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Monthly Bulletin - RAC Gbagada - September 2021 Edition

Published by Aiebee-Iberedem ReiGn, 2021-10-01 02:13:50

Description: Monthly Bulletin - RAC Gbagada - September 2021 Edition


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bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION TABLE OF CONTENTS The Rotary Grace 1Message O God and giver of all good 3Big Heart Rotaractors We praise Thee for our daily food May Rotary friends and Rotary ways RI President Visits Help us serve Thee all our days 4Rotaract Ofce Purpose of Rotaract Club 6Club Activities Report The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an 11Business Showcase opportunity for young men and women 14Rotary info to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal 16Birthday Messages development, to address the physical 21Articles and social needs of their communities, 28Upcoming Birthdays and to promote better relations between 30October Activities Schedule all people worldwide through a 31Previous Editions framework of friendship and service. Goals of Rotaract 1. To develop professional and leadership skills; 2.To emphasize respect for the rights of others, and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations; 3. To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world; 4. To provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary clubs; 5. To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary. ADVERTISE WITH US +234 810 770 2668 - Public Image Chair +234 708 288 2393 - President [email protected]

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION SEPTEMBER CHARGE BY THE PRESIDENT Dear Rotaractors, I welcome you to the month of September. The Rotary International “Basic Education and Literacy” month with the collective goal of strengthening the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. Our joint project with Sponsor Rotary Club to renovate a six block classroom and furnishing of it had commenced since 28th of August and we also look forward to completing it early enough. We’d keep you alerted with frequent updates as we progfress. Please browse our Club social media; @rotaractgbagada on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates on our events and activities. You are welcome to join us in our bi-weekly meetings (2nd and 4th Sundays) as well as our service activities. I look forward to seeing you there to serve to change lives. Yours in service to change lives, Olumide Benedict Omodehin President 2021-2022 1



bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION RI PRESIDENT SHEKHAR MEHTA VISITS ROTARACT OFFICE The Rotary District 9110 Welcomes the Rotary International President to Nigeria on Thursday 2nd September, 2021. The event was graced by several dignitaries ranging from the Doyen of Rotaract Representative-Elect and the Immediate Past Past DGs, Rotarians, Rotaractors District Rotaract Representative to join him on the stage for gift presentation to the Rotary International President and other Invited guests. and spouse, Shekhar and Rashi Mehta. The RI President in his speech Explained how overwhelmed he was. Also, the hard copy of July and August newsletters were He emphasized on the need for every presented to him to know more about activities of the club to work on increasing their District in the first two months of the Rotary year. The membership strength by adopting the ChangeMaker DRR also urged the RI President Line “Each One Bring One, Do Shekhar Mehta to position the gifts in a conspicuous location and put the newsletter in his archive to keep a More”. significant and refreshing memory of his time in Nigeria, After his address, the District Rotaract specifically with District 9110. Representative Ayodeji Sobowale was recognized to preside the The session ended with general photograph session of Rotaract session with Rotary the Rotary International President and spouse, International President, Shekhar ChangeMaker District Governor and spouse, Changemaker District Rotaract Representative and all Mehta. Rotaractors present. The ChangeMaker DRR shared update on the state of Rotaract Signed Change Maker Public Image Team District especially membership that Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria has increased by over 32 in two months and also mentioned that Rotaractors that have introduced new members to join Rotaract are also invited in-person to this session with RI President. Immediately after the DRR short 4 address, he called on the District


bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION STUDENTS COMPLETE TRAINING TONE MONTH HOLIDAY he club on Saturday, September 11th were at Oworonshoki to witness a colourful event as their 22 sponsored students for a one month make up and gele tying training organized by Bling by MariaMillz Studios graduated with excitement. Each participant was awarded a certificate for successful completion of the training as the club and the organizers plan on more advance training for the students. The event which had the students dancing with excitement for a successful course was covered and streamed live by @oworotv on instagram. 6

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION RC GBAGADA INVESTITURE RAC Gbagada President and Members with Rtn. Erica (RC Gbagada Youth Service Chairperson) at the investiture ceremony of the 38th President of the Rotary Club of Gbagada at Lagos Country Club on Saturday, Sept. 12 7

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION Rotaract Club of FCE(T), Akoka (Provisional) Formation Meeting of Rotaract Club of Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka Provisional to introduce Rotaract to the students who have shown interest in becoming change agents in their campus and communities 8

