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Published by bhanneken, 2018-06-11 11:00:33

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NEWSLETTER June 2018 AMS Happenings: Be the Best. It’s the Only Market That’s Not Crowded – By: Chrissy Nardini Congratulations to Mike Simms on the -- your reputation for excellence is simply the sum total of all the little things you do and don’t do over the next five minutes, and then the five minutes after that. completion of his It’s a never ending “search for excellence” – Tom Peters Bachelor’s Degree! The hard work and I thought this was a good reminder for myself and all of us. We regularly are sleepless nights seeing examples of things we do that are different (and make us better) than our finally paid off. Well competitors. But we can never stop and assume it will always be that way. What done! are you doing in your branch to help us stay on a search for excellence? Rick Simms has We are having a great year so far, driven by a strong economy and the rush by been promoted to customers to buy before these prices keep increasing. We are up 24% as a com- pany in both sales and gross profit. Keep up the great work! Grandpa! Elliott Al- len Hyde was born Dallas topped $600,000 in sales and is showing steady growth each month. Con- April 30th. Rick gratulations to them! doesn’t think he is going to have time We had the honor of being named to a couple of the top Distributor Lists. We for work anymore, were 109 on the list of the top 150 Distributors in Supply House Times. Their he has a lot of bad list is comprised of distributors that are in HVAC, Plumbing and Pipe Valves and habits to teach Fittings. We were 45 on a list of the top 50 HVAC wholesalers in the country for Elliott. Distribution Center Magazine. Our Oklahoma branch will now be co located with a new neighbor – Amazon. Amazon has leased 60,000 square feet of our OKC building to open a ware- house that will provide same day service to the Oklahoma market. Dallas Sales Blitz By: JD Lauramore May 14th through May 16th the Dallas branch was able to see more than 60 new potential customers. Jerry Pinnon, Jon Fleming, and Josh Rezac teamed up with the DFW sales team of Curtis Hale, Ryan Schmitz, and Ryan Squires to BLITZ the North Texas market and introduce American HVAC Metals Supply. Having the Congratulations additional team member with each of the Territory Managers allowed us to learn to Jerry Sharp’s more about the customers and enact different sales techniques to see how we daughter Cayden could best support each of these contractors. Isaac Meyer and Chuck Hitchcock who made state diligently worked to process quotes on the new opportunities as they flooded in high jump, 100M and to date we have been able to convert many of these potential customers in and 200M dash! new customers and during the month of May increase our active accounts by over 40%! All of this occurred while our warehouse and driver team continued to support both our new and existing customers. A big thank you from the Dallas branch to everyone who supported us during this activity!

AMS Happenings: Annual Safety Summit By: Justin Capar The Hitchcock broth- ers were festive for the This year’s annual safety summit (warehouse manager meeting) was Kentucky Derby races! held May 14th and 15th in Hazelwood, MO. This meeting gives the ware- house managers a chance to get together to discuss safety, equipment, best practices, and areas for improvements. This year’s safety summit started with a guest speaker, Oscar Goedecke, from Travelers Insurance who gave a presentation on Leadership Safety. Oscar provided real world scenarios to get the group thinking of how to engage with employees and build a safe work environment. Below are some of the ideas that came from the safety summit which are being researched and/or implemented: • Researching ladders that attach to trailers to make it easier to get on and off the trailer • Quoting out a Kenworth straight truck with higher load capacity (54,000 GVW) • Ways to become a receiver of choice for our vendors • Researching pickup truck/sprinter van/ stake bed trucks for alterna- tive delivery methods • Adding screen protectors to the RF scan guns to better protect screens from cracking • Implementing on-board cameras to all the trucks in the fleet. Pictured (left to right): Rick Simms Congratulations to Antho- – Springfield, MO, John Scanga – ny Swann, IP Symphony Safety Manager, Ed Young – Dallas, employee who many may Chrissy Nardini – President, Hugo know from support help, Morales – OKC, Justin Capar – As- as he is expecting twins in sistant Controller, Rich Holdman November! – Springfield, IL, BJ Chrisjohn – Lenexa, Steve Stocker – Hazelwood, REMINDER: Please con- Jason Kistler – Indy tinue to submit Quarter 2 Spring Cleaning submis- sion photos and waste reducing ideas to Brittany. There is a form on Met- als Web or you can email them. Last place has been pre- determined, Mohler takes the position for his RF gun Hugo Showing off his Duck hoarding in the Hazelwood Hunting Abilities at dinner. office. YES, that is a live duck!

