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St Mark's College Newsletter 30 August 2019

Published by ccaspers, 2019-08-29 19:43:08

Description: A week of superheroes reading books and winning games. A splendid farm and an extraordinary Year Book.


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Issue 14 30 August 2019 Some of our superheroes at Benedict celebrating Book Week last week. A week of superheroes reading books and winning games. A splendid farm and an extraordinary Year Book. 3 8803 Book Week and Superheroes “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” and There is a particular joy in the banner image “out of the Bat Cave and into the Bat mobile” of the Newsletter this week. Our superhero just to make sure that our children are reading. teachers are dressed up and enjoying the Reading matters and we have the superheroes fashion opportunity of Book Week. They to support that. are laughing and filled with the fun of the wonderful carnival atmosphere that happens The Fr Dennis Handley Cup when a secret power is celebrated. They Josh Hunt stepped up to take the penalty kick. are responding to the inner Batman and the The St Mark’s soccer boys were watching potential Superman, and are excited because from behind. They were arm in arm. Most were Benedict comes alive during the Book Week exhausted after 90 minutes of play and the parade. It struck me that underneath the 1 – 1 Handley Cup score. They were hopeful, costume there really is a superhero working expectant, fidgety. The kick was going to with our students. These DC Comic teachers, mean victory. The visiting Xavier team were having fun with the camera, have a deep anxious. They had missed an opportunity. SMC commitment to the most foundational element Goalie Dylan Argent had made a miraculous of an education: literacy. These superheros save against an attacking kick and created are working to give our children the power of our moment. Their goalie had all that pressure imagination and communication. They are on him now. Coach Ken Fay was tense. He giving the children the tools for vocabulary and stood frowning with his characteristic clutch understanding, for knowledge and the search of the magnetic board. He cared about this for wisdom. In the colour and the costume team. The 200 blue uniformed spectators there is something very important being were gulping the excitement. Students were recognised. I feel very grateful for our teacher shouting. We wanted them to win. Come on superheroes. Josh. I scorned the heartlessness of a penalty shoot out. How could it end up like this? Josh And on this important occasion our Benedict approached. It became silent. The wind was students arrived for the Book Week parade blowing cold and Josh looked alone out there with great anticipation. They looked on the vast Bosco Oval. He stepped forward. marvellous. The effort to dress up is sometimes A punching kick. Deliberate. Top right corner. extraordinary. The understanding of the The goalie had gone left. The team rushed theme and the selection of a costume is clearly forward and collapsed onto each other in important. The preparation by parents and the celebration. Sometimes victory and mateship final moment of arrival in costume is exciting. and exhaustion and effort are simply fantastic. I congratulate our Benedict community We had won the Cup. who care so much about being involved and celebrating imagination and potential and the In other sporting arenas the students had done opportunity in literature. well. The Netball girls seemed driven. They won their six matches. There were come backs and The theme this year for Book Week was the excellence and it wasn’t always easy but they unveiling of a superpower: reading is my secret had a relentless purpose. They were playing power. I look forward to that emerging secret in the beautiful stadium. They were wearing power in our students. I will watch for teachers our colours. They have such talent. They are reception 7

