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St Mark's College Newsletter, 22 May 2020

Published by ccaspers, 2020-05-21 23:15:35

Description: Salesian House becomes a home. The Board gather. There is much kindness and much ‘zoom’.


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Issue 7 22 May 2020 Our Boarders are happy to be back at Salesian House Salesian House becomes a home. The Board gather. There is much kindness and much ‘zoom’. 3 8803 The Boarders are Back that they mattered. It touched hearts deeply. The boarders have now returned in full This school continues to surprise and inspire. numbers and I am surprised at how exciting it is to have them back. I didn’t realise how much Board Begins we missed them and I had a chance to join The first meeting of the new College Board them for tea upon their return. At this stage was held this week. After our Annual General COVID demands the group splits and there Meeting in March, a new group has convened to are two sittings and they are all spaced far take the reins and I now bring an accountability apart. It’s a quieter tea than the usual chair to them at our monthly meetings. We deal scrapping, utensil clattering, chattering fun with issues around learning, faithfulness, and it seems too distant when they are so culture, and whether we can pay the bills. I cohesive. Ah! This COVID! However, they are certainly look forward to sharing with them the glad to be back and quietly eat a delicious meal passion and the vision for this extraordinary at somewhat of a distance. There is a confusion College. I congratulate Alan Zubrinich on his that there are COVID restrictions for them position as Chairman. We have worked well that are contradictory. Very reasonably they together for a number of years now. It’s a asked why they couldn’t go into each other’s partnership of deep respect for our heritage, room to talk if they spend all day sitting next a love of the community and an enthusiastic to each other in class. But they can’t just yet. ambition for continual improvement. This They are sanitising their hands at every turn will be a good Board with Fr Jimmy (Parish and there is extra cleaning happening. The Representative and President of the Board), restrictions will reduce and their health is Marc Forster (Deputy Bosco Campus), Melissa a priority as things settle. They are such an Gadaleta (Deputy Benedict Campus), Jo Court important part of our school. They have given (Secretary), Katie Pole (APRIM), Daniel Lauder, us three athletics champions, two House Tracy Dear, Danny Doyle, Kate McBride (P+F Captains, one College Captain, and numerous Representative), and Chris Malycha (Salesian official student leaders. There were a good House Representative). There are some strong number who received certificates to recognise opinions swirling amongst that lot and an their efforts during the first academic term. integrity that will guide us. I’ll be on my best They are involved and making a contribution. behaviour with them! Punching above their weight really. But there is one story that I will treasure about their return. To begin each Board meeting we invite either When the news came and we had clearance to a guest speaker or prepare a report on an unlock the doors, members of staff organised educational issue or challenge. It is a kind of individually wrapped gifts waiting on each formation that enriches us all. It helps us to bed. There were socks and chocolates, a note be a better Board. This week we invited two pad and biscuits. There was a welcome note students who had returned from overseas at and cellophane crafted care. Someone, or a the start of the year after 12 months away. number of someones, went to a lot of trouble. Scarlett Tod and Fergus Tod spoke to us about The boarders arrived to a gift - an anonymous classroom life in Brazil and Finland. They told and caring gift. Someone was saying that they us about their adventures. It was our very own are very important to them. To us all. Someone Tod Talk and it became an inspiration. They anonymously wanted the boarders to know spoke about the excitement of travel and the RECEPTION 7

