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Door Lock 2017.

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Description: Door Lock 2017.


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DESIGNFermax Electrónica S.A.U.2017 DOOR LOCK RELEASE CATALOGUE1a Editionn. September 2017

INDEX INTRODUCTION 02 02 04 What is an electric lock release? INTRODUCTION Operating modes 06 DOOR LOCK SELECTION 06 SELECTION Quick Guide 10 LOCK RELEASE TYPES TYPES Flush 10 34 Surface 26 ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES 43 Shields and cases 36 ACCESS CONTROL Power supplies and retainers. 39 50 Contacts, cable conduits and relays 40 DESCRIPTION Close 42 54 ACCESS CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIPTION Composition 50 Glossary of terms 51 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 54 WIRING DIAGRAMS 57 REFERENCE INDEX 68 1

INTRODUCTION What is an electric lock release? Lock release parts What is an FLUSH LOCK electric lock Latch Electric Strike casing Shield Frame release? Distance between latch and bolt Flush lock release Handle Hinges The electric door lock release is a device Deadbolt recess installed in the door frame to control opening remotely. Cylinder barrel/keyhole Deadbolt Flush lockLock release FLUSH LOCK parts Electric strike Shield A lock release consists of an electric strike and a shield or case depending on whether it is flush or surface mounted.2

SURFACE LOCK DIN STANDARD sets the direction the door opens and Frame designates the type of lock release installed. (See technical Case drawing). Surface lock release Look at the door from the side where the hinges are visible: . If the hinges are on the left of the observer, it is a left DIN. . If the hinges are on the right of the observer, it is a right DIN. Latch Hinges Handle Cylinder barrel/keyhole Surface lock Surface lock RIGHT DIN LEFT DINSURFACE LOCK Case ELECTRIC STRIKE Part receiving power feed to Electric strike open or close the door. Several models are available, depending on the OPERATING MODE. SHIELD OR CASE Part receiving power feed to open or close the door. Several models are available, depending on the OPERATING MODE. 3

INTRODUCTION Electric Strike. Shields and cases. Electric Strike OPERATING MODES Normal Operation - N Fail-locked Allows door opening while the lock release is powered. N Activation 12 Vac N-412 Activation 12 Vdc N-424 Activation 24 Vdc N Invertided Operation N-500 Fail-unlocked or Fail-safe Allows door opening while power to the lock release is off. N-512 Activation 12 Vdc N-524 Activation 24 Vdc N-500 Automatic Operation - A A (Automatic), Ab (Adjustable) and Aa (Invisible) Enables door opening with a short electric pulse. The lock release is automatically blocked when the door closes again. A Automatic A Activation 12 Vac A-412 Activation 12 Vdc A A-424 Activation 24 Vdc Ab Adjustable. Allows automatic sliding with the MAX latch setting. Ab Activation 12 Vac Ab-412 Activation 12 Vdc Ab Aa Invisible. The bolt is removed from the automatic, which allows an easier adjustment with the mechanical lock. A very brief electric pulse is recommended. Aa Activation 12 Vac Aa-412 Activation 12 Vdc Aa4

FEATURES The lock release with D in its description indicates the addition of a Unlocking lever- D manual release lever which inhibits its function, allowing free access. ND Normal operation with unlocking lever. D AD Automatic operation with unlocking lever. Built-in microswitch - CTC Alows monitoring of door status (open/closed). Suitable for security systems. Not available for MAX version. CTC If the lock description contains MAX, it indicates that the latch is Adjustable latch bolt - MAX adjustable, allowing a perfect fit between latch and bolt in the lock, with a 4mm margin. MAX To order the MAX version lock release, please add an 8 to the end of the reference of the compatible lock.Shields CasesUsed to make up lock releases that are built into the Used to make up locks to be surface mounted. There are twodoor frame. types of support:For ACCESS DOORS Wooden doors VISIBLE attachment on frame Wooden or metal doors One-piece models. 2001 Chrome CASES, SX* 53 2006 Grey CASEP, PX*P22 HIDDEN frame attachmentB22 * Stainless steel shield.For LATCH-BOLT ENTRY DOORSWooden or metal doors Wooden doorsG, GX* 1001 GreyM, MX* 1002 GreyLGEBULÓN One-piece models. Two-piece models. 2005 Chrome CASE 2003 Grey CASE 2007 Grey CASE 5

LOCK RELEASE SELECTION Choosing the best option Quick guide Quick guide Flush-mounted lock release UNIVERSAL STANDARD STANDARD 450 SERIES PERFIL EUROPEO BASIC TOP 540 SERIES 300 SERIES 450 SERIES 410 SERIES 990 SERIES Symmetrical Non-symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical Small body 67 mm Large body 90mm Medium body 75mm Small body 67 Small body 66mm 12Vac or 12Vdc 12Vac/dc or 24Vdc 12Vac/dc or 24Vdc 12Vac/dc or 24Vdc 10-24Vac/dc MAX as standard European profile:16mm Profile:16.Top:18,6mm Allows MAX Page.13 MAX as standard MAX as standard Page.11 Page.12 Page.14 Page.10 SPECIALS REINFORCED 800KG ARMOURED CRYSTAL FIREPROOF WATERTIGHT ANTIAVALANCHE 500 SERIES ARMOURED CII SERIES 520 SERIES 620 SERIES 770 SERIES Symmetrical Non-symmetrical 1 leaf. Fire resistant Non-symmetrical Non-symmetrical Medium body Symmetrical Big body Non-Symmetrical Medium body 75mm Big Body Big body 75mm 12Vac Body 105 mm 12Vac or 12Vdc 12Vac 12Vac 12Vac/dc or 24Vdc 12Vdc Page.16 Page.18 Page.19 Page.20 Allows MAX Page.17 Page.15 SECURITY AMERICA ELECTRIC BOLTS ELECTROMAGNETIC 460 470 850 SERIES SECURITY LOCK Body 75 mm Body 75 mm Automatic operation Symmetrical Symmetrical 12Vac or 12Vdc 460 and 470 SERIES Page.22 700 SERIES ELECTROMAGNETIC Protected bolt Inverse Function Body 194 mm 12Vac 12Vdc or 24Vdc Body 163 mm Page.21 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc Resistance 300kg Page.23 Page.246

