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PUBLISHED BY ALBERTA abgym.ab.caGYMNASTICS FEDERATIONFlipOSN TiHdEeAPRIL2015 AGF fee – what’s it for? 3 AGF insurance 411 3 JUDGING 101 7AGFWHAT ISGetpaidtoplay 9 Page 2

April 2015WHAT is the “Alberta Gymnastics Federation”?The Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) is an compliance with guidelines arise from those priorities. organization, setting organization comprised of regulations and rules. Responsibility for achieving policies, ensuring adequate • Mutual respect between and among objectives and conducting the day- planning for both strategic andrecreational and competitive gymnastics athletes, coaches, judges, clubs, to-day business of the Federation is annual operation plans, makingclubs throughout Alberta. It is the disciplines, administrators and assigned to the staff. certain appropriate resourcesgoverning body for gymnastics in volunteers. The Federation consists of 11 are in place to meet needs of theAlberta. AGF exists to provide a range AGF strongly believes in equitable Directors, six Board of Directors who organization and working closelyof information and resources to the access to opportunities for personal are elected by the AGF membership at with the President/CEO and themember clubs, including gymnasts, success and development as well as AGFthe Annual General Meeting and five staff to deliver the objectives andathletes, coaches, and judges. The the fun, fitness and fundamentals of high quality services and programs tomember clubs “are” the AGF. gymnastics – the pursuit of excellence. Technical Chairpersons who are electedour membership and participants. at the various Technical Assemblies. AGF believes that gymnastics should As a volunteer directed, Not For Directors also chair and participatebe a positive experience for all and that Profit agency, AGF functions under Specific positions on the Board in the various standing committees.every member is entitled to a safe and the guidance of an elected Board of include: President, Vice-President,respectful sporting environment. Directors. Women’s, Men’s, Trampoline, If you are interested in learning more Recreation and Acro Technical Chairs/ about the AGF Board, please email We value honesty and integrity as The Board is responsible for Representatives. current Board Chairperson, Sherridemonstrated through: determining the strategic priorities Taylor at [email protected]. of the Federation and identifying the The AGF Board focuses on a number • T eam work, cooperation, of key areas each year: determining the the fostering of respect, and primary organizational objectives that mission and monitoring focus of the  Frequently asked questions Does AGF offer any Does AGF offer programs to any Does AGF offer grants to AGF STAFF gymnastics class? of the schools in Alberta? athletes or coaches? President/CEO: Scott Hayes NO, AGF is NOT a gymnastics YES, AGF offers “Kids Can YES, our members qualify for a Women’s Program: Krista Morris club, therefore we do not offer any Move” Program for kids from number of grants through our Men’s Program, Trampoline & Tumbling Program type of gymnastics classes. You will Kindergarten through Grade 7. sponsors including our partner, and Acro Program: Derek Hanson need to contact a gym club in your We bring gymnastics to your school The Alberta Sport Connection, as Recreational Gymnastics/Kids Can Move: area to find out what class is best for and even though your school only well as the Coaching Association of your children. However, AGF does has minimal equipment, we can still Heather Sjostrom offer courses for gymnastics coaches make your gymnastics curriculum Canada (CAC). For details: Education (NCCP) Program: Gina Peake and judges. fun and engaging. Special Events: Robin McDougall How can I be sure I receive Membership & Finances: Kenda London Is everyone covered under What does 3rd Level all correspondences AGF insurance? Consulting do for clubs? from AGF? Communications: Molly Fang ACTIVEnet: Jacqueline Escobar YES, AGF’s insurance coverage 3rd Level Consulting can help If you suspect you missed any emails Technical Admin Support: Joanna Low extends to parents of registered your gymnastics club increase its from AGF, be sure to check out Women’s Program Assistant: Carolyn Foster members, as well as the Board profitability and efficiency. All our Program’s Communications of Directors of the club. Parents Archive or Membership’s AGF’s website contains alot of acting as chaperones are also covered AGF member clubs receive Communication Archive at information; be sure to check out providing they are involved in an FREE access to the Bronze Level or follow us on all the activity related to the member club.; all related memos can social media platforms for the most membership. For details, visit be downloaded from there. current updates on all AGF happenings!2