the new friendships made. They told us about host family hospitality and the challenge of language. We were amazed at how different classroom life was in the two countries. They had us enthralled with stories of visits to many countries and their insights into culture and people. Scarlet and Fergus were eloquent, humble and grateful. They had grown in worldly wisdom and there was an inner strength and competence about them. I was so proud of the presentation. I think what impressed me most was their hearts had grown. There was clearly a deep love for host families and a country 10,000 kilometres away. They loved travel, their new friends, and obviously their love for ‘mum and dad’ was more defined and enhanced. Hearts that grow are what we want at St Mark’s. I’m sure that the new Board would have been reassured. Catholic Education Kindness Fergus and Scarlett share their exchange experience with the College Board Chair, Alan Zubrinich It has been Catholic Education Week over the last week. We had taken time to remember Ruby Champion were gracious and articulate. Another spoke about extreme economic and acknowledge the importance of Catholic We sang the National Anthem and Happy disadvantage in his school community and the Education and how it creates a unique culture Birthday, Ms Gadaleta had that fashionable challenge that created. There was one school and makes our school special. The entire authority of an ABC newsreader as she shared who take their Year 12s to the sacred shrine at Port Pirie Catholic Education community reminders and guidance. Students were invited Lourdes as the Year 12 Retreat experience. Not remembered the importance of our to share work. We applauded the Star Students this year. What we all agreed upon was that the faithfulness, the excellence of classroom life and we even had Star Wars and delightful school can provide routine and structure that and the manner in which we grow and flourish bloopers at the end. Well done Mrs Keain. creates a safe world. The school is a constant, because we are in this particular community. a certainty, and a Salesian school offers an The theme of kindness dominated the week A Salesian Zoom opportunity to be safe and loved, to learn and and time and again I was conscious that people This week I visited Salesian principals in inner to grow. The principals, actually they are called were going out of their way to offer a random London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield Head Teachers, spoke about getting their act of kindness. We couldn’t gather in a big - actually many other parts of England when children to play, waste some time together, be group to celebrate but secret offerings and I entered into their world through zoom secure. There is not much difference across the gentle reminders of care were happening. It technology. (7.30pm for us and 11.00am oceans. It was exciting to talk to them about is part of our culture; part of our St Mark’s for them). The Australian Salesian schools our beautiful St Mark’s and I didn’t mention the world. We offer thanks for opportunity to were invited into a Salesian conference with Ashes Tour – I’ll wait until the next zoom. learn kindness, thanks for our legacy from the principals in England who are just about Good Samaritan Sisters who taught us about to welcome back their students after the Mr Greg Hay, Principal care and thanks to the Salesian Fathers who lockdown. We were sharing experiences reminded us of the joy of being together – well and talking about school life. They have Our Lady Help of Christians together at 1.5 metres apart! suffered quite badly with the isolation and the Feast Day conference was around student wellbeing. The Monday 25 May Benedict Virtual Assembly Aussies from Victoria and NSW and here made I took part in a ‘Benedict zoom assembly’ last connection with the Salesian commitment to National Sorry Day week. It was a fantastic. Benedict gather as a care and welcome. The common philosophy Tuesday 26 May group every three weeks to acclaim and affirm. were a feature. There were stories of COVID It is a way of keeping the spirit alight and sadness and much laughter as well. One of the Reconciliation Week sharing the journey. However this week there principals kept talking up Liverpool FC to stir Wednesday 27 May - 3 June was a COVID response that was necessary. It the others. Another spoke about the COVID was a cleverly filmed and edited assembly that death of an aunt and the impact on family. found its way into the classrooms because we couldn’t gather as a big group. It was smooth flowing and engaging and had the impact of our normal assemblies. Captains Jack Raf and

