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St Mark's College Newsletter 24 May 2019

Published by ccaspers, 2019-05-23 22:03:00

Description: Our new Chaplain begins and we celebrate our mothers. There are enrolments and sports teams, NAPLAN and a musical.


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Issue 8 24 May 2019 Emersyn and her mum Indra share the joy of the Mothers’ Day pamper session. Our new Chaplain begins and we celebrate our mothers. There are enrolments and sports teams, NAPLAN and a musical. 3 8803 Fr Jimmy Arrives placed on arms and feet and healing contact Our new College Chaplain, Fr Jimmy Pantin has was made. The tension of a mother’s life was arrived. We enjoyed a formal installation by the released through cold cucumbers on eyes Bishop last Sunday and now Fr Jimmy begins and the gentle fingers massaging cheeks his Port Pirie experience. He has left the wide and foreheads in a particularly messy facial. and quiet fields of Quorn, and a parish that Reception hands pressed and prodded in demanded many kilometres in the car, to arrive care and love. There was a lovely meal of at a Cathedral with a four minute journey, hundreds and thousands made and served and many demands, from us. Fr Jimmy has on bread. There were hair touch ups and nails already made connection with the St Mark’s were polished. There were a range of colours community. He has said Mass at Benedict and on various finger nails as hands became our APRIM Katie Pole has sat with him, diaries opportunities for decoration. Finally, make out and pencil’s ready, as the calendar’s began up was inexpertly applied. A little rouge, to be exchanged and filled. Fr Jimmy is getting a splash of lippy, a smudge of mascara, a ready to visit us, to offer Mass, to support splatter of hairspray. There was connection, Retreats, to guide us through the sacramental physical touching and care, tenderness and program, to be aware of the spiritual and consideration. Oh! There was a little bit of pastoral needs of the community and we laughter as well. Most importantly there was feel so grateful for his generous gestures nothing more powerful, more important than of support. This week he came to the Board that relationship between a smiling mother meeting. He is the Bishop’s representative on and a dedicated child. The mums survived it. this important group and as we talked through The children loved it. It was a great source of the learning, community and finance issues, he life and love. Well done Receptions (and the patiently sat, smiled and acknowledged. The teachers). Board meeting seemed to sustain itself quite well into the evening with many important Enrolment Interviews issues to discuss. It did go on and I wondered We have been involved in the enrolment if Fr Jimmy felt disengaged with some of the process for 2020 over the last couple of weeks. topics. He did not show it. We seemed to matter Families have arrived, a little nervous, and to him. I was grateful. We will be wonderfully we have begun a partnership together. It is a assisted by this servant of God. Fr Jimmy is privilege to be involved. We sit together in a very welcome. time of hope and expectation to discuss joining in with this fantastic school. I am struck deeply Mothers’ Day by the trust and care of those parents who The celebration of Mother’s Day in the have asked us to educate their children; their Magdalen Centre at Benedict was a joy. Our Reception students determined that Our new College Chaplain, Fr Jimmy they would pamper their mums to celebrate motherhood and so an invitation was issued for a pampering experience. It was a five year olds opportunity to indulge the World’s Best Mum in some special treatment. There was a tender foot massage in rather cold water and some deep tissue massage on shoulders and backs. This was a kind of Reception version of therapeutic Reiki massage as hands were reception 7