Membership ON THE FLIPSIDEguarantees support andimproves club excellence Why do I need to pay the AGF fee ?The primary role of the Federation is to • G rants, funding support letters & funding provide administrative support in the through partnering organizations As a parent, you may wonder why you need development and delivery of programs, to pay for an “AGF Fee” when you sign upand competitions in Recreational Gymnastics, • Input into operation & policy development with a gymnastics club. Think of the AGFNational Coaching Certification Programs, • ActiveNet on-line registration membership as support for your club and each of itsWomen’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, 2. Events and Activities: members including your gymnasts, coaches, and ourTrampoline and Tumbling, Acro Gymnastics and • Courses judges.Special Events. • Recreation events • Conferences & seminars With more than 80 member clubs and 55,000 In addition to ongoing support and plus members in Alberta, the Alberta Gymnasticscommunication through many available channels, Federation is a leader in assisting our member clubsAGF is committed to providing you with all achieve will need to run successful and enjoyable AGF Fee Structure break down:gymnastics programs across Alberta. Every athlete is required to pay an AGF Here is a list of the perks we provide to clubs as membership fee. The higher the level of the athlete,members: the more the AGF fee will be. AGF operates on a system similar to a ‘user pay’ concept. The higher the 1. Services and Resources: fee the more services the athlete will receive. •C lub management tools – 3rd Level Consulting, The AGF fees collected are utilized to offset • Regulation of coaching standards training camps, competition costs, coaching and • Comprehensive insurance package judging clinics, as well as member club support and • Comprehensive coach & volunteer screening additional membership services. • Sport & club promotion • Respect in Sport certification The current (2014-15) AGF fee structure can be broken down as follows:AGF insurance – 411 • Elite athlete: $225.00All AGF members are covered under the either or both bodily injury or property damage to • Competitive athlete: $150.00 AGF insurance policy through Toole Peet a third party both in terms of litigation costs and • P hysical Ability Testing: $75.00 Insurance. This policy provides YOU the the potential of damages awarded.member with: (Pre-competitive for Artistic/F.A.S.T. for T&T) 2. Sports Accident Policy, which provides • Recreational Member: $18.00 1. Comprehensive General Liability Policy: cash payment for specific types of injuries. Costs • Plus 5% GSTThe primary purpose of this insurance is to protect such as ambulance charges, and immediate “out of PLUS:the member clubs against the consequences of pocket” expenses related to an injury may also be • GCG (Gymnastics Canada) fee: $6.00their negligence, alleged or otherwise, resulting in provided through this coverage. • AGF Insurance fee: $3.45 For example, if your child is currently at P2 3. Club Directors and Officers Liability, level, your AGF fee will be: 150.00+7.5(GST)+ which provides 1 million dollars’ worth of 6.00(GCG fee)+3.45=166.95, total of $166.95. coverage for claims made against a board member Another example, if your child is doing for wrongful acts related to “corporate governance” recreational gymnastics at the Cangym level, such activities while serving in their capacity as a Club as Burgundy, your total AGF fee will be a lot less: board member. This will fund the defense and 18.00+0.9 GST+ 6.00+3.45=28.35, total of $28.35. settlement if need be. However, you might be thinking, “I pay more than what is stated.” Depending on the club you are For additional information as it pertains to the associated with, their adminstration fees are different AGF Insurance policies please visit: in regards to how each club operates, and those adminstrative fees get added on top of the AGF fee. Insurance. So, once you do a simple calculation, you can figure out the true AGF fee you are paying and the amount of the administration fee that your club is charging. 3

April 2015 Did You Know ... By Heather Sjostrom Recreational Gymnastics & Kids Can Move Coordinator W e all know how great the Offering workshops and financial as- and provide more for its members. sport of gymnastics is sistance to coaches that attend educa- Currently under development are: but did you know that it is tional opportunities outside the scope Special Needs Policy, guidelines and recognized by the Canadian of NCCP. coach education, the adoption of Ju- Sport for Life as one of three nior Olympics for advanced recreation foundation sports children should Funding is made available to teams athletes, revisions of the CanJump participate in to become physically to travel to Gymfest, Westerns/Cana- program and the creation of a new literate. dian and World Gymnaestrada. New awareness program to celebrate the mentorship opportunities have been