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St Mark's College Newsletter - 5 March 2021

Published by ccaspers, 2021-03-05 03:29:53

Description: The Year 9s marched as one. The Bosco Sports earned many cheers. The Benedict leaders impressed and Sr Mary is lovingly remembered and special visitors arrived.


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Issue 3 5 March 2021 Dakota and Isabella lead the members of the ‘Father Son and Holy Sisters’ into the Rite Journey launch The Year 9s marched as one. The Bosco Sports earned many cheers. The Benedict leaders impressed and Sr Mary is lovingly remembered and special visitors arrived. 3 8803 Rite Journey Launch Bosco Sports Day Last Monday night we held a gathering of Year There was a wonderful atmosphere for the 9 students and their mums and dads. Large Bosco Sports Day. Teams seemed unified. numbers turned up at tea time gathering on Leaders had prepared banners and streamers. the Polding Lawns. A ritual unfolded and there Colours flapped and adorned anything was a chance for reflection and connection. that could be held by sticky tape. The paper It became an important occasion. The Year fluttering predicted the fun and competition 9 students marched in behind banners of the day. Balloons had been blown up and representing their life and hope. They had been there was a Year 12 fancy dress enthusiasm. created earlier. They sat themselves in front The day seemed streamlined. Events went on of their families. We were able to watch them time. Students were focussed and cooperated. shuffle in this informal march across the lawns Some just entered for a point. Others tried with their friends and classmates and think a very hard. The temperature was perfect and little about their growth and potential. It was the track quite fast. The staff were very keen a gently moving moment. There were slightly to make this a special day for the students nervous Year 9s, walking and they knew that and there were moments of inspiration from they were being watched. They were thinking those students. Marshall Mieglich was quite about growing up and in their pocket was a outstanding and thrilled us with exceptional note about leaving a childlike behaviour behind. fitness and speed. Beau Bridley broke five Mums and dads were quiet and reflective. records and emerged powerfully throughout It will be the first of a number of rituals that the day. Jordan Ganley was so determined with students are involved in this year that defines her strong running. The sprints were mightily their transition from childhood to adulthood. contested and Charlie Tiller was exceptional The students are involved in the Rite Journey time and time again and the Open 100 was program. This is important in the school and very fast with a power finish by Nick Wilsdon. earlier that day the Year 12s had gathered to The relays created a cohesion. We loved the welcome them in a similar procession. It was intensity of the effort and the closeness of a proud moment for me as the 12s applauded, the results. Gallagher just seemed to have high fived, smiled and welcomed. The families enough in them to take the day. They entered were quieter than the 12s. The parents sat all the events. They had plenty of stars but they smiling. There were speeches. Me, inevitably, also had numbers to get that one point. The some students, and parents Matt Coates and scoreboard couldn’t ignore their determination. Teresa Dunbar. They spoke well about the Robert Cronin continued to describe events in program and the impact on their older children. that ABC Radio announcer calm enthusiasm. The Year 9s gave voice to aspiration and vision Kris Sjostrom kept the workers focussed and for the year. Behind the scenes Caleb Brown happy. John Gibson got the starter gun for the and Tom Gilligan were organising, teachers first time and it looked very comfortable in his were cooking sausages, and things were being hand. We congratulate him on his promotion. set up. The parents had a chance to tell some The day is always about the fun and the stories to their child and munch a sausage as excellence. It is about belonging to a House well. It was good stuff. Aspirational. Relational. and cheering and making an effort. There Connecting. were big efforts and tight victories, important trophies and generous applause. Sports Day is RECEPTION 7

