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COPS Autumn 2017 flipbook

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COPS Autumn 2017 flipbook

Published by erena, 2017-09-06 06:37:27

Description: COPS Autumn 2017 flipbook


COPSCare of Police Survivors Autumn 2017Celebration and RemembranceCOPS Family Together At Survivors’ WeekendAutumn 2017 1

Changing TimesI t was a pleasure to see so many people at Looking To The Future Also this month, we will be appointing a suc- this year’s Survivors’ Weekend in July. My With these solid foundations in place we can look cessor to Ann-Marie Leighton who will be relo- sincere thanks to all the staff and volunteers, to our future. In July, we opened the COPS2020 cating to Bristol. My thanks to her for the positive especially Cara Russon, who worked tirelessly consultation. We will share the results later this difference she has made to our communications to make the event such a success. My thanks autumn. in the short time she has been with us. also to all or generous supporters who make the weekend financially possible. In the shorter term, autumn will be a busy The last two and a half years have seen some time for people news. We will be announcing the tremendous achievements at the charity. COPS I mentioned in my presentation on the Satur- process to select the next National President and is now a significantly improved charity from the day how immensely proud I am of the progress the charity has made in the last two-and-a-half “The last two-and-a-half years have seen some years. All the hard work and dedication of the tremendous achievements at the charity” people working, volunteering and fundraising for COPS has meant that we have been able we will see some staff changes. one I joined in 2015. In essence, the job for which to increase the range of peer support options Although the process is still to be finalised, the I was hired is now done – we have organisational available for Survivors, enter into partnerships stability, strong governance, excellent skills and with specialist providers to offer more in-depth next President will be appointed by the COPS commitment at Trustee, staff and volunteer lev- support for Survivors, build a sustainable organ- Council and Survivor Trustees working together. els, ever improving means of supporting families isational structure to improve the management It is right that the charity’s figurehead is chosen and very generous funders. and governance of the charity, and improve by Survivors. To assist with the process, a full role our engagement with and support for all our description will be produced in the autumn. I am proud to have played my part in this trans- stakeholders. We should all be proud of these formation and believe that now is the right time achievements and more. I look forward to welcoming to the team Sally to begin the process of handing over to the next Dutton as our new Fundraising Manager. Sally will person. We will advertise for a new CEO later this We have completed the process of incorporat- bring with her an extensive amount of commer- month, with the expectation that my successor ing the charity, converting COPS into a Charitable cial sales and account management experience. will be in post in early 2018. Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Incorporating She will succeed Alison Sutton, who will be means we are in a stronger legal and governance leaving at the end of the year. My thanks to Alison Richard Kotulecki position to provide a broader range of support for her excellent work in supporting our funders CEO for families. It also means we have a new charity and donors. number in England and Wales – 1170760.Helping You Handle Difficult ConversationsT ogether with our partners at Winston’s The seminar will take place on 30th Novem- There is no charge to Survivors Wish, we are running a one day seminar ber 2017 at Chasewater Innovation Centre near for attending this seminar. for staff, volunteers and Survivors about Cannock.handling difficult conversations. Vikki Stephenson, of the COPS Council, said: “I We would like to invite Survivors to attend to attended this seminar last year and found it very The seminar is intended to help reflect on the share their experiences and benefit from the helpful in handling difficult situations with childrendifficult scenarios that you may face, consider the course. If you are interested, please get in touch and adults enabling me to know how to approachreactions you may encounter from bereaved chil- with the office on 01543 410790 or by email ad- to offer support and comfort at such a stressfuldren and their families and how to respond to that. time. The session will also help you consider your own “I also gained invaluable knowledge aboutneeds when supporting bereaved families and help myself and my situation and this has enabled meyou to develop ways of looking after yourself. to understand more fully the situation of others. I would most strongly recommend survivors taking We will also look at the type of support you can the time to attend this course.”access and how and when this can be done.2  Autumn 2017

