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5RCT 2018-2019 Annual Report_Proof-final

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Five Rivers Conservation Trust 2018-2019 Annual Report Growing to Meet Our Mission Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 1

Annual Gathering Five Rivers is Growing Join us Tuesday, June 11 By Beth McGuinn, Executive Director 5‐7:30 pm, Concord If we hope that future genera- tions will care for our natural Celebrate an exci�ng year of conserva�on resources, we must provide successes and staff expansion with Five Rivers places where children can spend time outdoors devel-  Food, Friends and Fun oping an appreciation for the  Program: Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Studies: natural world. Connec�ons to Economy, Ecology, & Quality of Life Five Rivers’ recent “Children’s  Space is limited, registra�on required at Brook” project conserves a place where generations of‐gathering young people have learned  $10‐15 suggested dona�on at the door about the outdoors through the annual Warner Fishing Derby. At last spring’s Derby, parents helped their photo: Hannah Vollmer children handle worms, rods and reels, flowing water and beautiful fish, just as families have done for more Five Rivers is a member-supported nonprofit land trust with a mission than 60 years. Now, the land along Children’s Brook is to preserve and protect open-space lands for present and conserved (see article, page 5). future generations. We work in 17 towns at the confluence of Five Rivers' goal for the past two years has been to five New Hampshire rivers. increase our staff so that we can increase the amount of conservation we do and improve stewardship of Five Rivers' Service Area: Belmont, Boscawen, Bow, Canterbury, Chichester, conserved land. I am pleased to announce that Alison Concord, Dunbarton, Gilmanton, Henniker, Hillsboro, Hopkinton, Loudon, Scheiderer, our first Land Conservation Specialist, joined us in January. She is meeting with Conservation Northfield, Pembroke, Salisbury, Warner and Webster. Commissions to identify places like Children’s Brook, The Five Rivers are the Blackwater, Contoocook, Merrimack, Soucook, which are important to current and future generations. She’ll combine that information with analysis of the and Warner Rivers. highest quality natural resources—productive soils, wildlife habitat, water resources, recreational oppor- As of March 31, 2019, Five Rivers has conserved 77 properties, tunities and land critical for climate resiliency—to representing over 4,800 acres of land in 17 towns. create a Conservation Plan to identify conservation focus areas in our region. This effort will allow Alison Richard Head, Hillsborough, Chair to provide conservation information to landowners in Maura Adams, Concord, Vice Chair those focus areas, and help landowners who are inter- Michael Shearin, Dunbarton, Treasurer ested through the conservation process. In addition, Alison is already contributing significantly to steward- Bob Cotton, Concord, Secretary ship of our conserved land. Tim Britain, Hopkinton, Immediate Past Chair Five Rivers could not have achieved this recent growth Kathy Barnes, Hopkinton Carolyn Koegler Miller, Hopkinton without you—our longtime members, our new Steve Blackmer, Canterbury Michael Lehman, Concord members, our volunteers and partners, and our donors. Bonnie Christie, Hopkinton Michele Roberge, Concord Thank you for the role you play in Five Rivers’ success Sarah Thorne, Gilmanton and growth! Rich Cook, Warner Jeanne Herrick, Concord Cover Photo: Josh Henrickson and son Sylus share time building a love of the outdoors at the 2018 Warner Children’s Fishing Derby, Staff on Children’s Brook, now a Five Rivers-conserved property. Beth McGuinn, Executive Director Photo by Grace Dunklee Cohen. Andrea Galliher, Membership and Office Assistant Alison Scheiderer, Land Conservation Specialist Five Rivers Conservation Trust 6 Dixon Ave, #201, Concord, NH 03301 (603) 225-7225 | | [email protected] 2 | Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report

