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FINAL 2014 Annual Report

Published by rkothari, 2015-06-11 14:32:40

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2 RCEDC Divisions & Services ContentsPage 2 RCEDC Divisions & Services Business DevelopmentPage 2 Economic Development Plan • Work with Racine County companies on expansion opportunities,Page 3 Leadership MessagePage 4 Community Development utilizing State and local resources to successfully complete projects.Page 4 Business Development • Recruit companies and new investment to Racine County.Page 5 Business Finance • Market Racine County to businesses considering a Chicago-Page 5 Workforce DevelopmentPage 6-7 Projects throughout Racine County Milwaukee Corridor location.Page 8 Grant RecipientsPage 9 CEO Call Program Business FinancePage 10-11 RCEDC Leadership Teams • Provide attractive long-term, fixed rate financing to businesses inPage 12 History of RCEDCPage 13 Award Winners Racine County.Page 14-15 Investors • Provide Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans to businessesPage 16 RCEDC Staff throughout Wisconsin. Community Development • Work with Racine County communities to ensure adequate infrastructure is available to support economic development. • Seek and manage brownfield resources to assess and remediate former industrial properties for redevelopment opportunities. Workforce Development • Provide technical and financial workforce resources to Racine County employers.FOCUSOBNRUEPCRSROIUANICTETMISVEENST Economic Development Plan In 2002 the RCEDC and its partners began implementing the Racine County Economic Development Plan (EDP). RCEDC works with four partners in this implementation effort and each takes the lead on one portion of the EDP. 1. Focus on Proactive Business Recruitment - Led by RCEDC. 2. Encourage an Entrepreneurial Culture – Led by the Small Business Development Center. 3. Promote a Positive Image of Racine County based on Natural and Cultural Resources, Recreational Opportunities and Locational Advantages – Led by Real Racine. 4. Capitalize on our Strategic Location in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor – Led by Racine County Planning and Development. 5. Link Education and Training to Maintain a Competitive Workforce – Led by the Racine County Workforce Development Center. This 2014 Annual Report includes the results of RCEDC’s efforts toward the goals of this multi-year county wide plan.

3Leadership MessageIn 2014, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation RACINE COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION(RCEDC) celebrated our 31ST year of providing economicdevelopment services to Racine County. Our founders envisioned 241 MILLIONan environment where the public and private sector wouldwork together to make economic development opportunities a IN NEW CAPITAL INVESTMENTreality. As this Annual Report will attest, their vision is today’s reality. 102 1304, JOBS RETAINEDTHROUGH COUNTY INITIATIVESThrough the leadership of our Board of Directors, diligent work of PROJECTSour staff and volunteers and cooperation of our partners, RCEDC hasbeen able to maintain a comprehensive menu of business, commu- $18.70AVERAGE WAGE ECONOMICnity and workforce development services. These services are made PER HOUR GROWTHpossible, in part, through the financial contributions of our private $93.1sector investors and the economic development service contracts 1,373 CNREWEAJTOEBDSwith the public sector. We want to take this opportunity to offer our CONSTRUCTIONsincere appreciation to our partners. COSTS 580,000SQ FTWe also want to acknowledge and thank our local, regional and OF NEW AND EXISTING COMMERCIAL SPACEState business development organizations that we work with everyday that have supported us in our efforts. In addition, our thanks to RACINE COUNTY THREE-YEAR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RESULTSthe real estate, development and finance industry for their support,insight and expertise that have helped us ensure a competitiveeconomic development advantage in Racine County.Successful economic development is a “team effort.” Together,we have established Racine County as a competitive location forbusiness development in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor. Welook forward to the future opportunities that will result from ourrich history.Bryan Albrecht, PresidentMark Lewis, ChairmanJenny Trick, Executive DirectorLeft to right: Mark Lewis, Jenny Trick, Bryan Albrecht