sport we love and encourage more to AGF Member clubs offer a variety created to benefit individuals who join! of programming from tiny tots, are seen as developing leaders in their CanGym/CanJump and advanced rec club to work with some of our best in Did you know? There will be close to to performance/demo teams and adult the province. Gymfest is the premier 100 AGF recreation athletes travelling recreation. recreation event of the year, offering a to Helsinki, Finland as part of team weekend of workshops and a stage for Canada’s World Gymnaestrada contin- Did you know? AGF boasts more than teams to showcase their routines. gency. They will be participating in 50,000 members and recreation makes the largest single sport event, with up 94% of it. Did you know? AGF’s oldest regis- over 20,000 participants expected tered member is over 80 years old and to march in the opening ceremo- Alberta Gymnastics Federation sup- has represented Alberta and Canada nies. This is larger than the summer ports and assists in the delivery of this internationally. Olympics! diverse programming by encouraging professional development for coaches. AGF is always looking to improveReady for something fun and di erent for your GYMNASTICS curriculum? Have Kids CanMove visit your school! • Gymnastics based activities designed for K – grade 7 • Minimal equipment requirements • Trained and certi ed instructors teach your students while demonstrating how easy it can be to teach gymnastics For information regarding our resource material, professional development and in-class training sessions contact: Heather Sjostrom: [email protected] or 403-259-5549. 1-800-665-1010 (Alberta only) Stay in touch with AGF through our website: to get the latest on news, events and courses, or follow AGF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s something for everyone!4

lip, Jump ON THE FLIPSIDEGrip & Roll WAG Overview of the Men’s (MAG) & Women’s Women’s Gymnastics (WAG) has several competitive levels (WAG) Artistic Gymnastics in Alberta in Alberta. It’s up to each club to determine where their athletes will enter the competitive system, and what theirMen’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) in Alberta has a very long end goals will be. and successful history with many Olympians, including Kyle Shewfelt’s Gold Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games! In Alberta we have a three tiered structure.Although the competitive system and rules may change over the years, 1. Pre-Competitive – Clubs can create their own program or followAlberta will always be a force in Men’s Gymnastics. an existing testing program, such as LEAP. AGF does not mandate the use of any particular pre-comp program. In Alberta we currently have a two tiered structure. 2. Provincial – There are five levels in the Canadian Provincial 1. Provincial Pathway– There are 6 levels in the Provincial Pathway Program (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5). This program can be a stepping stone towards eventual National or High Performance (HP) competition, Program (Prov 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Open). or it can be where an athlete spends their entire career. Athletes in 2. E lite Pathway –There are five levels in the Elite Pathway (Elite 3, the provincial level can attend Invitationals, AGF-Sanctioned events including Zones (P1-P3) and Provincial Championships (P2-P5), Elite 4, Novice, Junior and Senior). Alberta Winter Games (P2-P4), Western Canadian Championships 3. Levels that can attend certain Competitions: (P5), Western Canada Summer Games (P5). 3. National – at the national level there are two streams: • Invitationals – all levels can attend • N ational (divided by age into Pre Novice Aspire, Pre Novice Elite, • Provincials – all levels can attend • W esterns – Prov 4, Prov 5, Elite 3, Elite 4 and Open National Novice, and National Open) • Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG)– no level but must • High Performance (divided by age into HP Novice, HP Junior, HP be age 11-17 with Prov 5 rules Senior) • C anadians – Open , Novice, Junior and Senior Athletes in the national level can attend Invitationals, Provincial • Canada Winter Games (CWG) – no level but must be age 13- Championships, Western Canadian Championships, Canadian National Championships, Canada Winter Games. Those national level M A G21 with Junior rules athletes who successfully try out for Elite Canada, vie for spots on the High Performance list (based on resultsSOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MAG at Elite Canada). It is from that HP list where Canada’s National Team• I n some of the provincial levels, there are age categories (i.e. Prov 1 has 4 members are chosen. age groups, Prov 2, 3 and 4 have 2 age categories.) Next year, our province will be joining most of the rest• A ll levels have one day of competition (if there are no finals like Games, of the country in switching