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District Council Good Relations Programme - Report 2017/18

Published by IGNITION Belfast, 2018-05-29 06:41:22

Description: The purpose of this report is to tell you about the District Council Good Relations Programme (DCGRP), and to give you some examples of what it  has achieved in 2017/18.

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District CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeProgramme Report2017/18

 se Study: How well did we do? “MDuissplimelsletdhamtishcaovnecperpetvioainlesdabinoruetcIesnlatm/Who do you think we are? years.” “Explanation about diversity ofProject Summary: nationalities within Islam andWho do you think we are? A fascinating cultural differences.”programme finding out about life in “Very informative helped to dispelNorthern Ireland, our past, our present, who many of the inaccurate accountslives here and visiting some of our local given out by the media.”historical highlights as well as finding outabout your own ancestry. ainn“TBd‘PhewoelfaoahsrsitsfHtusoonorudcicsieeeadt’lycdoa–ermttvaheeielrsiynraotinnoledteeixhrteiopsswtlteainynthgecede.” “Hearing the personal, stories ofPromoting greater positive engagement people that have been persecutedwith minority communities to restrict the in their own country.”impact of division on life opportunities. “Meeting people from differentIncrease knowledge of shared cultural countries and backgrounds and hearingheritage and thereby increase the number their experiences, especially asylumof participants who feel they have a greater seekers etc.”respect and understanding for the cultureof another community.Participants: 75 Participants £2,523.65 Total CostHow much did we do? 7Workshops/ ToursWhat difference did we make?100% gained an increased understanding of theparticipants culture and lives of people from different national and racial backgrounds.

rds and North DownBorough CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewThe Ards and North Down Borough Council • Cultural Expression ProgrammeBIG PLAN is ‘To have empowered, resilient • Art programmes to address diversity,individuals and communities; to reduce • Drama productions focusing on relevantinequality; to promote good relations andsustainability and to improve the local issuesaccessibility of public services’. • Shared Voices Programme addressingThe Good Relations Department sits within prejudice, common ground andthe Community and Wellbeing Directorate acceptance with over 200 young peopleand focuses on delivering Good Relations already introduced to the programmeoutcomes through activities detailed within between Sept and December 2017.the Good Relations Action Plan. • No Hate Here Campaign supported by PSNI, businesses, statutory agencies andActivities and programmes have been voluntary and community groupsdeveloped based on the findings of the • Mobile App for Android and Apple -Good Relations audit and the need within Signposting for newcomers and thethe borough. Activities and programmes indigenous community.are wide ranging and include: • Good Relations small grants• Accredited training on Diversity• Capacity Building training and Good Relations staff provide guidance and support on Good Relations matters to empowering through marshalling, individuals, community organisations and community training internally to staff and members of council.• intergenerational programmes• Holocaust exhibition that includes artwork Good Relations staff work in partnership from local schools and local communities with many statutory agencies and and youth groups. compliment the PCSP and PEACE IV• Holocaust Commemoration event strategies. incorporating the local aspect of the borough and Kindertransport• Staff Training Days provided opportunities to educate and raise awareness on Good Relations issues, such as cultural expression, BME. Contact: Conway Buildings 16 South Street Newtownards BT23 4AJ T: 0300 013 3333: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 4

 se Study: What difference did we make?Shared Education 100% in the number of increase participants who Project Summary: had a greater The project, bringing together two primary knowledge of schools from different community shared history. backgrounds, is designed to improve attitudes between young people and were more 100% engage them in bringing their communities confident to participants together as they move onto post primary relay shared education and beyond, ultimately helping history projects to build safer communities as they get to parents or older. their peers. In 2017/18, St Mary’s Primary School, 93% Portaferry and Portavogie Primary School came together to learn about their shared increase in the number of young people who histories by studying World War 1. The made new friends from another community. project brought together Primary 7 pupils from both schools, this included How well did we do? preparatory activities facilitated by local historians, a residential trip to the Somme “Meeting everyone from St Marys - Battlefields where the pupils saw first-hand like meeting new people” the impact of war and culminated in two exhibitions where the pupils showed off “Thiepval memorial - got to see all their knowledge about the Somme and the the people who died for you, I local people involved to their parents and thought there was just one grave but the wider school community. there were millions.” Participants: “An amazing opportunity for our children and a chance to mix with St 57 Mary’s and make new friends.” Young People aged 11 years from 2 primary schools £23,000 Total Cost How much did we do?- Pre Workshops/Talks &4 5- Night / Day Residential2- School Exhibitions

