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WLMarathon Introduction

Published by Stella Pentovolou, 2022-03-20 23:11:19

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“Talent can win a game, but only a Team can win a championship” Michael Jordan, 6 times NBA winner and the best player of all times WEIGHT LOSS MARATHON NOVEMBER 2020


The first 10 days on the road to a better you! Way of life Goals During the Marathon you will master all The Marathon will help you to: the skills that will help you to enjoy a  IMPROVE THE QUALITY healthy active lifestyle. They are based OF NUTRITION on our four Principles of Wellbeing:  MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT  BALANCED NUTRITION  OPTIMIZE BODY COMPOSITION  WATER REGIME  FEEL BETTER  PHYSICAL ACTIVITY  LOOK BETTER  SLEEP AND REST

The Team The Captain The Team consists of 9 people:  shares advice on a daily basis  creates personalized nutrition plans The Captain (Nutrition Coach) and 8 participants.  supports the participants of the group A spirit of mutual support and healthy competition help to achieve the best results. as a whole, and also individually This teamwork makes it much easier for you to change your old eating habits and lose The Captain is also a Team member weight! Everyone loves it, both the process and and serves as a good example to the results, and there’s no doubt that you will too. everybody on the team. It’s fun, simple and magical!

Marathon Structure  Each Team consists of 9 people, including the Captain, who is a Nutrition Coach  One of the participants (the most active and motivated) is appointed to be the Assistant Captain.  The Assistant Captain brings friends to the team and gradually masters Captain skills and functions  The Marathon is made up of laps, which continue for 10 days  The participants share their nutrition, weight and physical activity with the group

Marathon Structure At the end of each day two people are recognized and acknowledged by the rest of the team: The Leader of the Day is the participant that loses At the end of the lap winners are the most weight on that particular day. announced in two categories: • Absolute Weight Loss (kg) The Lap Leader is the participant that has lost the • Relative Weight Loss (%). most weight so far.

Marathon Structure  Each team competes with all the other teams in the Marathon League, and the most successful team is determined and recognized at the end of the month.  Invite friends to your team and make it even more fun!  You can join the main Marathon Team from the beginning, or you can watch us in the Bootcamp Community

Participation Rules THESE RULES WILL HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS  Your Coach will help you to put together your personal nutrition plan  To join the Marathon Team, you need to replace two main meals during the day with Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 nutritious protein-based shakes (or any other balanced meals from our Cook Book)  We will also replace some of your drinks with our specialized products supporting your water regime and your digestive system, helping you to increase energy and lose weight.

Our Cook Book will provide you with a wide range of healthy recipes to really enjoy your meals with no regret or guilt. Participation Rules

Participation Rules  Daily report: Send your morning weight to your group or Captain each day  Keep your Nutrition Journal based on “bite – write” principle  Physical activity is very important! Share it daily with your team and motivate others  Focus, persistence and discipline is the key for success  Enjoying the process – this is a must!

Participation Rules Team spirit, mutual support and healthy competition help you to stay motivated during each lap and the whole Marathon!

Personal Nutrition Plan  Share your nutrition habits and general wellbeing with your Captain  Describe your typical day: what you eat and drink from morning till late at night  Your coach will determine your personal protein and fiber requirements, the number and structure of meals and snacks during the day, your water regime, physical activity, and also your resting and sleep regime  During the first three laps, your program will be constantly adjusted and optimized, based on your progress

How to Start?  Download the Telegram application onto your phone and your computer – all our active groups and channels are there. We also share and exchange all our tools and materials in Telegram.  Download the Zoom application for video conferences – we meet there regularly for various activities: o Weekly Nutrition lessons o Cooking Master Classes o Personal Care Master Classes o Fitness and Dancing sessions o Online Parties to Recognize the Winners o Trainings for Future Captains  Send your picture (portrait) to your Captain to include in the team collage  Order your Herbalife Nutrition program  Report your starting morning weight to your Captain

Bootcamp Community If you feel that you are not quite ready to join the main Marathon Team yet – no problem: meanwhile you can watch us at the Bootcamp Community. This will help give you a feel for the Marathon, became acquainted with other participants and discuss your nutrition plan with your Captain. During these time you will get a clear idea of the Marathon structure to help you to come to a decision.

Questions and Answers Q: How much does it cost to participate in the Marathon? A: Participation in the Marathon is free - the only condition is replacing part of your daily meals with Herbalife Nutrition products. World leading scientists are behind these products. Testimonials from millions of satisfied customers confirm their effectiveness in improving people’s health, wellbeing and weight management.

Questions and Answers Q: My friends would like to learn about Q: Can I become a Nutrition Coach healthy nutrition and weight loss, but I’m not and Marathon Captain? sure whether it’s worth inviting them to the Marathon, before I get my own visible results. A: Online Weight Loss Marathons are very popular and growing fast, and we A: You could invite your friends to the are in constant need of new Captains. Bootcamp Community where they will meet Talk to your Captain, and he/she will help you to join our Nutrition Coaches your Coach who can answer all their questions. During this time you can also Academy invite them to an event in our virtual Nutrition Club, for example, the Healthy Cooking Class.

See you at the Starting Line!

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