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Published by Jeshua Marey Dela Cruz, 2021-06-18 06:46:34

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ANNUAL REPORT 2020 THERE IS St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. A HERO IN ALL OF US St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. 2020 Annual Report

Thank you for your generosity! At the heart of the work of the St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. are the Filipino people, a nation deserving of access to quality healthcare. 2020 was a momentous year for all.

Vision Mission Equal access to quality To generate resources healthcare, greater to sustain charitable, educational, and social opportunities for medical welfare programs, and education, sustained support provide support for research and continuing medical for medical research and education, and to promote training, to benefit the the well-being of poor, marginalized, underprivileged Filipinos. and gifted Filipinos.

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Last year, we had come to face-to-face with a tense and tumultuous year. The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed catastrophe on humankind. The healthcare industry, situated at the core of the battle, was shaken and tested. Healthcare workers were pushed to the forefront to brave the crisis. St. Luke’s Medical Center was forced to deal with the reckoning. This time saw long days and nights at the hospital’s Intensive Care Units— which stretched on for weeks and months mounted with great uncertainty and fear. Yet during this most pivotal of times, the community’s resolve to rise above the uncertainties remained unwavering. Leaders made admirable decisions that would prioritize the health and wellbeing of the patients, the people and the healthcare workers. The challenges proved that we are a unit that truly works as one family. The St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation provided a big push in these efforts by proactively extending assistance in whatever way possible when and for whom it matters most. The extraordinary time had driven the Foundation to stretch its budget to almost double in size so it can accomplish the demands of extraordinary measures while it continues discharging its existing programs. This had ultimately built us stronger to tackle tough times in the future and sustain us even longer in fulfilling our Vision of giving the underserved and marginalized Filipinos access to quality healthcare. Sincerely, FREDERICK Y. DY ARTURO S. DE LA PEÑA, MD, FPCS, FACS Chairman of the Board President 01

Core Programs An Emergency 03 Medical Social Flagship Program is Born Service Programs Provide care for those most During the height of the pandemic, the Foundation in need through our Medical met surmounting demands for its mandate to serve the Social Service Programs underserved’s healthcare needs. To cater to the Filipino people, the Foundation doubled up its funding to optimize 05 Medical Outreach its healthcare services’ benefits. As a response to the Programs unfolding crisis, the Foundation mounted its COVID-19 Reach out to Emergency Response Program. the underserved communities We established this program to contribute to the national through our Medical efforts in (1) helping the healthcare sector increase its Outreach Programs capacity to serve patients affected by the virus and (2) assist in the survival struggle of the people and families who are economically impacted. #slmcfoundationvscovid19 Budget Hits the Roof 07 Medical Scholarship Programs The shock and shell wrought by the pandemic dramatically Hone bright minds and shape propelled the Foundation’s 2020 budget to shoot from the original projection of P20 million to P40 million. This year, the future of medicine by the Foundation was able to receive a total of P59 million in offering Medical Scholarship donations. This money was used to support more people in need and allowed the Foundation to once more lean into Programs its four-pillar core programs: Social Service, Education, Research and Outreach. 09 Medical Research & Development Support doctors and scientists in their passion for discovery and innovation by funding Medical Research and Development 02

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Medical Social Service Many families seek refuge in St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Social Service office, where they find hope through financial aid and treatment at lower costs. Many beneficiaries will leave full of gratitude, thankful for a second chance at a better life. While the Social Service Program slowed down during the early days of the crisis because of the prevailing strict health protocols, it gained much of its lost ground at the year’s closing months. The general social service program, cancer, cataract, heart and derma and infectious disease specialty programs under it closed the year in much the same magnitude in terms of number of patients and funding size. In 2020, the Foundation allotted a total ofP15million to social service program that helped a total of 236 patients. These patients receive a range of quality services that include screening, diagnostics and laboratory procedures, surgeries, hospitalization, medication and medical management. All of the beneficiaries of this program had good prognoses and are now either in stable condition or had returned to their normal, if not better, quality of life. 03

2020 120 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 Php 15,025,465 45 dedicated to social Cancer Patients 40 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. service programs Cataract Patients 24 236 Skin and Infectious Disease Patients total number of patients served for Medication and Diagnostic Procedures 7 various illnesses of Patients with various conditions Cardio Patients 04

