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Women's View Magazine, June 2020

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2020-06-06 23:14:00

Description: Women's View Magazine, June 2020

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VOLUME 14 | ISSUE 6 JUNE | 2020 Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community MAGAZINE Just Craft Craft Beer Ice Cream Get Crafty with More Choices to Make or Local Businesses, inside: in Town Partake Clubs and Causes

RTeogdiasyte! r & Inspiring • Educating • Empowering & Celebrating Local Women since 2008 August 13 New Location Julie RussoKeynote Speaker VP of Community Outreach| McKee Homes LLC SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: 10:00 am–12:00 noon..............Shopportunity Expo & Wine Tasting open 12:00 noon–2:00 pm................Luncheon, Keynote Speaker, Prizes and More 2:00–2:30 pm...............................Shopportunity Expo & Wine Tasting continues Catering Provided by Two Brothers, of The Vine TICKETS: $4500 (includes the Shopportunity Expo and 1 Luncheon ticket) VENDORS: $8000-$9000 • Sponsorships Available - Call 910.484.6200 Join us for the with Proceeds support the Kidsville News Exclusive Wine Bar & Literacy and Education Foundation. Thursday For more information: 910.484.6200 Shopportunity Tasting! Aug 13 Call with Expo any questions: 910-484-6200 WWW.FAYETTEVILLELADIESPOWERLUNCH.COM • #FLPL NUWBNS PICTURE OF HEALTH Rodney Sherrill Stephanie K. Frink, PbyoesSghahnDatwelysniegnse & Thermography, LLC Realtor Natural Haircare Chi Chi Okoroafor DREAM BOONE TRAIL VACATIONS VENDORS INCLUDE: at Hope Mills Paparazzi Jewelry Mary Kay Cosmetics REGISTER TODAY ONLINE! MAGAZINE For more details on our WWW.FAYETTEVILLELADIESPOWERLUNCH.COM • #FLPL 2020 events, check out 2 | JUNE 2020

8 BETTER PICTURES IN A SNAP 20 SPOTLIGHT ON SONI MARTIN Get the most out of your smartphone’s camera with a few Meet Soni Martin, professor of art at Fayetteville State University easy tips. and curator of Gallery 208. 10 WILD ABOUT WILDCRAFTING 22 CHEERS FOR CRAFT BEER Jen Smith explains what wildcrafting is and everything you If you’re a beer connoisseur, Alena Barosa has some ideas for need to know to do it yourself. local places with craft beverages, perfect for a summer day, and a DIY recipe, to boot. 12 A CLOSE-KNIT GROUP 24 SUPPORTING KIDS WITH DIABETES The Evans Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Crochet, Knitting and Quilting Group serves the Dr. Brunilda Cordero, a local board-certified pediatric community by creating hand-crafted items for the endocrinologist, shares about a support group that is near and less fortunate. dear to her heart, Sweet Kids with Diabetes. 14 CREAMY AND DREAMY 26 WE CAN DO IT! The weather is warm, and ice cream is the perfect way to cool Learn about an as-seen-on-TV women-owned company that off. Becky Rose suggests some great places to get a delicious helps military spouses take control of their careers. cup or cone. 28 MENTAL WELLNESS 16 CARE’S COASTERS Learn about several tried-and-true kinds of psychotherapy, all Laura Harsant Reeves shares about the charitable project she approved by the American Psychological Association. founded that is dedicated to her sister's memory. 2020 JUNE | 3

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 14 ISSUE 6 What’s your passion? Your bag, your craft? Most people PUBLISHER spend time regularly in a favorite pastime, while Bill Bowman, F & B Publications others make their avocation a career. According to a [email protected] report from, 75% of overall respondents have at least one hobby of a creative nature. Those who become ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER skilled at these sidelines spend a sizable amount of time in their Stephanie Crider practice and progress. Hobbies can make us happier and healthier, too, proven to lessen [email protected] the effects of anxiety, depression, dementia and other health issues. It should not be surprising then that 68% of those surveyed reported EDITOR wanting to spend more time with these diversions, confessing Crissy Neville creativity feels better than social media following or TV watching. [email protected] Crafting is synonymous with making, whether it is by hand, machine, brain or brawn. Surveys show the most popular activities are baking, ASSISTANT EDITOR gardening, cooking, home decorating and DIY crafting. Perhaps you Jenna Shackelford craft as a hobby and enjoy needlework, painting or pottery making. [email protected] Others hone a craft as a career and write, teach, build and design — creating everything from companies to costumes. ART DIRECTOR The June Women’s View Magazine tips its hat to the crafters and Elizabeth Baker creatives out there. Pictured is the flower bed I make each year at my [email protected] farm in Linden, where I grew up and grow everything from zinnias and zucchini to peaches and pecans. The sign is a gift from a like- OPERATIONS DIRECTOR minded friend. I have other pursuits that pull at me: painting, baking, Paulette Naylor sewing, preserving ― everything from food to photos ― and, of course, writing. Do what brings you joy and just craft. [email protected] Crissy Neville MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE Linda McAlister Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or Edpitoitrching a story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more [email protected] information, email [email protected] Be sure to DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ SALES ADMINISTRATOR Laurel Handforth [email protected] JUNE CONTRIBUTORS Mindy Love Jen Smith Myrtle Summers Becky Rose Laura Reeves Kathryn Whisnant Prudence Mainor Alena Barosa Dr. Brunilda Cordero Walt Brinker Crissy Neville Jenna Shackelford Metro Communications Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2020 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy. AslsiiksteantuEdsitoar nd leave comments on our Facebook page!Inspiring,educating,empoweringand celebrating women in our community Cumberland & Hoke County 4 | JUNE 2020 910-484-6200 ext. 109 [email protected]

2020 JUNE | 5

\"Roll the paper, stick and shape By Mindy Love it. After that, roll another paper strip, stick and shape it. Do uilling, also called paper filigree or that again and again! These are scrollwork, is an art form that has been three simple steps that define around for hundreds of years, with records the technique named quilling.\" of the process dating as far back as the 15th century. During the Renaissance period, ― Alberta Neal, Quilling Basics: Discover monks and nuns used the gilded edges of the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling. texts to create glittering adornments for religious items. Today, most elementary Above: A lace school children bring home a quilling doily made by project that takes center stage on the refrigerator Carrick adorns a and becomes a cherished keepsake. chair in her home. In quilling, the artist uses tiny strips of paper rolled into various shapes and sizes, which are then glued to other rolled pieces to craft ornamental designs. Paper is easily manipulated into wound, twisted, curled, looped or pinched shapes and arranged into a design. The quilling artist uses these paper designs to create pictures, jewelry, storage boxes or greeting cards. Traditional quilling shapes begin with either coil and circle shapes or scroll and spiral shapes. However, the artist can roll and pinch the paper into any form such as a star, tulip, leaf or paisley pattern. Quilling artist Griffin Carrick of Fayetteville creates unconventional three-dimensional works of art out of these small, colorful strips of paper. Carrick's art is vibrant and complex. A trained interior designer, she found herself craving a more tangible art form. Her inspiration? Macramé and weaving. What was once a project in early elementary school became her art medium as an adult looking for a creative outlet. The result is unique, sculptural art. Carrick elaborated on her art. \"I started thinking about what I could do. I've always liked macramé and weaving but didn't think I could do either of those things. I remembered rolling paper as a kid, though not that it was called quilling,\" explained Carrick. \"I experimented with the paper as more of a textile. Typical quilling is done with a substrate holding it together. I wanted mine to be more sculptural.\" In addition to using cardstock, Carrick also started making paper from scratch about a year ago. Mindy Love is a full-time environmental program manager with the U.S. Army Reserve Command and creator of the blog Sweet Tea and Pasta. She’s lived in North Carolina for more than 20 years and started her blog to share her Southern experiences with others. 6 | JUNE 2020

