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eBulletin - Sept 5 2020

Published by carolannseymour, 2020-09-04 22:43:09

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Warwick Seventh-day Adventist Church 92 South Road, Warwick WK 08 Bermuda Tel: (441) 236-2813 Email: [email protected] ~ Website: Pastor: Hector M. Quinones – Tel: (441) 707-7751- Email: [email protected] Where we worship God!

Warwick Seventh-day Adventist Church September 5, 2020 Happy Sabbath! For Sabbath School and the Divine Worship Service: Zoom Meeting ID: 981 9750 5667 / Password: 797149 Simultaneously live on Facebook: @warwicksdachurchbda AND YouTube: Warwick Seventh-day Adventist Church Bermuda Suggested Checklist for Zoom Participants 1. 30 – 60 minutes before going live, give the router an extra five (5) minutes to reconnect. 2. Connect using a laptop or a desktop computer. If neither is available, use a mobile device (tablet – iPad/Galaxy Tab, cellphone – iPhone/Android, console) 3. Connect your computer to your router via ethernet cable (preferred method). 4. Select a location free of noise. The use of headphones and microphone is preferred for participants. 5. Turn off devices that are not needed during this time to reduce network bandwidth usage. 6. Position the camera at eye height and prevent any light shining directly into the camera. 7. Turn the microphone to mute when not speaking. Background noises can cause interruptions to presenters and participants. 8. Avoid unnecessary movements and activities which can be distracting to other meeting attendees. Sabbath Morning Prayer Meeting – 9:45 – 10:00 am Adult Sabbath School – 10:00 – 11:00 am Memory Text: “Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest’ ” (Matthew 9:37, 38, NKJV). Sabbath School Teacher – Bro. Davidson Bishop Sunset Today – 7:34 pm Sunset Friday, Sept 11 – 7:27 pm

Church Family at Worship – 11:00 am CALL TO WORSHIP – Bro. Hutson Carter INTROIT Let There be Glory and Honor and Praises INVOCATION – Pas. Hector Quinones OPENING HYMN Hymn #216 - When the Roll is Called up Yonder ANNOUNCEMENTS – Elder Aaron Spencer CHILDREN’S STORY TITHES AND OFFERINGS – Bro. Millard Bean Local Church Budget SCRIPTURE READING – Sis. Waverley Minors Matthew 20:16 PRAYER – Elder Aaron Spencer SONG OF MEDITATION Ryanna King Made a Way SERMON/APPEAL – Pas. Hector Quinones Laodicea – Daddy’s Boy CLOSING HYMN Hymn - #260 Hover O'er Me, Holy Spirit BENEDICTION – Pas. Hector M. Quinones

Announcements (all meetings held via Zoom) YOUR WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE: September 5-12 2020 Tues 6:00 pm Prayer Meeting (ID 893 3455 6427, Password 958020) Thurs 6:00 pm Friday 7:00 pm Revelation of Jesus Christ Study WAY Meeting UPCOMING CHURCH EVENTS Sept 6 1:00-3:00 pm Community Services Book Bag Giveaway at Warwick Sept 12 Church parking lot Immediately after divine Fellowship lunch at Astwood Park. Bring your own lunch, worship picnic supplies, drinks, chairs. Please note we will be observing all COVID-19 protocols for gatherings. Sept 12 6:30 pm OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS Seminar: How to be Culturally Intelligent in a Fractured Age. See flyer for Zoom ID/Password Construction of the cabinets will commence on September 8. Thank you for your donations! ATTENTION DEPARTMENT HEADS: When planning to use the church or fellowship hall, please contact the Head Deacon beforehand to confirm time and place. We want to keep our church sanitized and clean. Your safety is important to us. Thank you. ~ Submitted by Troy Pitcher, Head Deacon Pastor Quinones will be overseas September 13- 27. Please contact Elder Vickers for any issues during that time.

Read your Bible, 6-Sep Ezekiel 28-30 pray every day, 7-Sep Ezekiel 31-32 and you’ll grow, Grow, 8-Sep Ezekiel 33-35 GROW! 9-Sep Ezekiel 36-38 10-Sep Ezekiel 39-40 11-Sep Ezekiel 41-43 12-Sep Ezekiel 44-46 SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS 3 Kalvin Showers 4 Carleisha Seymour 1 Norma Showers 10 Edward Burchall 11 David Andrew 7 Hector Quinones 16 Aries Pen 16 Jazmyn Williams 14 Beverly Brangman 18 Roselyne Nyachiro 20 Lillian Grant 17 Joyce Jacome 22 McKenzie Hassell 29 Michael Lamb 22 Dany Pen Happy Anniversary! 19th - Troy and Simona Pitcher - 10 years If your birthday or anniversary is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact Sis. Miranda Lister at 234-1773 or the bulletin secretary for the month.

