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DECEMBER 2021 4 48 14 Pakistani Christian Teen Was Abducted, Forcibly Converted to Islam and Had 5 Forced Abortions. Here’s Her Harrowing Rescue Story A teenage girl in Pakistan who was kidnapped iunu20u19, converted to and she was abducted from her Islam against her will, and was forcibly married to an older man, home. She just disappeared. Her was rescued earlier this year and reunited with her family. parents had no idea where she Joel Veldkamp, international communications officer for Christian went,” Veldkamp explained. “And Solidarity International (CSI), a Christian human rights organization, then … they got a notification from recently told Faithwire about Sadaf Khan’s tragic story — as well as the police, ‘By the way, your her harrowing rescue.”In February 2019, Sadaf was 14 years old daughter converted to Islam and now she’s married to a man who is Pastor in Nepal sentenced to 2 much much older than she is.’” Sadaf’s parents, who are Christians years in prison for saying prayer in the Muslim-majority country, immediately fought back against can heal COVID-19 A court in Nepal has sen- the horrific news, hired a lawyer and took the man who had married tenced a pastor to two their daughter to court. The teen showed up fully veiled and years in prison under the disallowed from speaking with her mom and dad. Despite being country’s harsh anti-con- unable to see her facial expressions during the proceedings, they knew version law for merely FULL STORY ON - 07 saying that prayers can PAINLESS DEATH IN A heal COVID-19, according MINUTE; SUICIDE MACHINE LEGALIZATION IN SWITZER- to reports. LAND The District Court in Dolpa A coffin-shaped capsule, which promises relatively painless and peaceful death in this week sentenced Pastor Keshab Raj Acharya to two years in under one minute, has cleared legal review prison and a fine of $165 (20,000 Rupees) for suggesting on social in Switzerland, its makers claimed. The death media that prayer could bring healing from the coronavirus, the occurs through hypoxia and hypocapnia by FULL STORY ON - 07 FULL STORY ON - 07

2Editorial 4thAnniversary Edition Rev. Manuel Joseph Th.M. Sub-editor, End-Time News This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in of our readers, have become a great our eyes. Psalm 118:23 (NASB) success! The End Time News is now a prominent news website and Dear Readers, number one in delivering Christian News globally. Offered both in We are so thankful to God for leading us to the fourth anniversary of Malayalam and English, the site is the The EndTime News Online Magazine! Had it not been the Lord’s doing, one to visit daily for breaking this would never have happened. We are marveled at His work!Like Christian News worldwide! We the previous anniversary, we are celebrating this fourth one amidst appreciate everyone logging into the the pandemic situation, and a new variant of Covid-19 virus, Omicron, site ( but we are constantly reminded of God’s merciesin accomplishing every day and if you are yet to visit certain milestones. He was with us helping us do everything that we the site, please click on the link and meant for His glory! start experiencing Christian News like We are not neglecting your support by which the Christian News Portal never before! and the magazine, the first milestone, that started in July 2018 and the Another milestonethat deserves a apps developed for the same, for a smooth and personal experience mention here is our Christian Radio Network, The EndTime Radio! It is a custom Christian Radio Station in multiple languages! Within a few weeks after going live, the Radio became an instant hit with our listeners and is listened by thousands of them worldwide. We offer FULL STORY ON - 04 EDITORIAL BOARD MANAGER ADVISORY BOARD CHIEF EDITOR Bovas Sreekaryam Pastor Shibu Thomas USA Pastor Asokan Eranakulam Baiju Yacob Edavila USA CO-ORDINATORS M.Jacob Trivandrum SUB EDITORS John Francis (Dallas) Br.Syam USA Manuel Joseph 125 Daniel Jacob Sis.Saritha Wheat land,6920.S. manin st Sis.Simi Oklahoma EDITORS box zip code-73097 Sis.Lesley Yacob PH-(405) 745-786(H) Pastor A Anilkumar Mob-001(405)778-4341(Whats app) Rev. Joseph Chacko REPORTERS Sis.Sherly Miniesh Kumar(Baharin) Pastor Stephen Disclaimer The views expressed in this online newspaper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of HSM End Time News. The online newspaper will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for them. The images used in the newspaper have been downloaded from the Internet and we acknowledge that the copyright of those images remain with the original owners. HSM End Time News does not claim any copyright for them and does not intend to use them for commercial purposes.