Below: Look no further.RBr9Foau2odys0dneH:ent9Bhtayaeke1rasovwDyvii0hgudiianelA-fShmlrslpu4yereLgst,RShr,Gaot8.atSiAsIuIeNlsniMbr0lNoIoNUnD.rraCNcuR-metnyrtGuYGltoY1oLitoidGh2Doenm0slLeOwnllo8tLuTgIc1ow,EigsnbVOfi30,EaOvAthpgesOh1nLewKgye4eeAODmoRdIearAyNctseDunloOCRioktDrildGtgoaVEEfiKusuotVslwolDAEao!nIorEFapNwrNvMnnInaOyNeetGiT.nhdnhtRTfrwhUeehgsablUtwewimfivRoioTSuzotkReihpaOHInyytriFaNbOWhnyroiAUntEOGedsofuS,ughGUDIodor,usSwIU,R’D,sevONLSmtrVmPhYeiielmEnOGlNEaoyealKlbRrLaoDeNWgoLoosobEmerOvFNOsaEEnkevTeuuheaEOtsiknOeiUnTyPhaorewnRDMiKoltu!dRwEdEWhtogcaEAIfCnoArsOisioCuNNyAanksLi,sRafteLkLtU.r-iDrGTohnsDuAlnIiuE,eMblEnoNSrVeIgrhFATIn5kuOtgmeDr’,EuGOhrm5,olsItfBoeNaNsOoIG5eeLRwmrftoTacrLcwtTAurNEy!hbSikaarOulaEUntDeohIeeieAhnSncNsnnuReYsageDmatdiBHgGrOnuoytsnenRhiLLogIytUmlaoldPkooid,EfEiauoEfwDSotfiwn.Auaed!trlaloAyfLigorrsMDrfuIyayoseO,Rsnmltpt.I.oLhshuuSIgVfOMGabwviaoNeSAenIarriOuewtrKNwImmUenilvDuGsoaLNotltDRdeiIathGYsuftOeYnNliwGyehlotCIonTacwrkLygoVOAobG.gniavLaGEgOosEtiuShOsnDeedwfhnK,EnuDIU’oevNFsaLRVDmdIacmynrYeNnOyAOGslEoeCoeRlkbiAoLatdotGNgRlDuLEoOsEhferiuOvDsrotaElwTDeVeeAKaiuo!OTtrFaVznlUhrEnonMIpIanHOKaEyNolRNvWtnhorid.htINnREheedOfGiohNiATwkeeInsrlasTkeUD,i-iDGUwmOTivhgzniUthnSepaVOHRhigNFIakWgRr’,iEOOWmEedsiEFfOnNoILrRUsOrD,grOUtTAu,!hSSh,ROUnDNSIeaNnRWYsEgiGOnu \"Cacophony\" It’s what I do. by Griffin GET TO A BETTER STATE™. Carrick. . CALL ME TODAY. Making paper is a hands-on, primitive process, with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, the finished product having a much rougher texture State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, than the recycled paper of its origin. State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL Inspiration for her sculptural quilling designs comes from nature and architecture. Using tiny 1101201 pieces of paper to create multidimensional pieces takes time and concentration. Depending on the The staff are all very nice. I love complexity, a quilling project can require f rom one my apartment, it is comfortable day up to many days to complete. and spacious. This is a really good While her sculptural pieces look delicate and fragile, place to be. -Eva Carrick assures that they are more durable than they look, noting her art has withstood the tiny Robert, James, humans in her own home. \"Wall hangings should be Harmony Executive treated as you would treat a canvas. The functional Resident Director pieces can be blown clean with a hairdryer set on cool to dust.\" She notes one should not use heat or Eva, incandescent bulbs near her art, but that “the glue Harmony used (in the projects) is an archival glue, which is Resident durable and able to stand up to life.\" Start your Harmony Lifestyle! Call 910.849.2306 Carrick's sculptures take quilling to a new level. \"In my artwork, I make shapes that will structurally ASSISTED LIVING | SECURED ASSISTED LIVING support the dimensional shape I'm creating,\" said Carrick. Without backing, the quilled shapes must be 7051 Rockfish Road | Fayetteville self-supporting and sturdy, so she \"plays around with the quilled pieces\" to achieve the desired shape. 2020 JUNE | 7 Of note is quilling's accessibility. Very few supplies are needed ― toothpicks, pencils, paper and glue are all that are needed to start creating. Once supplies are in hand, it's time to start curling paper and experimenting with shapes. That's the foundation, but the finished creation is up to the artist. To see Carrick's works, follow her on social media or visit Her art is available to view and purchase at Leclair's General Store in downtown Fayetteville.

martphones have changed the world in many predecessors, sometimes they can still cast a poor tone on ways, including turning many of their owners into photographs. Photographers can experiment with natural amateur photographers. Smartphone cameras light or boost the exposure to let more light into the photo. are never far from reach, and people are using them to chronicle everything from milestones Accessorize as necessary. As with any camera, plenty of to more mundane moments. Estimates by accessories can improve smartphone photography. Phones InfoTrends indicate 1.2 trillion digital photos will be taken can be enhanced with telephoto and wide-angle lenses worldwide this year. The vast majority of those pictures that can add depth and field of vision to photos. Specific will be snapped on mobile phones. While purists may cases improve grip on the phone and may come with a advocate for classic cameras, smartphone users can dedicated shutter button. capture complex, detail-heavy images by using several tips to improve their mobile phone photo skills. Snap fast for action shots. Phone cameras may be equipped with multiple-succession photo capabilities that Focus on the simple. Practice taking photos with just enable users to catch action shots and moving subjects one subject and utilize negative space in the photo more easily. composition. Keeping photos simple helps the audience enjoy them more, especially when they are viewing them Explore panoramic images. Take in the majesty of a on the small screens of their phones on social media. landscape with scenic settings that will piece together multiple photos into one wide-angle picture. Experiment with apps. Innovators continually come up with new photography apps that put greater control Shoot for the end product. Try adjusting the settings with in the hands of smartphone users. For example, Apple the final product in mind. For example, for those looking recently enabled third-party apps to offer controls on to fill a landscape frame at home, make sure the camera shutter speed, ISO, exposure and white balance, giving is positioned in landscape mode. For Instagram or other amateur photographers greater manual control. Other social media posts, taking the picture in square mode can apps can instantly change hues, add filters and remove maximize the placement of the subject. imperfections. Smartphones have turned photography into a passion for Try snapping without flash. Even though smartphone many people, and amateurs can employ various strategies flashes are much improved over those of their to make their photos look better. 8 | JUNE 2020

Summertime is all about enjoyment, whether that means taking a vacation, spending time on the beach or enjoying the company of family and friends at parties and on patios. With so many fun things to do, who wants to stay cooped up indoors with housework and a to-do list? Make sure you’re able to take advantage of everything the season has to offer with these tips that can help you spend more time under the sun. • Avoid shopping on weekends. If you work a typical nine-to-five schedule, you probably do your grocery shopping and home renovation store visits on the weekend because it’s when you have more time on your hands. Since that’s true for most people, you’ll face longer trips and more crowded spaces. Try to carve out some time on a weekday evening, especially Monday or Tuesday, and you’ll free up precious weekend time and avoid long lines. • Simplify meal prep. Don’t sacrifice eating healthy, nutritious food when you’re pressed for time. Instead, look for low or no-prep meal options, like Mann’s Nourish Bowls, at the grocery store. These ready-to- eat single-serve meals feature superfood veggies like sweet potato, kohlrabi and kale. Developed by chefs, the bowls are ready in just a couple of minutes in your microwave. Serve as a standalone meal or as a base with your favorite protein. • Clean as you go. When it comes to keeping your home clean and organized, it pays to do a little bit at a time rather than spend a whole day or weekend on chores. Wipe down your shower after each use to avoid the buildup of mold and mildew. Dust surfaces in your closet regularly to keep items and clothes clean longer and wipe kitchen surfaces while cooking. Regular maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your home tidy and ready for spur-of-the- moment summer gatherings. 2020 JUNE | 9