Westerns and Canadians) except Elite 4 and Novice which have two from this existing structure to days of competition. a new competitive format, taken from the very successful American• F or provincial level 4, 5, Elite 3, Elite 4 and Open athletes to make the Junior Olympic (JO) program. Alberta Team to Western Canadian Championships they use their best Clinics will be held in June scores from two Trials. The top 8 Prov 4, 5 and Open make the Alberta and September to Team, the top 10 Elite 3 and Elite 4 make the team. assist clubs in their transition to this new• F or Open, Novice, Junior and Senior athletes to make the Alberta Team structure. to Canadian Championships scores from the two trials and Provincials are used to rank the athletes.• For athletes to make the Alberta Team to WCSG or CWG, athletes must attend a one day specific trial for each and be ranked in the top six. 5

WHATApril 2015happened to thePerfectGymnastics has a very complex scoring system – great routines without knowing every nuance of the scoring but that’s only for the judges to worry about. system. When watching a routine, be sure to look for: Here’s what you’ll want to know to enjoy being aspectator. 1. Good Form and Execution: A gymnast should always look as though they are in complete control, even when Scoring the Perfect 10! Both men’s and women’s artistic performing the most difficult of skills. Good form in gym-gymnastics used to be well-known for the top score: the nastics includes pointed toes, straight arms and legs, and10.0. First achieved in the Olympics by female gymnastics a tightness throughout the body. Every movement shouldlegend Nadia Comaneci, the 10.0 marked a perfect routine. look planned.Since 1992, however, no artistic gymnasts have earned a10.0 in the World Championships or Olympics. In 2005, 2. Strength Moves Held Long Enough: On the stillgymnastics officials did a complete overhaul of the Code of rings and on floor, the gymnast must stay in position for 2Points. Today, the difficulty of the routine and the execu- seconds on each strength move (e.g. an iron cross).tion (how well the skills are performed) are combined tocreate the final score: 3. Height and Distance: In tumbling passes, vaults, and release moves, the gymnast should look as if he/she is ex- The difficulty (“D”) score starts at 0.0 and increases with ploding off the apparatus. On vault, the distance a gymnastevery difficult skill performed. travels from the horse is a factor in the athletes’ final score. The execution (“E”) score begins at a 10.0, and the 4. A Stuck Landing: On vaulting, dismounts, and tum-judges deduct for errors in performance such as a fall off the bling passes on floor, the gymnast should end with a “stuckapparatus or a step on the landing of a dismount. landing” – they should not move their feet once they hit the ground. The gymnast is not allowed to lunge backward In this new system there is theoretically no limit to the out of tumbling passes.score a gymnast can achieve. The top performances in gym-nastics right now are receiving scores in the high 15s and 5. Uniqueness of the Routine: A great gymnast willlow 16s. In women’s gymnastics, there are maximum scores perform a routine that looks different from the rest. It willat the provincial level, but, like the men, there are no maxi- have something special about it – risky tricks, an artisticmums at the National level and beyond. Though the Code flair, or skills that are simply unique from others performedof Points in gymnastics is complicated, you can still identify in the competition. In women’s gymnastics, artistry is a significant component to the E-score.OUR PARTNERS & SPONSORS6

ON THE FLIPSIDE101JUDGING for Trampoline,DMT & TumblingBy M arthe Desmarais MoenThe sport is made up of the “D” mark. This is the calculation consists of 10 skills in the compulsory lines, tight positions, kickouts, etc.) but four different events – of the flips and twists that the athlete routine, followed by 10 skills for the where the athlete is landing becomes Individual Trampoline, has performed, also known as the optional routine. In the finals, there is very important.Synchro Trampoline, Double-Mini degree of difficulty. only one routine of 10 skills.Trampoline and Tumbling. An You will see three sections on theathlete can participate in one, two, To arrive at a final score, the high As judges, we look for straight lines landing mat: Red centre – Perfect, nothree, or all of these events, and they and low scores from the Execution (arms and legs straight, pointed toes, deductions; Yellow area – will receivedcan be in different levels in each scores are dropped, and the three head kept in), control, height, tight a .3 deduction per execution judge;event. They will move up levels as they middle scores are then added together positions (pike, tuck or straight), a and the wide blue area – will receive aprogress in skills and abilities. along with the “D” mark. kickout