AMS Happenings: Wichita Kansas Open House- Kruse Corp Congratulations to Dustin Mary Tiner from the Lenexa branch was asked by a customer, Kruse Bradley on the birth of Corp, to spend a day at their Wichita, KS open house/trade show. She his son, Daniel Thomas invited Jason Jurgensmeyer to join her as long as he hid behind his sun- Bradley. Daniel was born glasses. 5/9/18 weighing 8 lbs. Please note the new table cover that Brittany Hanneken got. This is avail- 9.5 oz and 21” long! able for any branch to use for open houses, trade shows, thanksgiving dinners, etc. Please reserve by contacting Brittany, Ext 272. We did it!! Thank you team for making this possible! “Blinded by the Light” Our Fenton warehouse replaced old lighting with LED lights- what a difference!! Congratulations to Jus- tin and Janna Capar on the birth of their second daughter. Brooklyn Rebecca Capar was born 6/8/18 weighing 5lbs 14oz. Before After

Did You Know? By: Letha Franklin Letha and Jack Baumann have been busy this quarter. One of Jack’s biggest customers, Northwest Arkansas Sheet Metal, is the newest user of the American Metals Innovo App. Letha went and had a meeting with Jack and the management team of Northwest and they decided that the App would be very useful for their company. They wanted all 13 of their foreman to have access to App ordering, as well as some key individuals who do estimating and purchasing for their shop. Letha made some account specific changes to the App like turning off pricing for certain users and setting up helpful groups. Jack and Letha then hosted a learn then lunch for their employees. Everything was received very well and Jack could earn more of the business because of ease of use as well as convenience of ordering. An email was sent to Mike Bowersock after the training session: “The training session for all NWASM personnel was successfully completed today. Thanks to the efforts of Jack and Letha I perceive our people learned the basics and recognized how the program will help them do their jobs more efficiently. Please let the appropriate people know what a good job your team did installing a quality American Metals product for Northwest Arkansas Sheetmetal.” -Richard (Rick) Huntsinger Special Projects Letha is available to work with any of our sales team to make this kind of training happen. The App has the potential to help you win more customer business! Guess Who? Want to win a DuroDyne tumbler? Can you guess which Warehouse foreman was hospitalized for West Nile disease in 2004? Text your name and guess to 636-221-0386 or email Brittany. If you guess correct we will send you a DuroDyne Tumbler!

Welcome to the AMS Team Welcome Tray Starks! Tray is our new warehouseman at the Indianap- olis branch. Tray has a daughter Cannon and a girlfriend Chynna. He is currently a student at Anderson University and enjoys basketball, foot- ball, lifting, and eating. When we asked Tray to tell us something about himself he wanted us to know he is handsome, buff, ripped and a good football player!! Glad to hear we can utilize those muscles in the ware- house. Welcome Jordan Stading! Jordan is our new Associate in the Management/Sales Trainee Program. Jordan is from Katy, Texas and is the middle child in his family with one brother and sister. Jordan just finished his MBA from SIUE this spring as well as playing four years of collegiate baseball, three of them at the University of Houston! During college he interned in the finance and accounting department for Tri- State Iron and Metals Co. Jordan enjoys sports, trying new restaurants, road tripping, reading, attending concerts, and going to the movies. The coolest place Jordan has ever traveled to is Barcelona, Spain! Welcome to the team! Welcome Kris York! Kris is our new driver/warehouseman at the Lenexa branch. Kris has had is CDL/A for 23 years and spent his last 3.5 years at Lazerspot as shuttle driver. Kris is single and open to mingle, he also has two sons Brad (26) and Brandon (18). In his freetime he enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling, cooking, camping and long walks on the beach (I did not make that part up). A fun fact about Kris: He has been to Amsterdam 3 times, but his favorite place is Aruba! Welcome Caleb Payne! Caleb is our new warehouseman at the Lenexa branch. Caleb has a wife Jessica and two children Grace (2) and Max- imus (10 months). He is a diehard Nebraska Football fan that enjoys video games, wood working, and family time. Welcome Caleb!

