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2020 Wiper Tech Application Booklet

Published by adivine, 2020-03-16 13:53:18

Description: 2020 Wiper Tech Application Booklet


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2RV MERCHANDISERThe Wiper Technologies Mobile Display is specifically designed to give maximum impact in any retail environment. This eye catching, rolling mobile display allows maximum versatility for product placement.Mobile Display Part Number-MobileDisplay-28Display consists of the following:Part Number Description QuantityWT1-22 22” Universal Blade Assembly 4WT6-24 24” Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4WT6-26 26” Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4WT6-28 28” Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4WT6-32 32” Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4WT8-28 28” J Hook Radial Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4WT8-32 32” J Hook Radial Heavy Duty Blade Assembly 4Also Includes all Display Hardware, Header Card, Label Holders and Application Guide

3Improve your vision Wiper Technologies comprehensive line of quality wiper blades. Wiper Technologies has wiper blades for virtually all “A” Class RV’s on the road, so you will always be sure to have the right wiper blade on hand. That’s why Wiper Technologies has the best RV wiper blade range on the market. With the increasing popularity of RV’s every year, there is a greater need to replace the wiper blades more often. Make wiper blades the number one safety item to replace every six months.All Wiper Technologies wiper blades feature a rugged metal construction and a “longer life” rubber wiping element for consistent, reliable performance.Remember: Over 95% of all driving decisions are based on vision. Changer your wiper blades now. For safety’s sake, insist on the best and that’s Wiper Technologies.

4RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSAEROSPORTHawk 1994 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24AIRSTREAMA-Series 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Airstream 350 1990 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Cutter Bus 96-00 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Land Yacht 90-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Legacy 92-95 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Sky Deck 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26All 75-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20ALPHA LEISURESee Ya! 03-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26See Ya Founder 08-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26See Ya! Gold 05-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26AMERICAN COACHAmerican Eagle 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32American Eagle 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Revolution 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Dream 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32American Dream 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32APOLLO3300 RT 1984 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20

5RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSARGOSYArgosy 1974 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20AVCO28 1974 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20BARTHAll 1995 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24All 78-94 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20All 76-77 Class A WT5-18 WT5-18Monarch 1996 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20BEAVER MOTORCOACH (SEE MONACO)BLUE BIRDBMC 95-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Wanderlodge 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Wanderlodge 00-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Wanderlodge 1999 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Wanderlodge 92-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Wanderlodge 63-91 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20BRAVOAll 1990 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26CHAMPION25 (one piece windshield) 74-82 Class A WT3-20 WT3-2025 (two piece windshield) 74-76 Class A WT3-17 WT3-17

6RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSCHINOOK2200 1970 Class A WT5-16 WT5-16COACHMENAurora 06-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Aurora 02-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Avant Garde 09-10 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VCatalina 2000 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Catalina 98-99 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Catalina 90-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Catalina 84-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Classic 1989 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Classic 84-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Coachmen 05-06 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Cross Country 2013 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Cross Country 2011 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Cross Country 06-10 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VCross Country 03-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Destiny 95-97 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Destiny 93-94 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Elite 09-10 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VEncounter 12-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Encore 06-07 Class A WT-900V WT-900VLegend 06-10 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VMirada Select 19-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Mirada 17-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Mirada 12-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28

7RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSMirada 10-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Mirada 2009 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VMirada 07-08 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Mirada 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Mirada 04-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Mirada 98-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Mirada 96-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Pathfinder 12-14 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Pathfinder 10-11 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Pathfinder 06-09 Class A WT-900V WT-900VPursuit 17-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Pursuit 13-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Rendezvous 02-04 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Roadmaster 04-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Royal, Royal RD 1993 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Santara 00-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Santara 98-99 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Santara 95-97 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Santara 92-94 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sportscoach includes RD & SRS 17-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Sportscoach 12-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Sportscoach 10-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Sportscoach 99-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Sportscoach 1993 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26All 77-78 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20

8RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSCOBRACordoba 94-95 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Monterey 94-95 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Phoenix 92-95 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Riveria 93-95 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22CONCORD22 1974 Class A WT3-18 WT3-18COUNTRY CLUBCapri 1997 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Yellowstone 96-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24COUNTRY COACHAffinity 97-06 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Affinity 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Affinity 94-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allure 2007 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Allure 05-06 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Allure 97-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allure 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Allure 420 08-09 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Allure 470 08-09 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Concept 94-99 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Inspire 2007 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Inspire 2006 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Inspire 04-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26

9RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSInspire 360 08-09 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Intrigue 07-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Intrigue 05-06 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Intrigue 96-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Intrigue 1995 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Intrigue 1994 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Lexa 02-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Magna 07-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Magna 05-06 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Magna 94-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Mystique 2002 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Tribute 260 2008 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28DAMON (SEE THOR)DUTCHMENDutchmen 93-96 Class A WT1-24 WT1-24DYNAMAXGrand Sport 02-03 Class A WT1-24 WT1-24EL DORADOAll 1994 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22El Dorado 28 1990 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22Encore 1987 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22

10RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PSENTEGRA COACH / JAYCOAlante 16-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Anthem 15-20 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VAnthem 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Aspire 15-20 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VAspire 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Cornerstone 15-20 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VCornerstone 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Emblem 18-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Insignia 17-18 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VPrecept 15-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Precept 2014 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Precept Prestige 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Reatta 19-20 Class AWT1000V WT1000VReatta XL 19-20 Class AWT1000V WT1000VVision 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32EXECUTIVEDiplomat II 1979 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Executive 32 1977 Class A WT3-18 WT3-18EUROLINEREuro 01-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26FIRANCovington 94-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Europrimer 94-95 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Raven 94-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ultrasport 94-95 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Westhaven 1995 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24FLEETWOODAmerican Allegiance 2016 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Allegiance 10-11 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Drean 95-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Eagle 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Eagle 95-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Eagle 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24American Eagle 91-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Flyer 1995 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Heritage 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Heritage 06-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Heritage 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24American Heritage 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Revolution 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Revolution 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24American Tradition 10-16 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32American Tradition 96-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Axon 2018 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Bounder (Gas) 10-14 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Bounder Classic Gas 12-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Bounder Classic Diesel 12-13 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Bounder 09-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-3211RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Bounder 87-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Coronado 92-95 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Discovery & Discovery LXE 10-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Discovery 96-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Encounter 10-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Excursion 10-17 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Excursion 02-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Expedition 10-16 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Expedition 01-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Fiesta 01-11 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Flair 15-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Flair 93-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Hybrid 09-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Limited 88-97 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Pace Arrow & Pace Arrow LXE 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Pace Arrow 09-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Pace Arrow 88-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Pace Arrow 81-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Pace Arrow 75-80 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Pace Arrow Vision 95-2000 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Providence 09-16 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Providence 03-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Southwind 09-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Southwind 97-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Southwind 92-96 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Southwind 88-91 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Southwind 81-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-2012RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Southwind 75-80 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Southwind Storm 95-99 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Storm 13-18 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Sunsport 1993 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Terra 13-16 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Terra 02-11 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26X2 06-07 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26FOREST RIVERBerkshire 09-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Berkshire XL/XLT 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Berkshire 2008 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Charleston 17-18 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Charleston 05-16 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32FR3 17-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28FR3 14-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Georgetown 3 Series GT3 19-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Georgetown 5 Series GT5 19-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Georgetown/XL 17-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Georgetown 12-16 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Georgetown 10-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Georgetown 06-09 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Georgetown 99-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Georgetown 1995 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Legacy 14-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Reflection 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Tsunami 07-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-3213RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Tsunami 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Tsunami 02-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Windsong 99-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Windsong 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Windsong 1998 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24FORETRAVELIH (45) 12-18 Class A WT-800V WT-800VNimbus 12-16 Class A WT-800V WT-800VNimbus 07-11 Class A WT-800V WT-800VNimbus 05-06 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Phoenix 12-16 Class A WT-800V WT-800VPhoenix 07-11 Class A WT-800V WT-800VPhoenix 05-06 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Realm 14-18 Class A WT-800V WT-800VGV320 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Unicoach 96-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Unihome U240 1994 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Unihome U270 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Unihome U270 98-00 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Unihome U280 94-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Unihome U295 98-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Unihome U300 94-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Unihome U320 03-06 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Unihome U320 98-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26FOUR WINDS (SEE THOR)14RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