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Medical Outreach Programs The medical outreach program of the Foundation received an enormous increase in value due to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Program. The budget quadrupled to allow the Foundation to help those affected by the virus in a large community of healthcare workers, families and individuals. It provided protection, food and fuel for the medical frontliners, food for the starving families, and learning tools to displaced poor students. To achieve a bigger impact to its effort to respond to the pandemic, it donated dozens of beds to the Philippine General Hospital to boost the capacity of the public healthcare facilities to serve patients. At the same time, the Foundation provided medical supply and services to the families and patients affected by Taal Volcano eruption, food, hygiene and other essential supply to the poor communities and the elderly, and preventive health medicine education to 4Ps beneficiary families of the Department of Social Welfare and Development for its ongoing Community Adoption. 05

7,673 2020 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 total number of beneficiaries Php 12,853,653 total alloted to outreach program St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. 50 units Hospital Beds for PGH 06

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Medical Scholarship Program The Foundation reached a milestone for garnering the most extensive batch of scholars in 2020. Twelve new freshman medical students received full scholarships, and seven received partial scholarships. Including other active scholars, this brings the total number of Foundation scholars in the St. Luke’s College of Medicine to 35—the biggest in history. The pursuit of medicine is not an easy path for all. The long years of study often makes it inaccessible to students from underprivileged backgrounds, who cannot afford to go many years without being heavily burdened financially not only to them but also to their families. The Foundation acknowledges the gap of the lack of access to quality education for all. Thus, medical scholarships were made and have been a cornerstone of their work, allowing truly remarkable students to live their dreams of becoming a doctor. 07

2020 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 Php 8,809,064 6 7%dedicated to scholarships St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. and continuing medical education higher than 2019 35total number of student beneficiaries 28 Full Scholars 7 Half-Scholars 08

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Medical Research & Development More than ever, 2020 proved that it is crucial to dive into medical research and development that allows skilled doctors and scientists to contribute to the global field. For the St. Luke’s Medical Center, 2020 saw the new Breast Cancer Research Project’s birth through a grant that consequently doubled up funding compared to the previous year. For decades, breast cancer has been one of the leading causes of death among women. This project is expected to shed light for us to understand better and improve medical intervention outcomes of the disease. 09

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 2020 St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. Php 900,000 allotted to medical research 200% increase compared to last year Long Road to Service While program expenses shot up exponentially, administrative costs remained constant. The modest operational and administrative funding requirement of the Foundation has been one of its salient attributes, earning its donors’ trust and the seal of approval of its various accrediting agencies. The year 2020 has allowed the Foundation to leave its mark in charity and social welfare, shining best during a time when the Filipino people needed them the most. More than ever, the Foundation is now more primed to carry St. Luke’s long tradition of fulfilling its mission of giving the underserved and unserved equal access to quality healthcare. 10