Employee Spotlight This month the spotlight shines on John Bryant from Springfield, Illinois. John is 23X2 years old and has been with AMS for almost 3 years as an Outside Sales. John has been married to his wife, Denise, for 26 years and they have two children, Connor (19) and Molly (11). Other members of the family include a pug “Chewy”, a French Bulldog “Boomer”, a German Short-haired Pointer “Ruger” and last but not least a bearded dragon “Spike”. Funniest memory at AMS? Dancing to Y.M.C.A one Friday morning at the office in the hall. Don Smith came to see what was going on & shook his head & said I was crazy. I’m not sure if it was the dancing or my attempt to spell YMCA with my arms that brought him to that conclusion. One thing no one knows about you? My distant ancestor Jean de Brienne was the Emperor of Constantinople. I am also related to Queen Anne Boleyn, you know “Off with her head” Queen Anne Boleyn. What are your hobbies? I really enjoy playing the guitar but I am not very good at it. I also enjoy target shooting, camping & spending time outdoors. Dream Vacation? I would say Japan. I am amazed at the beautiful architecture, simple living, gorgeous landscapes and I’m fascinated with the culture. Who knows maybe they could teach me how to keep my Bonsai trees alive. Pet Peeves My biggest pet peeve is terrible customer service, a close second is people that constantly complain. Core Values in Action! Congrats to the OKC branch, recognized as a Partner to our Customers by the Fab Shop Manager of FG Haggerty in Wichita Falls, Texas in a note stating “I appreciate you guys taking care of us the way you do. Not many companies offer great customer service like you guys do. “

Durodyne Training By: Mr. Chris Mohler Nine people went to DuroDyne training recently at their factory on Long Island, NY. Pictured are (l-r) Curtis Hale (TX), Ben Skinner (IN), Chris Mohler (Hazelwood), Mary Tiner (KS), Corbin Hoffman (Fen- ton), Jeremy Jett (OKC), Larry Moody (DD rep for TX), Ryan Squires (TX), Ryan Schmitz (TX) and Justin Johnston (DD rep for IL, MO, KS, OK). The first picture was taken to show the one time during the entire trip that Ryan Squires was not eat- ing. He’s pouting here because they told him he could only have 3 ice cream bars that day. AMS swept the hands-on competition. 4 Mary won the damper challenge and wholesale distributors, 24 people. 2 winners. Curtis won the duct challenge. Rich Holdman Celebrates 45 years with AMS! By: John Klint Springfield, Illinois celebrated Rich Holdman’s 45th work anniversary with a branch lunch. Rich started working full time at AMS 45 years ago when he was 19. Five years earlier, at 14, Rich would come in and help move steel from a rail car to the warehouse as his Dad worked for AMS. A rail car would pull up behind the build- ing and they would only have a couple hours to move 120,000# of steel off by hand to the ware- house (no forklifts back then). When asked about his favorite memory he said it was all the great people he has worked with over the years.