and a stuck landing. When .5 deduction per execution judge for athletes stray from these strived landing in that area. How the Score is arrived at In All There are very often bonuses also for positions, the judges will thenEvents: There are two parts to every given to encourage certain skills in potentially take up to a .5 in deductions 4. Tumbling – The basic judgingscore – we have the execution score or athletes. An example of this is at the from each skill from the total of 10.0. for this event occurs in the same way,the “E” mark. This is very often the Pre-National levels in Trampoline and At the National level athletes, the TOF you drop the high and low executionscore that the five judges will flash (it is Synchro Trampoline (Levels 1-4) the (Time of Flight) will be added to the score, add the difficulty score and anytheir deductions per skill that they are “D” mark will be given as a bonus athlete’s score. bonuses. The judges will look fortaking off of 10.0). You will also see to encourage athletes to reach their power and speed in this event, thatone score that is the Difficulty Score, or maximum in difficulty. 2. Synchronized Trampoline – As the line of tumbling is not too high judges, we look at everything exactly and that there is good rhythm, that In Tumbling, there will be bonuses the same as for Individual Trampoline, the legs are straight, toes pointed, and given for an athlete but there is an added element that is that the last element goes quite high up performing specific included in the final score, and it is the compared to the other elements. harder skills (a extent of synchronization of the two whip versus a back athletes. Again, where an athlete lands handspring is an becomes quite important for this event example). There is a machine that matches also. If the athlete is performing a salto So what exactly when they hit the bed and leave the (a flip), they must land in the landing are the judges bed to give an accurate score. If they area and not on the tumble track, looking for in each do different skills, the routine will be as they will receive an additional .2 event you may terminated. At the Pre-National Levels, deduction from the execution judges. ask? Here is a very the athletes will only perform the quick Cole’s Notes optional routine of 10 skills. All four of these events have their version: own special rules, but the one thing 1. Individual 3. Double-Mini Trampoline that is the same throughout this sport Trampoline – The – There are only two elements on the is that the athletes are amazing at all preliminary round Double-Mini. The judges look for the levels! same execution of the elements (straight 7

April 2015 TRAMPOLINE TUMBLING What you need to know about T & T in Alberta Trampoline and Tumbling (T & T) officially has four events: Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline and Tumbling. However, only one – trampoline, is in the Olympics In Alberta, we have a three tiered structure. 1. F.A.S.T. – This is the pre-competitive program that has three levels (1, 2 and 3). This program focuses on physical preparation and basics. There are typically four F.A.S.T. events a year where the athletes go for testing but no ranking or awards are presented. 2. P rovincial – There are four Levels in the Provincial Program (1, 2, 3 and 4). This program focuses on introducing athletes to competition (i.e. Level 1) to transitioning them to the National Level (i.e. Level 4). Athletes in the Provincial level can attend Invitationals, Alberta Provincial Championships and Western Canada Cup. 3 Nationals – At the National Level the number of levels change a little bit for the events. • T rampoline and DMT: Level 5 (Novice) 16U, Level 5 (Novice) 17 +, Level 6 (Espoir) 17U, Level 6 (Espoir) 18 +, Junior and Senior. • T umbling: Level 5 (Novice) 15U, Level 5 (Novice) 16 +, Level 6 (Espoir), Junior and Senior. • S ynchronized Trampoline: Level 5 (Novice) and Senior. Athletes in the National Level can attend Invitationals, Alberta Provincial Championships, Canadian National Championships and for some International events including World Age Group Championships and World Championships. FUN FACTS• In F.A.S.T. and Provincial Levels there Tumbling. repeat a skill if it is a different place the Alberta Team to Canadian Cham- are no age categories. In some com- • In the Provincial Levels an athlete – a mounting skill, a spotter skill or a pionships must attend a minimum of petitions if there are more than 35 dismounting skill) two Alberta Cups or Provincials and athletes in a category they will split will compete two routines in • For a Provincial level athlete to have met the mobility standards for the group based on the average age. Preliminary Competitions (only make the Alberta Team to Western the category. Provincials, Westerns, Canadians Canada Cup (WCC) they must • In Level 4 and higher athletes must• In T & T an athlete does not have etc have finals). On Trampoline