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May 2020 Report on west alderwood house prices

Published by mark, 2020-05-20 14:13:32

Description: May 2020 Report on west alderwood house prices


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MAY 2020 REPORT On west ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES With Up-to-date statistics & Analysis

MAY 2020 REPORT ON WEST ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES PAST SIX MONTHS Homes Sold: 20 Avg. Sold Price: 1,066,275 APRIL 2020 Avg. Sale Price: 887,000 APRIL 2020 Median Sale Price: 849,450 INSIDE: This Report gives you an in-depth look into the housing market in West Alderwood, + Last Month’s Sold Prices with charts and analysis, plus up-to-the minute statistics based on all the homes + Current Listings MAY 2020 currently for sale and sold in West Alderwood over the last six months. Enjoy! + Past Six-Month Trends, Home Price Index, and More West Alderwood House Prices Report Courtesy of Mark Gaudet Sales Representative Right At Home Realty Inc Brokerage 416-551-6847 [email protected]

WEST ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES REPORT 10 Homes Currently for sale Median Asking Price: 1.29m Price Range $799k to $1.88m West Alderwood, MayC2o02v0i~dT-h1e9winSdlsoowf cosroAnaldvireurs woWohdichAbrfintgesrupSthteroimnpgortSanttaquretstion of home values. continue to blow through the Alderwood real estate Ignoring for a moment the West Alderwood stats – market – as they do across the GTA and beyond. typically there aren’t enough sales to get a useful As we saw in April’s Report, new listings and sales average – we can see that across the GTA, prices are just activity were steady until the middle of March, but 0.1% lower than last April. then dropped significantly from that point. While the first months of 2020 showed prices increasing Looking back now on the full month of April, we see about 10%, we’ve reverted to last year’s prices. This that the trend continues: half the number of listings means that, while there are fewer “bidding wars”, and just two sales. That’s 50% fewer than April 2019, buyers looking for a “really good deal” aren’t finding too so there’s no question that we are in quieter times. many of them, at least at present. It’s worth noting that the two houses that sold in April Although many sellers in West Alderwood have pulled were on the market for just a few days. This might their homes off the market to see what develops, the come as a surprise - you’d expect houses to take longer remaining sellers are willing to wait for a buyer. This seems like a decent strategy because the fact remains toMselAl riYght2no0w2. B0utRsinEcePthOe tRwoTweOreNlisteWd aEt $S79T9k that today homes are still showing (with protective anAd $L9D60Ek, RwhWenOtheOmDediaHn OpriUce SforEhoPmeRs IcuCrrEenStly protocols in place) and selling. for sale is 1.3 million, the quick sales reflect price point. As we move forward, the other important question is: where will we land when the lockdown is lifted? Many DO YOU NEED A FACEMASK? people are making wildly opposed predictions. I think We’re giving FREE homemade facemasks to local we’ll see that there are good opportunities in the future. residents. My wife, Ericka, has made and delivered more than 600 so far. To get yours, just email ~ Mark [email protected] or text 416-738-2020

WEST ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES REPORT APR Latest full MAR Seasonally APR Year-to- 2020 month 2020 adjusted 2019 Date New Listings: 5 New Listings: 18 New Listings: 10 Homes Sold: 2 Homes Sold: 7 Homes Sold: 4 Avg Sold Price: Avg Sold Price: Avg Sold Price: $887,000 $1,051,500 $883,378 Median Price: Median Price: Median Price: $849,450 $998,000 $922,006 Avg Days on Market: 5 Avg Days on Market: 6 Avg Days on Market: 12 West Alderwood 12 Month Avg Sale Price 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Avg Sold Price

