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2016 Kids in Crisis Annual Report

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2016 Kids in Crisis Annual Report

Published by Kids in Crisis, 2017-01-04 15:54:29

Description: 2016 Kids in Crisis Annual Report



OUR MISSION For more than 38 years, the Kids in Crisis mission has been steadfast: to protect infants, children, and teens from abuse, neglect, and family crisis. To fulfill this mission, Kids in Crisis provides free, round-the-clock crisis intervention counseling, comprehensive temporary emergency shelter, a wide array of prevention programs in local communities, and advocacy at the national level and throughout Connecticut.Since its founding in 1978, Kids in Crisis has served more than138,000 Fairfield County children and their families. This year, Kids in Crisis provided assistance to 6,384 children and adults in greater Bridgeport, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan,Norwalk, Ridgefield, Stamford, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

This year’s annual report is all aboutresiliency. Kids in Crisis teaches thechildren in our shelter and in our manycommunity outreach programs thatwith crisis come opportunities — to lookinward, analyze situations, see one’sself in a different light, look forward,make changes, challenge one’s self andgrow. This year, Kids in Crisis took theselessons to heart and applied them to theAgency itself.

2016 ANNUAL REPORTDEAR FRIENDSIt has been a year of Joseph, who arrived at Kids in Crisis after being draggedgreat challenges. down the stairs and beaten by his father. He received critical care from our onsite TLC Health Clinic and dailyIn November 2015, the State of Connecticut rescinded its trauma-informed counseling in the therapeutic shelter$750,000 contract to Kids in Crisis. This was in addition to environment, and today is a stronger, healthier boy. We$900,000 the State cut in funding for infants and children looked to eight- and nine-year-old siblings Michelleat our facility in 2012. The result is that now Kids in Crisis and Eddy, who arrived at Kids in Crisis with nothingno longer receives any direct support from the State of but the clothes on their backs while their motherConnecticut. And if that wasn’t enough, Kids in Crisis was sought treatment for substance abuse. They receivedtemporarily out of the Crisis Nursery for three months comprehensive medical and psychological attention, andfollowing a flood from a broken sprinkler head. were able to return healthier and happier to a mother who was then able to care for them.However, it has also beena year of great triumphs. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.Despite the major loss in revenue, our Board of Directors,staff and volunteers remained committed to serving This is the core message Kids in Crisis counselors sharethe children and families seeking our help, whose needs with children and families we help. Kids in Crisis took afor our services were greater than ever, and the Agency page from our own play book and looked at this year’srose to the challenge in the face of our serious financial financial challenge as an opportunity to seek out newsituation. ways to become more resilient.We did not have to turn far for inspiration andstrength to move forward — we looked tothose we served this past year as examples ofresiliency in crisis. We looked to 11-year-old

4 LETTER FROM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARDBack to basics. Prevention is key.We looked for ways to be more resourceful in order to The responsibility for helping children and families thatkeep our costs low and ensure that dollars are spent are experiencing a crisis in our communities shiftedefficiently on programs and services for our children. from a shared partnership with the State to that ofExamples include a new staff benefits program that is community providers, making our services more criticalstronger while also saving the agency dollars, and than ever before. We equipped families with knowledge“going green” with this very Annual Report, our first and tools to avoid new crises before they occurred. Asdigital edition. This commitment to cost efficiency, with our school-based prevention programs — TeenTalkaccountability and transparency earned Kids in Crisis the and SafeTalk — our shelter Social Workers shared ourhighest rating of four stars from Charity Navigator, prevention strategies with families, making bilingualAmerica’s largest independent charity evaluator, this past presentations in several Fairfield County communities.June. Be sure to take a look on page 28 for a specialmessage on the financial state of the Agency from our Long-term sustainability.Board Treasurer, Jeffrey Palma. Kids in Crisis received a unique gift from the DalioStronger together. Foundation — the provision of services from a seasoned management consulting firm, which has begun to helpWe reached out to community providers to strengthen us develop a long-term sustainability plan. This willpartnerships and forge new ones. The response was ensure that Kids in Crisis can continue its criticallyoverwhelming, with area organizations and agencies important work of helping the most vulnerable in ourunderstanding the importance of Kids in Crisis in the community without interruption or a reduction in, and jumping on board to create strongcollaborations to provide a safety net for our families. We thank the community for its outpouring of support this past year. Without you, we could not do the workIt takes a village. that we did. We look to the future with great confidence and commitment. As long as children andThe local community was incredibly responsive to Kids in families are in need of emergency intervention and crisisCrisis’ need for financial support in order to continue prevention services, Kids in Crisis will be here, as it hasserving its mission. We are grateful to the scores of been for over 38 years.businesses and groups that held fundraisers, collections,and community-initiated drives, as well as the many With great admiration and hope,generous individuals, who contributed needed funds. Inaddition, these community partners spread critical Shari L. Shapiro Christine Hikawaawareness about Kids in Crisis services. We look forwardto our continued partnerships in the years to come. Executive Director Chairman of the Board



2016 ANNUAL REPORTPROGRAMS AND SERVICES Crisis Nursery night, any day of the year, providing support, counseling and Teen House and referrals — and when needed, intake into our emergency shelter program. The Crisis Nursery and Teen House programs are warm, TLC Health Center child-centered environments on the Kids in Crisis Cos Cob The TLC Health Center is a licensed outpatient medical campus. The Crisis Nursery, clinic located on the Cos Cob campus. Available to all housed in a renovated farmhouse, Kids in Crisis residents, the Center is staffed by an serves newborns to 12-year-olds and is Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Psychiatrist and the only emergency shelter in the State Psychologist, who provide comprehensive medical and of Connecticut licensed to care for mental health care. Referrals are also made to dentists, children birth to age 6. The Teen House serves medical specialists, therapists and hospitals, according to children 13-17 in a building all its own. Both shelters residents’ individual needs. provide an unmatched level of comprehensive care, including therapeutic, medical and educational Safe Place support. Once a child leaves the shelter, the Kids in Crisis Aftercare program continues to provide The National Safe Place program enlists the support ofsupport to ensure that they remain safe and continue area businesses, agencies and other locations to help to receive necessary support services. connect youth in crisis situations to immediate support. As the coordinating agency for Safe Place in Darien,Outreach Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Stamford, Weston, Westport and Wilton, Kids in Crisis responds toTrained Crisis Prevention Counselors in the Outreach all Safe Place calls in those towns. Safe Place locations Department answer calls made to the 24/7 Kids in display a yellow and black Safe Place sign placed in Crisis Helpline (203-661-1911). They meet in person their front window. If a child feels threatened or unsafe, with children and families, any hour of the day or they can go into a designated Safe Place location and ask for help. Trained personnel from the Safe Place location then contact Kids in Crisis, who in turn sends a staff member to meet with the youth and give them the help they need.3,997 The number of Fairfield County elementary school children that participated in the SafeTalk program held in 199 classrooms last academic year.

8 PROGRAMS AND SERVICESPROGRAMS AND SERVICESTeenTalk students a nationally recognized anti-bullying, anti-assault program. SafeTalk educators use roleThe confidential TeenTalk program provides a full-time playing and age-appropriate information to teachKids in Crisis Counselor on site at seven area middle kids how to recognize and respond toschools and high schools. Students receive individual, dangerous situations. SafeTalk utilizes thegroup and family crisis prevention counseling and curriculum of the Child Assault Preventioneducation on the wide range of issues facing adolescents. Project (CAP) under the auspices of theThe TeenTalk Counselor serves as an adjunct to school International Center for Assault Prevention (ICAP).staff and a bridge to 24/7, comprehensive servicesprovided at Kids in Crisis. Volunteer Services and Internship ProgramJuvenile Review Board andInterAgency Team Kids in Crisis utilizes volunteer resources in impactful and innovative ways to support the children andThe Juvenile Review Board (JRB) in Greenwich and the families we serve and engage the community. TheInterAgency Team (IAT) at Greenwich High School Volunteer Committee, comprised of individual andoperate under the community partnership of Kids in corporate volunteers, focuses on maximizing theCrisis, the Greenwich Police Department and the Agency’s volunteer resources.Town of Greenwich Youth Service Bureau. The JRB is avoluntary alternative to the justice system that provides Volunteers serve as true ambassadors for the Agency andcase management for juveniles who have committed play key roles in marketing, event, fundraising, financiala minor first-time offense. The IAT is a voluntary and administrative efforts. Individuals and corporate andpreventive program for at-risk students. Like the JRB, it community groups provide support via resident activities,requires and contractual commitments from students working in our SafeTalk program, capital improvementand their parents. In the 2016-2017 school year, IAT projects, collections and event support.will continue at Greenwich High School and will bepiloted at all three Greenwich middle schools. The Agency’s Internship program provides year-round opportunities for graduate and undergraduate levelSafeTalk students, while a wide array of teen, youth and family volunteer options round out the VolunteerIntroduced in 1999, the Kids in Crisis SafeTalk program Services roster.brings together Kids in Crisis staff, educators, parentsand trained presenters to offer elementary school



2016 ANNUAL REPORTCRISIS NURSERYCLIENT PROFILEEight- and nine-year-old siblings, Michelle and Eddy, arrived at Kids in Crisis on a cold winter day with nothing but the clothes on their backs (they had nojackets, boots or warm sweaters) while their mother soughttreatment for substance abuse. The onsite TLC Health Center’sAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse provided the childrencomprehensive medical exams and immediate treatment forrespiratory infections and head lice. The clinical psychologistperformed psychological evaluations. Daily individual and groupcounseling in the Crisis Nursery’s child-centered therapeuticenvironment helped Michelle and Eddy process and begin toheal from the trauma they had suffered as a result of theirmother’s substance abuse and their family’s unstable housing. Thanks to the nutritious food and appropriate clothing provided in the Crisis Nursery, and the medical and psychological attention they received, Eddy and Michelle left Kids in Crisis much healthier and happier than when they arrived (and with three large bags of winter clothing, shoes and other essentials).883 The nights of care that were provided to 40 children at the Crisis Nursery last year.


2016 ANNUAL REPORTTEEN HOUSECLIENT PROFILEKids in Crisis is mindful that coming A recent case in point: Prior to entering shelter to reside in the Teen House is a care, 15-year-old Ernesto had been asked to be a disruption to typical adolescent life. member of his cousin’s Quinceanera court. In Our residents have left their homes and families many Latin American cultures, a Quinceanera is a and are in a new and quite different environ- traditional coming-of-age celebration for 15-year- ment. Limiting their normal connectivity to old girls. Ernesto told the Teen House staff that friends through technology, along with the it was very important to him to be a part of this other limits that living in a temporary therapeutic family event, so they worked out a plan to make it environment requires to ensure their safety and happen. He would be able to attend the to promote opportunities for healthy develop- Quinceanera, but with conditions. The Socialment, can make for challenging adjustments. Our Worker worked with Ernesto on an agreementgoal is to make it as “normative” for them as about appropriate behavior with him. He wouldpossible. We do all we can to enable them to stay not be permitted to have his phone, and he wouldin and succeed in their home schools, maintain be picked up earlier than the other guests, totheir regular extracurricular activities, and weave return to Kids in individualized elements of their typical teen life. In the weeks leading to the event, staff drove him to all of his dance practices and tuxedo fittings. Ernesto attended the Quinceanera and all went well. He did not have to miss out on something of value to his sense of identity, while at the same time being helped to enhance that identity with skills he was building at Kids in Crisis.1,865 The number of nights of care that were provided to 65 adolescents at the Teen House last year.

14 PROGRAMS AND SERVICESTEENTALK AND OUTREACH:A CRITICAL COLLABORATIONCLIENT PROFILEMae, an 11th grader, went to her school nurse of Kids in Crisis shelter. Physical separation from the feeling faint, nauseous, and dizzy. The nurse triggers at home and counseling from clinical staff learned that Mae was regularly vomiting at enabled Mae to gain a better understanding of herschool. She immediately referred Mae to the TeenTalk symptoms, treatment goals and family dynamics. HerCounselor, who performed a crisis assessment. Mae parents received support and education about theirrevealed symptoms of anxiety and depression, and daughter’s symptoms and functioning.described recent disrupted friendships, family conflict,and academic decline, along with her attempts at The TeenTalk Counselor worked closely with other Kidscontrol with restrictive eating and vomiting. The in Crisis shelter clinicians to provide seamless care forTeenTalk Counselor gained Mae’s trust, helped her to Mae at school. The TeenTalk Counselor also workedde-escalate, and scheduled another meeting the next day. with Mae’s parents on following through with recommendations of the shelter treatment team. OnceMae was soon dropping in to the TeenTalk Counselor’s back home, Mae continued to work with her communityoffice frequently. The TeenTalk Counselor helped her therapist on family dynamics and trauma reactionsreflect on her choices and behaviors, practice coping through individual, parent and family work. She wasskills, and process difficult experiences that were also referred to a clinical specialist in eating disorders, acontributing to her potential eating disorder. The nutritionist and a psychiatrist. The TeenTalk CounselorTeenTalk Counselor immediately connected Mae to an ensured that Mae’s treatment goals and objectives wereoutside therapist for individual and family therapy. As consistent across all of her providers. The TeenTalkpart of ongoing crisis assessments and safety planning, Counselor advocated with Mae’s guidance counselorthe TeenTalk Counselor informed Mae about Kids in and teachers for accommodation services, whileCrisis’ 24-hour Outreach counseling, which could be maintaining the family’s confidentiality.accessed through the Crisis Helpline any time of the dayor night, any day of the year. Mae and her family continued working towards repairing their relationships and Mae continued to work toMae’s family conflict increased, and she appropriately improve her own mental health. As her symptomsfollowed her safety plan and called the Crisis Helpline. improved, Mae continued to access the TeenTalkAn Outreach Crisis Counselor responded immediately, Counselor several times a week to manage intrusiveand met with the family for a more detailed assessment memories, upsetting interactions and urges to vomitand interviews with Mae and her parents. Mae then that still arose during the school day. The TeenTalkdisclosed a past history of sexual abuse by an older Counselor also continued to provide support to Mae’ssibling, who still lived at home. A referral to the parents, and collaborated with her outside treatmentConnecticut Department of Children and Families was providers and school staff as an aligned member ofmade, and Mae and her parents decided to utilize Kids her treatment team. If she needed extra support, Maein Crisis’ shelter program to help manage the family knew that Kids in Crisis Outreach Counselors remainedcrisis. Mae was able to continue attending her home available to her while she stayed in the supportive environment

2016 ANNUAL REPORT629 The number of individual students, ages 12 to 18, who received support from TeenTalk Counselors in seven schools throughout Fairfield County last year.