Miss Caputo leads the ensemble in their dance routine for Beauty and the Beast National Sorry Day most precious children. We sat through some St Mark’s to the Games Sunday 26 May simple questions and sharing of expectations. The sporting fields of Port Pirie are now filled Reconciliation Week We reinforced what we value and talked with winter sport warriors. Children in blue, red Monday 27 May - about learning. Parents shared their hopes and yellow now are chasing balls and scoring Monday 3 June and their commitment to partnership. There goals, throwing passes and loving competition. Catholic Education Week are some great moments. Sometimes a little The coaches have things under control. They Monday 3 - Sunday 9 June kindergarten child stares, numb, clutching and have organised the teams and are teaching the anxious. Sometimes they take over the room skills. They are patient and smiling, trying to and the mums and dads despair. (Of course manage all the enthusiasm and chaos and now they shouldn’t). There are mums disbelieving have begun the season. So now, the children that this passing time to begin school could are chasing and chasing. Some triumph. Some happen so fast. There are dads determined despair. The St Mark’s parents are filling the and strong to ensure the best for their child. At sidelines and cheering. It wouldn’t happen the secondary level it becomes a very inspiring without such fantastic family support. We have experience. They want to make the most of hundreds of St Mark’s students playing for us. this opportunity. As always, I thank you, our Our young people are learning so much and enrolled families for your recommendation. having fun. Go St Mark’s. It’s all started again. You are the ones who endorse the school. You are the ones who tell its story and speak of its Salesian Schools visit power. I had a chance to travel interstate for a couple of days last week. I attend a regular meeting of People only come to this school because you Salesian principals. This group of nine schools, have confirmed that this is a safe and happy led by the Salesian priests in Melbourne, is place, a place of learning and a place inspired committed to keeping our special ethos alive. by faith. Thank you. There are characteristics of a Salesian school. There is a legacy which we are committed to NAPLAN keeping. The Salesian character is part of our I was very pleased with our preparation for the school heritage. We value it greatly. It is based NAPLAN challenge. Our students in Year 3, 5, 7 on the educational philosophy of St John Bosco and 9 had guidance from their teachers about and it is shared Australia wide. It is about how to manage the online experience. They welcome and care, the search for faithfulness were taught how to break open a question, how and the strength of community. It is about to think through a problem, how to analyse. trying our best, always trying our best. I came The new online system had its dramas. At back from the meeting resolved to keep that times the network seemed tempted to break spirit alive. It’s happening in nine different down but it just managed to sustain itself. places. There were breaks in the internet connection for individual students and we were worried Musical Rehearsal that this would disadvantage them. They The College musical this year is Beauty and have been given a chance to sit the test again the Beast. We have accessed the rights to if they felt it a disadvantage. Mostly we the Disney script and have been singing its managed without too much impact on the melodies for months. It is a challenge. It is also students’ concentration. The NAPLAN was a beautiful story worth working for. We have happening at the same time all over Australia. assembled an ensemble and they have been There were some ‘technology people’ and test rehearsing over the last couple of months. I administrators working very hard in Canberra have loved the energy of the group. They are where ‘control central’ is. I know that our ICT determined and talented and focused. They staff were on their feet and determined to are part of a school musical production which support the children. I thank them and the involves multiple teachers and parents and teachers for ensuring a quality experience. I will offer us the excitement of performance particularly thank coordinators Tom Gilligan in a real theatre. You will hear more about the and Toni Freer, Des McKeough and Bret show. It will go on stage in Week 3 of Term 3. Swensson. Greg Hay, Principal

ARreoliugniodutshEedCuoclaletgioen From the APRIM Welcome to Fr Jimmy Last week we welcomed Fr Jimmy Pantin as the St Mark’s Parish Administrator. Bishop Greg O’Kelly officially installed him at the Saturday Vigil and Sunday Morning Mass. He has certainly hit the ground running as we prepare our Confirmation Candidates, undertake a Parish Renewal Program and celebrated a significant College Feast Day. Blessings to you Fr Jimmy and we pray that your time in our community may be fruitful and rewarding for you. National Volunteers Week This week is National Volunteers Week. Around Port Pirie different organisations have recognised and thanked their volunteers. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students listened to a presentation on Volunteering. Special thanks to Kylie Crouch of Uniting Care Australia and Claire Ambrose of Lifeline who spoke to our students. Both of these ladies are part of the Port Pirie Volunteers Action Group. Our students were challenged to think about the many benefits for not only themselves but the wider community that come from volunteering for a cause or organisation that they are passionate about. A huge thank you to the many people who volunteer their time in our own College community to make it such a wonderful community to be a part of. Sacraments Our Confirmation candidates have one more week of their Commitment Program until they are confirmed. Next week they will be involved in a Retreat Day and also a rehearsal down at the Cathedral. Please see Caremonkey forms for details of these activities. On 1 and 2 June our Year 4 students begin their Commitment Weekends for those preparing to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time. Our Year 4 families would also have received a note this week updating them on details of the work being undertaken in class. Katie Pole, APRIM Our Lady Help of Christians Fr Jimmy is officially welcomed O Mary, You love me with a Mothers heart. Just as you held your son Jesus in your arms you hold me in your care. Help in my need; Protect me day by day; and through your Motherly intercession, May I become ever more aware of the breath of God living within me. Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for us. Amen.

