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Villa bonita guest manual

Published by ronan, 2020-05-29 09:11:00

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VILLA BONITA Introduction Guest manual Dear Guest Welcome to Villa Bonita, we hope you have a wonderful stay. CONTACT WEBSITE: If you have already had the experience of vacationing in a Villa in Portugal or if this is your first time, I request you to EMAIL: read the contents of this manual. This will insure that you get the best out of your stay and you will benefit from the [email protected] amenities that have been provided. It is important to remember throughout your stay that your accommodation is not some faceless hotel room. This is a private residence owned by individuals just like you. Please remind all members of your party/ family of this and ensure the appropriate levels of care and respect for the home and contents are maintained at all times. We would also remind you that as lead guest you will have some responsibilities during your stay. This manual will highlight what is expected of you during your time in the home. If you have any questions as to the details of this manual please feel free to contact Lynda your local manager. Wishing you a wonderful vacation and thanks for your attention to this manual. Thank you Owners.

Management; Lynda Llewelyn Mobile; 00 351 914 112 811 Email; [email protected] If you have any issues or problems during your stay Lynda can be contacted during normal working hours 08.30 to 17.30. In the case of an emergency, Lynda may accept calls outside these hours but it must be an emergency so please be careful not to abuse Lynda’s private hours. Management will deal with your questions or issues that may arise throughout your stay. Problems are rare but as in any home they can arise from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a problem, or a breakdown we will endeavor to have it resolved as quickly as possible. Note; Under the rental agreement only those named and registered are entitled to be on the property at any time. N.B; The management reserves the right to enter the premises at any time during your occupancy to resolve any safety, security or maintenance issues or in response to a disturbance. However other than exceptional circumstances access will always be by arrangement. Emergency services GNR ( Police) Tel: 289 313 040 Police Support Services for Tourists Vilamoura Tel : 289 388 989 Bombeiros (Firefighters) Tel: 289 312 425 Health Centre Tel: 289 314 243. Nearest Hospital Faro Tel: 289 891 100. Red Cross in Faro Tel: 289 899 900 Doctor; Clinica Particular Vilamoura +351 282 420 400 Rua das Amoreiras nº 1, 8125-497 vilamoura, Portugal Dentist; Previdente dental clinic Edifício Viamarina, Loja 15/16, Vilamoura Tel;00 351 289 388 219- mob 00 351 967 359 020 Useful phone numbers; Taxi Rank Tel : 00 351 289 321 010.

Matches, lighters and candles In a child’s hand, matches lighters and candles can be deadly. Insure that these items are kept out of reach of children. Please also insure that candles are never left unattended and are extinguished when you are not in attendance. Cooking carefully; Never leave cooking unattended, were appropriate clothing to reduce risk of burning and scalding. Turn pot and pan handles inward to reduce risk of bumping or children grabbing. If a grease pan catches fire cover flame with a pot lid or wet tea towel to smother the flames, turn off heat source. Barbeque and grills; Never leave the bbq or grill unattended when in use and always insure that children are kept well away from them. Use electricity safely; If an electrical appliance smokes, sparks or emits an unusual smell, unplug it immediately and report to Management before attempting to use again. Access to the property; You will have been met by Lynda and given your meet and greet tour of the property. You will be provided with two sets of keys for your party for accessing the property, please don’t lose them as you will be charged for the replacement costs. Checking out procedure; Check out on time; 10.30 am Unless you have made special arrangements with owners or management for a later check out. Your cooperation is essential; This villa is heavily booked and housekeeping will need to clean and prepare the house for the next arriving guests so it is essential that they have unfettered access on time. Although we provide professional cleaners to clean the house after you vacate, it is a condition of your occupancy that you leave it in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidiness.

Keys; Your party is supplied with two sets of keys, Please keep them safe and return when you are leaving at the end of tour holiday, missing keys will be charged at €50 per set to cover the cost of replacement. TV and Wi-Fi; The TV provided is an LG 55’’ smart TV. Lazer Cable provides a huge range of channels in English and a number of other languages. We have provided Netflix YouTube etc. Wi-Fi code; rih027vmv Housekeeping guide; Your occupancy of this home is based on a ‘self-catering’ vacation. Some token cleaning products have been provided, ‘A starter pack’ of, dish wash tabs, detergent, toilet rolls and refuse bags. Occasionally there may be more of these and other items in the home left by prior guests. Once these are exhausted you will need to purchase items as required. It is not expected that the house be deep cleaned from top to bottom by you while in residence (you are on your holidays). But there is a responsibility on your part for the home to be maintained and left in a in a reasonable state of cleanliness. Particularly in the kitchen and areas of food consumption. These must be cleaned after every meal to avoid attracting insects and bugs. Dustpan & brush, sweeping brush, mop and bucket, are all provided for your use. Dishwasher; provided for your convenience. This is preset, just pop in the tab press the power button and close the door. Washing machine; provided for your convenience for washing your personal clothes. Just add detergent, select cycle and power up. We do not expect you to launder household items. Trash; Vilamoura uses the communal waste collection system. There is a general waste disposal unit located at the end of our street. (stainless steel on the corner outside casa Kells) There are a further 3 waste disposal units on the next corner for general waste, paper and glass. Please dispose of your trash daily. This will avoid malodours developing throughout the house. Also don’t store waste in the car port, it just attracts critters.

