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November 2021 Report Alderwood House Prices

Published by mark, 2021-11-12 19:35:48

Description: November 2021 Report Alderwood House Prices


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REPORT ON ALDERWOOD HOUSE PRICES NOVEMBER 2021 CURRENT (NOVEMBER 2021) Average Asking Price: $1,639,061 Homes For Sale Now: 10 (see page 5) OCTOBER 2021 (latest complete month) Homes Sold: 10 Average Sold Price: $1,429,400 LAST 6 MONTHS (MAY thru OCT) Homes Sold: 91 Average Sold Price: $1,306,782 INSIDE The Monthly Report gives you an in-depth look + Last Month’s Sold Prices into the housing market in Alderwood and is an + Current Listings NOVEMBER 2021 easy way to see what your house may be worth. + Past Six-Month Trends Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel comfortable getting in touch. Alderwood House Prices Report Courtesy of Mark Gaudet Realtor Right At Home Realty Inc., Broker 416-551-6847 [email protected]

10 Homes Currently for sale Median Asking Price: 1.63m Price Range $1.09m to $2.25m Low Inventory Continues Alderwood, November 2021 ~ The housing supply West Alderwood. Interestingly, the original home, a remains tight here as it does throughout the GTA. The typical Alderwood Victory house, sold in 1986 for short-term forecast is that it will not ease any time $124,000. It sold again ten years later for $212,000 soon. However, there are some secondary factors and in 2018 it sold for $869,000. Torn down, rebuilt, looming in the shadows, i.e., inflation & interest rates. and enlarged with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms it was listed for $2.38 m in May and sold $120,000 over- It wasn’t that long ago that Alderwood residents were asking due to competing buyers. proud to see our houses selling for a million dollars. At the time it seemed almost impossible to believe. Gosh People often ask: where is the money coming from, and darn, weren’t we innocent back then! who buys these houses? In many cases, the buyers are homeowners that come from the neighbourhood and Today we still see houses that sell for less than a million have lived in their previous home for 10 years or dollars, but it’s a dwindling number. In fact, of the 176 longer. For example, if they bought their original homes sold in Alderwood in the past 365 days, just 22 house for $438,000 (the average in 2010), paid down or 12.5%, sold for less. And eight of those were half the mortgage and then sold it today, they might between $975,000 and $1m. Ten of the homes that end up with $900,000. That’s a very large down sold for under a million were two-storey semi- payment on a house, even a pricey one. detached houses (two were townhouses), while the rest were bungalows. I have a newer one bedroom + den condo coming on the market in Kitchener. Do you know On the “high” side of the market, in the same period, anyone who might be interested? Please get four homes sold for over two million dollars. The in touch. ~ Mark Gaudet 416-551-6847 highest price to date is $2.5m, a lovely new-build in

OCT Latest SEPT Seasonally OCT Year- 2021 complete 2021 adjusted 2020 to-Date month New Added Listings: 14 New Added Listings: 14 New Added Listings: 29 Homes Sold: 10 Homes Sold: 13 Homes Sold: 19 Avg Sold Price: Avg Sold Price: Avg Sold Price: $1,429,400 $1,290,769 $1,285,685 Median Sold Price: Median Sold Price: Median Sold Price: $1,318,500 $1,180,000 $1,340,000 Avg Days on Market: 21 Avg Days on Market: 16 Avg Days on Market: 15 Terminated or Expired: 0 Terminated or Expired: 1 Terminated or Expired: 8 Alderwood 12 Month Avg Sale Price 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 600000 400000 200000 0 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Avg Sold Price

Past 6 Months (91 Homes Sold) Past 6 Months Statistics with House Type & Style $1,320,000 $1,306,782 HOUSE TYPE $1,300,000 $1,280,000 $1,245,043 Row/Twnhouse - 2 $1,260,000 Detached - 64 $1,240,000 $1,239,999 Semi-Detached - 23 $1,220,000 Duplex/Multi - 2 $1,200,000 HOUSE STYLE List Price 1 1/2 Storey - 8 Original Price Sold Price 2-Storey - 44 2 1/2 Storey - 0 3-Storey - 7 Bungaloft - 0 Bungalow - 27 Raised Bungalow - 3 Backsplit - 2 Other - 0 Here we compare two COMPARING 6-MONTH RANGE sets of 6-month sales OF AVERAGE SOLD PRICES averages from one year to the next to give us a Prev Yr Six Months (107 Sold) Current Six Months (91 Sold) better idea of market trends. 1,029,026 1,209,298 1,040,828 1,213,485 1,068,874 1,206,508 1,074,990 1,223,292 1,072,553 1,299,993 1,131,304 1,296,103 1,112,616 1,327,083 1,134,356 1,302,522 1,169,756 1,313,215 1,185,423 1,323,650 1,183,020 1,287,192 1,211,315 1,306,782 JUN/NOV JUL/DEC AUG/JAN SEP/FEB OCT/MAR NOV/APR DEC/MAY JAN/JUN FEB/JULY MAR/AUG APR/SEP MAY/OCT

*Updated November 1, 2021

As of October 31, 2021 2,000,000 25 1,800,000 1,600,000 1,744,002 1,663,679 20 1,400,000 1,332,490 1,429,400 1,200,000 1,318,5010,357,760 15 1,000,000 Average List Average Sold Price Price Average 10 800,000 Median Price 600,000 1,332,490 1,429,400 5 400,000 1,744,002 1,663,679 1,318,500 200,000 1,357,760 0 Percent Sold 0 Days Over on Alderwood Asking Toronto Market 8.6 Alderwood 21 Toronto 13 10 Alderwood Toronto Alderwood Toronto

Whenever you’re ready…here are 4 ways I can help: 1. GET PIN-POINT PRICING SCAN ME My favourite thing to do is show homeowners how much their house is really worth by using Pin-Point Pricing. Just call 1-(855)-781-8881 Ext 32 for a 24-Hr Recorded Message 2. TRY A ROOM-BY-ROOM REVIEW SCAN ME I’ll give you the scoop on what fixes, inside and outside, get you the biggest return for the lowest cost. Just call 1-(855)-781-8881 Ext 36 for a 24-Hr Recorded Message 3. DISCOVER WHERE YOU COULD MOVE: PLACES & PRICES I love showing people the realistic options they don’t realize they SCAN ME have. You might be surprised at how bright the future looks. Just call 1-(855)-781-8881 Ext 42 for a 24-Hr Recorded Message 4. GET ON THE SILENT MARKET LIST If you’re curious about how your home can benefit from being a part of the Silent Market list, Just call 1-(855)-781-8881 Ext 46 for a 24-Hr Recorded Message SCAN ME Yes, I am a realtor, but not a typical salesperson. Feel comfortable calling me at 416-551-6847 or email [email protected] Mark Gaudet Realtor EFFORTLESS MOVES Right At Home Realty Inc Broker 416-551-6847 [email protected]

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