(Formerly known as Signature Touch) By: Justin Capar & Letha Franklin Over the past few months, American Metals has been configuring the Innovo Deliver App to fit our business needs. The Deliver App will provide mobile proof of delivery, route optimization, delivery metrics, and has many more useful features. One awesome feature is once an order is signed by a customer, the signature will be instantly document imaged into the sales ticket in Eclipse with a time and date stamp. Deliver also gives our drivers the ability to take pictures of product at delivery as a “proof of delivery and condition of product”. In early May, Hazelwood rolled out the 1st iPad with Keith Hepperman as the guinea pig. The first few weeks have provided positive feedback along with changes to improve functionality. There are lots of changes that can be made to control files to make sure the App runs smoothly with Eclipse and that our inside sales team is not being inundated with too much information, but feedback from both sides has been very helpful. Keith really likes the option for turn-by-turn directions which is not an option for all current Omnitracs users. Keith has also mentioned that the customers like only signing one time, even if they have multiple orders being delivered (as opposed to having to sign multiple lines of a manifest). Chris Mohler has mentioned that he gets an Eclipse message notification if a ticket he writes gets delivered, but we are currently working to have those messages only go through if the driv- er needed to make a change to an order. Two additional iPads are on order, and will be configured for Indy and Dallas. Dallas is a good candi- date as we are new to the territory and this will help our drivers with directions as well as figuring out if routes are being optimized. As we get more iPads into the field, it will be easier to collect data and start using the App to its fullest. We are excited to be able to offer this technology to our team to set us apart from our competitors. Stay tuned for more releases and updated in the future!

May-July Anniversaries Johns Manville Updates By: Brandon Gregory Rich Holdman 45 years Date codes: Laura Lehmkuhl If you ever have a quality issue and the contractor throws away the bag 28 years please look on the facing of the airstream side for a date code. There are two date codes on the packaging. The top one is for the pot and marble Steve Stocker process. The bottom one is for the facing and that will match what is print- 22 years ed on the roll itself. That helps us isolate the problem rolls and keep them out of the market. Joe Sudduth 17 years Patty Baxter 15 years BJ Chrisjohn 14 years Shawn Flick 14 years Don Beck 14 years JM New Products Chuck Hitchcock 13 years Our friend Brennan filled us in on some of the projects he is working on. 3” RC is now available and they specifically have it in 59” wide x 50’ rolls. John Klint This is specifically for r12 requirements. JM is the first one with it and have 13 years moved several rolls in the north west and Rockies. Hercules helped get it kick-started due to code changes in their area. Eric Cameron 10 years Brennan was at a SPIDA meeting when it came up. Knauf will likely have it second but it may be a year or more before they do.OC is in a distant third Justin Morris for bringing it to market. 8 years To achieve r12 most would have to double up rolls of thinner sizes. Mike Conboy 8 years JM is also working on r12 wrap which would be a 4.4” thick. Lastly, they will have version of duct knives very soon. Phil Fisher 7 years

May-July Roth 401K Feature Now Live! Anniversaries Just a reminder that we now have the Roth 401K feature available in our Greg Anderson plan. If you want to designate any or all of your deferral to be Roth (post 7 years tax, but tax free when withdrawn in retirement ), you would make those changes on Fidelity’s website and they would take effect the following month. American Metals will still match up to the full 6%, regardless of Matt Hitchcock whether your deferral is pretax or post tax (Roth) or a combination of the 6 years two. Also- even if your income level disqualifies you for a Roth IRA, you are still permitted to defer in a Roth 401K, which is a hidden trick many are Keith Heppermann not aware of! 6 years Summary Annual Report For American Metals Supply Co., Inc. Profit Sharing Plan Chris Bergkamp 6 years This is a summary of the annual report for American Metals Supply Co., Inc. Profit Sharing Plan, Employer Identification Number 36-4525471, Plan Jonathan Jett No. 001 for the period January 01, 2017 through December 31, 2017. The 4 years annual report has been filed with the Employee Benefits Security Adminis- tration, U.S. Department of Labor, as required under the Employee Retire- Dustin Bradley ment Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). 4 years Basic Financial Statement Mike Simms Benefits under the plan are provided through a trust fund. Plan expenses 3 years were $415,369. These expenses included $36,023 in administrative ex- penses and $379,346 in benefits paid to participants and beneficiaries. A John Towers total of 90 persons were participants in or beneficiaries of the plan at the 3 years end of the plan year. Cannon Fischer The value of plan assets, after subtracting liabilities of the plan, was 3 years $19,407,341, as of December 31, 2017 compared to $15,729,924 as of January 01, 2017. During the plan year, the plan experienced an increase Ernie Ralph in its net assets of $3,677,417. This increase includes unrealized appre- 2 years ciation and depreciation in the value of plan assets; that is, the difference between the value of the plan’s assets at the end of the year and the value Brandon Rosner of the assets at the beginning of the year or the cost of assets acquired 2 years during the year. The plan had total income of $4,092,786, including em- ployer contributions of $911,610, employee contributions of $516,450, oth- Letha Franklin er contributions of $70,312, and earnings from investments of $2,594,414. 2 years Isaac Meyer 2 years Tim Feiste 1 year

