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St Mark's College Newsletter, 25 September 2020

Published by ccaspers, 2020-09-24 20:01:25

Description: McNally triumphs and the Fleet is blessed.
We toast a sporting season and the staff learn a little about the mysteries of the heart.


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Issue 15 25 September 2020 McNally Year 6s celebrate their final Benedict Sports Day with a win McNally triumphs and the Fleet is blessed. We toast a sporting season and the staff learn a little about the mysteries of the heart. Benedict Sports Day were brimming with pride. The Bishop was very I thought the Benedict Sports Day was a impressed when he conferred the winning shield triumph. In buffeting wind and glare of sun, for the last time. I felt that it was a day that it was organised and efficient, wonderfully reflected us at our best. We cooperated. We managed and there was such an enthusiasm. tried. We chattered and laughed. We experience Young legs propelled, arms pumped, hearts great community. were beating, voices cheered. There was a charge towards winning lines and relay races Blessing of the Fleet had swirling circles and passing of balls and I shared some precious time with 32 Year 11 it all seemed to ignite excitement. As pinned students and their families who took part winning ribbons fluttered on shorts and in the Blessing of the Fleet and Debutante children barracked for each other there were Ball. With all of the Covid frustrations and adults organising and guiding. There was accommodations, the event became a truly adult encouragement and cheers of family wondrous Saturday night fairy tale and a support. There were teachers smiling with Sunday afternoon of blessing. The students lists and timetables. I felt very proud of the honoured a long tradition of the Port Pirie work of the staff and could see them focussed Italian community. They immersed themselves and making sure that the day went well. The into the Ball and they celebrated the procession student Captains organised their House and that honours Our Lady, Mary of Martyrs. the children responded by embracing the Certainly they were distinguished in the way day. The P+F supplied some delicious foods that they represented St Mark’s. I saw our and drinks and managed the Covid protocols Year 11s as gracious and gentle, excited and very carefully. The families turned up in great deeply caring that the whole event went well. numbers. They had a chance to see young people trying their best; really trying. They saw The Debutante Ball creates its own magic. a Benedict experience that filled the children’s People dress up beautifully. There is the hearts and exhausted them all at the same time. 3 8803 I acknowledge Jo Wilsdon’s leadership and Mr Hay at the Blessing of the Fleet the support that she had from staff. Perhaps Procession, with Harry, Peyton and Noah the McNally win got the biggest cheer but the crowning glory may have been the staff win against the students and the parents in that circular relay. (Well, that’s a perspective). A feature of the day for me was the quality of the student speeches. Sports Captains Jordyn Nicolson and Ben Spadavecchia spoke of the rich experience of being together and trying our best. They were excellent. Winning captains Olivia Possingham and Oscar Chivell were grateful and eloquent in accepting the trophy. They were gracious and thorough and RECEPTION 7