Air Conditioning It is a common misconception that air-conditioning is designed to keep the house cold. It is not. It is designed to regulate the temperature and humidity of the house and provide a constantly comfortable environment. We have provided Air-conditioning in all the bedrooms together with ceiling fans for your comfort. Air-conditioning should be set 21-23 degrees. Used in conjunction with the ceiling fans provided, this will give a comfortable temperature to sleep in. Never lower the air- conditioning temperature below 21 degrees as it might/will cause the elements to freeze up and cease to work at all. Leaving you with a hefty bill for repair or replacement. Do Not leave the Air-conditioning running in a room that is un- occupied. Its costly and really bad for the environment For air conditioning to be effective you must keep the doors and windows of the room it is in use in, closed. This will conserve energy (save our planet) and insure that no damage is caused to the system. It will also ensure that you have the optimum comfort during your stay. Further to that, we have also provided shutters on all windows and glass doors. This is more than a security measure, the shutters also provide an element of insulation against the sun keeping the internal temperature of the house more comfortable. N.B please do not leave the air-conditioning during the day while you are out at the pool or away from the house use the on off button on the remote control. Shutters; The window shutters serve three key functions. Firstly they provide security, secondly they provide privacy and thirdly they provide protection from the sun. Always close the shutters when the room is not in use, at night while sleeping, and while not on the premises this will keep the rooms and house cool.

Ants & Bugs etc Our home is regularly treated to prevent creepy crawlies living and breeding inside. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to prevent some finding their way inside. In order to help keep the pests at bay, we recommend that you keep all foods in the refrigerator or in airtight containers. Anything left open or unsealed, particularly sweet sticky things will act as a magnet to the little darlings, so put it away and clean up after food prep/consumption. If you encounter any great invasion, please advise Lynda. Mosquitos are always happy to have a free feast on tourists. Use suitable cream or spray to deter them from feasting on you , also keep them out of the house, bathrooms and bedrooms don’t leave windows or door open from twilight onwards, this is when they are most active. And please don’t splat or squish them on to the walls or doors. The resulting stain is not pleasant to see. Appliances; Although the appliances in the home are carefully maintained, breakdowns can occasionally occur. We will always seek to provide the speediest possible repair or replacement. As unfortunate as this is, should it happen, is within the life of electro mechanical appliances and the management or owners cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred. Security; Although you are on holiday the bad guys are not. Incidents are rare but they can happen. Simple precautions that you would most likely take at home should not be abandoned while you are on holidays. If you exercise common sense and follow the instructions from Lynda and the notes in this Manual, you will be far less likely be become a victim. The villa is covered by an alarm system. You should arm the alarm to the away status when leaving the home this activates the perimeter defenses and the internal beam defenses. You should arm the alarm to the home status when locking up for the night this activates the perimeter defenses. Codes are as per provided by Lynda. Please record the alarm codes in your phones for convenience.

The hall door is fitted with a traditional Portuguese double locking system. Please always double lock on exit. It is also recommended that this door is double locked at night. Please always close all windows before setting either mode of the alarm. Always have the shutters closed when not on the premises. It is also recommended that they are closed during the sleeping hours for security and privacy. A safe is provide for valuables. Automatic Gates; Please do not let children play near the automatic gates. (Very Dangerous) The gates are controlled by sensors mounted on the pillars. You must clear the sensors and gate fully when entering and exiting in your car. The owners and management individually and collectively accept no responsibility for any personal injury, accident, loss or damage to guests cars, Lawn and pool care; The garden and pool area is maintained once a week. Sorry if it is an inconvenience, but it is necessary. Garden and Pool lights; The garden and pool lighting are all super low consumption led lights. They are set on timers and will activate at approx. 19.30 and turnoff at approx. midnight. To conserve energy please turn off any internal house lights when not necessary. Noise; Although you are on vacation, others in your area may not be. Please respect your neighbors and other guests in homes nearby and keep any high spirits and noise within reasonable limits. Just a reminder, under the terms of your booking agreement the following are not allowed on the entire property; Parties, functions, weddings, or receptions. N.B: Only the guests registered at time of booking are entitled to be on the premises or site at any time. Dining Tables Do not place hot items on any dining table surfaces. This will mark the wooden table top or will Shatter the glass table top, so please avoid at all costs.