3DEVOTION The Fear of the Lord is a Treasure! He will be the sure foundation for your times,a The fear of the Lord is the Pr. Shibu Thomas, USA rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;the beginning of wisdom; all those who Dear Child of God, the fear of the Lord is a fear of the LORD is the key practice it have a good understanding great blessing. My flesh trembles in fear of (Psalms 111: 10). The word of God you;I stand in awe of your laws (Psalm 119: to this treasure. testifies that all those who seek the Lord 120). He provides food for those who fear (Isaiah 33: 6) will be blessed. Let’s consider and him;he remembers his covenant forever study the following scripture portions: (Psalm 111: 5). Blessed is the one that fears they face the sufferings and the But the eyes of the Lord are on those the Lord and walks in His ways. They will oppression. Their face will, indeed, who fear him,on those whose hope is never bow down their head in defeat when shine even when they lose everything in his unfailing love (Psalm. 33: 18). Fear and even when the world stands against the Lord, you his holy people,for those them. The only reason is the treasure, who fear him lack nothing (Psalm 34: the fear of the Lord within themselves. 9).How abundant are the good The one who owns Christ, the author and thingsthat you have stored up for those the shepherd of all, will stay calm and who fear you,that you bestow in the blessed in any given situation. If you are sight of all,on those who take refuge in someone who has been tossed by the you (Psalm 31: 19).Who, then, are those wind of afflictions and the battle cry of who fear the Lord?He will instruct them the oppressor, this word is for you: they in the ways they should choose (Psalm are the ones who will dwell on the 25: 12).Know that the Lord has set apart heights,whose refuge will be the his faithful servant for himself;the Lord mountain fortress.Their bread will be hears when I call to him (Psalm 4: 3). supplied,and water will not fail them (Isaiah 33: 16). Prayer: Lord, make me grow in faith and sustain me in your fear. FULL STORY ON - 08

E-TRACTS 4 E-TRACTS that you are a Christian?” The answer was an affirmative YES! CHRISTMAS IS NOT JUST The SHOPPING! girl replied “Wonderful! The only Christians I’ve ever met were the Christmas is here..! What is Christmas after all? This Christmas shoppers! You are so kind, polite and gentle!” question was once You will find “happy shoppers” at posed to a group of people who were “Christmas Christmas fest everywhere. shopping” at a mall! However, “Well, it’s something related to Christ, right... his death?” Christmas is not just shopping! was the answer Christmas is the most amazing of a girl... Good! At least she knew that it is related to moment when God almighty took Christ... the form of a man and stepped into Once, a girl of another faith, who worked in a store as a the sales girl, met earth. God decided to live with man, with an accident and was taken to hospital. The nurse who and that’s the reason JESUS is called tended “Immanuel”, meaning “God is with to her was a Christian. One day the girl asked the nurse: us!” “Is it true It is good news, right? How often have we thought “Oh! Had God been with us....”? With wars and earthquakes and natural disasters on the increase; with bombs and air crashes, with homosexuals and murderers FULL STORY ON - 09 Saju John Mathew FULL STORY ON - 10

5Editorial FULL STORY ON - 02 the majority of people living in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India! Christian Devotionals, Bible Messages, Daily Devotionals, Breaking Christian News, and lot We are greatly indebted to God and give Him all the glory more for free 24/7. At present, The EndTime and honor for making us a part of this giant technological leap Radio comes to the fingertip of every Christian even during the pandemic season! You can access the radio globally in four different languages, English, by using a wide variety of Internet enabled devices all over Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil and it is a joy to the house! Download The EndTime Radio App from Google announce our latest offering in the segment, Play Store and iOS App from iPhone App Market for a hassle EndTime Radio – Telugu Gospel Channel which free access to The EndTime Radio. Here is the login address: is being tested now and will go live in the Year 2022, if God willing! This channel will cater to First of all,I thank you for being a dedicated reader. I am also very obliged to all our content providers, beloved men and women of God, who repeatedly contributed to the content of this magazine throughout these 4 years! I testify that your contributions have been a great inspiration to us and our readers equally. I am so grateful to the entire team of The End- time News family including Editor, Sub-editors, Managers, Coordinators, Reporters and the Advisory Board Members and all our well-wishers. We thank God for the mindboggling support we receive from you all! With all gratitude and prayer, I proudly present to you the fourth anniversary edition of “The EndTime News, the Wake- up Call”! May this issue inform, empower and inspire you to live your best for the Lord! We wish you a blessed new year 2022! Stay safe!! Stay Blessed!! FULL STORY ON - 09

