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Updated OET UK Living Guide - Doctors

Published by kalyani.dongaonkar, 2021-05-19 03:22:48

Description: Updated OET UK Living Guide - Doctors


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Living and working in the UK for doctors Destination Is it your dream to work as a doctor guide / in the UK? We’ve put together a guide to help you on your way.

CONTENTS 03 1 WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK 04 1.1 What you need to do to work in the UK 05 1.2 Do I need to take an English test 06 2 INTRODUCTION TO THE UK 07 2.1 Quick facts 07 2.2 An overview of the UK 09 2.3 Why should you move? 11 2.4 The UK Culture 13 2.5 Popular Destinations 14 3 WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK 16 3.1 Finding a place to live 17 3.2 Getting around 18 3.3 Working and Living in the UK Bank account Council Tax Language Climate 18 3.3 Useful Links 18 3.3 Source Links 18 3.3 Contact Us United Kingdom Destination guide | 2

1 United Kingdom Destination guide | 3 WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK Moving to a new country and starting a new life is exciting and scary at the same time. We recommend that you do as much research as possible before you arrive the more prepared you are, the smoother your move will be. Below you will find some pointers on what you need to do and where you need to go to apply, as well as an explanation of some systems and terms you might not be familiar with. 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK

1.1 WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK The General Medical PLAB 2 consists of 18 scenarios and Getting a UK work visa Council (GMC) assess your skills and knowledge in a simulated clinical environment. Once you have been offered a job, The GMC works to protect the public The aim is to mirror what you would your employer will need to sponsor by setting, upholding and raising the experience in the real world and you for a work visa if you are from standards of medical education and includes a mock consultation or an outside the European Economic Area practice across the UK. As part of this, acute ward. and Switzerland. Once the sponsorship all doctors must register with the GMC process has been completed you will to be able to work in the UK. • You can find informative and helpful need to apply for a work visa via the UK PLAB 2 preparation resources on the Visas and Immigration website. GMC has strict requirements for GMC website medical qualifications and proof of You can use your OET results when English proficiency. Your application To find out more about how to register applying for a Tier 2 (General) visa. will need to include: with the GMC, go to: For more information about the UKVI process, make sure you check out the • Evidence of your primary UK Home Office website. medical qualification joining-the-register/ Using OET for Tier 2 • Identify documents, such as passport Applying to work in the UK (General) Visas • Evidence of work experience Nurses and midwives can search for You can now use your OET results jobs in the National Health Service when applying for Tier 2 (General) • Evidence of English language ability (NHS) via NHS Jobs and NHS Careers UK visas. or on other healthcare recruitment You can take OET to prove to the GMC websites. Job openings are also Nurses no longer need to take an that your English is good enough for advertised in local and national additional English language test when them to allow you to register to work newspapers, healthcare journals applying for a Tier 2 (General) UK in the UK. and employer websites. Once you visa if their OET results satisfy the find a suitable job opening make NMC requirement. You might also need to undertake sure you read the job description Professional and Linguistic carefully and take your time to make You can find more information about Assessments Board test, or the PLAB your application. As a part of the this as well as frequently asked to demonstrate you have the correct recruitment process, you may be asked questions on our website. knowledge and skills to practise in to take aptitude tests. You are also the UK. likely to have a health assessment and criminal record check through the The first part of this test is PLAB 1 Disclosure and Barring Service. and is made up of 180 multiple-choice questions. Each question starts with a Learn more about how you can short scenario and offers five possible develop your healthcare career. answers. • The GMC has several excellent learning resources for PLAB 1 on their website. 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 4

1.2 DO I NEED TO TAKE AN ENGLISH TEST Information about taking OET • OET uses real healthcare scenarios so • How can I prepare for test? as proof of English proficiency you’ll feel more confident on test day • Shop for OET preparation materials »» OET is widely recognised and well • What do candidates say about If you studied medicine overseas, respected the test? you will need to take an English test • It’s easy to prepare for the test using To find out more about OET, go to: to register and work in the UK. We the OET Preparation Portal recommend OET, an international English language test that assesses • OET tests all four language You can use your the language proficiency of healthcare skills – listening, reading, writing OET results when professionals who want to register and speaking. applying for Tier 2 and practise in an English-speaking (General) UK visas. environment. You can find out more about OET on the website: Why do doctors choose OET? • Why choose OET? Doctors who want to work in the UK choose OET for many reasons: • How is OET different to general or academic English tests? • OET is recognised by the GMC • Who accepts OET as proof • OET helps you prove you have of English proficiency? the right level of English, while at the same time learning the kind • What’s in the test? of language you’ll need every day at work • How is OET scored? • Where and when can I take OET? • How do I apply to take OET? 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WORK IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 5