4 Business Development Community DevelopmentThe Community Development Division provides services to Racine The Business Development Division undertakes business recruitmentCounty communities to ensure that adequate infrastructure is available activities, assists growing Racine County companies with financial andto support brownfield redevelopment and commercial corridor technical assistance, completes research activities and markets Racineactivities. Additionally, the division manages development projects County for business investment opportunities.capitalized by local, State and Federal programs and other privatefunding sources. Recruitment activities include domestic and international targets. For US companies, the division assists site selectors, brokers and companyCommunity development services are provided to Burlington, Racine, representatives seeking locations in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.Union Grove, Waterford and Racine County. Below are several exam- The international efforts of the division are undertaken in partnershipples of projects completed throughout 2014: with the Milwaukee 7 team with a focus on companies located in Western Europe. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIVISION ANNUAL RESULTS DATA 3 1,250 75 COMPANIES JOBS CREATED CEO CALL INTERVIEWSThe division provided 11 facade and curb appeal grants to businesses RECRUITEDin Burlington, Union Grove and Waterford. Additionally, rent assistance $87.3 119grants were provided to three businesses in Union Grove. Private 11investment for these 14 projects totaled nearly $150,000. MILLION TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE BUSINESS EXPANSIONS IN PRIVATE INVESTMENT ACTIVITIESThe division submitted five grants totaling $1,500,000 on behalf of the Racine County businesses benefited from local and State incentivesCity of Racine and a grant of $400,000 for Racine County in an effort that were accessed by the division in order to successfully completeto assess and remediate brownfield sites. Through these efforts, the expansion projects.division continues to manage a total of 18 brownfield grants totalingnearly $2,400,000 for the City of Racine. Peer and leadership learning is provided through two programs offered in Racine County. The CEO Roundtable program is led by aAnother activity of the division included project management activities facilitator and encourages peer learning among Presidents, CEOs andranging from transportation improvements, wayfinding signage and owners of small and midsized businesses. The second effort is theriverfront redevelopment activities in Waterford, Burlington, Racine Living as a Leader program which equips business executives andand Union Grove. managers with the skills to lead their teams. The leadership series includes discussion of 12 core leadership topics and is offered in part- nership with RAMAC. Research and data is the backbone of this division. Given the impor- tance of data to inform decision makers, this division accesses multiple resources to support RCEDC and Racine County business growth. This division leads the CEO Call program which was developed to build relationships, inform Racine County companies of technical and financial resources and in turn provides the division information about business challenges and opportunities. Since this program was launched in 2010, the division has interviewed nearly 400 Racine County companies.Having adequate business park land in Racine County to supportexpanding businesses and recruit new companies to Racine County iscritical. To that end the division worked with SEWRPC to update theRacine County Industrial Park Land Absorption Study which assisted theVillage of Waterford with its preliminary analysis for a new industrial park.

5Business Finance Workforce DevelopmentBusiness Lending Partners is the Business Finance Division of RCEDC and The Workforce Development Division, through the Business Servicesprovides attractive, long-term fixed interest rate financing to business- Team, is a collaborative partnership between RCEDC, RAMAC andes both in Racine County and throughout Wisconsin. Two primary tools the Racine County Workforce Development Center. The divisionare employed to meet the needs of growing businesses, Racine County assesses and addresses the talent development needs of Racine CountyRevolving Loan Funds and the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 employers. It serves the Racine County community through employeedirect loan program. As a Certified Development Company, Business recruitment events, retention assistance and training resources thatLending Partners is able to meet the financing needs of companies in include grants.Racine County or anywhere in Wisconsin.BUSINESS LENDING PARTNERS 2014 RESULTS 23 108 209 LOANS JOBS CREATED FINANCIALAPPROVED ASSISTANCE The division assisted 10 expanding Racine County companies with $10.2 workforce development resources. Additionally, the division provided21 ACTIVITIES 212 workforce assistance referrals, completed 63 on-site recruitment MILLION activities and hosted 10 Lunch-and-Learn programs focusing on work- LOANS COMPLETED force topics. CLOSED IN PRIVATE INVESTMENT Through the Career Connect program, the division provided RacineFINANCING INCREASE IN THE 103 County middle and high school students with career exploration oppor-STRUCTURE LOAN PORTFOLIO tunities, access to career coaches and arranged company tours through- TOTAL ACTIVE out Racine County. The division recruited 170 career coaches and 133 81%2011-2014 LOANS companies participated in the program. Overall, more than 1,200 Racine County students participated.Bank 50% TOTAL PRIVATE INVESTMENTBLP Up To 40% OF LOAN PORTFOLIOEquity 10% $442,500,000LOW FIXED INTEREST RATES 0-4.5%-with 10% DOWN PAYMENT