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 2020 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS HIGHLIGHTS St. Luke's Medical Center Foundation, Inc. (A non-stock, non-profit organization) Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balances As at December 31, 2020 and 2019 (All amounts in Philippine Peso) Notes 2020 2019 ASSETS 14,368,200 - St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc. General assets 2 3,188,720 - Current assets 2 18,369,286 6 4,500,000 16,414 Cash and cash equivalents 14,384,614 Short-term placements 66,713 Due from a related party 26,124,719 228,000 Other receivables 14,612,614 4 156,000 Total current assets 26,280,719 69,463,751 Non-current assets 100,039,565 17,334,371 Equipment, net 169,393,033 2,589,883 172,093,199 Total general assets 1,025,646 186,705,813 3 187,753,050 Restricted assets 1,206,031 Cash and cash equivalents 214,033,769 Short-term placements 14,215,821 Accrued interest income 171,283,961 185,499,782 Total restricted assets 186,705,813 Total assets LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES Current liabilities 5 6,133,297 Accounts payable and accrued expenses 24,950,629 Fund balances 3 182,949,843 General fund Restricted fund 207,900,472 214,033,769 Total fund balances Total liabilities and fund balances (The notes on pages 1 to 12 are integral part of these financial statements) St. LukeS'ts. MLuekdeic'saMl Ceednictearl CFeonutnedraFtioounn,dIantci.on, ISnt.cL. uke's Medical Center Foundation, Inc. (A non-s(tAocnko,nn-osnto-pckro, fnitonor-pgaronfiiztaotirogna)nization) (A non-stock, non-profit organization) StatemenStastoefmTeontatsl CofoTmoptrael hCeonmsipvreeIhnecnosmive Income Statements of Total Comprehensive Income For the yFeoarrstheendyeadrDs encedmedbeDre3c1e,m2b0e2r03a1n, 2d0220019and 2F0o1r9the years ended December 31, 2020 and 2019 (All amo(uAnltlsaimnoPuhniltispipninPehPiliepspoi)ne Peso) (All amounts in Philippine Peso) 2020 2020 2019 201290 General GeneRreasl tricteRdestricted General GeneRreasl tricteRdestricted Gene fu Notes Notes fund fufnudnd(Noftuen3d) (Note 3) Total NTootteasl fund fufnudnd(Noftuen3d) (Note 3) Total Total 9,377,2 ReceiptsReceipts Receipts 42,2 DonationDonation Donation 31,845,49371,845,2479,7234,00207,234,5090,0079,49579,079,49,7377,233719,834757,642493,7500,0026074,253040,7030,0877,2357739,08797,42937 9,419,4 Interest inInctoemreest income Interest in2c, o3me 2, 3238,420 238,42,0736,4302,736,423,0974,8502,974,28,530 42,247 23482,42342,07244,29523,723464,4239,05286,54223,927846,855402 (3,500,0 (1,074,5 Total receTioptasl receipts Total receipts32,083,91372,083,2991,7970,43209,970,6423,0054,34672,054,394,7419,483429,048139,694718,74744,2926597,977404,742739,05163,7767972,015643,374779 (3,381,9 ExpenseEsxpenses Expenses (300,0 CharitableChaanrditasbolceiaalnwdeslfoacreial welfare Charitable and social welfare (8,256,4 Social seSrvoicceiasl services Social services (3,215,61(03),215(,161,08)09,8(5151),809(,185,50)25,4(6155),025,4(36,55)00,02(93),251050(,160012,096)96,7(41501),860996(,18745,51)96,7(71454),012956,476754) (1,459,4 (266,4 OutreachOpurotrgeraacmhsprograms Outreach program(1s1,673,8(2111),673,8(12,11)79,83(21),179(,1823,28)53,6(5132),853,6(15,30)74,5(21(81),60734,85(12,183)85,04(11),137895,08(243,214)59,5(61(92),84539,565639) (19,7 (252,6 ScholarshSipchaonladrschoinptiannudingcomnteinduicinagl emduecdaictaiolnedguracnattsion graSntcsholarship and co(3n,t4in9u4in,2g0(m33),e4d9ic4a,2(l 50e,3d3)u1c4a,8ti6o(1n5),g3r1a4n,t8(s86,18)09,06(48),809,0(36,43)81,90(33),439841,29(10,38)96,62(651),381946,68(526,162)78,52(985),820798,506249) (1,998,2 ResearchRaensdeadrecvhealonpdmdeenvtelopment Research and develo(9p0m0e,0n0t 0)(900,000) - (9- 00,000)(900,00(03)00,000)(3900,000) - (3- 00,000)(9300,000) (10,254,7 Total chaTriotatablechaanrditasbolceiaalnwdeslfoacreiael wxpeelfnasresexpenses Total charitab(1le9,a2n8d3,s6o(31c49ia),2l w83e(,l16fa83r,4e3)0e4x,p5(e41n88s),e3s04(,3574,85)88,1(8327),588,1(8,22)56,4(61(098),28536(,16436,409)78,4(11238),390748(,254241,822)34,8(732272),528384,18872) (835,2 AdministrAadtivmeineisxtpreantivsesexpenses Administrative expenses (835,2 Salaries Salaries Salaries (1,586,25(81),586,258) - (1,5- 86,25(81),586,2(15,84)59,41(71),548569,245187) - (1,4- 59,41(71),458569,425187) AdvertisinAgdavenrdtisminagrkaentidngmarketing Advertising and mark(1e1ti2n,g600)(112,600) - (1- 12,600)(112,60(02)66,445)(216162,464050) - (2- 66,445)(121626,460405) Taxes anTdapxeersmaitnsd permits Taxes and permits (22,092) (22,092) - -(22,092) (22,092()19,743) (2192,079423) - -(19,743) (2192,709423) Others Others Others (344,525)(344,525) - (3- 44,525)(344,52(52)52,665)(235424,65625) - (2- 52,665)(324542,65265) Total admTiontisatlradtivmeineisxtpreantivsesexpenses Total administra(2ti,v0e65e,x4p7e(52n),s0e6s5,475) - (2,0- 65,47(52),065,4(17,59)98,27(021),096958,42750) - (1,9- 98,27(012),906958,24750) Total opeTraottianlgoepxepraetninsgesexpenses Total operatin(g2e1x,3p4e9n,s1(e02s91),349(,180,93)04,5(4188),304(,3594,86)53,6(5379),653(,1605,72)54,7(321010),324594(,1730,099)78,4(11238),390748(,25441,822)33,1(432294),62533,615472) Excess (Edexfciecsiesn(cdye)foicfierencceyi)potsf roevceeripetxspoevnesresexfpoer nthsesyEefoaxrctehsesy(deaerficienc1y0),7o3f4r,e8c01e80i,p7t3s4o,18v10e,8r66e5xp,8e81n21s,e6s65f,o28r28t,24h0e0y,6e9a20r2,400,69(0835,24160)(,87354,5284306,87)65,8815313,6765,5828,23930,632572,49030,69307 Other coOmtphreerhceonmsipvreeihnecnosmivee income Other comprehensive incom- e - - -- -- -- -- - Total comToptraelhceonmsipvreeihnecnosmivee(ilnocsosm) feor(ltohsesy) efoar the yeaTr otal comprehen1s0iv,7e3i4n,c8o01m80,e73(l4o,s18s10),86f6o5r,t8h81e21y,6e6a5r,2828,2400,69202,400,69(0835,24160)(,87354,5284306,87)65,8815313,6765,5828,23930,632572,49030,69307 (The not(eTshoennpoatgeesso1ntpoa1g2esar1etion1t2egarrael ipnatretgorfalthpeasret foi(fnTtahnecsnieaolftisentsatnoencmiapelansgtesas)te1mtoen12tsa)re integral part of these financial statements) 1 1 Statements are audited by Isla Lipana & Co.

