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Time Sifters Archaeology Society Newsletter January 2020

Published by Runjik Productions, 2020-01-07 09:53:48

Description: Time Sifters Archaeology Society Newsletter January 2020


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JANUARY-2020 PRESERVATION  EDUCATION  RESEARCH  INSPIRE Dear Member: We have a busy January. First we have the new dig starting on the 1st at the Manatee Minerals Spring Site in Bradenton sponsored by Reflections of Manatee. Followed on January 22 with our presentation “Archaeology Year in Review”. Ending the month on the 31st with an all day In-Depth Seminar on “Neanderthals & Early Humans” held at OLLI Ringling Life Long Learning’s new facility at the old Sarasota High School. Details about registration are on the website. Your dues are now due. Previously membership dues were collected on your anniversary date, but this has proven very hard to administer. So with that in mind, the Board changed the procedure so that all membership dues will be collected in January at our January presentation. Thank you for being a Time Sifters member. Darwin “Smitty” Smith, President [email protected] January 22, 6:00 PM - Selby Library, 1331 First St., Sarasota The Archaeology Year in Review Darwin “Smitty” Smith President, Time Sifters Archaeology Society This month we will discuss what was talked about in 2019 including Dig Hill 80, a WWI trench system discovered in Wijtschate, Belgium; A new Nabataean Sites Survey started in Saudi Arabia; A DNA Study of the Harappan Civilization in India; A story about more returned artifacts; Excavations on the Greek islet of Dhaskalio; Pre-Clovis discoveries in Pennsylvania; and nine of the 29 new members added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Dig Hill 80 M. Mcconaughy Cambridge Keros Project Richard Duebel Badisches Landesmuseum

Notes from a Time Sifter By Evelyn Mangie Time Sifters Board Member Archaeological Sites, A Blessing and A Curse It has been said that if you to help preserve historical sites. killed her and buried her body at scratch the earth in Italy, Florence’s Ferragamo fashion the foot of the rock. Some authors archaeological treasures pop out house pledged $817,000 for the report different details, but we (F. Isman, Abitari Mag izine,5/6,17). restoration of a wing of the Uffizi know that the Romans were eventually No one knows how many there Gallery in Florence, Fendi fashions victorious and they named the rock are, but UNESCO identifies more gave $4,000,000 to restore Rome’s for Tarpeia. Because it was associated sites in Italy than any other Trevi Fountain, and Tod’s shoe with treachery, the Romans used it country in the world. The Italian company gave $26,000,000 to to execute their most hated enemies by government keeps 145 sites restore the Roman colosseum. hurling them headfirst from the open to the public and takes Jeweler Bulgari gave $1,500,000 rock. If the 75-foot fall did not kill great pride in their heritage but to clean the Spanish Steps, and them outright, they were left die the advisor to Italy’s Culture in February, announced that they there at the bottom of the cliff as a Ministry admits that this heritage would spend an additional warning to high officials who might is “a blessing and a curse” $800,000 to restore the Largo di be contemplating power enhancement. because these sites need maintenance Torre Argentina, a square in Rome There was an old Roman saying, and even though tourists pay to that is the traditional site where “The Tarpeian Rock is close to the see the inside of many of these Julius Caesar was murdered. Capitol” meaning that even if you treasures, it is not enough. are very powerful, you are never far Happily, to the rescue comes Luxury fashion house Gucci paid from a fall, “the Corporate Medicis”, a to revamp the sixteenth century and indeed, name coined by reporters Gaia Boboli Gardens in Florence and some very Pianigiani and Jim Yardly of the recently has agreed to provide prominent New York Times for several exclusive nearly two million dollars to restore the leaders Italian luxury businesses that are Tarpeian Rock in Rome, a steep were offering to donate millions to help cliff on the southern summit of the thrown off preserve Italy’s cultural heritage. Capitoline Hill overlooking the Forum the rock Private funding is common in the and not far from the Colosseum. after being convicted of crimes U.S., but not in Italy where the The gift to restore the rock and its against the government. Dionysius government was hesitant to use surroundings was especially urgent of Halicarnassus tells us in his other than government funds to because in 2007, pieces of rock Romaike Archaiologia (49, 94, 95) maintain their historic sites. Italian and clods of earth tumbled from that Spurius Cassius Viscellinus officials were critical when the the summit and the entire cliff was had been consul three times (502, mayor of Florence rented a 14th in danger of collapsing. Gucci’s gift will 493, and 486 B.C.E.) and celebrated century chapel to Morgan Stanley restore the gardens around the two triumphs, but in 485 BCE, he to hold a dinner party, and Rome’s Tarpeian cliff and sponsor the was accused of attempting to be a mayor alarmed preservationists for clearing of paths. A new lighting king. He was tried, convicted, and allowing the Rolling Stones to rent system will be installed so that pushed to his death from the Tarpeian the Circus Maximus for an outdoor visitors can safely visit the site Rock. Livy tells of another consul, concert. But the need is real, so and learn of its fascinating history Marcus Manlius Capitollinus, who in 2014, the Italian Culture Minister that is recorded in ancient documents. had been honored for his heroic decided to allow a tax deduction Livy tells us in his History of Rome stand against the Gauls in 390 to encourage private donations. (Book 1) that Tarpeia, a vestal virgin, BCE, but was later convicted of It worked and many Italian companies opened the city gates to an enemy “aspiring to kingly power” and are now making large donations of Rome, the Sabines, who then Continued on page 3...