From the Deputy Principal My favourite parts were sitting in the helicopter at the RSL and travelling on the bus because we Inquiry Based Learning could communicate with each other. Macy, 2R At Benedict, we continue to discern ways in which Inquiry Based Learning can help our I liked when we went to Bowman’s Park and we students in accessing and enhancing the climbed the hill. We took a photo so we could ACARA Curriculum. R-6 Curriculum Coordinator, research when we got back to school. Cooper, 2B Mrs Sarah Freer, will give an insight into this teaching pedagogy in College Newsletters for I enjoyed Bowman’s Park because I could walk the remainder of this term. around and discover things. Malakai, 2R Throughout our school community you will Year 6 Camp begin to see the many pondering questions, For your planning: the Year 6 Camp will take inquisitive objects and hear about the variety place in Week 2 of Term 4. Year 6 Red and of inquiry lessons that are happening within our half of 6 Green will attend Wednesday 23 and classrooms. Our teachers are busy engaging Thursday 24 October. Year 6 Blue and half of students through questions, objects or lessons 6 Green will attend Thursday 24 and Friday 25 to spark their interest in topics and subjects to October. gauge what they know, what they would like to know and further their thinking. This approach Melissa Gadaleta, comes under the umbrella of Inquiry Based Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus Learning. What is Inquiry Based Learning? The Australian Curriculum states Inquiry Based Learning is “a constructivist approach where the overall goal is for students to make meaning”. This involves students acquiring knowledge and learning about topics by using a vast range of skills. Inquiry Based Learning incorporates a range of learning approaches, including project based learning and design thinking, and may take on many different forms depending on the topic, resources, ages and abilities of the students. The Week 6 Newsletter will share Mariana and Olivia exploring Bowmans Park characteristics of Inquiry Based Learning. It is an exciting time for us as we endeavour to further upskill our students as collaborators, communicators, researchers, self-managers and thinkers. Excursions and camps often provide an inspiring environment for Inquiry Based Learning as the Year 2s discovered on their recent excursion: I liked exploring the helicopter and we had to Monkey-bar fun at Laura playground communicate and self-manage sharing the parts of the helicopter. Jack, 2R My favourite part was going on the playground in Laura because we played and collaborated with each other! Chayse, 2B Interschool Soccer Carnival My favourite part was going to the RSL because Year 6s there were lots of wondering’s. At Bowman’s Friday 31 May Park we were thinking about what the old houses might have looked like. Jaylea, 2R Catholic Education Week, R-6 Mass at Cathedral I enjoyed having an ice-cream at Laura. I had to Nicholas, Jace and Brodie thought the RSL Friday 7 June, 12pm communicate with the man that my favourite helicopter was great! All Welcome flavour was chocolate. Dane, 2R At Bowman’s Park we collaborated and self- managed when we went for a hike. Thomas, 2R