May-July Continued Anniversaries Javier Garcia Your Rights To Additional Information 1 year You have the right to receive a copy of the full annual report, or any part thereof, on request. The items listed below are included in that report: Gerald Sharp information; 1 year To obtain a copy of the full annual report, or any part thereof, write or call American Metals Supply Co., Inc., 1617 Park 370 Court , Hazelwood, MO 63042, 636-349-5560. You also have the right to receive from the Plan Administrator, on request and at no charge, a statement of the assets and liabilities of the plan and accompanying notes, or a statement of income and expenses of the plan and accompanying notes, or both. If you request a copy of the full annual report from the Plan Administrator, these two statements and accompany- ing notes will be included as part of that report. You also have the legally protected right to examine the annual report at the main office of the plan at American Metals Supply Co., Inc., 1617 Park 370 Court , Hazelwood, MO 63042, and at the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. or to obtain a copy from the U.S. Department of Labor upon payment of copying costs. Requests to the Department should be addressed to: Public Disclosure Room, N1513, Employee Benefits Se- curity Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210. The information contained herein has been provided by the Plan Adminis- trator. 749777.1

Is that an Air Conditioner in my back yard? Not Really... By: Professor Chris Mohler Although we don’t sell equipment, many cus- tomers use terms that some of us may not be familiar with, unless you worked as a contractor or with another wholesaler before joining AMS. With that in mind, let’s identity the different pieces, briefly explain what they do and offer some tips on how to keep yours running effi- ciently. 1. The condensing unit. An air conditioner is really a system, made up of components. What sits in your back yard is actually the condensing unit, but it’s what most non-in- dustry folk call the A/C. It has a compressor inside of it and condenser coils surround the outside. A motor spins fan blades around to suck air across/through the surface of the coils and then blow it upwards. The condens- ing unit contains some other electrical components, such as a contractor and capacitors. The com- pressor is the pump that moves the freon through the system. 2. The evaporator. In a typical home with the furnace in the basement, the evaporator coil sits in an enclosed sheet metal box on top of the furnace. This coil is typically A shaped (more like an up- side-down V) which is why sometimes you’ll hear mention of an A-coil. There are some other de- signs too. Furnaces won’t be covered here since we’re discussing A/C, but the blower motor, in the lower compartment of the furnace, is at use year-round, to move the air in the house. 3. The line set. This copper tubing connects the condenser to the evaporator and freon travels through it. In reality, freon has been replaced, because it depletes the ozone layer, with other types of refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly. We’ll continue to call it freon here for simplicity. 4. The thermostat. The on-off switch of the system, also the most misunderstood part of the system. Read on to find out why. How it all works. Briefly this is what happens… 1. The T-stat closes an electrical connection upon a call for cooling. Everything starts up. The big noise you hear outside at first is the compressor coming on. At the same time the condenser fan motor and the indoor furnace blower motor start up. 2. Air in your house is sucked in to the duct system through the return air grilles (Hart & Cooley of course). The air passes through a filter before blowing over the cold evaporator coil. It now is cooler