16 PROGRAMS AND SERVICES TLC HEALTH CENTER CLIENT PROFILE When Matt, a 17-year-old boy with sickle cell anemia, arrived at Kids in Crisis, he had not received medical attention since 2012. The onsite TLC Health Center’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) did a comprehensive physical examination and detected a heart murmur. She immediately referred Matt to a cardiologist for follow-up. To address Matt’s sickle cell anemia, she referred Matt to a hematologist at Yale, and educated Matt on how to monitor his health and treatment to avoid painful sickle cell “crises.” She also secured multiple appointments with a dentist and orthodontist, as Matt had been wearing braces for much longer than he should have — over 6 years — and his teeth were in a bad state of disrepair. The braces had to be removed and his teeth needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Matt expressed particular gratitude to the TLC APRN for treating his acne and dental woes, and his improved physical appearance gave him greater self-confidence. When Matt left Kids in Crisis, he did so in good health and good spirits.86 The number of residents in shelter who received comprehensive medical and mental health assessment and treatment at the TLC Health Center last year. Over 92 referrals were made to specialists, with follow-up provided by the Kids in Crisis APRN.


18 DONOR RECOGNITION OUR DONORS Kids in Crisis values every contribution. The outstanding programs and services we offer are made possible by the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and many civic and religious organizations throughout the area. The children and families served by Kids in Crisis benefit daily from your thoughtfulness.

2016 ANNUAL REPORTANGELS Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Granoff Mr. and Mrs. Bart Osman Mr. Donald B. Gimbel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cervi Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Grimm Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Palma Mr. Allen M. Glucksman and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Qualey The Christopher T. Miller Fund$25,000+ Mr.* and Mrs. Albert Hartig Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Parkinson Mr. and Mrs. David Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. CoffinMr. and Mrs. Tim Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hartwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rice Ms. Shari L. Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Richman Mr. Kevin ConnellyThe Day Family Charitable Juan J. and Jonne Low de Lara Mr. and Mrs. David Ruf Dr. Michael Goldfield Mr. Steve Ripp Cory and Bob Donnalley Charitable Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schecter Mr. Paul Goldschmid Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Rogers Foundation Foundation, Inc. Mr. Eric Schwartz and Mr. Peter Graham Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce FoundationMr. and Mrs. Steven Denning The Kaye Family Foundation Ms. Dolores T. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rumilly Mr. Ciro M. DeFalcoMr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Finn, Jr. Mr. Christopher LaPolice and Ms. Debra Fram The Greer Family Foundation Mr. Greg Rushing Ms. Shawna DosterMs. Christine Hikawa and Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David R. Grimes Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Russell, Jr. Mr. Gregory Driscoll Mr. Mark Medelson Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sorbaro Ms. Chelsea Grimm Ms. Alma Rutgers Mr. Daniel P. Egan Mr. David Windreich Mr. and Mrs. James Levin Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swift Mr. and Mrs. Keith Grossman Mr. Kenneth Salamone Mr. and Mrs. Scott EisdorferMr. and Mrs. Kim E. Jeffery Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Litowitz Mr. Mike Taliercio Mr. and Mrs. Andre Haroche Rabbi Deborah and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ElmlingerLandry Family Foundation Mr. Jason Mager Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tusa Mr. William Healey Ms. Eliza EngelMr. and Mrs. Stephen Mandel, Jr. Mr. Niten Malhan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wheaton Mrs. Chrissy Heckart Mr. Robert Salomon Mr. and Mrs. Don FandettiMr. and Mrs. Brian J. Miller Mary and George Herbert Mrs. Lothar Herz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sechan II Mr. Michael F. FergusonMr. and Mrs. Drew Niv CAREGIVERS Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. David Setchim Mr. and Mrs. Amory FioreMr. and Mrs. Craig Packer Zimmerman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Shapiro Ms. Kimberly FiorelloMr. and Mrs. Cory Solomon The Mary Jane H. and Peter J. $1,000 – $2,499 Howard Head Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John C. Shaw Mr. Patrick FitzsimonsThe Sage Foundation Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. John P. Howitt Ms. Maureen Sheehan Mr. Martin J. Flashner andMr. and Mrs. Barry Sternlicht DaPuzzo Family Foundation Ms. Kelly G. Abbott Mr. and Mrs. William C. Howland Ms. Jami Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Ian McKinnon Dr. Harry Adamakos Mr. and Mrs. Leo Huang Ms. Heidi Siebens Ms. Phyllis D. ShapiroBENEFACTORS The Melchiorre Family Mr. David Albert Mr. Robert Hughes Mr. Samuel Simons Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foley Mr. and Mrs. John Todd Miranowski Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aleardi Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Hyman, Jr. Ms. Margaret Sirot Mr. Andrew Forrler$10,000 – $24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Brien Alexander Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Incorvaia Mr. Michael Slepian Ms. Allison K. FraserAnonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Jed P. Isaacs Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sprung Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. FreemanMr. Peter J. Appleby and Ms. Judy Ong Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arsov Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivanhoe Ms. Mary E. Stacy Mr. Markus Frey The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Askin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Jackson Mr. Rick Stebbins Mr. and Mrs. Erik Friedman Ms. Stephanie Raia Ms. Karen Austin Mr. and Mrs. Bo B. Jarnstedt The Stephen Oster Fund Ms. Dorothy J. GaalMr. Bobby Blount Family Foundation Mr. Daoud Awad and John S. & Amy S. Weinberg Mr. Matthew Stevens Mr. Jonathan S. Gaines andMr. and Mrs. Torrey J. Browder Mr. William Pierz Dr. Betsy and Mr. Michael K. StoneMr. and Mrs. David R. Carlucci Mr. and Mrs. Dhruv Prasad Ms. Kathryn Shorts Foundation Ms. Allison Straub Ms. Lisa ZeitelMs. Karen Casey Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reingold Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Babiarz Mr. Jeff Johnson Mr. Frank A. Talcott Mr. and Mrs. James C. GallagherChambers Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rosen Barbara and Donald Jonas Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Jonas Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tananbaum The Geller-Conarck Memorial FundMr. and Mrs. Sean Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Darren Ross Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Joseph Mr. Luther Terry Mr. Martin GellertMr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis Mr. and Mrs. John Schacter Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert Julius Mr. and Mrs. Sudip Thakor Mr. John GibneyMr. and Mrs. Steve Evans Mr. Alan Schwartz and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Barksdale Mr. David Junius and Ms. Cynthia Turner Mr. and Mrs. Michael GoldschmidMr. and Mrs. John A. Gibbons III Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Viggiano Mrs. Mary GoldschmidMr. and Mrs. John Hock Mrs. Nancy Seaman Mr. and Mrs. Alain Benzaken Ms. Rosemary Hyson Mr. and Mrs. David Volpe Ms. Carole N. GreenbergMr. and Mrs. Eric Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Shanks, Jr. Mr. Clifford Berger Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ward Ms. Karen GriffithsMr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kendall Shulman Family Foundation Bernatchez Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kaufmann Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. GuffMr. and Mrs. Denis LaPolice Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ashish Bhutani Mr. and Mrs. Rene Kern Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wells Ms. Janienne P. HackettMr. Andrew Levy Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen Ms. Judith L. Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkpatrick Mr. and Mrs. James Wenning Dr. and Mrs. William HaleMr. and Mrs. Jerome F. 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Kurzer Ms. Irina Yugay Mr. Charles HindmarshMs. Sarah Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Wolfram Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Burger Dr. Clarke Latimer Mr. Bryant HinnantMr. and Mrs. John M. Stinebaugh Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Latorraca We are grateful for our Mr. Gregory Hoelscher andMr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Cabral Mr. Albert Laverge and donors at all levels ofThe Richard and Natalie Jacoff PROTECTORS Mr. and Mrs. William G. Caffray support for their Ms. Robin Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Carvette Ms. Kate Larkin Laverge thoughtful and Mr. and Mrs. Blake Holden Foundation, Inc. $2,500 – $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Case Mrs. Dawn Leeds continued contributions. Mr. and Mrs. David L. HuntMr. and Mrs. Jay S. Walker Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Case Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. 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Lanard Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lewis Mr. Kevin Gillespie and Mr. Peter B. Orthwein Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. MurdockMr. and Mrs. Greg Dubin Ms. Jordan Lintz Mr. and Mrs. Brad Parish Mr. Jack W. MurphyMr. and Mrs. Briggs Forelli Max Goldenson Foundation Ms. Heather Dennis Mr. Larry Penn and Mr. and Mrs. John L. MurphyMr. Bill Forrest and Mr. Richard McGonigal Mr. Paul Nardozzi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKelvey Ms. Jill Oberlander Ms. Nancie Julian Mr. and Mrs. Jesse MeyersThe Goodnow Fund Mr. and Mrs. John M. Moriarty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Denis Nayden Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. O’Connor