Benedict Campus Around Benedict Campus Congratulations Star Salesian Students 6 Red Ashley Wulf 6 Blue Beau Bridley 6 Green Jake Anderson 5 Red Sienna Sheasby 5 Blue Sophie Bessen LITTLE LIONS: The Little Lions and their Year 6 Buddies visited McNally Farm 5 Green Evelyn Mieglich 4 Red Eve Porta 4 Blue Tarj Johanning 3 Red Sloan Chivell 3 Blue Lachlan Williams 2 Red Archer George 2 Blue Patrick Davis 1 Red Eddie Connor 1 Blue Madison Burford Rec. Green Hugo Phillips MOTHERS’ DAY PAMPER: Amy painted her Rec. Red Lily Gadaleta-Neale Mum’s nails AFTERNOON TEA: Alicia and Jo enjoyed the Rec. Blue Maha Ahmad Mothers’ Day afternoon tea Rec. Gold Jett Burford Star Samaritan Students 6 Red Alicia Farrugia 6 Blue Capri Algie 6 Green Willow Swearse 5 Red Kallie Mellow 5 Blue Oscar Chivell 5 Green Jack Rafanelli 4 Red Jack Malycha AFTERNOON TEA: Jacob and Rosaline READING: Erin, Hugo and Sophie enjoyed 4 Blue Lilli Yiannoulis enjoyed the Mothers’ Day afternoon tea National Simultaneous Storytime 3 Red Rykah Sismey 3 Blue Lilly Simounds 2 Red Macy Lavis 2 Blue Harper Sismey 1 Red Mercedes Will 1 Blue Isaiah Williams Rec. Green Sophie Bath Rec. Red Maya Becker Rec. Blue Oliver Pellegrini Rec. Gold Amy Spence LITTLE LIONS: Aubrey and Indiana take a seat MOTHERS’ DAY PAMPER: Max gives his mum in the BIG tractor a massage

Benedict Campus 4 Blue’s Election Day Art in 3 Red Busy at the polling booth Bryce and Joel making campaign posters The recent election has caused great interest in Year 4 Red, who took the opportunity to learn Ryleigh more (as part of their Civics and Citizenship studies) with their own election. In 3Red we have been enjoying learning about different artists and their work. Recently we In groups students created their own political party, chose a candidate, made election promises learnt that Georgia O’Keefe liked painting and created campaign posters. As part of the learning students explored Preferential Voting and things from nature close up. what happens on Election Day along with a discussion about what they would do or change if they “I liked the flowers because they were colourful were Prime Minister. and the way we did the blue background made it look like the sky.” On Election Day the students entered the polling booth and voted for either The Share and Care Connor Party, The Clean and Green Party, The Fun and Friendship Party and The Learn and Discover Party. “ I liked the different colours we used because it Mr Happy from the Fun and Friendship party was declared the winner after a close battle with The makes them look beautiful.” Lorax from the Clean and Green Party. Preferences were needed to decide the winner! Grace “ I liked the flowers because they are colourful.” Jane Munday, 4 Blue Indee Kayla Hastings, 3 Red Experimenting in Year 6 Baden We got into groups and had to come up with a chemical reaction and there was lots of different experiments and they where all cool but there were a few double ups, the good thing was that they were all performed differently. Then we had to write a procedure. There was a Pepsi Volcano, bicarb soda rocket, magic milk experiment and lots of others- it was a really fun start of the day. Josh My group was one of the first groups to go up. Our group was one of a kind because we did a Pepsi and Mentos volcano. I liked the day because everyone was successful and everything was entertaining. Trey We got into groups and planned for a week and preformed our experiments in front of the whole grade on Tuesday. What I liked most about the experiments was that we could see everyone else’s experiments, and some were really funny. Capri We got into groups and had to come up with an experiment to show the Year 6s. We had over 2 or 3 weeks to prepare for the experiments and get all the materials needed. We then showed the Year 6s and explained what our experiment was about and what it was supposed to do. We went through the steps one by one to explain the experiment. Some experiments were volcano eruptions, messy Oobleck, sticky slime and exploding rockets. Ashley Schofield, Tyson and Lucas create a chemical Gracie, Sophie, Voilet and their exploding Grace reaction volcano