6 25 Projects Completed1 2 3 Lavelle Industries Rojo’s Popcorn Veterans Truck Line City of Burlington City of Burlington City of Burlington7 8 Miller-Reesman Funeral Home Southport Heating, Plumbing & Geothermal 4 Village of Union Grove Town of Raymond11 12 5 67 Priority Sign O&H Danish Bakery Village of Caledonia Village of Mount Pleasant 12 315 16 Marlo Wiscon Products City of Racine Village of Caledonia20 21 22 DaVita Dialysis Former Nelson Electric Supply City of Racine City of Racine City of Racine

7 Throughout Racine County 456 Geneva Healthcare Coleman Tool & Manufacturing Corp. American Roller Company Village of Waterford Village of Union Grove Village of Union Grove8 16 9 10 11 Land & Lakes Spec Building Village of Sturtevant 15 Village of Mount Pleasant Border Agreement 19 13 14 17 20 23 25 21 24 12 22 18 14 9 10 13 Pearle Vision InSinkErator City of Racine City of Racine 17 18 19 Altus Vinyl Kranz C-Squared Rodent Supply City of Racine City of Racine City of Racine 23 24 25 Racine Riverside Marine SIP Drink and Eatery Razor Sharp Fitness City of Racine City of Racine City of Racine

8 Grant RecipientsMANUFACTURING RENEWAL UNION GROVE RENTGRANT (MRG) ASSISTANCE GRANTPump Solutions #1 Corporation Creative Captures PhotographyTown of Raymond The Greek Sweet SpotFACADE/CURB APPEAL GRANT CITY OF RACINE BROWNFIELD ANDThe Coffee House ROOTWORKS GRANTSCity of Burlington 512 and 522 6th StreetBumper to BumperBurlington Auto Parts 1425 N. Memorial Dr. (Former Racine SteelCity of Burlington Castings site)Creative Captures Photography 1129 Michigan Blvd. (Harborside Site)Village of Union Grove 1248 Washington Ave. (Former Nelson ElectricHounds Detectors and Hobbies Supply Building)City of Burlington Machinery Row PromenadeJohn Foley PropertiesVillage of Waterford Machinery Row Redevelopment Area (11 properties)Pathways Living and Learning CenterVillage of Union Grove Mound Avenue/West Bluff Redevelopment Area (5 properties)Roth Heating CompanyVillage of Waterford COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BROWNFIELD GRANTSMichael F. Dubis, S.C. APPLIED FOR APPLIED FORVillage of Waterford $1.55 GRANTS TOTALING $400,0001 GRANT TOTALINGThe Sign Resource MILLION RACINE COUNTYVillage of Union Grove MANAGED 18 BROWNFIELD GRANTS CITY OF RACINEWaterford Veterinary Clinic ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT $2.4 MILLIONVillage of Waterford CITY OF RACINE 21 PROPERTIES CITY OF RACINE