GEORGIE BOYBellagio 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Bellagio 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Bellagio 2004 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cruise Air 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Cruise Air 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Cruise Air 03-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Cruise Air 99-01 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cruise Air 1998 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Cruise Air 1997 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cruise Air 89-96 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Cruise Air 77-88 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22Cruise Master 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Cruise Master 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Cruise Master 98-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cruise Master 89-97 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Cruise Master 77-88 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22Custom 1997 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Encounter 1998 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Encounter 95-97 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Encounter 86-94 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Excalibur 82-85 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22Impulse 1990 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Landau 06-07 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Landau 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Landau 2001 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Landau 1999 Class A WT6-22 WT6-2215RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Pursuit 07-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Pursuit 05-06 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Pursuit 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Pursuit 93-99 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Swinger 89-97 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Swinger 77-88 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22The Suite 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24The Suite 2001 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Velocity 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26GMCAll 73-78 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20GRANVILLELextra 90-91 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20GULFSTREAMAtrium 04-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Bounty Hunter 08-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Carribean 09-11 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Conquest 00-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Constellation (Diesel Pusher) 08-10 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Crescendo (Front Engine Diesel) 08-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Crescendo (Diesel Pusher) 08-10 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Crescendo 2008 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Crescendo 04-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Friendship 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-3216RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Friendship 93-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Independence 08-11 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Independence 00-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Montaj 09-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Palm Breeze 99-00 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Scenic Cruiser 01(L)-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Scenic Cruiser 99-01 (E) Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Scenic Cruiser 93-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sun Clipper 1993 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sun Clipper 1990 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Sun Sport 07-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sun Sport 93-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sun Stream 93-94 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sun Stream 1986 Class A WT3-22 WT3-22Sun Voyager 10-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Sun Voyager 08-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sun Voyager 93-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Tour Master 06-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Tour Master 01-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Tour Master 94-00 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Tour Master 1993 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ultra 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ultra Supreme 01-03 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Yellowstone (Front Engine Diesel) 92-96 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Yellowstone (Diesel Pusher) 08-10 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Yellowstone 07-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Yellowstone C.C. 96-03 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2417RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

HARNEY COACH WORKSRenegade 99-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Riata 00-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28HAWKINS MOTOR COACHAerosport 95-96 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Hawl 1996 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20HMC 1996 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20HERITAGE2000 1982 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20HOLIDAY RAMBLER / ARG (SEE MONACO)HONEYEnterprise 1990 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Honey 87-88 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Maximum 1990 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26XL 1990 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26JAYCO - (ALSO SEE ENTEGRA COACH)Avatar 02-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Fienza 02-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26KING OF THE ROADKing Of The Road 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Genesis 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-3218RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

KOMFORT RVKomfort RV 88-90 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Lark 22 1974 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20MALLARDMallard 85-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Sprint 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Sprinter XL 87-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Sprinter 1979 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20MANDALAYMandalay 06-07 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Mandalay 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Presidio 06-07 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Presidio 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Valencia 06-07 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32MCIMarathon 1994 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26MCKENZIEMidas 32 77-78 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Travel Master 80-81 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20MONACO / BEAVER MOTOR COACHES / HOLIDAY RAMBLERAcclaim 1994 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Admiral 15-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-3219RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Admiral 06-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Admiral 2005 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Admiral 99-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Aluma-Lite 11-12 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Aluma-Lite 09-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Ambassador 2015 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Ambassador 2013 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Ambassador 11-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Ambassador 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Ambassador 2006 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Ambassador 04-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Ambassador 2003 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ambassador 01-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Arista 06-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Barron 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Camelot 10-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Camelot 05-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Camelot 03-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Cayman 10-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Cayman 06-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Cayman 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cayman 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Cayman 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cayman 2002 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Contessa 99-02 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Contessa 03-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Contessa 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-3220RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Diplomat 16-17 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Diplomat 2013 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Diplomat 10-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Diplomat 06-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Diplomat 04-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Diplomat 99-03 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Diplomat 1998 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Dynasty 15-16 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Dynasty 2013 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Dynasty 2012 Class A WT-900V WT-900VDynasty 06-12 Class A WT-900V WT-900VDynasty 00-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Dynasty 1999 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Dynasty 97-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Dynasty 94-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Endeavor 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Endeavor 12-13 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Endeavor 2009 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Endeavor 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Endeavor 02-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Endeavor 2001 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Endeavor 97-00 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Endeavor 1996 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Endeavor 94-95 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Executive 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Executive 2001 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Executive 2000 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2421RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Executive 98-99 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Executive 94-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Executive 94-96 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Executive 03-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Imperial 09-10 Class A WT-900V WT-900VImperial 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Imperial 98-01 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Imperial 95-97 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Imperial 93-94 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Imperial 1987 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Knight 11-13 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Knight 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Knight 2005 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Knight 03-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Knight 98-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26La Palma 11-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32La Palma 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32La Palma 04-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24La Palma 2003 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26La Palma 2002 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24La Palma 99-01 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Marquis 2018 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Marquis 08-10 Class A WT-900V WT-900VMarquis 05-06 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Marquis 03-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Marquis 94-02 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Monarch 11-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-3222RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Monarch 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Monarch 04-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Monarch 00-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Monterey 96-02 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Monterey 03-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Navigator 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Navigator 09-12 Class A WT-900V WT-900VNavigator 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Navigator 94-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Navigator 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Neptune 10-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Neptune 06-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Neptune 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Neptune 2002 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Patriot 06-10 Class A WT-900V WT-900VPatriot 94-02 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Patriot 03-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Reno 2018 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Riptide 09-12 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Santium 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Scepter 2018 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Scepter 10-12 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Scepter 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Scepter 03-04 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Scepter 2002 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Signature 06-12 Class A WT-900V WT-900VSignature 99-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-3223RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Signature 1998 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Signature 94-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Socialite 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Traveler 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Trek 15-16 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Trip 11-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Vacationer 15-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Vacationer 2015 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Vacationer 2013 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Vacationer 2012 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Vacationer 06-11 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Vacationer 02-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Vacationer 98-01 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Vacationer 1997 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Vacationer 92-96 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Vesta 11-12 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Windsport 1998 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Windsor 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Windsor 99-01 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Windsor 97-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Windsor 94-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-241000 1993 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22All 74-81 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20MONITORCrown Imperial 1990 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Imperial 1990 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Limited 1990 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2424RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