20 DONOR RECOGNITIONMr. and Mrs. Christian Nast Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bassett, Jr. Mrs. Linda W. Karaffa Mr. and Mrs. Edward Solari Mr. Jeff Brandi Mr. Joseph DelvecchioMr. Nitin Nayar Ms. Phyllis A. Behlen Mr. Patrick Kaufer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Spindel Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Branom, Jr. Ms. Marybeth DemetrosMr. Greg Norton Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bennett Ms. Alison Keating Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Sriubas Mr. and Mrs. Ted Breck Mr. and Mrs. George M. DemkoMr. Steve O’Hare Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Berenblum Mr. Andrew Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brendel Mr. Peter DenemaMr. Christopher P. Ohl Mr. and Mrs. James R. Berger Mr. and Mrs. Brett C. Kellam Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sternberg Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Brenner Mr. Joseph DermodyThe Olga Fund Ms. Maureen C. Blair Ms. Mara E. Kent Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan Mr. Anthony Brooke Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeRosaMr. and Mrs. Matthew Osowiecki Mr. Thomas Bliemel Mr. Todd Khoury The Bailey Foundation Ms. Edith Brooke Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiamandisMrs. Elizabeth C. Parker Ms. Wendy Blumenthal and Ms. Christine Kim and The Wikoff Family Philanthropy Fund Ms. Jennifer Brown Mr. Erik DiamondMr. and Mrs. Christopher Peifer The Winokur Family Foundation Ms. Lauretta Brown Mr. Dominick DiBonaMr. and Mrs. Tony Peters Ms. Jody Breakell Mr. Peter Dusenberry Mr. and Mrs. Reynal M. Thebaud Mr. David Browning Ms. Sarah DickinsonMr. and Mrs. Stephen Pierce Mr. and Ms. David L. Bowbeer Ms. Susan King Mr. Frank P. Trotta and Mr. Robert Bruce Mr. Juan Diez de BonillaMr. and Mrs. Philip M. Pittocco Mr. Robert K. Brady Mr. Jim Kovac Ms. Ellen Bruno Mr. Arthur DimattiaMr. and Mrs. Edward W. Plaut Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Bralower Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kozinn Ms. Susan Piening Ms. Ann Buchsbaum Ms. Susan DimattiaMr. and Mrs. Joseph Purcell Ms. Heather Breen Mr. Adam Krainson Mrs. Judith L. Ulrich Ms. Kadesha Burgan-Jackson Ms. Jean DiNataleMr. Eric Ramsey Ms. Grace M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Lange Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Urban Mr. Esteban Burgarelli Ms. Kate DixonMr. Carlton S. Raymond III Ms. Nathalie Cahlik Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lazarus Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Oss Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burke Ms. Alison DoernbergMr. Joshua Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Richard Canning Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Mr. and Ms. Alex Veroude Mr. Peter J. Burkly Ms. Joanne DonderoMs. Callie Reynolds Ms. Kudakwashe Chibanda Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee Mr. Craig Vorselen Ms. Jane A. Burley Mr. Darren DonnellyMr. Bret Richter Mr. Chirag Choksey Ms. Hope H. Leizear Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wack Ms. Joan B. Burns Mr. Sean DonnellyMr. and Mrs. William Riddle Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ciano Mr. and Mrs. John G. Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burns Mr. and Mrs. N. Paul DoyleMs. Babe Rizzuto Mr. Michael Clare Mrs. Linda T. Ludden Mr. and Mrs. Kirk R. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Theron Burraway Ms. Anne T. DrakeMrs. Fleurette S. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William E. Clark Ms. Mitzi Lyman and Mr. Glenn Wolff Mr. Krzysztof Bury Mr. and Mrs. J. William DrakeMr. and Mrs. David Rogath Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper Mr. Anthony Woolf Mr. Adam Bushnoe Ms. Caitlin DrapMr. and Mrs. Michael Rome Mr. Charles Cornell Mr. David Geronemus Mr. John P. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Cable Ms. Alice DuffMr. and Mrs. Edward Ross Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cotter Mr. and Mrs. James F. Manning Mr. and Mrs. James Yacobucci Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Cabral Mr. and Mrs. Bryan DumasMr. Armin Rothauser Ms. Stephanie Cowie Mr. Thomas Marecki Dr. and Mrs. David Zadik Ms. Michelle Cabrera Mr. Gregory DussaqMr. and Mrs. Brad A. Rothbaum Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Derick C. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cacace Mr. Mark EbensteinMr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Rudy Ms. Stacy Daccache Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCleery CONTRIBUTORS Mr. and Mrs. Casper Cafolla Mr. Herbert N. EhrlichMr. Nicholas D. Ruggieri Mr. Anthony F. Daddino and Mr. Chuck McConnell Ms. Nathalie Cahlik Ms. Sharon Elkayam andRussell Maguire Foundation Mr. James McGovern $100 – $249 Mr. Ray CamanoMrs. Beverly Sackler Ms. Susan Bevan Mr. Jeremiah McGuire Anonymous (9) Mr. Ewen Cameron Mr. Akira TsuruokaMr. Jonathan D. Sackler and Mr. Steven Davis Mrs. Angenette Meaney Ms. Susan Aarhus Mr. and Mrs. Steve Canna Mr. Shariff Elkordy Ms. Debra A. Deschaine Mr. Daniel M. Miller Ms. Martha Agarwal Mr. and Mrs. Jay Capoccia Ms. Caroline Elwell Ms. Mary Corson Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dettmer Mr. Kate Minchin Mr. Ian Akehurst Ms. Sharon Capparelle Mr. Edward EmanuelMs. Janeen Savini Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doerner Ms. Margaret J. Morrow and Mr. Kevin Albert Mr. and Mrs. A. MacDonald Caputo Ms. Anita EngMr. and Mrs. Dan Schiefferle Mr. Robert G. Donnalley, Jr. Mr. Thomas Almeida Mr. Robert Carlson Mr. Mark S. EngelMr. and Mrs. Geoff Schneider Mr. David Dragovcic Mr. Brian A. Clas Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Alper Mr. Leon Carney Ms. Kathleen EnglishMrs. Ruth Schofield Mr. Milos Drienik Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mortimer Mr. Gregory Altier Ms. Genevieve Carpente-Kopanos Mr. Bob EphronMr. Leon Shapiro and Mr. Alexei Druzhinin and Ms. Nancy B. Mott Mr. Alex Aminian Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carroll, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Muir Ms. June Amori Ms. Wendy Carroll Mr. Marcos Esquivel Mrs. Debbie Katz Shapiro Ms. Tatiana Voitkevitch Ms. Ronda Muir Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ancas Mr. and Mrs. Rocco G. Catalano Mrs. Dana L. EvansMr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mule Mr. and Mrs. James T. Anderson Ms. Elizabeth Cavanaugh Ms. Dagnija A. EylesMr. and Mrs. Patrick Shouvlin Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Duval Mr. Douglas Musicaro Mrs. Susan Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. Dick H. FagerstalMr. and Mrs. Bill Sikes Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Eichenberg Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nerreau Mr. John Andrews Ms. Carol Chan Mr. Randy FaustMrs. Suzanne D. Simpson Ms. Danielle Fazio Dr. and Mrs. Marc E. Newberg Mr. German Angarita Mr. Gary Chan Mr. William FawcettMr. Robert Sisco and Mr. Richard A. Feder Mr. Nils Nilsen and Ms. Leslie Schine Mr. Eric Armour Mr. Steve Chapman Mr. Andre Fecteau Ms. Lori Fields Ms. Doris Ohlsen Mrs. Thomas E. Armstrong Mr. R. David Chiappetta Ms. Denyse Fecteau Ms. Cat Alessio Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Ford Ms. Robin Ordan Ms. Barbara Aronica Mr. Scott Chick Mr. Benjamin FeinsMr. Howard Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Mario Forlini Mr. John Ifcher and Mr. H. Kent Atkins Ms. Sarah Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Jay FeinsodMr. Fergus Smail Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Frankel Mr. Richard A. Attridge Mr. and Mrs. James M. Chu Ms. Naomi E. FeldmanMr. and Mrs. Michael Spilo Ms. Meryl French Ms. Elizabeth Orlin Mr. Graham Bailey Mr. Gerald Cimador Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. FeloneyMr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Stagg Mr. Marc Freschl Mr. and Mrs. George R. Oxer Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bain, Jr. Mr. Charlie Clark Mr. Vito FerrucciMr. Tom Stearley Mr. and Mrs. John Furtado Ms. Hilary Packer Mr. Chip Baird Ms. Constance Clark Mr. and Mrs. Mark FieldMr. Howard Steinberg Ms. Kathryn Gabler Mr. Michael J. Panza Ms. Anna Baleva Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Clarke Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. FieldsMr. and Mrs. John Steitz Mr. William W. Galvin III Ms. Sara Parent Ms. Shira Barkoe Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Coca Mr. and Mrs. Howard FieldsMr. and Mrs. Jon Stellwagen Ms. Courtney Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. William J. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Barolak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cocchi Mr. and Mrs. William A. FikeDr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Stinebaugh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Gendell Ms. Brigitte Paulick Mr. Frank Barron and Mr. Joseph J. Colarusso, Esq. Ms. Rita U. FineMr. and Mrs. Jon Stockel Ms. Laura E. George Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Paulmeno Mr. Rob Colgan Ms. Jane FinnMr. Donald Strait and Mr. Kevin Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pavelle Ms. Eve Sundelson Mr. Stephen Collins Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gilligan Dr. Michelle Peacock Mr. Brett Barth Mr. Rafaelo Colombo Ms. Gloria Fitzsimons Ms. Deborah Fins Dr. Laura Glanville and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Persico Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bates III Mr. and Mrs. John G. Colon Mr. John FitzsimonsMr. and Mrs. Chris C. Stroup Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petrone Mr. Franz Bauerlein Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Conover Ms. Vera FlameMs. Angela E. Tammaro Mr. Rob Glanville Mr. and Mrs. Willis Philip Mr. Chris Baxter Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cook Mr. and Mrs. William F. FlatleyMr. Stephen M. Tart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Phillips Mr. Robert Bazata Mr. Kevin Cook Mr. Chris FlattThe Thumbelina Fund Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldschmidt Mr. Marcello Khattar and Mr. Mike Beaver Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cook Ms. Melany FlynnMs. Phyllis Trager Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Wells Beck Mr. Alan Corbitt Mr. Donald E. Foley andMr. and Mrs. Charles S. Tusa Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gowdy, Jr. Ms. Meridith Picarelli-Khattar Mr. and Mrs. Eric Beckenstein Ms. Megan CorradoMr. and Mrs. Michael A. Vakos Dr. and Mrs. William L. Green Ms. Elizabeth L. Platt Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Beers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Corson Ms. Barbara A. LongMr. and Mrs. Richard van den Broek Ms. Carolann Grieve Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Prentki Mr. Mario Bellavia Mr. Frank D. Cortese Ms. Priscilla J. FoleyMr. and Mrs. Richard C. Watson Mr. Omer Gundogdu Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Purse Ms. Beth Bemis Mr. James Craemer Mr. Ryand FordMr. and Mrs. Steven Wayne Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hamilton The Raker Family Ms. Debbie L. Benner Ms. Alexandra Criscuolo Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. ForelliMr. and Mrs. Randall Weisenburger Mr. Kieran Hanrahan Mr. and Mrs. Greg Richards Mr. Ward Bennett Mr. Bruce Croaning Mr. and Mrs. H. A. FoxMs. Lisa Wexler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hanson, Jr. Mr. Paul Rinaldi and Dr. Lynne Haven Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Bens Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Crumbine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. FoxMr. Ken Widmer Mr. and Mrs. Anandh Hari Ms. Laurabeth Rodgers Mr. Fred Berardinone Ms. J. Shelby Cunningham Mr. Richard FrancoMr. Trevor Williams Mr. Christopher Haunss Ms. Andrea S. Rogers Mr. Brett Berkman Mr. Patrick Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Martin R. FrankelMr. and Mrs. Diego Winegardner Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heath Deacon Dan and Pat Romanello Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Berni Mr. and Mrs. Denis Curran Mr. Derek FredericksonMrs. Astrid Womble Ms. Robin C. Heaven Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosen Ms. Colette Berry Mr. William Curran Ms. Sarah L. FreedmanMr. Vincent Zilnicki Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hellinger Ms. Catherine G. Ross Mr. Jonathan Berry Ms. Beth F. Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Freydberg Mr. James Heneghan Mr. and Mrs. Marc Ruppenstein Mr. Yuval Beton Mr. Patrick Cwanek Ms. Katie FriedmanSPONSORS Mr. Theodore L. Herman Mr. Kevin Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Eckard Bicker Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. D’Agastino Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Funck Mr. Charles Hindmarsh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ryan Mr. Simon Bindloss Ms. Lisa D'Alton Mr. and Mrs. Louis Furlo$250 – $499 Mrs. Louise Sinkler Hoffman Ms. Christine Santori Ms. Ceren Bingol Ms. Jessica D'Andrea Mr. Robert FurmanAnonymous (10) Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Schwarzman Mr. and Mrs. James Boardman Mr. Michael D'Arcy Ms. Jacqueline FuscoMr. Peter Ackley Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hotchkiss Ms. Lauren Scopaz Ms. Fran Boller Mr. Ken Dardis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. FussMr. Ken Adler Ms. Elizabeth Huffine Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sear Sanrit Booncome Ms. Lisa Daur Ms. Claire FuzesiMs. Dana Albert Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Hunsinger Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Selkowitz Ms. Sarah Borell Ms. Bernadette B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Yori GabayMr. and Mrs. Matthew Allard Mr. Roy Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sennatt Mr. David Bornstein Mr. Jerry Day Mr. and Mrs. Serge G. GabrielMs. Louise Amell David Israel Ms. Suzanne M. Seton Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boyer Mr. and Mrs. John de Csepel Mr. and Mrs. Dario GalindoMr. and Mrs. Peter B. Ardery Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Marc Shapiro Ms. Kathy Boyle Mr. Teddy Dearing Mr. and Mrs. Kulbinder S. GarchaMr. Andrew Ashforth Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Jamieson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sherwood III Mrs. Margaret Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Deering Mrs. Laurie GariMs. Martha G Bannerman Mr. Alexander Julie Mr. and Mrs. John Signorini Mr. David Brand Mr. and Mrs. Robert Della Valle Mr. Francisco GarridoMs. Fifi Sheridan Ms. Katia Kachaliy Mr. Daniel Slater Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Brandes Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. GeisertMr. Kenneth G. Bartels and Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kaczka Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Sloan Ms. Bonnie Geller Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Kalb Mr. Howard Sloan Ms. Jane F. Condon Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kallman The Smith Family Mr. Jeffrey Snyder

