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August Newsletter

Published by bhanneken, 2018-08-02 13:41:53

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NEWSLETTER August 2018 AMS Happenings: Solid Growth Continues for 2018! By: Chrissy Nardini Congratulations to Larry Benne on We are tracking to end July at over 49 Million in sales, up 24% Year to Date vs moving into his new Last year to Date. home, much of it built with his own Steel and the price increases in every category plays a part in the growth, and sweat! there is still concern that if steel pricing softens we could have some hurdles. Thank you to Casey Dallas is continuing to add new customers and employees. Different customer Murphy who helped requirements in that marketplace have necessitated our first ever straight truck us get 4 – Dyson with a flat bed style with a side kit and the ability to carry about 33,000 pounds. It Airblade hand dry- is a Mack and due to the immediate need, we bought one out of a dealers stock ers for free. They so it will be down at the branch sometime in August. retail for $1,300/ea. We will be preparing to soon send our net promoter survey to customers. Brit- Congratulations tany is working to update customer email lists – please take the time to review to AJ Viviano, Ha- and lets get the survey out to the most possible people – feedback helps us get zelwood, on his better ! engagement! Safety Reminder- Clean work areas & gloves. By: John Scanga We were cruising along 2018 for about 6 months without any reportable injuries, all of a sudden, we had a rash of injuries, mostly lacerations. It appears the cut resistant gloves have helped, we have had only one laceration to the hand which occurred where our employee got his finger smashed between a piece of pipe and a pipe rack. That employee thinks that the injury would have been much Congratulations worse if he had not been wearing his gloves. to John Bryant for picking up A&R’s The two most serious lacerations were actually the result of a “slip, trip and fall” liner business. incident. In one incident, our employee stumbled over a skid, put his hand out to break his fall and landed on a HETO. He received a severe laceration to his arm that required surgery to repair. The second incident, our employee was carrying a piece of spiral pipe, stumbled over a 4”x4” block, fell against a rack of spiral pipe and received a laceration on his knee. The laceration was severe enough that Concentra Medical Center wanted him to go an emergency room for repair. Incidentally, slips, trips and falls account for 15% of all the accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicle accidents. Please continue to wear your cut resistant gloves and keep your work area clean and clear of debris.

AMS Happenings: Website Revamping on the Horizon! Our condolences to Patti Guard-Younce on the death of her brother. We will be undergoing a revamp of our website,, in upcoming months. If you have suggestions such as things you like on our Our condolences competitors site or items customers have commented on that they can’t find on to Rich Holdman our website, please pass all feedback to Brittany on the death of his [email protected] brother. Web Order Entry VS Innovo App Our prayers are with former sales- By: Brittany & Letha man Fred Judkins, whose wife, Donna, passed away. The American Metals App has far surpassed (more than 7X the sales!) Web Order Entry when looking at year-to-date sales. Everyone has Our prayers are with done a great job signing up customers and getting with Letha to really custom- Jim Morton, who ize their store to their needs, wants and products! recently underwent knee replacement Currently our web order entry on is under revamp to surgery. perform closer to the app! This way customers who prefer to order on a com- puter have the same ease of ordering our app offers. Stay tuned for updates and please send any customer suggestions or complaints to Brittany. YTD App Sales VS Web Order Entry $900,000.00 $836,834.44 $800,000.00 $700,000.00 $600,000.00 $500,000.00 $400,000.00 $300,000.00 $200,000.00 $120,982.60 $100,000.00 $- Innovo App Sales Web Order Entry

