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CONTENTS Environmental & Social Impact On Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) Introduction 03 01 Other Environmental (Non OUV) & Social Impact Of The Development Project 04 02 Development Plans

INDONESIA 5.180.053 KM² 273,8 514 Area Millions People Districts 17.500 Islands; 34 16.056 Islands Registered to UN Provinces SOUTH KOREA INDONESIA : 4.322 KM is tough, INDONESIAEAST NUSA TENGGARA : 7 Hours PROVINCE INDONEISA Source: Indonesian Statistics Agency, 2021 is growing

KOMODO NATIONAL PARK (KNP) LOCATED AREA 1980 1986 1.733 KM² West Manggarai Barat Regency, The Area was Received the UNESCO Biosphere East Nusa Tenggara Province, designated as a Reserve status in 1986 under the Indonesia National Park Man Bioasphere Program (MBA) East Nusa Tenggara Province Indonesia 1991 The site was inscribed as a World Heritage property. 3.141 12 KM² Subdistricts Source: Indonesian Statistics Agency, 2021 West Manggarai District

KOMODO NATIONAL PARK (KNP) | RINCA ISLAND 2017 Number of Visitors 381.000 Komodo National Park area has become one of the national strategic area to be 221.703 People developed as a leading for national economy based on biodiversity protection 44.492 51.618 (Suraji et al.,2020). 2010 2019 2020 2030 2019 Source: TNK, 2020 (Target) The Indonesia Government is developing an Integrated Tourism Master Plan in Labuan Bajo and Flores which includes Rinca Island Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) Tourism Infrastructures Development Loh Buaya – Rinca Island

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESMENT (EIA) ? Environmental Impact Assesment, which Impact Analysis hereinafter referred to as EIA, is the study of the significant impact of a Business and/or Activity that planned on the required living environment for the process of deciding on Operational business and/or activity. Source: Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia number 27 of 2012

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESMENT (EIA) Evaluation of the Identification of significance of the impacts residual impacts Prediction of the 03 01 characteristics of the main impacts 02

POLICIES Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia number 27 of 2012, regarding the Environmental Permit Decree of the Minister of Forestry Number 306/Kpts-II/92 dated February 29, 1992, regarding the establishment of Komodo National Park Decree of the Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation Number SK.21/IV-SET/2012 dated February 24, 2012, regarding the Description Of The Designation For Each Zoning

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