attend the WCC trial (usually held in ‘mobilize’ to move up to the next to compete in all the events (usually and Tumbling the first routine is a conjunction with an Alberta Cup or level. Mobilization is a Gymnastics it depends on the individual clubs compulsory and the second routine is Provincials. The team is made up of Canada rule in which an athlete philosophy). optional. nine Level 3/4 athletes, with the top must achieve a certain score, have a • On DMT, athletes compete two three from each event regardless of minimum degree of difficulty and• An athlete does not have to be in the routines in prelims and two routines gender. may require specific skills to have same level for each event ie an athlete in finals. Athletes must not repeat the • For a National level athlete to make permission to move to the next level. can be Level 3 on Trampoline, Level same skill in the same place (you can 4 on DMT and Level 5(Novice) on8

Get paid to play ON THE FLIPSIDEBy Gina PeakeEducation Coordinator supervision of a certified coach. Does this sound Who is on the like something you would like to do? If so, visit competition floorMany coaches would tell and sign up for one of our you they have the best Streamlined Gymnastics Foundations Packages. For head coaches to access the floor at this job in the world. I competition they MUST be at least NCCPknow that sounds a little dramatic. Have more questions? Contact AGF Level 2 Certified. That means, each of“C’mon the best job in the W-O-R- Education Coordinator Gina Peake for more these coaches have successfully completed 85L-D – really?” It’s TRUE! Coaches information: [email protected]. course hours of technical sport specific trainingget PAID to PLAY. Coaches are and over 250+ practical hours to meet minimumprofessionals in their field, but requirements.that doesn’t mean that they can’tplay while making money. Some In addition to sport specific training, each coachcoaching positions can offer flexible is required to complete NCCP Making Ethicalhours and part-time opportunities. Decisions (MED) evaluation, Police InterventionYou can work in a rewarding, Check (PRC), Intervention Record Check (IRC)dynamic environment where you and become Respect in Sport certified. Mostcan inspire young athletes while coaches you see on the floor today, are professionalstaying active yourself. Sounds like coaches that have several years of experience anda win-win situation to me. continue to further their development through continuing education. So what do you need to do to becomea gymnastics coach? Attend a weekend of The sport of Gymnastics is constantly courses and you will become a To support this growth, AGF provides a number“trained” Gymnastics Foundations Coach. of professional development opportunities for ourThat means after one weekend, you can work coaches to engage in AGF sanctioned Coachingwith recreational athletes 6 years+ with indirect clinics, Retreats, Fall Congress and Coaching Mentorships. MED + PP Gymnastics Gymnastics 10-week workbook & GymnasticsFour Hours Foundations Foundations portfolio Foundations INTRODUCTION Sport Specific Sport Specific Evaluation Nine hours Training Video & Portofolio (Artistic/ submitted to AGF Trampoline/ Active Start) Nine hours Each specialty TRAINED GF COACH CERTIFIED COACH(Coach requires indirect Supervision) (Can supervise and mentor others)Have more questions on the process of getting yourself certified or any NCCP related questions? Visit, click the FAQ section or call AGF office 403-259-5500. 9

April 2015 Acrobatics Gymnastics AGFnewest addition toAcrobatics is practised as Men’s, coaches to select music and are not quite able to make the jump in follow the FIG Acrobatics rules. Women’s or Mixed Pairs, as choreograph a routine for their athletes. the FIG levels from 11-16 to 12-18. It Women’s Groups (3 gymnasts) In this levels athletes will present a is designed to allow athletes to continueor as Men’s Groups (4 gymnasts). single routine choreographed to music. progressing in the sportTime allowed for each exercise is 2:30 The partner skills are compulsory without the high difficulty ofminutes. The floor area measures and the order in which they must be the next international level.12 x 12 meters. The exercises must performed is pre-determined. Ageinclude a harmonious combination categories of athletes in this level are 15 This level again uses two 2:00of choreography, collective acrobatic and under and 16+. minute routines in competition. Ageelements (holds, throws, catches) Level 7 categories of athletes in this level are 15and individual acrobatic elements and under and 16+.