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION Rotaract D9110 Great Trek Members of Rotaract Club of Gbagada at the Great Trek (Awreness Against Depression and to Promote Good Mental Health) 9

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION RAC & RC Gbagada with students and Teachers of schools that participated at the Science Competition organized by the two clubs at Topflight College, Ifako on Wednesday, Sept. 29th Rotaractors and students of Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka durint their 3rd formation meeting. A meeting that had a Guest Speaker (PP David Odunsi) speak and educate the students on how to keep up with their academics while serving to change lives. Change Majer President RAC Gbagada with Past Presidents presenting a book gift to punctual participants of the meeting. A book written by PP David Odunsi aimed at helping students grow and keep up with their grades even while engaging in service to humanity. 10



bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION names people were struggling with, for some reasons my brain created unusual synapses for them, I thought that was all I needed until I failed back to back. My name got pasted on the school notice board as part of the last 10 in class, when I took my GCE exams I passed only 3 subjects, it was at that point I knew there was trouble. I applied myself to making deliberate steps towards achieving academic success, I moved into the University and achieved a First class grade in my first year, got 90+ in an unimaginably difficult course that had failed to record any distinction students in years, I went on to bag a National Scholarship. About the BOOK What were the things that I did differently? How did I move from the bottom to the top? For the last 8 years I have taught these strategies I to students of whom some are now First class have never met anyone without certain graduates today. natural abilities or gifts. On the contrary what I have seen are young people with These are the strategies I have documented in this phenomenal gifts but who haven't applied book, I will expose your mind to strategies and themselves to the process of taking deliberate principles that will launch you into attaining steps towards developing their gifts by academic excellence. I will share electrifying yet acquiring the pre-requisite knowledge. simple principles with you like - The Axe principle Having those natural gifts aren't good enough, - The Arnold Schwarzenegger's technique yes it's the starting point, but those gifts would - Developing your academic muscle - The worse case scenario plot remain in their worthless raw state like crude-oil - Managing failure until you make intentional efforts to refine them. - The compass strategy The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali had a The thoughts in the book challenges the mind not natural gift for throwing punches but he had to by using big formulae or draining principles but by refine the gift such that he knew where exactly unimaginably simple and efficacious insights. to hit his opponents and have them crashing down heavily. The well celebrated Lionel Messi If you are a student, you have got to have a copy, is known as a god of soccer today not just for his as a parent this is one book you would want to get gift of hitting the ball, of course anyone can hit a for your kids who are students, this is a perfect gift ball, but for his ability to hit the ball in such a way for any young person you desire to see become that he produces wonder with it. He knows the better academically. perfect angles to hit the ball, he has defence - Ebook version is available for ₦1, 000 - Hardcover for ₦2, 000(comes with breaking dribbles. It takes more than natural gift an to do that, it requires building one's arsenal of autograph), delivery fee applies. knowledge over time. I knew I had unusual understanding of living You can place your order through the link below or contact me on 07086604791 organisms, with ease I could retain the scientific 13

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION PAST RI PRESIDENT DREAM LIVES ON 21 YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH Past Rotary International President Paulo V.C. Costa made the environment one of his major/primary causes more than 30 years ago, creating a Preserve Planet Earth program and committee to examine ways that all clubs and members could plan and carry out environmental initiatives. Costa outlined his vision for his upcoming term as RI president during a speech at the 1990 Rotary International Convention in Portland, Oregon, United States. “I have some dreams of my own, which I hope to see come true,” he said. “In answer to mankind’s concerns and the yearning of the majority of my fellow Rotarians, I Though Costa died in 2000, his dream of will be giving very special emphasis to a worldwide plan to defend the environment. We Rotary helping to preserve the planet will create an ecological program, and we will lives on. In June 2020, the RI Board of name it Preserve Planet Earth.” Directors and the Rotary Foundation Preserve Planet Earth had four major Trustees unanimously approved adding emphases: flora, fauna, air pollution, and water resources. The goals of the three-year pilot 'Serve the Environment' to the already existing 6 areas of focus to make it 7. program included promoting greater awareness of the critical environmental issues affecting “We have finally caught up to [his] communities and the world, increasing the vision,” said Past RI President Ian H.S. number and diversity of environmental service Riseley, chair of the Environmental Issues projects, and incorporating environmental task force, which championed the new components in all Rotary service to ensure that area of focus. projects supported sustainable development. The program, extended into 1999, and led Let's keep our cause on planting trees, to many environmentally focused environmental sanitation, providing clean projects. The Rotary Club of Taxco, water to ensure/keep a healthy Guerrero, Mexico, supported the community... c o n s t r u c t i o n o f a d a m a l o n g t h e SOURCE: Cacalotenango River to help mitigate flooding, prevent soil erosion, and ensure Edited & shared by: a clean water supply. Public Image Team 2021-2022 Rotaract Club of Gbagada 14

