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Published by Dan To, 2022-04-08 16:45:02

Description: Five_Essential_Steps_For_Selling_Your_Home_Faster_v2


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Five Essential Steps For Selling Your Home Faster. Without reducing the price. Powered by Castor Bay Property

FIVE Five Essential Steps For Selling Your Thanks Home Faster. \"Moving house is such an important decision, and over my years of experience in selling family homes, I've only seen property lose value, the longer they sit on the market\" Dan To, Property Marketing Specialist

LET ME START BY SAYING EVERY PROPERTY IS SELLABLE! And that’s really easy to do, when a buyer can see some real value in your home and is happy to pay the asking price. But here lies the issue… What if you're yet to receive a single offer and it’s been on the market for a good number of weeks now? What if you haven’t had any viewings for a while? Or what if you’ve had viewings but everyone is saying the house just isn't suitable for them? You have to wonder, is my property even going to sell? And any reliable agent would have given you a call and recommended a price reduction by now. What’s worse, is you might even have to keep reducing that price until a buyer makes you an offer (because there is a market price for everything right?). So you’d be forgiven in thinking… Surely there must be another way!? The good news is, there is. We're going to give you FIVE steps on not only selling faster. But for securing the best market price today. today.

STEP 1 - EVALUATE YOUR AGENT The chances are, you’ve already established a good relationship with your current agent. Chemistry is important, but ultimately, agents should be in the business of helping people like you successfully move. So here are three crucial specifics you should be reviewing with your agent right now... The Marketing – How many buyers in total have you had through the door? It’s quite normal to expect an offer between 12-17 viewings. You need to know first and foremost the marketing is working. The Feedback – How much feedback have you had? Selling a house is often an iterative process. What have people said that is putting them off? Is it something you can fix? The Strategy – What is plan B if you still haven’t sold by a particular date? If an approach isn’t working, you absolutely need to change it. I can tell you today. If haven't had a single viewing for the past 3-4 weeks, you've stagnated on the market, and it is time for a fresh approach. Yes, that could mean hiring a new agent.

FIVE Did you know? Thanks \"We once sold a house, where 90% of buyers had told us the rear of the property was too dark. The solution was simply brighter lightbulbs. This was fixed, and the property was sold 2 weeks later\" Dan To, Property Marketing Specialist

STEP 2 - EVALUATE YOUR MARKETING PRICE Ok so assuming you have the right agent. You need to pay great attention to your marketing price. It is vitally important to understand the true purpose of this price... That is to attract MAXIMUM interest. That's it. It bears no relevance to the true value of your property. And interest is the keyword here. Without interest, you won’t get the number of buyers you need through the door, and it will inevitably hamper your chances of securing a premium price. I’ll leave you with another thought... It is very common for house buyers to make an offer 10-15% below what they can actually pay. So it's not going to be where you start that matters. It's where you finish. So consider hiring an agent who has a successful track record of negotiating prices over and above advertised prices.

STEP 3 - EVALUATE YOUR COMPETITION The chances are - you won’t be the only one on the market. And so -“if you know the enemy and know yourself , you need not fear the result” Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Do you know where your target buyers will go if they don’t buy your house? Or what's the best property they’ve seen on the market? This invaluable insight can easily be acquired by your agent during a viewing. But I would also encourage you to take a look on Rightmove and Zoopla right now, and see what other options are available to your buyers within the same price range. The general point is... You need to be able to fully see through your buyer’s lens. The more you understand, the closer you are to the truth... Are you asking for too much? Or are there ways you can add value to your home to stand out from the competition?

STEP 4 - EVALUATE YOUR PRESENTATION So now you have the viewing numbers Before and you have a pretty good grasp of your hot competition. After This is where the battle for the buyers’ Work by Hepburn at Home. heart begins. Do not let presentation pull you down. It is so important to ensure your house looks, smells and feels great. Because buying a home is an emotional process. If you cannot make buyers fall in love with your home, the chances of you securing an offer is slim. Here are five general tips to get you started: Tidy up loose cables and unplug unnecessary electricals Remove fridge magnets, seasonal cards, decorations, children’s finger paintings Hide away clutter such as clothes, toiletries, kid’s toys, and pet related items Dress bedrooms with your best, freshly ironed bedding Dress dining tables, adding place settings, fresh flowers Consider hiring a professional home stager too. According to Rightmove, staged homes sell for 8% more than non-staged homes!

FIVE Did you know? Thanks \"Home staging a property need not get in the way of your day to day life at home. We've turned up 30 mins early, set up a home, and set it back, after viewings are complete\" Dan To, Property Marketing Specialist

STEP 5 - EVALUATE YOUR VIEWING STRATEGY We always advocate letting a professional agent handle all of your viewings. How a viewing is structured can make or break your chances of securing a second viewing, which is always key. Your agent should also consider block viewings. For example, two buyers in, two buyers out. It is so important for buyers to see there are other buyers out there. It provides social proof that there is genuine interest on your property. Because, people don't buy what others want to sell; they buy what others want to buy. Secondly, did you know the most common question buyers ask is - 'how long has the property been on the market for?' The real question is, why hasn't someone bought it yet? If you've been on the market for 2-3 months already, it is so important to demonstrate to buyers there is still interest there. So, if your agent is calling you unexpectedly for a random viewing in the evening. You have to question the integrity of the viewing strategy there.

THAT LEADS US ONTO THE CONCLUSION Dan To The ultimate goal, when marketing a If you'd like to talk to me about how property for sale is to quickly we pull together 30 Day Sale Plans, attract as many interested buyers as that gets our clients' results, simply possible. contact me using the details below. More interest means more viewings. DAN TO - More viewings means more offers. PROPERTY MARKETING SPECIALIST And more offers means you're more likely to secure that premium price TEL: 07368 197171 (and hopefully a back-up buyer should the sale fall through too). EMAIL: [email protected] By reviewing these 5 steps, you OR WHY NOT BOOK IN A FREE should now understand the ADVICE MEETING TODAY? importance of having a well planned and well executed marketing GO TO: strategy. CALENDLY.COM/DANTOPROPERTY MARKETING Don't leave it to chance, take action today.

Working In Partnership with: Prepared by Dan To, Property Marketing Specialist (South West London)

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