2 United Kingdom Destination guide | 6 INTRODUCTION TO THE UK Moving to a new country and starting a new life is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Our recommendation is to do as much research as possible before you arrive – the more prepared you are, the smoother your transition will be. Below you will find some pointers on what you need to do, where to go to apply and an explanation of some systems and terms you might not be familiar with. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK

2.1 QUICK FACTS Language Capital Largest City Population Currency English London London 63 million Pound Sterling (GDP) 2.2 AN OVERVIEW OF THE UNITED KINGDOM Headed by a monarch for much of its history, Britain was the first industrialised nation and it remains one of the strongest economies in the world. The UK has a varied climate depending on where you live. Generally, it is cool and cloudy, but you will find warmer weather in the south, while the north tends to be colder. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 7

People in the UK Did You drink 165 million cups of tea a day. Know? The UK is a destination of choice for people from all over the globe. It is frequently cited for its many employment opportunities and its excellent healthcare system. Take a look below for more reasons to move to the UK. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 8

2.3 WHY SHOULD YOU MOVE? History Culture No matter where you are in the UK, Due to its history of empire and you’re surrounded by history. There are migration, the UK is rich with tradition, monuments to famous British people food and different cultural practices. and ancient stone structures from You’ll find a wide range of people with times gone by. You’ll never be far from lineages from all over the world. a historical landmark. Healthcare Location All legal residents of the UK have Situated in Europe, the UK is a hub for access to the National Health Service overseas travel. With at least 28 days (NHS), which offers free healthcare of holiday available, there is plenty services. Boasting some of the best of time to fly off to a Greek island, hospitals in the world, the NHS is explore Paris’s many bistros or even renowned for its fantastic quality take a trip to one of the UK’s many of care. It is also one of the world’s coastal towns! largest employers. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 9

Football, rugby, Did You golf, boxing and cricket were all Know? invented in the UK. British culture is not one thing but rather a collection of subcultures driven by migration, multiculturalism and the changing times. However, there are some dominant themes that take centre stage. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 10

2.4 UK CULTURE Orderly Diversity Regional The UK values order above all else. The UK has always been a hub of Although Britain is geographically Seeing clear lines of people waiting cultural activity partly as a legacy to small, British people are highly diverse. patiently is a normal part of life. its world-spanning empire. Migrants Whether north, south, east or west, Order also comes out in their time from across the world have settled in each region, county, city, town and management, where punctually is the UK, creating vibrant and inclusive village have their own identity, which highly valued. communities that colour the country’s will often run counter to what people unique cultural tapestry. expect of ‘British culture’. Reserved Artistic Football You might have already heard about the ‘British Reserve’: the idea that Literature, film and theatre, the UK While this may seem like a strange people in the UK do not easily show has been at the forefront of artistic thing to add as a cultural element, emotion. While this isn’t always the endeavour for over a thousand football is central to most people living case, the UK public do value privacy years. Whether it’s Shakespeare’s in the UK. Almost half of all children in and as a result are self-contained plays, the Beatles’ songs or Banksy’s England, for instance, played football in and not always forthcoming with contemporary art, the British have an 2018. Whether you’re having a pint in a their emotions. aptitude for creative action! pub or spending time in the park, you’ll never be far from a game of football. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 11

Nowhere in the  Did You UK is further than 113km from the sea. Know? While London will always be the centre of the UK, there is a range of other cities, towns and villages which provide a great place to start your new job. North, south, east or west, there is so much on offer in the UK. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 12