E-TRACTS 6 FULL STORY ON - 04 Transcendental meditation in world which is the magnificent discipline, technology to creation of God Almighty. God is lurking at every nook and metaphysics in just a corner, it’s not hard to say that science... and have miserably failed piece of information for many of the world has everywhere! As someone rightly us. What is the outcome? Though gone crazy. The bad news is, it’s pointed out, Man can fly like a bird we going to get worse. “Oh! Had in the skies, swim like a fish in the live a comfortable life, we feel God utterly void and empty within. been with us....” water, but he cannot live in harmony Sexually immoral with his brother or neighbour! Some even say people, idolaters, Man has contrived many boundaries “life has no adulterers, male and barriers, especially religious, meaning at prostitutes, putting God outside those barriers. all”. homosexu a ls , Man is trying to gain control of this Where did we thieves, greedy fail? If you people, drunks, seriously slanderers, and consider this robbers will not question, dear inherit the friend, the kingdom of God. answer is: we (1Co 6:10) failed in God! We have come to a We failed and critical juncture where the neglected to world’s system cannot live with a God who be trusted. We have tried everything from feudalism to is able and willing to guide us, communism understand us and strengthen us in politics, Monarchy to to fulfill the Anarchy in ruling, capitalism to task before us... Man is trying to socialism in be “independent” from God... Oh! economics, primitivism to Man, Guruism in religion, Asceticism if you live without God, you will to die without God and if you die without FULL STORY ON - 09

7FULL STORY FULL STORY ON - 01 was given,” Veldkamp said. “She was “Hey, corona — you go and die. able to return home to her family, and May all your deeds be destroyed she was visibly uncomfortable and once she got home, she was able to by the power of the Lord Jesus. I in “so much fear.” Veldkamp said the actually speak for the first time and rebuke you, corona, in the name of situation for Christians in Pakistan is talk about what she had been through. Lord Jesus Christ. By the power or anything but just, as Bible-believers the ruler of this Creation, I rebuke are treated as “second-class Veldkamp described the teen’s ordeal you. … By the power in the name citizens,” especially in situations in as “unbelievably horrible” — and the of Lord Jesus Christ, corona, go which people have been forcibly details corroborate that descriptor. away and die.” converted to Islam. Listen to “It’s very clear that she was used, William Stark, ICC’s regional man- Veldkamp tell Sadaf’s tragic story: essentially, as a sex slave and a maid ager for South Asia, said: “For by this family,” he said. “And she told more than a year, authorities in the The teenager purportedly us that she had five … forced Dolpa District have seemed bent became a Muslim only after her life abortions during her 2 1/2 years of on convicting Pastor Acharya of — and the lives of her parents — captivity.” something and punishing him for were threatened. simply being a Christian pastor. Under Islamic law, leaving the faith Sadaf has been on the road to Since the new constitution was is “unthinkable” in some nations and recovery since her rescue. She has adopted in 2015, Nepalese Chris- cultures. This complicates rescuing received psychological assistance and tians have been concerned that even those who have been forcibly is in the midst of a six-month training Article 26 and its enacting laws converted to the Muslim faith, which program to become a beautician — all would be used to target their com- was initially the case with Sadaf’s efforts funded by CSI. munity.” situation. Stories like Sadaf’s are unfortunately Stark added that “Nepal’s sweep- “The kidnapper … her so-called not uncommon in Pakistan, as the ing anti-conversion law must be husband, brought in a forged birth South Asian country ranks fifth on repealed if religious freedom is certificate that said that she was 18 Open Doors USA’s World Watch List, truly a right to be enjoyed by the years old, which means that she’s a rundown of the countries with the country’s citizens.” free to make her own decisions,” most intense anti-Christian Veldkamp said. “So the judge just persecution. After his release last July, didn’t allow her to speak, didn’t ask Acharya had told Morning Star her questions, just looked at the FULL STORY ON - 01 News that it was a “very difficult” forged birth certificate and said, time for him.“I would think of my ‘Okay, yeah, this is good.’” U.S.-based persecution watchdog little children and my wife, and I International Christian Concern said would cry out to the Lord in prayer. Sadaf’s family walked away in a statement. Pastor Acharya was I would look up at Him in hope that from the courtroom in June 2020 first arrested on March 23 last year if it is in His will that I should be put without justice being served. It from his home in Pokhara, Gandaki through this, He would get me out wasn’t until April 30, 2021, that an Pradesh Province, on charges of of this,” he said at the time. attorney supported by CSI was able spreading false information regard- Acharya told the outlet he believed to get the case heard by an appeals ing COVID-19. Though he was re- government officials and police court. leased about a fortnight later, he worked together against him. It was there that Sadaf’s family was rearrested moments later on “They were laying a thorough plan finally achieved victory, but it didn’t charges of “outraging religious feel- to make sure I would stay in the jail come without deep wounds and ings” and “proselytizing.” for a Ylooungareercpoerdriiaolldy.”invited to send scars. The appeals court ruled the After more than three months in SensioubrmCiossuionnssetloGTohveinEnddaBTiamnedNi,ewwhs o marriage and conversion were prison, he was released on July 3, wmaasgadzeinfe,nidncinlugditnhgearptaicsletos,r,shtorldt sthoreies, illegitimate, and Sadaf was free to 2020, after paying bail equal to Up.Koe.-mbas,sceadrtoCohnrsi,setitacn. IfSyooluidwaoruitlyd like to reunite with her family. about $2,500. Wrceoopnhretlaardirtbwveueditsdetie,anprgarlseteoastusahteldsewmcdotraieinsmssstisaoaec:nt“[email protected] In a viral video published on the ing sign of the trajectory of reli- “She was not old enough to make internet, Pastor Acharya prayed in this decision for herself and front of his congregation, saying, thankfully, in this one case, justice