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION A1c00rRootnaryyms 48. DIR - District Interact Representative 49. DG - District Governor 50. DGE - District Governor Elect 51. DGN - District Governor Nominee 52. DGND - District Governor Nominee Designate 1. RC - Rotary Club 53. IPDG - Immediate Past District Governor 2. CL - Classification 54. PDG - Past District Governor 3. CP - Charter President 55. LG - Lieutenant Governor 4. VP - Vice President 56. DS - District Secretary 5. PE - President Elect 57. ADS - Assistant District Secretary 6. PN - President Nominee 58. PDS - Past District Secretary 7. PND - President Nominee Designate 59. AG - Assistant Governor 8. IPP - Immediate Past President 60. PAG - Past Assistant Governor 9. PP - Past President 61. DLP - District Leadership Plan 10. PETS - President Elect Training Seminar 62. DLT - District Leadership Team 11. SAA - Sergent-At-Arms 63. DT - District Trainer 12. LOA - Leave of Absence 64. PDT - Past District Trainer 13. DSA - Distinguished Service Award 65. DTA - District Training Assembly 14. AGM - Annual General Meeting 66. DTTA - District Team Training Assembly 15. YIR - Yours In Rotary 67. DC/DISCON - District Conference 16. YIRS - Yours In Rotary Service 68. DSG - District Simplifies Grant 69. GETS - District Governor Elect Training Seminar 17. RCC - Rotary Community Corps 70. COG - Council Of Governors 18. CLP - Club Leadership Plan 71. SAR - Semi Annual Report 19. RLA - Rotary Leadership Academy 72. MOP - Manual of Procedure 20. RYLA - Rotary Youths Leadership Awards 73. RI - Rotary International 21. RLI - Rotary Leadership Institute 74. RIBI - Rotary International in Great Britain and 22. ARPIC – Assistant Rotary Public Image Ireland Coordinator 75. RIP - Rotary International President 76. RIP Rep - Rotary International President 23. TRF - The Rotary Foundation Representative 24. APF - Annual Programs Fund 77. RIVP - Rotary International Vice President 25. TWF - The World Fund 78. RIPE - Rotary International President Elect 26. PEF - Permanent Endowment Fund 79. RIPN - Rotary International President Nominee 27. TPF - The Permanent Fund 80. RIPND - Rotary International President Nominee 28. DIK - Donations In Kind Designate 29. EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year 81. RID - Rotary International Director 30. PHF - Paul Harris Fellow 82. RIDE - Rotary International Director Elect 31. PHS - Paul Harris Society 83. PRID - Past Rotary International Director 32. MPHF - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow 84. PRIP - Past Rotary International President 33. AKS - Arch Klumph Society 85. PRIVP - Past Rotary International Vice President 34. BS - Bequest Society 86. RFE - Rotary Fellowship Exchange 35. BEN - Benefactor 87. RYE - Rotary Youth Exchange 36. FRP - Foundation Recognition Point 88. RAG - Rotary Action Group 37. MG - Matching Grant 89. VTT - Vocational Training Team 90. GSE - Group Study Exchange 38. NNPPC - Nigerian National Polio Plus Committee 91. COL - Council on Legislation 39. NID - National Immunization Day 92. PHSM - Paul Harris Sustaining Member 40. GMS - Grant Management Seminar 93. BOD - Board Of Directors 94. BOT-Board Of Trustees 41. D - District 95. RIC - Constitution of Rotary International 42. DA - District Assembly 96. RIB - Bylaws of Rotary International 43. DCh - District Chair 97. RIA - Rotary International Assembly 44. DGR - District Governor Representative 98. GPEI - Global Polio Eradication Initiative 45. DiG - District Grant 99. SRCC - Standard Rotary Club Constitution 46. DDF - District Designated Fund 100. WAPF - West African Project Fair 47. DRR - District Rotaract Rrepresentative 15