The Blessing of the Fleet Debutante Ball (Photo Credit: Clive Palmer Photography) P + F Meeting nervous entrance of the Debs and the fun. Coaching is about growing those qualities. Monday 19 October, 7.00pm determined Beaus who extend an arm of Our wonderful coaches find those qualities in Bosco Conference Room support and won’t let their charges slip. students. Let’s hope that next year we get a FB+G Meeting There is the flower girl innocence, delicious chance to find it in many more students. Tuesday 20 October, 6.45pm banquet, a grand ambience and there are the Bosco Conference Room presentations to the Bishop and first ladies College Magazine Board Meeting of the event. The Ball includes a variety of This week I received a copy of the 2019 College Tuesday 20 October, 7.30pm debutante dances and the heart filling parent Magazine and I note it was distributed to Bosco Conference Room and child dance. There is something very families. I acknowledge the work of Mrs Sharon traditional about the moment. The girls are Sard for this publication. She is archivist of all dressed in white and the boys are in bow ties that is precious about St Mark’s and the College and black. It is a moment that becomes sacred Magazine became a powerful and creative because we celebrate growth and the cohesion reflection of so much that was so good about of our community. We experience faithfulness 2019. The images sparkle with the enthusiasm though a powerful Italian legacy. Our Year 11s of our children and they remind me of the get a chance to focus on spirituality and ritual, opportunities that bring life to this place. The and honour a cultural tradition which is based reports are thorough and speak of excellence on love and faith. I felt very proud walking with and hard work. I was very proud to relive the them all on the Sunday procession as a loud memories of 2019 through our beautiful College speaker played musical versions of Ave Maria in magazine. between prayers and chatter. The sunshine, the movement, the statue fixed on a boat to motor Staff Retreat around the river, the people smiling and unified Our staff gathered last week for a day of was a joy. I congratulate the Italian Committee reflection and discernment. It was a chance to and the St Mark’s families. Ave Maria – viva think through some theology and to understand Maria de Matiri! more about our spiritual lives. We used the image of a shattered lantern and a story about Coaches’ Drinks a madman who cried that “God is Dead!” Our We had a little afternoon tea at the Port discovery was that perhaps God may be absent Clubrooms to celebrate the efforts made in some of the hearts, and minds may have killed with sport this year. We call it Coaches’ Night. of a sacred dimension by an indifference, but Coaches create an opportunity where our certainly God is not dead. We explored some students can play and we are so grateful. We ideas around mysticism. We thought about the like to win but we like to be together more and perceptions we have to situations and people. Covid challenged that. We recognised at our We reflected on the abundant opportunity to gathering the coaches who we know made the connect with the sacred. It is difficult but it is whole thing possible and special. We thanked easy to enter into the depths of our heart and the coaches who encouraged and taught; who recognise transcendence. It happens whenever supported and guided; who saw the best in tears come to our eyes in either genuine students and demanded that they be the best. sorrow or genuine joy. Our hearts are made to resonate to the goodness of the world. A Every year we give the coaches a gift; perhaps reflection day for staff is one way of listening an umbrella, a small esky, a coaches wind break. to that resonance. In my involvement last week I This year we gave them a face mask with the worked out that if I am generous or courageous, College emblem. It symbolized the efforts if I permit laughter into my life, if I pursue truth needed. Coaches have grown our young people then I’ll find the God within. Therefore, after our through sport. That is why we are so grateful. staff retreat that is what I shall try to do. Sport is about courage, teamwork, respect for others, resilience, concentration, effort, Mr Greg Hay, Principal

Religious Education From the APRIM M Team with gifts for Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child Our Operation Christmas Child Outreach project concluded last week with 79 shoeboxes being sent Year 6s bushwalk at Napperby Scout Camp from our College Community to disadvantaged children around the world ready for Christmas. We pray that those receiving the gifts will come to know a little of God’s love and feel joy in the gift Lawn bowls winners gathering after Staff prepared for them out of compassion. For most of the children receiving these gifts it will be the Retreat only gift they are given this year. I would like to thank the Benedict M Team and the Bosco House Caregroups for their support of this wonderful campaign. Team Colours Day We finished the term celebrating our annual College Team Colours Day. Sadly it rained on our parade, but we have added our donations to the support of Samaritan’s Purse who conduct the Operation Christmas Shoebox project. There is joy when we come together in the Eucharist and playground in our Salesian Tradition. Rain won’t stop that. It was a blessing for the gardens and the farmers. Year 6 Retreat It was a privilege to be part of the Year 6 Retreat on Wednesday this week. They had a day looking at ‘Belonging Together” beginning in the St Mark’s Sports Centre and ending with a walk through Napperby Scout Camp. The atmosphere amongst the students as we walked in nature was something to behold. There was teamwork, encouragement and challenges as they covered some rocky terrain. A highlight of the day was a visit from the Year 12 students who had written a letter to the Year 6 students about their learnings from a year that has been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. My thanks to the Year 6 teachers lead by Mrs Pia Keain who facilitated the day. Year 10 Retreat Our Year 10 students will have their Faith Formation experience in Week 1 of Term 4 -Wednesday 14 October. Details have been sent out via Operoo this week. I look forward to a day of spirituality and reflection with them. Staff Formation Day Our staff gathered on Monday during our student retreat day. We explored key themes of the year around bringing light and passion to our work and the world around us. They are passionate people keen to see young people grow and become great citizens in the world that God desires. It is a pleasure to work with them. Happy Holidays At the end of a rich and full term we pause and reflect on all we have achieved over the last 10 weeks and pray in thanks to God: Gracious God, in the busy-ness of life, we sometimes forget to stop to thank you for all that is good. Our blessings are many and our hearts are filled with gratefulness for the gift of living, for the ability to love and be loved, for the opportunity to see the everyday wonders of creation, for sleep and water, for a mind that thinks and a body that feels. Thank you, too, for those things in our life that are less than we would hope them to be. Things that seem challenging, unfair, or difficult. When our heart feels stretched and empty help us then to still find hope in the good. As we pause and reflect on another term thank you most of all for your unconditional and eternal love. Amen Mrs Katie Pole, APRIM