Innovo App presentations are paying off! By: Letha Back in June I paid a second visit to Northwest Arkansas Sheet Metal. My original visit went well, and the customer agreed that using the Innovo OE Touch app would be good for their company. We got their team, which included their shop foreman, the lead over their foreman, and all 11 of their job foreman signed up. Running the data, here is the difference we have made. The Difference Is In The Numbers: Pre-Visit: Post-Visit: April 2018 Sales – $42,828 June 2018 Sales - $57,272 May 2018 Sales - $24,909 July 2018 Sales - $54,893 We also convinced their shop foreman,Joey, that instead of having the job foreman running around town for some odds and ends, that they should just have them delivered on their weekly trucks to the shop. We added the following items to their buying (no rolling 12 sales before my initial visit): 3955 #30202 WC3-CL12 WIRE ROPE CABLE 336 8” 30 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 32341 #5087 PAB40 PORTABLE ADHESIVE 19731 945GDSE EDGE 9” 45DEG GALV ELBOW 349 10” 26 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 19730 990GDSE EDGE 9” 90DEG GALV ELBOW 18896 1045GDSE EDGE 10” 45DEG GALV ELBOW 12841 ACT AR-36-175-9-L 36” NATURAL NYLON 350 12” 26 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 11578 BB2 2” BRISTLE BRUSH FOR DUCT 351 14” 26 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 20470 DS321 321 DUCT-SEAL 321 INDOOR / 18857 1845GE EDGE 18” 45DEG GORELOCKED 25624 F296 10” X 25’ FLEX DUCT 18863 1890GE EDGE 18” 90DEG GORELOCKED 25625 F296 12” X 25’ FLEX DUCT 30184 3/8” HEX NUTS (100 PER BOX) FHN Z 25627 F296 16” X 25’ FLEX DUCT 897 3RTF 3” BVENT TALL CONE FLASHING 25620 F296 6” X 25’ FLEX DUCT (ALUM/POLY 332 4” 30 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 25622 F296 8” X 25’ FLEX DUCT (ALUM/POLY 262 4” X 5’ 30GA GALV PIPE [101] (SL) 25722 F298 10” X 25’ FLEX DUCT 334 6” 30 GA 4/90 ELBOW [150] (90) 19048 FDH30GA 30” X 30” INSULATED ACCESS 956 6RHW GAS VENT TOP 6” ROUND #2004206 13272 IG-601 HARDCAST IRON GRIP WB DUCT 940 6RP5 - 6” X 5’ BVENT PIPE 22068 KV12-WC3 30361 DYNA-TITE STEEL 1507 72MM X 50 YD #322 FOIL TAPE (2.83”) 6270 STICKY TAPE BUTYL GASKET TDC/TDF 19113 745GDSE EDGE 7” 45DEG GALV ELBOW 16174 TAPPER 5M PAIL TAB10X3/4HH HIGH 19112 790GDSE EDGE 7” 90DEG GALV ELBOW Some of the above items were requested specifically by the customer, others are just Jack doing his job well! The list above generated $14,109.04 in sales that they may have gone to different avenues before. It takes a matter of sitting down with a customer and showing them how easy it is to use, and how it would benefit them to have the app. I just had an instance come up while trying to convince a customer down in Dallas to use the app that he realized we stock access doors. It is uncommon for wholesalers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to stock access doors, so the customer perked up at the fact we keep them on the floor. If you have specific customers in mind that you know would benefit from the app, or think you could benefit from a day of me riding along, let me know!

Core Values in Action! Thanks to Brandon Rosner, AJ Viviano, Jordan Stading, and Dan Towers for jumping forward to vol- unteer for some of our driver/warehouse shortages in Dallas. Great example of Best in Class Perfor- mance for All! Congratulations to everyone for reinforcing we are Disciplined and Numbers Driven. In a recent best practice sharing session with a larger peer of ours, we had better gross margins in every price line! We achieve that through the combined efforts of everyone - purchasing, sales and delivery/ware- house with our service that customers are willing to often pay a premium for! Thanks to Chris Mohler, who on his own singlehandedly manages our office recycling,taking time to gather boxes of everyone’s excess paper at desks and all plastic, aluminum and bottles from the lunchroom. He is showing a Commitment to Improving Employees lives whether we all recognize it or not as he makes the earth a better place! Quarter 3 Promo- Caddy/VST By: Chuck Hitchcock The quarter 3 promo will run for a 3-month period, September – November, and focus on the Caddy and VST product lines, which are both now under the nVent umbrella. The products we will be focus- ing on include pyramid rooftop support systems, threaded rod mounting systems and seismic cable bracing. The Missouri and Oklahoma markets will have increased demand for the seismic cable brac- ing compared to the other markets based on the likelihood of earthquakes in those markets. All mar- kets should find success pushing the rooftop support and threaded rod mounting systems. During the month of August, Jerry Feranec, Regional Sales Manager, for nVent will be traveling to the branches for training and to drop off literature. We will also be increasing our inventory on these products and producing flyers during this time. During the promotion, contractors will be eligible to receive a $10 gift card for every $100 in qualified purchases. That should be a major draw for our customers! Christmas Committee By: Brittany Hanneken Friday August 17, the Christmas Committee will be meeting to determine customer gifts for 2018. If you have heard customers point out prior gifts that they would like to see again or other gifts they have enjoyed, please pass that information on to Brittany! [email protected] or X272.

