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Published by erica.dsouza, 2021-10-31 14:15:25

Description: A newsletter for the youth and young-adults.


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YOUTH CIRCUIT A Newsletter THE RISE OF ONLINE CLASS Check this out! By Tobith Tom IN THIS ISSUE The learning method has evolved over the years, and with the pandemic, universities, THe Rise of Online Class schools, and teachers decided to change the location of students’ classrooms to their homes.The advancements in the technological sector have made distance learning much Social Media: A Helping Hand more efficient through various platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more. During a Pandemic The data collected by the Online Schools organisation has shown that 83% of the The Ups and Downs of the ‘New colleges are offering online courses and 1 in 4 college students take at least one class Normal’ online. Mental Health & The Counselling Services Click Here to view the milestones of Online Education Now \"Slack\" at Work Online classes have both advantages as well as disadvantages. The good thing about online learning is being able to learn anything while staying at Internships, Networking home. Education has become more open and helps to gain knowledge that is available to and the In-Between everyone without any restrictions. Many websites such as Coursera, Alison courses, Udemy, Knights Lab give access for free, while a small payment is required only for the PAGE 01 certificate. Initially, many new things are always good, but those things start to turn bad after a long period. When asked about their opinion about online classes, a PG student says,” The good thing is that it saves time and money. I don’t have to travel, am safe during the pandemic, and this mode is suitable for lectures. On the other hand, the bad thing about online lectures is it’s hard to stay focused. There might be many ways to interact online; however, the experience is still lacking; network quality issues, it is tiring for the eyes due to lots of screen time and body ache due to lack of physical activity.” Online classes can be perfect for the development of a student. Still, many other factors should also be considered, such as the student’s health and access to the services, and it’s also essential to know if the students are gaining knowledge in the online mode. OCTOBER 31,2021

Social Media: A Helping Hand During a Pandemic CBy Prityush Sharma Initially, the platforms started to fill with intriguing reels, dalgona coffee recipes, ovid induced pandemic that hit in 2020 altered our lives in many ways. With new challenges, home fitness videos, and whatnot. But as the pandemic everyone stuck indoors because of the lockdown, the network usage skyrocketed. transgressed, people came forward with requests and information about ICU Students turned to online classes, employees turned their houses into their full- beds, oxygen cylinders to help those in need. Many started food drives or time office, and social media became our best friend; A friend that could take us provided information about vaccination supplies at hospitals and government out of our not-so-interesting lives and make us see what everyone is doing or centres. Twitter and Instagram were the most active social platforms during this what we are missing. time. According to a survey conducted by Business Today, during the first week of the The social space, though addictive, if used wisely can come in handy. We built the pandemic, the graph of social media usage boomed in India. There was an 87% technology, and if incorporating it into our lives means being slaves, we are doing increase in the daily activity of users during the first week. The survey stated that something wrong. Social media is a tool, not an asset, and at the time of need, it before the lockdown, the average usage of social media apps was 150 minutes per proved to be one. day. However, during the first week, the graph went from 150 to 280 minutes a day. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter were reported with the most increase in usage. The Ups and Downs of the ‘New Normal’ By Vijay Kalyana Raman When asked how was it shift from classroom learning to the online Journalism is a field where one has to mode of learning, Richard Samuel E, a student from Christ (Deemed- work from the ground. The same field also to-be-University) says “In the beginning, it felt weird to attend class saw a change in the style as even went using a computer through Microsoft Teams. Also, online classes are online and came up with new ideas. When much better than physical classes. The only downside is that we asked about the same, Vivek Mysore, a cannot meet our friends in person. Other than that, online classes give Journalist working with Deccan Herald me more time to focus, as we don't have to spend time traveling. I can said, “I didn’t find difficult to adapt to the also record the classes of tough subjects.” online mode of working. I consider it positively as we could work in the times of In a contrast to this, “initially, I was very excited to simply participate global pandemic. So, I thank these in class. I was not worried about a gap in ease of communication. But I applications which made it possible for us had to pay a lot for faster wifi every month and a better laptop that to work even in these unprecedented could work well during online classes Now, online classes feel boring times”, he says. and my attention span has drastically reduced and I don't think online classes are the best way to learn,” said Erica D’Souza, also a PG \"new things got popularized as we did Media Studies student from Christ (Deemed-to-be-University). Video Interactions, Podcasts and more innovative things which were not popular amongst the people- Vivek Mysore\" CFAORCUEESR in A Career as a Voiceover Artist By Erica D'souza In an interview with Heather Costa, she explains her journey as a voice over artist. She has done numerous projects which include Subway, McDonald's, audiobooks and many more. Click to access the \" As a voice actor/audiobook narrator you FULL INTERVIEW are a entrepreneur, you need to know here! how to run your own business as much as the art of the business itself.\" - Heather Costa TRENDING IN BOOKS: STOCK UP ON THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WITH DEBBI MACOMBER PAGE 02