SEPT. 16 04

SEPT. 17 04


SEPT. 19 21

SEPT. 20 28

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION WHY ROTARACT? meetings/activities, paying your dues, standing in where there's no one to do A JOURNEY THROUGH ROTARACT so to getting one or two things done, not Wri en by: representing your Club and even your Aiebee-Iberedem Nkereuwem PHF immediate community, etc. Rotaract Club of Gbagada +2348098858005 So here are few but very basic and [email protected] PREAMBLE important things we all stand to gain as ACTIVE and RESPONSIBLE Having already known before today what Rotaractors; Rotaract is, how it started, its purpose and goals, then it is definitely right for us 1. Friendship: In an increasingly t o a l s o l o o k i n t o s o m e b a s i c complex world, Rotaract provides one programs/activities, benefits of of the most basic human needs, the Rotaract as well as what we are need for friendship and fellowship; it is expected to offer, in fact the journey one of the few reasons why Rotary through Rotaract. began in 1905. Remember, a lot of things come in Talking about the benefits which I in some POSITIVES and NEGATIVES and cases do not really like engaging a friendship isn't an exception, so you will person/people with except in scenerios where I'm sure the person/people in meet friends/acquaintances in question would also be ready to offer their Rotaract that will have/come with both part as there isn't any prize without hard but you will have to take responsibility work, and once an individual is ready to to make a choice on what is right for pay a price then such person should you. equally be expectant of returns that follow 2. Leadership Development: Rotaract is one of the best suit. Therefore, I will be highlighting some benefits which I have also experienced o r g a n i z a t i o n s o f l e a d e r s a n d as a Rotaractor, and this has been in my successful people, serving in Rotaract 6+ years of being an inducted, ACTIVE is like a school which gives us the and RESPONSIBLE member of the privilege of learning leadership, organization; I emphasize on ACTIVE m o t i v a t e , i n fl u e n c e a n d l e a d and RESPONSIBLE because you can communities. Also, be reminder that eventually be inducted as a Rotaractor this is only limited to you as a person but you're neither active nor responsible being that you have to be available to to your Club either by attending develop yourself in this aspect of life. 21

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION 3. Continuing Education: We learn consists of a cross section of every each day of the week in Rotaract business community. Business growth because there is a program designed to is one of the major reasons Rotary keep one informed about what is going e x i s t s a n d t h e r e ' s b a r e l y a n y on in the community, nation and world or profession or career that doesn't exist even to improve ourselves at one stage in Rotary/Rotaract. So you have the or the other. whole world of business in your palm to Each gathering/meeting provides an deal with... Rotaractors help each opportunity to listen and learn from other. different speakers of different capacities and a variety of timely topics which cut 6. The Opportunity to Serve: across all aspects of life. Rotaract is service; its business is mankind while its product is service. 4 . C i t i z e n s h i p i n t h e Rotaractors provide community Community/World: Rotaractors usually service to both local and international get recognized by lapel pins or a certain communities. merchandize that say \"Rotaract\" or This is perhaps the best reason for sometimes something to reference the becoming a Rotaractor, the chance to organization. do something for somebody else; to There are many places in the globe that sense the self-fulfillment that comes in have Rotary/Rotaract clubs. Rotaractors the process, and the return of that are always welcome in the midst of satisfaction to one's own life. It's richly Rotarians especially recently as Rotaract rewarded. One of Rotary's motto says; was officially announced as partner with “He profits most who serves best” Rotary rather than a program and they are encouraged to attend any of the 7. Fun: Rotaract is fun, a lot of fun. 31,256 clubs in 165 nations; this means Each gathering/meeting is fun. The instant friends in both one's community activities and projects are fun. Think of and in the world community. anything in Rotaract, fun won't be out of This is no limit to what you can get in this it. world as a Rotaractor. There are lots of benefit you will enjoy being a member of Rotaract but you 5. Business Development: Another must always be available to learn, benefit is business development. teach, help, give, lead, etc. Everyone needs to network; Rotaract 22