RAerloiguinodusthEedCuocallteigoen From the APRIM 5Blue participating in a virtual liturgy As we progress through term we are finding new normal, new ways of relating and doing all that The Good Oil is important to us. We have found that there is much to be grateful for. We are showing a greater appreciation for the simple things in life we have for so long taken for granted. The Good Oil, the free, monthly e-magazine of the Good I wish to express my deep gratitude for the way that my colleagues on staff have so willingly Samaritan Sisters, publishes news, maintained our faith and spirituality in this ‘new normal’. Prayer has been zoomed, recorded, written feature and opinion articles, and and creative on many new levels. We have re-imagined all that is important to us. reflective content which aims I would like to thank Fr Jimmy Pantin for being a great resource and so supportive in assuring us as we to nourish the spirit, stimulate thinking maintain our Catholic traditions and connection as community. As government restrictions continue to be lifted on church buildings we look forward to being able to gather in person in greater numbers and encourage reflection soon. and dialogue about issues of the day Feasts of the Church from a Christian, Catholic, Right now we celebrate significant events in the Church Calendar. Ascension Sunday will be Good Samaritan perspective. celebrated this Sunday. This is a moment of remembering the disciples’ commissioning. This feast calls us to be a disciple. It is our reminder of our call to be a messenger of the good news of hope. Click to access the May edition. On Sunday 31 May our church has its birthday celebration when we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. While this was to be Confirmation celebrations in our parish we now wait in anticipation of celebrating this sacrament as soon as we are able. The retreat experience next week for our Year 7 students will be held on campus this year accommodating the current restrictions required. The teachers look forward to sharing this experience and details have been communicated via CareMonkey this week. Salesian Connection This week I continue in my ‘new normal’ virtual meetings. This brought about the opportunity to connect the world Salesian family. Our UK participants were waking up as we prepared to go to bed. We discussed the implications that the pandemic has had on our young people both positively and negatively. In chat rooms we considered how our Salesian spirituality can support us in navigating unchartered territory. Don Bosco was certainly a forward thinking man well ahead of his time because the values and methods he lived out are so supportive for us now. Katie Pole, APRIM

From the Deputy Principal REMINDER : Rory, Nate and Campbell were busy in the ‘Little Lions Shop’ Our Lady Help of Christians As we progress to the middle of Term 2, the students continue to grow and impress us with their Feast Day milestones and achievements. For some it is in the academic sphere and for others it is with their Monday 25 May social skills, behaviour choices or within their special interests. I know I speak on behalf of all the Wear green and gold staff of Benedict in saying how delighted and proud we are to be a part of your child/ren’s growth. casual clothes and bring a gold coin to One area of growth we have really noticed is in the area of confidence and resilience. The students support Kangaroo Island have adapted so well to the changes implemented due to COVID-19, in particular, the use of the Recovery and Royal yellow line. It is wonderful to see the timid steps and lingering of hand holding with caregivers make Flying Doctors. way for the bright smiles, bounce in the giant steps and a quick peck and wave. For caregivers, it must be bittersweet, proud your precious child is becoming more independent but sad that your Little Lions child is literally growing up right in front of you. As difficult as this must be, please rest assured Session 11 and 12 knowing your child/ren are well supported here at school. Friday 29 May and 5 June I’d like to extend a big thank you for honouring the yellow line and ensuring the priority of the students’ health is paramount. If you would like to speak with your child/ren’s teacher please do not hesitate to write a note in their diary/communication book to arrange a meeting time or phone call, or contact the office on 86338802 to leave a message. Winter Uniform May I also thank you all for your support with the change-over to winter uniforms amidst some challenges and I ask you to continue to support the Uniform Policy which you agreed to upon enrolment. I have noted that some finer details are not in the Uniform Guidelines but are clearly stated in the Uniform Policy so please refer to the Uniform Policy when deciding on hair-cuts, earrings, sports socks etc. The Guideline brochure will be updated soon. Click here to access the Uniform Policy and Uniform Guidelines on the website. Car Park Reminders Our carpark is always a busy place, especially in the afternoon. A number of concerns regarding student safety in the carpark have been noted. Please remember that nearly 400 school children are leaving the campus and that means a significant amount of foot traffic and moving cars. The speed limit in the car park is 10 kilometres and then 25 kilometres as you leave. Please be mindful of these limits as you are in a school zone. Children by their very young nature may not be fully attentive, therefore, it is paramount that the adults amongst us are most concerned for the safety of all students. Another dangerous occurrence is the number of adults asking students to move between moving vehicles. Students are not to walk through the carpark unless accompanied by an adult. Please, either drive through the pick-up zone and collect your child from there or park and walk in to collect your child. These are the only two options currently available from a safety perspective. Unusually so, cars have right of way when entering and exiting the carpark over pedestrians so the traffic does not bank up on Wandearah Road and the buses can enter and leave according to their timetable. Unfortunately, some of these guidelines may not be convenient for you personally but I ask you to consider the safety of all students and families when utilising this facility. Kind regards! Ms Melissa Gadaleta, Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus

Benedict Campus Creative learning in Music, Dance and Drama Star Salesian Students 6R Zackary Kallie Mellow Lunsmann 6B Deklin Trezise Adeena Hashmi 6G Skye Dale Lucy Evely 5R Marcus Mudge Aiman Ahmad 5B Leana Zac McInerney Nannapaneni 4R Sherwin David Ashton Gray 4B Elise Yarrow Lucas Congdon 3B Malakai White Caleb Cameron 3R Mariana Chayse Connelly Kambanos Nash and Khadija dancing Rubi enjoying the freestyle dancing 2B Vy Nguyen Parker Kelly Our students told us about their learning in Our favourite part of Music, Dance and Drama: 2R Tessa Pole Archie Reddaway music, Dance and Drama. • Play instruments Music, Dance and Drama we: • Play games: Zoo Keeper, Apple Tree, 1B Jayah Scarce- Poppy Clarke • Have fun and enjoy what we do Evans • Play different instruments Musical Statues, Mirror and Freeze • Learn about beat and rhythm • Dance 1R Oliver Yarrow George Olsen • Dance • Sing • Act, perform plays • Act 1G Harper Sard Astrid Connor • Retell stories and picture books • Our ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ RB Indiana Kelly Owen Durdin • Show our emotions through performance RR Owais Saad Zaiyden White • Try new things dance and song with the instruments • Work in groups RG Paxton Sismey Lahnee Pavlich • Participate in drama activities Year 1 Students Star Samaritan Students Year 6 Students Each week in Music Dance and Drama we learn about singing, playing instruments, play games 6R Adyson Carrol Sienna Sheasby to teach us about music, get to dance and act. We have lots of fun and enjoy coming to the 6B Leila Blight Matilda Doyle Music, Dance and Drama room each week. 6G Nevaeh Hollitt- Laura Snowden Reception Students Lomman Mrs Karen Davison, 5R Peyton Wright James McBride Music, Dance and Drama Teacher 5B Ella Caddy Jaida Camporeale 4R Sahana Riley Nicholson Sivalingam 4B Jack Swearse Dylan Spence 3B Amahlee Shoalin David Hawkins 3R Cooper Malycha Mae Pendry 2B Keeley Durdin Declan Mezzino 2R Braxton Rahdy Spooner Camporeale 1B Ruby Stevens Flynn Haskett 1R Millie Hancock Sophie Snowden 1G Noelle Loizeau Olivia Higgins RB Carys Taylor Jade Curtis RR Mia Saler Aubrey Ganley RG Eric Nguyen Rubi DeGioia Eric playing ‘freeze’ Isla having fun with the parachute

From the Deputy Principal Uniforms The school uniform is one of the many ways we display pride; in ourselves and our College. Our uniform is a visual and public statement that our students belong to the St Mark’s community. For most students, this pride is shown daily. They wear their correct uniform, present themselves well and ensure they are following the uniform and personal grooming expectations. However, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that there are students not meeting this expectation and I am seeking support from parents and caregivers to address these issues at home. It is disappointing that students are missing out on learning opportunities because they are required to return home and change into the correct uniform. Our expectations are clear and part of the enrolment agreement. The College’s uniform and grooming expectations are clearly outlined in the Uniform Handbook (click to see the handbook). Year 12 Jumpers The Year 12 jumpers have arrived, and they look great. As you can imagine, there was an excitement in the Bosco Centre when they arrived, especially with the cold weather we are starting to experience! I extend my congratulations to the College Captains for their organisation of these. Rotary Youth Exchange Australia The Rotary Exchange is a lifechanging experience available to secondary school students aged 15 – 18 years. In 2019, Scarlett and Fergus Tod took up this opportunity. Scarlett spent the year in Brazil and Fergus in Finland. Over the page is what they had to say about their year overseas. For more information about the program, please visit Rotary Youth Exchange Australia. Mr Marc Forster, Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus REMINDER : Our Lady Help of Christians Feast Day Monday 25 May Wear green and gold casual clothes and bring a gold coin to support Kangaroo Island Recovery and Royal Flying Doctors. Chloe, Caleb, Shannon, Josh and Keelie with their Year 12 jumpers