News & Events January 11 & 25 - 10:00 AM “Sarasota Historic Trolley Tours” by Sue Blue Departs/Returns Crocker Memorial Church, Sarasota We also can host private tours for groups up to 30 participants; call us at 941-364-9076 or email us at [email protected] for details. $35 Per Person – Reservations Required. Continued from page 2 ... Archaeological Sites, A Blessing and A Curse thrown from the cliff. His death the victors marching with prisoners reminds the public that “The was memorialized in a 16th century and treasures they took from the eternal city comes with an eternal fresco in Palazzo Pubbilco of Siena. Temple in Jerusalem. Giora was maintenance bill” The executions went on until 70 thrown from the Tarpeian Rock at (PBS News, 9/3/17) CE when the last victim, Simon the end of the march. Italy’s Cultural Minister hopes to bar Giora, was thrown from the lure foreign donations also. Recently, rock. Josephus tells us in hiFsigure 1 TFihguereT2arpeian Rock is only one exam- he told several Wars of the Jews, Book 2, ch. 19, ple of the many diplomats from that Giora was a peasant leader of historic sites that are around the world a Judean rebel group that fought being preserved by “We simply cannot against the Romans during the the Corporate manage by First Jewish-Roman War (66-73 Medicis. The mayor ourselves; I BCE). He was taken prisoner in of Rome is thankful don’t think this Jerusalem and brought to Rome for the involvement of is a responsibility where he was displayed during Gucci that will no that belongs to the triumphal procession for doubt help to gener- Rome or Romans Titus and Vespasian. That march ate a lot of interest in only — it belongs is remembered in the Arch of Titus the restored area. He to mankind”. in Rome (built 81 CE). The relief welcomes the (pictures from the on the west side of the arch shows donations and Kahn Academy and The Local Newsletter) Officers: Board of Directors Copyright © 2020 Darwin \"Smitty\" Smith, President Time SiftersArchaeologySociety,Inc., Sherry Svekis, Vice President Directors: Evelyn Mangie All rights reserved. Marion Almy, Secretary Dorothy Cascio Don Nelson We send newsletters to people Laura Harrison, Treasurer Steven Derfler who have attended or expressed Karen Jensen, Membership interestin our lecturesand given us their email address.

Membership Speakers & Events Calendar Lifetime: $350 Unless noted, all will be held at 6:00 PM Individual: $25 Selby Library, 1331 First St., Sarasota 34236 Family: $35 Student: $10 January 31, 2020 - 9:30 to 3:00 at OLLI Life Long Learning Supporting $40 In-Depth Series … Neanderthals & Early Humans: An all day Workshop on our early Ancestors Pay online at: Dr. Edward Gonzalez-Tennant See website for details and registration information. Or mail checks to: Time Sifters, Inc. February 19, 2020 PO Box 5283 Kolomoki Mounds: One of the Largest earliest Woodland Sarasota, FL. 34277 Period earthwork mound complexes in the SE USA Dr. Thomas Pluckhahn March 18, 2020 Santa Cruz de Guadalquini Mission: A Spanish Mission near Jacksonville, Florida Dr. Keith Ashley Time Sifters Archaeology Society P. O. Box 5283, Sarasota, FL 34277

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