Continued supply air and is blown into the rooms through supply registers. This cycle continues. 3. The key thing to know is that a properly operating system lowers the temperature of the air about 18 degrees as it passes over the evaporator coils. Sometimes you’ll see small dial thermometers in your duct system. One is placed in the return air right before it goes into the furnace blower compartment and one is placed just above the evaporator coil right after it has been cooled. They should read about 18 degrees apart, return side Vs supply side. 4. Remember that the t-stat is just a switch. It turns the system on and off. And all the system can do is lower the air by ~18 degrees. So, if you come home after being gone on vacation and your house is 82° and you want it to get down to 72°, just set it to 72°. It will run and keep going until it reaches 72°, then shut off. It won’t get any cooler any faster it you set it to 60° because it can’t. It will take 82° air and lower it by 18° to 64°. This continues until the overall air in the house reaches 81°. Then it will lower that by 18° to 63° supply air. This repeats itself over and over until the overall house temp reaches 72° and then it shuts off. Tips for the most efficient system: 1. Replace the air filter in your furnace monthly. Filters can only hold so much. After they’re “full” you’ll restrict the airflow across your evaporator coil. Or, the stuff will work around the filter and get caught in the evaporator. Also, switch to pleated filters instead of the basic fiberglass type. 2. Keep your condenser coils clean. Look for build up of pollen, leaves, grass, etc. on your outdoor unit. Both coils are made up of copper tubing going back and forth with little plates of metal around it that are called fins. Make sure the fins on your outdoor unit aren’t smashed in (Josh and Tiffany, don’t let your boys use the condensing unit as a soccer goal). If you’re really good at DIY work, you can clean the outdoor coil yourself with A/C coil cleaner. You must pull the disconnect first to com- pletely turn off power to the unit, then follow the instruction manual or your friends at YouTube. If you’re not certain, please hire a professional for this type of work. 3. Keep your doors shut and close the blinds when the sun is beating down on the windows. Any- thing to reduce the “heat load” in the house. People put out heat as well and that adds to the “load”. Bottom line- quit inviting people over and cooking stuff in the oven while you are going in and out the door while BBQing. It’s better not to have any friends or to ever invite family over. Invest the savings on your electric bill in our awesome 401k plan. 4. Realize on really hot and humid days, your system just may not be able to keep up. It might not get the house down to the desired temp. When determining what size A/C unit your home needs, it was not sized to handle a 100° day with 80% relative humidity. And why do they call it a 3 ton? In simple terms, a ton = 12,000Btuh. Therefore, a 3ton is 36,000Btuh, a 2-1/2 ton is 30,000Btuh, etc. Btuh is British Thermal Units per hour. Bored yet? Me too. Basically it determines how much ca- pacity (heat can be removed) your system has. And there’s the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency

Continued Rating) number, such as 12seer or 14seer. The higher the better, the more efficient. Lower utility bills, but more costly initially. 5. Keep doors to bedrooms open to keep rooms cooler. Most homes are cheaply built with a few common return air grilles in the hallways, rather than one grille per room (well, never the bathroom or the kitchen. We don’t need those smells returning to our supply air). You need the air to circulate, meaning come out of the supply register and go back into the return grille. If your room doesn’t have a return grille, even though it has a supply register, it won’t get as cool with the door shut. 6. Cleaning the indoor evaporator coil is even trickier. Most coils are enclosed in a box with a Pitts- burgh seam, making it difficult to get inside. But if you can, you want to check the underside for any dirt build up. A different type of coil cleaner is used here, one that doesn’t need to be rinsed. I’ve seen some coils with a 1” thick layer of dog hair on them. The cheapo filters weren’t changed and the stuff gets caught somewhere, meaning the evap coil. This leads to serious problems such as… 7. If you ever see ice or frost build up on your line set inside, usually right where it enters the ple- num/cabinet that holds the evaporator coil, turn your unit off immediately. You have iced up your evap coil. You need that to melt and then address the real issue. Best bet here is to set your T-Stat to Fan On (to keep air blowing across the coil to melt the ice) but System Off. At this time you do not want your compressor pushing freon around. You either have a leak or a very dirty evap coil or a combo of the two. It’s time to call your favorite A/C repair company. 8. That line set has two sizes of copper tubing. The smaller size is called the liquid line and the larg- er size, with the black insulation around it, is the suction line. It’s the suction line that can ice up. If you ever see it iced up outdoors where it enters the condensing unit turn it off immediately and call for help. And don’t let your kids jump on the line set outside. Kinking the line is a big no-no. I hope this helps a little. Call me (or GTS) if you want some more info. Mohler Ext 214