9CEO Call Program / 4 Years of Results (2011-2014)It has been said that your best prospects for new business are your Racine County employers project an increased need for employeesexisting customers and this holds true for economic developmentactivities as well. This idea along with the need to be informed about in the future.the business landscape in Racine County compelled RCEDC to launchthe CEO Call Program. 100% Employment Needs 90% 2011-2014With Wisconsin’s high employment concentration in manufacturing 80%and Racine County employing nearly 27% of its workforce in 70% Decreasingmanufacturing, the initial targets for the CEO Call program were 60% Stablemanufacturers. There are other prominent industries in Racine 50% IncreasingCounty, such as logistics, health care and financial industries, that 40%contribute significantly to the economy and these were added 30%to the program in 2012. After four years of interviews and plant tours, 20%RCEDC has completed nearly 400 interviews. 10% 0%Below is a summary of the industries interviewed: 2011 2012 2013 2014 Business Visits 2011-2014 by Industry Racine County companies’ primary markets are within the US. However, our businesses also understand the importance of Manufacturing 69% international markets with 37% of companies surveyed exporting Building & Construction 2% product outside of the US. Business Services 12% Consumer Services & Retail Operations 10% Primary Market Location Transportation, Warehouse/Dist. 3% 2011-2014 Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 4% National 44%Research from the Edward Lowe Foundation indicates that thegreatest job growth is generated from 2nd Stage Companies, International 8%those that have more than 10 employees but less than 100,leading RCEDC to initially focus on 2nd Stage Manufacturers. Local 20% Size of Companies Surveyed Regional 28% 2011-2014 Most Racine County companies report an increase in sales at the time 10-99 Employees 53% of our interview. 100+ Employees 14% 0-9 Employees 33% Sales Trends, 2011-2014 Increasing 65% Stable 25% Decreasing 10% More than 40% of Racine County companies plan physical expansions that include equipment, building, or workforce investments in the next 3 years and more than 50% expect to introduce new products in the next 2 years. Expansion Plans, 2011-2014 27% of the companies we surveyed were family owned, 60% 42% multi-generational 50% companies. 40% Plans to3Eyxepaarsnd next 30% 27% 54%20% FAMILY OWNED 10% 0% exNpeewc2tPyeerdoaidrnsuncetsxt

10 RCEDC Leadership TeamsRCEDC BOARD OF DIRECTORS RETIRING BOARD MEMBERSSam Acker John Crimmings Tom Mahoney* Frank BaileyCase IH Agriculture First Weber Group Realtors Johnson Bank BRP US, Inc.Mike Aimone Jonathan Delagrave* Tim Majcen* Ola BaiyewuVillage of Union Grove Racine County Peoples Bank First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship TrainingBryan Albrecht* John Dickert* Terry McMahonGateway Technical College City of Racine Town of Yorkville Peter Hansen Racine County BoardJulie Anderson* Amanda Falvey Michael McNeil Interim Racine County ExecutiveRacine County Public Works BRP US, Inc. We Energiesand Development Services Jon Hendersen Deborah Ford Robert Miller Real Estate DevelopmentLaura Andis Bishop UW-Parkside City of BurlingtonAndis Company James Ladwig John Hewitt Loretta Olson Racine County ExecutiveGreg Barron* Village of Mount Pleasant Express EmploymentSC Johnson Professionals Francisco Sanchez Lisa Just Retired from JPMorgan ChaseSusan Boland Aurora Burlington/Walworth Tom RoanhouseWheaton Franciscan Patient Service Market Village of Waterford Ron ThomasHealthcare – All Saints Racine County AFL/CIO Labor Ian Lang Elaine Sutton Ekes CouncilBob Bradley A & E Tools Pruitt, Ekes & Geary, S.C.Village of Caledonia Mark Lewis* * Denotes ExecutiveMark Brault* Journal Times Committee MemberDeMark, Kolbe & Brodek, S.C. Left to right, Row 1 – Loretta Olson, Julie Anderson, Lisa Just, Susan Boland, Deborah Ford, Tom Mahoney, Tom Roanhouse, Terry McMahon.Row 2 – Amanda Falvey, Laura Andis Bishop, Sam Acker, Mike McNeil, Greg Barron, Mark Brault, Tim Majcen, John Dickert. Row 3 – Bryan Albrecht, Robert Miller, Ian Lang, Bob Bradley, John Hewitt, Peter Hansen, Mike Aimone. Not pictured – John Crimmings, Mark Lewis, Elaine Sutton Ekes.