By Jennifer L. Smith Right: Some Above and far right: Dandelions picked and photographed by the author. plants like this W e are just plain out they live. A number are preppers who invasive of touch with our gain a sense of safety and satisfaction Florida relatives — well, at from knowing that in the worst of Betony least those from a few times, they could scrape by on what have edible thousand years ago. We have little nature provides until conditions tubers. idea of what their lives were like, improve. And some do it for profit, alikes, you can be more confident as a forager. Keep in mind that how they spent their time or what combining what they love and some plants have parts that are poisonous and components that they experienced. Although much believe in to help make ends meet. are edible, but only at certain times of the year. On the flip side, some of the landscape has changed since plants have toxic elements but, with special preparations, are suitable for then, some of the same uncultivated I view it as an act of gratitude, purification. Following are several other guidelines. plants remain that were common slowing down and co-creating • Don’t harvest along roads or on years ago. Wildcrafting is an age-old with the Earth. Each plant has its former industrial sites. Plants pick up pollutants, and utility practice of harvesting, preparing and uniqueness, from flower structure companies routinely spray roadsides with herbicides to consuming those plants for food or and stem forking to the fragrance of keep vegetation from growing back or spreading. medicinal purposes. Learning this its root. Great practice for beginning • Don’t forage from areas such as ancient art gives us a way to relate crafters is to sketch your plant for lawns sprayed with pesticides or weed killers. to our ancestors. They felt the same the joy of it and then take out a • Don’t trespass. refreshing, tart burst of a sorrel leaf plant guide and reference like Plant • Don’t harvest a rare plant or on the tongue that we experience Identification Terminology by James more than about 1/3 of what is growing. Leave some for the and had sore throats soothed by a G. and Melinda Woolf Harris. The animals and some to go to seed for next year’s crop. warm sip of a maple-flavored slippery scientific names of plants are oh so Dandelions are a great plant to start elm bark-infused tea. Indeed, the lovely. They often contain interesting wildcrafting, and children love them. They tend to be least bitter in early practice of wildcrafting is an intimate information about the plant, but spring. You can even buy the greens at certain grocery stores to try first if form of historical reenactment ― a some are just music to the ear. My you are apprehensive. Famed Earth teacher Tom Brown describes them little herbal time traveling. herb closet is also like a bit of a as “conjuring up images of spring, their fresh scents so alluring, drawing scrapbook. Each jar or bag of dried one to run barefoot across their faces until the feet are green and People practice wildcrafting for as plant material is a little time capsule. yellow striped.” They even have a fun, dinosaur sounding name: Taraxacum many reasons as there are individuals. For example, there was the day that officinale. Collecting can be fun because several dandelion twins For some, it begins in childhood, a giant storm felled an entire slippery exist out there. These plants are making mud pies with seasonal elm tree, affording me the chance to recipes, perhaps using fragrant rose strip a bag full of its sweet-smelling petals in spring, bright berries in inner bark. summer and acorns or fleshy roots in fall. Some enjoy the thrill of the How to start wildcrafting hunt, like the hours spent outdoors It is good for beginning wildcrafters in search of such precious quarry as a to join an experienced group or perfectly ripe wild strawberry. Some take a hands-on class at a nature enjoy the confidence, expanding center. You’ll find no substitute for aesthetic and shift in perspective learning the basic principles of plant that comes from mastering the skills identification and learning what of plant identification. Some are toxic plants grow in your area. A “locavores” who crave the nutritional course will introduce you to the best benefits of consuming something reference books. Once you determine fresh from the Earth, right where which plants have poisonous look- Jennifer L. Smith is a ranger supervisor at the Clark Park Nature Center for the City of Fayetteville and was formerly the director of education at Cape Fear Botanical Garden. She volunteers on the board of directors of Sustainable Sandhills. 10 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

not poisonous, but they may not By Nancy Babcock and be as delicious as the real ones. Ywonne Nilsson Separating them is a good exercise in observation skills, so research and • ½ cup unbleached flour learn to identify true dandelions, if • ½ cup whole wheat flour you can. • 1 teaspoon baking powder • ½ teaspoon salt Where to wildcraft • ½ cup dandelion flowers, Good places to forage include areas around organic farms. Contact the yellow petals only owner and ask if you can “weed” • 2 tablespoons honey in chemical-free zones. Before • 1 slightly beaten egg you remove plants from a park or • 3 tablespoons melted butter forest, check with rangers regarding • 1-1 ¼ cup milk regulations. Removal of plants Mix dry ingredients and flowers without a permit in sites affiliated in a separate bowl. Mix liquids in with Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks a second bowl and then gently and Recreation and North Carolina combine. Heat a nonstick skillet State Division of Parks and Recreation on medium and cook by ¼ scoop is prohibited. until bubbly and edges are dry. Flip and cook until browned. Uses for wildcrafted plants To appreciate a plant in its purest 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 11 form, taste it by itself first to discover a texture and flavor profile. Much of spring wildcrafting involves making salads, stir-fries and pesto, since wildcrafters deal with smaller amounts of several ingredients. It has long been a tradition in many cultures to collect tender spring greens and use them as a tonic or blood purifier thought to stimulate the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. I once pulled over to ask an Asian family what they were picking from a wooded area just outside my town. They couldn’t speak English but smiled and handed me some yellow- green tendrils from what I recognized as thorny greenbrier (Smilax) bush. The tendrils tasted of lemon. Wildcrafting has ways of bringing people together, too. Enjoy this recipe for dandelion-flower pancakes with your friends and family.

By Myrtle Summers My church’s crafting club began meeting individuals with different interests but soon became a Feb. 14, 2016. I was tasked by our pastor, Rev. cohesive group, serving the community with our skills Corey Little, to develop some activities for powered by love for our neighbors. the members of our church. As the Evans Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church Christian education We met at Evans Metropolitan until our church director, I met with my team to develop these projects. suffered a catastrophic loss during Hurricane The Knitting, Crocheting and Quilting Ministry was Florence. The members wondered what would happen one of the projects birthed by the Christian education to our little family. Once again, Jones went out and found department. Mary Jones, at the recommendation of us another meeting place. We are currently meeting at the team, agreed to lead and direct this program. She the Senior Center on Blue Street, where we were met immediately went to work and, within weeks, had set up with open arms and hearts. We now meet on Mondays the first meeting. The inaugural group met in the Bessie and Thursdays. Lewis Assembly Hall of our historic church. Our mission remains the same, with an enhanced Group members are f rom all across Fayetteville focus on helping the less fortunate of Fayetteville. The and represent many faiths and families. Our initial ladies and men in our circle have made and donated mission was to teach members how to quilt, knit blankets, scarves and hats. We have received donations and crochet. Those with like interests positioned from across the Fayetteville community, too ― such as themselves together. It was amazing to see a group gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hammond, who donated of strangers working together and bonding over yarn to help with our blanket and scarf ministries, something so special. You could see the f riendships and from Harris Teeter, which gave bags to hold our developing and the bond building in our group. People projects. Some of the members have also made and were laughing, sharing, teaching with patience and donated blankets to the local nursing homes. building friendships. This group of strangers became a close-knit team. We started as a collection of When members were asked, “Why do you do this each week?” one attendee, Mary, said her brother served in the military for many years, and due to Above: The crafters meet regularly and share a special bond. A retired Cumberland County Schools educator, Myrtle Summers is currently a pre-K and kindergarten science teacher at The Fayetteville Academy. She is a member of the Evans Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church and co-director of the the Knitting, Crocheting and Quilting Ministry. 12 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Two Brothers Catering Above and right: Join Us Members prepare 2020 holiday gifts. Gallery Events unforeseen circumstances, became homeless and Our very first “masked” died. To her, making the items in our group helps Gallery 208 Event keep her brother’s memory alive and affords her a way to give back to the community. June 9 Another member, Olivia, said she comes for the Safe distancing will be observed. wonderful fellowship and knowledge that her gifts of blankets and scarves will keep a person warm on a cold night. She also enjoys sharing ideas and appreciates the mental stimulation. Benay Cathy, Dee Boyer, Gloria Harlee and Donna Markham commented they come to help the students and make items for the less fortunate of our city. This group of quiet and passionate ladies is doing much for the people of Fayetteville. Through the use of personal resources and time to make a difference in local lives, we were able to donate 100 bags last Christmas to the less fortunate of our city, each containing a scarf, a hat, gloves and a blanket. Each item was made with love for our neighbors, hope for brightening someone’s day and concern for providing something warm for cold winter nights. The Evans Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church Crochet, Knitting and Quilting Group accepts new members and donations to help us with our work. Drop off donations of yarn or hygiene items at the Fayetteville Cumberland Senior Center, 739 Blue St., during our meeting times — first Mondays, 1-4 p.m.; second through fifth Mondays 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Thursdays 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Please label donations for the Evans Metropolitan group. Contact the church at 910-483-2862 for more information. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 13

