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Sounds-Great-1.-Workbook-by-Taylor-Anne.-Beginning-Sounds (1) (1)

Published by Guset User, 2021-09-14 03:42:27

Description: Sounds-Great-1.-Workbook-by-Taylor-Anne.-Beginning-Sounds (1) (1)


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1 Aa . Bb . Cc 04 08 ant, apple, angry, alligator, bear, baby, 12 book, bird, cat, c p, c t, cookie 16 20 2 Dd . Ee . Ff 24 28 doll, dog, desk, d ck, elephant, egg, 32 elevator, elbow, fish, fan, five, fat 36 40 3 g . Hh . i goat, good, girl, gorilla, ho se, hat, happy, hill, insect, ill, in, igloo 4 . Kk . Ll et, eep, am, mp, kangaroo, key, kick, kite, leg, lion, lemon, look 5 Mm . Nn . Oo monkey, moon, man, mo se, n t, nine, nose, n rse, octop s, ostrich, October, ox 6 Pp . Qq . Rr pants, pizza, potato, pen, q estion, q een, q ilt, q iet, robot, red, r n, ring 7 Ss . Tt . U . Vv s n, sea, sad, sit, tiger, tall, ten, tire, mpire, mbrella, p, nder, violin, vest, van, vase 8 Ww . Xx . Yy . Zz watch, window, wash, water, fox, box, six, fix, yo-yo, yellow, yawn, yacht, zipper, zebra, zoo, zero Review (Units 1-8) Handwriting Practice

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