(floor acrobatic series), all in perfect This is the first level that gives Age Group 2 (A.K.A 12-18)synchronisation. coaches an opportunity to select skills from provided options. Once For this level coaches must In conjunction with Gymnastics again choreography is of athletes’ and follow the FIG World AgeCanada and the other Canadian coaches’ choice. Skills can be done in Group 12-18 requirements.provinces we have collectively decided any order in this level. Age categories of All skills must be selected fromto follow the American Junior Olympic athletes in this level are 15 and under the Acro Code of Points. There are(J.O.) program for the development of and 16+. no compulsory skills, only specialAcrobatic Gymnastics within Alberta. Level 8 requirements used to help coaches select skills. This level introduces a third The American level has most recently This is the final compulsory JO routine (combined routine). All threebeen revised in 2013 to run itself in level. It is the first level to introduce routines (balance, dynamic, combined)alignment with the changes to the the concept of a separate balance and cannot exceed 2 minutes and 30FIG code of points. The J.O. program dynamic routine. Each routine is seconds in length. Combined total ofconsists of 6 levels, 5-10, though it is now shorter; of a maximum of 2:00 all three routines is used to determinesuggested that for level 9, FIG World minutes. Choreography is of athletes’ final scores.Age Group rules be followed rather and coaches’ choice. Age categories of Juniors (A.K.A. 13-19)than JO rules. athletes in this level are 15 and under and 16+. For this level coaches mustLEVEL EXPLANATIONS: Age Group 1 (A.K.A. 11-16 A.K.A. follow the FIG World AgeLevel 5 Level 9) Group 13-19 requirements. All skills must be selected The first level of the J.O. program This is the first international level from the Acro Code ofis level 5. Level 5 is an introductory and it is suggested that for clarifications Points. There are nolevel designed to introduce young of rules, FIG Age Group (11-16) compulsory skills, onlyathletes to the competitive sport of rules be followed. Again this level has special requirements usedAcrobatic Gymnastics. Age categories two routines separating balance and to help coaches select skills.of athletes in this level are 15 and under dynamic elements from each other. This level also has a thirdand 16+. The level consists of a single This level still has compulsory skills but routine (combined routine).compulsory routine. The music and the it is the first level to allow coaches to All three routines (balance,choreography is already assigned to this select optional elements from the FIG dynamic, combined) cannotlevel. Videos of the routine and music Tables of Difficulty. Each routine is exceed 2 minutes and 30for the routine can be found online at choreographed to a maximum of 2:00 seconds in length. under the “ACRO” minutes using music selected by the total of all three routineslink. coach or athlete. is used to determine finalLevel 6 Level 10 scores. This is the first level that allows This is a level used for athletes that Seniors For this level coaches must10

ON THE FLIPSIDEAcro Judges favour body control in an eventThe total score in acrobatic gymnastics is a combi- ways look as though he/she is in complete control, even one another. The choreography should be mirrored nation of three 10.00 scores. Execution, Artistry when performing the most difficult of skills. Good form by all partners. and Difficulty. in gymnastics includes pointed toes, straight arms and • A thlete’s composure: Be sure to pay attention to The Difficulty score does not always start at 10.00. At legs, and a tightness throughout the body. Every move- how the athletes carry themselves onto the floor,the senior level difficulty could be increased by adding ment should look planned. throughout the routine and off the floor followingadditional or more difficult skills. At all levels, non- a routine. Acrobatic Gymnastics is a very aestheticfulfillment of special requirements can reduce the start 2. Balance Elements Held Long Enough: In the bal- sport and athletesvalue. If units do not complete certain elements within ance routine and during balance elements of a combined are expected totheir routines then the “D” score is dropped. routine, the gymnast must stay in position for 3 seconds carry themselves on each of the elements. Short holds are deducted and and present The execution score begins at a 10.0, and the judges shown at most competitions in red below or beside the themselves in adeduct for errors in performance such as a falls, steps score. very professionalon the catch of a skill or a dismount, bent knees, lack of manner. There areextension, lack of height etc. 3. Height and Amplitude: In the dynamic routine many deductions and for dynamic elements of the combined routine, for athletes’ attire, The Artistry score begins at 10.0 and the judges skills should be executed with maximum amplitude. hair and make-up,deduct for errors in the routine such as flow, breaks or Supported landings or catches by the partner(s) should the presentationpauses, synchronization of partners in both their dance be controlled and made to look simple. onto the floor, andand their elements, facial