Sr Mary It is with sadness we acknowledge the passing of Good Samaritan Sister, Mary Howard. Sister Mary died peacefully on Monday, 1 March at Southern Cross Care in Adelaide. She was a past staff member with a great love of the College. She was a beautiful presence in the parish and unfailingly led a dutiful and holy life. She was a delightful story teller and had this deep enthusiasm for schools and learning, the potential of children and the ministry of the Church. Sr Mary was always bustling to do a job, stopping for a chat, remembering the network and connections between people in the mid north and then she was smiling. She was always smiling. Chattering. Remembering things. Her life was a deep expression of goodness. She stopped and responded just as the Good Samaritan did in the gospel. She had a sense of holiness and an intuition for the sacred just as St Benedict did. For Sr Mary, life seemed fundamentally good and people were important. She made an impression on so many. Let us be united in prayer as she now shares the fullness of life. a wonderful occasion. It defines us in a special were prepared, focussed, joking, united and way. the Bosco Sports Day was so much better because so many of them helped generously Benedict Leadership and efficiently. Our parents are gracious and I had to conduct a tour of the Benedict campus helpful. They serve. They care. I tried to say the other day and Angus Hall and Eve Porta, thank you at the recent AGM of the P+F. I hope the newly elected captains of the Junior School, that they heard it. We are very grateful. were there to help me. I had a chance to show parents around and tell them about what Visitors for over the ranges makes us unique; what makes us special. In the A whole lot of excitement came into the College end, the best thing was to ask our Captains when we received a visit by the Year 6s from St about their experience and their opinions. Our James and St Joseph’s Gladstone. They came visitors were so keen to hear of the Year 6 for a look at the College and had a chance to experience and how Angus and Eve saw the St experience all that goes on in the community Mark’s world. The two students were gentle and the classroom. It was a special day for and courteous in response to questions. They us. They were very welcome and I thank our laughed generously at my jokes. They directed teachers for their hospitality. I get a deep sense and guided with a Year 6 politeness. Really, they of our Catholic connection and unity when were outstanding ambassadors and spoke of something like this happens. This educational how we organise and what we value. I think that system is powerful. our new parents gained a greater confidence because they met Angus and Eve. I guess that is Mr Greg Hay, Principal part of what leaders do. Parents and Friends Gallagher Captains Alana and Max being It was 7.30am and the McBride 4 Wheel Drive presented the winners shield by Fr Jimmy arrived at the Bosco Oval. Three perfectly dressed children alighted and began to help unload with mother Kate. ‘How did she get them up and dressed so early?’ I thought. ‘How did she convince them to help so graciously?’ The Gebert Van was a minute behind. Peter had 28 bags of ice. He had lots of stuff on board so I saw. Other parents appeared. They were dressed in the P+F poloshirts. I witnessed an army like organisation – Operation Bosco began. Tents were up. Weights attached in case of wind. The P+F banner fluttered. Soft drinks were iced. Signs erected. And the sizzle of sausages wasn’t far away. They were receiving cakes, getting out a cash register, staking chip boxes and they even had Covid preparation as a priority. I needed to attach something at one stage and out came the cable ties. They

Key Dates and Campus Information Week 7: 8/3 - 12/3 Week 8: 15/3 - 19/3 Mon Adelaide Cup Long Weekend Mon Parents and Friends Meeting 7.00pm, Bosco Conference Room Tues SRC Liturgy and Badge Presentation Tues College Board AGM and Meeting Good Samaritan Hall, 9.00am Bosco Library, 7.30pm (see page ??? for further information) Sacramental Information Meeting Good Samaritan Hall, 7.30pm Wed Wed Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews Thu Thu Reception and Year 1 Gymnastics Visit Fri Bosco Centre, 4.00 - 6.30pm Fri Little Lions Session 5 Harmony Day Reception and Year 1 Gymnastics Visit The above schedule is subject to change with COVID-19 restrictions. Little Lions Session 6 Benedict Campus: • Classes have well and truly established routines and expectations as they develop their collaborating, communicating, researching, self-managing and thinking skills. • Student data is being collected via a number of assessment tools to better inform teachers about their students, both academically and pastorally. • The 40 days of Lent has commenced with weekly Lenten Liturgies and donations to Project Compassion as we try to ‘Be More’ in 2021. • A more secure fence and gates have been erected to ensure an upgrade in safety for the Benedict students. • Students and staff took part in Clean Up Australia Day with a Clean Up Benedict Day. • S emester 1 SRCs have been elected! The Liturgy and Badge Ceremony will now be at 9am, Tuesday 9 March due to Sr Mary’s Prayer Vigil. • The Year 3/4 build moves along steadily with the removal of key areas in preparation for transportables to be moved and building to begin. Please note, Week 11 (Tuesday 6 - Friday 9 April) will be a Student Free Week as power and water supplies will be cut. We return to school after the holidays on Tuesday 27 April (not Wednesday 28 April as indicated in the calendar). • The Year 5/6 Choir has begun preparation for the Festival of Music under the talented baton of Mr Isaac Ellis. • Year 5s have begun preparations for the Easter Reenactment under the guidance of Mrs Karen Murphy and Mr Bret Swensson. • Y ear 6s have chosen a design and ordered their Year 6 tops! Many thanks to Mrs Dunning and Mrs Fantinel for your help. • Year 6 House Leaders have been elected and have held their first official breakfast meeting to set up the 2021 Challenge Cup. • Year 6s will participate in their first local SAPSASA Carnival next Friday. Thank you to Mrs Jo Wilsdon for organising. • The Year 6 Sleepover has been postponed to May 7, Term 2 due to unforeseen circumstances. Ms Melissa Gadaleta, Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus Bosco Campus: • Y ear 12 Parent Teacher Interviews are on Wednesday 17 March. These interviews are an opportunity for parents of Year 12 students to meet with key teachers and ask questions about their progress and learning. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. The interviews will be held in the Bosco Centre from 4.00pm - 6.30pm. Interview times will be made online through Parent Teacher Online (PTO). An individual letter outlining your log in and password details, as well as how to make bookings, will be emailed to parents early next week. • Port Hughes was once again overtaken by our Year 7 students this week. We were extremely lucky with the weather with warm sunny days and refreshingly cool evenings. The students and their teachers explored the coastal area over three days and two nights. Their days were filled with challenging activities that created laughter and formed new friendships. I am sure many lasting memories were created and there will be excitement as these are shared with families on their return. I thank all the teachers involved in making this experience available for our students. • T his week our students have been undertaking their PAT-Math and PAT-Reading tests. These will be important in guiding our teachers in how to best support your child and their access to the curriculum. In the coming weeks, teachers will be reviewing this data. Please feel free to discuss these results with your child’s teachers during Parent Teacher Interviews next term. • There is an abundance of items in Lost Property! If your child is missing any items encourage them to check at the Bosco Student Office. Mr Marc Forster, Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus

Religious Education From the APRIM group walked back from their “Calling” through Here they gained a greater understanding of our Benedict Campus to the Bosco oval for morning Catholic context and also their role as a teacher This newsletter reflection comes to you as tea. This was another symbol in this ritual that of Religious Education. They also had the I share time with our Year 7 students on Camp. they were letting go of being young children. opportunity to meet key people in our system A time to build connections and relationships Significantly they were met upon their return by and explore the vocation they are undertaking and grow in their sense of belonging and our former Rite Journey students who are now as a part of our College community. welcome to the Bosco Campus community. in Year 12. These older students offered words of advice and encouragement as they shared in Enhancing our Catholic Identity Lent morning tea together. The students were later This year we are gathering some data and Our preparation for Easter continues. I have supported to undertake this journey with a exploring how our Catholic Identity is expressed been heartened by the initiatives happening BBQ and ceremony attended by their families. here at the College. Students, staff and parents throughout the College including prayer, action It was a wonderful occasion of community will be asked to contribute their feedback and advocating. In so many ways I have seen and support. I am excited for what our Year 9 around our work as a Catholic community. people in our community trying to be the best students will experience with their teachers Surveys will be distributed this term and your person that they can be. Thank you to the Mr Tom Gilligan, Mr Matthew Munday, Ms Fiona input is greatly appreciated. Please keep an eye Benedict classes who are leading us in prayerful Clarke and Ms Toni Freer this year. out for communication from Mr Hay. reflections each Monday based on the Caritas Project Compassion stories. Teacher Induction Mrs Katie Pole, APRIM Teachers new to our school and the Port Pirie Rest peacefully Sr Mary Diocese attended their initial induction day last SOUTHERN CROSS: I had a heavy heart on Monday when the news week at the Port Pirie Catholic Education Office. Click here for the latest edition. came through that our dear Sr Mary Howard SGS had passed away early in the morning. We Year 9s symbolically throw a stone into the water, saying goodbye to their childhood and moving didn’t get the chance to personally say goodbye into adulthood to someone who is very much at the heart of the story of this community. Fortunately, through the power of technology and friends we could communicate our gratitude and appreciation. We were able to thank her for all that she has contributed so joyfully and generously to not only the Port Pirie community but the wider Diocesan family and the Good Samaritan order. Sr Mary thank you for being a wonderful faith witness, sharing your love of life and being a supportive figure for so many of our families. Rest peacefully in God’s care. Sacramental Information Evening Parents who are interested in their children receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion or Confirmation this year are asked to make it a priority to attend the Sacramental Meeting next week. This meeting will be Tuesday 9 March at 7:30pm in the Good Samaritan Hall, Benedict Campus. Rite Journey Launch Mr Gilligan congratulates Morrie and all of the Meg and Emmerson lead the Gilmore Girls Our Year 9s participated in there Calling and Year 9s on the beginning of Rite Journey back to Bosco Campus Departure ceremony last week. This is a pivotal beginning of the journey they will undertake throughout the year in their Religious Education class groups. On that morning the students participated in a “Calling Ceremony”. This was to become one as a group on a journey of letting go of their childhood and embracing all that their journey towards adulthood holds. The