Bosco Campus School and life abroad Year 11 students Scarlett and Fergus spent last year overseas as Rotary Exchange students. Touching down in São Paulo, Brasil, excitement to Salvador, Jericoacoara and Fortaleza where Scarlett at Christ the Redeemer ran through my veins, because my dream was I stood watching the sunrise and the sunset, just beginning. My host family have become standing in streets made of sand, completely Fergus with exchange students from all over an extension of my family, and I now have a entrapped within the moment. the world Brazilian mum and dad, Bia and Zé and for the first time in my life have sisters, Barbara, My exchange has not only given my lifelong Fergus walking to school in Kuopio Bianca and Bêthania. Portuguese is such a friendships with people from all over the beautiful and passionate language that I world but also a second home with family and was so excited to learn, so I kept pages of friends that will always hold a special place in translations is my journal from Portuguese to my heart. I encourage any students who are English of everything that I’d learnt that day. At interested in exchange to look into it, it is an 3 months I had my first dream in Portuguese, incredible experience that I will never forget. I’d meaning that I was starting to have a full grasp like to thank St Mark’s College for their support on the language. I re-read Harry Potter and the and Rotary Club of Port Pirie for sponsoring Philosopher’s Stone in Portuguese, my first my exchange and giving me the opportunity to novel in the language at 4 and a half months. make this the best year of my life. By 8 months I was considered to be fluent, or as far as an exchange student can go in a year. Scarlett Tod Portuguese is something that I don’t ever want to forget, so now being back in Australia I am Last year I had an amazing experience by going still reading my Portuguese books and still on a Rotary Youth Exchange for twelve months. have my phone in the language, because I’m just I lived in Kuopio which is in the lake land district. not ready to say goodbye yet. It was very different to living in Port Broughton and going to school in Port Pirie. I left for I was fortunate to also be able to travel. For Finland during our heatwave (48 degrees in Carnaval I went to Rio de Janeiro, visiting Christ Port Broughton) last year and on my first day the Redeemer and Pão de Açúcar under clear of school the temperature was a chilling -32 skies, relaxing and swimming at Copacabana degrees. My school was in the middle of town, and watching the Champion’s Parade at the and was in an older building, built in 1872. Sambadrome. This was the Brasil that you During winter, I was walking to school in snow see in the movies, with high festivities and and on ice. I had the opportunity to travel to energy. I discovered that only a year in Brasil many different places around Finland and would be like only a sip of water after running Europe. I travelled to 10 countries in total. They a marathon – never enough. My next trip was were Russia, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, to Peru, visiting the archaeological sites of the Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany Inca’s form Cusco and Pisca to Machu Picchu. It and Slovakia; the trips were all immeasurable was a trip rich in history and culture. Following for my education. I now have many friends on directly from Peru was Foz do Iguaçu, where who are spread out all over the globe, who you could stand and listen to the rush of the I keep in contact with. I can speak a second waterfalls as they crash, with nothing but mist language as well, I took a test towards the end in your eyes from the spray of it. Then stand at of my exchange to see how much I knew, and the base, looking at the hundreds of waterfalls I got a certificate at the end of it to prove my that run into the river separating Argentina and knowledge in Finnish. Brasil, with your breath taken out of you from the beauty. My final trip was called Grande I took many interesting subjects whilst I was Viagem or Big Trip in English and would take on exchange including many languages. I even us all over Brasil. The first stop was spending learnt some Russian! I would like to thank the a week in the Amazon’s sleeping in hammocks Rotary club of Port Pirie for sponsoring my on a boat along the Rio Negro, where we would exchange and St Mark’s College supporting walk through the Rainforest, swim with pink me on my experience, that I will be forever dolphins, feed monkeys, catch piranhas and grateful for. I recommend the experience for hold kaymon – similar to a small croc. Next any students who are considering an Exchange. stop was Brasilia, where we visited National The whole experience was incredible, and I will Congress and then onto the northeast of Brasil, never forget it! Fergus Tod