2016 ANNUAL REPORTMr. Juan Carlos George Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Lary Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Neems Ms. Robin Rose Mrs. Beverly J. SnedikerMs. Stephanie Gervasi Mr. Simon Hughes Mr. Sam B. Lines Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Neiss Ms. Leslie Rosen Mrs. Joan SnedikerMr. Andrew Gervino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. H. Humphrey Mr. Robert Jordan and Mr. John E. Nelson II Ms. Georgia Rosenberg Ms. Patti Ray SoriniMs. Mary T. Giacomo Ms. Gertraud Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Nesin Ms. Wendy S. Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. SotoMs. Josephine L. Gierer Mr. Kenneth Hunter Ms. Deborah Linett Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Neuberth Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld and Ms. Leslee SpadoneMr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gilbride II Mr. John Huntley Mr. and Mrs. Joe Liotta Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Neumann Mr. Jeffrey W. Spanko andMr. Michael Gilligan and Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Hyland Ms. Jean Lipscombe Ms. Monnie Newman Dr. Dorothy Levine Ms. Melissa Ialeggio Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loebelson Ms. Ellen Hoi Ying Ng Ms. Sarah Ross-Benjamin Ms. Ann Windreich Mrs. Tara Masih Mr. James Iannazzo Mrs. Arline Lomazzo Mr. John Nilsen Ms. Skye Rotante Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. SpeerMs. Margaret Gilman Mr. Leandro Infantino Mr. George Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Evan Roth Mr. and Mrs. Barrie SpellingDr. Fran and Mr. Gerry L. Ginsburg Mr. Ralph Irwin Mr. Lane Lombardia Ms. Barbara E. Norrgard Dr. and Mrs. Allen S. Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. SpiessMr. and Mrs. Edward F. Glassmeyer Mr. Spencer Ivey Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Longnecker Mr. Richard Northrop Mr. Sarathi Roy Ms. Deborah StantonMr. Stevie Gleason Mr. Hugh K. Jackson Mr. Michael Lorenzen Mr. Patrick J. O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rucci Mr. Willis R. StearnsMs. Leslie Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Jacobson Mr. John Lori Mr. Patrick O’Connor Mr. Mike Ruina Mr. James C. SteckartMs. Penny Goffman Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jacoby Mrs. Eleanor A. Lorig Mr. Tom O’Day Mr. David Rusate Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. StecklerMr. Alan Goldberg Ms. Lindsey Jagoe Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lotstein Mr. Francois Odouard Mr. Richard Rushing Mr. David O. SteenMr. Irve Goldman Mr. Patrick Jamin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe Ms. Megan Officer Mr. Ross Rutherford Mr. Peter SteerMr. Jack B. Goldstein Ms. Zoya Jarl Ms. Terri Lowenthal Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Ohls Ms. Jennifer Ryder Mr. and Mrs. Ronald SteinmanMr. Chris Gomolak Mrs. Rebecca A. Jasperson Mr. and Mrs. David Lucey Ms. Suzanne H. Okie Ms. Christie C. Salomon Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. SternMs. Ann M. Goodson Mrs. Mary Jay Mr. Curtis Lueker Mrs. Julie F. Okon Ms. Michelle Salomon Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. StevensMr. and Mrs. Fred Gordon Ms. Rosa Jelley Ms. Jennifer Lugar Mr. John O'Leary Ms. Rita Sanacore Mr. and Mrs. Paul StevensMs. Jane E. Gordon Dr. Russell Jenkins Ms. Cynthia Lyall Ms. Christine Oliva Mr. Angus Sandison Mr. Lee StevensMs. Sylvia Gordon Mr. Edward Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. James T. Mabie Mr. John Oliva Mr. Charlie Sandison Mr. David C. StisserMr. and Mrs. Thomas Gottlieb Ms. Estelle C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. David M. Mace Ms. Marianne Olsen Mr. and Mrs. James Sandison Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. StrackbeinMs. Emily Goulart Ms. Stephanie Jones Mr. and Mrs. David Maceira Mr. and Mrs. George Orlan Ms. Erin Santa Mr. Libor StranakMs. Vanessa Grano Mr. and Mrs. Morley Kahn Mr. Nigel MacEwan Ms. Janet Steen Ornitz Mr. Matteo Santamaria Mr. William StrattonMr. Eric K. Grant Ms. Nancy R. Kail and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Mackenzie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Orr Ms. Julie Savarino Ms. Patty StreetMr. and Mrs. David M. Green Mr. Carlos Madrazo Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orr Mr. William Sawch Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. StreichMr. and Ms. George J. Green Mr. Marcos A. Rodriguez Mr. Chris Mahoney Ms. Cara O'Shaugnessy Mr. Brian Scanlan and Mr. James StrolMs. Heather Green Ms. Elizabeth A. Kaminski and Mr. and Mrs. Marc Mallett Mr. Ryan Pacifico Mr. Steven StromMr. Daniel Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Mally Ms. Gloria Packer Mrs. Cynthia Chang Scanlan Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. SturgesMs. Sandra Griffin Ms. Diane D. Galt Mr. Robert Maloof Mr. Benjamin Painter Mr. Francesco A. Scaturchio Mr. Toni SubramaniamMs. Laurie A. Griffith Mr. Howard Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mamorsky Ms. Susan Paley Ms. Kristine Scavo Mr. and Mrs. Terence SullivanMs. Beth Griper Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Noah Manheimer Ms. Susan Palma Mr. and Mrs. C. Barry Schaefer Mr. Steve SunMr. David Griswold Mr. and Mrs. Laurence G. Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mantione Mr. John B. Pannozzo Mrs. Joni Schaefer Ms. Chanterelle SungMr. and Mrs. Thomas Groves Mr. John Katz Mr. Marco Marchese Mr. Ioannis Papachristou Mr. and Mrs. William G. Schaefer Ms. Heather SungMr. Parag Gupta Dr. Neil Katz Mr. Benjamin Marcus Mrs. Dawn Papalian Mr. Patrick Schelle Mr. and Mrs. George Suter, Jr.Ms. Elisa Gurevich Ms. Alyssa Keleshian and Mr. Damian Maroun Mr. and Mrs. Morgan L. Pape Mr. Michael Scherer Mr. Richard T. SwatlandMr. Jordan Gurevich Ms. Deesha Marvania Mr. Adam Parker Mr. Andre N. Schipper and Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey SwiatowiczMs. Katelyn Hackett Mr. Thomas N. Bonomo Ms. Stephanie Mattera Mr. Richard M. Parry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard TaberMs. Lucy Hackman Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Passios Mrs. Claudia M. Leicht-Schipper Mr. and Mrs. Michael TanchumMs. V.M. Hackman Mr. Frank W. Kelly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mayone Ms. Kate Patriarca Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Schiz Mr. Sean TarazMs. Gretchen Hahn Ms. Katherine Kennard Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAuley Mr. Christian Pattman Mr. and Mrs. James Schmiedel Ms. Patsy TaylorMr. and Ms. Bob Haidinger Ms. Molly Kerr Dr. and Mrs. Stuart W. McCalley Mr. Michael T. Pavlicin Mr. Geoff Schneider Mr. and Mrs. William TaylorMrs. Helen W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Kestnbaum Mr. and Mrs. Scott McClintock Mr. George D. Peabody Mr. Arnold Schraa and Mr. Erik ThammMs. Marcia R. Hall Mr. Matthew Kiger Mr. Donal McDermott Mr. Raymond Peloso Ms. Louise TincherMr. Kyle Halloran Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirchoff Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonald Mr. Douglas R. Penn Ms. Ann-Caroline van Der Ham Mr. Jon Luke TittmannMr. Mark Halloran Mr. Adam Kitay Mr. Kevin McGrath Dr. and Mrs. George Pera Ms. Gale Schreiber Ms. Jan E. Tomasiewicz andMs. Amy Hampe Mr. and Mrs. Marc Kitay Ms. Nancy McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Jon Peris Mr. Anthony SchroderMs. Rebecca Hanley Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Kitchen Mr. Ryan Mckee Mr. Brendan Phillips Ms. Gabrielle Schueler Ms. Patricia A. MacIsaacMr. Adam Harper Ms. Dana Klinghoffer Mr. Rion McKeithen Ms. Karen Phillips Ms. Kathleen Schulz Mr. Yan TorresMr. and Mrs. Charles S. Harris Mrs. Margreth E. Knehans Mr. Richard B. McKeough Mr. Darryl Pinkus Mr. Jeff Schwab Mr. Oliver TownsendMrs. Ellen Harris Ms. Sarah Knox Mr. and Mrs. Martin McLaughlin Mrs. Elizabeth M. Plate Mr. Ken Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. TredinnickMs. Nancy S. Harris Ms. Roberta M. Kochi Mr. and Mrs. Donald McManus Ms. Belinda Pokorny Mr. and Mrs. William Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel TredwellMr. and Mrs. Wilmot L. Harris, Jr. Ms. Catherine Kolimas Mr. Walter L. McMaster Ms. Mirella Porto Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Schweitzer Mr. Max TremainMr. and Mrs. S. David Harrison Mr. Stas Koltsov Ms. Diana McNeff Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Potocki Mr. Christopher Scobell Ms. Ashley TremblayMr. and Ms. Stephen Hart Mrs. Virginia Konopka Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. McWhorter Ms. Agnes H. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scott Mr. Daniel TrimbachMs. Janet Hartery and Mr. Steven Kooyers Ms. Cassie McWilliam Mr. and Mrs. Craig Price Mr. Don A. Sebastian Ms. Christel H. Truglia Mr. Jim Kovac Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Meagher Mr. J. Allan Pryor Ms. Lauren Secondi Mr. Minh-Sang Truong Mr. Phillip C. McClain Mr. Michael A. Kovner Mrs. Joel Mellis Ms. Edith Quake Ms. Elaine E. Seeds Mr. Robert K. Tuite andMr. Elton Hassall Ms. Lysa Randolf Kraft Mr. RJ Mercede Mr. Steven Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Ken SeelMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hasterok Mr. Jacob Krawitz Mr. Rob Meringolo Mr. David Rabinowtiz Mr. Kevin Seifert Mrs. Bonnie Hanley-TuiteSsgt. and Mrs. Joseph J. Havranek, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Krieg Mr. Ephraim Mernick Ms. Emily M. Ragsdale Mr. Paul Seltzer Mr. Ken TullochMr. and Mrs. Edgar Hawkins Mr. Amr Kronfol Ms. JoAnn L. Messina Mr. Mahesh Rajangam Ms. Irene Senter Mr. Barry TunkelMr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Hayes Dr. Robert S. Kruger Ms. Karelle Messner Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Raker Mr. Andrew Serby Mr. Bryan TunneyMr. Ryan Hayes Mr. E. K. Krumeich Ms. Christine Meyer Mr. Cristiano Ramponi Serrao Mr. Jonathan Seymour Mr. Mark TurgyanMr. Todd Hayes Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kuck Mr. Henry Meyer Mr. Tim Raw Ms. Ann M. Sgritta Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. TurkeltaubMr. and Mrs. Larry Heath Ms. Chibanda Kudakwashe Ms. Janice Meyer Mr. Mark Reiss Mr. Ted Shabecoff Mr. Elliot TurnerDr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Hecklau Mr. Glen Kutler Mr. Matthew Michelini Mr. Donald Resnick Ms. Carol K. Shackleton Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey TurshenMs. Robynn S. Helmer Mr. Daniel Kwon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Miles Ms. Dorothy J. Rich Mr. Andrew Shantz Ms. Terri TwomeyMr. and Mrs. Tim Helms Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lanzilli Mrs. Charlene A. Miller Mr. Barry Richelsoph Janill Sharma Ms. Lauren TylerMr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hersch Ms. Lindsey Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Joel Miller Mr. Samuel H. Richey Mr. Michael Shaw Dr. and Mrs. Thomas UllmanMr. William Herz and Ms. Margaret Larson Mr. Jonathan M. Perloe and Ms. Debby Ricketts Mr. and Ms. Nimrod Sheinberg Ms. Rebecca Ann Ullrich Ms. Deborah Lasala Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Riley Mr. George Sherwin Mr. Dimitri Ulyanov Ms. Gwenn Scheuer Mr. Peter Lasalandra Ms. Malaine R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rindler Mr. Jonathan Shields Mr. and Mrs. Steven V. UrsoMr. Conor Hickey Ms. Radford Lathan Mr. Charles Milner Mr. Michael Rintoul Mr. and Mrs. David Short Mr. Dan UtzingerMr. and Mrs. John J. Hickey III Mr. William Lattimer Ms. Catherine Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Riven Ms. Dianne Shugrue Mr. Michael VagnoneMs. Eunice O. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Layman Mr. Marshall Mizrahi Mr. and Mrs. John H. Roach Ms. Beverly B. Siemon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. ValusCongressman and Mrs. Jim Himes Mr. Steve LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moffly IV Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Roberts Ms. Loraine Sievers Mr. Guillaume Van MoorselMr. and Mrs. Steven E. Hindman Ms. Jeanette Lee Mr. David Mohney Ms. Jennifer Roberts Mr. Eric Silva Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Van ParysMr. Ronald W. Hiner Ms. Penelope P. Lehman Mr. Mark Montanaro Ms. Catherine Robinson Mrs. Jane Silverman Mr. Friso Van Reesema and Ms.Mr. Peter Hirsh Mr. Jack Lens Mr. Christopher Morley Mr. Bernardo Rodrigues Mr. and Mrs. Charles Silverman Meg NolanMr. A. J. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Leonard Ms. Juliette Morris Mr. Tadeo Rodriguez Ms. Diane M. Simalchik Ms. Constance VanRhynMr. David L. Hoffman Ms. Terri Leopold Ms. Kathleen Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rogers Mr. Jonathan Simblist Ms. Mildred A. VarholakMr. Diarmuid Hogan Mr. Philippe Leroy The Honorable and Mr. Rick Rohr Mr. Mark Simmer Ms. Krystyna VaughanMr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hogan Mr. Jeffrey Lever Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rohrs Mr. and Mrs. Laurence B. Simon Ms. Felicia Ventura BahlMrs. Ellen C. Holch Mr. Daniel Levine Mrs. A. William Mottolese Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Romley Mr. Stephen Sinacore Mr. Mike VerrelliMr. and Mrs. Jeff Holland Ms. Sara Levine Mrs. Marjorie P. Mountain Ms. Michele Ronis Ms. Lori A. Singer Mr. Eugenie VerrilloMs. Shira Honigstein Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Levitt Mr. and Mrs. James Mullins Mr. Steven Ronis Ms. Sarah Sippel Mr. and Mrs. Tomas J. VietoriszMs. Mandy Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Steven Levy Ms. Keelyn Mulvey Gunther Ms. Marilyn Roos Mr. Torsten Sippel Mr. Peter P. ViolaMs. Julianne Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murdoch Ms. Margaret Rose Mrs. Holly Slattery Ms. Gina VolpacchioMs. Carol Hu Mr. James Lin Mr. Daniel Nascimento Ms. Lindsay Smallwood Ms. and Mr. Kati Von Knorring-DixonMr. Eugene Huang Mr. and Mrs. John Lind Mr. Jacob Navarro Ms. Claudia Smith Mrs. Mary C. VosMr. and Mrs. Donald G. Hudson Mr. David D. Lindsay Mr. and Ms. West Naze Mr. Clyde C. Smith II Mr. Ketan Vyas Dr. Siri Smith