In this QUICK GUIDE you will find the opener that best suits your installation QUICK GUIDEand find description, references and prices on its corresponding page.Surface-mounted lock release STANDARD STANDARD WITH DEADBOLT LOCK2001. 2006 SERIES 2007 SERIES 2003 SERIES 6000 SERIES 480 SERIES 490 SERIES Visible support Hidden support Hidden support Hidden support. Horizontal locks Vertical locks Non-symmetrical Non-symmetrical Non-symmetrical 12Vac/dc Deadbolt lock 12Vac 12Vac Allows MAX 12Vac/dc 12Vac/dc Non-symmetrical Allows MAX Allows MAX 12Vac or 12Vdc Page.26 Page.27 Page.28ANTIPANIC SPECIALS WITH CHAIN CRYSTAL ELECTRICAL LOCK REPLACEMENT P SERIES 50 to 70mm 8000 SERIES C SERIESDoors with panic bars. Doors with handle. 2 leaves one fixed 960 SERIES Body 140mm Adjustable cylinder from 50mm to 70mm Body 122mm 12Vac12Vac / 12Vdc / 24Vdc 12Vac Body 140,5mm Page.32 Page.29 12Vac / 12Vdc Page.30 Page.31 ELECTROMAGNETIC ELECTROMAGNETIC ELECTROMAGNETIC 3052: body 250 mm 3051: body 265 mm 12Vdc or 24Vdc 12Vdc or 24Vdc Resistance 300kg Resistance 500kg Page.33 7



FLUSH MOUNTED 990 SERIES. Universal UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC SHIELDS STRICK 990ND MAX 990ND TOP MAX DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS P22 990ND MAX 990ND TOP MAX ref.2894 L22 ref.2892 Latest generation series. It is the smallest door opener • Multivoltage 10-24V. Installation without on the market, therefore it allows to replace the totality • AC and DC operation. cut in profile of already installed opponents of this type. • Depth 25.5mm. • Radial latch The TOP version includes a special cover that facilitates • Simmetrical your installation of recessed as no special draft is required • Reversible (Right DIN or left DIN). for the movement of the latch. It is recommended in TOP version to use short closed reinforcement YSX, Installation with YBX or long YGX, YLX. profile cut. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N 12Vac: 250mA 24Vac: 500mA 12Vdc: 250mA 24Vdc: 560mA Dimensions: 66(V) x 16(H) x 25.5(P)mm. Version TOP 66(V) x 18,5(H) x 25.5(P)mm. MAX adjustment: 2mm Retention force: 330Kg-f / 3230N Temperature: -15ºC hasta +40ºC Tested cycles: 400.000 REFERENCES YSX YGX YBX YLX Ref.7770 ref.7771 ref.7768 ref.7769 ELECTRIC STRIKE 10-24 Vac-dc 6750 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N MAX LOCK RELEASE 1813 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990ND MAX 10-24 Vac-dc 1814 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990ND TOP MAX With short shield (P22-type) 6752 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990A MAX 67501 LOCK RELEASE 990N-P22 MAX 1815 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990AbD MAX 67511 LOCK RELEASE 990ND-P22 MA 6753 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990AD MAX 67521 LOCK RELEASE 990A-P22 MAX 1816 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990AD TOP MAX 1824 LOCK RELEASE 990Ab-P22 MAX 12 Vdc 67531 LOCK RELEASE 990AD-P22 MAX 6780 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N-512 MAX With long shield (L22-type) 6781 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990ND-512 MAX 1817 LOCK RELEASE 990ND-L22 MAX 24 Vdc 67522 LOCK RELEASE 990A-L22 MAX 6790 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N-524 MAX 1823 LOCK RELEASE 990Ab-L22 MAX CTC 67532 LOCK RELEASE 990AD-L22 MAX 67500 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N-CTC MAX 67800 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N-512 CTC MAX 67900 ELECTRIC STRIKE 990N-524 CTC MAX 10

STANDARD SHIELDS SPECIFICATIONS FLUSH MOUNTED540 SERIES. STANDARD Consumption: N, A, Aa 12Vac: 560mA ELECTRIC N-412 12Vdc: 250mA STRICK N-512 12Vdc: 200mA N-524 24Vdc: 120mA MAX adjustment: 3mm Retention force: 330Kg-f / 3250N Temperature: -15 to +40ºC Tested cycles: 300.000 Dimensions: 67(V) x 20,5(H) x 28(P)mm540Ab MAX 540Ab MAX S M ref.2973 ref.2893• Replacement.• Automatic sliding automatic operation.• Symmetrical.• Reversible (DIN Right or DIN Left).• Latch adjustable max.Its small dimensions (67mm in height) makes it especially suitable forboth the replacement market and new construction.Includes the new Ab automatic sliding functioning which allows theautomatic function to slide with the MAX bolt adjustment.REFERENCES With short shield (S-type)12 Vac 12 Vac1777 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540N MAX 30711 LOCK RELEASE 540N-S MAX 1799 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540ND MAX 1778 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540A MAX 28341 LOCK RELEASE 540ND-S MAX 1779 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540AD MAX 1812 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540Ab MAX 30691 LOCK RELEASE 540A-S MAX 1811 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540AbD MAX 1780 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540Aa MAX 28201 LOCK RELEASE 540AD-S MAX 1781 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540AaD MAX 1821 LOCK RELEASE .540Ab-S MAX 12 Vdc 64551 LOCK RELEASE 540AbD-S MAX 1782 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540N-412 MAX6461 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540ND-412 MAX 28151 LOCK RELEASE 540Aa-S MAX 1783 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540A-412 MAX 1810 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540Ab-412 MAX 12 Vdc6465 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540AbD-412 MAX 1728 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540Aa-412 MAX 30701 LOCK RELEASE 540N-412-S MAX 1727 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540AaD-412 MAX 1794 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540N-512 MAX 30591 LOCK RELEASE 540ND-412-S MAX 24vdc 30571 LOCK RELEASE 540A-412-S MAX 6470 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540N-424 MAX 30581 LOCK RELEASE 540AD-412-S MAX 6490 ELECTRIC STRIKE 540N-524 MAX 1820 LOCK RELEASE 540Ab-412-S MAX 64651 LOCK RELEASE 540AbD-412-S MAX 28171 LOCK RELEASE 540Aa-412-S MAX 64801 LOCK RELEASE 540N-512-S MAX With long shield (M-type) 12 Vac 30712 LOCK RELEASE 540N-M MAX 12 Vdc 64802 LOCK RELEASE 540N-512-M MAX 11

