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2010.04.09 - The Word of God at the feast of the healing Spring

Published by billydean, 2018-11-22 14:30:57

Description: „... only those are Abraham’s sons and God’s sons, only those of the promise, only those that promise themselves to Me and who are known to be by the works of the faith by God’s progress with them on earth.”

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2010.04.09. The Word of God1 at the feast of the healing Spring2 I open up the spring of My word with richness and I give from it to the healing of allthose that are for the body and for the soul for those that know to make use of God on earth. Iam the Son of the Father Sabaoth. I am God the Word and I have a riverbed of word betweenheaven and earth and I give the man to have and to use those that come from God for his re-semblance with Me after that, for I come on the earth as word to give new making to the onewho starts longing after God, the longing after My kingdom in him. Amen. Peace to you, My people! I am into your midst as word and feast of resurrection, wordof days of resurrection for the memorial of My resurrection after My sufferance, and I say:‘Christ has risen!’, and I say again: ‘Peace to you sons,’ as I said to My disciples when I revealedMyself to them resurrected and then I spent with them and made them My messengers over theearth to the people and I gave them of My power that the Father had given to Me to accomplishwith it His works on earth, by convincing signs and miracles, from which to give forth amongpeople the faith in One God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and then the salvation fromGod for those who are faithful, and My kingdom in them and among them, God’s kingdom onearth! Amen. The spring of the healings is My word upon you, as in this day, and I, the Lord, giveyou, to those gathered at the spring, teaching for the healing of your soul, of your spirit and ofyour body, for I do not have another work but only that to give My life to the man. Amen. Oh, man should not have anyone on earth but God alone, and this is how I strengthenMy disciples when I took them from their people and things and transplanted them to be Mineafter that and I established them within Me. All that come after Me need displacing; they neednew homeland, new birth, and then it has to be kept for Me in the one who believes in Me, andbehold, I am speaking now to the healing of the little faith of those who want to follow Me, andI am telling them what I spoke two thousand years ago: «Everyone who has not left for Memother and father, brothers and sisters, wife and children, relatives and friends, ranks andpossessions and have nothing but God, that one cannot be My disciple». (See Matt: 20/37;19/29; Mark: 10/29) Oh, this is how I heal the man from all those that do not remain eternallythen when he comes after Me or when I displace him into My kingdom for him, and he whodoes not do this, when he comes after Me, then that one denies God, because of his bond withthe earth of which he has not known to come out for his new birth and to remain steadfast afterthat. I made a new birth for Abraham, and he also did to Me in him and we remained onefor another, one in another for My kingdom, and I made in him the land of the promise andI rested within Abraham and in his faith without blemish. Oh, this is how I healed Abrahamfrom his earthly origin and gave him a country according to My order, for he had given over toMe as a perfect disciple and I have raised from him God’s line of his offspring on earth amongthe people, and only those are Abraham’s sons and God’s sons, only those of thepromise, only those that promise themselves to Me and who are known to beby the works of the faith by God’s progress with them on earth. 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A. 1