Introducing Alison Scheiderer! By Alison Scheiderer, Land Conservation Specialist I am thrilled to join Five as a backcountry caretaker in the White Mountains. I Rivers Conservation Trust as cherish the time I have spent stewarding spectacular its first Land Conservation landscapes and experiences, but I am glad to work now Specialist. In my new role, I for the farms, woodlots, and natural areas embedded in will be creating Five Rivers’ the communities of the greater capital region. first strategic Conservation Just outside our doors, my young daughters can hear Plan, actively conserving land, peepers and wood frogs, watch a heron fish, see red and stewarding the lands Five efts cross their paths, or find the imprint of a hawk’s Rivers has conserved. wing in the snow. I want to ensure that these joys and I come to Five Rivers from eight years at the Appa- their concomitant physical and mental benefits remain lachian Trail Conservancy working throughout New quotidian. I am happy to be at Five Rivers to conserve England to address threats to the land protecting the beloved forests, farms, and wetlands for everyday uses Appalachian Trail. I have restored motorized vehicle and experiences all around the place I call home. damage in the California Sonora desert and worked Thank You, Departing Board Members By Richard Head and Maura Adams Each spring brings changes, and it is no different with probably ran into Michele at registration. the Board of Five Rivers. This year we thank and bid Richard Head has completed one term on the Board, farewell to several Board members who have recently jumping in with both feet, serving two years as Board completed their terms. Chair. He also served on Governance, Conservation Leader, and Development Committees. Mike Lehman, an early member Kathy Barnes has completed one term on the Board, of Five Rivers, has been a Board serving on the Development Committee and as our member for two terms (six years). website developer and graphic designer. We are grate- Mike served the Lands, Gov- ful that Kathy will continue as a Five Rivers volunteer ernance, Conservation Leader, and will help us keep our website informative and our and Executive Committees in mailings interesting. addition to several years as Vice All of our Board members, past and present, serve Chair. countless hours helping to make Five Rivers a vibrant Michele Roberge has completed four years on the and successful land trust. Board and has been the Chair of our Outreach Com- mittee. If you have attended a Five Rivers event, you Fields at the Albin Hart Farm produce hay that feeds local livestock. Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 3

On Creating the Wilson Sapiro Conservation Easement By Graham Wilson Ownership is central to our society, We live in continuity with this chance to be part of that chain of our economy and perhaps even past. We have lived here for 12 people stretching back before the to human nature. In our case, the years and, if we are fortunate in creation of these United States house we own is over two hundred our health hope to at least double who have had their opportunity to years old, built perhaps in 1797 or that. In contrast, the Jones lived in nurture this beautiful place. 1777. The original inhabitants, the our house for well over a century Jones, came from my native land, experiencing joy and sorrow, births Through the process of creating a the UK, perhaps seeking a place to and deaths before the farm passed conservation easement we came to practice their religion (they were to the La Belles. Our tenure will know the land and its history far Quakers) without hindrance. We be but a fraction of that. We are better than would otherwise have have a historic photograph of the fortunate to own both our house been the case; who knew that part house which includes a woman and land outright under law. Yet of our woods were once fields for working in a garden in which my in a temporal sense, we are only Gilmanton’s second poor farm? wife now grows our herbs. Our tenants. The land, and we hope, the Owners in the past may have known woods contain miles of stone wall house will endure long after we have of a beautiful gorge and rockface off the product of the long, hard labor gone. The conservation easement the trails but prior to the conserva- of the Jones and others who farmed that we have signed recognizes this tion easement survey, we did not. the land. We strive to maintain the underlying reality. It makes it more The reward for us, the conservation dams that powered the Jones's mills certain that others in the future will easement, is forever. that produced roofing shingles and enjoy the beauty, peace and charm cider as well as grinding corn. that our land provides. It provides Graham Wilson was born in the, UK. He is the owners who come after us the a Political Science Professor and Director of the Initiative on Cities, Boston University. Wilson Sapiro – Photo by Sarah Thorne Facts • 164 acres in Gilmanton, conserved in December 2018 • Conservation easement donated by Graham Wilson and Gina Sapiro • Well-managed forestland and soils • 8/10 mile of frontage on Academy Brook • Several ponds along Academy Brook • Former Jones Mill site and associated foundation and dam remains • Supporting wildlife habitat 4 | Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report

