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Bloomsbury Newsletter, April 2021

Published by edwintdc, 2021-06-04 04:42:30

Description: Bloomsbury International School Hatyai Newsletter, April 2021


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Newsletter, April 2021 Bloomsbury International School Hatyai | Issue 2

Principal's message A year ago we were all going into a time with so many unknowns. It is amazing how much things have changed and how through this year we have learned a lot about ourselves, our community and our world. Here at Bloomsbury, the students continue to amaze and inspire me every day. Their commitment to keep one another healthy, their maturity to follow the expectations and the support they provide to one another is beyond compare. We have an amazing group of individuals here and watching them grow gives me hope for our future. Our belief, here at Bloomsbury, is that each child can be nurtured to be the best they can be and that every person in the school is part of that process, both students and adults. As the second term wraps up and the shorter Spring break approaches, remember to take the time you need for yourselves and for your family. As of right now, there are some concerns over out breaks in Bangkok, so please be careful if you travel there not to get caught out by extra quarantine restrictions. We hope that you enjoy the next week, have an enjoyable Songkran and start the Thai New Year with vigour and determination to do well in every aspect of our lives, not just academically. Finally, on a personal note I would just like to say how lucky I feel working here amongst dedicated professionals and caring families in this most lovely of places to live, Hatyai. Thank you all for your care, attention and kind words, I know they are always appreciated by the staff and leadership team alike. Happy Songkran!!

thai director's message Greetings from Bloomsbury International School Hatyai! First of all, I would like to thank Khun Pimjun Senneam, the School Licensee and Mr. John Calvert, the Principal for giving me a valuable opportunity to return to be BISH’s Thai director and school manager. Since I left the school in October 2020, I can see a bright future ahead as the school has embarked on its major educational development with different new policies that can enhance the individual student to be an ambitious, thoughtful and open-minded school community member as well as global citizen through the school’s RITE of passage: Respect, Internationalism, Teamwork and Excellence. This gives me a firm belief that BISH’s advancement will continue to forward with togetherness of all school community members. Therefore, I regard my return as great privilege and pleasure to be part of the school leader team that works together to continually nurture our students with the intelligence, vitality, globally heartfelt mind and leadership;and achieve to the best of their ability.

Foodhouse starting term 3 You all know that we care deeply about our students and we want them to enjoy themselves as much as they can in school. We are so happy to announce that we now have world class catering facilities starting after Easter. We have been working closely with the company to ensure our menus and food quality are of the very highest standards. We are the only International School in Hatyai that has such amazing catering. I know that we are all terribly excited to tuck into the fantastic food next term. Beginning next term, we will be teaching the children how to eat properly using a knife and fork. We believe this is important because the children might be invited to a business meeting or visiting a friends house and they need to be confident in using a knife and fork with people from other cultures. School is the place to learn and we believe that a good school should do much more than just teach English and Maths. Next time you go to a fancy restaurant, hopefully, you will see the results!

Kate and Poppy It is with sadness that Year 6 said goodbye to Miss Kate last week. She has safely arrived in Madrid and sends her best wishes. However, Miss Poppy Wells has arrived and is currently in quarantine. She is very excited to be joining the school. I know that you will all wish to make her feel welcome when she arrives next term. For those of you who don’t know her background; she has been working in a great school in London - RGPS, she has been a Y1 teacher for most of her career and will be teaching Year 1 next year. She has been completing her Master’s Degree in Education through University College London; she received a First Class Honours Bachelors of Education Degree through the prestigious Greenwich University, she has delivered a TED talk in London and she was awarded the prestigious London Teacher of the Year Award 2019. We are very lucky to have her join us. However, please allow her a little time to settle in as she has never lived abroad before so any kind parents that can help her in anyway please don’t be shy.

house competitions every term Mr Scott has started to run house competitions again. Every term in PE, we teach different sports. Starting this term the children will compete at the end to see which house is the best. This was great fun this term, we played basketball. Every house had willing supporters on the side cheering them on. The games were very close, with only a score or two between each team. The winning house team this term was Newton. But particularly pleasing was the way in which the pupils played their hardest and everyone supported each other whether they won or lost. It is great to see such good sportsmanship, well done Mr Scott for organizing these events so well and laying out the expectations so clearly. Great fun was had by all. Primary house competition The primary school also held their Termly Education Olympics. These events were great fun, hard work and the pupils did ever so well. They competed in spelling bees, times tables quizzes and other events. Next term, there will be more events for them to compete in. Turner won this event, but special mention must go to some other pupils who won their sections namely Theo, Porche, Ploysai and Sandra.

Art We are truly blessed to have such a fantastic Art teacher that works at Bloomsbury, Ms Sandra Duncan. The work that her students produce is nothing short of extraordinary. We have photographed some of the students work for your enjoyment. In more normal times, we would be setting up an Art Exhibition. Unfortunately, these are not normal times. But if you ever have to come into school make sure you wander down the corridor to have a look at the fantastic work on display.