Smoke & Tobacco Free Workplace Policy Effective January 1, 2019 Smoking is the single greatest cause of preventable death and disease in our country. Cigarette smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke cause about 480,000 premature deaths each year. Nearly a quarter of these deaths are victims of second hand smoke. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Along with causing multiple types of cancers, did you know tobacco has also been linked to going blind, type 2 diabetes, hip fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, gum disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. the list goes on and on. Chewing tobacco has often been perceived as safer than cigarettes. However, chewing tobacco studies show they contain at least 30 chemicals that are known to cause cancer! American Metals has invested thousands of dollars into the wellness of our employees and the next sensible phase to elevate is providing a healthy and safe work environment. In keeping with our core value of “Commitment to Improving Employees’ Lives”, American Metals Supply Company will be- come a smoke & tobacco free campus as of January 1, 2019. Tobacco products are defined as cigars, cigarettes, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, and all vapor and electronic cigarettes. The policy applies to American Metals Supply property, defined as the organization’s facilities “curb to curb”, including offices, grounds, parking lots / ramps, and company owned vehicles. All management, employees, customers, and visitors will be required to abide by the policy. The commitment to a smoke & tobacco free campus is a responsibility we all share together, whether you are a tobacco user or not. For those of you who are tobacco users, American Metals is commit- ted to providing you the appropriate resources to assist you in the transition. Information will be made available at each branch, including tobacco cessation programs offered by United Healthcare and information on tobacco cessation drugs that are covered at no cost to members. American Metals will reimburse up to $200 to any employee that utilizes a cessation program or drug that is not covered by United Healthcare.

Using Call Complete & Ship-On Statuses in Sales Orders By: Chris Mohler Although these features have been a part of Eclipse/Solar since day 1, they aren’t always used and in an RF Gun environment they are even more useful. Check out why… Call Complete Benefits Allows you to allocate inventory to your order, but not release a ship ticket to the gun until requested. Then when the customer says he’s ready you can process it. Perfect for use with nonstock items and you don’t know exactly when they’ll arrive. Once received, the Phantom (Eclipse behind the scenes) puts the order in your Call Complete Queue. Useful when a customer gives you a partial order and is calling back later with additions. On the call back, get into the order, make the changes, then release. The original items were being held for you. Note: It is not date specific. If you’ve ever put a nonstock item by itself on an order and the system gives you a far-out date, like Feb 2019, don’t worry about it. It will come up for purchasing to buy right away. Call Complete – be careful Now that you’re using this feature you must check your Call Complete Queue. Hazelwood Inside Sales does this 3 times a day, 10am, 2pm and 3pm. In Eterm: F3, Q, U then enter your branch (StL enters 2,5) Type= New Items and Writer is your Eclipse ID. Don’t worry about End Date. Here you see 4 orders that the customers need, but the jobs got held up. The inventory is still allocat- ed to these sales and is ready when the customer needs it. Orders can be forgotten if you don’t check your Queue. I have yet to meet an outside salesperson that has ever checked it, so O/S, be careful if you write your own orders. You may want to change the name of the writer to a stud muffin Inside Salesperson so they can track it for you. A great time to use it is on a H&C 4 week lead time nonstock item for will call. If you left the order in Ship Complete it will release to the gun, but how will the customer know it arrived? I’ve had custom- ers call asking about their special order item only to check history and see that it came in over a week ago. The warehouse pulled the order and set it on the will call shelf as they should have. But the cus- tomer wasn’t aware. If it was in Call Complete the writer of the order would have handled it properly. Note- before you go on vacation do a print screen of your Queue and get someone to cover yours while you’re out. Ship-On (Ship When Specified) Benefits Enter the date you want the order to deliver and the Phantom (Eclipse, not The Menace) releases the ticket to the RF Gun the business day before, at 5:30am. It knows weekends, so an order for Monday will release on Friday. Reports are run to pick up holidays. Example: for July 5 deliveries the report shows tickets to release on July 3, since we’re closed on July 4 so we can blow-up things.