By Becky Rose \"Life is uncertain ― eat dessert first\" ― Ernestine Ulmer Does this quote resonate with anyone? Life has On the road, our first adventure was to Gillis Hill Farm, not been normal since COVID-19 reared its ugly which is always a fun family excursion. We visited on head, causing massive quarantines and economic a “strawberry Saturday” where, in addition to getting instability. Ernestine Ulmer’s advice is timely, and delicious ice cream, we could also pick strawberries and summertime is the best time to enjoy a universally loved purchase fresh produce, jams, jellies and honey. Before we dessert ― ice cream. I easily persuaded family members to even sampled the ice cream, we bought two baskets of “go glimmering,” our family’s nickname for a spontaneous berries and a round watermelon we tucked into our trunk. adventure, and taste test the unique flavors of homemade Children love visiting Gillis Hill Farm as there are animals ice cream in the Cape Fear region. and play areas sprinkled throughout the grounds. Farmers in this area since the 1700s, the most recent generation of There is a plethora of commercial businesses where the Gillis family has expanded into agritourism. you can buy ice cream in our region ― too many to list in the confines of two pages, so our emphasis was on The ice cream shop was open during the quarantine but homemade and hometown entrepreneurs who offer not operated responsibly by requiring social distancing and only delicious ice cream but also a fun destination worth allowing only one person at a time to order at the window. exploring. For this article, I chose three locations, each Instead of the usual perch on the porch rocking chairs, under an hour’s drive from downtown Fayetteville. Still, I Gillis Farm encouraged us, and all visitors, to enjoy treats felt guilty leaving out Sweet Frog, Baskin-Robbins, Cold in our cars. The homemade flavors vary ― check their Stone Creamery and the employer of teenage me ― Dairy Facebook page to see what to expect during your visit. Queen. It was at DQ that I learned how to artistically twist They offer cups, homemade waffle cones and pints you the soft ice cream into a little curlicue on top of the cone can take home. I sampled the strawberry, having just left and quickly dip it into the chocolate without dumping the the patch, and it was creamy and flavorful. My daughter whole confectionary treat. tried the banana and found it oh so appealing. Sunni Ski's draws a regular crowd in Harnett County. Becky Vohoska Rose is a Nebraska native who has called North Carolina home since 1987. Married with two daughters, she is employed by Gill Security. 14 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Ice Cream Shops Gillis Hill Farm 2701 Gillis Hill Road Fayetteville, NC 28306 (910) 867-2350 Sunni Sky’s 8617 NC-55 Angier, NC 27501 (919) 427-7118 Smith Farm NC-55, Coats, NC 27521 (910) 897-4269 S unni Sky’s was our next day’s adventure, and to the quarantine. We were excited to try their fresh it did not disappoint. Described as “ice cream fruit flavors and creamy ice cream but will have to plan heaven,” there are almost always over 120 flavors another date to experience their offerings firsthand (and to choose from and a larger-than-life hot-pink ice mouth). Their Facebook page promises wood-churned cream cone statue to take a selfie by. In the past, ice cream, delicious shakes and root beer floats.   they even had “hot” flavors ― one famously named “cold sweat” ― that would cause partakers to break During the “shelter-at-home” days, some families into one. Cheers to the employees, aka “inspectors” invested in ice cream makers to make recipes f rom — per the stenciled titles on every worker’s shirt — scratch. From low-cost hand-cranked models to who managed a two-car line up to keep fans fed and speedier high-tech machines, anyone can create moving efficiently. My choice was a butterscotch bliss, homemade cold and creamy treats. The magical my daughter had blue nerd, and my husband tried a transformation of the simple ingredients of fresh fruit, double scoop of coffee. Bits of butterscotch provided cream and sugar into ice cream enthralls both the extra sweetness, and the coffee choice smelled as young and the young at heart. good as it tasted. The blue nerd was colorful but excessively filled with nerds and a little too sugary. Make time to celebrate summer. Make a batch of homemade ice cream or set out on an excursion to We decided to “double-dip” our Sunday adventure experience the pride in craftsmanship of these locally and head to the nearby town of Coats to try the ice owned venues. The unique flavors, f resh ingredients cream at Smith Farm. Unfortunately, it was closed due and cool comfort will be your reward. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 15

Left and below: Examples of Care's Coasters By Laura Harsant Reeves My twin sister, Caroline Harsant Whitley, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007, shortly after our 25th birthday. Treatment was not an easy thing to go through, but Caroline made a conscious decision to be as positive as possible and to live life to the fullest. When she died in 2011, I did not know how I was going to survive my grief. I spoke at Caroline's funeral and, in my remarks, mentioned some of Caroline's favorite sayings that inspired her. Joan Poole, a family friend, was sitting in the church listening. A short time afterward, Joan suggested that I paint some of Caroline's sayings on ceramic tiles and display them at her gift shop, The Pilgrim, in Westwood Shopping Center. My family was crushed by our loss and saw this as a way of keeping Caroline's memory and spirit alive while giving us a positive way to channel our grief. As an artist and art teacher, the idea of the project gave me something constructive to focus on, and I agreed to make my first batch of tiles a month after the funeral. I titled the project \"Care's Coasters\" because Caroline's nickname was \"Care.\" Caroline was also secretary of the board at The CARE Clinic in downtown Fayetteville and was devoted to its mission of providing Laura Harsant Reeves is the lower school art teacher at Fayetteville Academy and the illustrator of the Tristan Trapp book series. A Fayetteville native, she is also the acolyte director at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. 16 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Of Memories, Messages and Coasters Left: Caroline By Laura Harsant Reeves Harsant Whitley, (1981-2011) free medical and dental care to our reveal itself, and I just know it is the beloved mayor, educator and coach community's working uninsured. right one. The most recent citation is, from Hope Mills. What a privilege it is We decided to donate the proceeds \"I believe there are angels among us.\" for me to be able to create something to The CARE Clinic in Caroline's It is the theme song for the Angels that brings comfort to his family, memory. I was hoping to sell a few Among Us event, which benefits the friends and students. batches of Care's Coasters and to give Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor a donation to The CARE Clinic in time Center at Duke University Medical Over the past nine years, I have for Christmas. I fully expected that Center, where Caroline's treatment learned that we, as human beings, this would conclude my project.  was overseen. are more alike than different and that everyone has a story. You never know However, word quickly spread about I do believe there are angels among what someone is going through or my little tiles. People kept coming us, and without family and friends, dealing with, no matter how things back to The Pilgrim for more Care's I would not have made it this far. may look on the outside. For me, Coasters. I knew that people who These angels have given their time the simple act of painting tiles has knew Caroline were moved by the and talents to my project, including helped me to heal and to maintain tiles but discovered that the coasters’ donating materials and designing a network of others who add to the positive messages were inspiring so the Care's Coasters logo. Care's healing process. many others in unexpected ways. Coasters is genuinely a team effort. The tiles became messengers of love, I continue to do all the artwork and I will close with the symbolism of gratitude, celebration and joy, as manage the images I chose to include most well as solace, comfort and support. I have hand-painted thousands of frequently on my Care's Coasters. When people didn't know what to Care's Coasters over the years, and Butterflies symbolize Caroline's do or say to support one another, we have donated thousands of short but beautiful life, hence the something about Care's Coasters dollars to the Fayetteville area and often-used quote, \"Butterflies seemed to speak to people in both North Carolina charities in Caroline's measure their lives in moments, happy and sad times. memory. My tiles can be found in not years.\" Each year on Caroline's homes and businesses across the \"angelversary,\" our family releases And so now, nine years later, Care's United States and even in a few butterflies to carry our love to her Coasters is still going strong. other countries. in heaven. Another image I use on Each year in remembrance of our almost all of my tiles is a red tulip Christmas Day birthday, I create a Care's Coasters has also taken the because it was one of Caroline's new quote. Of the 38 quotes, some interesting path of adding a line favorite flowers. And finally, the star. are Caroline's actual sayings, most of special-edition tiles that honor The star symbolizes how Caroline notably, \"Do what you can, when you individuals and organizations lived her life, like a shooting star, can, because you can.\" Each year, I from our community and beyond. bright and radiant, lighting up the wait for inspiration to hit. I never have Recently, I created a special edition night sky, yet passing by so quickly ― to look for my next quote actively. It that said, \"Heart makes it happen,\" leaving you to wish that it could have always appears when it is ready to a quote by the late Eddie Dees, the lasted just a while longer. For more information about Care's Coasters and Caroline's legacy, please visit 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 17