August-September Take-off Training Anniversaries By: Jason Jurgensmeyer I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Chad Morgan and all the Oklahoma JD Lauramore 1 year City American Metals team for allowing Roger Wood and myself to take (8/14) the time to come down and learn how to properly do mechanical takeoffs. It’s easy to see why you guys outclass the competition, you have a great Chris Bueltmann 2 year team and we enjoyed being a part of it for a couple days. We hope to land (8/23) that first takeoff soon with the help of your time and expertise. Roger Wood and Chad Morgan in photo. Abraham Lopez 1 year (9/28) Dan Towers 1 year (09/05) Adrian Mason 1 year (09/28) William Vice 2 years Bowersock’s School of Bowling (09/12) By: Mary Tiner John Bryant 3 years The Lenexa Branch went bowling for their first social event of the year. (09/28) Although the team was never quite able to master the Bowersock bowling technique we all had fun. Zach Breen, (although not a bowler) was bowling David McLendon 1 year lights out while Jurgensmeyer, aka “Jurgie”, kept the crowd entertained. (09/28) SMACNA KC Royals Game- 5/15/18

Patty Baxters 15th AMS Anniversary! By: Mary Tiner On June 21st, the Lenexa branch celebrated Patty Baxter’s 15th Year Anniversary by throwing her a surprise Joe’s KC BBQ Lunch. Unfortunately, as the back bone to the Lenexa branch, Patty was not super thrilled about us having something planned without her knowing. Patty has made a huge impact on this branch over the last 15 years, one of our customers even referred to her as “the first lady of sheet metal.” Patty never has a bad day, she’s sweet, likable and boy does she love her paperwork! Congrats Patty for 15 years at American Metals! Off to the races! By: Jeremy Jett In celebration of hitting the quarterly goal in OKC we visited the local horse track where we enjoyed a suite, balcony, food, and refreshments. Bofa Deez Nutz was the favorite horse of the night. Guess Who? Want to win an AMS Bubba Keg? Can you guess which Warehouse Foreman was a two time All American in soccer and four time All State in baseball and soccer? Text your name and guess to 636-221-0386 or email Brittany. If you guess correct we will send you an AMS Bubba Keg. Last Newsletter question: Can you guess which Warehouse Foreman was hospitalized for West Nile disease in 2004? Answer: Jason Kistler

Can you spot drunk-o? By: Jeremy Jett Jeremy Jett and Tracy Morgan visited Lake Texhoma for some strip- er fishing with DeHart Air Conditioning. One of the guys in Jeremy’s boat got a lot too drunk, see if you can spot him. Pickleball at Pinnon’s Fun was had by all on Friday, July 20, when several St. Louis employees and their families enjoyed a night of pickleball at Jerry Pinnon’s house. Competition was tough and winners of the tournament were Aaron Srsen and Joe Sudduth. Thanks Jerry and Jeanne for hosting! There were no reported fights to HR. Sadly, Mohler had the most losses despite having the book “The Art of Pickleball” on his desk the whole week before the event.

Food Truck- Hazelwood Tuesday, July 3rd Hazelwood employees and customers were off for 4th of July celebrations with a full stomach! The Hazelwood warehouse team had a great few weeks. Sales were up from last year and they still managed to reduce overtime hours by 130 hours in May and 122 hours in June!! Great Job! Welcome to the AMS Team Welcome Jeremy Wieber! Jeremy is our new Driver for the Hazelwood team. Prior to American Metals Jeremy worked at A&J Tranportation for 13 years, 5 years in order fill and warehouseing, and 30(+) years in the Longhaul Trucking industry. Jeremy enjoys camping, riding his harley, at- tending St. Louis Cardinals games and dirt track racing. A fun fact about Jeremy, he has traveld to Alaska during the winter when it’s dark for 24 hours a day for over a month! Welcome to the team! Welcome Donald Young. Donald is our new Driver for the Dallas branch. Donald enjoys playing video games on his PS4, playing sports-especially Football, and being a dad! One of his favorite travel memories is taking his family on a Disney Cruise, he thought it was pretty cool and they end- ed up in Nassau, Bahamas! Welcome to the team.