BASICFLUSH MOUNTED 300 SERIES. Basic LOCK RELEASE ELECTRIC STRIKE N-S 300ND N S N-G G ref.2973 ref.2975 Flush mounting in wooden or metal frames. • Monoblock version and MAX adjustment (+3€) Characteristic robust design and low power • Body 90 mm. consumption. • With CTC, the body is 113mm. • Non-symmetrical • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 980mA MAX adjustment: 4mm N-412 12Vdc: 180mA N-512 12Vdc: 150mA Retention force: 300 Kg-f/2950N N-424 24Vdc: 120mA Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC Tested cycles: 300.000 Dimensions: 90,8(V) x 20(H) x 28(P)mm REFERENCES With short shield (S-type) 12 Vac 12 Vdc LOCK RELEASE 300N-412-S With short shield (S-type) 2958 2911 LOCK RELEASE 300N-S 2909 LOCK RELEASE 300A-S 29588 LOCK RELEASE 300N-412-S MAX 2912 LOCK RELEASE 300ND-S 2910 LOCK RELEASE 300AD-S 3038 LOCK RELEASE 300A-412-S With long shield (G-type) 2924 LOCK RELEASE 300N-G 3093 LOCK RELEASE 300AD-412-S 2926 LOCK RELEASE 300A-G 2927 LOCK RELEASE 300AD-G 30938 LOCK RELEASE 300AD-412-S MAX * Other models with adjustable latch MAX see Serie 540 page 11. 2967 LOCK RELEASE 300N-512-S 24 Vdc LOCK RELEASE 300A-424-S 2908 2968 LOCK RELEASE 300N-524-S CTC LOCK RELEASE 300N-S CTC 2953 29580 LOCK RELEASE 300N-412-S CTC 29670 LOCK RELEASE 300N-512-S CTC 12

MONOBLOCK LOCK FLUSH MOUNTED RELEASE450 SERIES. Monoblock ELECTRIC STRIKE 450N-S 450N 450N S M Ref.2973 Ref.2893 450N-MFlush-mounted in wooden or metal frames.• Monoblock version.• Medium body.• Symmetrical• Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN).SPECIFICATIONSConsumption: N, A, Aa 12Vac: 980mA Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC N-412 12Vdc: 260mA Retention force: N-512 12Vdc: 200mA Tested cycles: 330Kg-f/3250N Dimensions: 300.000 75,5(V) x 21(H) x 28(P)mmREFERENCES12 Vac 12 VdcWith short shield (S-type) With short shield (S-type) 3070 LOCK RELEASE 450N-412-S 3071 LOCK RELEASE 450N-S 3057 LOCK RELEASE 450A-412-S 3058 LOCK RELEASE 450AD-412-S 3069 LOCK RELEASE 450A-S 2820 LOCK RELEASE 450AD-S With long shield (M-type)2836 LOCK RELEASE 450N-M * With adjustable latch MAX add 1 at the end of the reference to give equivalence to the Series 540 on page 11. Without increasing price. Except in ref.2836 that in version MAX is the ref.30712. 13

EUROPEAN PROFILEFLUSH MOUNTED 410 SERIES. European Profile. LOCK RELEASE ELECTRIC STRIKE 410ND-P22 MAX P22 ref.2894 410A MAX 410N MAX 410A-L22 MAX L22 ref.2892 It is installed in aluminum profiles and PVC of small size. • Radial latch It includes radial latch that allows to turn the latch on its • For narrow profiles. own axis without having to make side cut in the frame of the • Symmetrical. door, which is not possible in locking doors with traditional • Reversible (right DIN or left DIN). latch. • Adjustable latch bolt MAX as standard. SPECIFICATION MAX adjustment: 1mm Retention force: Consumption: Temperature: 310Kg-f/3000N N, A 12Vac: 980mA Tested cycles: -15ºC a +40ºC N-412 12Vdc: 400mA Dimensions: 300.000 N-512 12Vdc: 200mA 67(V) x 16,4(H) x 28(P)mm REFERENCES 12 Vac 12 Vac With short shield (E.strike+shield P22) 3040 LOCK RELEASE 410N-P22 MAX 2902 ELECTRIC STRIKE 410A MAX 3048 LOCK RELEASE 410A-P22 MAX 2914 ELECTRIC STRIKE 410AD MAX 3068 LOCK RELEASE 410AD-P22 MAX 1723 ELECTRIC STRIKE 410Aa MAX 12 Vdc 12 Vdc 2890 LOCK RELEASE 410A-412-P22 MAX 2915 ELECTRIC STRIKE 410N-412 MAX 1729 ELECTRIC STRIKE 410N-512 MAX 12 Vdc Electric Strike require short shield S (ref.2973) or large M (ref.2893). With long shield (E.strike+shield L22) See more options at pages 36, 37. 2810 LOCK RELEASE 410ND-412-L22 MAX 2812 LOCK RELEASE 410AD-412-L22 MAX 14

REINFORCED 800KG500 SERIES. Reinforced SHIELDS FLUSH MOUNTED ELECTRIC STRIKE500N MAX 500N SX MX ref.3049 ref.2868Recommended for heavy doors in frequent use. • Retention Force 800kg.Doors in wrought iron, iron or steel with heavy traffic • Stainless steel access. Includes a wire conduit for easy installation • Possibility of CTC microcontroller.with a simple splice connector. • Medium body • Symmetrical • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN).SPECIFICATION MAX adjustment: 4mm Retention force: 800 Kg-f/7800NConsumption: Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºCN, A 12Vac: 980mA Tested cycles: 500.000N-412 12Vdc: 400mA Dimensions: 75(V) x 21(H) x 28(P)mmN-424 24Vdc: 180mAN-512 12Vdc: 200mAN-524 24Vdc: 120mAREFERENCES 12 Vdc 12 Vac 28278 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N-412 MAX 17448 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N-512 MAX 2829 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N 28298 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N MAX 24 Vdc 17368 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500A MAX 28258 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500Aa MAX 1750 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N-424 CTC 1747 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N CTC 1751 ELECTRIC STRIKE 500N-524 CTC Electric Strike require stainless steel short shield SX (ref.3049) or large MX (ref. 2868). See more options at pages 36, 37.The mechanisms require a short steel armature type SX(ref.3049) or long type MX (ref.2868). See other optionson p.36 and 37. High doors 15