BISH Basketball Squad Run Out Of Time! On the 30th March 2021, BISH Basketball Squad travelled to SIH to play a Basketball match. Despite the match being competitive, it was played in a friendly spirit and we displayed great sportsmanship, as you would expect of Bloomsbury. BISH basketball squad travelled together by coach, and there was a feeling of excitement in the air. After all, this was our first competitive match for a year. SIH are known to be great at Basketball, it is their strongest sport, so BISH knew we had our work cut out. But it was our time to showcase the skills and improved basketball ability we had worked on all term, so enthusiastically. The match was separated into 4 x 10 minute quarters. The first 10 minute quarter, both teams played their A teams; with the strongest 5 players available. The score after the first quarter was 6:6 despite BISH players overcoming a lot of adversities — the basketball court was bigger than we had practiced on, the basketball hoops were taller and the backboards bounced differently. In the next 2 quarters we gave all of our squad a run out, the chance to represent our school, but this saw SIH develop a very imposing lead. The deficit at this point looked impossible to overcome. Despite trailing by a large deficit, (30:14) the BISH players still carried themselves with dignity and pride. With 5 minutes left on the clock, and a massive deficit to claw back, BISH had finally given all the players a fair amount of game time. It was time to put the strongest 5 players back on the court. The increased level of performance from BISH was incredible. Point after point, we were slowly making the deficit smaller and smaller. But time was running out. Our players were now playing fearlessly and SIH couldn’t keep up. Unfortunately, the full-time whistle came too early for our BISH players and we lost 41:33. If you consider the score when only our strongest team faced theirs we would have won, but over all we lost because we gave more players a chance to play. Something we are proud of doing. BISH Basketball Coach Mr. Scott Ritchie said “I am very pleased with the players. The level of performance was of a very high standard from both teams and the sportsmanship displayed was admirable. I look forward to doing it again sometime.” Many thanks go to Mr Chang and Wright for all their coaching and support on the day too.

Vision and values We are proud to announce that the school have updated the vision and values statements for the school. We as a staff met to write down what the school meant for us. What the school stood for and how we wanted the pupil’s in this school to develop. Then students read what we had written and changed what they believed the school stood for. After that a selection of parents spoke about what Bloomsbury meant to them. We took this to the board and finally the staff read it again. All of this collaborative work has meant we now have a new vision and values for the school. We feel that these are easier for the pupils and parents to understand. We also feel that these reflect more closely what stakeholders feel are the reasons why Bloomsbury is special. A rite of passage is something a child does when they are old enough to be trusted to do it alone, for example riding a bike is a rite of passage, going to the shops alone, end of school prom. All of these things are a rite of passage. We hope you like and agree with our beliefs as so much collaboration has gone into making them our own. Values We believe at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai that every child can and should achieve to the best of their ability. We believe in an inspiring curriculum based upon the latest educational research; delivered by a truly professional team of expert staff in all departments. We believe that pupils should not only achieve excellent results but develop into well-rounded, happy, thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. We are proud of our mix of cultures as it makes us stronger, more globally minded and culturally aware. Mission To create an inclusive community, that together nurtures and inspires students towards individual growth, excellence and lifelong learning. Vision In this school we value the child as an individual, as part of the school community and as a global citizen; a place where we foster ambitious, thoughtful, open-minded students. We do this through our RITE of passage. Respect ·We respect and value our local culture in Hatyai, nationwide, and our international diversity ·We care for our environment and are responsible for our actions ·We respect our teachers both at home and in school, our peers and especially ourselves ·We lead respectfully, follow dutifully and individually we are resilient Internationalism ·We are open-minded global citizens ·We are inclusive in our words, thoughts and deeds ·We celebrate, through clear understanding, traditions and customs ·We value our diversity as it inspires creativity and new ideas Teamwork ·We support and encourage each other, always ·We enjoy each other’s company and seek fun in all we do ·We value empathy and encourage social responsibility ·We enjoy and celebrate other’s achievements Excellence ·We achieve our goals with support and considered coaching ·We display a willingness to learn and a determination to never quit ·We strive for success, for the intrinsic joy of achievement ·We are disciplined, hardworking and incredibly forgiving of mistakes

Mr khosak leaving Dr kantarin coming back Last term, Mr Khosak left the school due to ill health and we wished him well for his recovery and thanked him for his hard work when he was with us. But it is our true pleasure to welcome back Dr Kantarin. Many of you remember her dynamism, her dedication to the job and her knowledge of what good education is all about. We are looking forward to her continuing to march the school forward. She rightly never accepts poor quality and so the school will continue on its journey of rapid improvement. Welcome back to the team! Thai Teacher We are proud to announce that we have a new Thai teacher starting after the Songkran holiday. Her name is Miss Saranya Panturat (Kru Koy) and she is an experienced teacher of Thai. She has been working in local schools for some time and has developed a good reputation for being an excellent teacher. She will work with Nursery to Year 2.

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