Continued Using this Order Status keeps unnecessary orders off the picking screen. Rather than releasing orders way in advance and then assigning them to the day before to be picked, just use the Ship On date. When a customer wants an order in the future, date unknown at this time, put it in Call Complete so it doesn’t release to the RF Gun. Then when the customer gives you the correct date, move it to Ship When Specified and enter the date it is to deliver. The Phantom will release it the day prior giving the warehouse a full day to pick the material. Ship-On (Ship When Specified)- be careful The ticket will only release the day before provided every item for that ship date is available. A better name for it would be Release This Ticket To The Gun The Day Before Provided It’s All In Stock. With that in mind, we look at a Queue a couple of times a day for tickets that didn’t release as expect- ed. Here you’d find tickets where not all items were available or tickets that are on hold due to credit issues. If the latter is the case, a message is automatically sent to Patti and Tiffany so they can review the A/R and take action as needed (either release it or contact the writer or O/S to notify them of a problem). The Queue, called the Trouble Queue, is found in Eterm under F3, Q, U. Enter your branch number and then Enter twice. Check for tickets without a generation next to them (no .001 etc). They will ei- ther be listed in the Status Column as Unavailable or Credit. Help one another out Use internal header notes on sales orders to keep track of orders for yourself and people who will check your Call Complete Queue when you are out unexpectedly. Example: “6/11 job on hold per Josh, customer will release in a week or so”. Or “ship what we have on 6/14, but notify customer of what will be shorted”. Common Sense on more complicated issues Knowing how the different order statuses work is key. Give it some thought first. There are positives and negatives to all of them. Example #1: order 10 of a non-stock widget from Mfg. If the Mfg only sends 9 or they send 10 and 1 is damaged so only 9 are received, a ticket left in Call Complete won’t show up until the 10 item is received possibly weeks later. This delay could cause a problem with the th customer and maybe they would have taken the 9 pieces upon arrival. Remember, that same ticket would not have released if you had it in Ship Complete either. And if you had it in Ship Available and the Mfg put them on 2 different pallets, received 14 minutes apart, the Phantom (Eclipse, not Of The Opera) would have released them on 2 different generations. If you were expecting them on a certain date and you put the ticket in Ship When Specified (Ship-On) you would have caught the problem in the F3, Q, U Trouble Queue. But if all 10 came in and released, was that the correct ship date? We’ve gone to job sites without customers being there before. Not good. Example #2: Ordering 2,500# of nonstock galvanized sheets for a customer. Chuck or Letha tells you it should be about 200 sheets. If you keep 200 sheets in Call Complete or Ship Complete the ticket will never release if the Mfg only sends 199. If you left it in Ship Available and they send 205 the ticket releases for 200, but we risk the chance of sending the customer 205 sheets and only billing them for 200. Personally, after I get a count from Chuck/Letha, I lower my quantity and keep it in Call Com- plete. I put in 190 and if we get 196 the ticket goes to my Call Complete Queue. I check history to see how many we received, then change my sales order to match, then release the ticket after calling the customer to confirm he’s ready for it.

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