2.5 POPULAR DESTINATIONS London Bristol Manchester London is the centre of the UK in both Largely destroyed during World War Often called the UK’s second city, economic and cultural terms. People 2, Bristol was rebuilt and now stands Manchester is home to world’s most from across the world flock to the city as one of the UK’s most liveable cities. valuable football team – Manchester seeking culturally diverse experiences, Often touted as a student city, Bristol United. But it’s not all sport. It is excellent jobs and bright, lively is fantastic for families as well. Make a  highly diverse city, where more than neighbourhoods. sure you check out the city’s amazing 200 languages are spoken and around waterfront, boutique shops and the 50% of the city’s adult population spectacular Clifton bridge. are multilingual. Edinburgh Newcastle Cardiff If you love Harry Potter, you’ll love If you’re looking for one of the UK’s The Welsh capital is all about location. Edinburgh. The Scottish capital inspired cultural capitals, look no further Close to the beautiful Brecon Beacons J.K Rowling’s magical world when than Newcastle. Located in the north and the unspoilt beaches of Gower, the she wrote the novels. With fantastic of England, Newcastle is home to city is well located to regional sites. natural and architectural beauty, almost 11 theatres and 67 libraries Unlike some of the major cities in the Edinburgh is a great place to live and per million people. Geordies (as people UK, Cardiff is also very affordable. work. However, with temperatures in from Newcastle are called), are known Edinburgh regularly dropping close to for their friendly demeanour and zero Celsius, it can get cold! love of fun. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 13

WORKING AND 3 LIVING IN THE UK The UK is a popular choice with healthcare professionals due to its strong economies, excellent standard of living and wide employment opportunities. Living and working in the UK is characterised by its tolerant and welcoming, even though you will need to break through the ‘British Reserve’. As a healthcare professional, working in the UK will demand some extra requirements, such as a taking English language test. Take a look below to find out more. 3. WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 14

83% of people in Did You the UK live in an urban area. Know? Your choice of accommodation will depend on your financial state, where you want to live and whether you want to share with others. 3. WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 15

3.1 FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE Location Types of Accommodation When to start looking? The first and most important You can rent an entire dwelling or Start looking for accommodation consideration is location. You need one room in a share house and there before you move to get an idea of rent to think about proximity to work, are several options listed below. and the suburbs you like. You may schools and other important facilities Usually rented accommodation is fully need to stay in hotels, hostels or use and infrastructure. furnished and this is clearly stated in Airbnb when you first arrive, so you can the advert. inspect accommodation and make an You will also need to investigate application to rent. transport options between your Types of accommodation: accommodation and your work. Transport in the UK can be time Find out if it’s near a train station, • Studios have the bed, sofa and consuming and expensive, so check bus line or if you’re able to walk kitchen all in one room with how long it takes to get to work from - use a mapping website, such as a separate bathroom. your selected accommodation. Find out Google Maps, to figure out your route. if it is near a train station, bus line or if • Flats are apartments with 1 or more you can walk and then use a mapping People forget that your neighbourhood separate bedrooms and usually website to work out your route. can have a large impact on and even several flats share a common determine your lifestyle. Do research entrance from the street. Some common terms when searching on the neighbourhoods that appeal for accommodation: to you. If you have time, explore • Houses and maisonettes have their a shortlist of neighbourhoods to get own entrance from the street. F/F Fully furnished a feel for each. N/S Non-smoking • Shared accommodation includes S/C Self-Contained a room in a house or an apartment O/R Own Room sharing a kitchen, bathroom S/R Share Room and lounge. AGY Advertised by an agency 80pw/inc Cost per week inclusive of bills Rights and responsibilities 80pw/exc Cost per week exclusive of bills DEP Deposit/Bond required In the UK, tenants have specific rights and responsibilities. It’s important to be aware of these to ensure you understand what is expected of you under law. You can view these on the Government renting website. 3. WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 16