22 DONOR RECOGNITIONMr. and Mrs. Ron Wainshal Ms. Misty Belcher Ms. Karen Coigne Mrs. Gail Dumas Ms. Amanda Granozio and Ms. Barbara KellyMr. and Mrs. James Walker Ms. Julianne Benfield Mr. Arthur P. Coleman Mr. Thomas S. Duncan Ms. Lauren Smith Mr. Paul M. KellyMr. Edward Wan Mr. James Benjamin and Ms. Kristin Collier Ms. Marissa Dungey and Ms. Sheila KellyMr. Gary Washburn and Ms. Christine L. Collins Mr. David Grasso Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Kemp, Jr. Ms. Amy Fishkow Ms. Elin Collins Mr. James Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gratt Ms. Kathleen Kenny Mr. Jeffrey Brandi Ms. Kimberly Benson Ms. Joanne Conetta Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Dyer Mr. David Gray Ms. Elaine F. KesslerMr. and Mrs. Godfrey Weicker Ms. Michelle Berg Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Connell Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dynan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green Martine KesslerMr. George West Mr. Justin Bergner Ms. Virginia B. Connolly Mr. Dave Edwards Ms. Victoria Green Mr. Bernie KettleMr. Robert Wihelmy Mr. Matthew Bernard Mr. Dan Conte Mr. Richard Eichenberg Ms. Andrea Greene Mrs. Carole Jean KiachifDr. Joanna G. Whitcup Mr. Tyler Beuno Mr. Michael Cook Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Eldin Mr. Christian Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. KilleenMr. Dennis White Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop S. Bibbins Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Cooney Ms. Eileen Elliott Mr. Kevin Griffin Mr. Nathan KimmonsMr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Wichman, Jr. Ms. Meg Bigane Mr. Adam Cooper Ms. Donna Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffin Mr. and Mrs. William W. KingstonMr. Jacob Wick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bilotti Mr. Anthony Cooper Mrs. Anne H. Elser Mr and Mrs. David M. Guda Mrs. Marilyn KippMr. and Mrs. David Wiederecht Ms. Tina Bisbee Ms. Charlotte P. Cooper Ms. Laura Elwood Mr. and Mrs. Felix Guiffra Ms. Linda M. KittellMr. and Mrs. Peter Wietfeldt Corey Bleil Mr. Noel Corcino Mr. Matthew S. Emrich and Dr. Andrew Haas Mr. Paul KleinmanMr. Guy Wisinski Mr. Kenneth Bloom and Ms. Jane Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hadden Mr. and Mrs. Jerry KligmanMr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wolf Mr. Mark Corsetti Mrs. Felicia Schecter-Emrich Mr. Robert Wright and Mr. Hans KlingbeilMr. Bruce Wolfe Ms. Abby Meiselman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cortese Mr. and Mrs. John L. Epifanio Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. KloudThe Wolfe Family Charitable Mr. Jeff Bollaro Mr. Gerard Costello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Epstein Mrs. Dana E. Haddox-Wright Mr. and Mrs. William W. Klumpp Mr. and Mrs. Bonaventure, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Coupe Ms. Maura Esmond Ms. Tracy Haffner Ms. Joann L. Knorr Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bonci Ms. Jeanne L. Courter Mr. Matthew Faber Mr. Jonathan Haines Mr. Lee KofflerMr. and Mrs. Steven Wolowitz Ms. Tracey Borrow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Coveney Ms. Joan Faerman Mr. Justin Halliley Mr. and Mrs. Rolf E. KogstadMr. and Mrs. Marc Wrubel Ms. Jillian Bottge Mr. Daniel V. Coyne Ms. Susan Fahey Khanna Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hallisey Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. KolbMrs. Henry Wyman Ms. Franziska Boughner Mr. Eugene Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Frank Falcone Mr. Charles Halsey Sagar KongettiraMr. and Mrs. Murat Yasanliel Mr. Bruce Bousquet Ms. Nicole Craighead Ms. Casey Famigletti Mr. Alex Haltom Ms. Ann A. KoontzMs. Zulal Yasav Mr. William Bouton Ms. Doreen Crawford Ms. Catherine Farello Mr. Robert Hanes Ms. Marcia KosstrinMr. David Yoon Mr. Jeff Boyer Mr. Kevin Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fareri Ms. Andriana Harper Mr. Jack KramerMr. and Mrs. Stephan Yost Ms. Noreen Brady Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cronin Mrs. Alice C. Farina Ms. Carolin Hart Ms. Denitza KrastevaMr. and Mrs. Kevin Young Ms. Andrea J. Brantner Ms. Isabel A. Crossen Dr. Jeff Feinman Ms. Erin T. Hartnett Ms. Martha L. KregerDr. and Dr. Steven Zabin Ms. Dolores Braxton Ms. Bette Cruett-Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Henry Feith Ms. Rebecca Hatchett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas KretschMr. Deno Zachary Mr. Bryce Brichkowski Mr. Thomas R. Cuddeback Ms. June Fenniman Ms. Jaquelin Hazzard Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. KriskeyMr. and Mrs. Ramze Zakka Ms. Annmarie Broughton Ms. Janice L. Curran Mr. Thomas Fenniman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. KristoffMr. James Zannino Ms. Deirdre Brown Ms. Susan Cyboski Ms. Minela Feratovic Mr. Brad Heim Mr. Glen KruseMs. Brigit Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brown Ms. Heather L. Dahle Ms. Colleen Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Heller Nada Kumar Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Brown Mr. Erik Dainiak Ms. Monica Ferraro Mr. Thomas Hendry Mr. Stephen KurczewskiFRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brutten Ms. Dorothy Damberg Ms. Emily Ferro Ms. Elizabeth Heppermann Mr. Martin Lacoff Ms. Lorraine Bryer Mr. Arthur Dameron Ms. Jennifer Fierstein Ms. Michele Herman Mr. Paul Lacombe$25 – $99 Mr. Brian Bubb Mr. Eugene Dammer Ms. Noreen Finn Ms. Sandy Herndon Ms. Doreen LaliberteAnonymous (9) Mr. Matt Buchsbaum Ms. Jen Danzi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Finnell Ms. Julie Hershorn Mr. and Mrs. Robert LandressMs. Susan Aamold Mr. Peter Buck Mr. Stephen Darke Ms. Daphne W. Finney Ms. Amanda Hesser Ms. Jennifer LaPietraMrs. Gail Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Buonanno Ms. Dorothy S. Darlington Ms. Mariette Fisher Mr. John Hibbert Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. LarkinMr. and Mrs. John V. Adams Ms. Lauren Buonome Ms. Sandra E. Darrow Ms. Patricia A. Fisher Ms. Jennifer Hills Ms. Ellen LarobinaMr. and Mrs. Stuart Adelberg Ms. Kathleen W. Burgweger Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Darula, Jr. Ms. Stephanie Fishman Ms. Monique Hitlin Ms. Virginia LauricellaMs. Nancy Adler Mr. Troy Burk Mr. and Mrs. Martin Davey Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Ms. Patricia Hodges Mr. Paul LavalleMr. Matt Albertelli Mr. Troy Burk Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Davidson Dr. and Mrs. Ernie B. Fleishman Ms. Karen Holmes Mr. William LawrenceMr. John Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Burton Ms. Sally Davies Ms. Laurie Fletcher Mrs. Barbara Hopkins J.R. LazarMr. and Ms. Frank J. Alfano Mr. Joseph Cacace Mr. and Mrs. James G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn Ms. Lauren Horn Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. LazarusMs. Meryl Allen Ms. Melissa Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Ward M. Davol Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fogarty Ms. Sarrah Houghton Ms. Donna LebelMr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Mr. Thomas Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Sal J. De Fini Mr. Mike Foncannon Constance Houseknecht Mr. Rob LederMr. Ziad Almuzaini Mr. Rocco Camera Mr. and Mrs. Mark De Riemer Ms. Lorraine Forrler Ms. Sandy Howell Ms. Carolyn LeeMr. Richard Almy Mr. David Cameron Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dean, Jr. Ms. Sherry Foster Ms. Julia Humphries Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. LeeMs. Svetlana Amodeo Ms. Laurie Cameron Ms. Ingrid M. Deane Mr. Gregory Fox Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hurwitz Ms. Barbara LeskoMs. Lisa Ancona Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. DeAngelo Mr. Andrew J. Frano Mr. Jason Hyne and Ms. Elissa Hyne Mr. Rich LevyMs. Elaine B. Andersen Ms. Shara Camner Ms. Dorothy DeBernardo Ms. Kristin Frederickson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Hyne Mr. and Mrs. David LewisMr. Carl Anderson Mr. David Campbell Ms. Stacey DeBlasio Mr. Mitch Fried Ms. Anne Hyson Mr. Earl LewisMr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Anderson Ms. Wendy Silver Ms. Martha E. Deegan Ms. Alicia Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Bart Ice Vanessa LewisMs. Jennifer Anderson Ms. Beatriz Canale Mr. and Mrs. John Del Mastro Mr. Jacob Friedman Ms. Jennifer Imbrogno Mr. Larry LiebmanMs. Nicole Andres Mr. and Mrs. Paul Canalori Ms. Marie B. D'Elia Ms. Lynn E. Friend Ms. Cary Jackson Mr. George LindMs. Sharon Anghel Mr. Cosmo M. Carlone Mr. Mark Dellisola Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fullilove Ms. Lori Jackson Ms. Carol LipmanMs. Julie Aresco Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Carlucci Mr. Palmer Delmonaco Mr. Kevin Fulton Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LisackMr. David Areson Ms. Britt J. Carnegie Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeLuca Ms. Michelle Gagnon Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lloyd-TunstallMr. Charles Armstrong Mr. and Ms. John Carr Ms. Laura DeMarco Ms. Annette Garaghty Ms. Muriel W. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. James M. LockerMs. Kim Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carr Ms. Barbara Demmon Mr. and Mrs. Clemence Garcia Mr. Marcus Jarl Ms. Joan K. LondonMr. Michael Armstrong Mr. Phillip Carr Ms. Barbara R. Dempsey Mr. Lou Garcia Ms. Denise Jillson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LongiMr. and Mrs. Ross C. Armstrong Ms. Catherine Carroll Mr. Phil Denema Ms. Robin Garner Ms. Christina H. Johnson Mrs. Barbara H. LongoMr. Paul Arnsten Mr. Christopher J. Carroll Mr. James Denison Dr. and Mrs. George Gayola Ms. Diane Johnson Ms. Valoree LongoMr. and Mrs. David J. Arthur Mr. James M. Carroll Mr. Francis Denote Ms. Leslie Geary Krister Johnson Ms. Breanne LosoMs. Dorothee Ashby Ms. Kerri Carroll Ms. Gena Deribeaux Ms. Elizabeth Geist Mr. Michael Jones Ms. Mary LoweMs. Joan Marie M. Asher Mr. Kevin Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dericco Ms. Teresa A. Gentile and Mr. Eric Jordan Ms. Sarah LubeleyMs. Bernadette Assanah Ms. Maura Caslin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deschenes Mr. Aland Joseph Mr. Christin J. LuciaMr. Christopher Aversano Mr. Sean Caso Mr. Dino DeThomas Ms. Margaret E. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Judice Ms. Jean M. LucianoMr. David Avitabile Mr. Alexander Cass Ms. Karolyn B. Diefenbach Ms. Meredith George Mr. Andrew Kalt Mr. Chris LuhrsMr. Trupti Awati Ms. Sabrina Castagna Ms. Nancy Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Darren Getek Ms. Jacqueline Kaminski Ms. Tara LynchMr. Christopher Baker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Catalano Ms. Stephanie Dixon Mr. Stephen Giambalvo Kei Kamoshida Shihan MaMs. Lisa Baker Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Catalano Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Dobbin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Giambo Mr. Sherwin A. Kane, Jr. Mr. Jordan MacariMr. and Mrs. Rajen Bakshi Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chabina Mrs. Margaret L. Doepke Mr. and Mrs. Peter Giannone Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kantrow Mr. Richard MacariMs. Sonia Balachandran Mr. Jay Chalnick Ms. Jeanne Doerner Mr. Gregory Gil Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Karanastasis Ms. Annette Madden-KlineMr. and Mrs. William Bambrick Ms. and Mr. Dana Charette Ms. Mary Doherty Ms. Theresa Gill Ms. Julie Karish Mr. John W. Madigan IIIMs. Sarah Barasch Ms. Jamianne Cheneski Ms. Amy Dolan Ms. Jeanne Giniger Dr. Abbe Karmen Ms. Beverly MagidaMs. Amy Barber Ms. Pamela Chiapetta Mr. Paul Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Philip Giovine Ms. Audrey Karmen Mr. Dave MaharMs. Sheryl Barell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chiappetta Mr. Brent Donnelly Ms. Francine Glick Ms. Lisa Karmen Mr. and Mrs. David MaherMr. and Mrs. Adam Barkin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Chinnock Ms. Eileen Donnelly Ms. Marion Glowka Mr. Henry Karmen-Tuchy Ms. Kristen MaidaMr. Jeffrey Barnett Ms. Arlene Chmielewski Ms. Tara Donnelly Mr. Marc Goldsmith Ms. Carol Kassel Mr. Michael MaidaMr. and Mrs. Scott Barringer Ms. Trish Chobrda Ms. Linda Dorman Ms. Patricia Goldsmith Ms. Laura Katzenberger Mr. Richard MaidaMr. and Mrs. Tom Bartholomew Mr. Brett Christensen Mr. Ricardo Dosualdo Mr. Brian Goldstein Dr. Brian Kavanagh Mr. Christopher MaloofMs. Carolyn Barton Mr. William Christiaanse Ms. Aubrey Dreker Dr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein Ms. Stephanie Kavic Mr. John MaloofSabyasachi Basu Mullick Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cibants Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Drenckhahn Ms. Deb Goll Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Keady Ms. Karen MammoserMr. Peter Baxter Ms. Sonia Cirillo Mr. James Dreyfus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman Mr. Robert Keady Ms. Roselyn MangotMr. Richard Becker Ms. Lynette S. Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Robert Driesen Mr. Robert Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kealy Ms. Patricia MarcianoMr. and Mrs. Michael Bedford Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Dubois Ms. Jasmine Gorey Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Keane Ms. Madeleine MareckiAmel Belahi Ms. Sophia Coeytaux Mr. Stephen A. Duenebier and Ms. Susan Gould Ms. Lori Keegan Mr. and Mrs. John B. Margenot, Jr.Ms. Naima Belahi Ms. Karen B. Cohen Ms. Renee Gracey Ms. Anita E. Keire Mrs. Rita Cohen Ms. Jody A. Visage Mrs. Clara M. Grande and Ms. Elizabeth Kellogg Kreuter Mrs. Melissa A. Loparco

