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Grade 3 weekly newsletter

Published by sheejajayagopal, 2019-09-26 10:14:53

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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 4,Issue 4 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 22-26 September 2019 Reminder Glimpse of the week * Principal Award *World Tourism Day *Career Guidance  Kindly refer the portal for revision worksheet and answer key.  Encourage your ward to par- ticipate in Spell bee competi- tion.  Kindly send the amount for photograph. Asian Education Leadership Awards 2019 It’s with great pleasure to announce that the Jury has decided to honour Mr. Paramjit Ahluwalia, Principal of Dunes International School with the Education Leadership Award 2019. The award is presented to an individual who has crafted leadership with his work and thinking. The award indicates excellence in application of leadership principles to business situations. Career Talk To impart awareness and to assist the students in this crucial decision making an expert in the field of ca- reer guidance Mr Sunil Shah, CEO of FACT delivered a talk in the school. The talk highlighted the various aspects of career decision making. World Tourism Day On the 27th of September every year, the world celebrates the World Tourism Day. The reason for World Tourism Day is to cultivate and create awareness among the society globally on the significance of tourism, and it’s social, political, financial also cultural worth and value. This Tourism Day is to feature the worldwide criticalness of tourism as an apparatus for worldwide advancement and social improvement. Tourism is the best teacher on the planet. Students of dunes International school took initiative to put up the pavilions.They engaged themselves with teachers and parents to put up the real flavour of different countries in their small world of classroom. The enthusiasm and innovative learning experiences through this celebration encourages students to be more creative and make them confident. The support from the parent in preparing the student was priceworthy.

SOUTH AFRICA– The Land of Good Hope

Literary Fest winners September month is dedicated to literary Fest in Dunes International School. Competi- tions were based on the grade levels. Grade 3-5 had extempore speech competition, Students enthusiastically participated in the preliminary rounds and show cast their confidence level by analyzing the topic and identification of the issue to be addressed. This competition extract the students who has the ability to think off the feet. Partici- pation is the better award and the winners have more responsibility to their society by showing their dedication and hardwork to keep it up!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to the winners..

The students of green House presented a Nuttak Natak on the topic save environment.It creates awareness among the public how to be careful about the environment and protect its haryali. Voice modulation and simple costumes and powerful actions makes the play great success, and impress the tiny minds very much. Students across the school witnessed the performance to know the im- portance of saving environment.

Grade 3A Gowri Venu Gopal Grade 3B : Zoha Fuzail Raza Grade 3C : Sai Aswanth

The lesson in Arabic linked with UAE Identity. Students showed their creativity by drawing pictures of popular sports such as falconry, horse riding and camel racing and wrote a sen- tence to show their un- derstanding. Each stu- dent prepared it in a creative manner with a clear knowledge of what has to be done.


ARTISTIC Students of Grade 3 applied the knowledge of eth- nic tribes of Africa by creating masks of their own and by making neck- laces and different costumes. ART– That soothens our mind

Tangy tickle Bhel puri Bhelpuri is a savory snack and is also a type of chat. As an exten- sional learning activity for the lesson Mumbai, grade 3 students pre- pared the famous street food of Mumbai. It is made of puffed rice, vegetables like carrot, cucumber, onion, tomato and ground nuts. For the students, it was a perfect collaborative activity and they en- joyed the taste and learned the value of sharing.

Independent Learning Independent Learning is important because it develops creativity and intellectual curiosity among students. Independent learning helps students to be active rather than passive. It is about them working out the answers rather than being told them when teachers help students to become independent, it help them to develop their own ideas, rather than always looking to teachers on everything; which at the end will see learners as problems solvers even in future.

Playing the tambourine requires skill and attention. Keeping the beat while playing is very important and requires a lot of concentration.

Year of Tolerance Counsellor's desk His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Ra- As a parent, you are your child's first and most im- shid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime portant teacher. When parents and families are involved Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has ap- in their children's schools, the children do better and proved the official logo for the 'Year of have better feelings about going to school. Tolerance'. In fact, many studies show that what the The logo, which is inspired by the Ghaf, the UAE's national tree, is set to be used family does is more important to a child's school suc- by government, private and media enti- cess than how much money the family makes or how ties in all campaigns, initiatives and much education the parents have. programs launched during 2019. His Support your children's learning at home for their suc- Highness Sheikh Mohammed, in a tweet cess. on the occasion, said, \"Tolerance is a universal value, and Ghaf is our authen- tic national tree, a source of life and symbol of stability in the middle of the desert, under its shadows our ancestors gathered to consult on matters related to their daily lives. In the ‘Year of Toler- ance’, we chose the Ghaf as a logo for all of us to live by the principles of toler-

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