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Brochure Design Software for Mac - Design Responsive PDF Brochure on Mac OSX

PubHTML5 makes it easy to design and publish an online brochure for mac users.

Brochure Design Software Mac Online Brochure Digital Brochure

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Why PubHTML5 ?

PubHTML5 is the best brochure design software for mac users to transform PDFs into page flipping digital brochure in a fast and simple way. The brochure design software mac empowers users to create a shoppable brochure to increase sales in a breeze. There is a unique advantage in PubHTML5 that can helps you inspire your readers to buy the products. You are able to make the product images eye-catching with built-in eye-catching icons or buttons. What’s more, PubHTML5 allows you brand your digital brochure. Making memorable brand can increasing the recognition of your brand and bring your business to a new jump. At last, your compelling digital brochure created by PubHTML5 can read on any device.
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More Amazing Examples Created by PubHTML5

PubHTML5 brochure design software mac

Introduction of PubHTML5 brochure desingn software mac

1. Create shoppable online brochure

One of the stinking features of pubHTML5 is that the powerful design software provides viewers with the ability to purchase products in the publication. In addition, PubHTMLT5 enables you customize the product’s detailed information and you are able to attract your viewers’ attention by using some built-in eye-catching buttons or icons to show your latest products, products on sale.

2. Brand your digital brochure

Digital brochure with memorable brand can create potential customers and increase sales. PubHTMLT5 gives you the ability to brand your digital brochure. You are able to make the logo display in the load page or the top-left corner of the digital brochure. Besides, you can customize the background image to suite your company’s branding.

3. Work on any device

With pubHTML5, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your digital brochure. You are able to deliver your PDFs to any device, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets without extra costs. In words, your digital brochure can be available on a variety of platforms and people can read it anywhere and anytime.

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