2010.04.09. I am with My mother Virgin at the table of word with you, My people from the spring,and we have guests coming to the spring, for they believe My today’s word. Oh, they come andkeep coming and strengthen the faith of the one who has got faith in My word, for the birds ofprey lie in wait always to peck at those that I have been sowed into the man’s heart. Oh, if I didnot stay with the vessels full of seed on your table, you would no longer be My people on earth,and you would belong to the world, for the world would open up its belly and swallow you,son, and it would give you of its spirit, of its lack of the fear of God first, and then it would giveyou of the poison of the loss of the soul, but if you stay near Me with your life, oh, then yourlife from Me has to be very much fed, and behold, I give you in this day the healing teachingand very much instructive for your steadfastness with God, for I see the enemies of the soul andfaith how they lie in wait for the life of My people. I mostly heal your faith and its fruit, for without it, the waters take you away from nearMe and you perish, My people. I have exhorted you to seek and to love the work of the spiritfor a brotherly fellowship and to keep yourself as Mine in your recesses, so that I may makeyou grow, son, and for a brotherly fellowship, one needs the longing after God in brothers andamong brothers. Brothers have to stay together for work and only for the longing after Godwithin a brotherly and confessing fellowship from one to another, for the brother’s stayingtogether does not warm Me up or keep Me with them if they did not give Me to each otherby the love of the confession, by the word of faith and of by the love of God, by the spend-ing with the saints and with the angels, for otherwise, the devil brings about faction amongbrothers and something else than the Spirit of Christ over all the gathered brothers, and My fruitamong them grows less and less. Oh, take heed, you those who stay as a cluster before Me from place to place for Mykingdom with you! Feed each other with the gifts and the fruit of the faith in the name of thelove of God, lest the good may be changed into evil, love in hatred, and the faith into unbelief,for it is the time with temptations against God’s sons and against the faith building of Godin man, sons. Be, therefore, strong, all of you within the gifts and the fruit of the holy faith anddo not always be weak or without watching for those from heaven among brothers all the time,lest you may take after the men and not after the angels, sons, for a little yeast leavens the wholelump. I give Myself through you to the people without God on earth, and My teaching is to healthe man from the sin in him, to be able to stay within him with the glory of holiness, with thespending of the angels and of the saints full of longing for their fellowship with the people onearth. The spiritual work in man, this is what proves him as God’s son, and the lack of itfrom his thinking and feeling, from his speaking and working, proves even the faithfulone that is without God, but the longing after God is a spring of healings in man and thenbetween man and man, and only he can keep the spirit of confession in man, God’s Spirit,working in man and among men, and it puts away the weakness from man and it brings theheavenly delight inside of him, and then man with much longing after God in him is luminousand very much luminous. Oh, sons, even for your own good and for the beautiful that you work, you need a coun-selor and a confessor before Me for you, let alone for the evil that tries to trap you for its wickedwork by which he tempts the sons of God! Again and again, I urge you to fulfill My advice:cleanse your ear, sons! Have a clean ear and then keep it that way! Be open to each other withall those in you and among you, lest the fear for those hidden in you may seize you, sons, forthe fear teaches you the hiding. Learn from one another to know the work of the devil when itsneaks among you to divest you and to spoil the work of love among you, the work of the holy 2, which unites you all in one work. Denigration among you brings about only factionand striking in the brotherly love. Go to one another only for the Spirit of Christ among you,for where My Spirit is, there also love is, there also forgiveness is, and it is good understandingand warmth in the hearts for one another in My name, and it is the heaven of the angels and ofthe saints with you, in a heavenly togetherness, sons, in days of work and in days of feasts andall My time with you on earth. Give Me to one another with the work without pride, andthe devil will flee from you and will not come closer to you. Amen. Oh, sons, you have to understand and know immediately and in all the time the devil’swork and his conspiracies, when these start to appear and to make you stop near them and todespise each other after that to the devil’s joy; however, on the contrary, in love give honor toeach other for the mystery of the love within all the holiness of your nature and love, and youwill live at peace and in an angelic work among you. Oh, do no longer read My word onlyonce, but read it again and again, to be able to work upon you always, always, sons. Fleefrom anger and from provoking to anger, for anger keeps the man under its pressure until itmakes him do the devil’s will, but love does not do this. It cleanses the man from evil; it wakeshim up, it comes into and touches his heart and it makes him beautiful and clean in it, and it isneeded a counselor, who has the tool of healing in his hand for the wickedness in man and thenfor his healing. Oh, the angry man is ugly; the inquisitive man is ugly, and the one who stirs up dissen-sion has no wisdom at all; he rather is the devil’s tool, and he who does not bring God in mancannot be a healer. Oh, take care of the love in you so that you may be able to be My disciplesand not to be evil doers after that, sons. Judas was one of My disciples, but he had also workedhis things, and with which he had to hide instead, as it was not the love among the disciples butthe wickedness that fed him and the lust after merits, and these eat the man up in the spirit ofhis humility, that is God’s Spirit. Then, Judas hid with his whole work without any counselorupon it, and he who hid in this way, behold, he sold Me on money. Oh, money is seen as usefulfor man, but little by little, it can take the man’s mind away; it can separate the man fromthe love of God, from the fear of God, from his cleanness to God, and then the man hidesfor the guilt in him. Oh, no one gives money on Me to have Me, for man can only sell Me onmoney, but does he really believe what I tell him? I have taught you, sons, not to handle money; oh, and how beautifully I have taughtyou! Those who have gathered in a cluster for My living with them did not listen to Me. I clothethe one who has got the administration upon My church with a special work, with special power,with special armor, in order to protect him, and for this I choose a man healthy of the love forGod, firm in his whole self-denial and clean in his heart and deed, by loving the light in every-thing and fearing God in his entire work for My church. I have taught you to wash your handsfrom the money, and then to wash away in a heavenly way, that is in your mind and heart,and only then your hands, for the money is a tool of the devil and it releases itssting into the man’s heart, sons, and it makes the man guilty. I am also teaching younow. If you do not have a word from Me for everything that you work for yourselves and forMe, you will not be able to remain in the work of obedience, sons, and disobedience pulls theman away from My kingdom. My teaching has sought to bring only good to you, only for Mygood with you and happy is the one that does not reject My teaching from him, and happyI am as well because someone like that. Amen. 3