COPS’ New Generation survivor story Trevor Woodward is a new Trustee of COPS. He was due to speak at this year’s Survivors’ Weekend, but had to dash to hospital for the arrival of his new baby.Q Could you explain to us your relation- ship with COPS?A Originally it was my mum Lin that got involved with COPS. When my father Ian [a Lancashire Police officer] died inthose days, it was 1987, there wasn’t any organi-sation like COPS around. I’m not sure exactly how she found COPS, butshe started to get involved when COPS started.I’m not sure how old I was at the time but probablyin my teens, and we started to attend some of theSurvivors’ Weekends.Q How would you say you and your the charity and knowing the changes that go on. A I’m amazingly proud. After I had to dash family have benefited from being From being a well intentioned, well run, small char- off to the hospital I spoke to my mum involved with COPS? ity, into quite a bigger charity now that needed a about it and I just said, Dan’s a confident different level of professionalism. 13 year old and I thought he would enjoy doingA I think one of the main benefits is that it. I knew he would be able to do it, he’d also have it’s so inclusive for all of your family. I’ve I thought actually from a balance between the support of my mum and my family there. He’s said before that we’re all on this kind of being a Survivor and also being a businessman, done us proud.journey. I’m 30 years down the line on my journey. sitting on a board of a private company, I thought why not? I had every confidence that he could do it and It’s so inclusive and it’s all there, and it’s notjudgemental. You can just turn up if you feel like “COPS is so inclusive and it’s not judgemental. Youyou’re able to turn up, and talk to people with can see other people going through similar things”similar stories or make yourself feel less isolated,if you like, from your own thoughts. You can see And actually when I’m thinking about 30 years do a good job, and I believe he got a few hand-other people going through similar things. down the line, what can I do to support other shakes from the chief police officers and others. families and think about some memories of my You don’t have to join as a member, you don’t dad. It was again a good time and something He was really pleased about the fact that somehave to go through any huge process. They’re that I thought I’ve got all the attributes needed. I senior officers went out of their way to say welljust open arms and welcome you in. You can turn thought that’s me, I could do that. done. If anything I’d like to think that COPS hasup if you want to turn up, or not. Or take as much boosted the confidence of a young boy just bypart or as little part as you feel. So it doesn’t put Q Are you proud of your son Dan, who giving him that opportunity.any pressure on people to be anything or do read your speech at Survivors’ Week-anything other than share their experiences. end [pictured above]? In that way it works out better than me doing it in the first place.Q You were scheduled to speak at Sur- vivors’ Weekend but baby Paighton arrived early and your son Dan readyour speech. How did that come about?A I think the 30 year anniversary of my father’s death, was a time when I started to think about everything again, andthink about how I felt about. Quite honestly my feelings have changed interms that I feel more comfortable and confidentnow to remember and commemorate rather thanjust sort of put it to one side. When I was askedI didn’t really give it a second thought, because Ithink the timing was right.Q Why did you put yourself forward to become a Trustee of COPS?A When COPS advertised, my mother said to me that there were positions available. I think from her experience inAutumn 2017 3

Our Fantastic 2017Survivors and friends of COPS gathered together for our Annual Survivors’ Weekend and Service of Remembrance. Here are some memories of a wonderful weekend. “As it was our first weekend, we were a little apprehensive, but found everyone very welcoming and supportive.” “Sam had such a wonderful time and is still talking about it!”4  Autumn 2017

Survivors’ Weekend The Thin Blue Line In ghostly formation they walk; along the thin blue line! From light into darkness, from out of our sight; They walk into another time. There’s no definitive start to this shadowy blue line, Which those who are fallen must tread. The beginning is clear, to those we hold dear; They must follow Charon, where they’re led. The shadowy forms with heads bowed in silence; Glide along the shimmering blue path. They move in formation, to the tune of the pointsman; All treading in stately dance. The line it continues, throughout years of darkness; Through our days of interminable pain. Those shadows now passed, live on in our hearts, And e’er more, now in light, will remain. We will always remember; they’ll ne’er be forgotten! We give thanks for the lives that they lived. And through the mists of time passing, we’ll see them all walking; Walking the Thin Blue Line  By Suzette Mitchell “United each year, we hope COPS continues to prosper for many years to come.”Autumn 2017 5