From the Deputy Principal Book Week Dress Up Day Book Week Dress up day has been scheduled We are at the end of Term 3! We have been for Monday 26 October. Our Little Lions will able to proceed with a few more events and get the opportunity to dress up on Friday 23 school activities while adhering to current October. The theme is ‘Curious Creatures, COVID-19 Restrictions. A special thanks to Wild Minds’. Be as curious, creative wild our dedicated and professional staff who so or clever with a dress up as you like. Our willingly facilitate so many opportunities for Literacy Coordinator Ms Teresa Gadaleta will our students. communicate more detail to you. Sports Day I would like to wish each of you a happy and safe Sports Day was an outstanding success! break from the routines of school. I pray that The attendance of families and friends was your days over the school holidays will be full of wonderful and our students displayed great sunshine, family, and friends as well as times of endeavour and sportsmanship throughout rest and recuperation. the day. I’d particularly like to thank the PE Faculty lead so diligently by Mrs Jo Wilsdon and Mrs Katie Pole, including Mr Niall Ashby for their outstanding organisation of Sports Day and thorough Acting Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus preparation of the students. Thank you also to all of the Benedict Staff team who put in over and above their assigned school roles to assist with the preparations and smooth running of the day. From earring making and line marking to running down the sprint track you each had an impact. Thank you also to our P+F Committee led by Mrs Kate McBride for their attendance and support throughout the day, keeping us all fed and watered. My congratulations to all of the winners on Receptions celebrating Miss Caputo the day especially the overall winning team END OF TERM: McNally. Deputy Principal Awards Friday 25 September, for following rules! 12.20pm SAPSASA START OF TERM: Congratulations to the students who 6 Red Sienna Sheasby Monday 12 October represented St Mark’s College in SAPSASA Sports events this term including football, 6 Blue Adeena Hashmi Principal’s Tour hockey, netball, soccer and athletics. Wednesday 14 October, Congratulations to the boys football team 6 Green Jonathan Wilks 9.30am - 10.30am taking out the premiership in Division 2. Catholic Ed Formal Farewell to 5 Red Charlie Waters Bishop Greg O’Kelly Staffing Updates Friday 16 October We have some staff taking leave from their 5 Blue Joseph Caldarola Little Lions positions at the start of next term. Mrs Karen Session 8: Murphy is taking Long Service Leave for Week 1 4 Red Indee White Friday 18 October of Term 4 and Mrs Karen Davison during Week 2 Session 9: of Term 4. May you enjoy some rest, recreation 4 Blue Cooper Tattoli Friday 23 October and family time and we look forward to your R - 12 Class of 2020 return. 3 Blue William Bishop Farewell Mass 3 Red Zara Haskett Tuesday 20 October, 9.30am This week is the last time we will have a Miss 2 Blue Eddie Connor Bosco Oval, all welcome Nikki Caputo on staff. Nikki is getting married Year 6 Aquatics will return during Week 2 as Mrs Edwards after 2 Red Anna Frkic Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 her honeymoon. God’s blessings on you and October Timo as you begin your married life. 1 Blue Amy Spence Time to say Goodbye 1 Red Darby Gale We farewell a couple of families who have been 1 Green Harper Sard active contributors to our school community for Rec. Blue Luke Mudge a number of years. On Friday we say farewell to Kallie and Baden Mellow and also Charlie Rec. Red Ela Caspers and Ruby Champion. Thank you for all you have contributed to our school community over a Rec. Green Finlay Saracino number of years and may best wishes go with you in your new ventures. Faith in Action Award Term 3 Week 3 Rafael Shahzadeh- Safavi Week 6 Week 9 Georgia McIntyre Sherwin David