2010.04.09. I will gather on earth under My protection the realm of My kingdom and I will sanctifyit and I will strengthen it for the holy ones, for those who are obedient and humble and full ofthe spirit of repentance before Me, for the man of lawlessness is everywhere on earth, whodeprives every man from his powers and dresses him in disobedience and all kinds of weak-nesses, for the antichrist reigns everywhere (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and theapocalyptic beast3”, r.n.) and tries to bring under his control even those who are Myelected, who did not want and do not want to stay under My protection, in My folds, and inwhich I hardly enclose the man to be able to protect him from the evil things on earth. Oh, God’s name dies away everywhere on earth in such a way that the people may notknow, may not speak about God and that they may no longer see His steps. When Caiaphasthought to lose Me and to be only him, to be only him the great bishop, for he was afraid of Mygreatness among people, after he understood that I was the Christ, and then many were falselyconfessing about Me, however, their confessions were not going together to be able to find anyguilt for My crucifixion. And the accusations and the accusers were increasing and even more,their confession was not the same, and then the bishop asked Me: «Have You no answer? Whatis this that these testify against You? Are You the Christ, the Son of the blessed One?» (SeeMatt: 26/62, 63) Then I helped him to do the work of My crucifixion and I answered: «I am.Nevertheless, I tell you, henceforth, you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand ofPower, and coming on the clouds of the sky». (Matt: 26/64) And he, tearing his clothing in hisfoolishness to shed My blood, said then: «Why do we need any more witnesses? Behold, youhave heard His blasphemy. What do you think?» (Matt: 26/65, 66) And all condemned Me todeath, but first they all spit Me in My face to cover My face with spittle and fists and they putsome of their servants to slap Me badly; however, I was the Christ, the Son of the blessed One,and Caiaphas paid the price of My betrayal, but that does not mean that he bought Me, andbehold, the one who pays the price of My betrayal does not gain anything, for it pays it to sellMe and not to buy Me, not to win Me over so that I may be his gain. Oh, behold what anger does, which comes forth from the desire to be greater than manis or more righteous than the other! The anger in man is the reward of his mistakes, and it comesin him as a punishment for him, and only after that he sees where this evil spirit takes him,which contorts his face and deed, and then it puts God far away; however, I am gentle andhumble in My heart even in the time when I become angry for the correction of the man’s lifewho is stubborn in respect with his salvation. Oh, it is good for the man not to have anyone else on earth but God alone, for if hehas someone to make trouble to, then he does them, sons. Oh, be alert with a full awakening,lest you may become one with those who commit the sin of the separation from God, theirs orof those who have the same mind as they do, not knowing what they do when they commit thisdeed. Oh, seek that the brothers may not be guilty to each other, the fathers to the children orthe children to their parents, and woe to those without any visitation upon them as some whoare illegitimate and who follow their mind! 3 You can also see on: 4

2010.04.09. Oh, mother Virgin, spring of love and mercy, I become with you a spring of cleansingword over the sons of My people to protect them from falls, mother, for the devil of the angerand of the hatred goes on the prowl around the camps of the sons of God, mother. – Oh, may the Lord, Jesus Christ rebuke you, devil of anger, faction and hatred; maythe Lord rebuke you; the Son of the blessed One, my Son, born of My virgin body for God’svictory upon you! Be good! Go into desolate places where there is no God! I am the mother ofthe Son of God and I heal the people of my Son, Jesus Christ, and I watch upon it with the entireholy heaven and I protect it from the spirit of the rebellion and hatred and I teach it love,holiness, patience, faithfulness, the cross and the victory by the cross, and as for you, beashamed and go, go back to your place, for this people is the day of the Lord, the day whichwill take you at the place which you have earned by your lawlessness, and the Lord willrelease from your bondage all those that have believed in Him by this His word!Amen. Oh, people of my Son, let there be only an angelic work among brothers. Be like theangels from heaven, not like the people on earth, sons! Get healed all the time from all that isnot heavenly in you and among you and keep your garment, and renew it again and again fora wedding table, for only at this table will you find your healing, and only in obedience to thewhole world of my Son, Jesus Christ! Strengthen your faith, humility and repentance! Walk inthe light, and give power to each other for faith and for watch against the temptations, whichblow! Be like the angels, and those who cannot do this, then let them stand on the left and workfor themselves repentance and prayer and let them work for their wisdom from above, givingtheir wisdom from them, which does harm to them and wants to draw them away from God! Oh, take care of them, my Son Jesus, for their way is hard; it is with temptations; it iswith blows. Oh, do not let them alone in hardships. Amen. – Oh, no, mother, no! I always, always become word upon them and I give them fromheaven, mother. I am their Master from above, and each time I tell the storm: be silent! Be silentand blow wherever you want, but not here! Oh, this is how I protect My people from today, andI am the protector of the One from above, for I was resurrected as the victor upon man, and MyFather has given Me all the power in heaven and on earth, and with it I protect My people oftoday, that which is good and faithful, and which remains with Me in everything, in allthe hardships, mother. Amen, amen, amen. 09-04-2010. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: 5

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