MOUNTAIN HIGH COACHWORKSPinnacle 99-01 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Residency 2001 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Summit 2001 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32NATIONAL RVCarribbean 2001 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Dolphin 07-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Dolphin 95-06 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Dolphin 1994 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Dolphin 88-93 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Islander 03-06 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26La Brisas 90-91 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Limited 97-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Marlin 2001 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Nautica 07-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Pacifica 06-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Rip Tide 08-09 Class A WT1-22 WT1-22Sea Breeze 08-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sea Breeze 95-07 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Sea Breeze 1994 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sea Breeze 1993 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sea Breeze 80-94 Class A WT1-17 WT1-17Sea View 98-01 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Surf Side 99-09 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Trade Winds 03-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Trade Winds 98-02 Class A WT6-22 WT6-2225RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Tropi-Cal 07-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Tropi-Cal 2006 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Tropi-Cal 04-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Tropi-Cal 97-01 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Tropi-Cal 92-96 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26NEWMARAll Models 89-01 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24All Models 80-84 Class A WT5-18 WT5-18All Star 08-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32All Star 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Bay Star/Sport 08-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Bay Star 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Canyon Star 08-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Canyon Star 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Dutch Aire 09-11 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Dutch Star 13-20 Class A WT-900V WT-900VDutch Star 06-12 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Dutch Star 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Essex 19-20 Class A WT900V WT900VEssex 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Essex 06-07 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VEssex 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Grand Star 07-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32King Aire 18-20 Class A WT900V WT900VKing Aire 10-17 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Kountry Star 19-20 Class A WT900V WT900V26RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Kountry Star 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Kountry Star 02-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32London Aire 18-20 Class A WT-900V WT-900VMountain Aire 18-20 Class A WT-900V WT-900VMountain Aire 15-16 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Mountain Aire 13-14 Class A WT-900V WT-900VMountain Aire 10-12 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Mountain Aire 2007 Class A WT-1000V WT-1000VMountain Aire 2006 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Mountain Aire 02-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Mountain Aire DP 02-04 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32New Aire 18-20 Class A WT-900V WT-900VNorthern Star 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Scotsdale 03-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Ventana 14-20 Class A WT-900V WT-900VVentana 08-12 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Ventana 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32NEXUS RVBentley 19-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Evoque 19-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Maybach 19-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32ODESSAAll 1995 Class A WT6-26 WT6-2627RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