From the Deputy Principal HeadSpace Career Plan Guide One cause of anxiety amongst young people, Uniforms especially in the senior years of schooling, is The school uniform is one of the many ways determining which career path to take after we display pride; in ourselves and our College. school. This decision guides students in their The College uniform provides safety and a subject choices, particularly in Year 11 and sense of identity, dignity and respect for our Year 12. students and their school. It is symbolic of their connection to the St Mark’s Community. HeadSpace have developed a useful tool to Our uniform is a visual and public statement support students through this process. More that our students belong to the St Mark’s information can be found at: https://headspace. community. For most students, this pride is shown daily. Australian Jobs 2019 They wear their correct uniform, present Australian Jobs is one of the country’s foremost themselves well and ensure they are jobs publications. It provides an easy-to-read following the uniform and personal grooming overview of industry and occupation trends expectations. However, I would like to take in the labour market. This year’s edition has this opportunity to highlight that there are identified the largest employing industries in students not meeting this expectation and I am Australia to be: seeking support from parents and caregivers to address these issues at home. • Health Care and Social Assistance (1,685,100) It is disappointing that students are missing out on learning opportunities because they are • Retail Trade (1,272,300) required to return home and change into the correct uniform. Our expectations are clear and • Construction (1,166,900) part of the enrolment agreement. The College’s uniform and grooming expectations are clearly • Professional, Scientific and Technical outlined in the Uniform Handbook, which can be Services (1,082,100) located at: • Education and Training (1,035,400) general-information/college-uniform. Around 50% of Australian workers are Faith in Action! employed in one of these five industries. Tuesday night prayer at Salesian House this week was an example of Faith in Action. The Young workers (15 to 24 years) are employed students gathered to prepare gift packs for across all industries, although some offer more young children in the Philippines. Each pack had opportunities than others. Industries with large a toothbrush, toothpaste, a pencil and a pencil numbers of young workers include: sharpener. These packs will be distributed to children in need during the upcoming Philippine • Retail Trade (around 410,000) Immersion. • Accommodation and Food Services The love with which individuals and communities (400,000) treat the poor, the weak, and the hungry, is the best measure of faith – Pope Francis • Construction (190,000) Download the Report - system/files/doc/other/australianjobs2019.pdf Marc Forster, Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus Year 11 Outdoor Camp Our Boarders preparing gift packs for the YEAR 10 AND 11 EXAMS, 14 - 21 june Wednesday 29 - Friday 31 May young children in the Philippines A CareMonkey notice will be sent to all Interschool Soccer Carnival parents, and an email to students regarding Year 7s the protocol for exams. Students and families Friday 31 May are reminded that: • Correct winter uniform must be worn Bosco Parent Teacher • Students need to attend morning Interviews, Year 12 Wednesday 5 June, Caregroup each day during exams 4.00 - 6.30pm • Students are expected to stay at the Bosco Centre College for the full duration of each day Year 7 Retreat during the exam period Thursday 6 June • If a student is absent, parents/ caregivers must contact the College to advise Mrs Forster, who will arrange an alternative time for students to sit the exam Briony Forster, Director of Curriculum

Bosco Campus Songwriting Workshop with Paige Court Senior Music students were treated to a workshop with popular South Australian singer Ben, Ginny, Brigid and Amy were some of the fortunate students to learn from Paige (centre) / songwriter Paige Renee Court recently. Paige inspired the students by sharing her Around Bosco Campus experiences as a musician, travelling both nationally and internationally. She also facilitated a workshop where she guided students through the songwriting experience by helping them to write their own music. For Paige, it was also a ‘trip down memory lane’ as she attended the College herself, finishing school in 2011. Fiona Clarke, Creative Arts Coordinator AGRICULTURE: Thanks to Old Scholars Henry and Tom Kerin, who recently visited the College MUSIC: Local musician and Old Scholar Ellen and undertook some Soil Testing in our paddocks with their new Testing Machine Tefanis has been working with our Music students as she undertakes her placement Bailey, Mya, Jordyn, Matthew and the Year RELIGION: The Year 10s came together to celebrate the theme of Friendship during their recent 11 Food and Hospitality students prepared a year level Mass celebrated by Fr Jimmy Biggest Morning Tea which raised $700 for the Cancer Council