Employee Spotlight This month the spotlight shines on Mary Tiner, 39, from Lenexa, Kansas. Mary has been with AMS for 1.5 years in Inside Sales. Mary has an amazing boyfriend Alex, two sisters Kelly and Patty, two brother in-laws, Dave and Evan, two of the cutest neph- ews Jake (8) and Andrew (5), and the worlds best parents, Henry and Jeannie. Most significant memory at AMS? Calling Mike and asking for the position that I had just turned down the week before. Still thankful for this opportunity. Where would you like to retire? With family by the lake. What are your hobbies? Yoga, biking, hiking, golfing, skiing, boating, craft beer tasting and spending time with my family. Dream Vacation? All-inclusive resort on any beach. Pet Peeves Lack of communication and poor customer service. What profession, other than your own, would you try if you weren’t working here? Exposed Duct Designer. Pro-tip By: Brandon Gregory Pro-Tip when selling against Suretape, Ideal, or other brands of tape. Some rolls will have writing on the inside of the cardboard tube and some are blank. The blank rolls are always imported and made in China! Keep in mind when talking to union contractors.

Did you know? By: Shelly Liley A well trained team is the key to business success, with employees that are educated on the work they are doing and the tools they are using to accomplish it. We all utilize Eterm or Solar, but have you ever wished you had more in-depth knowledge? Have you ever had an idea and wondered if there was a way in Eterm / Solar to make it happen? To see if there is a more efficient way to com- plete a task? Well, you are in luck! American Metals is currently subscribed to the Eclipse Epicor Learning Center (ELC). ELC is a tool in Epicor University, a website hosted by Epicor that hosts an education portal for Eterm / Solar users. As an employee, you have access to the Education portal where you have complete access to a vari- ety of Eterm / Solar training materials. In the Course Catalog, you will find scheduled live web-based and hands-on virtual education options; as well as on-demand courses that can be taken at any time. There are also Epicor defined Role Based Agendas that offer a suggested learning path for your as- sociated role. If you would like to increase your knowledge of Eterm / Solar, or even take a few courses as a re- fresher, please contact Shelly at ext 223. Now stocking Ductmate now produces drywall access doors. As of now we don’t have plans to stock, but they are available through Ductmate. Johns Manville News JM now has a 3” R12 duct liner available. 3” x 59 x 50’ is now in stock. There has been a great deal of interest in this product in relation to new energy codes. Manville had 325 engineers and contractors signed up a week in advance for their upcoming webinar on this topic. JM also now sells a 6” duct insulation knife at the request of contractors. They are getting good feed- back on them and can be combined with liner and board orders. JM had long been told that their liner performs the best on Roto Zip machines. They have made an internal competitive video showing JM liner on these machines compared to the other competitive brands which is apparently somewhat eye opening. Because of legal reasons, it can’t be emailed out in a mass email but can be shown by JM reps to us internally and to customers on joint sales calls. JM has just become the sixth and final SMACNA premier partner - allowing them more exclusive and deeper access among SMACNA contractors. For many years there has only been five partners -Milwaukee Tool, MezTech, Titus, Daikin and Federated Insurance being the other 5.

(Formerly known as Signature Touch) By: Justin Capar American Metals’ Deliver App has been accepted with open arms in Hazelwood and Indy. Hazelwood has been using the app since early May, and it was rolled out to Indy in early July. Hazelwood and Indy are both sending out 3 drivers a day with the iPads and each using one in will-call. The initial trial has been such a hit, that both branches have decided to roll it out to all of their drivers. The additional iPads will be reaching the branches in early August. Letha traveled to Dallas at the end of July to train the team on the app. We look forward to hearing their feedback as they continue to get comfortable with using the app. Next up is Lenexa! Letha and Justin will be there August 2nd and 3rd fully rolling out the app to all of the drivers and inside sales. Please continue to provide feedback so we can continue to work with Innovo internally to make im- provements. Stay tuned for more updates next newsletter. REMINDER: October, 31 2018 Insurance Discount deadline Reminder that the deadline to qualify for the health insurance discount for 2019 is to have everything below completed by October 31, 2018. If you need to be updated on what you have/have not complet- ed please email or call Brittany (x272). Brittany or Shelly need your completed physicians form or you can upload it on the wellness portal ( when you complete these tasks. 1. Biometric Screening (deadline was December 2017) 2. Annual Wellness Exam (must be completed by October 31, 2018) 3. Annual Dental Exam (must be completed by October 31, 2018) 4. Online wellness survey (must be completed by October 31, 2018)