ARMOUREDFLUSH MOUNTED ARMOURED ACCESSORIES ELECTRIC STRIKE RIGHT DIN LEFT DIN CASES WI N MAX N MAX ref.1774 o WD ref.1775. SHIELDS WI ref.1808 or WD ref.1809 ARMOURED model electrical strike with • For ARMOURED or SECURITY doors. adjustable latch, designed for armoured or security • Non-reversible. (Choose Right DIN or Left DIN). doors with multipoint locks where separation • Design features high security locking without disturbing between latch and the first bolt is only 5 mm. bolt position. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 1200mA FLUSH MOUNTED SURFACE MOUNTED Dimensions: 89(V) x 23(H) x 33(P)mm RIGHT DIN LEFT DIN MAX adjustment: 2mm Retention force: 350Kg-f/3450N Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC Tested cycles: 300.000 REFERENCES ACCESSORIES 1808 WI-TYPE GREY SHIELD LEFT DIN 12 Vac 1809 WD-TYPE GREY SHIELD RIGHT DIN 1774 WI-TYPE GREY CASE LEFT DIN LEFT DIN 1775 WD-TYPE GREY CASE RIGHT DIN 1804 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED N MAX 1806 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED A MAX 1807 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED AD MAX RIGHT DIN 1795 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED N MAX 1797 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED A MAX 1798 ELECTRIC STRIKE MOD.ARMOURED AD MAX 16

CRYSTAL Singel leaf CII SERIES. Crystal FLUSH MOUNTED LOCK RELEASE Glass door with wood or aluminum profile.CIIN-SX CIIN-SXRecommended for glass doors equipped with upper • For double-leaf doors, 2 door openers must be installedor lateral frame, in metallic or wooden profile. on the top of the frame, one for each leaf.• No mechanical locking required. • Includes a safety device to prevent the locking of the• Glass sheet up to 12 mm. door opener if the door is open.• Reversible (DIN Right or DIN Left).• Not symmetrical. • Can not be used for swinging doors. • Requires remote opening to enter or exit. Emergency power supply is recommended.SPECIFICATIONS Retention force: 260Kg-f/2550N Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºCConsumption: Tested cycles: 250.000N-512 12Vdc: 150mADimensions:105(V) x 20(H) x 28(P)mmREFERENCIAS12 Vdc3098 CRYSTAL LOCK RELEASE MOD.CIIN-512-SX Side frame installation Installation in upper frame 17

FLUSH MOUNTED 520 SERIES. FIREPROOF FIREPROOF ELECTRIC SHIELDS STRIKE 520N PX Ref.1770 Recommended for Fire Doors or firewalls. MX ref.2868 • RF and 120 (up to 120 minutes) • Holding force of 1000kg • Reversible (DIN Right or DIN Left). • Symmetrical. • Monoblock version • Certification 14846. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 1200mA N-412 12Vdc: 400mA MAX adjustment: 4mm Retention force: 1000Kg-f/9800N Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC Tested cycles: 500.000 REFERENCES 12 Vac ELECTRIC STRIKE 520N ACCESSORIES ELECTRIC STRIKE 520N CTC 1770 PX-TYPE SHORT SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL 1761 ELECTRIC STRIKE 520A 2868 MX-TYPE LARGE SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL 1762 1763 12 Vdc ELECTRIC STRIKE 520N-412 ELECTRIC STRIKE 520N-512 1764 1765 18

WATERTIGHT SHIELD FLUSH MOUNTED 620 SERIES. WATERTIGHT ELECTRIC STRIKERIGHT DIN LEFT DIN 620N SX GX ref.3049 ref.2838Recommended for doors in outdoor locations (enclosures, • P 65gates, front line beach properties, etc.). It has fewer holes • Non-reversible (Choose Right DIN or Left DIN).and incorporates internal and external seals to preventwater and dust getting in, prolonging the lock’s workinglife.SPECIFICATIONSConsumption: N, Aa 12Vac: 1200mARetention force: 400Kg-f/3900NTemperature: -15ºC a +40ºCTested cycles: 300.000REFERENCES ACCESORIOS 3049 SX-TYPE SHORT SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL 12 Vac 2838 GX-TYPE LARGE SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL LEFT DIN1757 ELECTRIC STRIKE 620N LEFT DIN 1758 ELECTRIC STRIKE 620Aa LEFT DIN RIGHT DIN1759 ELECTRIC STRIKE 620N RIGHT DIN 1760 ELECTRIC STRIKE 620Aa RIGHT DIN 19

FLUSH MOUNTED 770 SERIES. Anti-avalanche ANTIAVALANCHA ELECTRIC ACCESSORIES STRIKE RIGHT DIN LEFT DIN SX77 GX77 LEFT LEFT Door openers for security and emergency doors. It • High security installation. allows unlocking against pressures up to 450 kg. • Opening with pressures up to 450kg. In addition, it incorporates a diode that avoids the • Integrated diode. electronic interferences and lengthens the life of the • Not reversible. (Specify right DIN or left DIN). coil. • Certificate for emergency doors 14846. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N-412 12Vdc: 320mA N-524 24Vdc: 160mA 134(V) x 39(H) x 23.2(P) mm 2mm Dimensions: 750Kg-f/7350N -15ºC a +40ºC MAX adjustment: 500.000 Retention force: Temperature: Tested Cycles: REFERENCES RIGHT DIN LEFT DIN 12 Vdc 12 Vdc 7778 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-412 MAX DCH. 7780 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN. N-412 CTC MAX D 7779 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-412 MAX IZQ. 7782 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-512 MAX DCH. 7781 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN.N-412 CTC MAX IZ 7784 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN. N-512 CTC MAX D 7783 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-512 MAX IZQ. 7785 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN. N-512 CTC MAX IZ 24 Vdc 24 Vdc 7786 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-524 MAX DCH. 7788 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN.N-524 CTC MAX D 7787 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALANCHA N-524 MAX IZQ. ACCESSORIES 7789 E. ESTRIKE ANTIAVALAN. N-524 CTC MAX IZ 7790 SX770-TYPE RIGHT ACCESSORIES 7792 GX770-TYPE RIGHT 7791 SX770-TYPE SHIELD LEFT 7793 GX770-TYPE SHIELD LEFT The electric strike require a short shield SX770 or GX77 type. See Accessories. 20