By Kathryn Whisnant enjamin Franklin said, “Tell me, ranging from recycled boxes, shipping materials that every school has and and I forget. Teach me, and I peanuts and fancy duct tape to Lego put together in one spot; you have remember. Involve me, and I erector sets, green screens, 3D printers this wonderfully eclectic place where learn.” This statement is as true and more. creativity abounds. today as when Franklin first spoke it. In today’s educational Makerspaces are places that challenge No matter what these spaces have system, where so much of learning students to create and explore new in them, they have the same goals. is happening through digital modes, ideas and to show their learning They promote collaboration among we have witnessed a reawakening of through the creation of products and students, strengthen creative and the need “to learn while we play.” This artifacts. In local schools, you can find critical thinking skills and support mindset has led to an onslaught of a Makerspace set up in the library or classroom standards. Another benefit Makerspaces in schools and libraries a previously vacant classroom. Every of a Makerspace is that it helps nationwide. Cumberland County was Makerspace is different and stocked students learn how to FAIL, what we not to be left behind. Go into almost with different materials. One space educators call a students’ First Attempt any local public school or library, and may have all high-end tech tools like in Learning. Not everything you set you will find one of these marvelous Spheros, Ozmos, Ipads and green out to do or create comes to fruition, spaces. They are stocked with items screens. Another has all the unused and that creates an opportunity for Kathryn Whisnant is a Christian, wife and mother of two boys. She is an Academically and Intellectually Gifted specialist in Cumberland County Schools with 25 years of educational experience. 18 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

students to reflect. Why didn’t this that represents the theme of the at home, think about creating a work, and what do I need to do book the class is reading and Makerspace. If you don’t have an differently next time? It is a great another time generate a piano out extra room to dedicate to the cause, life lesson for students to learn from of a banana and a Makey Makey make it portable. Pick up a plastic and work through. invention kit while learning about container or use an old Amazon conductors. How about getting to box (because who doesn’t have one These highly tactile spaces create build a Lego robot programmed of those lying around) and begin an element of anticipation and to run through a maze created out collecting materials. You can store surprise for students. Not only of PVC pipe and cardboard? The the container away, and when you do they not know what they will possibilities are endless and fun. need a handy activity for your bored find when they go, but also they kids, pull it out. You can Google lots never know what they might do If you are a parent looking for of great ideas that will keep your when they get there. One day something to keep your child busy students learning and having fun students may create a symbol during this year’s long season while they play all summer long. LEGO sets are popular Makerspace resources. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 19

By Prudence Mainor We read a line of poetry, and articulate and create works that are Coming Weekly corporate office, does suddenly we see ourselves important to them.”  not receive any funding or grants. This differently. We hear a few fact makes it unique among other bars of music, and we sense something Martin fulfills the scholarship aspect longer-standing art galleries. Gallery new or experience something familiar of her profession by remaining an 208 exhibits an artist’s work, publicizes in a deeper way. Gazing at a painting exhibiting professional artist and by it by featuring the exhibit on a cover unleashes a flood of memories or continuing to research and practice of Up & Coming Weekly along with what-ifs. We call the poetry, music and processes and mediums that interest a feature article on the artist and painting “art,” but it is communication her. Recently, she pursued an interest the exhibit in that week’s edition in its most intuitive form. According in ceramics and studied with Skylor and offers the artist 100% of any to Soni Martin, professor of art at Swann, FSU’s new ceramics professor. sales. Gallery 208 does not take a Fayetteville State University and commission or charge admission. curator of Gallery 208, art presents Over the years, Martin has actively “opportunities to see the possibility of promoted art in the community by “As curator of Gallery 208,” said larger ideas.” serving in a professional capacity on Martin, “it’s important to invite art-related projects and commissions, contemporary national, regional Martin sees her position at FSU as among them the Public Art or local artists to exhibit. I do not twofold ― both teaching Commission of the city of Fayetteville have a preferred style or medium; and scholarship.  and the Arts Council of Fayetteville/ the selection is based on a skillfully Cumberland County’s Regional Artist developed body of work with a “During the last 10 years,” said Project Grants panel. She has curated cohesive meaning.” Martin, “I have mainly taught art exhibits nationwide, including the printmaking concentration, Fayetteville’s own previously held Since exhibits at Gallery 208 change contemporary art theory, figure Whimsical Dogwood Public Art Project regularly, watch for those cover photos drawing and clay modeling. Competition, which resulted in highly and stories in Up & Coming Weekly, Although teaching skill sets is a creative dogwood sculptures displayed and then visit the gallery and give large part of teaching, equally throughout the downtown area. intuitive communication a try. Your important is getting our students opportunity is coming soon ― Gallery ready for a career in the arts and According to Martin, Gallery 208, 208’s next exhibition opens June 9. helping them individually reflect, affiliated with and located in the Up & Call 910-484-6200 for details. Prudence Mainor is a longtime advocate of the environment and sustainable communtities. She lives in, works in, shops in and tirelessly promotes Fayetteville and Cumberland County. 20 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Improve Storage at Home Homes are getting bigger, but it seems as though Think vertically people are still lamenting a lack of storage Maximize spaces by looking up and down for storage space. National Public Radio reports the average possibilities. Store items that are not used frequently, American household has nearly tripled in size such as seasonal decorations or travel suitcases, in high during the last 50 years. Despite that, 10% of Americans spaces. Shelving on walls can go as high as necessary still rent off-site storage, according to a report in The New and be put to use in awkward wall areas, such as in York Times Magazine. Self-storage facilities are one of corners or under eaves. the fastest-growing commercial real estate segments, and the Self Storage Association cites more than 50,000 Invest in storage benches/ottomans storage facilities in the U.S. alone. The commercial real A stopping area inside the front door replete with estate company CBRE, Ltd., reports there are roughly a storage bench can house shoes, umbrellas, hats, 3,000 self-storage facilities across Canada, and 65 to 85% backpacks and other items, keeping them tidy and out of self-storage tenants are residential users. Improving of sight. For living rooms, use chests or ottomans that are storage at home can be a cost-effective alternative to decorative and functional, and store throw blankets or renting storage space. With these easy tips, homeowners board games inside. can maximize space immediately. Recess drawers or shelves Utilize track storage systems Gain more storage by recessing a chest of drawers into Closets may be plentiful, but if not efficiently utilized, what is called the knee wall of homes that have sloped space may still seem lacking. Track closet storage ceilings in attics and upstairs bedrooms. Efficiently utilize systems often make greater use of closet space than the these short walls by sinking drawers or shelves into traditional shelf and hanging rod systems. Customizing them, without taking up floor space. closets using track systems or other ways can improve the utility of all closets in the house. Rafter shelving In the attic or garage, add hanging shelves to rafters or Invest in storage beds exposed beams to create off-the-floor storage. Storage beds typically feature cubbies or drawers within These options are just a few of the handy ways to a platform-style bed frame. It’s a practical home storage improve the interior storage space in a home. solution and does not require any building. 2020 JUNE | 21