The anticipation as the penalty kicks determine the winner of the soccer at the Fr Dennis Handley Cup Mass for the Youth managed so well. There were plenty of St Rave Tuesday 3 September Mark’s goals. I extend my congratulations to a small group of Benedict students who were involved in a Blessing of the Fleet Triduum The football teams were equally determined. dance experience called Rave. I had a chance Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 We often don’t win the footy. The management to watch them perform. I delighted in the September by the coaches and the talent of the boys costume, the theme, the discipline and the care meant victory. It can be a tough game but to do well. There were nervous, committed, Blessing of the Fleet our boys played with a great pride and good charming students who bounced and danced, Debutante Ball sportsmanship. connected with an audience and seemed to Saturday 7 September shine. Thanks to Karen Davidson who made it It was a wonderful experience of sporting all happen. Blessing of the Fleet endeavour and school unity but it was much High Mass and Procession more than that. We shared a sense of the Katie Pole Acting Deputy Sunday 8 September importance of our Salesian network. There was Our Deputy Principal at Benedict, Melissa a pride in welcoming and a determination in Gadaleta, is taking some leave until the end P+F Meeting playing, and whilst we encouraged the effort, of the term. In her place Mrs Katie Pole will Monday 9 September we also emphasised the connection in a Don manage the day to day running of Benedict Bosco context. It was about being together. We as Acting Deputy Principal. I thank Katie for reflected upon the legacy of Fr Dennis Handley. taking up this position. She is an outstanding He would have delighted at the contest. administrator with a deep understanding of the Benedict community. All will run smoothly A visit to McNally Farm and efficiently. Our farm is looking fantastic at the moment. The fields of barley crop are green and rising. Fathers’ Day The tractors have had a clean. The grounds I am always conscious of the powerful are swept clean of any animal evidence. It is importance of fathers in the lives of children. ready for visitors and along they came last You listen and laugh with them. You are the week. We welcomed hundreds of four and five pretend clown, the soft target when mum year olds to McNally Farm. The kindergartens says ‘no’, or the sporting coach with super and Benedict came to visit. It is called ‘Ag Open enthusiasm. You are the one with beaming Day’ and the goats are told to behave, the huge pride and the profound strength when they steers, munching and staring, are tethered, and need it. You help them climb mountains. Please the pigs, grunting their indifference, are invited eat the cold toast and drink the weak cup of to relax. There is some extra effort by the coffee that they make this Sunday morning. hens to lay fresh warm eggs and we make sure How lucky are we? And happy Father’s Day. that the children do not go too close to the bee hive and certainly not taste the vintage shiraz Greg Hay, Principal produced this year. It is an extraordinary place, McNally Farm, Sports Captains Tayla and Ben with the and the children were entranced. They were winnners cup! fascinated really. They climbed the tractor, peered into the aquaculture tanks, smelt the fermenting wine and offered saltbush to the delight of the goats. Farmer Joel and Farmer Brian had the place looking sharp, clean and efficient. The feature was the care and hospitality offered by our students to the visitors. There was a really wonderful connection between visitors, students, animals and a great farm experience.

Around the College Our Extraordinary Year Book Our Year Book has now been published and we have begun to enjoy its richness. The document is a vivid account of a wonderful year. It is a great historical text and captures our culture beautifully. It is detailed and affirming, comprehensive and touches on our unique spirit. I acknowledge the effort of Mrs Sharon Sard, the editor, and her team of support staff including Robert Cronin. Fr Frank Freeman was the Principal of St Mark’s College from 1980 to 1982. Every year we send him a copy of our Year Book. His response is printed below in a letter. Dear Greg, Warm greetings to you. The mail today brought a very wonderful surprise, namely St Mark’s College Year Book 2018. Tarnia, Lucinda and Lucy enjoying the Many thanks for sending it to me. I am most appreciative for your thoughtfulness. discovery within our Year Book How it warmed this 88 year old heart to read how wonderful the College, which was and is still so dear to me, has developed over the years. Congratulations to you and your staff. I have begun to read, and surely there will be more pleasurable readings over the coming days. Certainly a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I was indeed so happy during my all too short time in Port Pirie: a great country community to live in. I have many pleasant memories of taking over a rather tense situation at the time and working with the Good Samaritan Sisters and the Diocese to consolidate St Mark’s College. What a great groups of Sisters and dedicated women they were!! Supportive and friendly on all occasions. After, at the request of the Provincial to leave and take over Chadstone, it pained me in subsequent years to hear of the problems that arose. But thank God all that is now water well under the bridge. Now what a wonderful College St Mark’s has become! There is a note of sophistication so obvious though all the pages of the Year Book; the appealing neatness of staff and student; the very educational productiveness of so many areas of delegated responsibilities; the involvement of parents, priests and past pupils; in the celebration of the academic and cultural achievements of all students, not only the seniors, as is often the case in year books, but also the little ones from primary years. No one left out. Even grandparents are remembered and honoured. Indeed a first class production, everything a College Year Book should be. When I have finished a thoughtful reading of the same it will go into the Provincial Archives. I did recognise a few familiar faces from my time: John Mullins. Shane and Margaret Fantinel, I remember hiring them both; Robert Cronin-the book maker! Peter Munday - we worked closely setting up the woodwork area. Loving woodwork myself, I am pleased to see how that has now obtained such a high quality and standard as it is with the other educational and cultural activities. So once again, Greg, many thanks for sending me the Year Book. Congratulations once again to you and your staff on such a first class production. I close with sending you my warmest best wishes, and a prayerful remembrance, imploring the Blessings of the Lord on all who work in the educational community of St Mark’s. Frank Freeman sdb