Worshipping at Warwick church this Sabbath? How to . . . Scan the weekly church bulletin You will find the QR Code as you enter the church. 1. Open your phone’s camera or the QR Code reader on your phone (you may need to download one from the app store). 2. Hold your device over the QR Code so that it’s clearly visible and in focus within your smartphone’s screen. • The phone will automatically scan the code, OR • On some readers, you’ll have to press a button to snap a picture similar to the button on your smartphone camera. If necessary, press the button. 3. Your smartphone will read the code and navigate to the bulletin. It may take a few seconds.

Finance Report – 31 July, 2020 $7,602.44 $12,338.00 12,901.68 Budget for 2020: $12,338/month Received: ($ 563.68) Funds needed to operate the church and all departments ($20,127.36) Let’s all do our part! Committee of 600 (Student Aid) Feed My Lambs (Haiti) $ 50.00 Church Improvement Fund: (Goal: each member gives $200.00) 12,023.80 Funds Needed: $22,203.16 TBD o Cabinets built for storage in Fellowship Hall 3,356.00 1,600.00 (Goal: $16,416.00) o Upgrade Kitchen Special Projects: o Community Service Food Pantry o Organ Fund Offering this Sabbath – Local Church Budget Offering next Sabbath – Local Church Budget Thank you to everyone for continuing to return tithes and offerings. These are the other ways to return your tithes and offerings: - At Church on Sabbath mornings - Online: BNTB #20006060133110100 (send allocation details to the treasurer - [email protected]) - Dropoff at Conference office - please write WARWICK CHURCH on outside of the envelope

CHURCH OFFICERS 2020 - 2021 Pastor: Pastor Hector Quiñones [email protected] 707-7751 Head Elder: Darrell Vickers [email protected] 236-7221 Head Elder (Sp. Min.) Carl MacKenzie [email protected] 335-7788 Head Deacon: Troy Pitcher [email protected] 232-9759 Head Deaconess: Diana DeSio 236-7927 Church Clerk: Miranda Lister [email protected] 332-1773 [email protected] Prayer Coordinator Waverley Minors [email protected] 333-7929 Church Treasurer: Anita Peets [email protected] 292-0457 Comm Services Leader: Carolina Carter 705-0966 AY Leader Orlyn Williams [email protected] 537-0037 [email protected] 707-7099 Pathfinders: Gina Richardson [email protected] Adventurers: Verlina Bishop [email protected] Warwick AV Team: -please send info by Friday evening Church Pictures: Ricardo Clarke Website: Ricardo Clarke Bulletin Secretaries: Carol Seymour [email protected] 236-7639 Sherma Webbe Clarke [email protected] 333-3113 Please email or call in your bulletin announcements and information no later than 9 pm Wednesday evenings. Like and share our Facebook page - Warwick Seventh-day Adventist Church Bermuda Watch on Vimeo - WarwickSDAChurchBda

IGLESIA ADVENTISTA DE LA HERMANDAD P. O. Box 105, South Shore Road, Warwick WK BX, Bermuda - (441) 236-2813 SERVICIO RELIGIOSO 10:00 – 11:30 AM MÚSICA DE ALABANZA Y ADORACIÓN Geneva Ingham INVOCACION BIENVENIDA Dr. Carl MacKenzie ANUNCIOS Y COMENTARIOS Dr. Carl MacKenzie SERMON Dr. Carl MacKenzie ORACIÓN Pr. Hector M. Quinones DIEZMOS Y OFRENDAS HIMNO FINAL Sonia Pearman BENDICION Sonia Pearman Sonia Pearman Sonia Pearman Sábado, 5 de septiembre, 2020 Anuncios El pastor estará de vacaciones desde el 13-27 de septiembre. Unidos en Oración - los miércoles a las 7pm por Zoom - Meeting ID: 879 4945 3541 Password: 868898 El próximo sábado – 12 de septiembre a las 10am – Pr. Hector M. Quinones Hablen con el pastor si desea dar estudios en su hogar. Nuestro culto se puede ver por: • Facebook: @MHBDA • YouTube: Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Dia Bermuda

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