By Alena Barosa By Alena Barosa Summertime is to be enjoyed Beer is one of the oldest human- breweries are big on fun and fresh thoroughly, albeit with made beverages, with many recorded additions and also on the culture of caution in the wake of the references to its consumption. The bringing people together to socialize recent health crisis. As local spots first fermented beverage likely and share a moment. They offer live reopen, they encourage visitors to coincided with the advancements music, trivia nights, games, green get crafty, learn the culture and within the grain agriculture over lawns and patio areas for casual enjoy community. Creative venues 10,000 years ago. A 3,900-year-old gatherings and events. sprinkled throughout the city please Sumerian poem that surfaced in the eye and feed one’s spirit. Mesopotamia, or modern-day Iraq, Bright Light Brewing Company Many places teach classes on skills contains the oldest surviving beer at 444 West Russell St., Suite 102, such as soap or candle making, recipe. Over 5,000 years ago, Egyptian serves up a variety of beers –– from painting and woodworking to help pharaohs drank beer daily and used it blonde ales and sours to IPAs and patrons discover their inner artist. in the country’s religious ceremonies. porters –– in a kid- and dog-friendly Another trend hot on the scene is atmosphere. You’ll love the live bands craft beer brewing. Area breweries Northern Europe’s wealth of barley and food trucks they bring in. Be sure allow visitors to enjoy a smooth, provided abundant ingredients to pencil in this brewing company on cold beer prepared by local crafters. for old brews, while documented your calendar. They awaken the drive to support additives were pomegranates, dates something familiar while also and some indigenous herbs. Brewing Dirtbag Ales Brewery & Taproom enjoying something unique. additives are beer ingredients that at 5435 Corporation Dr. in Hope Mills stretch beyond the essentials of welcomes individuals who enjoy both water, malt, hops and yeast ― things a quiet atmosphere and the hustle like grapefruit peel or honey. Today’s Alena Sergeevna Barosa is a 33-year-old Fayetteville resident originally from Siberia, Russia. Employed as a board-certified behavior analyst at Autism Therapeutic Services, the single mother has a first-grade son and is an active member of the community. 22 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Mead is a fermented beverage made from water, honey and yeast. The original fermented drink, mead, can be easily crafted with this recipe. Get creative and add berries, fruits and your favorite herbs. Mead generally improves with age, but can be ready within two months if fermented in favorable conditions. A simple example recipe is as follows. CHAI SPICE MEAD Equipment —By Andrew Baker glass jar, rubber bung and an airlock WVM art director Ingredients Elizabeth Baker shares this unique filtered/distilled water mead recipe that she and her 3-3 1/2 pounds of honey husband made together. The (locally sourced preferred) equipment was purchased at the 1 package Champagne yeast Grapes & Hops location in 4 packets Chai Tea (bags should Hope Mills. have metal staples, paper, etc. and bustle of a busy town. During Other places known for craft beer the week, the Dirtbag craftsmen in the Fayetteville area include removed first) offer a variety of smooth beer flavors, while on any given Sunday Mash House, Huske Hardware Pour all of the honey into your morning, the place transforms Restaurant & Brewery, World of thoroughly cleaned one-gallon glass into a farmers and artisan market. Beer gastropub, Grapes & Hops jug. These can be purchased brand Be sure to check out the large retailer, Carolina Ale House, The new, or recycled from wine jugs playground for the kids, a friendly TapHouse, Mac’s Speed Shop, available at most grocery or beer and and clean dog park for your furry Circa 1800 and The Wine Café. wine stores. family members and Napkins restaurant for its creative yet simple Looking for more adventure? Many Add water right up until the point the meals. Grab your shopping bag, people enjoy making beer at home. jug starts to curve toward the mouth. your children and pets, and visit DIY home brewing kits are on The fermentation may \"bubble up,\" and this ever-expanding business. the rise, with a basic kit equipped this provides some airspace to make with a fermenter brewing barrel, an overflow less likely. Lake Gaston Brewing Company reusable bottles, filters, brewing is nestled right in downtown extracts, carbonation drops and Insert the tea bags, and pour in the Fayetteville at 124 Hay St. and other necessities. The prices range contents of the yeast packet. Screw is hard to miss. Try great eats from about $25 to over $200 per the (sanitized) lid back onto the jug and brews like their Dew Drop kit. The setup is uncomplicated, and shake vigorously for a minute or Lavender Ale, BoonDocker IPA, the flavor choices limitless and the two. If some of the honey settles to the Gold Digger Belgian Tripel, results priceless. From heavy stout bottom, this is OK. Lake Gaston Wit ’l Friend and beers, sours and light IPAs to honey- All-American Strong Ale. Open infused meads –– the opportunities Take the cap off and add an airlock. Tuesday through Sunday, LGBC’s are boundless. Get crafty and Airlocks are available inexpensively wait can be long on the weekends awaken your inner brewmaster. online, but in a pinch, a balloon with a due to its popularity. Who knows? We might be visiting pinhole poked in it will suffice. Place the your small-town brewery soon. jug in a cool area out of direct sunlight for at least six weeks. THINGS TO REMEMBER After approximately a day or two, some bubbling and foaming will appear, which is normal. If herbs and berries/fruits were added, they might rise to the airlock and get stuck. Dislodge them and reset the airlock. Do not leave debris in the airlock. Continue checking the mead. When the bubbling stops, the fermentation has slowed but not necessarily completed. After six to eight weeks, the mead should have started to clear up (a sign that fermentation has most likely completed). Never bottle a beverage unless you are certain fermentation is completed. Once it has cleared, you may bottle it up, enjoy and share. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 23

Let’s Support Kids with Diabetes By Dr. Brunilda Cordero, M.D., FAAP that diabetes is a manageable disease, every summer at Camp Rockfish. The and with new technologies, we can event offers fun activities, including a It has been almost 12 years since minimize the multiple comorbidities zip line, an obstacle course, boating, I arrived in this great city of associated with diabetes. canoeing, swimming, hiking and Fayetteville. When I left the Medical arts and crafts, and at the same University of South Carolina, my A year went by, and PJ was not time, children receive instruction on academic colleagues could not coping well with his condition. I how to manage and cope with their understand why I was leaving such suspected that PJ was depressed, diabetes. The camp is affordable, and a prestigious institution to come so I placed a referral for him with a we are also able to provide financial to an underserved area. I did not local psychiatrist. Right away, PJ was aid to families in need. My dream is have the answer then, but now I can seen and placed on a mood stabilizer to have a Sunday through Saturday undoubtedly reply with pride ― this for his depression. Summer came, diabetes camp for all of our affected is my home. Cumberland County is and I advised PJ’s mother to send children here in Cumberland and the my community. him to the Carolina Trails Diabetes surrounding counties. As the first and only civilian pediatric Camp. However, due to a lack of endocrinologist in Fayetteville, I financial resources, PJ was unable to In November 2018, another first have learned to respect and love the attend camp. Next, PJ and his family occurred: the Diabetes Games, hosted many families who have put their had to move out of the state due by Cape Fear Valley Health and trust in me. One of my passions as to unforeseen circumstances. Six Methodist University. Families from an endocrinologist has been treating months later, I received a most painful various states came to Fayetteville to children living with diabetes. I have and disturbing phone call from PJ’s allow their children to compete and many reasons as to why I am so mother: “PJ took his own life. He win medals. Through these activities, passionate about making a difference believed diabetes stole his future.” children learned diabetes should not in the lives of these children, but I will be an obstacle in their lives. elaborate on one. My life changed immediately. I was Nine years ago, I received a call from never the same doctor. I gathered Due to COVID-19, the Sweet Kids my colleagues to let me know that a parents and children with diabetes, with Diabetes organization has 15-year-old male had been admitted to and we began our Sweet Kids with canceled its annual summer camp the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for the Diabetes support group. With the help and postponed other events to management of newly diagnosed Type of other leaders in the community, new dates. Please support these 1 diabetes. I went to the hospital and we organized our first diabetes day activities and the organization’s met PJ and his dedicated parents, who camp in July 2013. Since then, we mission to improve and empower had tears in their eyes. My heart was have grown and now offer a four-day- the lives of children affected by broken for them, but I reassured them long Sweet Kids with Diabetes Camp diabetes in our community. Sweet Kids with Diabetes Annual Events Cape Fear Valley Health Pediatric For registration information, send an — New Dates for 2020 Diabetes Games — Nov. 14 email to [email protected] or call 910-615-1885. Access all details and Cape Fear Valley Health Pediatric Diabetes Cape Fear Valley Health summer camp — canceled Pediatric Diabetes Ball “An dates at Enchanted Night” — Oct. 3 Dr. Brunilda Cordero is a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist affiliated with Cape Fear Valley Health System. Her passion has been devoted to children with living with diabetes, hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency, disorders of sexual development, hypogonadism and precocious puberty. 24 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