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION ROTARY PROGRAMS can design exchanges that combine Rotary's programs are developing the their professional goals with a next generation of leaders, providing humanitarian project. funding to make the world a better place, and making peace a priority. The Grants: For 100 years, The Rotary programs are not just for club members, Foundation has been turning project we also learn how you can make a ideas into reality. Our clubs receive difference in your community through funding to support humanitarian projects, scholarships, and Rotary. international exchanges. Rotary Peace Fellowships: Each year, Rotary selects up to 100 professionals Scholarships: Rotary invests more from around the world to receive fully than $7 million a year in our future funded academic scholarships at Rotary leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for undergraduate and Peace Centers. graduate study. Rotary Community Corps: Finding community solutions to community ROTARY CAUSES challenges, Rotary Community Corps Rotary/Rotaract is dedicated to causes unites Rotary members with non- that build international relationships, members to make a positive difference. improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end Rotary Youth Leadership Awards polio forever. (RYLA): RYLA is an annual leadership development program for young people Promoting Peace (Peace Keeping who want to learn new skills, build their and Conflict Resolution): Rotary confidence, and have fun. Events range encourages conversations to foster from one-day seminars to weeklong understanding within and across camps. cultures. We train adults and young leaders to prevent and mediate conflict Rotary Youth Exchange: Rotary Youth and help refugees who have fled Exchange builds peace, one young dangerous areas. person at a time. Students learn a new language, discover another culture, and F i g h t i n g D i s e a s e ( D i s e a s e truly become global citizens. Prevention and Treatment): We educate and equip communities to stop New Generations Service Exchange: the spread of life-threatening diseases New Generations Service Exchange is a like polio, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, short-term, customizable program for etc. We improve and expand access to university students and young low-cost and free health care in professionals up to age 30. Participants developing areas. 23

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION Providing Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (Water, Sanitation and P r o t e c t i n g t h e E n v i r o n m e n t Hygiene - WASH): We support local (Supporting the Environment): solutions to bring clean water, sanitation, R o t a r y m e m b e r s a r e t a c k l i n g and hygiene to more people every day. environmental issues the way they We don't just build wells and walk away. always do: coming up with projects, We share our expertise with community using their connections to change leaders and educators to make sure our policy and planning for the future. projects succeed long-term. WHAT IS EXPECTED OF US AS S a v i n g M o t h e r s a n d C h i l d r e n ROTARACTORS (Maternal and Child Health): Nearly 6 million children under the age of five die 1. Time: Rotaract is a time consuming each year because of malnutrition, poor organization just like few other things in health care, and inadequate sanitation. our lives and every Rotaractor must be We expand access to quality care, so ready to sacrifice his/her time to carry mothers and their children can live and the causes. These causes may come when our grow stronger. schedules aren't favoring and we Supporting Education (Basic should always be ready to take Education and Literacy): More than responsibility. But, this doesn't mean 775 million people over the age of 15 are we are expected to neglect our jobs, illiterate. Our goal is to strengthen the businesses, families, etc for Rotaract. capacity of communities to support basic The organization is rather asking us to education and literacy, reduce gender be responsible in the aspect of time. So disparity in education, and increase adult in other words, it teaches us time literacy. management. G r o w i n g l o c a l E c o n o m i e s 2. Treasure: Treasure as we all know is ( C o m m u n i t y E c o n o m i c a big deal and there's no person, Development): We carry out service organization or family that would do projects that enhance economic and without treasure. I am one in the midst community development and create of millions that does not refer to opportunities for decent and productive treasure as money alone though it is work for young and old. We also highly tagged as one. I also see strengthen local entrepreneurs and treasure to be something dear to community leaders, particularly women, you; so if in case there's a project to be in impoverished communities. carried out and members are expected 24

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION to make cash donations, some of us may decision that you need to take. I not be buoyant at such time but if I realize emphasize on PERSONAL because that there's something I could donate to y o u s h o u l d b e r e a d y t o t a k e support the project then that is/can be my responsibility for your actions as an treasure. So we all should try to adult and try not to let others influence sometimes look beyond the pocket it. Though in some cases, our decisions contents and also see what can are influenced by someone or contain the pocket. something but it is maturity if we take responsibility of what follows (positive 3. Talent: Everyone is good at something or negative). or we all have the ability to do something. In one way or the other, history may Example; some of us are fashion have it that someone invited us to join designers, teachers, graphic designers, the organization or something attracted event managers, bankers, engineers, us to it. We have to know that service is traders, etc. All these services are beyond who invited us or what needed in our Clubs at one point or the prompted us to join. It’s like going to other and it's our responsibility as school, we all get taught a particular or members to make sure the Club isn't different subjects but our passing of the stranded when such time comes and by subject is dependent on if/how we read so doing we directly or indirectly impact and/or understand what is/was taught. on our businesses either buy developing This passing of the subject is OUR such businesses or even learning one. RESPONSIBILITY not that of those who taught us, to some extent 4. Thinking: We can all think even when understanding them also is our call it isn't the field at which we are good at, irrespective of how it is/was taught. we all should be able to think broad on and make suggestions when discussions Service is even more complicated are on either at a regular meeting or any because you must know what service brain storming gathering. Thinking to render, how to render such, define enhances or capacity to do things; like who needs the service and may require they say, “if you can think it, you can do you to know when to render such it”. You never would know that your little service. thoughts would build a lasting image for your club, so let it out so others can build Yo u w i l l / m a y a s w e l l n e e d t o on with you. Stomach ideas are usually communicate first with who needs such unproductive. which in some cases you'll need to also educate them because needing WHY DID I JOIN ROTARACT? – something doesn't qualify that we know how to use/handle it. ASK YOURSELF Joining Rotaract is a PERSONAL 25