Student Leadership Program Year 6 students have built their confidence and skills in leadership. We congratulate the new leaders who have been elected. Ada and Tarisai find out more about each other Cruz and Charlie discuss their similarities during the Year 6 Leadership Program and differences during the Year 6 Leadership Congratulations to our Benedict School “When I was told that I was the School Captains Angus and Eve Captain I couldn’t believe it. I was very excited and happy. I look forward to planning school activites and representing the school at events. I hope that I can be a leader that the school will be proud of.” Eve, School Captain 2021 “I am looking forward to being a leader Year 6s ‘busting a move’ for the school and helping others around the school yard. This role means a lot to me because I have always looked up to the school captains and now it is my time to be a good role model for my peers. Something I am passionate about is playing sport for my school and helping others with their schoolwork.” Angus, School Captain 2021 Congratulations to our Benedict House Leaders: Ryan and Leana (Polding), Emily and Jake (Bosco), Lilli and Joel (Gallagher) and Peyton and Noah (McNally)

Around Benedict Campus LITTLE LIONS > Little Lions visiting the library and borrowing their very first book Congratulations INDIGENOUS STUDENTS > Students enjoying ARTWORK > Tabitha and Flynn with their Star Salesian Students morning tea with Aboriginal and Torres Strait polar bear artwork Islander Focus Teacher, Miss Camporeale 6B Cruz Salvemini LITERACY > 3 Blue have been learning about ‘dge’ and ‘ge’ sounds by becoming spelling rappers 6R Ella Caddy 6G Peyton Wright 5B Dylan Spence 5R Grace Bailey 4B Mariana Kambanos 4R Caleb Cameron 3B Lexie Camporeale 3R Archie Reddaway 2B Isabelle McInerney 2R George Olsen 1B Jacob Massner 1R Hunter Maynard RB Delta Smith RR Jameson Cable RGr Bastian Loizeau RGo Ted Fetherstonhaugh Star Samaritan Students 6B Alyssa Paparella 6R Charlie Waters 6G Mohamed Hendy 5B Kailee Lack 5R Sherwin David 4B Riley Pisani-Yuke 4R Thomas McBride 3B Braxton Camporeale 3R Anna Frkic 2B Harper Sard 2R Poppy Clarke 1B Mia Saler 1R Khadija Hendy RB Olivia Wood RR Ainslee Ferme RGo Rory Bowman Faith in Action Eden Roros Jack Cole LITTLE LIONS > Year 6 Paige with her Little INDIGENOUS STUDENTS > Eva, Xavier and Lions buddy Elsie Riley having fun in the Indigenous Garden

Bosco Athletics Day FRANK LAURITSEN MEMORIAL SHIELD (OVERALL WINNER): Ready, set, GO! Open Boys 100m 1st Gallagher Jackson sprinting to the finish line 2nd McNally 3rd Bosco 4th Polding RECORDS BROKEN: • Beau Bridley U13 Boys Javelin- 26.63m; Long Jump- 4.72m; 200m- 00:28:40; Shot Put- 11.38m; Triple Jump- 9.31m • Finlay Roberts U13 Girls Javelin- 17.24m • Alyssa Ganley U13 Girls Long Jump 3.65m • Chloe Pilkington U13 Girls 800m- 3:13 U13 INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS: U14 Alyssa Ganley and Beau Bridley U15 Violet Jackson and Kobi Ganley U16 Lilly Bowyer and Marc Richards Open Charli Tiller and Kalan Hayes Jordan Ganley and Nick Wilsdon Archie, Ethan, Kale, Rafael and Bailey Olivia, Charlie, Matilda, Sienna, Kyleah and Finley Ben and Henry in the relay Sarah and Meg Our Gallagher Year 12s celebrate with Mr Munday