8News FULL STORY ON - 07 each of the churches and a national- fined up to $670 (50,000 rupees) ist group, Hindu Morcha Nepal, and imprisoned for up to five gious freedom in this country.” issued a press statement calling for years. Christian leaders to leave the coun- “The police are clearly acting out- try and for Christian converts to Hindu nationalist groups in Nepal side the scope of the constitution return to Hinduism. allege that Hinduism is under and without any regard to the The constitution establishes Nepal as threat as more people could be rules of criminal procedure,” Bandi a secular country but also effectively converted into Christianity. They said. “There seems to be a con- bans evangelism, as it states that no have been calling for the exclusion certed effort to use the draconian one is allowed to make an attempt to of the term “secularism” — which provisions in the Penal Code to convert people of other religions to in the South Asian context means target him that will also threaten his or her own. It also calls for the equal treatment of all religions by the wider minority community protection of Hinduism, the majority the State — from the charter of with penal sanctions for practicing religion. Nepal, which was a Hindu monar- their religion or belief. Further- Article 26 (3) of the constitution chy until 2006. more, the whole allegation against states: “No person shall behave, act him, is forged on unfounded and or make others act to disturb public Persecution watchdog Open prejudiced allegations. This is law and order situation or convert a Doors USA ranks Nepal at No. 34 without a doubt a targeted perse- person of one religion to another or on its World Watch List of 50 cution and a travesty of our justice disturb the religion of other countries where it is most difficult system.” people…such an act shall be pun- to be a Christian. Christians have been under attack ished by law.” since before the promulgation of In 2018, Nepal’s government added the country’s new constitution in the controversial portion of the September 2015. constitution to the country’s crimi- Low-intensity blasts occurred in nal code, which states that an indi- two churches in east Nepal around vidual found guilty of even encour- the time. Pamphlets promoting aging religious conversions can be Hindu nationalism were found at FULL STORY ON - 10