RCEDC Leadership Teams 11BUSINESS LENDING PARTNERS RACINE DEVELOPMENT GROUP LOAN COMMITTEEADVISORY COMMITTEE LOAN COMMITTEE David GriffithDave Albrecht John Crimmings Spectrum Capital SolutionsCommunity State Bank First Weber Group Realtors Janet Henseler Accounting & Business Services, Inc.Barb Bakshis Phillip Devlin Josh JohnsonFox River State Bank Wells Fargo Bank Bukacek Construction Bradley KranichSteve Donovan Steve Donovan State Bank of the LakesU.S. Bank U.S. Bank Lloyd Meier Retired from Clifton Gunderson, LLPBrian Gold Paul Fehrenbach Jeff MolinskiNorth Shore Bank BMO Harris Bank DeMark, Kolbe & Brodek, S.C. Deborah MurphyJohn Kis David Gavigan Bank of America Merrill LynchTri City National Bank Chase Bank Kim Schuller State Bank of the LakesMichael Krause John Kis Dustin Van PeursemMid America Bank Tri City National Bank Johnson BankHeather Lux Matt Montemurro ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTWisconsin Women’s Business Johnson Bank PLAN LEAD PARTNERSInitiative Corporation Q. A. Shakoor II Julie AndersonPaul McBride City of Racine Alderman Racine County Public WorksRFP Commercial Racine County Supervisor and Development Services Small Business Liaison Officer, David BlankJames McPhaul Twin Disc, Inc. Real RacineUW-Parkside Small Business James McPhaulDevelopment Center Jenny Trick UW-Parkside Small Business Racine County Economic Development CenterMary Perry Development Corporation Alice OliverWisconsin Economic Racine County WorkforceDevelopment Corporation Matt Wagner Development Center SC Johnson Jenny TrickKim Plache Racine County EconomicWisconsin Housing and Economic Development CorporationDevelopment AuthorityDavid TitusBMO Harris BankRick VojtisekCliftonLarsonAllen, LLPKate WalkerGateway Technical CollegeRuss WeyersSouthport Bank

12 History of RCEDCOver thirty years of partnership between Racine County and RCEDC 1985 – 1990In 1982 a group of community leaders, led by then Racine County • RCEDC is certified by the Small Business Administration allowing Executive Leonard Ziolkowski met at the Johnson Foundation at us to provide loans to Racine County businesses.Wingspread to organize one of Wisconsin’s first county-wide privatenon-profit economic development corporations called the Racine • Racine County initiates construction of Reefpoint Marina Harbor.County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC). The vision for RCEDC was bold and strategic but our founders believed 1990 – 1995it was critical to have an independent entity that would forge the • Several European companies are recruited by RCEDC, including partnerships necessary for successful economic development Danfoss Fluid Power; Putzmeister; Poclain Hydraulics; Alloc; throughout the County. Cordstrap and Nimco Controls.1983 • RCEDC is incorporated following a Wingspread • RCEDC led Racine Development Group is formed to finance Economic Summit. projects in the City of Racine.Photos from the first Wingspread Meeting, 1982. • WISPARK, LLC establishes the GrandView Business Park. • RCEDC facilitates downtown Racine’s Arcade Apartments and Racine’s Wil-Manor Apartments. • Mooney LeSage Group establishes The Renaissance Business Park. 1996 – 2000 • Racine County’s Workforce Development Center opens to the public. • City of Burlington and RCEDC initiate its riverfront redevelopment project. • Led by RCEDC, State and local leaders retain CNH Global, relocating the tractor assembly facility to Mount Pleasant. • RCEDC provides assistance to Runzheimer International in the development of Westerra Business Park. 2001 – 2005 • Racine County’s Economic Development Plan is adopted. • Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation is incorporated. • RCEDC and City of Racine initiate brownfield redevelopment program. • City of Racine water agreement approved with surrounding communities and the towns of Mount Pleasant and Caledonia incorporate. 2006 – 2010 • RCEDC implements its new Business Development program. • RCEDC’s Business Development and Business Finance divisions complete 60 projects that include more than $215 million in private development and result in the creation and/or retention of 1,410 jobs. 2011 – 2014 • RCEDC celebrates its 30th year in operation. • RCEDC’s Business Development and Business Finance divisions complete 116 projects that include more than $309 million in private development and result in the creation and/or retention of 4,540 jobs.