Benedict Campus First Nation Fun! Congratulations Decorating rocks, colouring boomerangs and making nature collage’s students engaged in a range of First Nations activities. Star Salesian Students 6 Red Jack Hurst 6 Blue Poppy Swinton-Brewin 6 Green Aspen Gebert 5 Red Ashton Sedunary Curtis and Shae decorate a didgeridoo Lia admires the decorated rocks 5 Blue Allie Taylor 4 Red Grace Bailey 4 Blue Lincoln Joyce 3 Blue Jace Bellifemini 3 Red Addison Murdoch 2 Blue Max Caddy 2 Red Lexie Camporeale 1 Blue Ruby Stevens 1 Red Willow Reed 1 Green Martha Bishop Rec. Blue Eden Roros Rec. Red James O’Shaugnessy Rec. Green Spencer Deed Star Samaritan Students 6 Red Lacie Pisani-Yuke 6 Blue Finley Roberts Shyla Sims 6 Green Noah Miller 5 Red Cruz Salvemini Natalia McBride Emersyn with her decorated boomerang Marcus decorates a rock 5 Blue Daniel Gianoni 4 Red Zac Bessen 4 Blue Mekayla Whelan 3 Blue Bella Doan 3 Red Charlie Champion 2 Blue Junwoo Kim 2 Red Xavier Freeman-Keeley 1 Blue Amy Spence 1 Red Shaydon Emmanuel 1 Green Luke Martlew Rec. Blue Aria Hissey Rec. Red Harlow Pollard Rec. Green Nate Camporeale-Holmes Beautiful nature collages

Benedict Campus Benedict Sports Day Individual Awards Bishop Greg O’Kelly with McNally Captains Oscar and Olivia Congratulations to our students who were awarded for individual performance: Team Spirit Award: Shyla Sims (B), Mitchell Taylor (G), Kycenn Lethbridge (M) and Jackson Raftery (P) Long Distance Champions: Leana Nannapaneni, Noah Nicholson, Kallie Mellow and Tyron Congdon Sprint Champions: Anika Taylor, Noah Nicholson,Finley Roberts and Archie Simpson Molly and Marcus race around the track Amelia and Tessa race to the finish line Cody leads with the baton Jack takes off Layla having fun in the JP activities Brayden catches the ball

END OF TERM: From the Deputy Principal Friday 25 September, 12.30pm School Uniform 7 - 12 mid semester As we finalise the transition into the Summer Uniform, I ask that families take the time over the reports issued Term break to ensure the uniform expectations are being met. Please refer to the School Uniform START OF TERM: Policy, found on our website. Summer Dress lengths may need attention and adjustments made Monday 12 October before the return to school. Year 10 Retreat Year 12 students…the end is near! Wednesday 14 October This is a very busy time of the year, particularly for our Year 12 students as they prepare for their Principal’s Tour final school assessments and external assessments. Keeping in mind that most of the hard work Thursday 15 October, has been done for the year, this final push towards the end is a chance to consolidate grades 5.00pm - 6.00pm and prepare for exams. As the stresses may begin to compound, it is important as parents and Catholic Ed Formal Farewell to guardians that you support your child’s wellbeing as much as their academic pursuits. Ensure that Bishop Greg O’Kelly your Year 12 student maintains a good balance between study, relaxation and work. This may be Friday 16 October a time of year to speak with employers to reduce the number of work hours as students prepare Salesian House End of to finish off their final year of schooling. We advise students to create a weekly planner showing Year Liturgy time for study, work and social activities. This plan should continue through the upcoming school Sunday 18 October, 7.00pm holidays, particularly in preparation for final exams. R - 12 Class of 2020 A Call to Leadership Farewell Mass Year 11 students ventured offsite last week to discover their leadership potential. The day had Tuesday 20 October, 9.30am an outdoor focus and students were challenged to reflect on the qualities within as well as Bosco Oval, all welcome identify those seen in their peers. A formation session was also held, and students were given the Year 12 Mass of opportunity to nominate candidates for the 2021 College Captain positions. Nominees will now Thanksgiving prepare speeches and will address the student and staff body during Week 1 of Term 4. Following Thursday 22 October, 7.30pm the appointment of College Captains, the process of House and Sport Captain nominations begins. St Mark’s Cathedral Year 12 Final Day Mr Marc Forster, Friday 23 October Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus Studying beauty at TAFE Make-up, tanning, manicures, pedicures and ear piercing are just some of the skills a group of Year 11 students have gained as part of their Beauty course at TAFE SA. The students are studying beauty as part of the VET program, attending TAFE SA one day each week along with completing their Year 11 studies. The students will continue their course next year, and will finish Year 12 with both their SACE and a nationally recognised qualification. For any Year 10 and 11 students considering a VET pathway for 2021, contact Mrs Briony Pole.