The Tale of Children’s Brook By Scott and Joan Warren Willow Brook flows nearly two Photo by Grace Dunklee Cohen Children’s Brook miles, from Torrey Meadow Pond Facts down to the Warner River. The Joan grew up in Warner, and her watershed and floodplain are largely siblings were avid fishing derby • Nine acres in Warner, undeveloped, the brook’s water participants. We bought the land conserved in January 2019 quality is very high, and the brook, along both sides of more than half with its riparian forest, supports a the children’s reach in the 1980s. • Two conservation easements variety of native fish and wildlife, We have always loved the brook as it donated by Scott and Joan including a breeding population of runs quickly through a cool ravine Warren and the Town of brook trout. with the steep slopes of Carroll Warner Over 60 years ago, landowners State Forest just across Pumpkin and the Warner Fish & Game Hill Road. The floodplain’s riparian • Over 1/4 mile of frontage along Club posted a half-mile reach of forest and wetlands are intact and Willow Brook, aka “Children’s the brook as fishing by children beaver dams occasionally produce Brook” under 16 only. At the same time the a small pond. We have always Club, with the cooperation of New valued the fishing derby both as an • Highest ranked wildlife habitat Hampshire Fish and Game, started important Warner institution and in New Hampshire a spring children’s fishing derby, and as a wonderful way to introduce the reach was soon known locally children to the natural world. We • Open for public access and as “Children’s Brook.” The derby are not getting any younger; would children’s only fishing quickly became an important town the next owner of our land change institution and over six decades it the posting signs from “Fishing for • Near Carroll State Forest has helped introduce hundreds of Children Under 16 Only” to “No and the Stockwell/Bartlett area children to the fun of fishing Trespassing?” conservation area and an appreciation of the outdoors. Our riparian forest along Children’s Brook is just over six acres. The town owns an adjacent three acres on Children’s Brook. Combining the properties in a conservation ease- ment would assure that Children’s Brook would remain Children’s Brook, the Warner Fishing Derby, an important town tradition, could be preserved, and a wonderful piece of waterway would be preserved forever. This offer was made to the Town and Five Rivers—both said “YES!” The easement was signed this winter. Great thanks to Five Rivers, the Town of Warner, and the Warner Fish & Game Club! Scott and Joan Warren lived in Connecticut for nearly 40 years, where he was a Professor of Botany at Connecticut College and she was a public school librarian and administrator. They retired to their Warner cabin in 2007. Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 5

Who are the Newest Supporter Five Rivers is growing, in part because so many of our members are faithful supporters and in part because new members continue to join our ranks. Here, we introduce some of those new members. If you have friends, family, neighbors or colleagues who have an interest in Five Rivers’ work, please let us know and we will send them an introductory packet with membership information. Thanks for helping us grow! The following member profiles are written by former Associated Press writer David Tirrell Wysocki David is a freelance writer and director of the Nackey Loeb School of Communications. He lives in Canterbury. Scott and Jenny Betournay, Concord Scott and Jenny Betournay were “It’s not a stretch to want to support drawn to Concord because the city an organization when you can see has so much land that is protected how hard people are working to from development. help that organization do what it “We wouldn’t live here if there does,” Scott said. weren’t so many options to get Especially when that work makes outside in the natural world,” Scott the area a much more desirable said. place to live. They hike, bike, kayak, and “We’re very outdoorsy people and cross-country ski and became enjoy having those kinds of lands members of Five Rivers Conserva- available to us right around here,” tion Trust to support a local orga- Jenny said. “We want to see that nization, made up of many people continue and expand.” they know, that’s making sure others will be able to do the same, close to home. 6 | Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report