Hot water; We use solar panels to heat the water in Villa Bonita. The system is organized to provide sufficient water for up to 8 people. The holding tank for the hot water is huge, but occasionally it might run out. It will replenish itself is a short while. But be very cautious, as the hot water can be very hot. Showering; Water is a precious thing. Please make sure you use the water sensibly and avoid waste when showering. The water in our showers can be very hot so please take care when using. Towels; Sufficient Towels are provided for the guests in your party, both for bathroom use and poolside. Please do not use bathroom towels for the poolside. Also for stays under 10 nights, you will be afforded a towel change and over 10 nights you will be afforded a bed linen and towel change. Please do not use any towels from either pool or bathroom for the beach. Toilets; The plumbing and waste pipes in Portugal are somewhat smaller that we are used to in other countries in Europe. Please do not put down the toilet: Large quantities of toilet paper, moist toilet tissues, baby wipes, face wipes, sanitary towels or nappies. These cause blockages in the waste system and can cause waste water to blow back. If an emergency Plumber call out is required, You may be charged. Bar The bar is there for your use, On your arrival you will have in the bar fridge a complimentary bottle of Cava. Some soft drinks and water-all complimentary.We also leave a stock of beer, white and red wine. The selection of spirits on the stand is also available for your use. The only rule is that you resupply the bar with whatever you use during your stay so there is a supply for the next guests. (excepting the complimentary drinks)

Swimming pool One of the best features and certainly one of the most popular is the supersize swimming pool. It is a fundamental part of your holiday in the sun and we want to ensure you get the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it. It is very important to remember that water can dangerous to young children and non-swimmers and we would remind you to exercise great care to insure that no accidents occur. The use of the pool is entirely at your own risk, however if you follow the simple guidelines provided we are sure that you will experience no problems at all. Never leave children unattended No diving in the shallow end (1 meter) No Running- there is a danger of tripping or slipping and the pool deck and pool sides are very hard and could cause injury. No pushing – shoving - horseplay Never swim during a thunder storm- very dangerous No Glassware, Delph or Crockery to be used by the pool, we have provided a full suite of plastic ware specifically for use poolside. (cups- plates- bowls –tumblers- wine glasses) Never try to walk on or swim under the pool blanket Don’t leave small pool toys in the pool when not in use as they may enter the filtration system and cause flooding. Pool Blankets; We provide a heavy duty pool blanket to maintain the heat from the day or if you have paid for pool heat. You can lose up to 20 degrees overnight if the pool is not covered. To remove the pool blanket simply use the wheel with the knob attached and wind anti-clockwise. This is geared roller and very simple and smooth to use. Replacing the pool blanket in the evening is a two person job. Person number one unwinds the blanket clockwise while person number 2 guides the blanket across the water pulling gently on the guide rope.

Pool heating At Villa Bonita we provide two types of pool heating, solar and electric heat exchange. The solar is always on and free, the electric heat exchange is a paid extra. To maximise the effects of pool heat, the blanket should be in place when the pool is not in use. Pool heat whether solar of electric heat exchange is controlled very much by the ambient temperature. Electrically heated outdoor pools normally can reach between 5 and 10 degrees above the ambient temperature. Unheated pools are always 5 -10 degrees below the ambient temperature. There is no guarantee of pool temperatures achieved, the only guarantee is that the pool will be far warmer with pool heat than without it. Security Deposit You will either have paid for a damage waiver insurance policy, or had to lay down a security deposit, depending on the agency you booked through. A Damage waiver policy is a single charge non-refundable amount that covers the guest for up to €300. If a damage occurs greater than the sum insured, the excess will be sought from the lead guest. A security deposit is held in escrow by the agency for up to 14 days and returned if no claim has been made against it. We do not have access to this unless we make a verified claim. If the claim is greater than the security deposit, the lead guest is responsible for the difference. If you have damages you need to report them immediately to the management company so they can be assessed and a decision made if a claim needs to be made. Liability; The owners and management individually and collectively accept no responsibility for any personal injury, accident, loss or damage of guests’ personal effects, whether secured in a security safe or otherwise.

Parents; A special note for parents of young children. 1) Wet feet on a tiled floor, a serious accident could occur. So please dry feet before entering the house from the pool area. 2) Crayons, markers, pens, paints, chalk and pencils……..Please can you make sure that your children do not have these items in our home. It is unacceptable the damage that children can cause with these items, both inside and outside, to walls- furniture and bedding. It is very costly to rectify or remedy the damage or indeed replace items. This cost will be passed on to you as lead guest. Pets; Absolutely no pets please Smoking; No smoking in the house, patios or decks.

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