Use the Fidelity Student Debt Tool By: Brittany Hanneken Do you have Student loans? Fidelity’s student loan kit is quick and will help you determine a payoff goal and a create/manage a timeline of payments . Before you get started you will need: 1.Your log in information for the National Student Loan Data System OR log in to your student loan lender (Sallie Mae, Great Lakes, etc.) and write down your original balance, current balance, interest rate and monthly payment To get started: 1. Scan the QR code with your phone camera OR visit and click “Get Started”. If you do not remember your account information “Register Now” or “Register as a Guest”. 2. Enter your loan information by using you balance information from your lender OR downloading the mystudentdata.txt from your National Student Loan Data System account 3. Once you get to “Your Current Loan Picture” explore the “Different ways you can change your loan picture” Contact Brittany for any help! [email protected] or 636-717-3332

Use this quick & anonymous survey to quickly analyze your financial well being

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT BASICS Getting your HSA in shape Endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance are all key components of a good workout. It may surprise you, but a Health Savings Account is similar. Like any routine, you have to understand the moves and be consistent to see results. ENDURANCE STRENGTH FLEXIBILITY BALANCE Your HSA can go You can make your After age 65, you Your HSA doesn’t the distance — HSA work harder can spend your just help you save from now through for you by investing HSA balance on for the future. It retirement. the balance. more than just helps you save on qualified medical taxes today. expenses. ENDURANCE HSAs can go the distance of account holders don’t know their unspent 37% HSA balance carries over from year to year If you have money left over in your HSA at the end of the year—you keep it. Even if you change jobs, your HSA is yours. You can save it until you need it—even if you don’t need it until retirement. STRENGTH Investing can make your money work harder for you of account holders don’t know 46% they can invest their HSA balance in mutual funds and other securities As your HSA grows over time, consider investing the part of your balance you don’t expect to use. Choose an investment that matches your time frame; the longer you want to save the money, the more aggressive you can be. FLEXIBILITY Your HSA can help you pay for more than just health expenses 51% of account holders don’t know HSA money can be used for general expenses after age 65 If you tap your HSA for anything other than qualified medical expenses after you turn 65, income taxes will apply, but there is no penalty. 2 BALANCE Balancing the costs with savings The money you contribute to an HSA lowers your taxable income this year, but that’s not the only benefit. Only 13% of people are taking full advantage by contributing the maximum allowed to their HSA. don’t know about all three 33% tax advantages of an HSA • Money isn’t subject to federal income tax in the tax year it’s contributed. • The balance grows tax-free • Withdrawals are tax-free as long as the money is used for qualified medical expenses. 3 If you want to contribute more to your HSA, you can change your contribution at any time—not just during annual benefits enrollment.  CARAVAN® Survey conducted online among a demographically representative U.S. sample consisting of 5,133 adults, 18 years of age and older. Interviewing for this CARAVAN® Survey was completed Dec. 9–21, 2016, by ORC International, which is not aliated with Fidelity Investments. 1,309 respondents enrolled in an HSA-eligible health care plan were included in the analysis. The results of this survey may not be representative of all adults meeting the same criteria as those surveyed for this study.  HSA distributions are exempt from a 20% federal tax penalty when used for nonqualified medical expense purposes after age 65, but they are subject to federal income taxes. State laws may dier. Consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.  With respect to federal taxation only. Contributions, investment earnings, and distributions may or may not be subject to state taxation. The triple tax advantages are only applicable if the money is used to pay for qualified medical expenses. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC, 900 Salem Street, Smithfield, RI 02917 © 2018 FMR LLC. All rights reserved. 832286.1.0

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