problem are currently underway. Monarch butterflies feeding on native flora. A decision on listing the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act is now set for Dec. 15, 2020, TO A MONARCH BUTTERFLY after being originally slated for mid-June. You who go through the day In the meantime, getting involved with the picturesque like a wingèd tiger orange-and-black-winged pollinator inevitably involves burning as you fly getting excited about milkweed. Growing milkweed tell me what supernatural life and watching for caterpillars to appear in fall is pure joy. is painted on your wings Native plant nurseries carry several species, but be sure so that after this life not to buy the controversial tropical milkweed. I may see you in my night The monarch’s tentacled, black, white and yellow ( T ran s . G eorge M c W h i rter ) caterpillars grow at a fantastic pace over two weeks, H omero A r i d j i s then they disappear. If you are lucky, you will find what looks like a tiny, luminous, green-glass lantern studded with gold, attached to one of your woody plants. This chrysalis darkens over 9-14 days, as metamorphosis occurs. Then your home-grown baby starts that long journey to the place it calls home. Interestingly enough, the people of Mexico have long viewed the return of the monarchs as related to the return of ancestral spirits and symbolized the insects in Day of the Dead celebrations. This beautiful butterfly stirs feelings of family, culture, the environment and home ― all reasons for people on both sides of the border to work to ensure this iconic insect survives to be celebrated for years to come. Butterflies featured in the ruins at Teotihuacan. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 25

ONE WOMAN'S IMMIGRATION STORY By Renate Tibbit I grew up in Germany in the small town of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. By this time, we had two small Gelnhausen, which is about 20 miles north of children ― Kim and Terrell ― and since they were born Frankfurt. It's a very picturesque place, right out of a Americans, I decided to become an American citizen, too. postcard. My family and friends were there, and I was happy. Then I met my husband-to-be, Bill, who was The immigration process was a lengthy one that involved submitting applications, reading and studying about the stationed there with the military, marking the start of my United States government and having a witness vouch for my good character. After a few months, I received immigration-to-America story. a notification to come to Raleigh to undertake the naturalization exam. Failing this important test wasn't I had just returned from England, where I lived for six an option for me. I passed and was sworn in as an official months as an exchange student. As a native German naturalized citizen of the United States on March 25, 1970, a speaker and English-as-a-second language learner, I proud and momentous day for me. only spoke Oxford English ― a very proper and oh so grammatically correct version of the language. Bill was from A non-American can become an American citizen through Texas, and despite my English language training, it was not the naturalization process, i.e., by applying for U.S. citizenship easy for me to understand him or for him to understand me. and satisfying specific legal requirements. Typically, the However, love conquers all. applicant, like me, must have resided legally in the U.S. for a considerable period before becoming eligible for After one year of dating, he wanted to get married, but naturalization. Before being admitted to citizenship, the it was too early in our relationship for me. I went on to applicant must give up any foreign allegiance and promise finish college. After graduation, I worked as a multilingual to obey the Constitution and laws of the U.S. To this end, I interpreter for an American firm in Frankfurt, Germany, gave my promise. translating in English, German and my third tongue, the French language. Many German citizens become U.S. citizens and retain their original citizenship due to Germany's retention permit, In the meantime, the military sent Bill back to the United allowing them to become dual citizens. Germany does States because his time in Germany was up. After one year not always grant this permit, and German citizens are not apart, he persuaded me to come to the U.S. Well, I did, and automatically entitled to receive it. I did not apply for the therein the adventure began. license; my citizenship is singularly American. I landed in New York City, a city that seemed European, but The American South did take some getting used to, but then went onto Dallas, Texas, a location with a different feel. the friendly people present here made my decision to At that time, most people in Dallas walked around wearing become a citizen much easier. This historic city is much big cowboy hats and packing pistols in belted holsters. From more welcoming than my native Germany, England or any first appearances, I thought I was in a Western movie, but city in any of the other states in which I have lived. They are this real-life scenario looked and felt scary to me. Bill had so friendly that everyone I have ever met either called me wanted me to come to Texas and meet his family, and so, honey or wanted to bless my heart. Funny? Maybe ― but there I was. It turned out to be quite funny; they couldn't true. Yes, both 50 years ago and today. understand my Oxford English, and I couldn't understand their Texas slang. Time and marriage helped these wrinkles Many things have changed since 1970. I lived alone in get ironed out. Fayetteville with the children as my husband served double tours in Vietnam. Vietnam dramatically changed Bill, putting Bill and I married when the military sent him to Colorado for a strain on and bringing an end to our marriage. During his next duty station. My just-married husband next applied this time, I also changed my career. There was little need for to for Airborne training and the United States Special Forces, which created moves to Fort Benning, Georgia, and then Renate Tibbit is a German-born American naturalized citizen who worked for Prudential Insurance for 30 years. Self-employed, she now owns and operates Renate Tibbit Insurance & Financial Services. 26 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