AMERICA FLUSH MOUNTED460-470 SERIES LOCK RELEASE 460 470For American and British locks, they stand out • Series 460. Suitable for combination with locksby the depth and length of their latch. ANSI type for tubular type locks.• Reversible (right DIN or left DIN)• Symmetrical. • Series 470. Small size ANSI type. It has a lateral supplement that makes difficult its manipulation from the outside.SPECIFICATIONS Retention force: 350kg-f/3450NConsumption: N 12Vac: 750mA Temperature: -15ºC a 40ºCDimensions: 460: 75,3(V) x 39,3(H) x 34(P)mm 470: 84,3(V) x 45,7(H) x 39(P)mm Tested cycles: 300.000REFERENCES2956 LOCK RELEASE 460N BISEL3027 LOCK RELEASE 470N 21

SECURITYFLUSH MOUNTED 850 SERIES. Security lock SECURITY LOCK 2 1 The bolt is passed automatically with no need for keys. • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). Opening, also automatic, can be performed remotely. • Includes stainless steel shield. • There are several models depending on the distance • The securitylock consists of 2 parts: - Mechanical part (on the door leaf). between the centre of the cylinder and front panel A*. - Electrical part (located in the frame). • Automatic operation passes a lock when the door is • Mechanical body 174 mm and front panel 17 mm. • Electric body 112 mm and front panel 14,20 mm. closed without a key. SPECIFICATIONS TYPES AND DIMENSIONS Consumption: TYPES A* B* A 12Vac: 1200mA 12Vdc: 1500mA 850/25 25 39 Dimensions: 268,7(V) x 25,3(H) x B*(P)mm 850/30 30 44 Temperature: -10ºC a +50ºC 850/35 35 49 850/40 40 54 REFERENCE 850/50 50 64 850/60 60 74 12 Vac/12Vdc A: Distance in mm between the center of the 3102 SECURITY LOCK 850/25A cylinder and the front. 3104 SECURITY LOCK 850/30A 3103 SECURITY LOCK 850/35A 12 Vac/12Vdc 3105 SECURITY LOCK 850/40A 2869 SECURITY ELECTRIC STRIKE 850A 3101 SECURITY LOCK 850/50A Included in all automatic locks. For replenishment. 3217 SECURITY LOCK 850/60A 22

ELECTRIC BOLTS700 SERIES FLUSH MOUNTEDInverted function electric bolt ideal for security the closed position and triggers the piston sensor,installations, banks and access control. Installing this activating the bolt and locking the door again.type of electric bolt is very simple thanks to its slim22mm shield, making it ideal for all kinds of doors, Requires stabilised power supply, such as ref. 4813with identical shield and faceplate dimensions to make (12Vdc 2A).it reversible. Admits both 12Vdc and 24Vdc powersupply. With timing and monitoring functions. • For security installations (Banks, Access Controls, etc.)While the door is closed it receives current and the boltremains shut; when current is interrupted the bolt is • Inverted operation.hidden. When we close it again, the magnet detects • It has timers and monitoring. • Mechanical or electrical opening.SPECIFICATIONS Usage consumption: Dimensions: 12Vdc: 250mA 212(V) x 22(H) x 45(P) mmInitial consumption: 24Vdc: 140mA12Vdc: 1A24Vdc: 500mAREFERENCES12 Vdc/24 Vdc1786 ELECTRIC BOLT 700N-512/524 (V7) 23

ELECTROMAGNETIC ELECTROMAGNETIC SERIESFLUSH MOUNTED 30503 3050 WOOD 194 27 ALUMINUM 228 39 • Closes a door without a traditional lock. It is also used to keep doors open for safety reasons. • Inverted operation. The electromagnetic door opener releases the door when it is not powered. • It consists of an electromagnet, which is installed in the frame of the door or access, and a metal plate that is installed on the moving door leaf. • When the electromagnet is supplied, a magnet pulling force is secured to the plate. When the magnet is not powered, it releases the door. • Suitable for installations where we want to hide the electromagnet and for sliding doors. • Includes mounting kit and installation booklets. • It can feed both 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc. • Includes microcontroller: C, No, Nc. • Ref. 30503 is recommended for VAIVÉN doors. See installation instructions enclosed with the equipment. SPECIFICATION Consumption 30503: 12Vdc: 1 .200mA Consumption: 3050: 24Vdc: 600mA 12Vdc: 550mA Retention force: 750 Kg-f 24Vdc: 275mA Dimensions: 165(V) x 31(H) x 21,5(P)mm Retention force: 300 Kg-f Signaling: Led + CTC. Signaling: Led+CTC Dimensions: 228(V) x 39(H) x 27(P)mm REFERENCES 3050 ELECTROMAGNETIC FLUSH MOUNTED 300 Kg CTC LED Holding force 3000N. For two-way doors or sliding door 30503 ELECTROMAG. SWING DOORS M54 (750KG) CTC LED Sliding door 24


UNIVERSAL 2001-2006 SERIES. Visible attachment 2007-2003 SERIES. Hidden attachmentSURFACE N-2006 N-2007 N-2003 2001-2006 2007 2003 • For locks without latch/bolt. • Visible attachment on frame. • Door lock references includes BASIC series 300 2001(chrome)-2006(gray). 145 mm one-piece case. • Concealed attachment on frame mechanism. 2007(gray). 107 mm one-piece cover. • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). 2003(aluminio). 106 mm two piece cover. • Non-symmetrical. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 980mA Retention force: 300Kg-f/2950N Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC Tested Cycles: 300.000 Electric Strike Case REFERENCES 12 Vac LOCK RELEASE N-2001 CHROME ACCESORIES LOCK RELEASE A-2001 CHROME 2979 2001 CASE CHROME 2923 LOCK RELEASE N-2003 AL. ANOD. 2987 2006 GRAY CASE 2917 LOCK RELEASE A-2003 AL. ANOD. 2964 2007 GRAY CASE 2940 2942 Choose the most appropirate lock release for your installation by choosing the Universal or Standard Electric Strike (page 10-11). Add then the corresponding case. (See Accessories). 26