3.2 GETTING AROUND Getting Around Tickets come in three forms: an eye out for supermarket stations which tend to be cheaper. If you are going to rely on public • Advance – Choose a specific day and transport to commute in the UK, use the purchase in advance to save However, traffic is an issue especially following links to get an idea of the cost during ‘rush hour’ typically 07:00-10:00 of travel. • Off-Peak – Buy any time, travel during and 16:00-19:00. off-peak which differs depending on BY PLANE your journey While nearly all roads are toll free, if you do drive in London you will have Due to the short distances between cities, • Anytime – Most expensive but can be to pay the London Congestion Charge. flying is not the cheapest nor the most bought any time and used any time. Most cities will have a park and ride convenient way to travel through the UK. scheme. You can park on the edge of the The exception to this is would be flying It’s important to remember than none city and travel into the urban area by between southern England and Scotland. of these tickets guarantee a seat unless public transport. While budget airlines have made domestic you have a seat reservation. While this flights considerably cheaper, make sure might come with the ticket purchase, BY BICYCLE you look in advance for the best fares. some companies will ask you to purchase it. Check with the company if Riding a bicycle is a popular mode of you’re not sure. transport in the UK. As a result, cyclists have access to a wide network of bike BY TRAIN BY BUS tracks and lanes. The UK highly developed train system Local busses cover the entire country It’s a legal requirement to have reflectors and is a highly popular way to travel. but are different in cost and quality and a bell as well as front and rear lights In Great Britain, the national rail covers depending where you are. (if you plan to ride at night). Google close to 34,000 kms of tracks with over Maps and Cycling UK are great resources 2,600 stations. While in Northern Ireland, In London, you find the iconic red buses to use when planning your journey. the Northern Island Railways is the main that run often and almost all night. You rail network. can find timetables at the Transport for London website. The website is great for Train travel is a great way to explore the planning your journey. You’ll be able to country and especially for intercity travel. find maps, fares and live updates. Because of its popularity, it is important to book early or else pay high prices. The Buses in London are now cashless, so you difference between a week can see prices will need to either pay with the Oyster rise £50 or more. There are several railcard card or a credit/debit card. discounts for travels which can save you significantly. Outside of London, bus systems are privatised. You will need to research For information about planning your which company operates in the city or trip, the National Rail website has all area you’re living in. Most will offer smart timetables available for download. travel cards, so do check these out. Alternatively, you can call the National Rail Enquiries phone service on 08457 48 BY CAR 49 50 or access its handy app. When you book the tickets, there are two classes Renting, leasing or purchasing a car is a to choose from: Standard class and First great way travel around the UK. Unlike class. The main difference is that first other parts of the world, the UK drives on class seats are more comfortable with the left. It also uses the imperial system. extra legroom and the potential for at- Road signs will be in miles, with speed in seat services. miles per hour. The UK has an effective and well-kept road system. Alongside parking, petrol can be expensive so keep 3. WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 17

3.3 WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK Bank account Registering for income tax Useful links    Your salary will be paid into a UK bank in the UK • GMC account. To open a bank account in the • GMC Registration You will need to register for tax in the UK, in most cases, you will be required to visit a branch (local bank) with proof UK by applying for a National Insurance • NHS Jobs of identity and proof of a UK address number (NI). This is a unique number • NHS Careers (for example a utility bill or rental assigned to individuals who work in the • OET contract). To find the best bank for UK. It is used to ensure that you pay • OET Prepare your purposes, visit different UK bank the correct amount of tax, and also • UK Visas and Immigration ensures you can benefit from the UK websites and make sure you understand the benefits, terms and conditions of health system. Source links your selected bank account before you apply. You can apply for a National Insurance • number here. • Council Tax Language • joining-the-register/trained-outside-the- Council Tax is payable to the local The language in the UK is mainly eueea/ government authority where you live to English but you are likely to meet cover the costs of common areas such people from all over the world who • as parks and pavements, waste removal speak languages other than English. • and general maintenance of the area. • If you are renting a property you will Climate • most likely need to pay Council Tax, but the amount varies depending on the size Temperatures range between 1-degree Contact Us of your property and where it is located. Celsius in the winter and 30 degrees When searching for accommodation in the summer. Rain is common and If you have a question about OET, occurs throughout the year. contact our Helpdesk. make sure you ask how much the Council Tax will be. You can find more information about Council Tax here. 3. WORKING AND LIVING IN THE UK United Kingdom Destination guide | 18

LIVING AND WORKING IN THE UK FOR DOCTORS Postal address The OET Centre PO Box 16136 Collins St West VIC 8007 Australia Telephone AUS: +61 3 8658 3963 UK: +44 1202 037333 Fax: +61 3 8656 4020 Website United Kingdom Destination guide | 19

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