eral Restricted 2019 BOARD OF TRUSTEES und fund (Note 3) Frederick Y. Dy, Chairman Total 237 64,500,000 Atty. Cirilo P. Noel, Vice Chairman 247 3,244,295 73,877,237 Arturo S. De La Peña, MD, FPCS, FACS 484 67,744,295 3,286,542 Atty. Alonzo Q. Ancheta 77,163,779 Lenora A. Cabili Atty. Nilo B. Peña 029) (10,696,745) (14,196,774) 528) (1,385,041) (2,459,569) Amando M. Tetangco, Jr. 903) (1,896,626) (5,278,529) Edison G. Yap 000) - (300,000) 460) Melissa R. Aquino, Independent Trustee (13,978,412) (22,234,872) 417) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 445) - (1,459,417) Arturo S. De La Peña, MD, FPCS, FACS, President 743) - (266,445) 665) - (19,743) Edison G. Yap, Treasurer 270) - (252,665) REGULAR STAFF 730) - 246) (13,978,412) (1,998,270) Jude C. Trinidad, Foundation Manager 53,765,883 (24,233,142) Maria Flordilisa Callueng, Finance and Administrative Officer - - 52,930,637 246) 53,765,883 VOLUNTEER STAFF - Joyce Laramina K. Nazario, Resource Generation Director 52,930,637 Aileen M. Malto, Finance Director Marites B. Lontabo, Finance Manager James Roy C. Pascual, Deputy Finance Manager Dawn A. Garcia, Finance Volunteer Niña Mirrela C. Bautista, Resource Generation Officer

St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

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