healthy diet and an necessarily require equipment, and or biking, particularly when it’s active lifestyle are great that may disappoint some people a steep hill. Home-based cardio ways to achieve a normal because, with no added weight and workouts also can include cycling, weight and good overall only one’s body weight to provide swimming in a backyard pool or wellness. Many people associate resistance, it’s difficult for a person playing a pickup sports game with exercise with fitness centers and to challenge himself or herself the children. gym memberships. While gyms effectively and gradually build certainly are useful places to break up progress. SET UP A HOME GYM a sweat, exercising at home can With a few barbells, dumbbells be an effective way to get fit as GET OUTDOORS FOR CARDIO and a weight bench, one can easily well. Working out at home may A mix of cardiovascular activity, create a home gym in a basement require some creativity, as even which puts a strain on the heart or garage. Extra equipment, such as homeowners with gyms in their and lungs to build up stamina, TRX resistance training equipment basements may not have as much can help shave off the pounds or an elliptical machine, can be equipment at their disposal as they when paired with strength- added to make the gym more would at a local fitness center. training exercises. Take to the great complete. A home gym also can be a outdoors near home to get in a place to do strength and stretching BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES good cardio workout. Rally Health, exercises like yoga or Pilates. Many Bodyweight exercises include a digital data-based health advisory people find that they can effectively pushups, planks, squats and lunges. company, reports that walking work out at home with little to no Alternating incline and positioning can constitute a cardio workout if equipment necessary. With such of the body when performing some one goes at a brisk pace of around convenience, individuals may find of these exercises is a great way to 3 miles per hour. Walking on an they make more time for exercise, work for various muscle groups. incline also can constitute vigorous which is an essential component of Bodyweight exercises do not exercise that’s on par with running a healthy lifestyle. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 25

By Mindy Love From its inception, R. Riveter has had product line, allowing for a deeper connection to one mission: to support the military the military community. spouses — the backbone of the military community. What started with two “Sustainability was always near and dear women lamenting the availability of to our hearts,” said Cruse. “Not only the meaningful work for military spouses is now a environmental aspect of sustainability but … women-owned business that has seen success of the business as well. The materials used to countrywide. provide us with a sustainable supply go into the creation of our bags.” In 2011, R. Riveter was born out of this need for a meaningful career. With little more Knowing that finding a meaningful job is than a sewing machine, creativity and fierce difficult for a military spouse, this company determination, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse addresses the issue of useful and portable built a unique and successful business. Since for approximately 40 employees at R. Riveter. founding their handbag-based company, they Remote assembly is the most significant have grown the brand known for its support of impetus to success. the military community. “Not all spouses want to be riveters ― the Moving around an average of every three years remote spouses assembling parts of the makes it difficult for military spouses to have R. Riveter products ― but we also have a network of spouses that perform different stability. Cruse, one-half of the founding tasks and jobs.” dynamic duo at R. Riveter, recognizes the need to support those who support the nation’s Several employees have been with the company military. In a recent interview, Women's View since they first started in Dahlonega, Georgia. Magazine's Mindy Love talked with Cruse “While all the staff we have are great, there is a about the story and vision behind R. Riveter. handful that started with us that are still with us today,” Cruse said. Employees such as Sheryl “The idea from the beginning was always to and Jocelyn balance their full-time jobs with R. create meaningful jobs for military spouses. Riveter with their duties as military spouses for We had no plan, no financials, aside from what their husbands and families. we used on our charge cards. But we had a vision and were very driven,” said Cruse. R. Riveter makes a difference in the lives of numerous employees by providing purposeful “As military spouses, we were lucky in that we work. Some have followed Bradley and Cruse’s were supported financially and with benefits lead into entrepreneurship. such as health care. That allowed us to focus solely on the business aspect and get creative, “Many employees have started their own allowing for long-term planning and investing in businesses, and this ties into the marketplace. the business.” Abi Ray once worked for us. She now runs Legacy Magazine, a publication tailored to Upcycling old canvas tents and uniforms in the military service members and their families.” making of handbags provides the mainstay of the Mindy Love is a full-time environmental program manager with the U.S. Army Reserve Command and creator of the blog Sweet Tea and Pasta. She’s lived in North Carolina for more than 20 years and started her blog to share her Southern experiences with others. 26 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

See their products locally at PRESSED in Downtown Fayetteville Left and above: R. Riveter wares on display and in process. Photos courtesy of R. Riveter. For more information on the company’s mission and products, In 2014, R. Riveter leveraged a Kickstarter please visit campaign, followed by an appearance on “Shark Tank” in 2016, growing the company exponentially. “Shark Tank” gave the duo a shot in the arm and national recognition. The R. Riveter business model is unique, but plans to grow aggressively in the future are a challenge. “You have to get scrappy, and Kickstarter allowed us to do that. There’s never enough money to do all the things you want to do, so prioritizing is important. The “Shark Tank” growth was amazing, but having to continue a 500% growth rate is not realistic. 10-15% would be amazing!” Staying true to its mission, the company launched the Post to Pillar marketplace in support of other military spouse businesses, veterans and nonprofits. Cruse explained the addition.“The Post to Pillar marketplace is an extension of our mission to serve the military community. It was born out of our vision and is a win-win for R. Riveter.\" R. Riveter has plans to launch a new opportunity for military spouses with the R. Riveter Scholarship. “The scholarship is in the planning stage and partially funded by the Post to Pillar marketplace,\" Cruse said. \"There will be two grants for two military spouses, and we hope to have applications start later this year.” From Rosie the Riveter to the national motto E pluribus unum, “Out of many, one” ― the commitment to the military community is woven into the very fiber of the company. “We needed mobile, flexible income for military spouses,” Cruse emphasized, “and we realized it takes a village. We pursued the idea that we are all in this together and stronger because of it.” Today, the R. Riveter village continues to provide opportunities to military spouses and supports the military community, promoting the belief of no person left behind. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 27

Sometimes referred to as talk therapy, issues such as grief, changes in social or psychotherapy is used to help people work roles and conflicts with significant with a variety of mental illnesses others. According to the APA, IPT can help and emotional difficulties. One of the people learn healthy ways to express their goals of psychotherapy is to eliminate or emotions and how to improve the way they control symptoms that can adversely affect communicate with others. a person’s overall well-being and ability to function. People who are skeptical of Psychodynamic therapy The APA psychotherapy should know that hundreds notes that psychodynamic therapy of studies have found it helps people make takes the perspective that behavior and positive changes in their lives. The American mental well-being are influenced by Psychological Association notes that reviews of childhood experiences and inappropriate these studies found that roughly 75% of people thoughts or feelings that are outside of who enter psychotherapy show some benefit. a person’s awareness. A person receiving Other reports indicate that the average person psychodynamic therapy works with his or who engages in psychotherapy is better off by her therapist to improve self-awareness. the end of treatment than 80% of those who do not receive any treatment. Supportive therapy Employing guidance and encouragement to help people develop The National Institute of Mental Health notes their resources, supportive therapy aims that more than one-quarter of American to build self-esteem, reduce anxiety and adults experience depression, anxiety or strengthen coping mechanisms. Supportive another mental disorder in any given year. therapy helps people improve their social Psychotherapy may be considered to help and community functioning. people dealing with such mental illnesses. Mental health professionals use several types Therapists may rely on various therapies of psychotherapy to treat men and women in to treat patients with mental illness and their care. They may even combine elements emotional difficulties. Learn more about from some of the following therapies to meet psychotherapy at the needs of the people they’re treating. Cognitive-behavioral therapy This line of action can help people identify and change harmful or ineffective thinking and behavior patterns. The American Psychiatric Association notes that CBT aims to replace these thoughts and behaviors with more accurate and functional thoughts and behaviors. CBT may involve practicing new skills in the real world. Dialectical behavior therapy is a specific type of CBT that helps people regulate their emotions and teaches them skills to help them take personal responsibility regarding changing their unhealthy or disruptive behaviors. Interpersonal therapy A short-term form of treatment, interpersonal therapy helps people understand troublesome interpersonal 28 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