rmagh City, Banbridge &Craigavon Borough CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewArmagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Recognising that the Council area hasBorough Council’s Good Relations Action become more diverse, with increasingPlan sits in the Community Development positive interaction between people fromDepartment, of the People Directorate of different racial and religious backgrounds,the Council. Council aspires to the Borough being a place where difference is valuedA core priority of the Directorate is to recognising that people with differentimprove everyone’s quality of life, backgrounds, skills, attitudes andopportunity, safety and wellbeing. Council experiences bring fresh ideas andrecognises that people are the most perceptions…. A peaceful, inclusive societyimportant resource and is committed to is vital to ensuring that we have aproviding shared spaces and services, welcoming, confident and safe community.celebrating culture and supportingcommunities to develop a sense of The Councils Good Relations teambelonging, safety and cohesion. comprises of 4 Good Relations Officers with 2 Administrative support staff whoThe Good Relations team aims to help work collaboratively to deliver gooddeliver these aspirations through activities relations actions across the Borough. Theaimed at creating welcoming communities actions include a focus on engaging ourand neighbourhoods, developing most disadvantaged young people incommunity capacity by involving people in diversionary, citizenship and democracylocal decision making, celebrating rich activities.diversity and promoting equality.Good Relations works very closely with theBoroughs overarching strategy, theCommunity Plan. “A WelcomingCommunity” is identified as one of thestrategic outcomes in the Community Plan. Contact: The Palace Demesne, Armagh Civic Building, Banbridge Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre T: 0300 0300 900: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 6

 se Study:International Women’s Day 2018Project Summary What difference did we make?The theme for the 89% said theyday was ‘The participants found theEmpowerment of event to beWomen’. The beneficial.council’s GoodRelations Team, participants 90%brought together said they participantswomen from want toacross the area, from different communitybackgrounds and of different ages to attend moreencourage them to get more involved in civic events aimedlife and to help them find their voices whenfaced with local good relations issues. towards  women.The event began with the speaker Louise Little,pictured above, who has worked with the How well did we do?community in a peace building capacity for anumber of years. Louise reinforced the “This was a life changing day and hasmessage that women must have confidence in made me into a stronger woman andthemselves, and to never underestimate the for who I am going to be in the future.”power of their voices and the impact they haveon their communities. ctohmoutihngeghmAttopsvereeolvvrvyeeosniknteistnnegwor.euewWsgrteheiondamagloinesmdhenaootdvrhnoneeliynnwpgotiohttht–revoivnanueltuguriasyehl. The women also received health and wellbeing la“oMncdeatlfoalouretnsad.o”of uretaallbyoiunttesreersvtiicnegspineothpeleinformation, took part in interactive sessions,including an African Drums session and had theopportunity to network and build newrelationships.Participants: 63 participants from all age ranges and different community backgroundsHow much did we do? 1 interactive morning of events including talks/ debates and workshops.

elfast City The breakdown by theme shows that there isCouncil delivery across all four T;BUC themes. In Children and Young People we deliver two Good Relations Programme projects which have targeted engagement in Overview post primary and pre-school settings. Each project provides a training resource for existing District Councils are identified within the staff within these settings so that a legacy can Together; Building a United Community be left by projects in terms of the skills and strategy as a key delivery agent. This delivery is knowledge that participants can then use in through the District Council’s Good Relations future years. Programme (DCGRP) which is 75% funded by TEO. In 17/18, the total value of the Belfast plan We support the development of a Shared is £680,000. Community through a shared space programme and support for Good Relations The good relations audit highlighted a need to Networking events and the Belfast Migrant target engagement across interface and Forum. The Forum provides an opportunity for deprived communities, develop shared spaces new communities to make links with service in local areas and continue to support new providers and indigenous communities to communities. The development of meaningful, support integration in Belfast. sustained and purposeful cross community activity was highlighted as a priority. Feedback In the Safe Community theme we have taken a identified the need to provide opportunities for new approach to our work on interfaces this people to come together and learn about the year by providing opportunities for groups diversity that exists in the city and these are working in interface communities to develop provided in the projects which are delivered projects that create opportunities for cross through the action plan. community engagement and the development of shared space. The Belfast Action Plan is aligned with the Government strategy Together; Building a Under the theme of Cultural Expression we United Community, under the 4 key priority deliver a range of activity including a areas of: Children and Young People, Our programme linked to positive cultural Shared Community, Our Safe Community, Our expression, St Patrick’s Day, Decade of Cultural Expression. Centenaries and our Diversecity programme. Diversecity provides the opportunity for people Within the Programme, there are 12 different to learn more about the people and projects. The most sizeable is our small grants communities that make Belfast. It provides the programme which provides over £230, 000 to opportunity to visit different places to learn support communities across Belfast to address more about the culture and traditions in Belfast. issues of racism and sectarianism and support good relations. This year we supported 62 different projects. Contact: Belfast City Hall Belfast BT1 5GS T: (028) 9032 0202: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 8