Sparkling Wisdom! 9 FULL STORY ON - 10 God, you will live eternity without God- which we call eternal hell! Sparkling Wisdom! Yes we need a God who 1. “Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it is, and cleave to it as the understands us, who walks with highest price of every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain. What was once foolishness to us—a crucified us, talks with us God—must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world.” - John Piper and guides us in the right path; a 2. “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us” – God who is far away in the Augustine heavens - who 3. “God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.” - Tony Evans has never known humans and 4. “If God is your partner, make your plans BIG!” - D.L. Moody human realities- can never 5. “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each understand us fully. experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face...we must do that which we think we cannot.” - JESUS, however, understands us Eleanor Roosevelt because He lived in this world in 6.“God does not give us everything we want, but He does fulfill His promises, leading us along the best and straightest paths to human Himself.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer form for thirty three years... He 7.“Relying on God has to start all over everyday, as if nothing has yet been done.” –C. S. Lewis knows our struggles and the pain 8. “What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give me the strength for we bear... whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.” - Rick Warren He, who was once a man, is in 9.“Remember Whose you are and Whom you serve. Provoke yourself by recollection, and your affection reality, eternal God! for God will increase tenfold; your imagination will not be starved any longer, We give “gifts” on Christmas. but will be quick and enthusiastic, and your hope will be inexpressibly bright.” - Jesus Christ was the perfect gift Oswald Chambers 10.“There is not a single thing that Jesus to mankind cannot change, control, and conquer because he is the living Lord.” - Franklin from God... The amazing thing Graham about this perfect gift is that the Abigail Thyvilayil John gift and the FULgiLveSTr OarReYtOheNs-a0m5 e. Jesus came to this world on the first Christmas day, lived and died on a cross as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind, including yours and mine, so that we can escape hell. The world has gone crazy. However, there is hope for a happy and blissful life, but only for those willing to live a life that is devoid of these pressures and inclinations of flesh and death. The bible declares: “whosoever believeth in Him – JESUS – shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). Yes, Jesus wants to live with us... in this world and the world to come! FULL STORY ON -10

10News FULL STORY ON - 09 Take this moment to simply weigh being destroyed, but it is God’s your life and to understand the power to us who are being saved. However, He is not a “dictator” meaning (1Co 1:18) who stamps you down, sits on of your existence. Jesus is the reason Talk to Him: “Jesus, I need you... I your back and for the season! Without Him, we are am in darkness, give me Light. I forces you to be a slave. He wants void and shapeless... With Him, we am you to “accept” Him, acknowledge are children of God! Let JESUS be in death, give me Life. Take away His born my confusion... I want you to be friendship and Lordship... in you, today! For the message about my Christmas is the celebration of the the cross is nonsense to those who IMMANUEL, Amen!” Birth of JESUS into this world... are Christmas can now have a new meaning... if you allow JESUS to be INDIA BECOMES THE FOURTH BORN IN YOU... The celebration STRONGEST COUNTRY IN ASIA then is not just a day in a year but every has been releasing this moment of your life, because the index every year since JESUS who is born in you will 2018. reside in and abide with you forever... Be a According to Lowy’s home for Jesus to live in and God report, India performs will best in future resources help you to see that every day is a measures and stands celebration with your behind the US and China. “Immanuel.” However, it lost growth May this Christmas message help potential largely due to reveal to you the mystery of your “the impact of the own life. coronavirus pandemic has led to a diminished You are cordially invited economic forecast for to send submissions to 2030.” The End Time News New Delhi: India ranked fourth India stands at the fourth position in magazine, including most powerful country according other measures like economic articles, short stories, to the Lowy Institute Asia Power capability, military capability, poems, cartoons, etc. If Index. However, India’s overall resilience, and cultural score went down by two points influence.”India is trending in you would like to from 2020, standing at 37.7 out of opposite directions for its two contribute, please contact 100. It fell short of the major weakest measures of power. On the us at our email address : power threshold and is among the one hand, it remains in 7th place in 18 countries which showed a its defence networks, reflecting [email protected] downward trend in overall scores progress in its regional defence in 2021. diplomacy — notably with the Lowy Institute is an independent Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, think tank that releases the Asia which includes Australia, Japan, and Power Index by assessing the the United States,” said the report. resources and influence to rank However, it lags in economic the relative power of states in the relationships standing at eighth Indo-Pacific region. Lowy Institute www.theendtimFeUnLeLwSTsO.cRoYmON - 11