rs of Local Land Conservation? Judi and Bud Phelan, Canterbury In 2017, Judi and Bud Phelan mitment to help preserve the went to the Farmers’ Market in resources they cherish. Canterbury for fresh produce. “It’s really important that this Amid the squash and potatoes land around the rivers gets pre- was an information table from served for everyone’s use and not Five Rivers Conservation Trust. developed,” Judi said. “Because “We went over to see what it was everything would be (developed) and said ‘Holy Cow! That’s just if it wasn’t preserved.” our thing,’” said Bud. Judi and Bud are pleased their They had no idea Five Rivers support will help generations played such an important role that follow. in preserving the land and “We enjoy it now,” Bud said. “We waterways they enjoy from their want somebody else to be able to kayaks and bicycles. They joined in the future.” on the spot, going home with Five Rivers’ hats and a com- Lisa and Pete Bowman, Concord At work, as a state ecologist, cross-country ski in nearby areas Pete Bowman works with land protected by Five Rivers. conservation projects around “We think it’s really important to New Hampshire. their development and we want At home, Pete and his wife, them to grow up and appreci- Lisa, support land conservation ate the outdoors and nature in projects in the Concord area as general,” Lisa said. members of Five Rivers Conser- The Bowmans believe land vation Trust. conservation maintains the “It is good to support our local local quality of life, while also group where you can see the addressing issues such as climate impacts of your donation first- change, clean air, and clean hand in ways that you often water. can’t with other organizations,” “By conserving land, we are Pete said. hopefully helping with all of Pete, Lisa and their three young these bigger problems,” Lisa said. children hike, snowshoe, and Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 7

Treasurer’s Report 2018-19 By Mike Shearin, Treasurer FY19 Operating Income The fiscal year ending in March 2019 marked a year of operating and financial success. Five Rivers’ oper- 8% 4% 20% Membership ating income exceeded operating expenses, producing 6% Annual Appeal a net income exceeding $16,000. We also raised an 5% Conservation Leaders Society additional $40,000+ for the Conservation Staff Fund, 4% 12% Special Gifts a Board-designated fund to support our newly hired Sponsorships Land Conservation Specialist. This is the eighth con- 4% 29% Event Income secutive year of budget surplus for Five Rivers. There is Grants much more to do, which is why we are now developing 5% Project Support a Conservation Plan to help direct our land protection 3% Stewardship Fund efforts for maximum impact. With ongoing support Conservation Staff Fund from our faithful members and friends, volunteers, and Miscellaneous our exceptional staff, we look forward to expanding our land conservation impact in the communities we serve. FY19 Operating Expenses Our financial health, reflected below, is as strong as it 2% 7% Staff, Benefits & Taxes ever has been. Liquidity levels allow for ample oper- 4% 4% 1% Professional Services ating flexibility while long-term investment funds Office, Tech, Rent continue to appreciate. Organizational finances are 11% Travel/Training/Dues monitored closely by a vigilant Finance Committee, Insurance the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. An 3% 68% Stewardship outside CPA conducts a financial review for us annually Membership/Communications in the spring. Assets 2018-2019 2017-2018 Miscellaneous Current Assets $215,477 $206,906 A Special Anniversary Gift Cash Accounts $732,215 $639,498 Investment Accounts Pam and Oge Young of Concord recently celebrated a Other Current Assets $5,147 $5,992 very special day: their 45th wedding anniversary. To Fixed Assets – Sweatt Property $260,800 $260,800 celebrate, they gave each other the gift of land. Total Assets They contacted Five Rivers to see if they could make a $1,213,639 $1,113,196 donation that would help conserve a specific property, a Liabilities & Equity “gift of land” to each other. In the end, they contributed $10,408 $10,432 to the Wilson-Sapiro Project, to help cover the costs to Current Liabilities complete that transaction. Thanks, Pam and Oge! Equity $260,800 $260,800 If you would like to celebrate a birthday, anniver- $696,507 $612,131 sary, wedding, birth, or other special occasion with a Sweatt Property $126,062 $94,550 land conservation gift, please contact Five Rivers at Board-Designated Funds $120,862 $135,283 [email protected] or at 225-7225. We love to celebrate your Temporarily Restricted Funds special occasions! Other Equity $1,213,639 $1,113,196 Total Liabilities & Equity Note: FY 2018-2019 figures are preliminary until the annual Financial Review is complete. 8 | Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report