2016 ANNUAL REPORTMs. Candice L. Markowitz Mr. Griffin Occhigrossi Ms. Elizabeth M. Reiss Mr. John Sibson Ms. Madeline Vargas Westport Young Woman’s LeagueMr. and Mrs. Alan D. Marks Mrs. Jennifer M. O’Connell Ms. Cheryl Resnick Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Siciliano Mr. Keith VarianMr. and Mrs. Larry M. Marks Mr. Mike O’Connell Ms. Rose Revel Mr. and Mrs. Barry Siegel Ms. Julia Vayda $5,000 – $9,999Ms. Jocelyn Marrero Mrs. Rita F. O’Connor Mr. Preston Ricardo Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Vincent Across the Globe Children’sMr. Ian Marsh Mr. Thomas F. O’Connor, Jr. Ms. Katherine Rich Mr. Scott Silberstein Ms. Juliana VincenzinoMr. and Mrs. Robert H. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O’Connor Ms. Alyssa Richardson Mr. Richard Silbert Mr. Marco Viola FoundationMr. and Mrs. Tim Martin Ms. Wendy O’Connor and Ms. Beth Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Simpson Mr. Mark Vitale AOLMr. Edward Martinez Ms. Susan E. Rigano Mr. and Mrs. Manish Singh Mr. Christopher Von Keyserling Carlson Family Foundation Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Martschenko Mr. Matt Greco Ms. Cynthia Ritzler Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Sisca Ms. Elena Voonasis Colonial CoatingsMr. Diego Mas Ms. Arianne O’Donnell Mr. and Ms. Daniel Rivera Ms. Joan Slattery Ms. Nancy C. Waite Communities 4 Action, Inc.Mr. Michael Mason Ms. Madeline O’Grady Mr. Otilio Rivera Mrs. Ivan E. Smith Ms. Stephanie Waldman GE Asset ManagementMs. Caroline Mattimore Mr. Paul O’Grady Mr. William Robbe Ms. Kelly Smith Ms. Dianne Walker GE Energy ManagementMr. Patrick Mattimore Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ohlson Ms. Adrienne Roberts Ms. Nicole Smith Mr. William Wappler The Giants Foundation, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. May Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Olson Mr. Arthur Roberts Ms. Rayanon Smith Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward Henry E. Niles Foundation Inc.Ms. Dorathea L. Mayfield Ms. Andrea O'Meara Mr. Brian Roberts Ms. Halina Smosna Mr. and Mrs. John E. Warner, Jr. The Herbert and Nell SingerMs. Mary McArdle Mrs. Susan M. O'Neil Mr. Scott Roberts Ms. Mary Snediker Mr. Anthony WatsonMr. Edward McBride Ms. Jill Orent Ms. Elizabeth Robie Rev. Dawn C. Snell Ms. Kiley Watson Foundation, Inc.Ms. Ann McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orlin Mr. Kur Robin Ms. Moira Snover Mr. Walker Watson HollandMr. Dan McCarthy Ms. Jenny Orr Mrs. and Mr. Molly Robotti Mr. Nick Sofos IBMMr. Mike McCarty Mr. Richard Orr Mr. Damian Roman Ms. Silvana Sorbara Thank you to our corporate, The Lewis FundMs. Jessica McCluskey Ms. Eileen Ostberg Ms. Deri Ronis Ms. Jodi Sorrells business, foundation, civic, Needs Clearinghouse, Inc.Mr. Michael McEvily Mr. and Ms. Roberto Otero Mr. Chris Roos Mr. and Mrs. Astor R. Spezzano religious, and community New Alliance FoundationMs. Barbara K. McGee Mr. Michael Otterblad Mr. Bruce J. Rosa Mrs. Valerie Stauffer donors whose important Newcomers Club of New CanaanMr. and Mrs. Robert C. McGee Ms. Katrina Otto Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rose Mr. Georgi Stavrolakes contributions to the NobleCause/TreetopsMs. Michelle McGovern Ms. Vanessa Ouellette Ms. Caryn S. Rosenbaum Ms. Janice C. Stein Operating Fund, Programs, Oxygen FitnessMr. and Mrs. Peter McGowan Ms. Meredith Outwater Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rosenberg Mr. George N. Steinberg and/or Events have made a People’s United CommunityMr. Ron McHugh Ms. Margaret Owen Mr. and Mrs. Barney Rothenberg Ms. Kathleen M. Steiner significant difference inMr. and Mrs. Michael J. McKenna Ms. Amy Pagnari Mr. David Rueda Mr. Anthony Stephen the lives of children. FoundationMr. and Mrs. Philip R. McKnight Ms. Suzanne Palazzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rueda Mr. David Sterling Pitney Bowes FoundationMr. and Mrs. Christopher K. McLeod Mr. James Pallock Ms. Jean M. Ruffin Mr. David Sternberg and COMMUNITY Rand InsuranceMs. Maura McNeil Ms. Jennifer Paradis Ms. Maria T. Ruggeberg GIFTS The Ruth W. Brown FoundationMs. Tricia McQueen Mr. Adam Parker Mr. Brent Rushing Mrs. Susan Bernhardi Sionic AdvisorsMs. Laurie McShea Ms. Ann Parker Ms. Katherine Rushing Ms. Sarah Stevenson $25,000+ Synchrony FinancialMs. Megan Meehan Mr. Charles Parker Mr. Chris Russo Ms. Joan Mary Stewart Anonymous The TJX FoundationMs. Dorothea Meilinggaard Ms. Esther Parker Ms. Mary Russo Mr. and Mrs. R. Bailey Stewart Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Tower Three Partners LLCMs. Doris Meinelt Mr. Frank R. Parker III Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stillerman U.S. Trust, Bank of America PrivateMr. and Mrs. Franklin Melzer Mr. Dan Parodi Mr. David Sacks Mr. David Stomski Foundation, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Mendelsohn Mr. Dennis Parodi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Saldutti Ms. Jean Strom GenRe Wealth ManagementMs. Miriam Mennin Mr. Michael Parry Ms. Elizabeth Salguero Mr. Sean Sullivan Goldman, Sachs & Co. UBS Private Wealth ManagementMs. Marie M. Menzel Mr. Stephen Parsons Mr. Daniel Salomon Ms. Jill Sung Hearst Foundation Wells Fargo FoundationMrs. Nicole Merlo-White Ms. Amy Passingham Ms. Deborah Salomon Ms. Vera Sung Mary’s Fund Whole Foods MarketMr. and Mrs. Whitney Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Parimal D. Patel Mr. Jason Salomon Mrs. Carol Sutton The Navigators GroupMs. Kelsey Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Patterson Mr. Jeffrey Salomon Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sutton Newman’s Own Foundation $1,000 – $4,999Ms. Elise K. Merrow Mr. Robert Pavlik Ms. Sue Salomon Ms. Nicole Sweeten The Oaklawn Foundation 360 Corporate Benefit AdvisorsMs. Leslie Mertz Jacky Peak Mr. and Ms. Evan Salop Dr. and Mrs. Sanford L. Swidler The Orchard Farm Foundation The Barbara Dorsch Foundation, Inc.Mr. Joshua Metzger Mrs. Sari Pearson Missy Samaha Mr. Randall Swisher The Tow Foundation Baskets from HeavenMr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Meyer Mr. Sean Peden Ms. Katy Samwell Ms. Beverley Sylvester Tudor Foundation, Inc. Caren’s Cos CobberMr. Reid Millar Mr. and Mrs. David A. Perlman Mr. Carlos Sanchez Arruti Mr. Diego Syrowicz United Way of Greenwich, Inc. Charkit Chemical CorporationMs. Amanda Miller Mr. Greg Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Sanders Mr. Mark Szuchman The Wasily Family Foundation Christ Church GreenwichMrs. Wendy H. Miller Ms. Denise R. Petrone Ms. Dana Sands Mr. Robert Taffet Weston Women’s League CitarellaMs. Janet K. Milligan Mr. and Mrs. James J. Petropoulos Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Sanseverino Mr. and Mrs. David B. Tait The Community Foundation forMr. Alexander Miram Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Petschek Mr. Elias Sayegh Ms. Clara Tangorra $10,000 – $24,999Mr. Donald Mohr Mr. David Pettinicchi Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Saymon, Sr. Ms. Catherine Tanzilli Bank of Montreal Greater AtlantaMr. Bruce Molinelli Mr. Eric Pfeffer Mr. and Ms. Tom Scalera Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Taplin The Barker Welfare Foundation Controlled Temperatures, IncMs. Cheryl Moloney Mr. and Mrs. John Phelan Ms. Jesse Scalise Ms. Zoe Tarrant The Bydale Foundation Cos Cob RidersMs. Mollie Monaco Ms. Alison Philips Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scavo Ms. Judith J. Tattar Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. Diamond Hill United MethodistMs. Sara Monzet Mr. Chris Phillips Mr. Michael Schellhammer and Ms. Alexandra Taylor The Community Fund of DarienMs. Maureen Mooney Mr. Erik Pigmans Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Taylor The Edouard Foundation, Inc. ChurchMs. Liana M. Moonie Ms. Karimette Pigmans Ms. Lisa Ramber Ms. Nicole Taylor First Congregational Church of Elizabeth Carse FoundationMs. Margaret Moore Mr. and Mrs. David Pinchin Mr. and Mrs. John Schlachtenhaufen Ms. Claudia Tedesco Everybody Wins FoundationMrs. Michael Mora Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Pinto Mr. Jeffrey Schleppy Mrs. and Mr. Liane Tel Greenwich Exchange Club of New CanaanMr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Piorkowski Mrs. Meriwether C. Schmid Ms. Maria Temidis First County Bank Fairfield County’s CommunityMr. and Mrs. Edward Mortimer Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Schmones Sukesh Thekkenmar Fred L. Emerson Foundation, Inc.Mr. Adam Morton Ms. Rachel Pizarek Ms. Kathleen Schueler Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thomas G100, Inc. FoundationMr. Peter J. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Poisella Ms. Megan Schuermer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thomas GE Capital Aviation Services First Church of Round HillMr. and Mrs. Bruce Murdock Ms. Christine Popson Mr. Jeff Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Thomas GE Energy Financial Services First Niagara BankMs. Carolyn Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Porricelli Ms. Stephanie Schwartz Ms. Karina Thompson The George J. & Jessica Harris First Presbyterian Church ofMs. Elizabeth G. Murphy Mr. and Ms. Brett Posmentier Ms. Linda Schwartzman Ms. Carla TishlerMr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Murray Mr. Jaret Posmentier Ms. Tanya Schwarz Ms. Lynn Tishman Foundation GreenwichMs. Susan Mysogland Ms. Blanche Powell Mr. and Mrs. David L. Scull Mr. David Todrin Greenwich Association of Realtors First Presbyterian Church ofMr. David A. Nap and Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Pracilio Ms. Mary T. Searles Mr. John Toi Healthcor Foundation Trust Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Price, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo B. See Ms. Jessica Tolle Inner-City Foundation Stamford Mr. Thomas Starck Ms. Alani Principe Ms. Ellen Seguin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tomasiewicz JP Morgan Chase & Co. GAMCO Investors, Inc.Ms. Nicole Nardella Mr. and Mrs. Jason Quinn Ms. Ilene Semiatin Ms. Julie Tooher Near & Far Aid Association, Inc. The George A. and Grace L. LongMs. Christina M. Nash Mr. Omar Qureishi Mrs. Anne Semmes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Toretta New Canaan CommunityMr. Ron Naso Ms. Michelle Rabinowitz Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Seplowitz Ms. Ana L. Torres FoundationMrs. Lisa Natale Ms. Missy Radin Ms. Katie Sevelowitz Mr. Louis Tremblay Foundation The Greenleaf FoundationMs. Amy Nazimiec Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Rafter Mr. Jay S. Shah Mr. Richard Tremblay O’Shaughnessy Asset Greenwich BracesMr. and Mrs. John J. Neeson Ms. Julie Rakowitz Mr. Ofir Shalom Ms. Theresa T. Trierweiler Greenwich Business ClubMr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nelson Ms. Kathryn Rambo Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Sharnick Ms. Jeanne Trimarchi Management, LLC Greenwich Police Silver ShieldMs. Emily Nelson Ms. Tiffany Ramgolam Mr. and Mrs. Tony Shaw Mr. Kevin Troth Panwy Foundation, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Nelson Mr. Robert Randich Ms. Allison Shay Mr. John Troy Precision Gear, Inc. AssociationMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Neuberth Ms. Jennifer Rattray Mr. Kevin Shea Ms. Jody Truwit RELX Group RE Cares Heuer FoundationMr. Richard Neumann Mr. and Mrs. George W. Raymond Ms. Katherine Shen Ms. Demetra Tsiamis The Rite Aid Foundation Hidden Hill FoundationMs. Emily Newcamp Ms. Alana Reagan Ms. Jodie Shepard Ms. Mia Tsiamis The Sexauer Foundation Ivy EquitiesMr. Shawne Nguyen Ms. Ellen Redgate Mr. Matthew Sheridan Mr. Scott Tumsuden The Vincent and Linda McMahon Junior League of GreenwichMs. Rosalind Nicastro Mr. and Mrs. Homer M. Rees Ms. Cynthia Sherman Ms. Janeen Turano and Ms. Shari Hill Kappa Alpha Theta AlumnaeMs. Debbie Nichols Ms. Colleen Regan Ms. Kelly Shine Mr. Mark Turgyan Family Foundation, Inc.Ms. Virginia Nichols Ms. Robyn Regan Mr. Peter Shosho Mr. and Ms. Freddy Ulloa The William and Sylvia Silberstein Chapter of Fairfield CountyMs. Francine Nightingale Mr. Christian Reimer Ms. Shreeju Shrestha Mr. Vincent R. Urbanowski and Kiwanis Club of DarienMr. and Mrs. Anthony Noto Dr. and Mrs. Carl D. Reimers III Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shufro Mrs. Lori A. McKelvey-Urbanowski Foundation, Inc. Kohl’sMr. David Notter Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Rein Ms. Dianne Shugrue Ms. Lorraine M. Valandra and Titan Advisors LLC Lapine United Way of Western Connecticut The Lewis Foundation Ms. Victoria Valandra Viacom Lily Palmer Fry Trust Fund, Vince and Linda McMahon Family Bank of America Foundation, Inc Lions Club of Old Greenwich W.R. Berkley Corporation Charitable Lone Pine Capital The Marcum Foundation Foundation McArdle’s Florist & Garden Center The McGraw-Hill Companies Midstate Printing Group Moffly Media NSF Foundation