Award Winners 13 SAM JOHNSON ANTHONY J. DICASTRI AWARD VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD for private sector economic development initiatives INDIVIDUAL for community development Steen Sanderhoff Past President, LEMAN USA, Inc. Peter Hansen RCEDC Board Member from 2001-2008 Yorkville Town Chairman and Executive Committee from 2004-2008 Past Racine County Executive LENDER OF THE YEAR AWARD Past Racine County Board Chairman for the greatest number of RCEDC RCEDC Board Member from 2009-2015 partnership loans LEONARD W. ZIOLKOWSKI AWARD for public sector economic development initiatives Tom Friedel Dustin J. Van PeursemCity Administrator Vice President, Commercial Banking Johnson Bank City of Racine SAM JOHNSON VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD - ORGANIZATION for community development River Bend Nature Center Group Jeanne Dernehl, Executive Director

14 InvestorsGold Level Silver Level Bronze($2,000+) ($750+) ($200+)BMO Harris Bank Ashley Capital, LLC 6100 West, Inc. dba The Ivanhoe Pub Foth InfrastructureBombardier Recreational AT&T & Eatery/Envy Ultra Lounge/ATM & Environment, LLCProducts (BRP) Badger Meter, Inc. Financial Services Jerold P. FrankeCliftonLarsonAllen LLP Berghammer Corporation A&E Incorporated/A&E Tools Gateway Technical CollegeCNH America LLC Bukacek Construction, Inc. Accounting and Business Gordon J. Maier & Company, LLPEducators Credit Union Butter Buds Food Ingredients Services, Inc. Gorman & Company, Inc.InSinkErator/ Cannella Response Television, LLC All Modes, Inc. Great Northern CorporationEmerson Electric Co. Community State Bank Alloy Welding, Inc. Hinsman Realty, Inc.Johnson Bank DeMark, Kolbe & Brodek, S.C. Andis Company HyPro, Inc.Jones Lang LaSalle Dental Associates (Dr. Todd Pienkos) Aurora Health Care Image Management LLCJournal Times/Lee Enterprises, EC Styberg Engineering Co., Inc. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Imogene Powers JohnsonIncorporated Horizon Retail Construction, Inc. Bonetti Co., Inc. Jasperson RealtyKeller, Inc. HSA Commercial Real Estate BOOST Associates Jensen Metal Products, Inc.Land and Lakes Company Jon Hendersen Real Estate, Inc. Briohn Building Corporation K. Singh & Associates, Inc.Modine Manufacturing Company Knapp Mfg., Inc. CalStar Products, Inc. Knight-Barry Title, Inc.Poclain Hydraulics, Inc. Lynch Family of Dealerships Carthage College Kranz, Inc.SC Johnson McLane Foodservice, Inc. CBL & Associates Management, Inc. Lakeview PharmacyTri City National Bank Merchants Delivery Moving /Regency Mall Lee & Associates of Illinois, LLCTwin Disc, Inc. and Storage Company Consolidated Construction Lehmann’s BakeryUnico, Inc. Norco Manufacturing Corporation Company, Inc. LEMAN USA, Inc.US Bank O&H Danish Bakery, Inc. Cordstrap USA, Inc. Living As A LeaderWe Energies Racine Metal-Fab, Ltd. CRB Insurance Agency MB Financial BankWheaton Franciscan Healthcare Racine Railroad Products, Inc. DanSign, Inc. McDonalds/ 2100 Lathrop, Inc.WISPARK LLC Riley Construction Company, Inc. David Insurance Agency, Inc. Robert N. Miller Seda North America, Inc. Delta Flexible Products, Inc. MRA-The Management Association Shurpac Metal Finishings, Inc. Diamond Transportation Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Talmer Bank Systems, Inc. North Shore Animal Hospital ZMac Transportation Solutions, LLC Dover Consulting/Tom Magulski of Racine, Inc. Drewco Corporation O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DuraColor, LLC DeJong & Laing, SC Elwood Corporation Pearle Vision Expert Tax Solutions, Inc. Peoples Bank Express Employment Professionals Pitts Brothers & Associates, LLC Financial Service Group, Inc. Premier Aluminum, LLC First Business Bank – Milwaukee/ Putzmeister America, Inc. Kenosha Region Racine Marriott First Weber Group Realtors Reesman’s Excavating & Grinding, Inc. Fischer USA, Inc.