Siblings Remember Family TogetherI t may have only been a small gathering at this The afternoon was spent perusing the little In fact, it is often the sibling that is left to try and year’s Siblings Weekend, but it was big on fun, shops in and around Bath before finding the high- sort everything out in the background, organising healing, love and friendship, writes Julia Lewis.   light of our day, a Gin Festival. funerals, being the liaison, supporting everyone A beautiful hotel in the centre of Chippenham else, while often being overlooked themselves.   was the setting of this year’s meeting, where six We ended the day with a tour of the Cathedral, friends met for a lovely meal before catching up with an opportunity to light a candle in memory of Being around other siblings who understand with the year since we last all met, sharing stories our officers and have some quiet contemplation.   this is so important, and we are forever grateful for of our beloved officers and beginning the valuable COPS to give us the safe space to talk about feel- therapy that the weekend always brings.   COPS is an organisation that none of us ever ings that only other siblings would understand.   wanted to be part of. We all have the ultimate loss Up bright and early on Saturday and we were and being part of COPS means that we have peo- Firm friendships have been forged and we all whisked by taxi to the centre of Bath. After a brief ple who are there and understand. really look forward to spending time together. wander around the town we went to the Roman Hopefully many more will be able to make next Baths which was rich in history and culture before Being a sibling is very difficult. When an officer year’s gathering, and maybe those who have never all meeting again for a beautiful pub lunch. dies, everyone immediately looks to the widow or felt brave enough to attend before will take the the children or the parents, if the officer was single. plunge and join a great bunch of people. Not many people think about the siblings.  No Mountain Too High For ChrisS pecial Constable Chris Jones has tackled “I wanted to raise some money so that COPS the tallest peaks in Britain – all to raise can continue the work they do.” money for COPS. Chris, who volunteers for the Met, tackled the Thank you Chris and well done!peaks in the space of just 24 hours. He climbedBen Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in just 23hours 31 minutes and 24 seconds.  Chris said: “I completed the challenge with myfriend Tom but he was raising for another charity. “I raised £225 and I chose COPS because theyare such an important charity that do amazing workwith a job I’m proud to be a part of.Thank You To Outgoing TrusteesO ur Trustees are all volunteers, they give their time and bring their knowledge and experience to ensure the charity is well run. Thank you. Fixed terms for Trustees has introduced new members to our Board ofTrustees. It has strengthened our governance, bringing new ideas and a freshperspective and spread responsibility for the long-term future of the charity. As the Trustees welcomed Gill Wright-Boulton and Trevor Woodward tothe Board in July we sadly had to say thank you and farewell to Chris Simsand Ali Gibb as they stood down.Ali Gibb use when he became a Trustee in 2009.Following the heart-breaking death of his son Daniel seven years ago, Ali Chris has an uncanny ability to bring clarity to complex situations. An inno-(pictured) and his wife Sandy became members of COPS. It was not a clubthey ever wanted to join. At a time when COPS faced significant challenges vator and strategic thinker, he proposed stronger governance, separating theAli agreed to become a Trustee to help steward the charity through to the day-to-day running of the charity from strategic oversight.stronger position it finds itself in today. Chris was pivotal in raising the profile of COPS among his Chief Officer Ali brought his straight talking, common sense approach to Trustee meet- colleagues and getting Police Authorities (now Police and Crime Commis-ings. He understood the differing needs of Survivors and the importance of sioners) to underwrite the cost of providing COPS services.keeping all communication channels open. COPS is in a stronger and better place today thanks to the contribution If attending Trustee meetings was not enough, Ali also ‘got on his bike’ of both Ali and Chris, their contribution will be missed at Board meetings butin support of the charity and is a leading member of the Police Unity Tour, hopefully not lost to the charity.cycling and raising funds for COPS.Chris Sims OBE QPMAs a Chief Police Officer, Chris had first-hand experience supporting thefamilies of police officers who lost their lives on duty, which he put to good6  Autumn 2017