OVERLANDOverland Coach 98-99 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Discover 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28PATRIOTAll 93-94 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24PINNACLE295T, 305Q, 320Q, 340Q 1990 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20PLEASURE WAYLexor ( D ) 2002 Class A WT1-19 WT1-19Lexor ( C ) 08-09 Class A WT1-22 WT1-22Lexor ( F ) 02-09 Class A WT1-20 WT1-20PREVOSTMarathon Coach 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28REV (SEE AMERICAN COACH / FLEETWOOD RV / HOLIDAY RAMBLER / MONACOREVCONAll 1977 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20REXHALLAerbus 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Aerbus 94-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-2628RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Airex 1994 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Airex 92-93 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Airex 90-91 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Clipper 98-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26American Clipper DP 01-02 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Anthem 99-00 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Rexair 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Rexair 09-04 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Rolis Air 97-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Rolis Air 1996 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Rolis Air 2005 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Rose Air 02-04 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Rose Air 00-01 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Rose Air 1999 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Vision 03-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Vision 01-02 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Vision 97-00 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Vision 90-91 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20ROCKWOODBay Port 1995 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Beachwood 1993 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Driftwood 89-90 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Embassy 1994 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Regent 93-95 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Rockwood 89-93 Class A WT6-26 WT6-2629RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

R-VISIONTLB 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Condor 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28SAFARICheetah 08-10 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Cheetah 06-07 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Cheetah 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Cheetah 02-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Cheetah 2001 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Compression 2008 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Compression 09-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Continental 00-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Continental 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Continental 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Gazelle 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ivory 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Kalahari 94-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Panther 03-05 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Panther 99-02 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Panther 1998 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Passage 06-10 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Path Maker 1998 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sahara 2004 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sahara 02-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sahara 00-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Sahara 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-2630RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Sahara 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Serengeti 00-01 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Serengeti 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Serengeti 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Simba 08-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Simba 06-07 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Simba 2005 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Trek 03-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Trek 2001 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Trek 94-00 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Zanzibar 2004 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Zanzibar 01-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Zanzibar 2000 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Zanzibar 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26SILVER EAGLEAll 90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20SMCRenegade 2001 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Riata 2001 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28SPORTSCOACHCross Country 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Cross Country 86-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Pathfinder 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Pathfinder 86-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-2031RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Sportscoach IV 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Sportscoach 86-87 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20STARCRAFTStar Cruiser 71-73 Class A WT3-18 WT3-18330 SB, 360 SA 1990 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28SUPERIORLa Costa 1976 Class A WT3-20 WT3-202200 1972 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20SWINGERLa Vista 1976 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Squire 1972 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20TESCHNERME340SG 05-06 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32RE380 05-06 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28THOR MOTORHOMES (INCLUDING DAMON & FOUR WINDS)5000 93-94 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24A.C.E. 12-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Aria 17-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Astoria 07-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Astoria 2006 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Astoria 2005 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Astoria Pacific 2009 Class A WT8-32 WT8-3232RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Avanti 09-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Axis & Axis RUV 16-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Axis 2015 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Axis 2014 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Challenger 07-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Challenger 2006 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Challenger 94-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Challenger Platinum ED 08-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Daybreak 08-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Daybreak 06-08 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Daybreak 01-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Daybreak 96-99 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Escaper 00-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Essence 08-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Freedom Traveler 19-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Hornet ( F ) 94-95 Class A WT1-22 WT1-22Hurricane 08-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Hurricane 06-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Hurricane 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Hurricane 96-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Infinity 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Infinity 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Infinity 2002 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Infinity 00-01 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Infinity 1999 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Infinity 97-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Intruder 2006 Class A WT6-28 WT6-2833RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Intruder 99-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Intruder 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Inverness 1995 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Magelian 08-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Magelian 05-07 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Mandalay 06-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Miramar 14-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Montecito 10-11 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Outlaw 08-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Outlaw 06-07 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Palazzo 19-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Palazzo 13-18 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Presidio 07-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Scorpion 08-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Serrano 10-13 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Tuscany 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Tuscany 06-15 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Tuscany 2005 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Ultrasport 99-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Ultrasport 94-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Valencia 07-10 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Vegas 15-20 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Vegas 2014 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Venetian 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Windsport 08-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Windsport 2007 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Windsport 05-06 Class A WT6-28 WT6-2834RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Windsport 03-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Windsport 99-02 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26XL 93-94 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24TIFFIN MOTOR HOMESAllegro 10-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro 07-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Allegro 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Allegro 90-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allegro 88-89 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Allegro 72-87 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Allegro Bay 10-13 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro Bay 07-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Allegro Bay 96-06 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allegro Bay (23’ - 28’) 90-05 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Allegro Bay (30’ - 27’) 90-99 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allegro Breeze 11-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro Bus 18-20 Class A WT900C WT900CAllegro Bus 15-17 Class A WT1000V WT1000VAllegro Bus 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro Bus 06-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Allegro Bus 04-05 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Allegro Bus 95-03 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Allegro Red 10-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro Red 340 19-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Allegro Open Road 13-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-3235RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Allegro Open Road 88-91 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Phaeton 18-20 Class A WT900C WT900CPhaeton 15-17 Class AWT1000V WT1000VPhaeton 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Phaeton 07-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Phaeton 05-06 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Phaeton 99-04 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Zephyr 18-20 Class A WT900C WT900CZephyr 15-17 Class A WT1000V WT1000VZephyr 10-14 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Zephyr 07-09 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Zephyr 2006 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Zephyr 02-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26TITAN32 72-82 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20TRAIL-LITECondor 01-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Stratus 2002 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Trail-Lite 02-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24TRAVCOAll 70-77 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20TRAVEL QUEEN27 1976 Class A WT6-26 WT6-2636RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

