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Published by cqchanph, 2020-10-13 02:53:50

Description: The Official Digital Newsletter of the SHS-Ateneo de Cebu PTA Board


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2019 - 2020 THE CIRCLE DIGITAL Official Newsletter of the Parents-Teachers Association of Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu Driving the Generation Gap This issue: By: Desiree \"Cookie\" Q, Chan. PTA PRO Driving the Generation Gap PAGE 01 The year 2019 was a year of discovery of sorts. As a new decade unfolds, generation gaps have become more President's Message evident and have been given much attention by the PAGE 02 academe. There were countless parent dialogues, focus- group discussions and school collaborative efforts mounted TBT 2019 - Parent Activities to address the pressing issue on generation gaps and its PAGE 03 effects on parent-child relations. As support to this urgent call, the PTA Executive Board has laid out a series of Mental Health Student seminars for both parents and students addressing the Seminars issues and pitfalls of generation gaps. The well-attended seminars have opened a new dimension for all concerned Outreach, socials & More! as more interactive processes were in place. It may be a PAGE 04 journey unknown or a drive yet far, but we're definitely getting there slowly but surely. Message from Fr President How did you Embrace the PTA Executive Board 2019-2020 New Normal? PAGE 05 Feature Article: Embrace Change,,,,Embrace the New Normal PTA Executive Board Officers 2019-2020 PAGE 06 THE CIRCLE DIGITAL PAGE 01

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ENGR. SIEGFRIED G. SIA, PME PRESIDENT, SY 2019-2020 PTA The School Year 2019-2020 was indeed very colorful. We started with our program to provide parenting seminars and student formation sessions. We were confident that we have done a good job of lifting up the level of maturity and soundness in the minds of our students. But then an incident happened that woke up all of us to realize that we still need to reach out some more. It then brought us to the “Let’s Talk Series” of interactive sessions with Parents and Students. It was One of The most heart-warming experiences where our parents pour out their emotions to the professionals we tapped for the series. Again we felt we had a head start to bring anew a more family bonding Communication Avenue that will eliminate the ever pressing issue of parents not having time to listen and talk to the children. Then suddenly the pandemic broke which rocked the entire world and suddenly brought the entire family at home once again. The challenges of school closing early to protect the students and opening late to ensure the new normal in educational system will be in place. Parents this time are throwing so many questions as they themselves could not picture how children will be going to school when at the same time they have to stay at home. Thanks to The ever dynamic team of school administration led by our very own President Fr Manny Uy who crafted the most elaborate and effective use of Technology that will even bring our level of education at par with world standard. The new normal also propelled The PTA board into embracing the contactless Board Meetings and a very efficient conduct of proceedings that tackled the essential discussion in much shorter period of time through modified parliamentary procedure. Yet another Skeleton in The Closet cropped out as students were drawn to share over social media their past experience and trigger emotions that apparently placed them in a very vulnerable situation that can be exploited by some who may have hidden agenda of whatever gains they can muster from the numbers they can raise. The board with so many emotions involved invoked the Ignatian Spirit of Doing More and extended help to our brothers and sisters affected by the pandemic that resulted to the loss of lives and livelihood. In addition, as part of its 2019 project, the Board offered P200k fund for the scholarship program of SHS AdC through the President Fr Manny Uy. It is also a first in the history of our dear SHS AdC PTA for the board had to assume responsibility of stemming the tide and put everyone on Hold Over capacity as we finalize the By-Laws that will now be responsive to the needs of the time by incorporating the new mode of contactless online meetings and assembly including the formulation of an election that will further ensure the most appropriate number of year level representation to motivate parents to participate and get involved in PTA Affairs. Our legal efforts for such a milestone project also paved the way for the drafting of The By-Laws of Faculty Association. We also celebrated one of the most memorable Fiesta of Sr. Santo Nino together with Auxiliary Bishop and danced on stage the Sinulog steps with Bishop Mediphill, Fr Manny Uy together with the school administration and PTA. As we ended School Year 2019-2020 and started 2020-2021, we have high hopes that the school, our families, and everyone will be able to overcome this once in a lifetime pandemic situation and come out victories with the loving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ With Ignatian Spirit! Always Magis! Always Lux Oriens! Always Ad Majorem De Gloriam! THE CIRCLE DIGITAL NEWSLETTER PAGE 02

#TBT 2019 ACTIVITIES \"PaDriehnat\"sPinarSepnotrintsg, SCehmillinlaanrg Cardgiving Days \"PBarirdegnitninggthSeemGainpa\"r PAGE 03 THE CIRCLE DIGITAL NEWSLETTER

\"Journeying Adolescence: “Stress Management and \"Mental Health on Decision- Sessions :A Talk on Building Resiliency” with Making\" with Grade 10 last Grade 9 last Nov 11, 2019 Handling Relationship and Nov 5,6 & 8, 2019 Sexual Health\" with Grade 8 MENTAL HEALTH STUDENT SEMINARS last Nov 7 & 25, 2019 “Adulting Series: Bridging Experts say Adolescence is a crucial period in the “Adulting Series: Navigating Adolescence to Adulthood\" development of one's healthy well-being. Adolescence\" with Grade 7 with Grade 11 last Management of such becomes more challenging in last Nov 12, 2019 Nov 22,2019 the digital age when children get a total grasp of uncensored information on social media which makes it concerning for parents. One of PTA's advocacy is reaching out to the students in their self-discovery stage by providing them seminars with experts in various fields. In collaboration with the school's Guidance Department, several topics relevant to the students' needs were carefully administered thereby materializing well-participated lecture-dialogues last November 2019. outreach, socials & more! A treat ofonrToeuarchIgenra'stiDaany Bloodletting Activity for First Misa De Gallo at Christmas Fair Heroes Christmas Cor Jesu in December PAGE 04 THE CIRCLE DIGITAL NEWSLETTER