24 DONOR RECOGNITIONOlga Sipolin Children’s Fund Lester’s of Westport NAVIGATORS Stamford Police Department UBS In Memory of Charles HartigOptimum Community Mane Event STAMFORD KIC IT Stamford EMS White Mountains, Inc. Mr.* and Mrs. Albert HartigPitney Bowes Inc. Members Credit Union TRIATHLON Mr. Thomas Wuennemann,Rachlin Foundation Merrill Lynch – Global Private SPONSORS MEMORIAL GIFTS In Memory of Ernest HeckrothRehabilitation Associates, Inc. Assistant Chief of Stamford Police Ms. Phyllis TragerResource Management Group Client Group Title In Memory of Ruth AlbertThe Richard Davoud Donchian Morgan Stanley The Navigators Group, Inc. NAVIGATORS Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Adelberg In Memory of Evan Hyman Natixis Global Asset Management STAMFORD KIC IT Ms. Dana Albert Mr. and Mrs. Joe Liotta Foundation Norwalk Collection Cans Olympian TRIATHLON Mr. David AlbertRichards of Greenwich, Inc. Olga Fund GECAS FUNDRAISERS Ms. Sheryl Barell In Memory of Albert G. KirkRide for Kids, Inc. Oliver & Co. Goldman Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Driesen Mrs. Ruth SchofieldRotary Club of Greenwich Our Lady Star of the Sea Credit Agricole Mr. Rafael Aparicio Mr. and Mrs. Jesse MeyersRotary Club of New Canaan PepsiCo, Inc., Foodservice Sales Shoff Darby Mr. Mario Bellavia Ms. Julie Rakowitz In Memory of Hugh MacInnisSeaside Tavern Pilsudski Society of Greenwich CT Inc. LeClairRyan Foundation Mr. Alain Benzaken Ms. Kathleen EnglishSplurge Gifts Pioneer Investments KIC Grandma Mr. Kyle Bergman In Memory of Barbara BatesSt. John’s Community Foundation Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk Mr. Zachary Chalnick Mr. Alon Marom In Memory of Eran MaromSteven Fox Jewelry Putnam Investments Winner Ms. Stephanie Christian Mr. Alon MaromSwindells Charitable Foundation Republic Clothing Apparel Inc. Boeing Ms. Alexandra Criscuolo In Memory of Bobby Bochet Ridgefield Glass Clifford Chance Ms. Jessica D’Andrea Mr. Alon Marom In Memory of Jennie Martone Trust Rotary Club of Wilton Milbank Mr. Hunter Daur Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop S. BibbonsTerex Round Hill Community Church New Country Audi / Porsche Mr. Tom Davidson In Memory of Emma E. Mr. and Mrs. Sal J. De FinaThe Schick Foundation Ryan Ryan Deluca LLP Gen Re Mr. Bob Dixon Carlone Ms. Teresa A. Gentile andTiny Tots Kids Consignment Rye Country Day School Ms. Alison DoernbergTMK Sports & Entertainment, LLC Saint Mary Guild Mile Marker Mr. Darren Donnelly Mr. Cosmo M. Carlone Ms. Margaret E. FitzpatrickUnited Way of Coastal Fairfield Schwab Charitable Fund Davidson Family Fund Mr. Jeffrey Eichenberg Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Sharnick Second Congregational Church Ms. Anita Eng In Memory of Carolyn Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thomas County Security Specialists In-Kind Ms. Susan Fahey Khanna Mr. John A. Koepp Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. WhiteViking Global Investors, L.P. The Selective Insurance Group Ms. Maria Allen Mr. Michael FergusonW. R. Berkley Corporation Serricchio Cleaning & Maintenance Athleta Mr. Andrew Forrler In Memory of Barbara Casey In Memory of Patricia McGeeWadsworth Russell Lewis Trust Fund Servpro Bonjo Coffee Ms. Caeden Frederickson Ms. Karen Casey Anthem Blue Cross Blue ShieldWebster Bank Foundation Shipman & Goodwin LLP Chelsea Piers Ms. Carolin Hart Ms. Erin T. Hartnett Mr. Amel BelahiThe Woman’s Club of Greenwich Inc. Simply Signs Citarella Mr. Brett Heim Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Stagg Ms. Naima BelahiWPO Fairchester/Yankee Chapter, Inc. Smart Kids Co. Combine Training Ms. Julianne Houghton The Schick Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tommy CarlucciZisson Foundation Soule, Blake, and Wechsler, Inc Danny’s Cycles Mr. David Junius The William and Sylvia Silberstein Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Duman The Southfield Center for Mr. Judd Delany Mr. Fin Junius Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harkness$100 – $999 Fairfield County Club Ms. Abbe Karmen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAuleyAnonymous Development Firehouse Deli Mr. Max Kim Ms. Barbara K. McGeeA. C. Israel Foundation, Inc. Southpaw Asset Management Fleet Feet Mr. Savas Konstadinidis In Memory of Brian Ceci Ms. Gabrielle SchuelerAll Glass Company, Inc. Tarrytown Coin & Jewelry Ms. Meike Gans Ms. Margaret Larson Mr. James M. Carroll Ms. Kathleen SchuelerAmazonSmile JetBlue Mr. Ralph Layman Ms. Clara TangorraAmerican Express Charitable Fund Exchange Inc. Northern Trust Mr. Greg Lee In Memory of Kyle CruzAmerican Express Foundation Temple Sholom Pepsi Mr. Charlie Lewis Ms. Ann Buchsbaum In Memory of Ryan H. MurdochAnderson Associates, LTD. Temple Sinai Poland Spring® Brand 100% Ms. Mary Lieby Ms. Jean M. Luciano Ms. Jaquelin HazzardAnthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Thumbelina Fund Mr. Joseph Maida Mr. James Zannino Ms. Clara TangorraB.good Greenwich Travelers Natural Spring Water Mr. Robert MaloofBarteca Restaurants, LLC UBS Investment Bank Ms. Carolina Quiroga Mr. Jeremiah McGuire In Memory of Francis In Memory of Dena M. PhelpsThe Benevity Community Impact Unger Publishing, LLC The Ritzy Chickens Ms. Christine Meyer Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Burton United Illuminating Employee School of Rock, Bedford Mr. Paul O’Grady Ms. Susan Hase Fund Shop Rite Mr. Michael Parry Anonymous Ms. Jacqueline KaminskiBNI Stamford Giving Simply Signs Mr. Jaret Posmentier Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bonci Mrs. Beverly J. SnedikerThe Breglia Group United Way of Central and SOLUDE Coffee Ms. Kathryn Rambo Mr. Gary Washburn and Mrs. Joan SnedikerBrunswick Upper School Stew Leonard’s Mr. Trevor RicardsByram Vets Women’s Auxiliary Northeastern Connecticut Timex Mr. Steve Ripp Mr. Jeffrey Brandi In Memory of Nina PulleC.O.P. Upper Crust Bagel & Deli Mr. Tony Trujillo Ms. Michele Ronis Ms. Megan Corrado Mr. and Mrs. Yves GadenCamsan, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Two Men and a Truck Mr. David Rueda Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DeschenesCapitol Chiropractic Center of Walker & Dunlop LLC Upper Crust Bagel Company – Mr. Greg Rushing Mr. and Mrs. Felix Guiffra In Memory of Charles E. Roche The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s Mr. Jason Salomon Ms. Sheila Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Vakos Stamford Weeden & Co. Greenwich Mr. Patrick Schelle Mr. Paul LacombeCatenacci, Markowitz, Delandri, White Tiger Tae Kwon Do Zody’s 19th Hole Ms. Lisa Schneider Mr. Alon Marom In Memory of William-Dewitt The Wikoff Family Philanthropy Ms. Natalia Stieglitz Mr. and Mrs. James S. Martin II Romig Rosner & Co. Media Sponsors Mr. Yan Torres Mr. and Mrs. Brian Qualey Mr. Box DixonCentral Middle School Student Fund Moffly Media Ms. Friso Van Reesema Mr. and Mrs. John Schacter Kiwanis Club of Darien Xerox Corporation News-12 Mr. David Wiacek Mr. and Mrs. Neil Shea Council Youth Community Fund WEBE-108 Ms. Beatrice Wolff-Banner and In Memory of Elliot SchofieldChapin Hill Advisors MATCHING GIFTS Mrs. Ruth SchofieldCharles Hilton Architects LLC (Community Fund of Darien) NAVIGATORS Ms. Suzanne KozikoskiChicken Joe’s STAMFORD KIC IT 1984 In Memory of MarjorieChristopher T. Miller Fund $25 – $99 KIDS TRIATHLON AIG In Memory of Rachel Ferguson SchwartzCombined Federal Campaign Aetna Life & Casualty Co. SPONSORS Alliance Bernstein Ms. Debra A. DeschaineCommand Packaging Supply A-to-Z Signs Aon Matching Gift Foundation Mr. Francis Ferguson* Ms. Meryl Allen Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Leader Bank of America Company MarcUS for Change CA Technologies In Memory of Shelly Ferraro In Memory of Jeffrey ShendellCorbo’s Corner Deli Program, Inc. Chevron Humankind Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Loebelson Mrs. Marsha J. ShendellCornell University Foundation C.E.O. Fashion by Tundi LLC Star Chubb & SonCummings & Lockwood Community Health Charities of Northern Trust Credit Agricole Corporate and In Memory of Samuel Fisher In Memory of Thomas S.D. Sal Electrical Contractors, Inc. Mr. Jordan Fox “Tom” ShilenDarien Rowayton Bank – Darien New England Champ Investment Bank Dr. Russell JenkinsDavid Hair Care and Color DeLeo Bookeeping & Office The Hartford – Southern Deutsche Bank Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Shapiro Anonymous (7)Deutsche Bank GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael BedfordDough Girls Pizza Solutions LLC New England General Atlantic In Memory of Joseph Mr. Robert BruceEagle Riders 588 Greenwich Country Day School Travelers Gen Re Giannattasio Mr. Joseph CacaceEaton Partners, LLC Helen l. Koven LLC ONS Genworth Financial Investments Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. CacaceExecunet, Inc. Just Give Goldman Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Pinto Ms. Isabel A. CrossenF.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co. Mary Bolger Personnel, LLC Special Thanks MasterCard International Mrs. Ellen HarrisFairfield County Bank – Ridgefield Minuteman Press Cacase, Tusch & Santagata MHFI PAC Charity In Memory of Irina Grant Mrs. Laurie GariFinn Dixon & Herling, LLP Nail Boutique City of Stamford Mizuho Matching Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Kim E. JefferyThe First Bank of Greenwich ODonnell Law LLC KP Events Group Mutual of America Mrs. Thomas E. Armstrong Mr. Alon MaromFoundation For Life Inc. Old Kings Construction LLC Miki and Scarlett Lewis One Beacon Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barringer Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. MunroGap Inc. Park City Magnet School Mayor David Martin Pfizer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Bob OrrGenSpring Family Offices Rowayton School NBC Sports Pitney Bowes Inc. Ms. Geraldine S. Cumminskey Mr. and Mrs. William TaylorGive Back Foundation SOLUDE Coffee Mr. Ernest Orgera, Director of TimesSquare Captial Management Mr. and Mrs. William F. Flatley Ms. Janeen Turano andHenry C. Gasiorowski, M.D. and Sucherman Consulting Group Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jacobson The New England Historical Operations Mrs. Marjorie P. Mountain Ms. Shari Hill Michele E. Gasiorowski, M.D. Stamford Downtown Special Ms. Edith Brooke Robertson Mr. and Ms. Freddy UlloaHoly Cow Ranch Connection LTD Ms. Jean M. Ruffin Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. VakosInspira Marketing Group, LLC The Rye Roadhouse Services District Mr. Patsy TaylorJewish High School of Connecticut Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial In Memory of Cody ThomasJohn S. & Amy S. Weinberg In Memory of Michael J. Schwab Charitable Fund Arts Greenberg Foundation Voya FoundationJolie Gotique, LLC Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin, & Ms. Phyllis Trager Kuriansky LLP

