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Published by mahesh mekala, 2020-02-26 02:07:03

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Excited to welcome to our most popular document sharing platform.

What is DocIntact DOC INTACT is the most unique and secure platform to upload, view, sign and share your documents. DOC INTACT is created with vision to suppress the methods applied to access, send or download authorized bindings from across the globe while maintaining security, privacy ,immutability and compliance. It is flexibly deployed and is great for any industry as it ensures encrypted transactions with implementation of 256- bit encryption and is safeguarded by hash algorithm. As technology continues to transform the way we interact, shop, bank, consume entertainment, earn money, work and experience life in general , Doc Intact makes it simple to sign, stamp, fill out forms, exchange, store and retrieve documents from any part of the world without your information being compromised.

How are we Different Signature Security Enterprisers Option Making Copy In Your Country Electronic signature provided by Doc Intact assures complete Doc Intact is ideal for large organizations to sustain efficiency in Our system provides geographical location visibility into the signature process, letting you retain track a cost-effective manner. It enables organisations to purchase, (optional) restriction so that your pivotal of document standing in real time and get notified when manage and deploy at your convenience, on your budget. It can documents are not accessed by any third your documents are signed. Authentication methods are help streamline the process and enhances growth for party. This feature is optional and can be applied by generating a key to guarantee the identity of entrepreneurs empowering teams to quickly create, share, enabled and disabled as per your people signing documents. If any data changes on any page, review and edit documents collaboratively. up-to-date. convenience. our software system shows a notification that the document’s certification is void. CRM Tool Connection Support For Google Drive, Dropbox And One Drive Doc Intact provides various CRM connectors for linking your Our system allows users to Dworrikvew.ith documents stored in other third-party platform to your third-party systems like Salesforce, Hubspot services. One can open files directly from Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive. It and more. These CRM connectors enable you to synchronize authorizes you to select, open and save your PDFs in iCloud Drive or Google Drive. contacts, accounts, purchases, etc. They enable quick and easy data integration. Doc Intact provides a platform for collecting and selecting from the tables available in the CRM thus obtaining two-directional synchronization to make sure data is up-to-date.

Our simple Process Eye Tracking Eye Upload your Upload your documents Tracking Documents Doc intact provides a deep understanding of the user’s interest in the Documents can be securely uploaded using the single document. With heat maps on the content, you get real time analysis on sign-on integration, by pasting the URL, choosing a normal the amount of time spent on each area on the document. It helps you to or zip file/folder from your mobile, tab or desktop understand if the recipient skipped any paragraph or has concerns. Global access Global OUR SIMPLE PROCESS Share with Share with high security Access high security Using the credentials, documents can easily be viewed or Your documents are end-to-end encrypted and therefore are downloaded from any part of the world through mobile, tab or tamper-proof. You can share the documents via email to any desktop. It authenticates the user to add their photograph and part of the world by simply generating the key. It also provides signature by following the URL. The signature and photograph geographical location(optional) restriction so that your pivotal can be uploaded or created live. documents are not accessed by any third party Revoke documents or set expiry Revoke documents Customisation Customisation or set expiry Access to the documents can instantly be revoked after multiple views You can customize and assign the required and optional fields to the recipient or in case there was a fault perceived after sharing it with the recipient by crafting the following: or due to any other security reasons. The document's life can also be set Date, name, phone number, signature, photograph, label, by adding the expiry date which is an optional feature. text field, watermark, radio button, dropdown, and stamp in your preferred font.

Depiction of fields in the Document Date Text Field 1 7You can place this field in the area you need the recipient to input the date and Text field can be customized as per your interest and can be used to add text to are allowed to customize the date as per your understanding. you document. Name Watermark 2 8The name field on the document must be placed where you need your recipient to place their name. You can enhance the document by watermarking it, as it prevents other parties to Phone Number use your documents as their own. 3 9You can place the contact information field where you need the recipient to place Radio Button their phone number This allows the recipient to choose their action as per the conditions on the document. 4 10Signature Drop-down You can place the signature field in the area you need the recipient to place their Dropdown can be used to add multiple options for the recipient to choose from. s signature. Recipient has the authority to either upload a default signature or The benefit of dropdown is that it reduces clutter and gives the document a create his signature using the touch screen on his mobile or laptop which can be cleaner and professional look. validated using the signature hash number. 5 11Photograph Stamp Field This field on the document should be placed in the area wherein the photograph needs to be placed. The recipient is allowed to either upload a photograph from Stamp field must be placed in the area the stamp needs to be placed. The stamp his desktop, can click a live picture from his desktop or follow the link sent on his can be uploaded by the user. mobile after verifying his mobile number. 6 Label 12 Configuration Field Labeling plays a significant role while identifying the documents. This field lets you customize the font, font size, font style background color, rotation and much more.