WEST ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES REPORT Past 6 Months Statistics with House Type & Style 1,100,000 HOUSE TYPE 1,050,000 1,000,000 Row/Twnhouse - 0 Detached - 18 950,000 900,000 Semi-Detached - 2 850,000 Duplex - 0 800,000 HOUSE STYLE list price original price sold price 1 1/2 Storey - 4 2-Storey - 6 2 1/2 Storey - 0 3-Storey - 0 Bungaloft - 0 Bungalow - 10 SIdesplit - 0 average median mode 1815000 1815000 1815000 1425000 1280000 1685000 1051500 1009514 1008000 1008000 1163750 925000 1066275 665000 665000 665000 1000000 810000 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Avg Sold Price Here we compare two set of Low Price High Price 6-month sales averages from one year to the next. Comparing 6-month Range Since we have low Of Average Sold Prices inventory, this 6-month view gives you a better idea Prev Yr Six Months Current Six Months of market trends. 983,972 912,524 972,866 945,649 959,971 954,954 961,285 962,273 947,586 988,271 971,097 973,183 981,980 1,009,514 869,953 1,003,030 981,345 1,008,000 976,284 1,034,717 998,000 1,023,269 931,026 1,066,275 DEC/MAY J AN/J UN FEB/J ULYMAR/A UG APR/S EP MAY/OCT J UN/NOV J UL/DEC AUG/J AN SEP/FEB OCT/MAR NOV/A PR

Needs lots Re-listed Tear- *Updated May 10, 2020 new price down? of work Sold Just Sold Conditional Conditional Still waiting Statistics and counts for 10 homes currently for sale

ALDERWOOD HPI HOUSE PRICES Based on MLS-Home Price Index (MLS®HPI)* 1,200,000 1,000,000 6.37% 800,000 Bungalow One Year Price Change 600,000 15.0% 400,000 2-Storey Detached 200,000 One Year Price Change Current est. price 0 10.85% for the house Composite 2 Storey Det Composite type. Not based One Year Price Change on avg sales. Bungalow Benchmark 1 Month Ago 3 Months Ago 6 Months Ago 1 yr Ago 3 yrs Ago *The MLS HPI® Price Index is a new, more accurate method of measuring real estate prices within a specific neighbourhood. This system uses a sophisticated statistical model that considers both the quantitative and qualitative features of your home. The “Benchmark” pricing is set each month. ROOM-BY-ROOM REVIEW PIN-POINT PRICING People often ask me about the best way to get the highest I don’t have to tell you that “hard” numbers price for their property. I love that question, because there don’t tell the whole story. You already really is a way to increase the value of your house – and know that there’s more to pricing homes it doesn’t need to cost a lot, or anything at all! than statistics, graphs and charts. It comes down to thinking about your house in the eyes It also takes the experience of working of a buyer. You live in your home now, but when it comes every day in the neighbourhood with time to sell, it’s a house. It’s now a commodity, competing buyers & sellers to understand what’s on the open market with other commodities. really happening behind the scenes. You don’t need a major renovation – you just want to We combine the real data with ongoing make your house the “best in class”. Our goal is to make experience. That’s how we can offer home your house the one that buyers remember as best of its sellers our guaranteed pin-point pricing. kind. When you’re ready, check out our Pin- The way to do this is to start with a “Room-By-Room point Pricing by calling our 24-Hr Free Review”. This is our proven method of getting the best out recorded message at 1-(855)-781-8881 of the interior and exterior of the house. It doesn’t mean Ext 32 a lot of work or a big investment. In fact, my team and I can take care of the whole thing for you! For those who need to buy or sell a home, during Covid19, we are still able to To get your complimentary Room-By-Room review, just provide these services using technology. call 1-855-781-8881 Ext 18 for a 24-Hr Free Recorded Message Please call for more details 416-551-6847

Market Watch - April Total Residential …Seasonally Adjusted Average Selling Price …Seasonally Adjusted Transactions Year Over Year Over Year Year Total New Listings Year % Sales-to-New Listings Property Days on Market Listing Days on Market over Year Year Over Year Year Over Year NEED HELP? CALL 2-1-1 211 is a FREE & confidential information helpline that connects individuals to community, social, health & government services. Available 24/7/365 in 150+ languages through phone, email, live chat & text! (Email, Live Chat & Text available Mon-Fri | 7am-9pm ET)

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