RAerloiguinodusthEedCuocallteigoen From the APRIM Cooper, Sienna and Lexi with their certificates Cooper, Lexi and Sienna celebrating their baptism with their classmates Lexi is baptised Congratulations Cooper is baptised Congratulations to Lexi Gebert, Cooper Tattoli and Sienna Yull who were baptised into the Catholic Parish Community during their class Mass this week. We wish you God’s blessings as you continue to Sienna is baptised travel on your journey of faith. Sr Kakare is visiting from the Kiribati Benedict launches Operation Christmas Child continuing our Good Samaritan Connection Benedict launched their Operation Christmas Child Campaign at Assembly this week. Please keep an with their province eye out for communications via the Student diaries so that you can support this campaign. Staff Formation Day As part of our vocation working at St Mark’s College Staff commit to being open to exploring and deepening their own spirituality. Staff will gather on 9 September - a Student Free Day, to undertake some formation with Julian Kluge from the Catholic Education Office. I am excited about the opportunity to share the day as a staff looking at themes from our Salesian and Samaritan Tradition and also our Diocesan theme of Peace. Year 9 Liturgy The Year 9 cohort gathered for their term Liturgy in the Indigenous Garden. Our priests were on Retreat so Mr Gilligan took the opportunity to give our students the experience of sacredness and ritual in an outdoor space that holds great significance in our school. I commend him for his creativity in putting together this community celebration. Happy Father’s Day I would like to recognise all our fathers and fatherly figures that give so much to our school community. I hope that on Sunday there is an opportunity to celebrate with your families all that you bring to their lives. Faithful God, Fill this world with a father’s love! We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray in the most intimate of terms when he called you his Abba or Father. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Katie Pole, APRIM

From the Deputy Principal Interview scheduled in the next couple of weeks. Book Week Parade Friday saw Benedict Campus come alive Student Free Day in colour and imagination with the annual Monday September 9 will be a Student Free Book Week Dress Up Day. Many thanks to all Day. On this day Staff will gather for a day of the families of the College for helping their Formation. children to participate with the organisation of costumes, props and most importantly, Mrs Katie Pole, favourite books. The morning ‘parade of Acting Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus characters’ set a wonderful atmosphere full of ‘heroes’ and ‘Hogwarts’ although most Congratulations characters were somewhat dishevelled by recess time! A huge ‘thank you’ to Ms Teresa Star Salesian Students Gadaleta for coordinating the 2019 Book Week events. 6 Red Alyssa Ganley Staff Updates 6 Blue Violet Jackson It is wonderful to welcome back Mrs Annie Keane and Mr Des McKeough from their 6 Green Nikki Thompson time away from the College and I extend my gratitude to Mrs Annie Olsen for her dedicated 5 Red Jackson Raftery work in all of our Benedict Classes throughout Term 3. I know it is much easier for the staff 5 Blue Bailey Luteria leaving when they know their students are in exceptional hands. Karen Murphy will return to 5 Green Angas Wilton the College in Week 8. In that same week, Mrs Belinda Rafanelli will commence Long Service 4 Red Emily Court Leave until the end of this term. We wish her safe travels abroad. 4 Blue Aiden Capurso 3 Red Lilly Sedunary Attendance To ensure students capitalise on their 3 Blue Saad Shahid learning opportunities here at the College, it is essential that they attend. Research 2 Red Zara Haskett indicates that attendance and achievement 2 Blue Shoalin David are closely related and highlights the negative 1 Red Hayden Joyce affect of absenteeism. Whilst sickness is understandable, can I ask you to continue to 1 Blue Charlotte Burford work with your son or daughter, committing to full or regular attendance at school. Rec. Green Riley Wilks Student Free Day Requests for 2020 class placements Rec. Red Luke Martlew Staff Formation and During Weeks 9 and 10 of Term 3 forms will be Rec. Blue Harper Sard Learning Day available in the Benedict Office should you need Rec. Gold Harvie Fleming Monday 9 September to make a request for considerations around education, health and social needs that you feel Star Samaritan Students Benedict Sports Photos are important for your child’s class placement Wednesday 11 in 2020. 6 Red Cohan Dwyer September Please note that requests regarding specific 6 Blue Alex Spolding Final Day Winter teachers or the type of class structure will Uniform not be considered. Class structures and the 6 Green Brock Johanning Friday 13 September placement of teachers into teaching roles is the responsibility of the College. Requests need to 5 Red Archie Simpson Combined Choir Performance be submitted to the Benedict Office by Friday Wednesday 4 September October 18. 5 Blue Ruby Champion Interschool Rugby Carnival Year 6 Parent Teacher Interviews 5 Green Leila Blight Friday 6 September During Term 3 we don’t have a designated time Little Lions for Parent Teacher Interviews at Benedict 4 Red Hamish Caputo Friday 6 September Campus. You may however, feel that you Friday 13 September need an update on your child’s progress. 4 Blue Alyssa Paparella Please contact the relevant class teacher SAPSASA Soccer Week for a Parent Teacher Interview via the Diary 3 Red Cooper Tattoli Monday 9 September or Communication Book if you would like an 3 Blue Amarli Sims 2 Red Jack Cole 2 Blue Mariana Kambanos 1 Red Miller Smith 1 Blue Tessa Pole Rec. Green Shaydon Emmanuel Rec. Red Luke Mudge Rec. Blue Oliver Yarrow Rec. Gold Jayah Scarce-Evans