Customising and Sharing of Document Real- time access By using the security key, the document can be accessed from any part of the world and the analysis of the amount of time spent on each area is specified. Uploading photograph The recipient can upload a default photograph or can click a live photograph through his desktop or mobile. Customization of signature The signature can be uploaded or created by using the touch screen of the laptop or mobile. Watermark Watermarking the document protects the document and proves authenticity, making it difficult to produce any other document of that sort. Hierarchy in signature and sharing across teams In case the document needs to be signed by two or more signers, the 2nd or the following recipients will not be able to sign until the signature of principal signer is uploaded. Sharing and revoking of document The document can be easily shared via e-mail containing the URL. In case it occurs that the document that has been shared needs to be altered due to any mistake noticed in the text or due to security reasons, the document can be revoked by the sender. Once it has been revoked, the receiver will no longer have access to the document.

Features DOUBLE PREVENT END TO END GEO DOWN SECURITY COPYING OR SCREENSHOT ENCRYPTED INSTANT MESSAGING TRACKING OF CONTENT Protecting your data is our utmost priority. Your details are prevented from being Doc intact allows you to communicate with the Audit trail documents the step-by-step history Therefore, double down security layers are copied or taken screenshots of, without respective parties through the platform itself. The of transactions and also captures the geo built to give you the confidence that your impacting the recipient's ability to use data is protected and accessed only by the end-to-end- encryption maintains your privacy location through the IP. This allows you to view parties that you authorize. Supported with the document as intended and no one apart from the parties communicating the GPS coordinates of the user. It solely password, facial recognition, audit trail track, 04 will be able to view the conversation depends upon you if you'd like to set location end-to-end encryption the document is restriction. This feature is optional and can be highly secured. enabled and disabled as per your convenience. 02 06 08 01 03 05 07 PASSWORDS UNIQUE AND 256 BIT SET AND PERMISSIONS SECURE FACIAL RECOGNITION ENCRYPTED SECURITY DOCUMENT EXPIRY You can safeguard your documents to You can safeguard your documents to By maintaining the highest security We believe that maintaining timelines is necessary to protect the information by securing them protect the information by securing them certification standards, we ensure your attain success and so, you are allowed to customize sensitive data is protected. Your data is with passwords. with passwords. armed with 256-bit encryption which is the the expiry date of the document. The document Additionally, you can allow accessibility to Additionally, you can allow accessibility to becomes inaccessible post expiration. other parties by giving permission to view, other parties by giving permission to view, most secured protocol Thus, it is an optional feature and can be used as per edit or share the document. edit or share the document. the requirement.

Benefits of using DocIntact 12345 Enhances customer Real time conversations Track your document's Reduce costs and increase Security of your data: relationship: with your clients: status: productivity: Paper contracts and In this era of technology, Doc intact not only Doc intact comes with the Doc intact lets your documents leave abundant people have got used to authenticates access to most exclusive 'eye document reach its trails behind. Through Doc expecting services online. your documents but also tracking' feature. It provides destination within Intact, you can maintain To cater to this allows the receiver to you the analytics of the nanoseconds ,adding your documents privacy, as sophisticated segment, you communicate with you by time spent on each convenience and efficiency it is invulnerable to break- need to provide a modern using the instant paragraph, and also gives to your business. In case ins and comes with high- method of sharing messaging feature, which is you clarity on whether the you use the same end security encryptions documents. With a fully encrypted and only document has been viewed documents on a regular platform as secure as doc for the eyes of you and the or not basis, you can save the intact, signing documents receiver's versions and store them as comes at ease. Your templates which saves your documents easily travel to time and increases their destination assuring productivity data integrity and overall

How are we Different Features Adobe Sign Docu Sign DocIntact Personal Use a a a Business Use a a Enterprise Use a Deployment x x a Accessibility E- Signature Cloud Cloud Cloud and on Premises Water Mark Version History Dedicated Adobe Software Browser Browser and Dedicated Software Photo Field Stamp Field a a a Chat Access on Documents a a a Doc Expiration a Heatmaps x x a Integrated KYC x x a Facial Recognition a Document Analytics a a a Document Access Code Contract Life cycle Management x x a Dashboard x a Revoke Document x a a Geo-Fencing x a User Management x x a Roles Management x x a End to End Encrypted x x a Real Time Tracking x x a Video Record Audit Trail x a x a a x a a x a x x a x x a x x x x x x x x

Benefits of Working with us Customised solution for your requirement. We help you even after the agreement period with continuous suggestions on the industry that you cater to from our expert team. We take security, transparency and consistency in the highest of regards. Conclusion: Our end goal is to maintain your privacy and secure your transactions. Alternatively, we give you the leverage to invincibly maintain a single copy or multiple versions of the document whilst, complying with the highest security standards.

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