Bosco Campus Early Admission – NEW University Entry Pathways Shannon Doyle Leah Finlay Euan Featherstonhaugh Bachelor of Media (Journalism) Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering Pathway) The University of Adelaide Flinders University is included, and the relevant section is 2020 has been an unusual year. In response Flinders University offers a similar program. completed by a parent/caregiver to the COVID19 pandemic and the impact • Flinders University will request Year 11 changing restrictions have had on education, Students will need to complete the South grades directly from the school the University of Adelaide launched an Australian Certificate of Education (or • Apply through SATAC listing the preferred alternative entry pathway for undergraduate equivalent). course through this pathway as first admission to current domestic and preference international applicants based on their Year A minimum ATAR of 70 will be required for 11 performance. Applicants also had to meet Education/Teaching courses (this does Important dates: criteria, which included: not apply to Bachelor of Arts pathway to • Complete the online form by Education courses). Students will also need to • Completion of Year 11 in 2019 complete any SACE Stage 2 (or IB, VCE or HSC 25 September 2020 equivalent) pre-requisite subjects, as well as • Apply through SATAC by • Achieve the required grades in Year 11 for meet any additional entry requirements that the degree they were applying for are relevant to the course, such as attending an 30 September 2020 audition or submitting a portfolio/statement. • School to provide grades to Flinders by • Study appropriate subjects to meet degree pre-requisites If students receive a conditional offer and wish 23 October 2020 to be considered for an alternative course • Conditional offers will be issued from • List one of the eligible degrees on their through this pathway, they may do this at any SATAC applications prior to 28 August stage prior to the January offer round. 23 October 2020 onwards 2020 • Confirmed offers will be issued via SATAC To apply for Flinders through this pathway, Students still need to successfully achieve the students will need to: in January 2021 SACE. • Investigate the list of eligible courses If you have any questions, please do not The students featured above chose to apply hesitate to contact the College. through this program, and all three have • Visit and complete Mrs Briony Forster, Director of Curriculum received offers for their first choice of degree the online form program. • Make sure that the preferred course

Bosco Campus Drama students step up to the challenge It was fabulous to have actors Elizabeth Hay and Jimmy Smith come and workshop with our Bosco Drama students. The sessions were filled with fun and dramatic challenges that were facilitated expertly by our guest artists. Our students were highly engaged and prepared to ‘have a go’ which meant stepping outside of their comfort zones and taking some risks. Long live drama! Ms Fiona Clarke, Creative Arts Coordinator Elizabeth and Jimmy with the Year 9 Drama students Alice and Minette follow instructions from Year 10s work together against Jimmy Thomas adds dramatic emphasis to the word their classmates ‘spaghetti’ SAPOL Visit Caitlin being handcuffed Year 7s had a visit from SA Police to discuss cybersafety, calling triple zero and the role of the Police in the community. Some students had the pleasure of being handcuffed at the end for fun! Jacob being handcuffed

Bosco Campus McNally Farm and Trade Skills Centre ‘round-up’ Year 11 Engineering students with TAFE trainer Rick Roberts with the hay feeder they modified Bade grinding the work piece Adam, Sam, Nathan, Mackenzie and Mr Brett Hay with the sixth place ribbon at the Adelaide Year 12 Automotive students with TAFE Show School’s Sheep Competition trainer Darren Mackenzie, Crystal and Issy with the Led Daniel Hill from Hill Livestock demonstrating Are you a current Year Wethers at the Adelaide Show condition scoring of sheep with Year 12 Ag 10 student interested in students training in Engineering, Automotive and Rural Pathways? See Mrs Briony Pole about opportunities at our Trade Skills Centre in 2021.