Bosco Campus Year 7s wild artpieces Madeline, Bridie, Kobi and Tex with their pinch pots Year 7 students have had a wild time in Visual Arts. The students researched and planned their work in class or online to incorporate a native Australian animal into a clay pinch pot. Students used hand building techniques to add form and texture into their work before the works were fired in the kiln. On Monday 18 May, students spent the double lesson painting their creations. They look Grrr-eat!! Mrs Amy Tilbrook, Visual Arts Teacher The process I followed for the pinch pot design process was first, choosing and researching my animal which I found not to hard, but at one point couldn’t find out what animal I wanted to choose. Secondly making four sketch ideas on how I could make it. I had to sit and think for a while before I could find out some more ideas. Firstly, to make my koala I had to make the shape of it. I made the pot using the instructions. I used tools to make the pot different textures and feel different. Once I had all my pieces, I used the slip to smooth them all on and make the koala. I put small lines across it for texturing using a sharp tool. I painted it with different size brushes so I could get into all the small gaps that was needed to be painted. Something I found difficult was painting. I found it hard to get into all the small spaces and I had to keep going over it with my different colors to get the end product. I kept getting the brown where the grey was meant to go and the grey were the brown was meant to go but In the end I did it which I am very proud of. Madeline Murdoch, Year 7 student

College Notices School Photos and College Yearbook Orders 2020 School Photos It is an expectation that students wear full In line with recommendations, school winter uniform and adhere to College Uniform photographs are scheduled to be taken by guidelines. Advanced Life. School photographs will be taken on: Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct • Benedict Campus: them via email to Wednesday 10 June 2020 [email protected] • Bosco Campus: 2019 College Yearbook Orders Thursday 11 June 2020 Orders are now being taken for College Yearbooks for 2019 Little Lions and extra To order individual or sibling photos go to the copies for 2019 R-12 Families at $26 per copy. Advanced Life website and enter the code RE8 JJD 5N9. The preference is that ordering Orders must be placed and paid for by be completed online to reduce administration Friday 12 June at either Bosco or Benedict and potential security issues related to the Campus Offices. return of cash and envelopes on photo day. Envelopes will be available at each student PLEASE NOTE: ALL 2019 R-12 FAMILIES ARE office should you wish to order this way. AUTOMATICALLY ISSUED WITH ONE COPY. Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day. Sibling photos must be ordered no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed. College Sports Update St Mark’s Sports Council are committed to supporting our teams throughout 2020 as the pandemic situation changes and restriction lifts unfold. The Port Pirie Netball Association last weekend cancelled the Junior and Senior Netball competitions for 2020. This decision was not made lightly and the health, safety and welfare of all remained the priority. Sport and community remain important and we will continue to work and see what options there are for developing Net Set Go participants and also juniors in terms of maintaining skills and connection to the game. As changes unfold any opportunities will be communicated to players. Football, Hockey and Soccer seasons are awaiting final meetings and decisions. Sports Council members will meet again in June and as soon as information comes from these sporting codes it will be communicated to families. Stay, active, healthy and happy everyone! Have you been financially affected by COVID-19? The College (along with all Catholic Education schools) have implemented the process of removing Term 2 fees for any families who have been affected by COVID-19. Affected families can simply complete a form to apply for this fee reduction. If you have been financially impacted by the Coronavirus, please get in contact with the College on 86338800. We are here to help! Port Football and Community Sporting Club Open daily from 9.00am

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