Volunteers Make a Difference! Five Rivers is lightly staffed. Our capacity to achieve success depends on a wide range of volunteers, and we are thankful for their dedication to our work. If you know these folks, please thank them. If you want to volunteer, please see the article on this page – we’ll thank you here next year! Board of Trustees Greg Mannesto Bethann McCarthy Anja Stadelmann Jamie Robertson Kathy Barnes Maureen McCanty Jared Nylund Betsy Swan Eric Sargent Steve Blackmer Tim Pifer Allen Brooks Cathy Menard Sarah Pillsbury Event Volunteers Mike Schowalter Liza Poinier Chris Powles Brian Adams Ruth Smith Bonnie Christie Gabe Roxby Sara Riordan Kim Arndt Patty Shearin Richard Cook David Shore Mike Robinette Betsy Black J. Robert Cotton Ken Stern Mary Stadelmann Richard Head Amanda Stone Muriel Robinette Angus Boezeman Amanda Stone Jeanne Herrick Margaret Watkins David Ross Page Cannon Betsy Swan Michael Lehman Binney Wells Joe Schmidl Carolyn Koegler Miller Easement Monitors Mike Shearin Debbie & Chris Carley Jeanne Ann Whittington Michele Roberge Gary Ambelas Lori Sommer Grace Cohen Event Hosts Mike Shearin Barb Beers Eliza Conde Wayne Stadelmann Tim Britain Amanda Stone Lucia Cote Bohanan Farm/Contoocook Sarah Thorne Lee Carboneau Ken Stern Ted Diers Creamery Committee Volunteers Bob Cotton Debbie Carley Laura Demming Ned Therrien Pam & Jerry Drypolcher Carter Hill Orchard Sarah Crow John Dickey Sarah Thorne Asa Dustin City of Concord Chris Hallowell Margaret Watkins Hansi Glahn Dick Ford Jay Haines Project Volunteer Managers Cleveland, Waters & Bass Julianne Gadoury Richard Head Chris Hallowell Concord Women’s Club Melinda Gehris Kathy Healy Rich Cook Tom Hobbs Peter Helm Rob Knight Havenwood Heritage Hansi Glahn Rob Knight Ken Stern Linda Hodgdon Heights Tom Hobbs Mike Lenehan Sarah Thorne Ron Klemarczyk Linda Hodgdon Greg Mannesto Office Volunteers Wayne & Mary Stadelmann Mike Hvizda Zib Corell Rob Knight Rath, Young & Pignatelli Rob Knight Henry Hirschfeld Rob Larocque Sulloway & Hollis Trudy Mott-Smith The Nature Conservancy Tim Pifer Sara Riordan Steve Roberts Ready to Volunteer? Volunteering provides an opportunity to make a differ- ence in your local area. We’ve listed a few opportunities below, but you may have other valuable skills to offer. Please call us at 225-7225 to volunteer. • Monitor easements • Prepare food for events • Distribute event materials • Photograph properties and events • Join a committee • Do internet research • Organize our electronic photos • Create a display for events • Run occasional errands • Perform odd jobs Photo by Grace Dunklee Cohen Pam and Oge Young Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 9

Thank You – Members and Supporters Conservation Five Rivers depends on its supporters to conserve local land. We extend our sincere thanks to all supporters who made our work possible this fiscal Leaders Society year (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019). If you contributed, but don’t see your name here, kindly let us know so we can correct the error. Conservation Leaders Society (CLS) members provide strong, sustaining support S New Supporter « Membership & Annual Appeal  Wilson Sapiro Donor for local land conservation by pledging 30 30th Anniversary Donor é Land Conservation Specialist Fund annual donations of $1,500 or more for three consecutive years. Their generous $10,000+ Brian & Alissa Marks S Martha & Paul Bradley support allows us to grow and meet our Stephen & Patrice Rasche é Bill & Leci McCrillis 30 Jane Brezosky future challenges. Thank you to each of our $5,000 - $9,999 Beth McGuinn & Ruth Smith é « Don Brueggemann & conservation leaders. Anonymous Sylvia Miskoe Nathan Faulkner & Julia Burdick Judy Nelson é Marjorie Waters Conservation Leaders Society Richard Head & Melinda Gehris é Brent & Wendy Powell David & Rebecca Cawley Members Ken & Ilene Stern é Timothy Pratt S Bink & Karen Chase $2,500-$4,999 Michele Roberge é « Estate Of Stella Ciborowski ($1,500-$5,000/year for 3 years) Colin & Paula Cabot é Frank Sherkenbach & Robert & Doris Dawkins Dennis Card & Maureen McCanty é Richard DeSeve & « Recently Renewed C Charter Member Harold & Betsy Janeway é Kimberly McGovern S  Carolyn Koegler Miller & Mary Skoby Cowan & Susan Hale-DeSeve é  30 Maura & Brian Adams Jane Difley Katherine Barnes & Phil Wallingford Rob Miller é Jerry Lundquist Andrew Duncan & Laurel Horne Sylvia Bates & Tom Masland C « Tom & Amanda Osmer é John & Christine Teague Liz Durfee-Hengen John & Pamela Blackford C Emily Preston é Rob Thomson & Lucy Hodder Don Floyd & Sally Atwater S Colin & Paula Cabot C Michael & Patty Shearin é Dr. R. K. Warburton Dick & Lynne Ford William Chapman C Wayne & Mary Stadelmann é Jeff & Hillary Warner Ray & Kathy Fournier « Bonnie Christie Margaret B. Watkins é Mary Emily Wilson « Barbara Beers & Cedric H. Dustin, Jr. $1,500-$2,499 Oge & Pam Young  Nathan Faulkner & Julia Burdick C « Maura & Brian Adams é $250-$499 Christine Friedman « Bill & Hansi Glahn « Katherine Barnes & Mark & Betsy Bardo David C. Frost S Bob & Beverly Grappone C Stephen & Elizabeth Bedard  30 Charles E. Frost Jr & Chris Hallowell & Cindall Morrison Philip Wallingford Paul Belyea « Richard Head & Melinda Gehris C Sylvia Bates & Tom Masland Thomas & Roxanne Benzel Annette L. Buford-Frost Harold & Betsy Janeway C Charlie Betz é « Frank & Nancy Betchart Mr. & Mrs. James L. Garvin Rob & Audrey Knight C Bonnie Christie é Allen & Courtney Brooks David Geist & Kristina Wilson « 30 Carolyn Koegler Miller & Rob Miller « Arthur Clarke & Susan Sloan Kim & Jay Burgess Dennis & Elizabeth Hager Michael Lehman & Jan McClure C Anthony D’Amato Don & Katy Burns Jay J. Haines Michael & Betty Lenehan Cedric H. Dustin, Jr. Eliza Conde Laura Hall John & Cynthia Madden « Bill & Hansi Glahn Larry & Brigitte Cook Peter Helm Sylvia Miskoe C Chris Hallowell & Richard Cook & Rebecca Courser é Katharyn Hok Judy Nelson C Peter & Cathy Cowan Steve & Donna Imgrund Joan O’Meara-Winant C Cindall Morrison é Alexander & Susan De Nesnera John Kanter & Lori Sommer « Tom & Amanda Osmer C Michael & Betty Lenehan Ted & Kerrie Diers Frank & Pamela Kenison David Parker John & Cynthia Madden Pam & Jerry Drypolcher « 30 Chuck & Joanne Knox Tim & Julie Pifer C Joan O’Meara-Winant Andrew & Donna Dunn « Kathleen McGuire Stephen & Patrice Rasche Tim & Julie Pifer BJ Entwisle « 30 Jim McKenney & Ann Bartow Anne Renner & Rob Kirsch C David Ross & Anne Gwynne Steven Gordon & Lucy Karl Jill McCollough & Tim Meeh Mike & Muriel Robinette C Kurt & Elaine Swenson Nick & Brigette Holmes Cathy Menard & Betsy Black Connie Rosemont & Jon Greenberg C John F. Swope Sarah Kinter Jeff Morin S David Ross & Anne Gwynne Donald & Susan Ware Mary Leadbeater & Michael Strack é Rusty & Pam Mosca Michael & Patty Shearin Bob & Binney Wells é Bernard Lucey Rick Murphy & Beth Moore Arthur Clarke & Susan Sloan Dr & Mrs Robert O. Wilson Doug & Bonnie McNutt Charles & Mabel Niebling «30 Wayne & Mary Stadelmann John & Kathy Winant James & Laura Morrissey Jon & Anne Nute « Ken & Ilene Stern C Mark & Susan Zankel Bob Moses & Gena Cohen Moses « Terry Cronin & Christine Ojendyk Kurt & Elaine Swenson C $500-$1,499 Aubrey Nelson & Sam Evans-Brown Rick & Barbara Pacelli « John F. Swope C « Anonymous Jeanne North & Page Cannon « Bud & Judi Phelan 30 John & Christine Teague C Kass & Bill Ardinger S Jared & Jessica Nylund Sarah Pillsbury Rob Thomson & Lucy Hodder Tom & Karen Berry « Ray Orzechowski & Anne Laforce Liza Poinier & Bruce Clendenning Donald & Susan Ware C « Tim & Jane Britain James Owers & Leslie Ludtke « Curt Quimby Margaret B. Watkins C « Sanford K Carlisle Melinda Payson Molly Richter Bob & Binney Wells C William Chapman James & Jane Raymond Stephen & Paula Roberts Dr & Mrs Robert O. Wilson C « Sally Chase « Ari Richter Marybeth Robinson John & Kathy Winant C Elizabeth Zib Corell « Sara Riordan Peter & Susan Saviteer Mark & Susan Zankel C Robert & Robyn Cotton é Mark & Cynthia Rouvalis « Mary Shea S Peter & Sarah Crow « Marshall & Rachel Rowe Robert Shoemaker S Jennifer & Kurt Denlinger Larry & Lois Scammon Whit Symmes & Marianne Jones 30 Friends Of Mason Donovan Dan & Molly Sperduto Tom & Judy Wagner Douglas & Rebecca Ewing Amanda & Andrew Stone « Michael & Leigh Walls Mary Stuart Gourley 30 Russell & Natalia Strong Jerry & Ann Walls « 30 Bob & Beverly Grappone Betsy Swan « 30 Joan & Scott Warren Jeanne Herrick é 30 Ned & Jean Therrien « Frank Weeks & Elizabeth Merriam « Stephen & Judy Hopkins S  Paul Eric Wenzel S CherylAnne Williams « Tom Howe & Sarah Thorne é  Erik & Chris Anne Wheeler Peter & Diane Wilson Cleve Kapala & Lucia Kittredge Ayn Whytemare-Donovan & Lawrence Yearke Steve Blackmer & Kelly Short é Terry Yeaton « Rob & Audrey Knight Ted Donovan « Sherry Young S Michael Lehman & Jan McClure Mary Wirth $50-$149 Richard Maher  $150-$249 Jeff & Judi Abbe David & Jennifer Allen Gary & Denise Ambelas Peter & Lisa Bowman Eric & Cherilyn Anderson Charles & Annalise Ansell S Herb & Emily Archer 10 | Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report