TRAVEL SUPREMEAlante 05-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Envoy 05-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Insignia 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Me 05-07 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Mid Engine 05-09 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32Travel Select 01-08 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32TRAVELON25 1981 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20TRIPLE ECommander 08-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Commander 94-05 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Embassy 09-10 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Embassy 94-08 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Embassy 2009 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Empress 05-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Empress 94-98 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Invitation 06-11 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Signature 08-11 Class A WT6-32 WT6-32USA MOTOR CORPEuropa 96-97 Class A WT1-22 WT1-22Duropa 1994 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2437RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

VOGUE27 1977 Class A WT3-20 WT3-2033 1977 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20WAYFERER25 1972 Class A WT3-14 WT3-14WESTERN RVAlpine Coach 05-07 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Alpine Coach 2004 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Alpine Coach 99-03 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28WINNEBAGO / ITASCAApex 06-07 Class A WT6-28 WT6-28Adventurer 16-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Adventurer 14-15 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Adventurer 08-13 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Adventurer 93-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Brave 2016 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Brave 2015 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Brave 98-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Brave 1997 Class A WT6-22 WT6-22Brave 91-96 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Brave 83-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Brave 80-82 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Brave 71-72 Class A WT3-14 WT3-14Chieftain 91-04 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2438RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Chieftain 83-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Chieftain 80-82 Class A WT3-20 WT3-20Chieftain 71-72 Class A WT3-14 WT3-14Destination 06-10 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Elandan 83-90 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Ellipse 15-18 Class A WT-900V WT-900VEllipse 07-11 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Ellipse 05-06 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ellipse Ultra 15-18 Class A WT-900V WT-900VForza 14-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Grand Tour 15-18 Class A WT-900V WT-900VGrand Tour 1999 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Horizon 18-20 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Horizon 07-11 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Horizon 05-06 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Horizon 2004 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Horizon 00-03 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Indian 71-72 Class A WT3-14 WT3-14Intent 18-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Journey 13-18 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Journey 08-12 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Journey 00-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Latitude 06-11 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Luxor 95-98 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Meridian 13-16 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Meridian 08-12 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Meridian 04-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-2439RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Reyo 10-16 Class A WT1-30 WT1-30Sightseer 16-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Sightseer 12-15 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Sightseer 05-11 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Solei 14-16 Class A WT8-32 WT8-32Suncruiser 2016 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Suncruiser 08-15 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Suncruiser 94-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Suncruiser 1979 Class A WT3-16 WT3-16Sunflyer 04-09 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sunflyer 1989 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Sunova 16-18 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Sunova 12-15 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Sunova 03-11 Class A WT6-26 WT6-26Sunrise 94-10 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Sunstar 15-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Sunstar 12-14 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Sunstar 06-11 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Superchief 1988 Class A WT5-20 WT5-20Tour 11-18 Class A WT-900V WT-900VTour 07-10 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Tour 05-06 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Tribute 2016 Class A WT1-28 WT1-28Tribute 2015 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Ultimate Advantage 99-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Ultimate Freedom 99-05 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Vectra 08-10 Class A WT8-28 WT8-2840RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

Vectra 92-07 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Via 10-18 Class A WT1-30 WT1-30Vista 15-20 Class A WT1-32 WT1-32Vista 10-13 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Vista 06-11 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Voyage 2010 Class A WT8-28 WT8-28Voyage 05-09 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Warrior 93-97 Class A WT6-24 WT6-24Windcruiser 1984 Class A WT5-20 WT5-2041RV MAKE & MODEL YEAR CLASS DS PS

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