Bosco Campus Grandparents Morning Tea Year 10 Work Safe Presentation Holly with her Grandparents Marcus with his Grandmother Last week on Monday, the 8M class held a morning tea for their grandparents. When all The Safe Work presentation for Year 10 the grandparents were sitting down, a couple of students read a poem about showing their appreciation towards them. After the poem was read, everyone introduced their grandparents. During Term 2, our Year 10 students have the When we finally got to show our biographies, the grandparents saw all the hard work that was put exciting opportunity to participate in Work into them. The grandparents loved how they looked and were extremely grateful. Once they had Experience placements around the Port finished reading the biographies, they were welcome to have a chat and enjoy some morning tea Pirie area and beyond. Work Experience is prepared by 8M. It was a really great experience to discover how our grandparents lived when they a fantastic chance for students to seek out were young and we enjoyed giving back to them by having a morning tea. Thank you Mrs Freer for areas of interest for future careers, as well giving us this opportunity. as explore what they do and do not like, while gaining the practical experience of being in the Sophie and Kate, 8M workplace. Darcy with his Grandfather Amity with her Grandparents As part of the lead up to Work Experience, students are required to complete around Aslin with her Grandparents Makon with his Grandparents 4-5 hours of training in preparation for their placements. Amongst the online training modules and required reading, we were lucky to have Jim Sinclair from Safe Work SA drop by to present information on Work Place Hazards. Last Friday (Week 10) all of the Year 10 students assembled in the BGC to listen to Jim, who gave a clear and concise summary of the expectations of employers in the workplace, employee responsibilities, how to identify and manage risks, as well as how to respond to Bullying and Harassment in the work place. This was not only important for our students preparing for Work Experience but also for many who already have part-time jobs. Students, Parents/Caregivers have been sent information about Work Experience, however any related or urgent questions can be directed to myself: [email protected]. Work Experience forms are due in Week 6 of Term 2. Lizzy Munday, VET Coordinator

New College Bus Melrose 2018 YEAR BOOK ORDERS A new bus route will run from Melrose to Orders are now being taken for St Mark’s College in 2020. 2018 Little Lions and extra copies for 2018 R-12 Families at $26 per copy. We are still finalising the route and fees, but if you are interested in finding out more, contact Orders must be placed and paid for by the College on 86338800 and register your Friday 14 June at either interest. Bosco or Benedict Campus Offices. PLEASE NOTE: ALL 2018 R-12 FAMILIES ARE AUTOMATICALLY ISSUED WITH ONE COPY. Reminder: School Photos School Photographs will be taken on: Benedict Campus: Wednesday 12 June 2019 Bosco Campus: Thursday 13 June 2019 To ORDER NOW go on and enter the code RE8 JJD 5N9. School photographs are scheduled to be taken by Advanced Life. The preference is that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day. Envelopes will be available at each campus’ student office should you wish to order this way. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day. Sibling Photos: Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at and enter the code RE8 JJD 5N9. Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed. It is an expectation that students wear full winter uniform and adhere to the College Uniform policy. Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to [email protected] Community Notices Girl Guides Supa Kids Family Fun Day Do you like playing GAMES, MAKING THINGS, Come and enjoy a day of games, songs, crafts and going on ADVENTURES? and Bible stories! Join in the family fun on Are you a girl aged between 7-12? Sunday 26 May, 2.00 - 4.00pm COME AND JOIN GIRL GUIDES! at Flinders View Park. Brough to you by Hope Inc and supported by Girl Guides are OPENING a NEW UNIT in The Churches of Port Pirie. PORT PIRIE on Thursday 30 May 2019. Port Football and We’ll meet every Thursday from 4pm until Community Sporting Club 5.30pm during school term at the Light House Open daily from 9.00am Uniting Church on The Terrace. For further information about the Port Pirie Girl Guides contact: Jodie Trimble on 0448 997 119. For more information about Girl Guides go to:

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