Benedict Campus Book Week Reception Gold superheroes! Year 4 Blue were dressed to impress Reception Blue ready for the Book Week In Week 5 we celebrated Book Week. The theme Year 2 Red after the parade Year 3 Blue were feeling super! this year was Reading is my Secret Power! High 5s from the crowd Competition winners- Isabelle, Della, Ava, Eve, At Benedict Campus we celebrated Book Week Chloe, Sophie and Laycee by reading the shortlist and winning books in our classrooms and some classes also read Year 1 Blue dressed as their favourite books with their buddies. We read and listened characters to stories, we wrote about books and we even made our own books. We compared books from the shortlist and chose our favourites to write about and share. Many classes created amazing artworks connected to the books and also designed superhero masks and capes. On Thursday we dressed up for the Benedict Book Week parade. We saw a lot of impressive superheroes, book characters and themed costumes! The SRCs ran a Book Week colouring competition and the lucky winners won a voucher for Meg’s Book Shop. The winners were: Reception- Isabel McInerney, Year 1- Della Salvemini, Year 2- Ava Kotaras, Year 3- Chloe Harmer, Year 4- Eve Porta, Year 5- Sophie Bessen and Year 6- Laycee Meaney. In Reception Red we recorded a list of 10 reasons to read because we LOVE reading. We shared our list at the Book Week parade, they are: 1. To learn more! Denver 2. To get better at it Millie 3. To help you write words Erin 4. To read hard books Ava 5. To get a good IMAGINATION! Flynn 6. To help you with new words Adele 7. For FUN! Luke 8. To draw and make your own books Sophie 9. To learn facts about things Hugo 10. To help your brain get healthy Mia Teresa Gadaleta, Literacy Coordinator, Benedict Campus Year 4s enjoying the super books at the Our Little Lions visited the Library and Year 6s made and read books to their Library borrowed their first book Reception Buddies