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION If you ask why I joined Rotaract, like I Rotaract? Look beyond who invited earlier mentioned that it may have been you and see what convicted you to do an invite from someone. Well and yes, so, but don't forget the fact that, this was my case but my decision to join sometimes your conviction might had to come from me and my conviction. not be enough to answer this Being that I have always wanted to own question. When this happens, you and run an NGO at a very young age, this will need a focus to what can keep also helped my decision to joining and my you. May I also say that, finding what focus is the fact that I have the urge to can keep you may be another tough always help others. thing because it may be you finding what was never in existence. This In my 6+ years of being a Rotaractor, just means that most times, our convictions like every other path in life isn't a smooth aren't the focus we need to continue in ride, Rotaract hasn't been an exception a journey. We need REASONS, we because I have gotten in and out bumpy need a DRIVE. Find yours because I tracks with lots of people, decisions, etc have known mine all along. and for the fact that no two humans are the same, I am totally different from lots WHY DO PEOPLE FALL OUT OF and thus the reason. But sometimes our ROTARACT? differences may just be a stepping stone Answering this question will make me to something worthy so we always have refer you to the last paragraph of Why to look at the bigger picture even with our Did I Join Rotaract? various differences. I’d say it is because sometimes people My answer to why I joined Rotaract as focus so much on WHO and WHAT always built in my head has and will rather than WHY. What this means is, though the WHO and WHAT are always be my passion to be a support important because they are factors in to others. Helping others gives me a lot of fulfillment and though for sure in most our journey but we need a stronger factor which is WHY to keep going. cases I get inconvenient but the word Let me explain this way; the primary HELP means a lot to me knowing that no reason for schooling may be to gain one person can do all things alone. knowledge (WHAT) and we all were in Helping others is one of the toughest one way or the other introduced to this kinds of work any man would do by someone; may be parents, friends, especially when you do it without a etc (WHO) but the WHY factor is when guaranty of reciprocation. we realize what we would gain So if you ever ask yourself why did I join (certificates, prestige, respect, good jobs, etc) at the end of schooling 26

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION ourselves through whatever level of People create things either by what school that may be. they know how to do by themselves So you see, the WHY factor gives us a while involving others or by sharing more justified reason for schooling. their thoughts with others to help them execute such thoughts. Falling out of Rotaract is one of the If you cannot either serve with your easiest things to do after being inducted. talent or thinking, then you are This is because people will always give basically the reason for your fall out. you reason(s) to evaluate your decision(s) and this might be in character, I S T H E R E L I F E A F T E R attitude, manner, speech, etc. It is way ROTARACT OR WHAT DOES IT easier than focusing on service because EVEN MEAN? service requires more of your inner soul than just your sight and hearing. YES! There is life after Rotaract! Obviously, this is not you answering the Some people would say “it is because question of when you eventually sign what attracted me to join is no longer out of Rotaract, would you join Rotary? there” I hope you know, or maybe I NO! should say don't forget that those things In Rotaract, Past Presidents in my were created and driven by people, so it guess should be the best run-to- may be that they are no longer there to person for their clubs at all times drive such things, or it may be that those because being in a position gives you things were time bond activities, events, the privilege to advice another in same or programs for limited number of years, position, at least you would make the or maybe they have just lost touch of such usual saying of “experience is the best activity or event drive. teacher” true but there's a clause to this; as humans we cannot give what I guess the real question here is WHAT we don't have. DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER? Life after Rotaract is you being a Let’s answer this particular and very guardian to other Rotaractors or a club, important question by recalling WHAT IS and this doesn't mean guiding your EXPECTED OF US AS ROTARACTORS h o m e c l u b a l o n e b u t y o u a l s o (4Ts) - (Page 6) which are; extending your hand of fellowship to 1. Time new or younger clubs as they would 2. Treasure need experiences of your service years 3. Talent as a Rotaractor. 4. Thinking The life after Rotaract is simple. It is you The question of WHAT DO YOU HAVE being a trust worthy and positive TO OFFER would be relative to either citizen, a leader and a development your talent or thinking. agent. 27