 se Study: What difference did we make?Small Grants Programme & 98% felt attendanceNetworking Support participants at the events had increased theirProject Summary: awareness of theThe Good Relations Small Grant Fund work Belfast Cityprovides grants of up to £10,000 to Council do tosupport good relations (GR) projects that support goodpromote the 4 TBUC themes, Children & relations.Young people, Shared Community, Safecommunity and Cultural expression. found the events 93% useful or very participantsThe 2017 Belfast City Council Good useful.Relations Audit identified a need to provideopportunities for organisations to network 98%with each other and share best practice ongood relations approaches. In response to reported that there was a need for events like thisthis the Belfast Good Relations Unit has in Belfast, and felt that attendance at the eventsorganised two events in 2017. had increased their awareness of the work of other organisations involved in promoting goodHow much did we do? relations. 62 How well did we do? projects “More of loikueeratpcheheosopetlhetoenrue’snepddoetironsttesaxnopdfevrbiieeentwtce. e“r trips 2 lao\"eInfdwdeuxofspuurltlodtohrliteinhkrgeeeotxpouprerlhossarehvanaettir.oem”ndoohrefistethoxerpypetraoitehgnectthehasetrnetworking visits for sharing information on best practiceParticipants: 5,000 participants from all areas of Belfast 150+ People attended the two networking events at Belfast City Hall, with more now planned.

auseway Coast and GlensBorough Council Good Relations Programme The plan for 2017/18 incorporated 16 Overview different projects, targeting over 5,000 potential participants directly and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough indirectly. All of the activities delivered Council’s Good Relations Programme through the programme have defined and identifies the key outcomes, methodologies measurable Good Relations outcomes and and actions required to ensure the effective are aligned with the 4 main themes of the delivery of good relations initiatives Executives Together: Building a United throughout the Borough. Strategy: Children & Young People, Shared Community, Safe Community and Cultural The programme aims to provide Expression opportunities for civic and community leaders to promote the area as a model of The Good Relations team consists of a best practice in developing respect, Good Relations Manager, 2 Good Relations understanding and tolerance of the cultural, Officers and 1 part time administrative historical and traditional diversity of the support officer. The team undertakes the residents. development, implementation and delivery of all projects included in the Good Early consultation took place with a Relations action plan and ensures best use number of key stakeholders to inform the of resources and funding in order to content of the Good Relations action plan, provide the most effective outcomes to and this was later enhanced by discussions local Good Relations issues. with our Peace IV staff prior to delivery of the 2017/18 plan, to ensure that our The Good Relations programme for activities would be complementary and to Causeway Coast and Glens Borough avoid any potential duplication. The Council provides formal structured programme targets specific groups as part engagement and promotes partnership of its delivery process. These groups working to ensure additionality and included: Young families, pre-teens and complementarity between all of the young adults, civic and community leaders strategies and plans for which the Council and high capacity single identity groups. has responsibility. Four leading factors were identified in the good relations audit as; Flags and emblems, Language and behaviour, Parades and Protests and Cultural outworkings. Contact: Cloonavin 66 Portstewart Road Coleraine BT52 1EY T: (028) 7034 7034: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 10

 se Study:Youth Cohesion/XuberanceProject Summary: What difference did we make?Under the TBUC theme “Our Children andYoung People” CCGBC aims to help to 69% showed aimprove attitudes amongst our young participants positive increasepeople and to build a community where in terms of theirthey can play a full and active role in attitude, respectbuilding Good Relations. Our Good andRelations Audit had also identified the need understandingto improve attitudes between young of people frompeople from different backgrounds. We otherchose to provide an opportunity to communityparticipate in an outdoor programme that backgroundswould encourage leadership and bring aninnovative and alternative perspective to How well did we do?informing young peer leaders aboutsectarianism and racism and the impact of “I'm stwhoietghclahpwdaeonoIucdpledildetnotXehubvabeetecrIorhoamatnhvceeeegrmwareseisatiett”these within the Causeway Coast & Glens gave meBorough Council area. friendsParticipants: “I’ve learnt a lot from Xuberance 23 and think that by investing in programmes similar to this and by participants aged doing more through mixed 14-17 from community centres it can help throughout the achieve a more peaceful and council area. overall unified district council area.” £8,492.00 Total CostHow much did we do? 4 “Meeting people from different countries and backgrounds and hearingPart/Element Programme their experiences, especially asylum seekers etc.”• Introductory Day• 2 Night Residential \"pdbIaeohrvnatedsvlsoeopwfmethheditecnhpceeoIwouhpfnorlcpieeielnfartdorosemhmaipdaasinifnfdatenarhidenanv.”te• Reconnecting Day• Closing/Celebration Event