15 Core Investors Contract Organizations, Public Investors and ($50+) PartnersREMAX Newport Realty Altus Vinyl, LLC City of RacineRobert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated Julie Anderson City of BurlingtonSmiling Georgie Porgie’s, Inc. Olatoye Baiyewu Racine CountySolheim Billing & Grimmer, SC Corporate Images, Inc. Racine County WorkforceSouthport Heating, Plumbing Raymond DeHahn Development Center& Geothermal Lloyd & Virginia DeJong Racine Development Group, Inc.Spectrum Capital Solutions Design North, Inc. Village of CaledoniaSpee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. James R. Filipek, CLU Village of Mt. PleasantStafford Rosenbaum, LLP Gallo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Village of SturtevantState Bank of the Lakes Lorna George Village of Union GroveUAW Local 180 Robert Henzl Village of WaterfordUltra Industries, Inc. Daniel & Susan Horton Town of NorwayUnited Way of Racine County IPS Carefree Enzymes, Inc. Town of RaymondUW-Parkside Jean M. Jacobson Town of YorkvilleJeff & Linda Waller Knuteson, Hinkston & Quinn, S.C. Burlington Area ChamberWanasek Corporation Diane M. Lange of CommerceWiscon Products, Inc. Lloyd Meier Racine Area ManufacturersWisconsin Housing and Michael Palazzola and Commerce (RAMAC)Economic Development Authority, Stanley Postorino Union Grove ChamberInc. (WHEDA) RFP Commercial, Inc. of CommerceWisconsin Plating Works Rivermoor Golf, LLC Waterford Area Chamberof Racine, Inc. Gregory A. Ruidl of Commerce Symbiont Science, Engineering Absolutely Waterford and Construction, Inc. Downtown Racine Corporation Mary Stephany Trimmier Robin Vos Van Wanggaard Pamela L. Zenner-RichardsWE NEED The competition to recruit businesses to Racine County is intense and the need to assist existing Racine County companies in an increasingly competitive YOUR market is hard work. However, with your investment partnership we will be able to report in next year’s Annual Report even greater results.SUPPORT Remember that, as a private non-profit corporation, your investment in RCEDC is tax-deductible. How to Invest? Contact Jenny Trick at 262.898.7424 or by completing the investor form on our website at under “Become an Investor.”

16 RCEDC StaffADMINISTRATION COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS FINANCE dba BUSINESS LENDING PARTNERSJenny Trick Tina Chitwood(262) 898-7424 (262) 898-7422 Carolyn EngelExecutive Director Community Development Manager (262) [email protected] [email protected] Business Finance Manager [email protected] Johnson Jordan Brown(262) 898-7428 (262) 898-7444 Janell TopczewskiAccounting Manager Brownfield Redevelopment Specialist (262) [email protected] [email protected] Compliance/Closing Specialist [email protected] Beauchesne WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT(262) 898-7432 Nhi MalinowskiAdministrative Assistant Valerie Hanson (262) [email protected] (262) 638-6603 Loan Servicing Specialist/Analyst Business Services Team Leader [email protected] DEVELOPMENT [email protected] RACINE COUNTYLaura Million Christine Henning ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT(262) 898-7530 (262) 638-6683 CORPORATIONBusiness Development Manager Business [email protected] [email protected] 2320 Renaissance Boulevard Sturtevant, WI 53177Logan Dawson Len Maki(262) 898-7440 (262) 638-6639Business Recruitment Specialist Business [email protected] [email protected] Kothari(262) 898-7438Economic Development Research [email protected] to right: Len Maki, Valerie Hanson, Lynn Beauchesne, Carolyn Engel, Laura Million, Nick Johnson, Jenny Trick, Jordan Brown, Rachana Kothari, Tina Chitwood, Nhi Malinowski, Logan Dawson, Janell Topczewski, Christine Henning

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