WITH DEADBOLT RECESS6000 SERIES SURFACE 6000A 6000A 6000A Right DIN Left DIN Left DIN• For locks with latch/bolt.• Reversible (Left DIN, Right DIN).• Symmetrical.• Attachment concealed on frame.SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 132(V) x 51,4(H) x 62(P) mm Latch Depth: 10mmConsumption: Retention force: 300Kg-f/2950NN,A 12Vac: 980mA Tested cycles: 250.000N-412 12Vdc: 200mAN-512 12Vdc: 150mAREFERENCES12 Vac LOCK RELEASE 6000N GRAY 12 Vdc LOCK RELEASE 6000A GRAY3004 LOCK RELEASE 6000AD GRAY 3072 LOCK RELEASE 6000N-412 GRAY3005 ELECTRIC STRIKE 660N3006 3021 27

WITH DEADBOLT RECESS 480 SERIES. Horizontal 490 SERIES. Vertical 6 30 120 5 80 20 33 7SURFACE 4 66 480N 20 480N 490N • For horizontal bolt locks with latch width up to 20 mm. 42 56 • Body 480 Series of 96 mm and 490 Series of 122 mm. 50 7 • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). 490N • Symmetrical. • Attachment concealed on frame. SPECIFICATIONS Retention force: 200Kg-f/1960N Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 980mA Tested cycles: 200.000 Dimensions: 480: 96(V) x 54(H) x 54(P) mm 490: 122(V) x 54 (H) x 54(P) mm Latch Depth: 480: 7,7 mm 490: 5,6 mm REFERENCES 12 Vac 12 Vac 490 SERIES 3034 LOCK RELEASE 490N 480 SERIES 3035 LOCK RELEASE 490A 3030 LOCK RELEASE 480N 3031 LOCK RELEASE 480A Vertical locks Compatible with locks: Horizontal locks 28

PANICP SERIES SURFACESupplied in black as standard issue, along with 8 • For doors with surface panic bar.accessories 2,5 mm thick. This model is installed • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN).in virtually all brands of panic bar lockset. • Symmetrical. • Concave latch adaptable to panic bar lock deadbolt.SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 141(V) x 24(H) x 40(P) mm Latch Depth: 10,4 mmConsumption: Retention force: 300Kg-f/2950NN 12Vac: Temperature: -15ºC a +40ºC1200mA Tested cycles: 300.000N-412 12Vdc: 180mAN-512 12Vdc: 150mA European standard anti-panic mountN-424 24Vdc. 180mAN-524 24Vdc. 120mAREFERENCES12 Vac LOCK RELEASE PN (antipanic) Surface bars anti-panic. LOCK RELEASE PAa (antipanic) 3064 1767 LOCK RELEASE PN-412 (antipanic) LOCK RELEASE PN-512 (antipanic) 12 Vdc LOCK RELEASE PN-424 (antipanic) 3065 LOCK RELEASE PN-524 (antipanic) 3066 3067 LOCK RELEASE PN-512 CTC (antipanic) 24 Vdc1768 CTC1769 29

ELECTRIC RIM LOCK 961-962 SERIES. ReplacementSURFACE 50 a 70 mm • Reversible outdoor electric lock with 50 mm cylinder. View of interior door part. • Key opening outside and pushbutton inside. • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). Its size and standard attachment points allow insertion • Symmetrical. into the majority of electric locks. The cylinder is adjustable from 50 to 70 mm. SPECIFICTATIONS Consumption: 12Vac: 850mA 12Vdc: 1,7A 15W / 18W Hand change. Left - DIN Right - DIN REFERENCES 12 Vac /12Vdc 2878 ELECTRIC RIM LOCK 961-DOUBLE KEY 2879 ELECTRIC RIM LOCK 962-DOUBLE KEY + PUSHBUTTON (The exit button can be disabled through the indoor key, allowing the user to exit using a key or electric opening) 30

WITH CHAIN8000 SERIES • Surface lock, with chain. • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). • For surface locks with handle. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: 12Vac: 980mA SURFACEShort chain section 122mm Network 65cm 12v 37cm 67mm R Power Supply Handle Long chain sectionASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSRemove the cover and attach the shortest chain section to the lock handle. Tighten this section of chain to the limit,WITHOUT DISPLACING THE HANDLE, and fit the lock release firmly onto the door using the three attachment points onthe inside. Now, part R (trigger force regulator), located at the end of the long chain, can be screwed onto the door frame.It may be necessary to remove a chain link. It can also be tightened simply by moving the threaded stud of the R part byturning the nuts fitted to it. Once the lock release is fitted, we can go ahead and wire up the electrical connection, checkthat it is working properly and finally replace the cover.REFERENCES12 Vac2984 LOCK RELEASE 8000N WITH CHAIN 31

CRYSTAL CRYSTAL C SERIES. Double leafSURFACE CND • Simple assembly. To be secured using strong silicon glue and screws that lightly rub the • For double leaf glass doors up to 12 mm. glass. Not supplied with the lock release. • Surface lock release. • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN). • Requires remote opening to enter: depending on • There is a hole on the inside to fit a handle to installation emergency power is recommended. open the door manually and a pushbutton for electric opening. SPECIFICATIONS Consumption: N, A 12Vac: 980mA Dimensions: 190(V) x 45,5(H) x 27(P) mm Latch Depth: 10mm Retention force: 300Kg-f/2950N Temperature: - 15 a +40ºC Tested cycles: 300.000 REFERENCES 2997 LOCK RELEASE CRYSTAL CND CHROME 2998 LOCK RELEASE CRYSTAL CAD CHROME Glass doors with double leaf and one fixed. 32

ELECTROMAGNETICELECTROMAGNETIC SERIES 3051 3052 3077 SURFACE 3078• Allows to close a door without a traditional lock. Also useful to SPECIFICATIONS keep doors open for security purposes. Consumption:• Electromagnetic lock releases the door when it is no longer 12Vdc: 480mA powered. 24Vdc: 240mA• Includes assembly kit and installation instructions.• Runs on 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc power supply. See installation instructions.REFERENCES ACCESSORIES3052 ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCK SURFACE 300 Kg Holding force: 300N Bracket optional Ref.30783078 BRACKET L-3 FOR REF. 3052 3051 ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCK SURFACE 500 Kg 3079 Z DOUBLE BRACKET Provides higher level security with 500 kg of pulling force. Recommended for high security entry points 2837 GLASS DOOR U BRACKET FOR 3052 and outdoor accesses. Holding force: 5000N. Bracket optional Ref.3077.3077 BRACKET L-2 FOR REF. 3051 For double leaf: 2 units ref.3052 and 2 units ref. 3078 or 2 units ref.3051 and 2 units ref.3077. 7775 BRACKET F DOOR FIREWORKS 33