2016 ANNUAL REPORTIn Memory of Barbara Wechsler Mr. Danny Chan Ms. Lily Galef Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkpatrick Pear Tree Point School Mr. and Mrs. John ThalerDr. and Mrs. Edward Jacobson Ms. Emilie Chang Ho Garden Catering Ms. Patricia Klapper Ms. Helen J. Peng and The Wescott Chelsea Piers Connecticut Garden Education Center of Knights of Columbus TheoryIn Memory of Heather Chicken Joe’s Mr. and Mrs. Richard Koven Mr. Keith Kockenmeister Thomas Cleaners, GreenwichWilliamson and Dan Williamson Children’s Day School, Inc. Greenwich Ms. Wanda Kowalski People’s United Bank Ms. Valerie ThompsenNSF Foundation Christ Church Greenwich Ms. Bonnie Geller Kramer Portraits, Connecticut Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation Ms. Lara Tiramani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chu General Atlantic Ms. Suzanne Krauss PepsiCo Today ShowWe recognize the diverse Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cioffi Ms. Christy Giannattasio Mr. Ben Kriegler Mr. Nick Perugini Ms. Jill Tomasellogroup of donors who Ms. Lily Clisham Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Gigliotti Ms. Sarah Krikorian Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson Tomatilloprovide goods and services COFO Americas Resources Ms. Grace Ginsburg Ms. Emily Kunschner Mr. John Petrotos Townsquare Mediathat help the children Girl Scout Troop 50278 Ms. Sandra Lalli Ms. Leighann Piacenza Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Trillostaying with us. Thank you. Corporation Girl Scout Troop 50387 Ms. Rosemarie A. Lanard and Mr. Leonard Piacenza-Mahler Trinity Catholic School Mr. Ira Cohen Girl Scout Troop 50941 Mr. Marcello Khattar and Trinity ChurchIN-KIND AND Mr. Jake Cohen Ms. Ana C. Giroux Mr. Scott Dougherty Mr. Frank P. Trotta andOTHER Mr. Stephen D. Cole Glenville Elementary School Ms. Carla Lanuza Ms. Meridith Picarelli-KhattarFUNDRAISING Collection Cans of Norwalk Ms. Suzanne Gold and Mr. and Mrs. Denis LaPolice Ms. Sandy Plickeri Ms. Susan PieningEVENTS The Color Cafe L’Artusi Ms. Jenna Plotzky Ms. Christel H. Truglia Colviti Rachel Alliker Dr. Clarke Latimer Pomodoro Pizza & Trattoria Ms. Blanca TumbacoA Flood of Paper Ms. Marianne Conese Ms. Becca Goldblat The Latrenta Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Potocki Ms. Michele TurkAberdeen Asset Management Inc. Ms. Amy Conley Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goldman Ms. Taryn Laughlin Ms. Joan S. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen TusaAcme Market Corbo’s Corner Deli Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldman Mr. Albert Laverge and Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Purse UnchainedAdam Broderick Salon & Spa Cos Cob Farms Golf Digest Rain CII Carbon LLC United Site ServicesAITE Cos Cob Riders Ms. Ann M. Goodson Ms. Kate Larkin Laverge Ralph Lauren New Canaan United Way of Greenwich, Inc.Mr. Christus Alexandrou Cos Cob T-Ball Goodwives Quilters Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lazarus Redding Elementary School Upper Crust Bakery and Café,Alliance Global Associates Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Cosco Ms. Mary A. Grabel Le Penguin Reed ExhibitionsAlliance Limousine Ms. Maura Craig Ms. Heather Green Ms. Erica Lecount Ms. Sandra J. Renda DarienAllura Salon & Day Spa, Greenwich Crane Song Photography Ms. Jenn Green Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Legge Resource Management Group Mr. Lou UrsoneMr. Michael Allwen Ms. Arielle Credaroli Mr. Marshall Greenbaum Mr. Ernesto Leon-Gambetta Mr. Richard Riccardi UVA Club of Fairfield, CT andMs. Jolie Altomaro Culinary Works, LLC Greenwich Bank and Trust Ms. Michelle Lesser Ms. Jennifer RichMs. Nickie Altomaro The Daine Family Lester’s Westport Richards of Greenwich, Inc. Westchester, NYMs. Keri Alton Dalio Family Foundation Company Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lewis Mr. Samuel H. Richey Ms. Ann-Caroline van der HammAmazing Spaces, LLC Ms. Jen Danzi Greenwich Book Club Ms. Carly Litt Ridgefield Playhouse ValbellaAmerican Red Cross – Greenwich Ms. Sally Davies Greenwich Braces Ms. Janet Little Mr. Paul Rinaldi and Mr. Will Vecchiolla Ms. Alexandra DeMarino Greenwich Country Day School Little Pub Greenwich Viking Global Investors, L.P. Chapter Ms. Larisa B. DeMott Greenwich Crossfit Mr. Vincent Liscio Dr. Lynne Haven Village PediatricsMs. Annie Anderson Ms. Heather Dennis and Greenwich High School Ms. Stephanie London Ms. Christine Riina Vineyard VinesMs. Karen Andrews Greenwich Home and Estates Lone Pine Capital Mr. Jeff Ritter Ms. Patricia ViscovichApple Stamford Mr. Kevin Gillespie The Greenwich Land Trust Ms. Alison Loop Riverside School Student Council Mr. and Mrs. Gary VogelArleigh Cole Hair & Makeup Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Deschamps Greenwich Police Silver Shield The Loveless Family Ms. Isabella Rolfe Mr. and Mrs. David VolpeMr. and Mrs. Tim Armstrong Diddel & Diddel, LLC Mr. Frank Lovello Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross Volunteer Center of South WesternMr. Stuart Aronson Mr. Dillon and Ms. Shannon Daine Association Ms. Sarah Lubeley Mr. and Mrs. Kyle RothschildArthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Ms. Ellen Dion Greenwich Rugby Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Lynch Rye Country Day School Fairfield County Dolphin Cove Thanksgiving Greenwich Staffing, LLC M Communications Saint Mary Parish Ms. Janet Walker Greenwich Greenwich Young Professionals Mr. Jason Mager Saks Fifth Avenue The Waters Edge at Giovanni’sMs. Robbin Ashenfilter Food Drive Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffin Mr. Craig Mahler Rabbi Deborah and Mr. and Mrs. Torben A. WeisThe Ashforth Company Dove Cote Mr. and Mrs. Keith Grossman Main Hosiery & Lingerie Shop Mr. and Mrs. Gary WendtThe Ashforth Company & Pitney Ms. Liz Dunleavy Mr. Aaron Gruen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Malloy Mr. Robert Salomon Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Werner Mr. Peter Dusenberry and H Salon Ms. Marisa Mancini-Cavallo Saugatuck Sweets Westhill High School Bowes Hallie’s Hope Manfredi Jewels LTD. Mr. and Mrs. Durc A. Savini Westport Country PlayhouseMr. and Mrs. Brad Asness & Family Ms. Christine Kim Mrs. Myrna Haft Marcum LLP Mrs. Joni Schaefer When in RomeMr. and Mrs. Cliff S. Asness Eagle Hill School Ms. Casey Halliley Mr. and Mrs. James S. Martin II Ms. Karen Schipani Ms. Tamara WhiteMs. Tess Asness East School, New Haven Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Harrison Mason Street Strength and Fitness School of Rock Bedford Whole Foods GreenwichMr. John Attinger Eastern Middle School The Hasterok-Buss Family Matt Miller Culinary Production Seaside Tavern William RaveisAudrey Road Ms. Charlesanna Ecker Dr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Hecklau Ms. Christina Matthews Second Congregational Church Wilson Elser LLPB Chic Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Edelman Ms. Bettina Hegel McArdle’s Florist & Garden Center Security Specialists Ms. Shayna Wilson-Spirob.good, Greenwich Mr. and Mrs. David B. Elders Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hellinger Deb McBreairty Ms. Kim Senerchia Mr. and Mrs. Tyler WolframBack 40 Kitchen EOS Greek Cuisine The Hermitage Club Ms. Marion McElveen Ms. Jodi Shankarlingam Women’s Club of GreenwichMs. Bonnie Bancroft Ms. Emma Eschricht Ms. Christine Hikawa and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Messina Ms. Maureen Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. David WrubelMr. Nick Barile Ms. Ola Fagbeyino Members Credit Union Ms. Megan Sheehan Yale Alumni Association ofBarTaco Mr. and Mrs. John Fargis Mr. David Windreich Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Merrill Mrs. Marsha J. ShendellMs. Christina Bartlett Ms. Mary Fedeli The Hirzman Family Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Shoff Darby Insurance Agency GreenwichMr. and Mrs. Michael Bass Ms. Margaret Feldmeth Ms. Rosane Hirszman Mike’s Organic Delivery Mrs. Sandra Siegartel Your Gardening AngelBBYO Connecticut Valley Region Ms. Arianna Ferraro Mr. Henry Hittle Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Milledge Sign of the Whale Mr. Jared ZuckermanMs. Lisa Berman Ms. Rita U. Fine Mrs. Tess Hollander Minute Men Cleaners, Greenwich Ms. Gina D. SilvestriBijou Theatre First Congregational Church of Mr. and Mrs. John Hopper Moffly Media The Simpson Family *DeceasedMr. and Mrs. Chuck Biondo Horseneck Wines and Liquors Mr. Leo Montalvan Ms. Stacey SinapiMr. and Mrs. David Blank Greenwich Houlihan Lawrence Ms. Dorothy Mosko Jennifer Skyrm We apologize for any errors on,Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy First Presbyterian Church of Ms. Pernille Howarth Mrs. John C. Murphy Ms. Rosie Solano or omissions of, donations madeRepresentative Mike Bocchino Hungry Kidzz Mr. and Mrs. William T. Murphy Solar Car Wash between July 1, 2015 andBook It Club Greenwich International School of Dundee – Ms. Kashana Myers Mrs. Helen Sparks June 30, 2016.Ms. Amanda Bortner First Presbyterian Church of Nail Boutique Mr. and Mrs. Lutz SpikaMr. and Mrs. Michael Bossidy Mrs. Daur’s 4th Graders Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Navarro SplashMr. and Ms. David L. Bowbeer Stamford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivanhoe The Navigators Group, Inc. Splurge GiftsMr. Anthony Bowes First Reserve Corporation J House NBC Sports Ms. Irene SpruckThe Bragg Family First Selectman’s Youth Commission Jack Dog Studio Photography NBC Universal St. Lawrence SocietyMs. Ruth Brannan First United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jennings Needs Clearinghouse, Inc. St. Paul’s Episcopal ChurchBrescome Barton The Fitness Image Jenny Ong’s Piano Studio Mr. Rick Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. StaffordBreak Thru Fitness Ms. Grace Flanagan Ms. Maureen Jewell Nestle Waters North America, Inc. Ms. Helen StamatiadisBridgewater Associates Fleet Feet Sports Stamford The Jimenez Family New Canaan National Charity Stamford Downtown SpecialMs. Camille Broderick Ms. Carolyn Fleschiu Mr. and Mrs. Brodie JohnsonMs. Lori Brown Ms. Kathy Fogarty Julie Brimberg Photography League ServicesBrunswick Lower School The Food Emporium Junior League of Greenwich New Canaan Summer Theatre The Stanwich SchoolMs. Lesslie Burhans Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Forelli Junior United Way of Greenwich New Lebanon Elementary School Miss Ronnie StaplefieldC. Parker Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Mario Forlini Mr. Jason Kabdebo Ms. Elisabeth Norfleet Mr. Tom StearleyMr. and Mrs. James Cabrera Mr. and Mrs. Len Formato Kaia Yoga NorthCoast Asset Management LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jim StehliCafe Oo La La The Frame Shop of Ridgefield Ms. Ariana Kaleta Ms. Angie O’Brien Ms. Ashley SteiglerMs. Britta Calkosz Dr. and Mrs. Martin R. Frankel Kamunting Street Capital Mr. Pat O’Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Paul StevensThe Capital Grille State Senator and Office of the First Selectman Mr. and Mrs. John M. StinebaughCapitol Chiropractic of Stamford Management, L.P. Summer Rain Sprinkler Systems Inc.Caren’s Cos Cobber Mrs. L. Scott Frantz The Katz Family of Greenwich Synchrony FinancialMs. Caryl Castellion Ms. Karina Frayter Mr. Michael Keating Mr. John O’Leary Mr. Matthew TamisMr. and Mrs. Jerome Caulfield Mr. and Mrs. Erik Friedman Ms. Virginia Keeshan Old Navy, Stamford Ms. Nancy TarantinoCFCF Roastery & Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Friedman Ms. Patricia Kelly Mr. Nicholas Ospina Ms. Liane Tel Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Funt Kids Care Club Oxygen Fitness Temple Sholom Furnished Quarters, LLC Kidville Westport Ms. Erin Patterson Terra Ristorante Mr. Edward Fusco King School Tesla New York City Mr. Marc Gabello King’s Highway Gabriel’s Italian Steakhouse Mrs. Marilyn Kipp Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Galanski

26 OUR TEAMOUR TEAM Michael F. Ferguson Director of Quality Assurance, Evaluation and TrainingManagement Team Corinne Luszcz, MPHShari L. Shapiro, MBA Quality Assurance AssociateExecutive Director Alon MaromDenise Qualey, MSW Director of Development, Corporate and Community GivingManaging Director of Crisis and Clinical Services Natasha Hafez Emily Goldschmid, MSW Director of Individual Giving Clinical Director of Children’s Services Katie Kilroy Smiley Kimberly Wolfson-Lisack, LCSW Development and Special Events Manager Clinical Director of Adolescent Services Gabriale TaiDebbie Katz, MSW, LCSW Director of FinanceDirector of Outreach and Community Initiatives Jennifer Brown Kristen Tomasiewicz Operations Manager Director of Community Services Sarah Bochet Director of Crisis and Outreach ServicesMadeleine MareckiDirector of MarketingBoard of Directors Honorary Board Family Brigade Lauren Kratovil Denis LaPoliceChristine Hikawa Chair Daniel and Phyllis Finn Ernest Abate Lin LaveryStuart Aronson Bill Forrest and Nancie Julian Wendy Blumenthal Ann MartinMichael Case Legal Counsel Kim and Mary Jeffery Evan Brown Suzanne MasonHarry Day Ex-Officio Jim and Ann Martin Debra Carlucci Barbara McKelveyDavid Elders Tom and Barbara McKelvey Karen Casey Virginia MeyerRichard Fedeli, Jr. Brian and Heidi Miller Leslie Cooper Jesse MeyersBriggs Forelli Bob and Nancy Rosen Laura Cunningham Lola MeyersStan Galanski Scott and Heidi Smith Harry Day Jonathan MofflyRich Granoff Barry and Mimi Sternlicht Kenneth deRegt Christine PalumboEric Jordan Joan M. Warburg Elysia Doyle Sara RawsonAmy Lewis Barbara Eggers Nancy RosenJoanne Mortimer Phyllis Finn Alice RufCraig Packer Livvy Floren Patricia RussoJeffrey Palma Ann Freeman Deborah SalomonBill Pierz Lile Gibbons Marsha ShendellLisa Schneider Marilyn Gordon Nancy ThodeJami Sherwood Pat Grant Litowitz Melissa ThomsonTanya Smith Carole Greenberg Christel TrugliaAngela Swift Nancy Greer Judith UlrichAimee Tusa Mike Harris Brook UrbanChristina von Oiste Judith Holden Donna WiedemanEileen Walker Lori Jackson Michael WiederlightJames Wenning Judy JacobsonMichele Wolfram Maria Kelly StevensRalph Wyman Elizabeth KiernanJan Zide


28 FINANCIALSTREASURER’S LETTERClearly, the financial challenge that Kids in Crisis has been accumulated through years of donor generosity andfaced not only this year, but also over the last several prudent investing, is not optimal. But, having theseyears as state funding has disappeared, cannot be resources will ensure that we can keep serving childrensugar coated. Our budget deficit of $615,805 was while appropriately and thoughtfully working throughsubstantially larger than the $100k that we had planned the current environment.on when we began the year, prior to the elimination ofall state funding. Our funding model has had to change, Looking ahead, our capable finance committee andwith nearly all of our revenue coming from private Board of Directors continue to work hard to deal with oursources. And, we’ve needed to take a closer look at the financial struggles head on. The State’s elimination offinancial impact of all of our operating decisions, even as funds from the Department of Children and Families hasthe services of the agency remain in high demand. resulted in a shifting of public responsibility for childrens’ services to privately funded agencies, while the needsHowever, against this difficult backdrop, it’s important continue unabated. The generosity of our donors isto stress that although there is reason to be concerned, clearly needed more than ever during these times. I amwe are not panicked. Since the first loss of funding in confident that we can navigate this difficult period with2012, a fiscally conservative approach to budgeting has continued tight controls and sound long-term planning.governed our processes. We have spent recent years We will use our savings to help bridge us through thisworking towards operating with a balanced budget. period but will not back down from our plan to run aWhile this most recent funding challenge makes that job fiscally sound agency so that our services can be providedmore difficult in the short-run, it helps that we’ve been for many years to come.working in this direction for some time. Moreover, it’simportant to recall that we have the financial backstop of Jeffrey Palmaour investment portfolio to help us through difficulttimes. To be sure, drawing on these funds, which have Board TreasurerFull audited financial statements are available upon request at the Kids In Crisis Administrative Offices.

2016 ANNUAL REPORTR E V E N U E A N D E X P E N S E S Year Ended June 30, 2016OPERATING REVENUE $1,078,070 Individual Donors 1,033,634 Corporations and Foundations 142,906 Religious and Civic Organizations 696,393 Fundraising Events (net) Total Private Gifts $2,951,003 $974,421 Government Grants and Contracts 62,301 United Ways 28,224 Non-Cash Contributions Total Public Support $1,064,946 Total Public and Private Support $4,015,949 14,915 Investment Income/Other $4,030,864Total Operating Revenue $1,535,506OPERATING EXPENSES 1,305,027 Teen House Program 1,097,562 Crisis Nursery Program 500,006 Community Services 219,418 Fund Development Management and General $4,657,519 $(626,655)Total Operating ExpensesNet Operating Deficit $10,850OTHER GIFTS $(615,805) Permanently Restricted GiftsTotal Change in Net Assets• 74% Private Gifts • 32% Teen House Program• 24% Government Support • 27% Crisis Nursery Program• 2% United Ways • 25% Community Services • 11% Fund Development • 5% Management and General

One Salem Street Cos Cob, CT 06807203-661-1911 www.kidsincrisis.orgA 501(c)(3) non-profit organization licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families

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