HOME OF THE 30-MINUTE WORKOUT CLASSES Monday - Thursday: 5:30am/6:15am/8am/ 10:30am 4:30pm/5:30pm/6:15pm Friday: 5:30am/6:15am/8am/10:30am Saturday: 8am/8:40am German or French interpreter in I made many friends along the DINAH Fayetteville, so I studied hard and way of becoming an American became a financial adviser and citizen. This country and city GOODMAN agent for Prudential Insurance, have been a blessing to both me wher I served a 30-year tenure. and my family. With close family Master Coach Personal Trainer Now retired, I look back and know and friends still in Germany, I owning a business was a unique return almost every year to visit 3039 Boone Trail Ext. accomplishment, known mostly and reconnect, but am proud to only to women in Europe born into a proclaim Fayetteville and the U.S. 910-889-1155 family-owned business. as home. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 27

Women gather from around the county for monthly Home Demonstration Club meetings. Home Demonstration Clubs Help Make a House a Home By Lisa Childers M y great-grandmother, grandmother and University. Many everyday programs and services now aunts were all proud members of the taken for granted were started through the tireless Upchurch Home Demonstration Club efforts of Home Demonstration Clubs. in Cumberland County. Growing up, my grandmother would teach me things she learned In Cumberland County, Extension Homemakers ― a during her club meetings. She would often say, “This is different name for the same Home Demonstration the way the home demonstration agent taught us to Clubs ― began in 1914. At one time, over 22 clubs existed freeze creamed corn, how to fold that dreaded fitted in our county. To help increase the income of farm sheet or how to can green beans.” Back in those days, families, clubwomen were instrumental in establishing HGTV and cooking channels didn’t exist. Women relied a curb market in 1918 on Green Street. Selling on what they had learned from their mothers and leaned on cantaloupes, dressed chickens, each other for support. cakes, vegetables, sausage and liver pudding from their buggies, In 1911, Jane S. McKimmon the Extension Homemakers were created the Home so successful, they moved the Demonstration program in market to Franklin Street in 1919 the state as part of the North and later to an expanded location Carolina Cooperative Extension on Russell Street. Historically, the Service. The idea behind market provided an income for home demonstration was homemakers to educate children quite simple: provide women and helped raise their level of living. with the opportunity to learn domestic skills to provide Sherwood Club was the first Home food for their families or earn Demonstration Club organized in additional income to support Cumberland County. Another group their families ― measures my was the Tomato Canning Club grandmother would often say for young girls, with participants “taught us (women) how to planting 1/10 acre of tomatoes survive.” Counties established that were taken to community clubs for participants led by canneries to preserve and sell at the local Home Demonstration the curbside markets. Other major agent, an employee of the endeavors included securing a state's CES. Across the state, post office in the county, funding the then-novel clubs undertook efforts, including lights at the Hope Mills ballpark, war bond sales that provided over one-half of the $4 providing lessons on bread making, instituting literacy million cost for Larkspur, the World War I hospital ship; efforts, introducing the fireless cooker ― the early established libraries and bookmobiles in many rural Crock-Pot, ensuring people were signed up to receive counties; created hot lunch programs in rural schools; the Asian flu shot, sponsoring the Cumberland Memorial helped bring electricity to country communities; and Park and more. Annie Godwin and the women of the raised $100,000 from “butter and egg” money to fund Godwin Extension club were instrumental in providing the Jane S. McKimmon Center at North Carolina State hot soups, sandwiches and milk for the children that attended school in their town. This effort would lead 28 | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

to what we know today as the school lunch program. surrounding counties. The primary objective of CCEA These are only a few examples of club firsts. is to help members help themselves, their families and those within the community. Members attend During World War I, the Home Demonstration women monthly meetings, take educational day trips, concentrated on better gardens and food conservation participate in educational classes and take part in as food was stored for the war effort. Soup kitchens service projects such as Operation Christmas Child were provided to cope with the flu epidemic of and Warm-Up America. Additionally, the clubs help 1918, and the Great Depression intensified the food- conservation need. These supply school uniforms hard times brought about for students at Walker another major project: Spivey Elementary, mattress making. Usually a provide holiday meals combination of corn shucks for the economically and cotton, rural families underprivileged, learned to construct make scarves and their own mattresses ― care packages for the making it possible for the homeless and collect acquisition of comfortable items for those living in mattresses despite nursing homes. Most economic hardship. recently, the volunteers made cloth masks Home Demonstration to distribute in our clubs have evolved over community. They also the years, resulting in host an annual fall chili name changes to include fundraiser to support Extension Homemakers and the Bullard-Gillis the Extension & Community education scholarship. Association. Regardless of the name, Home Some things have Demonstration Clubs have changed, such as had a rich history in North club costs. While my Carolina, helping to shape how the state looks today. grandmother’s dues during the 1950s were So, what does the Home Demonstration Club look like 10 cents per month, in Cumberland County now? The modern version is the today’s membership is Cumberland County Extension Association, composed $15 annually. For more information or to join a club, of men and women who live within Cumberland and contact Candy Underwood, County Extension agent for family & consumer sciences, at 910-321-6869. WVM Contributor Lisa Benzaquen Childers has worked for North Carolina Cooperative Extension for over 20 years and is the Director of Cumberland County Cooperative Extension. Born and raised in Fayetteville, she is married with two daughters, Anna and Emersyn. 2 0 2 0 S E P T E M B E R | 29

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