expressions and expression of even their behaviorthe mood/theme of the music. • Uniqueness of the Routine: A great routine will in the “kiss and look different from the rest and leave a lasting cry” area. The top performances in acrobatic gymnastics right impression on its audience. It will have somethingnow (for levels below seniors) are receiving scores in the special about it be it risky elements or an artistic28s. For senior levels you might see scores as high as flair.30.0. • Synchronization of Partners: Throughout the When watching a routine, be sure to look for: routine partners should look in synch with one an- 1. Good Form and Execution: A gymnast should al- other. Facial expressions and moods should match Classifieds Looking for a career in gymnastics? Need to sell some equipment? Hiring a coach? The AGF classifields are a great place to start. Placing an ad is free for all AGF member clubs and their members. Just visit the AGF site and you can post your ad instantly! Still have any questions? Contact Molly Fang at [email protected] Visit AGF website: to get the most current news about AGF events and courses available or follow AGF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 11

April 2015 Name: Gymnastics Calendar of EventsYou think you know Gymnastics? Complete the crossword below and you may be surprised! 1 23 Apr. 17–19, 2015 Artistic Provincial Championships Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, AB 4 May 1–2, 2015 Artistic Western Championships Pason Centennial Arena, Okotoks, AB 56 7 May 9–10, 2015 Gymfest 8 Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB May 22–24, 2015 T & T Provincial Championships 9 10 Genesis Centre, Calgary, AB 11 Jun. 27–28, 2015 Acrobatic Provincial Championships Airdrie Edge Gym Club, Airdrie, AB 12 13 Jul. 24–27, 2015 T & T Canadian Championships 14 15 Genesis Centre, Calgary, AB Oct. 16–18, 2015 AGF AGM, Assemblies and Awards Gala 16 Westin Hotel, Calgary, AB 17 18 19Across Created on Crossword Maker Just a reminder DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 2. A glove or wrist strap worn by gymnasts to protect Down Spring – Third Friday in May (May 15) the skin on their hands when they perform upon Summer – Third Friday in September (Sept 18) apparatuses. 1. A group of three Acrobatic gymnasts. Fall – Competitive – Third Friday in October (Oct 16) 4. Safety equipment used in gymnastics to break falls. 3. A gymnastics apparatus used by men in artistic Fall – Recreational – Third Friday in November (Nov 20) 5. The act of getting off an apparatus and the skill gymnastics. Winter – Third Friday in February (Feb 19/2016) used to do it. 6. 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist on Men's Floor. 9. When casting into a handstand position and making 7. A vault and family of vaults. NEW FORMS AVAILABLE ONLINE! a full rotation around the bar while the body is kept in a 8. The placing of the Canadian Women's Team in 2012 All badge orders for CanGym and CanJump can now be found on straight line. Olympics. our website under Resources. If you need to order badges, please 10. A back somersaulting tumbling skill performed at 11. A somersaulting body position where the body is fill out the simple form and it will be sent directly to the office for or below shoulder level. bent at the waist bringing the upper body close to bent processing. 12. Abbreviation for all-around. legs in a tight ball-like shape. 13. The newest Program under AGF umbrella since 14. How many events are in the Men's competiton? AGF will also be piloting a new online Registration form for 2014. 15. A sitting position with the legs wide. clubs, starting in Summer 2015. Forms will available in June, and 14. to land an acrobatic skill, jump or dismount 17. A somersault. we look forward to this new process for Club Registration. perfectly, without any steps, stumbles or errors. 18. a position where the body is bent only in the hips. 16. The maneuver where one moves sideways, from hands to feet, in a straight line, while keeping the back, arms, and legs straight, and the feet pointed. 19. A type of Acro routine.4 X 4 GYMNASTICS SUDOKU 17s 18p r f i Ip x y n am i c a Ipi f l If 19d i fpI lk d te l o e Created on Crossword Maker ip f p f 16c a r t w h e e l k i pI f i s r 15s 14s t i c k pf i 13a c r o 12a a lu 10w h i p hh 11t w f ip I o f ipI f 9g i a n t e l f ip f ip i f kf ui l e 4m a t o 5d i 6s m o u n 7 t m 8f hs e ON THE FLIPSIDE Publisher: Scott Hayes plf i Alberta Gymnastics Federation Art Director: Molly Fang 2g r i 3p Contributing Editors: AGF Staff io 207, 5800 – 2nd Street SW Photos: Dave Holland Photography Calgary, AB T2H 0H2 Suggestions, questions, please email: surprised! be may bEelRowKaEndYyou GymCnRastiOcsS?SCoWGmpOlyetRem tDhnSeacrAsotsiNscwSosrWd know you think 4 X 4 GYMNASTICS [email protected] SUDOKU ANSWERYoSu 403-259-5500 or 1-800-665-1010 1t Name:12

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