SHIELDS SHIELDS FLUSH-MOUNTED ELECTRIC STRIKE SHIELD LOCK RELEASE Flush-mounted lock release Metallic trim coupled with an Electric strike forms a flush mounted lock release for access doors or latch/deadbolt entry doors. Choice of shield depends on the profile or material used in the door (aluminium, iron or wood). SHORT SHIELD: For access doorACCESSORIES 130 2974 P-TYPE GRAY 2894 P22-TYPE GRAY 2891 B22-TYPE GRAY 7768 YBX-TYPE GRAY SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD 2973 S-TYPE GRAY 3049 SX-TYPE GRAY 7770 YSX-TYPE GRAY 3089 53-TYPE GRAY SHIELD SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL SHIELD36

SHIELDS LONG SHIELD: For latch-deadbolt lock doors74 31 250 74 31 250 11,55 250 11,55 250 12 12 17 17 91 912975 G-TYPE GRAY 2838 GX-TYPE SHIELD 2893 M-TYPE GRAY 2868 MX-TYPE SHIELD ACCESSORIESSHIELD STAINLESS STEEL SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL 25 22 250 91 16 13,50 250 13 90 YLX YGX2985 GE-TYPE GRAY 128 2892 L22-TYPE GRAY 7769 YLX-TYPE SHIELDSHIELD SHIELD STAINLESS STEEL 3088 L-TYPE GRAY SHIELD 14,2 59,5 24,3 52,5 44,2 250 250 63,61773 BOLT TYPE 1771 1001-TYPE GRAY 1772 100-TYPE GRAYSHIELD SHIELD. LEFT DIN SHIELD. RIGHT DIN 37

Cases SURFACE LOCK ELECTRIC STRIKE CASES RELEASE SURFACE LOCK RELEASE CASE Metallic trim along with an Electric strike makes up a surface-mounted lock release. Hidden frame attachment Visible attachment on frameACCESSORIES To combine with Universal 990 or Standard strike 540 To combine with Universal strike 990 or Standard strike page.10-11. 540 page.10-11. One-piece models. One-piece models 2964 2007-TYPE GRAY CASE 2979 2001-TYPE CHROME CASE 2987 2006-TYPE GRAY CASE To combine with Armoured strike page.17 1774 WI-TYPE ARMOURED GRAY CASE LEFT DIN 1775 WD-TYPE ARMOURED GRAY CASE RIGHT DIN 38

ACCESSORIESPower suppliesDIN4 format. To power the lock release in DIN6 format. To power the lock release inAC (Vac) 1,5A. DC (Vdc) 2A.4800 POWER SUPPLY 12Vac/1,5A 4813 POWER SUPPLY 12Vdc/2A ACCESSORIESIn the event of power failure, it is necessary to fit 2070 BATTERY 12V/2,2A ACID LEAD it to an adaptor. This connects to a standard lead 2337 BATTERY 12V/7A ACID LEAD acid battery. 3264 ELECTRIC LOCK COMMANDER. VAC 2060 EMERGENCY BATTERY ADAPTOR 12Vdc Door retainersDoor retaining magnets, designed for fire doors, are supplied with the backing plate kit both fixed and moving.They are inverted operation at 24 Vdc with a holding force of 50 Kg. BACKING PLATE KIT2897 FLOOR RETAINING MAGNET 24 Vdc/50 Kg WALL RETAINER DIAGRAM2899 WALL RETAINING MAGNET 2 INPUT 24 Vdc/50 Kg 39

ACCESSORIES Contacts The spring contacts are flush mounted in the frame and door respectively, leaving no visible wires, providing a reliable connection. When the door is closed, the pistons that push against the other half keep up the electrical continuity desired. Approximate cut-off power: 1.5 Amp.ACCESORIES 2913 DOOR CONTACT 2C (DOUBLE) 2922 DOOR CONTACT 3C (TRIPLE) 7776 DOOR CONTACT 2CN (DOUBLE) The 4C contacts with microswitch are installed in a long shield lock release (with latch/deadbolt). When locked with a key, the pin pushes the lever which then signals the microswitch. Recommended for installations where it is necessary to check if all the doors of a building are locked or to activate any electrical device (service fan, etc..) 3082 DOOR CONTACT 4C (MONITORED DEADBOLT) 1076 MAGNETIC CONTACT Dimensions: 1,4 x 57 x 0,5 mm 40

ACCESSORIESCable conduitsUnlike spring contacts, they allow flow of current, even with the door open.High quality flexible cable gland (stainless steel) for Vandal proof cable conduit ACCESSORIESsurface mounting using the outer caps. Application with special structure allowingwhen it is not feasible to embed contacts in the frame its flush mounting both in theor on the door. Diameter: Interior: 8 mm. Exterior: 10,50 door frame and panel. Can bemm. fitted in metallic, wooden or PVC doors. Dimensions: X2:3083 FLEXIBLE CONDUIT X1 260 (V)mm. X2B: 510 (V)mm. Diameter: Inside: 9 mm. Exterior: 11,50 mm. 3084 RIGID VANDAL CONDUIT X2 1776 RIGID VANDAL CONDUIT X2B 5287 EMBED EXIT BUTTON S1 5288 SURFACE EXIT BUTTON S5RelaysAllows to invert lock release Recommended for additional Allows to time lock releaseactivation in combined installations functions. With 2 dry relay activation for a programmablewith a Fermax lock release. contacts, either normally open period from 0 to 6 minutes or 0 to (NO ) or normally closed ( NC). 60 seconds.2013 RELAY 12Vac/12Vdc 2A 3491 RELAY DIN 12Vdc 88101 RELAY 18Vdc DOUBLE 29001 TIMER(220Vac/12A) CONTACT 41

ACCESSORIES CloserACCESSORIES The door closure is very simple to install and is the ideal solution for interior doors of different styles and designs. Its slim and compact design ensures easy and trouble-free installation. Fully adjustable forces and closing speeds. SPECIFICATIONS Closes doors in upper frame. Closing force: EN 2-5 Width of the door: 850-1110 mm Weight of the door: 25-85 Kg Tested cycles: 500.000 Fire certification: EN-1634 REFERENCES 7794 CLOSER DC3H GRAY 42