Elizabeth W. Arms Nancy Goodell S Dana Nute « 30 Mike Jenkins S Ransmeier & Spellman, PC Ginny Babczak Ron & Jacki Gray Steve O’Connor & Samuel & Ruth Knowles S Resilient Buildings Group Inc Chuck Bagley & Joanne Cassulo Joanne & Geoffrey Gutt S Edward & Penny Kyle Richard D. Bartlett & Assoc LLC Carolyn & Peter Baldwin Patrick & April Hackley Ellen Koenig « Jane Landry Vintage Kitchens Andrew & Anne Bartlett S  Nada & Nuha Haddad Perry & Anne Onion Peter & Leslie Leahy Media Sponsors ($500 - $1500) Bill Bartlett S Maureen Hampton S Nancy Parker S Paul Lepesqueur & Mary Kerwin Aries Engineering S Mike & Jeannie Bartlett Susan Hanamoto Susan Paschell S Michael & Stacey Macri GZA Geoenvironmental Patricia Bass Karen & Junior Harrell S Bryan Pellerin & Russell & Pauline Miller Merrimack County Savings Bank Tom & Dotty Bazos « John & Martha Hastings Joyce Mons Secondwind Water Systems Karen Bennett & Andras Lazar Kelly Haza Jessica Scheinman Sharon Nall S Speedy Printing & Copying Ray & Joan Bentley S Ammy & Stetson Heiser Nick & Ruth Perencevich « Linda Nichols Robert & Marilyn Bergevin David & Kathleen Heuss Mary Perkins S  Brian & Fran Pierce BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION Wendell & Judith Berry Ann Hewitt S Steve Perron Charles & Judith Putnam SUPPORTERS Roland Berube Linda & Mark Hodgdon 30 Greg & Deb Peters Udo & Linda Rauter S Scott & Jennifer Betournay Martha Holden S Fran Philippe 30 Steve Rothenberg $1,500-$2,499 Richard & Linda Beyer Bob Holleman « Belinda Phillips S Laura Scott LCHIP Tom & Lisa Biklen George Holt & Deb Sellars Peter & Lorraine Pierce Arthur & Dawn Stavros $500-$1,499 Judy Boucher-Leidner S Carol Hooper & Roland Dubois S Charles & Elizabeth-Anne Platt Mary Stuart-Gile Dagoba Group, Inc Janet Bourne 30 Richard B. Howarth & Philip Rados & Terry Sturke & Tom Bell S Foothills Physical Therapy Jane Branch S Rich & Jessie Tichko The Works Bob Brodeur S Kari Asmus Genevieve Sumner S  Bruce & Ann Turner S $250-$499 Jack Bronnenberg « David Howe Judith & John Ransmeier Andru Volinsky & Associated Grocers Sarah Brown Nancy Huckins David & Laurie Rauseo ReVision Energy Judith Buckley & Mark Schiewetz Pam Hunt Linden Rayton & Reed Loy S Amy Goldstein Richard D. Bartlett & Assoc LLC Thomas & Emilie Burack Terry & Cynthia Irwin John & Marcia Regan 30 In Memory of Jack Sargent Scott Dias Custom Building, Inc. Kathleen Butcher Julie Jewett S Priscilla & Terje Reinertsen Dwyna Arvanitis S $150-$249 Loren Butman & Karlee Kenison Lee Jones & Corey Robinson « Ann Rice 30 Bill Bartlett S Canterbury Conservation Martha Butterfield « Ann Junkin Marsha Rich Karen Bennett & Andras Lazar Hope Z. Butterworth « Steven & Deborah Kaitz Rhonda Rood S Ray & Joan Bentley S Commission Michael & MaryAnne Byrne Jim & Ann Marie Kalinski S Lou & Mary Rosenthall Chantelle & Daniel Boyle S Gondwana & Divine Clothing Matthew Cahillane & Karen Kelly Chris Kane & Eve Oyer Gabriel Roxby & Kara Reynolds Mr & Mrs Dick Collier S Pembroke Conservation Peter & Tenley Callaghan Nan Kaplan S Tom & Nancy Roy « 30 David Collier S Toni & Colin Callahan John Keenan & Natasha Reiner Carlene Ruesenberg & Eliza Conde Commission Hester Campbell Linda Kenison John & Patricia Cotton S Pleasant View Gardens Lee & Scott Carbonneau S Ron Klemarczyk Chris Kelly 30 Karen & Junior Harrell S Shaker Road Child Care Center Debbie & Chris Carley Charles Kojigian & Rusty Russell S « 30 Jessica Harrell & Nick Baines Unitarian Universalist Church of The Chapin Family Edward & Patricia Rutko Ann Hewitt S The Chapman Family Gail Britton-Kojigian Paul & Bev Sanborn Alexander & Sanna MacRae S Concord S Tod & Victoria Chase Judith Kumin Eric Sargent « 30 Beth McGuinn & Ruth Smith Vintage Kitchens Rob & Anne Chehade Lisa Lach & Rachael Martinez S Carol & Jeff Schapira Jon & Anne Nute $50 - $149 Lisa & Brett Cherrington Shawn LaFrance & Christine Schlegel « 30 Ingeborg Seaboyer Alan Cantor Consulting Rick & Kerry Chormann 30 Lyn Schollett & Cindy Tubbs Bruce & Ann Turner S Chichester Conservation Nancy Christie « Rebecca Farver 30 Michael Schowalter & In Memory of Amy & Charlotte Jack & Jeanne Chwasciak Leon LaFreniere & Andrew and Anne Bartlett S  Commission Richard Cimikoski Katharine Woodman-Maynard In Memory of Betty O. McCanty Meadowsend Timberland, LTD Debra Clark Nancy Carlisle Ingeborg Seaboyer Dennis Card and Maureen The Mercier Group, P.C. Pat & Sukie Clark Angie Lane Roger & Susan Shamel Merrimack Valley Paddlers S Grace Cohen Rob & Ann Lanney Jeanette H Shearin McCanty é David Collier S Robert & Sylvia Larsen Kathy & Mike Shields In Memory of Greg Grappone IN KIND DONATIONS Mr & Mrs Dick Collier S Dana Lavoie James C. & Iris L. Sindelar Boyan and Anna Moskov 21 Continental Realty S Kathleen Conners & Stewart Levenson S Melissa & Glenn Smart In Memory of Bruce Russell The Barley House S Larry Levinson Scott Smith & Patti Cass-Smith 30 Ken Lurvey S Blue Seal Feeds & Needs Michael Reynolds S Paul & Lynda Levy Geoffrey Smith « In Honor of Wayne Stadelmann John Carroll S Ken & Greta Cook Vivian & David LeWine Susanne Smith-Meyer Sanford