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION CONCLUSION UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS So to conclude on this, considering all we've highlighted above, OUR October 1st JOURNEY THROUGH ROTARCT is Okwori Elijah service, friendship, leadership development, continuous learning, October 3rd positive citizenship in the world, business Adedeji Windapo development, and opportunity to serve and have fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ! Our usual greeting is Fellowship through Service. This statement encompasses all 28 that is highlighted above and as a matter of fact the statement \"Fellowship through Service\" depicts UNITY and GROWTH and these are things that would propel us to achieve all the causes of Rotary and also help us gain all we stand to as Rotaractors. To help our understanding of it a bit more; …two cannot work together except they agree, so we need the friendships, learning, leadership, networking and the fun to serve positively. My last on this piece would be, once you're inducted, stay on course, don't lose focus. Rotaract is life, life is a journey and you are created to live, living is you doing good, doing good is fulfilling your purpose.

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION Strategies to Gain and Sustain Good Most times we limit our information, reports and Members in Rotaract messages to WhatsApp and Facebook which is not suppose to be, extending our reach to the Membership in every organization is a print media such as the newspapers, magazines lifeline more or less the backbone of the and broadcast media such as the Television and organization, just like my friend Musiliu radio stations gives our club a better branding. Babatunde favorite Rotary song Wake Up Rotarians entails, it talks about the importance of A layman can go to the internet and search about members in a Rotary/Rotaract Club and how such Rotaract, the result such individual gets from the Club will become inactive till it die when there are web would give an understanding of what no members in the Club. Rotaract is and how to further on joining. When our club is visible on the web, our chances of I shall be taking us through ways we can attract gaining new members gets higher as time goes new members to our Club below. on. 1. Fun Activities 4.Each One Bring One As a Rotaract Club comprising of young individuals Just like the current Rotary International who loves to socialize and engage in fun activities, President Shekhar Mehta has urged us in his our Rotaract Club(s) should do well to host initiative to bring members individually and grow activities that attract the youths not forgetting to Rotary to the 1.3 million membership target also partner with neighboring Rotaract clubs and which can be done with individual talks with our organizations in our community. colleagues at work, course mates and also the positive attitude we exude in our community. Such activities could include picnic, a beach party and more. This cannot be overemphasized as there are testimonies of how people joined Rotaract and 2. Service Projects became a vibrant member through this Rotaract Clubs are known for humanitarian approach. activities, rendering our community and world with needed projects that would change lives we have With the above points highlighted, I believe if never met and thought of. Just like planting a tree in they are well practiced and maintained we will a community that would help in the ecosystem of grow our membership and surpass the target set our environment, an individual in the community by Rotary International President Shekhar who knows the importance and the impacts such Mehta. project is targeted at will find a way to join and become an impact maker in the community. As I drop my pen, watch out for the the next article which shall be on ways we sustain our 3.Social Media, Print media and Broadcast members in Rotaract. media. This is a very germane way of attracting not just Wri en by: prospective members but also individuals that PP Abdulwahab B. Akinlade phf would support us to our various clubs, through our Rotaract Club of Ikorodu Golden social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, +2348061120396 Facebook, WhatsApp and more. Timely updates [email protected] about what Rotaract is, programs and projects we engage in will make the populace aware of 29 Rotaract.

bAFANA bAYANA ROTARACT CLUB OF GBAGADA MONTHLY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATION OCTOBER ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE Friday, October 7th Media Visit to a Radio Station Thursday, October 8th Donation of Textbooks to a School Library Saturday, October 9th Mega Blood Donation Drive Sunday, October 10th D.R.R Visit/Board Meeting/Fellowship Saturday, October 16th Club Games/Novelty Match Saturday, October 23rd 2nd Council Meeting Sunday, October 24th Club & End Polio Variety Fellowship Thursday, September 30th Club Investiture 30


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