Summer Car Care to Prevent and Contend with Vehicle Breakdowns By Walt Brinker Contend with tire-related breakdowns • Have jack and tire-changing tools that Summer is here ― a time when more motorists are on the road and en route to different work on your vehicle, its wheels or destinations. Consider these basics when addressing your trailers. car care and preparation for summer travel and vacations. • Practice using the vehicle's operator manual and tools before the trip, removing Two kinds of drivers hit the road each day: those who have the spare tire from stowage and mounting already experienced a disabled vehicle and those who will it on a vehicle wheel. for the first time. Each year, the AAA receives 30 million calls • Never stop the car in a drive lane. Keep for assistance — just a fraction of total breakdowns. The driving, if necessary, on the flat tire's rim to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates shoulder, rest stop, highway exit or another that 5.8 million vehicle crashes of all types occur annually in stop. Turn on vehicle safety flashers, deploy the U.S. So, failures are at least five times as likely as crashes. reflective warning triangles and wear a It's not a matter of whether you will break down; it's a matter reflective vest. Before changing the tire, of when, where and how often. move the vehicle to ground as firm and level as possible. Use the parking brake and Why not just rely on commercial assistance? They put the transmission in park or gear, and usually provide good service using their people and chock the wheel diagonally opposite the equipment; however, they're often not timely. Problems one with a flat tire. occur with breakdowns away f rom their offices, where they subcontract the work to third-stringers who may For more information, visit be incompetent. By far, the most common reasons for becoming stranded are tire-related. The remaining 25% are split roughly equally between common problems. • Gas outage • Engine overheating • Battery problems — loose connection or dead or too weak battery • Vehicle lockout The two components in dealing with these common issues are preventing and contending with a breakdown. Since tire-related failures are prevalent, here are some tips on how to avoid and contend with them. Prevent tire-related breakdowns before starting your trip • Have tires inspected, rotated and balanced by tire professionals every 5,000 miles. Replace worn-out tires. Fix poor wheel alignment, which can cause premature tire wear and failure. • Check tire air pressures, especially before long trips, using a tire pressure gauge, and then ensure correct pressures found on the driver's door jamb. Don't forget the spare tire; 80% have pressure too low to function. The primary culprit of blowouts is low air pressure in tires. Consider the purchase of a 12-volt air compressor. • Listen to your vehicle; it will \"tell\" you when it is about to fail. Examples include wheel vibration, pulling to one side, inconsistent handling or a low tire air pressure light. Since 1980, Walt Brinker, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has provided well over 2,000 free-of-charge roadside assists as a hobby. Learning new techniques and acquiring new tools convinced him to share his knowledge with others who could benefit. 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 29

CLASSIFIEDS DISCLAIMER Beware of fraud. Please check http://www.faytechcc. Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up Reader Advisory: with the Better Business Bureau edu. An Equal Opportunity to $1,500 off, including a free The following classifeds or Consumer Protection Employer. toilet, and a lifetime warranty have been purchased by the Agency before sending on the tub and installation! National Trade Association money to any company in COMPUTER & IT TRAINING Call us at 1-855-393-3307 we belong to. Determining these listings. PROGRAM! Train ONLINE or visit www.walkintubquote. the value of their service or to get the skills to become com/nc product is advised by this EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING a Computer & Help Desk publication. In order to avoid Professional now! Now LOOKING TO EXPAND misunderstandings, some TRAIN ONLINE TO DO offering a $10,000 INTO THE COMMERCIAL advertisers do not offer “em- MEDICAL BILLING! Become scholarship qualified MARKET?? Coatings ployment” but rather supply a Medical Office Professional applicants. Call CTI for manufacturer looking for the readers with manuals, online at CTI! Get Trained, details! 888-449-1713 (M-F company to install coatings on directories and other materials Certified & ready to work in 8am-6pm ET) (N) commercial roofs, in North & designed to help their clients months! Call 833-990-0354. South Carolina. CALL 740- establish mail order selling (M-F 8am-6pm ET) AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get 656-0177. and other businesses at home. FAA approved hands on Under NO circumstance FTCC. Fayetteville Technical Aviation mechanic training. BATHROOM should you send any money Community College is now Financial Aid for qualified RENOVATIONS. EASY, ONE in advance or give the client accepting applications students - Career placement DAY updates! We specialize your checking, license ID, for the following position: assistance. CALL Aviation in safe bathing. Grab bars, no or credit card numbers. Also Coordinator for Military Institute of Maintenance 888- slip flooring & seated showers. beware of ads that claim to Business Center. For detailed 686-1704 (N) Call for a free in-home guarantee loans regardless information and to apply, consultation: 877-898-3840 of credit and note that if a please visit our employment TRAIN ONLINE TO DO credit repair company does portal at: https://faytechcc. MEDICAL BILLING! Become MISCELLANEOUS business only over the phone Human a Medical Office Professional it’s illegal to request any Resources Office Phone: (910) online at CTI! Get Trained, COMPUTER ISSUES? GEEKS money before delivering its 678-7342 Internet: http:// Certified & ready to work in ON SITE provides FREE service. All funds are based in An Equal months! Call 888-572-6790. diagnosis REMOTELY 24/7 US dollars. 800 numbers June Opportunity Employer (M-F 8am-6pm ET) (N) SERVICE DURING COVID19. or June not reach Canada. No home visit necessary. $40 THE FOLLOWING FTCC. Fayetteville Technical HOME IMPROVEMENT OFF with coupon 86407! ADS HAVE NOT BEEN Community College is now Restrictions apply. 844-401- SCREENED BY THE SOUTH- accepting applications for the Eliminate gutter cleaning 1673 following position: Biology forever! LeafFilter, the most EASTERN Instructor (10 Month). advanced debris-blocking BECOME A PUBLISHED ADVERTISING For detailed information gutter protection. Schedule a AUTHOR! We edit, print ASSOCIATION (SAPA); and to apply, please visit FREE LeafFilter estimate today. and distribute your work Therefore, any discrepan- our employment portal 15% off Entire Purchase. 10% internationally. We do the cies thereof shall not be at: https://faytechcc. Senior & Military Discounts. work… You reap the Rewards! the responsibility of the Human Call 1-877-649-1190 Call for a FREE Author’s aforementioned association. Resources Office. Phone: Submission Kit: 866-951-7214 Your publisher has agreed (910) 678-7342. Internet: Stay in your home longer (N) to participate in this program with an American Standard and run these ads at no charge as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association. Compiled by the following organizations: Want to advertise in the Women’s View Magazine classified section? Email [email protected] or call 910-484-6200. 30 | J U N E 2 0 2 0

provides your HIRE education! With over 280 academic programs of study to choose from, Fayetteville Tech can help you pursue a rewarding career in the fields of • Arts & Humanities • Business • Computer Technology • Engineering/Applied Technology • Health • Public Service • Math & Sciences Admissions counselors available to provide counseling & enrollment services! Program Spotlight: Speech Language Pathology Assistant Participate in a rewarding profession by assisting the Licensed Speech Language Pathologist with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating individuals with various communication disorders. Learn more! Enter “Speech Language Pathology Assistant” as a search at Or call (910) 678-8400 to speak with a Health Programs Admissions Professional. Register now for Summer and Fall classes! Make the SMART choice for your education! • (910) 678-8400 2 0 2 0 J U N E | 31

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