K Carlisle Cobblestone Design Company S Lucia & Ray Cote S Ginny & Ron Litalien Paul & Joanne Steinberg Stewardship Fund Concord Craft Brewing S Michael & Gretchen Coughlin Ken Lurvey S Pam & JP Stohrer S Town Of Belmont Contoocook Creamery Faye Craighead S Robert Lyon Geraldine Strachan Town Of Hopkinton Contoocook River Canoe Co Ray Craigie & Pam Smarling Pauline MacKay Michael & Kristine Tardiff « Virginia Sapiro & Granite Ledge Coffee LLC S Allison Cummings S Alexander & Sanna MacRae S Dijit Taylor Granite State Candy Shoppe Craig & Susan Curley Mark Mallory  Gregory & Kathryn Thesing « Graham Wilson S Hannaford Edwina Czajkowski Jeffrey Fullam & Ken Traum & Catherine Heath S Town Of Warner Conservation Havenwood Heritage Heights Edward & Claudia Damon « Pam & Stephen Trostorff KRM Chocolates Joanne Davis Melissa Mandrell Tom & Deborah Walton Commission S Lindt & Sprungli Inc. S MJ & Peter DeBrusk Robert Mann Wendy Waskin Grants Litherman’s Limited Brewery S Janet & George Devito Greg Mannesto Donald & Shay Welch Morgan Stanley Foundation Main Street Bookends Julie Dewdney Leo & Gail Martel S Jeffrey & Kathryn Wheeler NH Charitable Foundation Revelstoke S Charles & Judy Dibble Paul & Marie Martell « Jeanne Ann Whittington & Matching Gifts Richardsons’ Farm S John & Carolyn Dickey Sandra Martin « AARP NH S&W Sports Phil & Mary Ann Donovan Jim & Amy Martin Jim Halla Citizens Bank, Corp. Shaw’s Joe Downing & John Mattill John Wiencek Lincoln Financial Things Are Cooking S Mark & Leigh Maynard Christian Wilke S Morgan Stanley Foundation The Works Elizabeth Bikowski 30 Bethann McCarthy Mary Witschonke 30 Maureen Duffy & Mike Mike & Gianine McCluskey Larry & Susan Wolfe SPONSORS CONSERVATION EASEMENT Johnna & Robert McKenna S  Debbie Wyman Overall Event Sponsor ($2500) GIFTS Bertolone Richard McNamara & Jeffrey Zellers & Eileen McCarthy ReVision Energy, LLC Natalie Duval & Charles Spalding Nancy Zink-Mailloux Event Sponsors ($250-$500) Town of Belmont Sarah & Jonathan Eck Cheryl Houston $1-$49 Baron’s Major Brands Appliance Frances Hart S Judy Elliott & Arnie Alpert Brigid McNamee & John King S James & Gail Allard Foothills Physical Therapy Scott & Joan Warren S George & Sally Embley Sarah & Michael Melasecca Frances Anderson GZA Geoenvironmental Town of Warner S Bill & Sarah England « 30 Katie & Jed Merrow Dwyna Arvanitis S Hess & Gehris Solutions Graham Wilson & Laura Ernst & Mike & Amy Metcalf Roger & Patricia Beaudet Meadowsend Timberland, LTD Denise & Stephen Michaud Sandra Blanchard Northeast Delta Dental Virginia Sapiro S Stephanie D’Agostino « Richard Miller & Chantelle & Daniel Boyle S Pellettieri Associates, Inc Bob & Terry Estabrook Kathleen Brockett Kathy Evans Karlene Normandin Christopher & Mary Carter Deborah Fifield Charlie & Nanci Mitchell « Wayne & Patricia Castro David & Ellen Fries Walter & Carol Mitchell John & Patricia Cotton S Marion Frost Howard Moffett & Lois Scribner Jed Debreuil & Cathy Mayne Phil Funk Bill & Debbie Monroe Bob & Linda Fife 30 Mary Gaul 30 Dan & Laura Morgan S Margaret Gillespie Charles & Patricia Gerhan 30 Tom Morin S D & M Hampton Mike & Michelle Gerlach S Boyan & Anna Moskov Jessica Harrell & Nick Baines S Michael & Eileen Gfroerer 30 Trudy Mott-Smith Bill Hauser & JoAnn Willemsen Charles Gilboy S Ken Munney Andrew & Sarah Hoffman Denis Goddard Colleen & Shaun Murphy S Hilary Horton Dennis Murphy Douglas M. Isleib Richard Nelson Kim Nolan S Five Rivers Conservation Trust | 2018-2019 Annual Report | 11

Support Five Rivers Today! NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE To be more proactive, Five Rivers needs your support! PAID I want to become a new member CONCORD, NH PERMIT 1694 I want to support the Conservation Plan $50 $150 $250 Five Rivers Conservation Trust 6 Dixon Ave, #201 $500 $1,000 $2,500 Concord, NH 03301 Other (every gift counts): $_____________ Name:________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________ _______________________________________ Phone:________________________________________ Email:________________________________________ Thank You to our 2018-19 Sponsors and Please clip this form and mail it with your check: Funders who help us conserve local lands. Five Rivers Conservation Trust Please support these businesses and organizations, and thank 6 Dixon Ave, #201, Concord, NH 03301 them for their support of Five Rivers. Or join online at Annual Report Sponsor 12P|riFnitveed RonivreercsycCleodnpsaeprevrawtiiothnsoTyriunskts | 2018-2019 Annual Report Ron Klemarczyk, local forester, introduces Bohanan Farm Exploration participants to the role of timber harvesting at Bohanan Farm. Photo by Kathy Barnes.

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