super supporterThe Ultimate FighterDC Paul Smith had a cardiac arrest during a charity boxing match for COPS – but our super supporter has said he plans to continue raising money.A Merseyside officer who suffered a car- He was rushed into an ambulance and once in to continue fundraising for COPS – although he diac arrest while taking part in a boxing hospital had to be put into an induced coma so will never be able to step into a boxing ring again. fundraiser for COPS has vowed to carry his heart could recover.on raising money for the charity. Paul said: “There have been three police Amid all this, Paul’s wife Lucy was due to give officers from Merseyside have lost their lives, Neil DC Paul Smith has raised £2,000 for COPS birth two days after the fight so had been at Doyle, Paul Briggs and David Philips. We knewfrom two boxing events in October 2016 and home when her husband collapsed. Baby Ava COPS was supporting Paul’s wife Lindsey, and weApril this year. was born on time on 24 April, while Paul was in a knew the charity supported Sarah Doyle, who is a coma. good friend of mine. But when he stepped into the ring himself inApril, he had no idea what was about to happen. “I came round on the Monday,” Paul explained. “Obviously I can’t box anymore but I was “I don’t think it was planned, I think it was because speaking to the chief constable before this Paul said: “I’d arranged to be fighting Adam I was fighting it that much that they said, ‘Let’s let happened and he wanted to put me forwardMorris from Lancashire Police, and I wasn’t feeling him wake up, because he’s obviously fighting it for a boxing coaching course to work withtoo well, which is unusual because I think I’ve had and wants to wake up’. troubled children, to give some focus on them.nine fights and normally I’m okay. But I wasn’t So although I can’t actually box, I can still teach,feeling too well, I’d had a virus the week before. “So when I woke up my mum and dad were hopefully, in the future. sat at my bedside, and I immediately said, ‘Baby, Paul remembers speaking to his coach then baby’, twice. That’s the first words I said. And then “And yes, I will still be raising money for COPS.getting into the ring, then a feeling of being shot my mum and dad said, ‘Lucy’s at hospital, she’s I am working closely with Sarah Doyle now, I thinkor stabbed in the heart. The next thing he knew had the baby, she’s fine’. And I had a big smile on she’s got something coming up, a fundraisingwas that he was waking up in hospital. my face.” night. So 100% we’ll be continuing to fundraise.” He found out that he actually managed to box Paul was in hospital for three weeks, includingthree rounds before staggering away from his a week in intensive care. He was then transferredopponent and collapsing. to a specialist heart hospital for tests – but consultants still have no idea why he collapsed Luckily, a cardiac nurse was at the venue and so suddenly.rushed into the ring to start CPR, which sheadministered for a full nine minutes before Paul’s He is not yet able to return to work but is keenheart started beating again. Paul added: “When I spoke to my family aboutit they said that when the person was calling outthe time, one minute, two minutes, three minutes,to the point where it was like six minutes and theythought I was dead and not coming back. Thenthey gave me two injections of adrenaline, andthen after nine minutes they felt a pulse.” “I just remember a sharp pain, and then waking up on the Monday”Autumn 2017 7

Weekend SuccessY ou’ll have seen that much of this News- “I’d like to thank everybody who was involved in the letter is dedicated to our very successful planning and organisation of Survivors’ Weekend” Survivor Weekend 2017. I’d like to begin by thanking, once again, As some of you may know, we already supporteverybody who was involved in the planning and the families of two American officers who lostorganisation of the event. their lives on duty in 2014 and 2015. I must, however, add some personal thanks C.O.P.S. in the USA has now agreed to supportto Trustee Rob Atkin MBE who, at relatively short any family living in the USA which has lost annotice, rode in the Police Unity Tour in memory of officer while serving in the British elder son, Richard, after the cyclist who origi-nally planned to do so, was unable to participate. Best wishes to you all.Thanks Rob.  Denis Gunn While speaking of COPS Trustees, I also wish National Presidentto thank Ali Gibb and Chris Sims who have nowstood down from their positions on the Board. I, personally, want to thank them both for alltheir work for COPS and I know they will bothcontinue to support the charity in the future.Support Across The PondAfter several months of correspondence I amdelighted to announce that we now have a formalreciprocal agreement with C.O.P.S. in the USA. Both organisations have agreed to supportthe families of each other’s fallen officers, whileresident in the other’s country.Christmas Card COPS ‘Rebuilding Shattered Lives’ Huge thanks to the Police Unity Tour, which Care of Police Survivors, raised over £100,000 for COPS this year. Curborough Hall Farm, Watery Lane, New Charity Number Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 8ES. W e have completed the process Tel: 01543 410790 of incorporating our charity. This means that COPS is now a Char- itable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and Website: we have a new charity number: 1170760. Use News site: this new charity number for all fundraising.T his is the winning design in our More information at /ukcops @UK_COPS ukcops Christmas Card competition, drawn by Harvey Walker, aged 6. To buy this Registered Charity no: 1170760card, with all proceeds going to COPS, please Scottish Charity no: SC038541contact the office on 01543 410790.8  Autumn 2017

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