 erry and StrabaneDistrict CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewDerry City and Strabane District has a The nature of this support includes:growing population of 150,100 residents • Strategic and operational programmecovering an area of 1,245km2. The Districtis divided along traditional lines. 72.16% and project design and implementationbelong to or were brought up in the supportCatholic religion and 25.40% belong to or • Relationships building and support ofwere brought up in a ‘Protestant and other groupsChristian’ religion (including Christian • Direct facilitation, training delivery (facerelated). 26.20% indicated that they had a to face and online), schools workshopBritish national identity, 50.75% had an Irish design, festival and events management,national identity. recruiting for initiatives and group capacity developmentThe District is home to significant black and • Communication and liaison with electedethnic minority, and in recent months 11 members where appropriateSyrian families have been re-settled withinthe City as part of the UK’s Government The priority groups identified by the GoodSyrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Relations team and to which they focusScheme (VPRS). There is a high level of their efforts were; Communityawareness and appreciation of the value of Development Groups, Youth/Schoolsthe Good Relations work undertaken and Groups and all Section 75 groups. Generally,the contribution of the respective Officers however Good Relations work wasin the development and implementation of identified as relevant to a very wide rangeGood Relations Strategy. The role of the of groups and activities.Good Relations Team is seen to be essentialin supporting a strategic approach to GoodRelations offering advice and supportwhilst complimenting the Council’sStrategic Growth Plan and Local GrowthPlans. Contact: 98 Strand Road, Derry, BT48 7NN | T: (028) 7125 3253 47 Derry Road, Strabane, Tyrone, BT82 8DY | T: (028) 7125 3253: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 12

 se Study: What difference did we make?Cultural Fusion 100% felt that this participants event promoted Project Summary: both main As part of the UK’s Government Syrian cultures and vulnerable person’s relocation scheme their identities. (VPRS), 11 families were re-settled within Derry City. To welcome these families to the stated they have a 83% city and to increase participation and better participants integration, the Good Relations officers organised an event ‘Culture Fusion’ to understanding of showcase both Irish and Arabic cultures different cultures through the medium of dance, food and as a result of the music. The event took place in July 2017 in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin. The Mayor of Derry event. City and Strabane District Council opened the event and it was attended by 70 people 100% from both cultures. participants felt that’s this event promoted both Participants: cultures, and their identities. 70 100% Participants participants said they would participate in another Good Relations project/event in the future participants from both What did we learn?: main The event was very successful with the Syrian families feeling more integrated communities within the community. They enjoyed learning about the Irish culture and £2,450.00 showcasing their own culture. The families would like to see more events similar to Total Cost Culture Fusion organised to increase participation and socialising with local How much did we do? people. We found that these types of events are the best way to engage 4 participation for both cultures to mix and learn more about each other. Focus Groups/ Discussions held with relevant agencies prior tothe event to plan an all-inclusive event.

District Council Good RelationsPr
 ogramme Key FactsCoverage: The Programme operates across all elevenDistrict Council areas.Delivery: Causeway Coast Borough CouThe District Council Good RelationsProgramme is delivered as part of the Derry &Executive’s wider Together: Building a United StrabaneCommunity strategy. You can find out more District Councilabout the strategy at: Theme Fermanagh & Omagh Mid UlsterPercentage Breakdown District Council District Councilof Projects: Arma30% 21% Banb 26% Crai23% Boroug N DoChildren & Young People Cultural ExpressionShared Community Safe Community Outcomes Focus: The Programme has a strong focus on the outcomes of delivery. Every funded project has one or more defined and measurable good relations outcomes linked to the wider strategic aims of the Together: Building a United Community Strategy.: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 14