Around the College New-look newsletter Thank you to our College families for taking • Printed copies of the newsletter will be Operoo, not email. This will ensure that all College families will receive a copy of the time to respond to the recent Newsletter available at both Benedict Campus and the newsletter. Current recipients of the newsletter who do not have children at the Survey. We received over 220 responses to the Main Administration (Bosco Campus). College will be invited to sign up to receive the newsletter. survey which gave us a good gauge of the value A display stand will be located out the • A dedicated page for key events and of our current College Newsletter. front of each office for both parents and reminders across the College. In Term 4, we will progress with an improved students to be able to grab a copy to • A dedicated page for each campus version of the newsletter, based on your take home on a Friday afternoon each showcasing a classroom or subject area. feedback. This will be a trial and we will ask for fortnight. If you do prefer a printed copy your feedback on this in our End of Year Parent to read, we encourage you to take a copy, We look forward to continuing to share our survey. This will allow us to further tweak or ask your child to pick up a copy for you. news in the newsletter! these changes ready for 2021. (Printed copies will be available at the Offices the following week, please feel Mrs Catherine Caspers, Based on your feedback, the following changes free to drop in if you missed your copy on Marketing and PR Coordinator will be implemented: Friday.) • The electronic version of the newsletter will be sent to College families via Auskick Presentation Year 1 Auskick-ers with Year 6 helpers, Liam, Oscar, Bailey and Jack Henry shrugs a tackle Willow handballs the football Reception Auskick-ers with Year 6 helpers, Eden, Kallie, Olivia and Sophie

College Sports Football Season Ends A group of young and upcoming footballers from the Pirie District represented Port Pirie at the annual SAPSASA Football Carnival recently. The team from Port Pirie consisted of fifteen students (fourteen of those from Saint Mark’s) who competed against other districts from across South Australia. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year the carnival was split into two categories - Country and Metro – hence, Port Pirie only played against other Country districts and squads only included fifteen players. The students from Year 6 and 7 enjoyed an action-packed three days of football in varying conditions at Barratt Reserve, West Beach. The Pirie District SAPSASA Team carnival was of a round robin format, allowing each team to play a total of nine games of football across the three days. The team demonstrated a high level of skill, persistence and resilience throughout the week as they experienced multiple injuries during the carnival. Despite the constant challenges they faced, the boys competed extremely hard and went through the entire carnival undefeated. The final game they played was against Northern, who at the time were also undefeated. It was a tight contest, but much to their delight, the Pirie boys proved triumphant and claimed first place in their division, each taking home a first-place medal. The boys enjoyed a terrific week of bonding and competing against other districts. The week was a great opportunity for students to forge friendships with their teammates from other schools within the Port Pirie region and develop their knowledge and skills. A huge thank you goes to Colin Ferme, who gave up many hours of his time to coach the team. The boys benefited greatly from Colin’s knowledge, care and guidance. Mr Todd Arbon, Team Manager Net Set Go Presentation Ivy and Taylor playing Net Set Go Our Receptions and Year 1s enjoyed learning Netball skills during Term 3

PRINCIPAL’S TOURS If you know someone interested in attending St Mark’s College in 2021, let them know about our Principal’s Tours: Benedict Campus Wednesday 14 October, 9.30am - 10.30am Bosco Campus Thursday 15 October, 5.00pm - 6.00pm Community Notices Proprietary Cricket Club Junior Registration Tennis Shot Shots Term 4 • Junior Blast: 5 - 7 year olds For children aged 5, 6 and 7 years old. • Master Blast: 8 - 10 year olds It’s fun and easy to learn! REGISTER NOW! • Under 13s and 16s Free Hot Shots shitrts for all registered players. Friday 18 September, 4.30 - 5.30pm To find out more contact Grant Hanlon Lions Football Club, Mary Elie Street. 0414 320 840. Fees for the 2020 / 2021 season will be FREE! Port Pirie Youth Theatre presents CAMP ROCK THE MUSICAL Everyone welcome! Enquiries to: Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October 2020, Plugger 0438 868 239, or 7:30pm Chook 0408 322 511. Tickets on sale from the Northern Festival Come and Try Tennis Centre, tickets available online or phone Thursday 1 October, 1.30pm - 3.30pm 8633 8500. For children aged 5 - 9 years Enquiries: Grant Hanlon 0414 320 840 Online Canteen Orders for Benedict and Bosco: Port Football and Community Sporting Club Open daily from 9.00am

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