RADIOFREQUENCY Radiofrequency INSTALLATION 868 MHZ SYSTEM BASIC-2B 2 230Vac ref.4802 868Mhz 100mts 868Mhz 2 100mts ref.5250 *pulse = monostable Ref.5291 12Vac Ref.5250 Stand-alone receptor powered by 12/24Vca/dc which allows for the SPECIFICATIONS management of up to 500 command codes RF 868Mhz. A channel (emitter button) can activate either of the two relays, or both simultaneously, in Box Dimensions 5250 5291 ref.5250. This allows the user to open pedestrian and vehicle gates by (mm) 82x190x40 60x44x15 remote, from a distance of up to 100m. It can be programmed manually or by radio. IP 54 (IP65 with - The 5291 receptor includes a monostable relay which is normally open, stuffing box) and the 5250 receptor includes two relays as standard, one configured to monostable while the other can be configured to monostable=pulse or Power supply 12/24Vac/dc 12/24Vac/dc bistable, through the use of a jumper (pulse/bistable) within the receptor Consumption 60/90 60/90 itself. (mA) Monostable=Pulse each time the emitter button is pressed the relay is activated for 2 seconds. Frequency 868Mhz 868Mhz Bistable. The relay is activated or deactivated by each press of the emitterACCESS CONTROL button. Capacity 500 codes REFERENCES Relay outputs 2/1A 1/3A Distance Receptors with capacity of up to 500 users. Power supply 12-24 Vca/ Security 100mts dc. Temperature 5250 RECEPTOR RF BASIC-2B 12/24V High Security Rolling Code 19 trillion 2 relay outputs, (pulse*, pulse*/bistable). Each press of the emitter combinationss button can activate one individual relay or both simultaneously. -20ºC a 85ºC -20ºC a 55ºC 5291 RECEPTOR RF BASIC-MINI 12/24V To be installed inside the audio or video door entry panel. Dimensions: horizontal x vertical x depth mm 5259 EMISOR RF KEYSINGLE MINI Ref.5249 The digital emitters have a code exclusive to the user. Sends a signal for access to the garage and remote control of devices: lights, blinds, alarms...Maximum distance: 100m. 5249 KIT TIENDAS GARAJE RF Includes receptor ref. 5250, 3 remotes ref. 5259 Keysingle MINI and a power supply ref. 4802 12Vca 4802 POWER SUPPLY 240VAC 12VAC/1A 4813 POWER SUPPLY 100-240VAC OUTPUT 12VDC/2A 67521 LOCK RELEASE 990A-P22 12VAC/DC (Lock release built in. automatic operation. with short shield p22) 44

KEYPAD 230Vac Power SupplyCityline Memokey 2 INSTALLATION Ref.6991 2 Exit button 2• Maximum capacity: 100 codes. • Each code can activate one or two relays• Power supply 12Vac/12Vdc. Power supply 12Vac/1,5A simultaneously. (ref.4800) recommended. • Code accepted/rejected acoustic confirmation.• Input for indoor exit pushbutton. • Programming from keypad with master code.• Input for free access pushbutton.• 2 relay outputs (2A,NC/No), for lock release activation ACCESS CONTROL and alarm connection. Programmable timing.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 130x128 Environmental (IP): 54 Reader 115x114x45 Shock resistance (IK): 07 Flush box 130x128x33 Power supply (V): 12 Vac/dc Surface box Consumption (mA) w/lock: 40/110 Operating temperature: -15º a 55º CREFERENCES6991 MEMOKEY CITYLINE Outdoor/Indoor. Integrated in aluminium panel. Backlit keypad manufactured in zamak with signal LEDs. Flush box included (ref.8948). Surface box optional (ref.7061).Dimensions: (width) x (height) X (depth) mm. 45

PROXIMITY Cityline Proximity INSTALLATION 2 230Vac Power supply 2 2 Ref.6992 Exit button 2ACCESS CONTROL • Up to 400 users. • LED and buzzer confirm acceptance or rejection • Power supply 12 Vac/Vdc. Power supply 12Vac/1,5A of the card presented. (ref.4800) recommended. • Programming help LEDs (authorizations, • Exit button input. cancellations). • Door sensor input. Forced/open door detection. • Lock release triggered by relay. Programmable timing. • User programming from reader using master card or by PC (optional). SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 130x128 Environmental protection 54 Reader 115x114x45 (IP): 07 Flush box 130x128x33 Shock resistance (IK): 12 Vac/dc Surface box Power supply (V): 90-15º a Consumption (mA) w/lock: 55º C Operating temperature: REFERENCES Identifiers 6992 CITYLINE PROXIMITY READER 23361 PROXIMITY CARD WITHOUT MAGNETIC Outdoor/Indoor. Integrated in aluminium panel. STRIP EM Flush box included (ref.8948). Surface box optional 4515 PROXIMITY KEYRING EM (ref.7061). 2306 PROGRAMMING KEYPAD 46

FINGERPRINTCityline Fingerprint INSTALLATION 230Vac 2 2 Power Supply Lock release* 2 Ref.6935 024 exit 2 button• Power supply 12 Vac/Vdc. • Special functions: free access fingerprint (trades) ACCESS CONTROL• Fingerprint reader with integrated proximity. and unlock fingerprint (door opener always on).• Activation of door opener by relay. Programmable from • Door sensor control and exit button. 01 to 99 seconds.• Acoustic and visual information of actions. • Auxiliary relay for other functions: door and• Reader with 2 signaling LEDs and 7-segment display 4 forced door alarm or intimidation alarm or intrusion alarm (by incorrect track). digits (aid in programming and status).• Manual programming via included infra-red remote • It allows Security Mode: in this case the double security would be Footprint + Card, for the same control or PC software (high-low fingerprints). Adding user. ref.24661.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 130x128 Environmental protection (IP): 43 Reader 115x114x45 Shock resistance (IK): 07 Flush box 130x128x33 Power supply (V): 12 Vac/dc Surface box Consumption (mA) w/lock: 118/173 Operating temperature: -10º a 55º CREFERENCES6935 CITYLINE FINGERPRINT READER 23361 PROXIMITY CARD WITHOUT MAGNETIC Outdoor/Indoor. Integrated in aluminium panel. STRIP EM Flush box included (ref.8948). Surface box optional (ref.7061). 47


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