 Aims:ast & Glens The aims of the Programme are to improveCouncil relations between and within communities across all District Councils and to promote local Mid & East Antrim solutions to local good relations issues. Borough Council Funding: Antrim & Newtownabbey The Programme is funded by The Executive Borough Council Office in partnership with the eleven District il Councils. In 2017/18 over £4m was allocated to the Programme and enabled the delivery of over magh City, 170 good relations interventions across the four nbridge & key themes of the T:BUC Strategy: raigavon • Children & Young Peopleough Council • Shared Community • Safe Community Newry, Mourne & • Cultural Expression Down District Council Belfast City Council Ards & North Down District Council Lisburn & Castlereagh City CouncilLocal Experts:Every Council uses Good Relations Officers (GROs) to manage and delivertheir Programmes. Officers provide local knowledge of good relations issueswithin Council areas, and work with local partner organisations to delivertargeted, bespoke good relations interventions in areas of identified need.

 rmanagh & OmaghDistrict CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewWithin Fermanagh & Omagh District Council The aim of the audit was to help identifythere are currently four Good Relations Officers different minority faiths which exist in(GROs), two full-time and two part-time. The Fermanagh and Omagh and look at potentialGood Relations Officers play an ever increasing support which can be offered to ensuredevelopmental role both internally and integration and inclusion of these faiths into theexternally, within the Council. The Officers play wider community.a pivotal role in making sure that good relationsis at the heart of what all others do in the The Report provided an overview of keyCouncil. They act as enablers, facilitators and statistics of minority faiths in the Fermanaghmentors allowing for greater additionality in and Omagh District Council area, as well as anterms of the implementation of good relations audit on specific needs of people of minorityactivities in the Council area. faiths which were identified through consultation exercises. It set out conclusionsThe role of the Good Relations Officers also and recommendations on a way forward. Theincludes building relationships and partnership document, and associated research, acts as aworking links with communities, groups, useful tool/resource for the Council and otheragencies and others across the Fermanagh and organisations and agencies in helping toOmagh area. Through this relationship building identify the needs of interfaith groups andactivity, greater trust will be built, which will outlines proposed actions to be undertaken bylead to more co-operation and collaboration the Council, in conjunction with other agencies,across the Council district. The Good Relations in order to promote integration within theOfficers also continue to play a key part in District.working with the PEACE IV team to developand implement a solid Peace Plan.As part of Fermanagh & Omagh DistrictCouncil’s ongoing commitment to promotinggood relations and diversity it conducted anaudit of minority faith communities in theFermanagh and Omagh District Council area.This is part of a wider piece of work which aimsto build leadership, understanding and respectbetween the different faiths and beliefs thatexist across the Council area and to promotegood relations and dialogue across the District. Contact: The Grange, Mountjoy Road, Lisnamallard, Omagh, BT79 7BL Townhall, 2 Townhall Street, Enniskillen, BT74 7BA T: 0300 303 1777District Council Good Relations ProgrammePage 16

 se Study: What difference did we make?One History, Many Stories 100% attending the participants general publicProject Summary: event said theyThe project’s objective was to examine the felt they gainedperiod 1914–1918 through a shared history a betterlens and enable participants to increase understandingtheir knowledge and understanding of our of British & Irishpast and how it shapes our future. history for the period.This programme built on last year’s ‘OneHistory, Many Stories’ project. Following taking part in 86%feedback from last year’s participants the A-Level participantswhere many felt strongly that school pupilsalso needed to learn about this period of school eventsour shared history it was decided to said they gainedorganise two events for secondary schoolA-Level History pupils, one in Omagh and a good or veryone in Enniskillen as well as another goodconference for the general public. understandingParticipants: of British & Irish history after the 125 event. participants How well did we do? participants “hoprTeinaghslshypitsloyabwnuidsanteistbreeeairplimneteysiertnxiiundncngsehdluealeeslnrpnsdoittnfaeogonnpdutjpoorinoyisganrhtbduaolinervfei.ittdhytNuhe&aoeltfrom both main future.” communities “A wonderful morning, we need more!” and other “Personal history very informative for ethnic groups pupils.” £2,600.00 Total CostHow much did we do? 3 workshops in total aimed at both the general public and A-Level students in local schools