From the Deputy Principal Student Free Day Raising funds for the RSPCA - Kloe and Taylor along with the help of their friends have raised $64 Staff Formation and with another cupacake sale still to be held! Learning Day Monday 9 September Final Assessments and Deadlines for Year 12 Students As the end of the Year 12 academic year approaches the pressure of final assessments and Bosco Sports Photos preparing for examinations intensifies. It is a busy time of term where good time management skills Thursday 12 September and a high level of organisation and planning is essential. For the short term, Year 12 students should consider placing a larger focus on their studies by reducing external commitments. Final Day Winter Uniform At this time, it is important for students to recognise that deadlines are critical. As the year draws Friday 13 September to an end, the possibilities for extensions are reduced as teachers must mark and submit results to the SACE Board by set dates. These dates are not negotiable, and students must therefore SAPSASA Soccer Week carefully plan their final weeks and talk with their teachers immediately if they feel like they are not Monday 9 September keeping up. Royal Adelaide Show Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 I also take this opportunity to remind Year 12 students that their Trial Examinations will take place September in Week 1, Term 4 (14 – 18 October). The Exam timetable along with expectations and protocols will be distributed to parents via CareMonkey, and students via their email. Asking the right questions The following article is adapted from Developing Minds and asks us to consider the importance of young people sharing their experiences/feelings/thoughts as a way of generating and maintaining their own resilience. It is important that we acknowledge the impact our response has when students share these with us. Our response has the potential to support and guide them through these situations positively, however, it must also be recognised that there is potential in our response to hinder this. Developing Minds is an Adelaide based company set out to assist young people and families to support children/teens to feel calm, confident, cooperative and cope with challenges. This article challenges the way that families (and educators) react and respond in conversation with their son/ daughter (or student) and asks us to consider our ability to help young people share their anger, worry, concern, distress or any other ‘big feeling’. Visit the Developing Minds website: Has your child or teen told you about something today which made them angry, worried or upset? If you live with a “big feelings” young person, then this is probably a very regular occurrence in your life. How did you react? It’s interesting to note that we often want to “fix it fast” when we hear about problems by saying things like “you’re okay”, “don’t worry”, “calm down”, “I’ll call the school” or “let’s solve this”. There is nothing wrong with these sentences sometimes, but other times they can be less helpful. There are many other helpful things we can do when kids tell us they are upset - let’s focus on one possibility: asking more - and better - questions. There are three helpful things about asking children and young people good questions about things that have upset them. 1. We get more information which means we can better support them. 2. They get a strong message from us: we care about what is going on 3. They get a chance to practice talking about tricky stuff (and this is most important of the 3!) We know that children and teens who are good at telling people about how they feel, what happened and what they want to do are far better emotionally than young people who don’t have these skills. How do we help kids and teens get better at this? Simple, we help them practice talking about upsetting things. How do they practice it? By being asked about it.

Bosco Campus Here are a few tips for asking questions about something which has upset a young person: Act calm and relaxed while asking. While we may not feel calm on the inside, we can try and make sure we act calm on the outside. This often means we must wait long enough until we and our children/teens are BOTH feeling calm enough to be able to talk about what has happened that was upsetting. This may mean that this conversation needs to take place 30 minutes, 1 hour, a few hours or even a day or two afterwards. When inquiring about details, consider asking questions while doing something else (i.e. walking, building something, drawing/colouring, playing a card game, watching TV, driving in the car or preparing a meal). This can lower the intensity of the conversation at times. When having these conversations, it is important to show interest, care and concern but not look alarmed or overwhelmed. Remember, our kids need to feel to trust us and feel safe with us in order to find out more details about what happened and strategies that might help. Make sure the questions asked are simple rather than hard. Discussions around difficult topics may not only cause distress but may be very difficult for children to readily share details about because they are less skilled at communication and conversation skills as we are. Try and reduce the response demands by simplifying questions such as: • Scale questions. For example: On a scale of 0-10, how much does X bother you? • Using demonstration, role-play or drawing. For example: Can you show me how you felt? (asking a child to act it out or pick out a feeling face from a set of pictures or on a scale). Can you show/draw me what they did that was mean? • Using either or questions. For example: Did you feel more upset about THIS or THIS? Were you more angry OR worried? Was it THIS which happened OR this? • Or make a guess. For example: I’m wondering if you are feeling angry and sad that your friends called you that? Ask about the positives. When things are hard, it is common for kids (and us) to focus on it and talk about nothing else. This can be unhelpful for many reasons - it can further compound their distress and sense of hopelessness and get us stuck. It is really important to help children and teens ALSO talk about, be aware of and enjoy their strengths and the positive things in their lives, and the things which made the challenges easier - even if there are not very many. For example: • What is helping? • What makes it easier? • Who has been kind? • What did you do well? • What made you feel better? • What helped you cope? Question asking is a gift we give our kids Imagine a child/teen who over their entire childhood has had repeated practices saying: I felt this and this when this happened, this made it worse and better, this is what I could have done differently, this is what I wished had happened, and now I feel this. Now imagine a child/teen who over their childhood has hardly ever had a chance to do this and has had to communicate their distress without words. These will be very different children as they enter adulthood. Asking kids questions takes time, patience, empathy and the ability to tolerate pain (it’s hard to hear) but it is an incredible gift we give them. Marc Forster, Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus

Bosco Campus McNally Farm Open Days Henry and Paxton testing out the Gator Charlotte, Carter and Lottie getting feed Last week over 500 children visited our McNally Farm for our annual Open Days. We welcomed visitors from local kindergartens, childcare centres, Mid North Education Centre and Benedict Campus. The children delighted in seeing the cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and chickens on the farm. Thank you to our Agriculture students who were wonderful tour guides for our visitors and to Amy, Sarah and Renae from Environmental Health Centre for providing a superb handwashing service, much needed after interacting with lots of animals! Kyla and her mum Amy patting the lamb held Mia feeding the cattle Ag student Ana helping Ela to feed the cattle by Ag student Montana Chinese- ‘Pets’ Whiteboard art by Addison and Taya Minette illustrating her new vocabulary in Chinese

Bosco Campus Fr Dennis Handley Cup Year 7 Girls Netball Team SEQTA Tip- Viewing Marks Year 8 Girls Netball Team and Comments St Mark’s were victorious in the annual competition with Xavier College after winning Teachers can make student’s mark and all 3 sports shields! applicable comments visible to parents and caregivers through SEQTA Engage. Please Netball Overall Winner- St Mark’s note- Not every teacher will comment on every • Year 7- St Mark’s won 59-12 assessment. As the implementation of SEQTA continues into the future, these functions will (MVP- Lara Mellow) increase in use across the Bosco Campus. • Year 8- St Mark’s won 62-10 This information is accessed by opening up individual Subject pages in Assessments. (MVP- Holly Gulin) Viewing the results information can be changed • Year 9- St Mark’s won 67-31 between Task View and Syllabus View. Task view will display results only. (MVP- Mabel Arbon) Syllabus view displays the assessment results, • Year 10- St Mark’s won 79-26 teacher comments, if provided, and any additional documents the teacher has uploaded (MVP Sophie Farrugia) for a student. • Year 11- St Mark’s won 42-39 Thanks to Peter and Daniel Hill from Hill (MVP Stella Arbon) Livestock who recently visited the College • Year 12- St Mark’s won 49-44 to work with Year 12 Ag students on how to condition score sheep. (MVP Millie Tubb) Soccer Overall Winner St Mark’s 4-3 on penalties MVP- Noah Holmes (Xavier College player) Football Overall Winner- St Mark’s • Year 7/8/9 Boys football won 65 - 27 (MVP Tyson Hanlon) • Open Boys St Marks won 71 - 30 (MVP Jacob Akker) Year 9 Girls Netball Team Year 7/8/9 Boys Football Team Year 10 Girls Netball Team Open Boys Football Team Our soccer team, arm in arm for the penalty Year 12 Girls Netball Team shoot out

College Sport Football Presentation Night Under 11s Team of the Year - Nate, Archie, Under 13s Team of the Year - Cooper, Ryder Liam, Jack, Lawson, Jacob and Tyron and Charlie On Monday 26 August St Mark’s Footy Club hosted the Port Pirie Junior Football Association Under 13 Medal Count. During the night the Under 13 and Under 11 teams of the year were announced. Congratulations to the following St Mark’s players for making the teams: • Under 13: Cooper Ferme, Ryder Ireland and Charlie Dickeson • Under 11: Nate Farrugia, Archie Simpson, Liam Saler, Jack Rafanelli, Lawson Wauchope, Jacob Davis and Tyron Congdon Belinda Rafanelli, St Mark’s Football Coordinator Winter Carnival Many of our female students participated in the Crows Cup at the Interschool Winter Carnival. Kloe makes a pass, while Taya and Isabella Our two St Mark’s girls teams finished 1st and 2nd on the day! defend On Friday 16 August, Year 6 and 7 students participated in the Interschool Winter Carnival. Students participated in either mixed netball or the Crows Girls and Boys Football Cup. Well done to all the students who displayed exceptional sportsmanship skills. Thank you also to the Year 10 students who volunteered their time to come and umpire the sports for the day. Positive feedback from organisers highlighted your ability to make the games inclusive for all. Jo Wilsdon, Primary Sports Coordinator St Mark’s vs St Mark’s William, Brodie, Jake, Daniela, Jess, Emmerson, Minette and Ava