11News ISRAELI ARCHAEOLOGISTS FIND SYNAGOGUE IN GALILEE FROM JESUS’ TIME The discovery of a 2,000-year-old synagogue here, along with other The Israel Antiquities Authority synagogue in the Galilee region is residents of Migdal, to participate in excavated eastern Migdal more than offering a new window into life religious and communal events,” said a decade ago and found the first during Jesus’ time. Dina Avshalom-Gorni, one of the synagogue in 2009. That synagogue Israeli archaeologists say they directors of the excavations. “The contained a stone bearing an image of found the synagogue in the town of exposure of a second synagogue casts a menorah. Excavators suggest the Migdal, located on the northern new light on Jewish communal life in menorah image replicated the one in shore of the Sea of Galilee. Migdal the Galilee, the area where, according the temple in Jerusalem. was a large Jewish settlement during to the New Testament, Jesus “The fact that we have found two the Second Temple Period. The Bible performed His miracles.” synagogues shows that the Jews of says Mary Magdalene was born in The synagogue is a square-shaped the Second Temple period were Migdal and it’s where Jesus spent building made from basalt and looking for a place for religious, and much of His time on earth. limestone with a central hall and two perhaps also social, gatherings,” said “We can imagine Mary Magdalene additional rooms. The walls of the Prof. AdiErlich, head of the Zinman and her family coming to the central hall are coated with white and Institute of archaeology at the colored plaster. It contains a stone University of Haifa. The stone bearing FULL STORY ON -11 bench, also coated in plaster, which a relief of the Menorah from the other runs along the walls. Excavators found synagogue at Migdal, suggests that position. “India has slipped into a plaster-coated shelf in a small room the local Jews saw Jerusalem as their 8th position for economic on the south side of the hall where religious center, and their local relationships, as it falls further Torah scrolls may have been stored. activities took place under this behind in regional trade Avshalom-Gorni said the synagogue centrality. The synagogue we are integration efforts,” it added.As “reflects a need for a dedicated excavating now is close to the per the report, India exerts less building for Torah reading and study residential street, whereas the one influence than expected in the and for social gatherings” during excavated in 2009 was surrounding region due to its negative power Jesus’ time. by an industrial area. Thus the local gap score. This is the second time a synagogue synagogues were constructed within has been found in Migdal, making it the social fabric of the settlement.” As India and Japan, are lagging the only place in the world where two The synagogue and excavation behind, Asia is becoming more synagogues from the Second Temple findings will be on display for the first and more ‘bipolar’ as the US and Period have been found in the same time on Tuesday, December 28th, at China continue to hold more area. the University of Haifa’s Archaeology power in the region. Institute conference. A reason for the same can be seen as the dependency of the competing countries like Australia and Japan on America. “The [Indo-Pacific] region has become more bipolar and less multipolar: Japan and India are lagging behind China, and Australia is more reliant on the United States,” the report says. The US scored 82.2 and China scored 74.6.

12News INDIAN CABINET APPROVES RAISING AGE OF MARRIAGE FOR WOMEN FROM 18 TO 21 BILL MAY BE INTRODUCED IN THIS SESSION OF PARLIAMENT It is understood that the amend- ment bill to change the law has been approved in the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the cabinet meeting. The task force constituted last year on this issue, in its report, had recommended raising the mini- mum age of marriage from 18 to 21 years. The task force was consti- tuted under the chairmanship of former MP Jaya Jaitley. In its report, the task force had also given its recommendation on the age limit of becoming a mother and other issues related to women. Parliament Winter Session: A bill related to raising the minimum Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in age of marriage for girls has been approved in the cabinet meet- his Independence Day speech from ing. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed the the Red Fort last year, had an- intention of the government in his speech given from the Red Fort. nounced that considering the The minimum age limit for marriage of girls may soon be increased present circumstances, the possibil- from 18 to 21 years. For this the government has started prepara- ity of increasing the age of marriage tions. The bill related to this is likely to be introduced in this ses- should be considered. sion of Parliament. Child marriage law will be amended to increase the age of marriage. At present, the age limit for marriage of girls has been fixed at 18 in this law. RASHAD HUSSAIN CONFIRMED AS NEW INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AMBASSADOR Hussain will serve as the U.S. foreign policy. highest-ranking member Hussain was born in Wyoming to Indian in the State Department American parents and is the first Mus- for advancing interna- lim to hold the post of IRF Ambassador. tional religious freedom His educational background includes the in U.S. foreign policy. University of North Carolina at Chapel President Biden nomi- Hill, Harvard, and Yale. Before his nomi- nated Hussain for the nation, Hussain served as the Director position back in July, call- for Partnerships and Global Engagement ing on him to fill the role at the National Security Council. formerly held by Samuel Hussain also served under the Obama administration, where he spearheaded International Christian Concern (ICC) Brownback under the Trump administra- efforts on countering antisemitism and has learned that the Senate has voted tion. Many organizations celebrated protecting religious minorities in Mus- to confirm Rashad Hussain as the next Brownback’s tenure as ambassador for lim-majority countries. Ambassador-at-Large for International his commitment to engaging with civil Religious Freedom. In this position, society and promoting human rights in


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