 sburn & CastlereaghCity CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewLisburn & Castlereagh City Council delivers an The aim of the fund is to promote goodannual Good Relations Programme through the relations between people of different religiouspart funding it receives from the District and political beliefs and different racial groups.Council Good Relations Programme via TheExecutive Office. The Good Relations Programme also successfully delivered on a number of keyThe Good Relations Unit works to promote the projects throughout the year, namely thekey aims of the Executive’s Together: Building a Decade of Centenaries Programme, HolocaustUnited Community Strategy, promoting a Memorial Day, 2 Mini Melas in Lisburn &community of mutual respect and Dundonald and the bespoke #BEPARTOFHEREunderstanding, which is strengthened by its media campaign which was aimed atdiversity and where cultural expression is promoting Lisburn & Castlereagh as a safe andcelebrated and embraced. welcoming space for all through the use of all local residents in photographs in their place ofThe Good Relations Unit in Lisburn & work, education settings and businesses thatCastlereagh City Council has three staff was spread across bus rears, adshells andincluding one Community Support Officer and billboards over a 4 week Good Relations Officer who providessupport for communities to promote good For more information please emailrelations within and across communities in the [email protected], call usCouncil area. on 028 9244 7713 or visit our website https:// Good Relations Officer works throughoutthe Council area with community groups, youthgroups, statutory agencies and schools toensure the outcome focused Good RelationsAction Plan agreed with the Executive Office isdelivered in the most efficient and effectivemanner.In 2017/2018, Lisburn & Castlereagh CityCouncil’s Good Relations Programme providedgrant aid support to fourteen local communityorganisations who are engaged in the deliveryof programmes and initiatives which focus onreconciliation and cultural diversity. Contact: Bridge Community Centre 50 Railway Street Lisburn BT28 1XP T: (028) 9250 9508District Council Good Relations ProgrammePage 18

 se Study:Annual Cultural Showcase - Mini MelaProject Summary: What difference did we make?As part of Lisburn & Castlereagh CityCouncils Good Relations Action Plan there 100% stated that theywas a commitment to improve awareness participants felt the eventand education about cultural diversity and had supportedsupport integration through hold two multi- communitycultural Mini Mela events linked to some on- integration &going support from the Council Good relationshipRelations Officer. building among differentThe events which took place in Wallace cultures in thePark Lisburn and Moat Park Dundonald LCCC area.during August 2017 aimed to increaseawareness within the Council area of all believed this 100%cultures breaking down prejudices that event helped participantsexist among local communities, building improve feelingstrust and encouraging the sharing of local of acceptance /Council parks. The events contributed to respect of otherplace planning, integration, increasingtolerance and understanding of diversity cultures.within the area of other cultures andenabled the sharing and participation of 90%communities in other cultures locally. participants stated that the event had increasedParticipants: their understanding of cultural diversity in the LCCC area. 630 90% participants participants stated that the event had increased participants their feeling of shared community spaces in thefrom both main LCCC area. How well did we do? communities “vIerreyadllyiffleikreedntatlol twhehactowsteumweosultdhey’re and other usually wear.” ethnic groups “The event really brought the world to our doorstep.” £7,000.00 Total CostHow much did we do? 2multi-cultural Mini Melaevents events.

 id & East AntrimBorough CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverview Mid and East Antrim Borough Council • Facilitated the delivery of a dedicated continues to develop a unique Good £50k Good Relations Grants Scheme Relations Programme for citizens, in the available to constituted groups within the hope that everyone in Mid and East Antrim Mid and East Antrim Borough, in line with feels welcome, safe, respected and governments Good Relations TBUC celebrated. Strategy and outcomes focused on TBUC key themes. In 2017-2018 Mid and East Antrim Borough Council District Council Good Relations • Conducted Mid and East Antrim Borough Programme: Council’s first Good Relations Audit and • Delivered 17 Headline Programmes and Strategy as a new borough, engaging with over 1000 citizens, stakeholders, upwards of 30 projects, events and elected members and community/ activities under the four key regional voluntary and statutory representatives. TBUC Themes – Children and Young People; Our Shared Community, Our Safe Underpinning all of the above, Mid and East Community and Our Cultural Expression. Antrim Borough Council continues to • Achieved all 19 anticpated good relations develop mutual understanding, respect for outcomes, plus additional new outcome - cultural traditions, the principle of engaging a new audience at good interdependence and positive cross- relations activities (eg 42% increase community/race relations through its Good Community Relations & Cultural Relations programme. In its delivery, the Awareness Week Conversation events Good Relations Team focuses much effort (Sep 17), and eg 45% increase of new on capacity building within communities, as participants at The Messines Story (Nov well as working in partnership with the 17). community and voluntary sectors and • Engaged with approximately 4500 other statutory agencies on a wide variety people from throughout Mid and East of programmes of work and themes. The Antrim’s Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Good Relations Team have also played a Larne areas during programme delivery. key role in the facilitation of Mid and East Antrim first ever Community Plan – Putting Contact: People First, helping to establish an important link to local communities as well 1-29 Bridge Street identify opportunities of collaborate gain Ballymena for all stakeholders within the borough. BT43 5EJ T: 0300 124 5000: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 20