Interview: Mental Health and Counselling Services By Tobith Tom During the Interview, Mrs Ashly George, Student Counsellor, and Dr Asha Pinto, Medical Officer of Christ University, explained that many students approached them, especially According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 81% of Gen Z during the pandemic. The new change of lifestyle, stress, anxiety and the various teens have experienced stress during the Covid 19. The analysis of the study individual family problems of students were some of the common issues that students has shown that 13.2% has increased due to homework, 8.2% face social faced; To maintain social distancing, the counsellors and the students had changed isolation, and 12.3% don’t find support. Many schools provide counselling their mode of communication through various mediums like Phones, Whatsapp, and the services to their students to help them during their tough times, and many different online platforms. At Christ University, the Counselling Services assigns reports have shown that there is an increase in the number of students different counsellors to different classes to ensure that every student’s problem is seeking thee counsellors help. heard. How does the School Counsellor help? Sometimes some students may not feel comfortable sharing their problems with a A school counsellor is a professional that helps in the development of school counsellor or directly wish to speak with a therapist. Mrs George and Dr Pinto students academic and personal life. The counsellors assist by listening to assure that they are happy to provide contacts of various professional therapists the student’s problem and helping them with that particular problem. because the overall objective of the counselling services is to help the students. “Mental health is not a destination, but a process.” Mental health is as important as the physical health of an individual, and it requires Happy Place patience and the help of everyone to have excellent mental health. 'It's a strange thing, the only gay in the village' by Shourya Jha For many, it is a quote from a comedy show, but for Dillon Hughes of Valley on Anglesey, it was a reality that affected his mental health. She is one of the LGBTQ + people looking for better support services outside the cities of Wales. The Welsh government said it is committed to supporting LGBTQ + people wherever they are and its draft program aims to address these challenges. 'I just don't want to survive. I want to be happy'. The LGBT community (also known as the LGBTQ + Groups that can be considered part of community, the GLBT community, or the gay community) the LGBT community include gay is a liberalized group of homosexuals, gays, lesbians, villages, LGBT rights organizations, transgender people, LGBT organizations, and minority LGBT working groups in companies, cultures, united by the same culture. and social LGBT student groups in schools and movement. These communities often celebrate pride, universities, and religious groups diversity, personality, and sexuality. LGBT activists and affirming LGBT. LGBT communities can social scientists see LGBT social structures as anti- organize, or support, the civil rights homosexuality, homosexuality, hypocrisy, transphobia, movement to promote LGBT rights in sexism, and the conformist oppression of society. The various parts of term pride or sometimes homosexual pride reflects the identity of the LGBT community and its collective power; The LGBTQ teens I spoke to in my Pride spices provide the first example of the use and research explained how they explored manifestation of the general meaning of this word. The issues related to sexual identity and LGBT community is different from politics. Not all homosexuality through social media homosexuals, gays, or lesbians consider themselves part websites. These include Fur Affinity (a of the LGBT community. the world. fan forum interested in animal mythology and art), transreddits on Reddit, Sherlock fan fiction and online comedy. These platforms are a popular safe haven for the community as well. TRENDING ON NETFLIX: Squid Game and all-new season of 'YOU' is up for binging PAGE 03

Now \"Slack\" at Work Internships, Networking and the In-Between by Vijay Kalyana Raman by Erica D'souza Virtual meeting rooms have been an integral part of our lives since the pandemic hit. So here are two platforms you can check out that are \"Those who are hiring are extremely popular and suitable for better team collaboration! looking more at skills than academics right now. SLACK: An extremely popular tool used in organizations across the globe, Considering that the past two Slack has integrated video conferencing features. If your organization is batches are the 'COVID' not using Slack, adopting it for video conferencing probably doesn't batches, they also understand make much sense. But, if you are already utilizing Slack, it is an easy way that we might not be as to make quick calls. exposed to the industry as they or we would have wanted to WHEREBY: This video chat service is ideal for small organizations that be.\" - Diya Kurein,student want a simple method for connecting team members. It features a fast placement coordinator service due to its streamlined nature. Whereby (formerly known as doesn't require an app download or login, users simply share The overall scenario of new their meeting link and anyone can join in-browser. Whereby starts free, placements and good packages for but with a payment of $59.99/month will allow multiple users and graduated students is much better admins. now. MNCs are offering jobs for their India offices. But there is still a lack for job opportunities in media companies. Leading media industries like India Today, Zee Media, Network 18 and NDTV is not looking up for campus placements. Walk-in job applications is the only hope. \" - Ronit Singh, student placement coordinator Team PAGE 04 Erica D'souza | Prityush Sharma | Shourya Jha | Tobith Tom | Vijay Kalyana Raman FOLLOW US ON

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