College Sport Knock Out Sport tennis registration Mixed Year 8/9 Knock Out Hockey team who came second overall. Tennis registration forms are to be collected from both Benedict and Bosco Student Offices ASAP. Registration forms and payment to be returned by next Friday 6 September. Contact Lisa Manners 8633 8801 with any queries. Grandfinal Time for St Mark’s Celtics Open Girls Netball Team Owen takes control of the ball inthe Open Best wishes to our St Mark’s Celtics Teams Boys Hockey. The team came fourth overall. playing in this week’s Grand Final games!: Samuel makes a pass inthe Open Boys Hockey Year 10 Girls Netball Team • U11 Div 2 Gold • U12 Blue • U12 Red • U13 Red • G Grade Red • F Grade • E Grade • A Grade sports photos College Sports Photos will be taken Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 September. Please keep any Winter Sports Uniforms ready for photos to be taken. Uniforms will be collected on the day. Our Knock Out Netballers at Trinity College, Gawler

College Notices Colour Burst Merchandise “Powder 2 the People” 2019 commemorative t-shirts and rainbow bandanna’s are now available for pre-order! • T-Shirts $15 • Bandanna $5 • OR get both! T-shirt and Bandanna $20 Order forms have been distributed to Benedict students, andPsOeRnTt vPiIaRICEaYrOeMUToHnkTeHyEtAoTBRoEsco parents. Printed copiePsRaEreSEaNvaTSilable at the Bosco Student Office. Orders are due to school offices by Thursday 19 September, final orders will be taken at Sports Day on Friday 20 September. Tickets are now available! Visit and search ‘Community Colour Burst 2.0’ Only 44 sleeps to go! Book by Music by Lyrics by Bridget Carpenter Tom Kitt Brian Yorkey Community NoticesBased on the novel Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers and the Disney Films PORT PIRIE YOUTH THEATRE NORTHEN FESTIVAL CENTRE PRESENTS SEPTEMBER 20TH-21ST 2019 Friday 20th September @ 11am Friday 20th September @ 7:30pm Saturday 21st September @ 7:30pm Adult: $25, Concessions: $22, Students: $22 Group 8+ (Matinee only) $22 Northern Festival Centre Box Office Tue - Fri 12:30 - 4:30pm 1 Hour Prior To Performances 8633 8500 Book by Music by Lyrics by Bridget Carpenter Tom Kitt Brian Yorkey MAKEBased on the novel FreakYyMFrCidAaSyobuyth Australia Wandearah Cricket Club YOURMary RodgeJrusnior Parliament 2019 Junior Registration and Training MARK. #JP19and the Disney Films NORTHEN FESTIVAL CENTRE U10, 13s and 16s SEPTEMBER 20TH-21ST 2019 Wednesday 25 September, 4:30 – 5:30pm Port Oval Cricket Nets Friday 20th September @ 11am Friday 20th September @ 7:30pm New and current players welcome (male and Saturday 21st September @ 7:30pm female)! Adult: $25, Concessions: $22, Students: $22 Come and have a go! Group 8+ (Matinee only) $22 Northern Festival Centre Sausage sizzle and soft drink provided for players. Box Office Tue - Fri 12:30 - 4:30pm 1 Hour Prior To Performances For more information please contact 8633 8500 0400 081 278. Develop Junior Parliament is a non-partisan program that gives young people an Port Football and your skills opportunity to learn about democracy, parliament, team building, public Community Sporting Club as a young speaking and leadership in a fun and supportive environment. Open daily from 9.00am leader. WHO The program is open to anyone in South Australia aged 12 – 15 years. WHAT Participants take part in a 3 day / 2 night camp WHEN Program runs 2 – 4 October 2019 WHERE Rostrevor College and Parliament House, Adelaide COST $240 per person inclusive of meals, accommodation and transport Applications close 20th September. TO APPLY: YMCA YOUTH Email [email protected], PARLIAMENT call 8200 2514 or sign up online at South Australia

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