 se Study: What difference did we make?The Messines Story 88% stated their participants awareness hasProject Summary: been raisedAs part of the Decade of Centenaries around sharedProgramme, the Messines Story event, held at history as athe Braid Arts Centre on Tuesday 28 November result of2017, was an evening of reflection which looked attending thisat the shared history around the Battle of event.Messines, respectfully remembering keyhistorical events from 100 years ago. said they felt this 86%  event has helped participantsIn addition to a reception & exhibition on the Mid and Eastarrival, the event included a performance of theplay Meeke and the Major.  This was an emotive Antrimcommunity production, in partnership with the Community toBuilding Communities Resource Centre, remember TheBallymoney, and performed by local peoplefrom the borough. The event was well received Decade ofand prompted much interest from a wide Centenaries in aaudience throughout Mid and East Antrim, shared and fairmany of whom had never attended a goodrelations event before. manner.Participants: 86% stated this event participants has increased 100 their understanding Participants of their own role in helping to participants promote good from both relations. main How well did we do?communities “I was unaware of the particular story £2,251.00 [Meeke & Redmond]. It proved to be heart wrenching and proves we are all Total Cost equal in life together. Helping and aiding one another as we shouldHow much did we do? irrespective of cultural, religion or stature in life.” 1 “Remember to work with people as evening event, people, not as Protestant or Catholic.” featuring exhibition, play performance and discussion.

 id UlsterDistrict CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewThe Mid Ulster District Council Good Relations A key element of our Good RelationsProgramme focuses its efforts and resources to programme focusses on engaging our youngdeliver good relations activities and events as people. In partnership with schools, youthoutlined within its Good Relations plan and the organisations and the community we deliverfour key themes detailed in The Executive bespoke youth activities that promotes goodOffice strategy, Together: Building a United relations and tackles sectarianism and racism incommunity. our community. Our programme:Our Children and Young People • Promotes relationship building betweenOur Shared Community people of different backgrounds.Our Safe CommunityOur Cultural Expression • Promotes positive cultural activity that is open and inclusive to all.The Council’s good relations programme seeksto encourage and supports activity that • Supports diversity and our ethnicpromotes good relations between people from communities.different backgrounds and diversecommunities, including our new ethnic • Promotes diversity and respect for diversity.communities. For more information please contact us viaThe good relations programme engages with a Email on [email protected] or byrange of local community and statutory Telephone on 0300 013 2132. Alternatively, youorganisations to deliver a programme that can visit our website:focuses on reconciliation and cultural diversity. http://www.midulstercouncil.orgThe good relations officers work throughoutthe Mid Ulster region with community groups,youth groups, schools and statutory agencies.Our Good relations team also play a key role inthe integration of Peace IV with good relations.Contact:Burn Road, Cookstown, BT80 8DTCircular Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DTBallyronan Road, Magherafelt, BT45 6ENT: 0300 013 2132: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 22

 se Study:Mid Ulster Schools ‘Speedwell’ Programme Project Summary: What difference did we make? Primary schools engaging in a safe facilitated shared space to learn about each 65% said they felt other’s culture, traditions and to explore participants more areas of difference. comfortable mixing with Impacts - people from • increase pupil awareness of diversity other communities. within the local community • schools have the opportunity to establish said they felt 75% more more participants and build relationships with their peer group from their partner school through comfortable participation in a variety of practical, using shared focused, age appropriate curriculum based activities space/ • dispel negative perceptions and images services. about those who are different from them. • Speedwell, the lead partner, has 23 years’ 78% said they experience of managing projects which participants gained a facilitate bringing children together from greater the controlled and maintained sectors to understanding participate in a range of curriculum based of the culture programmes at its base in Parkanaur and of another within schools community background. Participants: What we did well? 240 The programme continues to reach its school children targets & exceeds expectations. Schools & teachers are very positive aboutparticipants the programme. from both main The programme deals with relatively sensitive areas of community relations incommunities Mid Ulster – flags, emblems, bonfires & impacts of segregation. £21,600 The programme is delivered in a ‘shared’ Total Cost and unique tranquil rural setting. The programme changes annually to deal How much did we do? with emerging issues in our community & reflects the growing BME community in Mid 60 Ulster. workshops with an additional 3 celebratory events