Message from Fr President I sincerely thank the PTA Executive Board under the leadership of Engr. Siegfried Sia and all Ateneo Hearter parents and guardians for your dedicated service and wholehearted support for SY 2019-2020. Our administrators, faculty and staff profoundly thank all of you for helping us transition into Ateneo HEARTER Online. We have always counted on your support, but this year you have exceeded our expectations and again risen to the call of the MAGIS. Whatever challenges we go through and whatever means we may use to achieve our vision, our mission to educate and form young men and women, remains constant and steadfast. May our MOST SACRED HEART of JESUS continue to bless us with faith, courage, and hope as we seek better, more creative, and more adaptive ways to serve our Ateneo Hearter community for school year 2020-2021. Prayers promised. Fr Manny A. Uy, SJ School President Who would have imagined 2020 ushering in an entirely HHOOWW DDIIDD new way of doing things? With the suspension of face-to- YYOOUU face learning due to the COVID19 pandemic, SHS Ateneo de Cebu has positively responded with a digital EEMMBBRRAACCEE curriculum through the ATENEO HEARTER ONLINE TTHHEE NNEEWW platform. Zoom orientation meetings and student classes NNOORRMMAALL?? through MS Teams then became the \"new normal\". Challenge accepted? How did students, teachers and parents embrace the \"NEW NORMAL\"? The new normal provided both the challenge Although learning through a screen has and opportunity for us teachers to upgrade and become a new challenge, we have learned upskill ourselves in order to prepare our to find our own learning paces and make students for a volatile, uncertain, complex and connections with our classmates online. ~ ambiguous (VUCA) world. Janna Ehido (Gr 11 student) ~Roddy Clark Soco (Senior High Teacher) Undoubtedly, this health pandemic has affected all One of the biggest adjustments I had to make in of humanity in all sorts of ways! As an Ateneo this new normal, would be my children’s shift to Hearter parent, I embrace this “new normal” with online learning. There are no shortcuts, the best fortitude of spirit. It’s all about having a positive way to adapt to this great change is to prepare “mindset” to make the best of what we can control and plan for it, to make the necessary changes in this present crisis and entrust to God what we not only to your schedule, but your mindset as cannot. ~Dira Maglasang (Gr 2 ,10 & 12 Parent) well. ~Kimberly Gothong (Kinder and N2 Parent) THE CIRCLE DIGITAL NEWSLETTER PAGE 05

Embrace Change…Embrace the New Normal by: Mary Christy “Boggs” Racaza, PTA PRO The Covid-19 experience, is a life changing circumstance for all. Sacred Heart School-Ateneo De Cebu Who was ready then? No one! We were all in wonderment, PTA Executive Board unprepared, that things are now distinctly different on how it was SY 2019-2020 done, from where we were and from what it was. Thou it may be true that our comfort zone is no longer comfortable, but we have the President: Siegfred G. Sia power to make it better and be contented of what is available., V.President: Frances Angelique A. Tequillo simplicity in adversity. The more you insist to bring back the past Secretary: Ivy Marie L. Bantug the more your body resist. Change comes from inside-out. Treasurer: Caroline Y. Choachuy Auditor: Marites P. Kintanar We were witnesses of each event that passes through: that streets PRO: Desiree Q. Chan can be clean and traffic free, that families can have fun, eat together and play, that movies are best watched with everyone in Mary Christy B. Racaza the household around, that parties can be done virtually, that the holiness of masses and other church services are possible on line , MEMBERS: Mark Leo M. Chang instigating digital learnings are never too late for traditionalist, baby Albert R. Gomez boomers, Gen X,Y & Z are just a few of what it is in the new Provie Margaret T. Maglasang normal. Rhena Jhoanna D. Ong Micha Isabel O. Sy \"We may not be able to embrace each other as we Justine Marie G. Uy once did, but we can choose to embrace our ‘new Mabelle Jaclyn M. Yap normal’ and start working towards it today. We have the opportunity to use our past experiences to help FACULTY CLUB us be strong and courageous as we move forward PRESIDENT: Ranulfo C. Evardone into The unknown future.” EX OFFICIO: Florabelle O. Suico (Care for the Family ) The Digital Newsletter Editorial: The unfamiliar things in the past now become accustomed and well Desiree \"Cookie\" Chan known to many. The status quo of how people live have been Mary Christy \"Boggs\" Racaza shuddered. The isolation revealed on how much people value the gift of life. Guided by Ignatian spirituality, generosity comes naturally. Telecommuting: home as the new office and home as the new school becomes an instant shift to normalcy with safety and security as a priority. Terminologies like synchronous and asynchronous becomes an easy jargon from an Early-ed to everyone now. It was not and it will not be an easy ride or drive. It takes grit and willingness to re-invent ourselves to the best person we can be. THE CIRCLE DIGITAL NEWSLETTER PAGE 06

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