Around Bosco Campus ENGLISH > Students in 9M English have developed a range of campaign messages to spread the word about anti-bullying. Working in groups the students interviewed peers and teachers about bullying, and then created promotional materials (badges, posters, short films, picture books and songs) to help raise awareness that bullying is not ok. Left- Amelia and Matilda making campaign badges Right- Jaxon, Jessica, Zara and Lucas create their own promotional video MATHS > Year 7 students have been using a range of maths skills through the ‘Four Operations’ TEXTILES > Year 10s, including Adele, Harper card game, created by Mr Gibson. The range of rules requires the students to calculate whole and Jerrylee have been busy making coin numbers using multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Fun while learning! purses in a range of bold patterns. BOARDING > Several of our Boarders visited AGRICULTURE > Ag students have been involved in a two day Crutching and Wool Handling Riding with the Disabled this week. Georgia is Course at McNally Farm on Thursday and Friday this week. Thanks to SWI Trainer Dave Reichelt pictured with one of the horses. for delivering the Training, that was delivered, fee free, under Australian Wool Industry Funding. Special thanks to Heath Tiller for providing sheep for the course and also to Gary Smith who transported the sheep. Their ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Community Notices Catering Contract Parents + Friends St Mark’s College invites suitably qualified catering contractors to tender for the supply and management for the following services: • Benedict Canteen • Bosco Canteen • Salesian House (5-Day Boarding) Catering The contract will be for a period up to 3 years with a further 2-year option upon agreement between the parties on completion of the initial contract period. Tenders Close: 4pm on Friday 26 March 2021 For further information please contact the St Mark’s College Business Manager Jo Court at [email protected] College Board AGM REMINDER: The College Board’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 March, 7.30pm in the Bosco Hot Cross Buns orders are due by Library. Monday 22 March. Need help with English speaking? English Reading? English Writing? TAFE SA Port Pirie Campus now offers Certificate I and II in English Proficiency FREE for eligible Return your order form and money to one of SEE clients. Visit TAFE SA on Mary Elie Street to book an appointment for an assessment. our Administration Offices. Order forms still 2021 Diocesan Assembly available at Bosco Student Office. Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 March at the Port Pirie Sports Precinct Support the P+F and enjoy some delicious Registrations are open for the Port Pirie Diocesan Assembly, featuring Guest Presenter Fr Frank Brennan SJ. A suggested donation of $40 is requested to assist with costs. If that amount makes it Bakers Delight buns over Easter! difficult for you to attend, please come as our guest. For information or a registration form contact Martine at the the Diocesan Office on 8632 0550. Thank you! Registrations close Friday 12 March. Thank you to everyone who supported our P+F stall at Bosco Athletics Day: Supa Kids Easter at Memorial Park • Woolworths who donated sausages for Family Fun Day Enjoy songs, games, crafts and Bible stories at the sausage sizzle the Supa Kids Club Easter event: • All volunteers who helped on the stall • Everyone who donated baked goods Sunday 28 March, 3.00 - 5.00pm at Memorial Your support is greatly appreciated! Park (Gertrude Street) AGM All welcome! The P+F would like to congratulate the following Office Bearers: Lent, Holy Week and Easter Liturgies • President- Kate McBride • Vice President- Peter Gebert • Friday 19 March Solemnity of St Joseph- 12.00pm Mass • Secretary-Sarah Freer • Treasurer-Maxie Schoeman • Wednesday 24 March 11.30am Chrism Mass, Cathedral Thank you to all our general members again for putting your hands up to help. Your support is • Sunday 28 March Palm Sunday, Masses as scheduled greatly appreciated. • Monday 29 March Parish Recollection, Cathedral- 6.00 - 7.00pm Kate McBride, P+F President • Tuesday 30 March Second Rite of Reconciliation, Cathedral- 6.00pm Port Football and Community Sporting Club • Thursday 1 April Holy Thursday Mass, Cathedral- 7.00pm and Crystal Brook- 7.30pm Open daily from 9.00am • Friday 2 April Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, Memorial Park- 11.00am Online Canteen Orders for Benedict and Bosco: Redhill- 3.00pm Mass, Cathedral and Crystal Brook, 3.00pm • Saturday 3 April Easter Vigil Mass, Cathedral- 8.00pm • Sunday 4 April Easter Sunday Mass, Crystal Brook- 8.30am, Redhill- 10.00am, Cathedral- 10.30am, St Anthony’s- 5.00pm

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