 ewry, Mourne and DownDistrict CouncilGood Relations ProgrammeOverviewNewry, Mourne and Down District Council's Staff also provide:Good Relations Programme is managed bythe Council's Engagement Section which • Advice and guidance on Good Relationssits within the Active & Healthy mattersCommunities Directorate. The Council'sGood Relations Programme seeks to • Assistance with organisationalencourage and support activity that development through capacity buildingpromotes good relations between people initiativesfrom different backgrounds to help improvepeople’s quality of life. • Regular communication by email on Council and non-Council events, training,In seeking to do so, the Council's funding etc.Engagement Section works with a range oflocal community, voluntary and statutory Our Key Good Relations Programmeorganisations and other sectors to deliver Themes & Outcomes are:its Good Relations Programme.The Council's Good Relations Programme • Children & Young People -supports a range of activity to foster good • Shared Community -relations throughout the Council area. • Safe Community -Support is provided for: • Cultural Expression• Council's District Electoral Area (DEA) Forums• Council's Good Relations Small Grants Scheme• Council's Ethnic Minority Support Centre• Newry, Mourne & Down (inter-agency) Intercultural Forum• Newry, Mourne & Down (inter-agency) Traveller Forum• Council's annual St Patrick's Day Cross Community Celebrations in Downpatrick and Newry• Other miscellaneous activities Contact: Downshire Civic Centre, Ardglass Road, Downpatrick, BT30 6GQ O’Hagan House, Monaghan Row, Newry, BT35 8DJ T: 0300 013 2233: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 24

 se Study:Ethnic Minority Support CentreProject Summary: What difference did we make?The centre provides a comprehensiveadvice and support service for ethnic 100% found theminority residents of the area. Clients can respondents Bulgarianget help on a range of issues, from Informationregistering with local GPs, getting school session inplaces for their children, help writing CVs Newtownhamiltonand looking for work to information and useful.advice on their employment rights andassistance with taxes and benefits. of Polish children 100% and their parentsThe centre also provides significant supportfor good relations delivery in the area, participating inworking in partnership with local ethnic the Interculturalminority groups and the council’s DistrictElectoral Area (DEA) co-ordinators to Day found theorganise information sessions and cultural event excellentawareness events. In 2017/18, this included a for promotingBulgarian Information Session in the awareness ofNewtownhamilton on 15 March 2018 and aPolish hand craft workshop for children and their culture.young people in association with the NewryShamrock Youth Club’s Intercultural Day on How well did we do?24 March 2018. “Being a part of that interculturalParticipants: event has not only been a great fun, but has also made all the present 3,063 people aware how important it is to lmanaginutaagine,yhoiusrtoorwy nantrdadhietrioitna,gperewsheirleve service users in living abroad.” 2017/18 inviatccaoMhtini“oientWnvroieebraominutpaydteprieonSognturgistvprtuiaaopnntsogeittahrfyutuessltCcolttoehohcpnoitastrohrellfeescaaeufnEnonltdttrtahustoonrhteuuiicec.r”radvice and informationprovided in English, Bulgarian,Polish, Lithuanian, Russian andRomanianHow much did we do?5days of operation per week offering arange of services to clients.4 outreach clinics offered weeklythroughout the council area.2 information and cultural awarenessevents.

 17/18 District Council GoodRelations Programme OverviewKey Facts & Figures97,000+ 179 Participants Good Relations Programmes600Impacting over different areas11across the Councils.Programmes by T:BUC Theme: 37 47 41 54 programmes programmes programmes programmes focusing on focusing on focusing on focusing on improving improving promoting a improving relations relations safe relations for between through environment a shared Children & Cultural for all. community. Young People Expression.: District Council Good Relations Programme Page 26

 tcomes Focus: District Council Good Relations Programme The Case Studies in this report are examples of the outcome focused programmes delivered by individual District Councils as part of the wider District Council Good Relations Programme. A focus on outcomes in good relations provision is very important. It allows us to:• Measure the difference we are making with the funding we providing in terms of improving good relations between and within Council areas• Clearly link the outcomes of individual good relations programmes with the key aims of the Executive’s Together: Building a United Community strategy.• Learn lessons from delivery that can inform the design and structure of future good relations provision.Looking ahead: Contact Details:Thank you for taking the time to read this report on the 2017/18 Gavin KingDistrict Council Good Relations Programme. District Council Good RelationsI hope it has given you some impression of the breadth and Programme Managerdepth of good relations provision the Programme is funding,and the positive difference it is making to good relations Marie Muldoonbetween and within District Council areas. District Council Good RelationsThe Programme is continuing in 2018/19, if you would like more Programme Support Officerinformation on any aspect of the Programme please contactthe District Council Good Relations Programme Team using the contact details provided. The Executive Office Room E3.19Gavin King Castle Buildings BelfastManager BT3 4SRDistrict Council Good Relations Programme T: (028) 9052 3154 E: [email protected] E: [email protected]

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